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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 72

                  Monday, 10 April 2000


                       Kokomo rocks
                 Waspish self-deprivation
                 Pre-Order at
                        bwana dik
                        XTC & TVT
                  Naptser, Band merories
                        Ethics 101
               Patti Smith and other stuff
             A Spoiler's Guide To "Wasp Star"
                What release date, Molly?
                    Wasp Star reviews
                       Promos & MP3
                 In support of Becki.....
                          Oh man
                Re: Distant Early Warning
                      ollie halsall
                      News from TVT


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There's no doubt, no consequence.


Date: 9 Apr 00 10:48:52 PDT
From: Brian Wysolmierski <>
Subject: Kokomo rocks
Message-ID: <>

To those who are interested and didn't know of it, there's a website that
has mp3's of Bryan's unfinished "Smile", pieced together as best as

Want to see something really scarey on Napster? Do a search on the Beach
Boys, and see how many people have "Kokomo" saved on their hard drives.

By the way, could somebody privately email me, to tell me how to find Wasp
Star on Napster? I've tried for days, and haven't seen it. ***Don't freak
out, everybody! I'm going to BUY it, multiple times! The anticipation is
killing me***

Re: High Fidelity
The Elvis Costello song of the same name is NOT in the movie. What's up with
It's an OK movie; I was disapointed.  Most of it is pretty bland, and some
parts were lame (the skateboarders and their band, Lisa Bonet).
Top 5 things I DID like about it:
1) Jack Black (his bitching about Belle and Sebastian had me rolling on the
2) The mentioning of Stiff Little Fingers, even though the conversation
about them was completely bogus (they sound NOTHING like Greenday! What
were they smoking?)
3) My brother's record, Panthro UK United 13, is prominantly shown in the
camera for a couple of minutes (during a conversation about Evil Dead 2).
4) The analysis of "mix tapes"
5) Tim Robbins


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 02:48:02 -0400
Subject: Waspish self-deprivation
Message-ID: <000f01bfa2b8$c17f70a0$2ee07ad1@default>

Okay, now Napster is starting to annoy me, since I've started running across
mp3s of Wasp Star as well, and while I *refuse* to download it because I
want the ideal listening experience when it comes out (under headphones, on
the couch, packaging spread out in front of me, Song Stories within arm's
reach), the temptation of knowing it's *right there* is really making me
batty.  Much like it's far less torturous to say you're not going to eat any
chocolate during Lent if your roommate isn't leaving half-eaten bars of
Toblerone all over the apartment.

I guarantee that my CD purchasing is going to zoom up precipitously to keep
me distracted during this long month.  Some recent ones I can recommend:
Europa String Choir, "Lemon Crash" (good for fans of Fripp-y interlocking
acoustic instrumental work); the Kinks "Everybody's in Showbiz" (if you like
"Muswell Hillbillies", the studio half of this album continues in that vein,
except perhaps with a more music hall slant than country).

-- Francis

"Furry happy monsters laughing: monsters having fun, happy, happy."
  -- R.E.M. (with the Muppets)


Date: Sun, 09 Apr 2000 23:07:51 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Pre-Order at
Message-ID: <>

Haven't seen this mentioned yet.... You can pre-order
"Wasp Star" at for $12.99.


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 23:49:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: (Moore's Code)
Subject: bwana dik
Message-ID: <>

hey ecstasy ppls,

aren't this chalkbored list fun? aren't this so very very spatial, these
TNT/TVT cookingly-vinylly anticipatorally cynical daze?! like, a scat
singin'/scat eatin' partsy party???!

>>WELL !!!?!<<

why the fock not?


'Cause all you impregnated pale 'n precious XT-semen are so
over-concerned about sum of our pre-release spoil-your-fun commentareez
& advance-info prose 'n conz. Where do you begin to lodge yer jealous,
whiney complaints about those of us who always seem to obtain it early
(naturally!); and we should prioritize our posting concerns in sympathy
for the misfortunate common masses??

Gimme a break. A long funky one.


Message boards are LOADED with opinions, haven't you noticed? Yours
means as little as mine. Almost!

=B9Wasp Star=B9 is a pisser. It's so fantastic, yet it's already headed
for the cut-out bins. Why the hopes for "mainstream" $ucce$$? GO AWAY.

Download this, upload that, trade, steal, share, pick this song as the
"radio"(?) single, choose that song as the sleeper cut, focus in on ONE
particular track that thrills or irritates. Ah, the fans.

Our new fantasy mafioso company plans to issue the very Ultimate XTZ new
Y2K release, called "LOBSTER (Snapple Penis, Vol. 2=BC)." And
THANKFULLY, it's only an EP: the 4 _BeST_ demo tunes which didn't
"qualify" (?!) for the AV society / church of men!:

[ 1 ] princeoforange =95
[ 2 ] bumpercars =95=95
[ 3 ] danefortune =95=95=95
[ 4 ] wonderannual =95=95=95=95

:-) :-) :-) LOL :-) :-) :-)

Now, HERE'S the ROCK, as advertised!!
MR. AMBY IS SMOKING GENIUS on these numbers!!! Short & sweet, the REAL
guitar comeback as promised; essential, intimate, dense homemade
powerpop, devoid of jizzy-jazzy, Lite chart-position pretense.

This self-created mini-album is now in Heavy Rotation in our critical


(Wasp is for when we have a pseudo-corporate muzak cocktail dance
mixture party, at very low volume.)

Y'all can't buy it! HA! Hey, whaddya think to that?!

Music Newbies? (cough) Fuzzy warbling aside......

I guess you just wasn't made for these thymes.

Bittersweet Love,
Anita Baker Street Fighting Man


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:05:34 -0400
From: Paul Burgess <>
Subject: XTC & TVT
Message-ID: <v04220801b5179cdcded2@[]>

We are updating today to include information about
Wasp Star's in-store date and Andy and Colin's promo trip to the U.S.
As of yet we have not confirmed any TV appearances.  Most of the
major programs require live performance from the artist.  We are
hopeful for several appearances where Andy and Colin are not required
to perform.  These appearances would likely air in June.  Stay tuned
for more and thank you for your support.


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 16:58:17 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Naptser, Band merories
Message-ID: <l03130301b516aa46a346@[]>

> Another nod to Harrison: way to go, blasting jerks who advocate
>stealing from our boys!  If someone was a real fan of the band, they'd
>know how badly Andy and Colin have been taken over the coals and
>wouldn't advertise and brag about how they got this material for free.
>Can't wait for the "real release" of WS!

  I must admit I was tempted to try this Napster thing(actually for my Mac
it's Macster, there's a Mac-only version on the latest MacAddict disk), but
if I do, Harrison and others have talked me out of using it for XTC. If I
try it out It'll be with some unsigned band nobody's ever heard of. I
figure XTC needs the money after all the record company problems and
management problems. Of all people who deserve to make money from the
fruits of their labors, Andy and Colin do, and I damn well hope somebody's
going to kick something Dave's way too, he deserves it for putting up with
Andy all these years. Besides, I'd be loath to cross Harrison, I respect
the opinion of anyone related to Bob Sherwood, who I had the pleasure of
jamming with in an early version of The Malarians, Bob's late 80's band
which put out a couple of great Duke's-ish albums before falling victim to
the usual personnel, substance and personaltity problems. I have fond
memories of one show playing synth on a cover of Roxy Music's "Beauty
Queen," with Bob playing drums and singing(he sang on about half their
stuff at the time, the recording lineup had him playing rhythm guitar and
sharing vocals with four other guys, and Bob unfortunately got to the mike
the least by that point). This lineup was roughly to The Malarians as the
Helium Kidz were to XTC, only with all their friends lining up to sing,
play keyboards or play rhythm guitar on a few songs here and there.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 21:57:53 -0500
From: "Joe Perez" <>
Subject: Ethics 101
Message-ID: <>

Thanks for the invigorating and intelligent debate, folks.

I concur:  MP3's have troubling implications.  But I readily partake.

Am I consistent?  No.  Hypocritical?  Yes.

I wouldn't have purchased Matthew Sweet's entire cataloge if it weren't for
the opportunity to sample a lot of his work.  But I won't be so naive as to
belive that Napster and MP3's will definitely enhance revenues.  Everyone
has different agendas, altruistic and malevolent.

If I could locate Wasp Star MP3's, I'd download them in a second.  My weak
justification: I know I will be buying numerous copies of the album.  (Of
course, the ability to justify one's actions is what *really* differentiates
humans from the apes.  Don't believe that "opposible thumb" theory for a

A question to all of the collectors out there -- myself included: Do you
have a nice assortment of Unauthorized Releases and Bootlegs (see the
discography)?  Isn't the packaging on K-Rocking in Pasadena beautiful?  And
how 'bout those Extatic releases?  My kingdom for a Nonsuch forgery!  I'm
guilty as charged.

People who live in glass houses shouldn't cast stones.  In other words: He
who is without sin, post to Chalkhills!  Say Amen!

Looking forward to the new album - God, I love this band!

P.S.  If any serious collector is unable to sleep through the night as a
result of this message, your illicit recordings can be forwarded to me....


Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2000 16:43:27 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Patti Smith and other stuff
Message-ID: <l03130300b516a641b1aa@[]>

>Chalksters and Chalkettes;
>It's been great receiving so many posts, most of which are focused on
>the new album.  A few thoughts:
>- Harrison, you beat me to the punch about the Patti Smith mistake.
>There was no way "Wild Horses" was about her; her first album came out
>about 1976, and when Wild Horses was written (about 1969), she was
>just another New Jersey high school kid like me (yeah, I'm that old).

  Not as old as Patti Smith, Patti was born in '46 and was a pretty old for
rock and roll in the 70's twenty-nine when Horses came out. It's still
unlikely Mick Jagger wrote Wild Horses for her, though; from what I know
about Patti(I've skimmed a couple of her biographies while waiting for my
wife in Borders)she was shooting smack in NYC with Jim Carroll at the time,
if you check "Crow" from Carroll's first album, it's about her. They kicked
heroin together in the early 70's. They were never an item though, they
were too busy either nodding or taking turns puking their guts out. They
were best buds for quite a while, but for those who've read The Basketball
Diaries, he hadn't met her yet at that point, unless she's one of the
nameless people on the nod in that room towards the end of the book.
  Suffice to say that any temptations I may have had to do heroin were
killed the first time I read The Basketball Diaries. Read it through once
and you'll never want to touch it if you never have. I can almost guarantee
it. As for Wild Horses, chances are it's about either Marianne Faithfull or
Anita Pallenberg. Mick Jagger may have met Patti Smith once or twice, but
no way she was more than some junkie he saw on the nod once or twice. I
don't think she was even doing many public poetry performances until the
early 70's. Besides, The Stones tended to write about those that were
closest to them to ease the guilt of not taking Marianne to rehab. I
consider Mick Jackass one of the most morally cowardly people in the music
business; never had a substance problem himself, but cetainly dabbled in
everything and never did anything about his friends who had real problems.
Him and Graham Nash and a few other people, but I'll save my bile for such
people for another time(and I'm sure some of you would prefer I not get
into the subject, but I make no promises, can't please everybody all the
time, including myself).

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:39:06 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
Subject: A Spoiler's Guide To "Wasp Star"
Message-ID: <>

Humbled by the teary-eyed protestations of the assembled several, I
thought it would be wise to put straight all those heartless bastards
currently bent on destroying any semblance of surprise from our first
encounter with "Wasp Star". So, here is a comprehensive list of all
the things which UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES may be revealed to all and, to
a lesser extent, sundry...I'm only posting this because I know no one
reads my posts anymore (well, that was all sooooo last year wasn't
it?)...just don't pass these details on to any of the poor sods who
can't get hold of a pre-release copy....snigger.

(1) "Playground" - watch out for the wonderful moment during the intro
where Prairie Prince drops his sticks....they fall to the floor in
perfect time and a cunning dash of reverb makes it sound like a tribe
of Burundi tribesman auditioning for Bow Wow Wow.

(2) "Stupidly Happy" - the two and a half minute guitar solo which
borrows illiberally from "I Am (I'm Me)" by Twisted Sister, before
morphing into a synthesized harpsicord rendition of the theme from
"Love Thy Neighbour"...

(3) "In Another Life" - note for note this is "Bungalow" backwards,
with a searing, belligerent, John Zorn-like tenor sax solo which lasts
a mere three seconds but which is also looped thereafter, forming the
second part of the song...hypnotic!

(4) "My Brown Guitar" - the extra lyrics, previously unseen/heard,
explaining how AP's guitar came to be brown in the first
place. "Creosote! Creosote! All Is Creosote!" goes the lilting

(5) "Boarded Up" - this is like "Travels In Nihilon" on PCP...tribal
drums played at indecent speed, Beefheartian time changes and Colin's
vocals are slowed down to make him sound like Paul Robeson. One for
the opera contingent.

(6) "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" - AP's tribute to GG Allin,
replete with raucous backing vocals which go "You ****!!! You Murdered
Love!!! You ****!!!" in true yob-chorus style. Just before the final
chord, vomiting can be heard. Jimmy Pursey guests on kazoo.

(7) "We're All Light" - nothing like the demo version, this is eight
minutes of ambient noodling with the original melody floating
ethereally in the background, accompanied by Eno-esque plinky-plonk
keyboards and some heavily treated euphonium. Soon to be remixed by
William Orbit and Ivor Cutler.

(8) "Standing In For Joe" - redesigned as a Country & Western, Garth
Brooks-style singalong. Andy's pedal steel solo is amazing,
particularly when he incorporates the lead riff from "21st Century
Schizoid Man" into the final couple of bars...

(9) "Wounded Horse" - the only track on the album to feature Morbid
Angel's Pete Sandoval on drums, this sounds more like Venom than The
Beatles, although the "Penny Lane" style trumpet solo offers a welcome
touch of relief. AP's grunted and shrieked vocals are a revelation,
recalling both Ronnie James Dio and Napalm Death's Barney Greenway,
and the persistent bossa-nova shuffle is pure Astrud Gilberto...

(10) "You & The Clouds..." - a breezy pop tune, book-ended by some
fiendishly complex, duelling-banjo workouts, courtesy of AP and Steve
Vai...if you listen very carefully you can hear Andy's strings break
at the end of his fourth battle with Vai...

(11) "Church Of Women" - in almost every respect a classic, mid-tempo
AP composition...that is, until, the London Community Gospel Choir
launch into some fervent vocalization towards the end of the final
verse...keep an ear open for snatches of "Jerusalem" and "Wired for
Sound" during the final fade-out.

(12) "The Wheel & The Maypole" - as has previously been noted, a song
in two parts....or is it? Wait for a minute or so after the song has
ended and a mystery "bonus" track's a cover of
"Sussudio", played in the style of The Groundhogs...

Incidentally, the first single will be "Wounded Horse". The single
will feature three extra tracks, "How I Wounded The Horse" (a four
hour interactive CD-whatsit documentary by Terry Chambers, telling the
story of why he really left the band...), the Orbit/Cutler remix of
"We're All Light" and "Homo Safari 2000", two minutes of dicking about
in the studio, hastily tossed off by Andy after one sherbert dip too
many and released for the benefit of people who'd buy a dry turd if it
had XTC written on it, or even near it, in biro.

Now keep it quiet and don't bloody ruin it for everyone else, OK???




Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 16:33:21 +0200
From: Johan Ekdahl <>
Subject: What release date, Molly?
Message-ID: <>

And Molly went:


OK, Molly, I don't have a promo-copy, I will probably never will have one,
and I dont know if I really want one, so Your suggestion sounds interesting
to me. Let's just agree on what release-date we're talking about here, shall
we? Let's see: We could pick the Japanese release (I already have sent my $
to the Sushiman, so I'm hoping for this date to be the first). Would that be
OK? Or, we could take the US release date. (That WOULD be OK by You, "I
suppose".) Ask DavidOh, and he may vote for the Canadian release date. How
about that? Also, our french friends may want to have their say... How about
germany? Australia? Phillippines? ... Now Molly - I live in this little
outskirt of the world known to some as "Sweden" and I haven't even tried to
find out about a swedish WS(AV2) release-date. Based on the swedish
AV1-release-date it should be sometime in the middle or end of june or

/Johan Ekdahl


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 14:08:18 +0100
From: Warren Butson <>
Subject: Wasp Star reviews
Message-ID: <>

To those people who are complaining about the reviews of Wasp Star, shut the
F*** up you're ruining my excitement leading up to the release!
I've not got any of the demos and have no idea what they are going to sound
like and the comments (apart from "here comes the middle 8") have not
spoiled it but rather wetted my appetite.

Apart from that wierd slag off by someone who was obviously expecting black
sea/;go2 the opinion is it's catchy as hell and the most consistent
commercial release since black sea.

I just feel the likelyhood is that without big promotion/airplay this will
sink without a trace despite being a possible crossover to the general
public, which I would truely love as it would mean i would see articles, and
interviews with the band for longer than the 2 weeks i got from Apple Venus
1. We didn't even get any appearences in England which considering is their
own country was bloody annoying.

Anyway wheter we like this pre-review or not, chalkhills has got me excited.

P.S my WOMP:

1.Beatles anthology vol 2
2.Main Street Roy Wood and Wizzard
3. Curtis Mayfield: singles collection
4.Jellyfish - Spilt Milk (fantastic album totally recommend to xtc/beach
boys/beatles fans)
5.ELP brain salad Surgery (so I like prog rock!)


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:46:39 -0400
From: erik schlichting <>
Subject: Promos & MP3
Message-ID: <>


RE: The MP3 debate:

Harrison, I agree with your disgust, at least in principle.
However, railing at the person who mentioned where the files
could be found is like pissing in the ocean. Anyone with a
little internet savvy would eventually find them. I think
that yelling at the person who ripped and posted them would
be more appropriate but equally futile.

The MP3 format is here, and, if not to stay, then something
remarkably similar will take its place. I like MP3. I like
the fact that you can cram 10 hours of music onto a disc. I
think this technology is good, a boon to music fans. I also
think that the fact that distributing material far and wide
without the artists' consent is abuse.

The sale of promo copies of Wasp Star are bringing in
hundreds of dollars on E-bay. This also bothers me. The
first reason, for you IDIOTS that agreed to pay more than
$200 for a copy, is that in two months, a promo copy won't
go as high as $20. The person you bought it from is laughing
all the way to the bank. For those completists who
absolutely have to have a promo to complement their
commercial copy, mail me $200 now, and I'll send you your
promo by July 1st!

This means that the artist's work is being distributed to a
wide audience for absolutely no compensation (at least, no
compensation to the artist) weeks before the artist intended
to unveil his (her, their) work.

So, how do you stop it? You can't get rid of MP3. You could
make penalties for illegal posting severe enough to make
people think twice about it (yeah, try to enforce it), but
that doesn't assure it won't happen. Record labels & artists
could be a little more vigilant about watching where their
material is showing up (which I whole-heartedly encourage),
but that's not a perfect solution, either. How about...,
stop issuing promos? No promos floating around means no
illegal MP3 postings of whole albums, no illegal resale
auctions, bigger sales figures in that first week, and a
genuine sense of anticipation for the whole fan community.

TVT & Cooking Vinyl, how about switching to releasing a 2-
or 3-track CD single instead of full promo copies of albums?
Or, at the very least, releasing the promo ONE WEEK before
the commercial release?

Someone tell me why this isn't a good idea.

Erik Schlichting


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:16:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: In support of Becki.....
Message-ID: <>

The HUGELY talented Miss diGregorio thus spake....
>there are some amazingly talented indie musicians out there -- kindly
>give them some respect.  believe me, it's tough-going on your own.
>thanks for listening (reading),

AMEN to that.

Becki is a super example of someone who cares enough about music to
produce a wonderful, intricate fascinating cd just because of her love
of music and because of the music within her that she wants to share
with others. To separate her from other talented artists like the
_______(fill in your own favorite here) because she is a relative
unknown is complete and utter crap. Her music is no less powerful and
takes just as much effort to produce if not more.

Music is intellectual property period, and whether the artist is
established or not is never the point. Personally I am thrilled that I
was able to track Becki down and order her cd, and the fact that is was
straight from her instead of from some money gouging corporate suit
just made it all that much better of an experience. It made me get to
know her a little as we traded a few emails and that enhanced her cd to
me as I listened. I had a very similar experience when I received
Mitch's CD.

Thank You Becki and Mitch for your music and for having the guts to go
it alone. I wish you both much success and am looking forward to your
future projects in whatever form they are released.

Mole (Disgusted with humans) at the Mole Hole


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 10:59:49 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Oh man
Message-ID: <>

I'm not sorry for what I said about not haing Wasp Star spoiled, but I
am sorry for the way I said it.  I just read Melissa's e-mail and I
feel like an idiot.  I'll just scroll down, and do have to admit I
stop and read some of the reviews if I'm in the mood.  I know I wasn't
the only one who was complaining, but I'll keep my big mouth shut
about this subject for now on.


Molly's Pages


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:12:38 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Re: Distant Early Warning
Message-ID: <>

In 6-70, Warren said:
		I don't mind the descriptions at all because ....I can't
hear 'em. So telling me about a song doesn't give away any surprises because
email has no actual pitch to it; so bring it on, it only makes me look
forward even more to the albums release.
I absolutely agree! I just don't understand people claiming that the
experience of hearing an album can be "ruined" by reading someone's opinion
of it. Just how exactly is saying "I love the second to last song, it makes
me dance around my room like an idiot" the same as saying "Oh, yeah, it
turns out at the end that the murderer is the nanny, who's really his crazy
first wife, who's not really dead at all, and in fact..."? It isn't. I read
all the "premature" AV1 reviews last year, and they did not in any way
negatively affect my enjoyment of the album when I got it. In fact, in the
state of anticipation that I'm now in, reading other's opinions and
reactions just helps tide me over, if anything. If you want, ask people to
put a "spoiler alert" in their subject line or something, don't just tell
them to shut up until release - some of us who also haven't heard it yet
actually _appreciate_ the early reviews.
Ed K.


Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 18:00:21 +0100
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: ollie halsall
Message-ID: <006301bfa31a$1db5e3c0$959f883e@pbncomputer>

i know everybody will be on the ollie halsall bit by now, but anyway...

i have heard no PATTO, as i have heard they are a bit 'prog' and thus i am a
little nervouse. i mean timebox were great (the psychedelic band PATTO grew
out of), but then again simon dupree and the big sound were too, and i can;t
find myself saying the same for gentle giant (in my opinion - i know we have
fans out there, maybe i just have the wrong album), but i do hear lots of
ollie halsall with great regularity when i play the rutles album. yes
indeed, for it is mr halsall who plays guitar for the prefab four, and
indeed for whom archeology is dedicated. also for teh more eagle eyed
viewers, you can just about make him out as leppo in the background. john
halsey - aka barrington womble - was the drummer for PATTO, and then in the
grimms where i assume he met up with neil innes. i still can;t believe yo la
tengo's consumate taste in getting neil innes to support them on their
british tour! finally i may get a chance to see another hero in the flesh!

anyway, so once we know he's in teh rutles, one small leap to teh dukes
and - huzzah! all makes sense.

if PATTO is worth digging out teh moolah for, please mail me.




Date: Mon, 10 Apr 2000 11:38:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <relph@cthulhu>
Subject: News from TVT
Message-ID: <>

Here's the latest news from the TVT website:

    XTC Plug Into "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2)" on May 23
    Monday, April 10, 2000

    Brit-pop legends XTC are set to release "Wasp Star (Apple Venus
    Volume 2)" on May 23.  The 12 song disc is the followup to last
    year's "Apple Venus Volume 1", which was one of the most acclaimed
    albums of 1999.  This time the band has dusted off their electric
    guitars for their first "plugged-in" record since 1992's
    "Nonsuch".  The first single from the new album will be "I'm The
    Man Who Murdered Love", which is set to hit radio in the coming
    weeks.  XTC's Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding are choosing a
    director for a video to the track.  XTC will head to the U.S. in
    early May for a bicoastal publicity run that will include several
    TV appearances (non-performance, of course) and a lot of radio
    promotion.  Though rumors of a "flatbed truck tour" still run
    rampant, it is unclear whether XTC will lift their 18 year tour


	-- John


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-72

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