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                  Tuesday, 11 April 2000


       Dead, Stones, Vai - very little XTC content
                  Re: This shit is silly
            My last MP3 related post, I swear!
            this boy & harrison fleck sherwood
                      Empathy attack
                Independent artists unite
        Why I am a Liberal Socialist Conservative.
                 Your Wasp Star Previews
                     We're all light
     Re: Spector did not save the "Get Back" sessions
                      Science Books?
                     burn these books
           Brian Wilson at the Roxy (Off topic)
                  Re: A Spoiler's Guide
              Who says bitching don't work?
             reviews of things other than WS
                  Re: independent artist


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I think my watch has bust and so is time.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:12:22 -0400
From: Michael Kearns <>
Subject: Dead, Stones, Vai - very little XTC content
Message-ID: <>

Pancho Artecona writes:

>"[Andy P.] learned a lot of licks from listening to the Grateful Dead
because 'Jerry Garcia was slow and painful that I could sort of learn and
play along with him. It was like Play along with Uncle Jerry'.

Thank you for posting that. I never saw the Dead live and am not familiar
with most of teir records. But I love the songwriting, vocals & playing on
"Workingman's Dead" and "American Beauty". I think the Dead gets a bad rap
because people like to snicker at 'those silly Deadheads'.. although I
agree that, in general, extended rock and fusion improvisations tend to
come off "wankish" (even in spite of whatever virtuosity may be there),
much more so than say jazz and classical improv, the Dead's playing on
these albums is song-oriented and tight in a bluegrassy kind of way. Their
vocal harmonies often contain unusual (for rock) intervals that do not
sound out-of-tune to me; I like music the way I like food, spicy. Now, I
have been to little soirees where someone would be playing their lo-fi live
Dead 'bootleg' tape, and thought what's the point? With that stuff some of
the playing is good, some of it is sloppy and unfocussed. But this doesn't
mean they sucked, or at least I can't write off the band (or their fans) on
this basis, because some of their songs are among my all-time favorites. I
remember reading a Guitar Player interview with Elvis Costello/Attractions
bassist Bruce Thomas, who named Phil Lesh as a major influence, especially
his melodic excursions where he would play these beautiful lines high up on
the "thin ones". Who would dispute "Uncle Jerry's" claim that Bob Weir is
one of the "hottest rhythm guitar players on wheels"? I realize my opinion
of these band is based on little more than the three LP's of theirs in my
collection, but I still play their songs when I'm strumming my guitar at a

While I'm on an anti-slagging kick, I often mention Beatles, XTC and -- The
Stones -- in the same breath when I bespeak my love for well-crafted
arranging of two (or more) guitars. What was the Stones tour that was
televised last year, Steel Wheels or Bridges to Babylon? anyway.. I thought
the audio mix was pretty good, and was happy to hear Ron Wood and Keef
slashing away, playing off each other. Of course I am familiar with a good
part of their work but in my silly little record collection I only own
"It's Only Rock Roll", but.. what can I say.. "I like it!" It's like, you
can have this big-ass rock sound, surrounding these little funky guitar
duets. Nostalgia alert: My first 45 single was "Fool to Cry" b/w "Hot Stuff".

Regarding Steve Vai: my opinion is limited to a couple of early albums, a
Daivd Lee Roth concert, and a small earful (which was enough for me) of
some later stuff. Mostly I think he's a very expressive musician with scary
chops and some of his licks are so bizarre I laugh out loud. I should give
his later stuff another chance I suppose, having come across a Vai title on
Dave Gregory's Top Twenty great guitar solos.

Speaking of whom: I'm glad to hear about Greggsy's latest work! Thanks,
Mark S., for the news.

My W.I.M.P. list:

Sly & Family Stone: GH
Lutoslawski: Symphony #3
Phil Ochs: Chords of Fame
"Another Side of Bob Dylan"
Bowie: Scary Monsters
Elvis Costello: My Aim is True
Stevie Wonder: Talking Book
The Beatles '65

... and anxiously awaiting Wasp Star!

Mike "Bass great, Lesh philling" Kearns

"There is no sound quite as lovely as a guitar, save perhaps two." -- Chopin


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 16:03:51 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: This shit is silly
Message-ID: <004f01bfa327$e56de5e0$1ee59cd1@Brian>


WesLONG wrote:

>Okay, so Brian Matthews writes:
>>I was also one of the ones who complained. Your above commentary
notwithstanding, you've blown it for a few of us here, I'm sure..<<

>WHAT?  Okay...I've apologized for spillin' the beans about a very, very,
very, very minor portion of the new XTC album.  Christ, the lyrics have
been printed out for quite a long time on the Chalkhills site for everyone
to read.<

Uh-huh... and I've made it a point not to go and have a look-see, see?

>You make it sound as if I've ruined the listening experience for

I thought I typed it quite clear in the above-quoted line: "you've blown it
for a FEW OF US here, I'm sure..."

>I assure you that you will be able to listen to the entire disc
twenty times over and still constantly find something new in it.  A friend
of mine emailed me about this silliness saying that he'd listened to the
new album many times and hadn't even noticed the line that you're under
the assumption is the cornerstone of the entire album.  This shit is

I made no assumption about what was the cornerstone of what - I merely
chimed in and said I didn't care to have any fun little surprises that you
deemed worthy to mention here ruined for me.

>You don't know anything about the music, the arrangements, all of
it will be a shining miracle to your ears, yet you're hanging your hat on
6 words that are actually not that noticeable.<

And I'd like to keep it that way until I get to BUY (read: money for XTC)
the disc and listen to it FOR MYSELF.

>No one gets upset when someone dissects the WHOLE FEEL of a song, but
everyone loses it when a
few lyrics are written down.  Strange, to me the song is more important
than those six words. THIS JUST IN: Andy actually makes some other sounds
on the disc too.  I promise you all, by the time the last notes of Man
Murdered Love spill out of your speakers, you will have forgotten what I
wrote.  If you're still simmering over it after the song has ended I
suggest you up the dossage on your medication, or at least have your damn
ears checked.<

How did the line go in the 'Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy'?
"Nobody likes a smart-ass."
I take no medication, and have had my ears recently checked, thank you. All
is well.
Oh, and that's D-O-S-A-G-E.
One damn 'S'.



Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:01:18 -0400
From: "Foster, Eric" <>
Subject: My last MP3 related post, I swear!
Message-ID: <>

Ya know, all this whining and complaining about Napster is completely
childish and stupid. If those of you who keep complaining had any
comprehension skills, it would be clear that 99% of the people who have
enjoyed an early listen via MP3 and posted to the list, have also stated
full intentions on buying at least one copy of AV2/WS.  It is no different
than a local radio station here in Houston, playing the new Steely Dan
record a month before it was actually released. I bet the ones of you
complaining, wouldn't find any problem with this. I could have very easily
taped it, burned it, whatever...but instead, it merely ensured that I would
purchase the record. Advance access to MP3s is no different. And just
because some people may abuse this, is of no concern to me. I know that I
will be purchasing the record, so damn the naysayers.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:04:13 PDT
From: "jonathan monnickendam" <>
Subject: this boy & harrison fleck sherwood
Message-ID: <>

i would say that 'this boy' is a rather less sophisticated song to surfer
girl et al. Judging from the ed sullivan shows it was an excellent
melodramatic moment in a highly charged show which sounds tame in the



Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 12:23:39 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Empathy attack
Message-ID: <>

In 6-69, Benjamin Adams said:
		Look, what I dream of is how things used to be in the '80's.
(Ha ha, but this is true.)  I was younger, in high school and then college,
and it was so much easier to hook up with a girl who shared your musical
tastes.  Now the venues for such a thing have pretty much vanished.  I now
have a pipedream of somehow stumbling onto my perfect semi-Gothic punk rock
woman in her early '30's, but most of 'em have been snapped up the same way
I snapped up my ex-wife.  = )
Reading this was like reading an entry in the story of my own life (except
that I've never actually been married; I've cohabited, but never done the
ceremonial/legal thing). I totally feel for you here; you lose touch, your
scene whithers away, everyone's gone, the only "alterna-women" around are
way younger than I am (I turn 36 the week after next, and while I have
friends my age who have no qualms about dating women in their early 20s, the
idea just makes me feel like some kind of old creepy guy...), and you're
right it really does seem like all the women in the right age group with
good taste have been snapped up never to be seen again. I mean, I remember
going out in the early days, and seeing people in their 30s who'd be in at
least their mid to late 40s by now, so logically there should be people with
compatible musical tastes across a wide age spectrum, but no... If I meet a
woman in my age group, generation, whatever, half the time I get a generic
classic rock fan (her: "oh ,you know, I like the greats: the Stones, the
Who, Seger..."  me:"Seger!!?? Are you serious? Do you know the Sesame Street
song 'one of these things is not like the other, one of these things just
doesn't belong...' You don't even have taste in pedestrian classic rock?"[I
don't actually say this]), or someone who thinks that their tastes are
eclectic ("I even like some of that crazy alternative punky stuff - like U2
and Sting!").
And it's true that you don't need to have identical tastes, diversity adds
spice, etc., but I've always had a better time with someone whose tastes
were at least unique even if they weren't mine, i.e., she'd be more into
greasy hard rockin' style "alternative" or something as opposed to my taste
for the poppy cleverness brand of "alternative" (sorry, but there still
isn't a more suitable term I can come up with), but at least we both had a
passion for something that took a little effort to find, get into etc., and
could respect one another for that.
Well, I've just added my moping to yours rather than saying anything to
particularly cheer you up, unless there's any consolation in not being the
only person to feel this way...
Good luck, fellow lonely hearts...
Ed K.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:25:42 -0700
From: "Digitalmaster" <>
Subject: Independent artists unite
Message-ID: <001401bfa333$53907960$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

becki says:
"as someone who released a cd independently (and spent a small fortune doing
so), I can't help but take minor offense at this statement.  it sounds as
though you're saying it doesn't matter if one "steals" money from an
independent artist"

No no no!  You got it all wrong. (enter run-in sentence here) I am saying as
an inde artist, having to record (pay a ton of cash in the studio), call
around a million pressing plants to do the manufacturing job, finding a good
friend (or yourself) to design the jewel case insert (and J-card if doing
tapes), spending money on getting the 4-color film that printers try to
convince us costs about $500, and then after all that paying all the
shipping and broker charges people like Diskmakers charges us (they are
brokers for Rainbo, I know because I am a broker for them too!) and then
having 10-20 boxes of unopened CD's in our closet or garage, we are use to
being broke. shhhheeewwwwwwww....

Being an inde artist myself, I have spent well over $10,000 on projects,
CD's, promotion, etc to barely get off the ground and do a few measly shows
and sell a limited amount or merchandise.  So I know what its like to be a
broke independent artist.  Mp3's HELP me as an inde artists.  They help sell
CD's and help me to promote.  What I am saying, LOUD AND CLEAR, is this:

XTC, regardless if they are on a "independent label" are not as independent
as me and you are.  They expect to make so much off each album, and if the
money is not made, they may not be able to release another album and may go
broke.  After more than 20 years on major labels, they can't just go
completely independent and still make the same money they have been.  As an
independent artist myself, I am use to music not making money off my music,
so I love MP3's for ME and for all independent artists.  I just don't thing
major label artists can enjoy the benefits of MP3s as much as we can because
of people who don't have the same respect for the music they listen to.

As I said, I am 100% behind MP3 technology.  I just don't know how this will
effect the groups we have grown up listening too.  So, I don't think its
totally fair.  When and if I am ever on a major label, I will probably think
its even more unfair.  I can look at things honestly and see how unfair it
is to other people, and if you ask Andy and Collin, I am sure they are
somewhat threatened by the technology.  I really don't get your take on my
statement anyway.  Inde artists put MP3's up themselves.  They chose to put
their stuff up!  Most major artists are not given the chance to chose.  Some
techie with an RCA cord, splitter and a soundblaster live makes that choice
for them.  Mp3's do not hurt inde artists, so I don't see how that is
offensive, its true!  When people trade a few tapes (or mp3's for that
matter) its fine.  But if I post Wasp Star (I don't have it yet!) and 500
people download it from some free site on geocities or something, then they
put it up on 500 other websites, and so on, thousands of people have just
got Wasp Star for free, which really puts a hurtin' on XTC.

Hopefully I articulated my thoughts well.



Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:15:00 -0700
From: "Digitalmaster" <>
Subject: Why I am a Liberal Socialist Conservative.
Message-ID: <001f01bfa33a$3723ffc0$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

Well, actually I am neither.  Liberals are just conservatives waiting to
happen.  Conservatives are nazi's and socialists, well at least the ones who
claim to be are just middle class brats (I know these are big
generalizations, I am just kidding though, well, sort of.  Anyway, I am
probably more liberal then anything, but I don't consider myself part of any
particular party.  Most of my life I considered myself democrat or liberal,
and even communist for a short time.  Though, the best way to be in my
opinion is objective (hey, lets start our own party, the objective party!)

What's my point with all this.  Well, I like the governments involvement in
certain things.  I like the fact that they offer welfare for people who have
no money (though I still don't think the system is as good as it should be!)
I like the fact that they pass national laws to protect children, human and
animal rights.  I like when they protect our rights and the environment.

My only problem with bootlegging, whether on VHS, Cassette, CDR or MP3's is
that the government, or big businesses always gets involved when they lose
money.  I don't want to have to hear an FBI warning on the beginning of all
my CD's, do you?  Even though some of us are honest traders, or even sellers
for that matter, we don't do stuff in mass quantities.  That is the only
threat of MP3's is that it can be done in mass quantities.  I could put an
MP3 on a free site right now and 5000 people can download it by the end of
the night (depending on server stability and bandwidth of course).  By all
this illegal stuff, the RIAA and the government will come in and start
making laws which will govern the technology like they have already did with
new MP3 hardware.

So, would you agree that we as netcitizens should govern ourselves?  Maybe
report people who illegal put up Wasp Star and other stuff?  I don't know a
solution, I am not Mr. Solution guy and this is not a Saturday Night Live
Skit from 1991.  I am just Mr. Opinion guy, who has an opinion that MP3's
are good for independent artists though are POSSIBLY bad for major artists.
I never felt strongly against MP3's or Napster.  Actually, the only time I
have wondered about things was when I heard that Wasp Star was on Napster.
I just do not think that is right considering how much respect I have for
Andy and Collin as working musicians.

Sure, I want to hear the album right now.  Even though I know I will buy a
bunch of copies of it I still do not want to download it because it will
lessen the excitement.  Isn't it fun to wait for Part 2 of X-files? Isn't it
fun opening an album for the first time having never heard the songs before?
I like that experience.  I wont live forever, and while I am alive, I want
to experience excitement as much as possible and anticipation is the best
excitement for me.  If all of us went on Napster to download the album right
now (if it is there) then none of us will have anything to say about it when
it comes out, other than how cool the cover looks.  Really, this has nothing
to do with my original post, but these are random thoughts I am having so I
have to let them out!

It's ok to download bootlegs of shows, rare stuff and even demo's.  However,
I am not so sure of downloading new stuff.  For everyone who downloads Wasp
Star and then gives it to a few of their friends, they take money away from
XTC, period!  Whether we will admit that or not, its true.  When I was a
teen and taped stuff for friends, some of them would go out and buy the
original.  However, I remember some of them later coming to me and saying (I
gave the tape to my girlfriend, can I have another copy).  So, that means
that I spent $12 (well, in the 80's tapes were about $7.99) and now 2 other
people at least got it for free.  Imagine how much XTC has lost...  As I
stated, lets trade bootlegs, rare stuff and live stuff.  I am in no way
against MP3's.  I have over 20 Gigs of MP3's on my computer.  But every MP3
I have is either currently unavailable or I own, or at least paid for the
original.  For example, I recently traded something for a bootleg of Hayzi
Fantasi.  Well, the same album was just re-released and as soon as I found
out, I bought it.  I just prefer to support the musicians I like.  However,
when it comes to software and stuff.  ummm, I don't know what my position is
there, unless of course its a small company with reasonable prices.  Hey,
your still here?  Stop reading this and move on.  I am surprised John even
put this long message on the list!


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 15:44:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Your Wasp Star Previews
Message-ID: <>

Hola to everyone!

I'm enjoying reading all of your 'first impressions' of the new
album...kinda like pouring over the travel brochures before you go on
vacation....I can't wait to sink my toes into the pink sand beaches of 'Wasp
Star'.  Keep them coming, please!

Back to the snakepit,

Debora Brown


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 19:10:34 -0400
From: "O'Donnell, Patrick" <>
Subject: Rutlemania
Message-ID: <>

Somebody wondered who Ollie Halsell was --
He also stated that he was heavily influenced by the guitar player called
Ollie Howsell from a band called PATTO 'I never heard a guitar as inventive
as that, the songs aren't great but the guitar playing stands on its own'.
If anyone has access to this band, please contact me, I'd be curious to hear
this Ollie dude.
I don't know about "PATTO", but Halsell was the unseen "fourth" member of
the Pre-Fab Four, the incredible Rutles.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 19:15:38 -0500
From: maggie jungwirth <>
Subject: We're all light
Message-ID: <v04003a00b518197aa1dc@[]>


I subscribe to this list to get info and opinions about XTC. I am demoless
and MP3less.  I am interested in peoples previews/reviews of WS/AV2
I practically _trembled_ when I read the lyrics on Chalkhills- that was the
biggest "givaway" to me.  But no amount of description is going to replace
the sheer thrill and delight I will feel when I hear it for the first
time.....  :-)

under mats of flower lava


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 13:27:39 -0700
From: "Benjamin Adams" <>
Subject: Re: Spector did not save the "Get Back" sessions
Message-ID: <>

<<From: "Franz Fuchs" <>
Subject: Re: Spector did not "save" the "Get Back" sessions
Message-ID: <001201bfa219$685bec00$41e246c3@franzfuc>

"Benjamin Adams" <> wrote:

>The "Martin mix" of the GET BACK album has been available for years in a
>pristine CD bootleg, and one listen shows that it would have been a
>perfectly valid version of the material for relase.

I thought that it was engineer Glyn Johns who mixed "Let It Be". Or are
there actually *three* versions (Spector/Martin/Johns) ?
Quote snipped>>

Which is why I had "Martin Mix" in quotes.  Believe me, if the GET BACK
album had been released, it would have borne a George Martin production
credit, although Johns did the majority of the work.

And, again, my ultimate point is that Spector didn't save the sessions.  = )

Now, how would a "Wall-of-Sound" XTC album sit with people?  Heh!


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:02:49 -0400
From: "Diamond" <>
Subject: Science Books?
Message-ID: <>

I'm not entirely sure how the rumour got started that I was looking for a
science book... but thanks anyways. I have read my share of Science Books...
most of the science fiction, but it's close enough... right? Vonnegut's
Slaughter House 5 counts as science.

Personally, I think you're taking the qoute by Tom Robbins a little too
literally. I personally chose this quote A0 because I think it has a certain
poetic quality to it that I like and B) cause I interpret it to meen that
nothing is set in stone, and that our life can be whatever the fuck we make
it. It's actually a quote that's helped me through some tuff times
sometimes, so I enjoy it.

BUT, you have reminded me that I've had this quote on here to long, so I
feel it's time to change up.

Kevin "The Universe does not have laws, it has habits, and habits can be
broken." Diamond
"No one in the world ever gets what they want, and that is beautiful.
Everybody dies frustrated and sad, and that is beautiful"
        -John Linnell of They Might Be Giants

Better, boys?


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 21:35:18 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: burn these books
Message-ID: <>

read these books in the last year:

revolution in the head: the beatles records and the sixties (again). by ian
the beatles: an oral history. by david pritchard and alan lysaght
a cellarful of noise. by brian epstein
the penguin john lennon (again. contains ""john lennon in his own write"
and "a spaniard in the works"). by john lennon
xtc song stories (again). by xtc and neville farmer
the real frank zappa book (again). by frank zappa and peter occhiogrosso
frank zappa's negative dialetics of poodle play (again). by ben watson
crossroads: the life and music of eric clapton. by michael schumacher
moon: the life and death of a rock legend. by tony fletcher
before i get old: the story of the who (read together with "moon"). by dave
the hitchhikers guide to the galaxy (again). by douglas adams
to the limit: the untold story of the eagles. by marc eliott
somebody to love? by grace slick, with andrea cagan
the nearest faraway place: brian wilson, the beach boys and the southern
california experience. by timothy white
20th century rock & roll: alternative rock. by alan cross
numerous magazine and newspaper articles.

 peace & xtc,



Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 22:10:55 -0700
From: "Mark Cuevas" <>
Subject: Brian Wilson at the Roxy (Off topic)
Message-ID: <004201bfa374$522bcfc0$fada56d1@default>


I am ecstatic to report that Brian Wilson was absolutely terrific! His band
was superb (mostly Wondermints folks, but not all). I never thought I'd see
him play the Sunset strip in my lifetime. I'm a happy puppy. Best of all,
Brian seemed happy. He really responded to the crowd approval.

Now if our boys would just do a brief gig on their visit here . . .


Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 14:30:15 +1000 (EST)
From: Mud Shark <>
Subject: Re: A Spoiler's Guide
Message-ID: <>

>>From :
>>Subject : A Spoiler's Guide To "Wasp Star"

I want to say at this point that this post of Dom's
was easily the funniest thing I've read here this
year. Even though I haven't heard the album or the
demo versions yet, I'm glad I didn't scroll down. Now
I'm *really* looking forward to the album (hidden
"Sussudio" track and all!).


"I rail against God because I was told to stop eating paste in Sunday
school" - P.J.O'Rourke


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 21:01:41 -0700
From: "Digitalmaster" <>
Subject: Who says bitching don't work?
Message-ID: <003e01bfa36a$a56e66c0$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

This is in response to the following:

We are updating today to include information about
Wasp Star's in-store date and Andy and Colin's promo trip to the U.S.
As of yet we have not confirmed any TV appearances.  Most of the
major programs require live performance from the artist.  We are
hopeful for several appearances where Andy and Colin are not required
to perform.  These appearances would likely air in June.  Stay tuned
for more and thank you for your support."

MY RESPONSE:  Who says bitching does not work?!  I only wish they responded
to the letter that I sent them personally.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 23:17:37 CDT
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: reviews of things other than WS
Message-ID: <>

Christopher R. Coolidge says yes to Jim Carroll--
>   Suffice to say that any temptations I may have had to do heroin were
>killed the first time I read The Basketball Diaries. Read it through once
>and you'll never want to touch it if you never have. I can almost guarantee

Good book.  Run for your life from that goddamned movie, though.  I read the
book my freshman year of college, and just after I finished it the movie
came to the University theatre.  It was the only movie I've ever walked out
on, and this was back when I liked Leonardo DiCaprio. (I was eighteen, and
it was pre-"Titanic".)  Very poorly done, I thought.

Dom spoils--
>Subject: A Spoiler's Guide To "Wasp Star"
>So, here is a comprehensive list of all
>the things which UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may be revealed to all and, to
>a lesser extent, sundry...I'm only posting this because I know no one
>reads my posts anymore (well, that was all sooooo last year wasn't
>it?)...just don't pass these details on to any of the poor sods who
>can't get hold of a pre-release copy....snigger.

You're insane.  I think I love you.

XTC content: I would love to here "Didn't Hurt a Bit" on an album.



Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 20:47:27 -0700 (PDT)
From: Bill Douglas <>
Subject: Re: independent artist
Message-ID: <>

> From: (becki digregorio)
> Subject: an indie artist speaks up

I'll have to back up Becki on this a point.
Being an independent artist myself (I'm in a power-pop
band called Einstein's Sister, with 3 independent
releases and an unpleasant experience translated onto
compact disc - but that's another story!), Napster
scares me because of the potential lost unit sales.
But, at the same time, it does allow people to become
exposed to new and different material that radio
blatently ignores.

So where's the middle ground to be found?  Personally,
I think we are in a pioneering period with this new,
dangerously exciting technology, and regulation will
inevitably come.  Until then, all us indie artists
will have to deal with Napster.  To all those
Napsterphiles, I say (or rather, quote a certain
Cricket), 'Let your conscience be your guide.'

Like another Chalkhills subscriber, I think it's FAR
worse to put a 'Wasp Star' promo up on E-Bay than to
put stuff on Napster.  Is it about the music or the
commerce, folks?

For the record, I've heard 'Wasp Star,' and those who
haven't heard it are in for a real treat - I actually
envy you the experience you will have on Tuesday, May
23rd.  Suffice to say I will be in line with you on
that day of days.

Thank you and good night.


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-73

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