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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 55

                 Thursday, 30 March 2000

Today's Topics:

              Wasp Star release in Australia
             Kinky music on the CD spiral...
             When I hear those Kinks of mine
Find the hidden XTC content, win a feeling of accomplishment!
           re: My Heavy Rotation & introduction
                    Re: Almost Sapiens
               Mr Hiatt is getting "Randy"
               The list goes on forever....
         now they're paging you in Reception....
                Aimee and Dave (and Andy?)
  A Seasoned-Up Hyena Could Not Have Been More Obscener
                        Kinks VGPS
                 Japan CD Version of AV 2
                      Kirsty MacColl


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Date: 30 Mar 00 11:06:48 AES
Subject: Wasp Star release in Australia
Message-ID: <>


XtC fans in Australia/New Zealand brace yourselves...

"Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume 2" will be released in Australia and New
Zealand on May 22.

The release will not, this time, be handled by Festival Records.  A
newly-established company, Capricorn Records will be handling most future
Cooking Vinyl product (including XtC) in these territories, with distribution
through Universal Music.

And here's the cherry on top of the icing of the cake:
It is proposed that Colin and Andy will visit our shores for a promo tour
that will include record store meet & greets and television and radio
appearances.  This is yet to be firmed up, but is mooted for mid to late June.

More info as it comes to hand, but that should have a few of us down-under
types salivating, no?

At your service


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 22:40:51 EST
Subject: Kinky music on the CD spiral...
Message-ID: <>

What's Currently in the CD player? The Top 10 plus a bonus CD (got to
alternate with something).

1. Country Life-Roxy Music
2. Something Else by the Kinks (the UK edition with the 10 or so bonus
3. Kink Kong (A custom made CDR with She's Got Everything, Berkeley Mews,
Creeping Jean, Hold My Hand, Return To Waterloo, The Million Pound
Semidetached, My Diary, The Shirt, Voices In The Dark, King Kong, Songbird,
Days and other assorted Kinks tracks)
4. Two Against Nature-Steely Dan
5. Sister Lovers-Big Star
6. The Best of Suzanne Vega-Suzanne Vega
7. Press-Paul McCartney (an underrated McCartney minor classic)
8. How Dare You! -10cc (remastered edition with bonus tracks)
9.  Bachelor # 2- Aimee Mann
10. Daisies of the Galaxy-Eels
11. Box of Birds-The Church

No Xtc right now (I had Black Sea, Skylarking, White Music, The Big Express
and Chips all in last month at various times along with bits and pieces of
Apple Venus since that's what my 7 year old is listening to of late).


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 23:16:52 EST
Subject: Kinks
Message-ID: <>

I have to second Mitch's recommendation for Kinks Kronkiles. Only complaint
is that it hasn't been remastered with better sound. Incidentally, all the
tracks on KK (with the exception of 2-She's Got Everything and Berkeley Mews)
are available on the Castle-Essential import versions of the band's albums.
All have stunning sound and a few have previously unreleased tracks as well.

I can't remember who indicated they loved Village Green but the import
version has both the mono version of the original album and a stereo album
of the same album (with a different title) that was withdrawn (with a
different line up and one track that was on the Great Lost Kinks album)
shortly after release. My only complaint is that Castle is reissuing these
albums in the US but without any of the bonus tracks! Pick up the imports

On a smilier note the Singles compilation from Castle has a second disc with
tracks from Ray's Return to Waterloo and previously unissued songs.  I tend
to see more of a parallel between the Kinks and Xtc rather than the Beatles
and Xtc.

Any Kinks fans wanting to know more about the imports or rarities on the
reissued Cds should feel free to email me off list.



Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 22:55:41 -0500
Subject: When I hear those Kinks of mine
Message-ID: <005f01bf99fb$d3a7e520$35df7ad1@default>

Johan pointed out:
> Look out Will, and others! "Days" is on the remastered VGPS, but
> "Autumn Almanac" IS NOT! At least not on my specimen. The excellent
> reference site doesn't list it on VGPS either.

"Autumn Almanac" is on the remastered version of "Something Else" (but only
the British release...if there even *is* an American release).  I finally
received the last CD in my Kinks purchasing binge, so now I've got all the
studio albums from the first one through "Muswell Hillbillies", and another
stretch from "Misfits" to "State of Confusion".  I'd say they're all
essential except the debut, "Misfits" (which has some highlights but seems a
bit overrated in general) and "State of Confusion" (the first album where
the clunkers started outweighing the winners...though it's still not bad by
any means).  I don't know why they didn't put those three leftover songs
from "The Kinks Kronikles" somewhere on those first albums as extra tracks,
though -- some of them certainly had room for them.  I've been able to track
two of them down in MP3 format ("She's Got Everything" and "Berkeley Mews"),
and they're both winners.  Now I just need "Did You See His Name?" and I
don't need to blow $20 on a bunch of songs I already have.

-- Francis

"He thinks he is a flower to be looked at."
   -- the Kinks


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 23:02:53 CST
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: Find the hidden XTC content, win a feeling of accomplishment!
Message-ID: <>

go out of town for a week, come home to several hundred k of Chalkhills.

long ago, Nicole demanded--
>Buy ANY CD from Belle and Sebastian.

quite right.

>The Boy with the Arab Strap is very very nice.
>Sinister is wonderful.

I'm probably a little more partial to "If You're Feeling Sinister"-- my
favorite Belle & Sebastian song is, as with you (mentioned later), "Seeing
Other People".

>I think they'll be having a new record out soon... but they do have a
>new "boxset" out of old singles and Boy with the Arab Strap is fairly

The boxset is the U.S. release of the three previously import-only cd-eps.
I bought it this weekend at Other Music in New York-- $15.99, excellent buy.
  There is a new B&S cd-single/ep due on May 16th, and a new album in June
or July.

>From: The Colonel <>
>Subject: XTC & the Residents

This post just made me think, "Lincoln had an advisor named Kennedy; Kennedy
had an advisor named Lincoln."

Well, it amused me, but, then again, I'm doped up on cough syrup.

>From: "Paul Averitt" <>
>Subject: The day I met Andy

Very neat, the kind of story you expect to end with, "and then I woke up."
You are no doubt the subject of much envy around here.

Current rotation (always have to jump on the bandwagon, so to speak)-- well,
I've been travelling for a week, so I have a bunch of tapes in the bottom of
my backpack, let's see (I can thank two Chalkhills users for the first two
tapes, you know who you are, so thank you!)--

* Ultra Vivid Scene "Joy 1967-1990" / David Bowie "Hunky Dory"
* Cardiacs - "Guns" and assorted
* Nick Drake - "Five Leaves Left" / XTC "Apple Venus Vol. 1"
* Pink Floyd - "Dark Side of the Moon" / assorted Nick Drake
* The 6ths - Wasps' Nest / Future Bible Heroes - Memories of Love (each of
these is a side project by The Magnetic Fields' Stephin Merrit)
* assorted by my best friend, including The KLF, The JAMS, Soft Cell, Roni
Size, Tricky, and Pet Shop Boys
* assorted by me, including Momus, Magnetic Fields, Bjork, Brian Eno, The
Divine Comedy, Kraftwerk, Beck, Stereolab

Enjoyable, but I should have taken more tapes.

Next on rotation will be Etienne Charry and those B&S eps.

It's a shame about Soul Coughing.

I had a dream last night that I was visited by the ghost of Frank Zappa.

Need more cough medicine.



Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 22:49:04 -0800
Subject: re: My Heavy Rotation & introduction
Message-ID: <>

hi.  thought I'd reintroduce myself after the Blackie Lawless
association.  I'm 22 and live in Madison - used to be in an
Emo/Indie-rock band called the Fireflies opening up for such acts as
Jejune.  I fell in love with XTC when I was 15 after hearing
Skylarking.  Thought the album came out that same year until I actually
bought my own copy.  What a miracle Todd Rundgren is at production
sometimes making it sound so timeless, but his current music..uggg, I
just don't want to get into it.  I wish people would brush that aside
and hear the real Todd that is Todd.  "Don't you ever learn?"
I inhale tons of music, too much to name.  but here is stuff worth
mentioning to the list:

Dismemberment Plan, Dillinger Escape Plan, Soul Coughing, Soulwax,
Modest Mouse, Fossil, Tom Waits, all David Byrne, Animals on Wheels
Edward Ka-Spel, Richard Thompson, Red Krayola, Sea and Cake, Placebo,
Sugar Plant, Captain Beefheart, Kate Bush - Hounds of Love, Takako
Minekawa and that new Steely Dan even though I don't have it but I hear
it everywhere I go.  Reminds me - Damn that last Cheap Trick album is
the most underrated piece of music ever.  Get it budget cheap while it
also the Kites, Paris Texas (local bands from Madison) and
Spooner - Every Corner Dance (defunct band from Madison)
if your reading this Butch, I mean, Duke.  Sorry about the screw up - I
acted like a little girl at the sight of NSYNC.



Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 08:35:19 -0500
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: Re: Almost Sapiens
Message-ID: <>

Big 'ol Mike Martis" <> confessed:
> Currently shuffling through my CD player:
> Humming -- Duncan Sheik
> Can You Still Feel? -- Jason Faulkner
> Nearly Human -- Todd Rundgren
> Milestones -- Miles Davis
> Classics -- Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66-'86

...and I'd like to triple-second his choice of Rundgren's "Nearly Human". A
really amazing recording, with some real genius on parade, even if he does
yell a bit too much. Check out "Parallel Lines" for an ass-slappin' lesson
in how to write a chorus. And "Fidelity", which I thought was about
cheating, until I listened real close... talk about opening up your heart...

Plus it brings to mind a little story... so there I am in Ames(a cheesy
chain department store) buying like a big Tupperware box to go camping with,
and I jag through the Music section, and dig the cutout tapes, I love them,
all ZZ Top and Asia... so there's "Nearly Human", and I hadn't heard it, so
I'm buying it, and the nice cashier lady's like "That'll be one dollar", and
I'm thinking *yeah*, then I notice Direct To My Right there's a stack of
*blank cassettes* and they're marked On Sale For $1.99... so I'm thinking
'okay, I'm Todd', and I'm thinking people actually pay more for FUCKING
SILENCE than MY ART, that my music actually DEVALUES CASSETTES OF SILENCE in
the public's eyes. And that made me feel lonely, even though I'm not
actually Todd.

Your Pal Duncan Watt


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 07:00:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Mr Hiatt is getting "Randy"
Message-ID: <>

Sorry Randy couldn't stop myself. A response to your latest post.

From: "Hiatt, Randy" <>
Subject: What's Andy got on his CD player?

Since Andy can't drive I assume that he doesn't own a car and therefore
there is nothing in his car cd player. My logic could be off however as
I drank a good deal that semester and only got a C in that logic class
they made me take.

"I have been using my CD player when my girlfriend comes over (in
other words my selections are for a specific reason/effect) so I won't
bore you with that narrow list."

But as to your narrow, focused selection I have a suggestion you may
want to consider. I don't generally reccomend cds to folks but I think
this has what you are looking for. Or rather what she is looking for.

The very first "Enigma" ALBUM (I am with you Ed!). It has been my
personal experience that this particular 5 Inches of 1s and 0s has the
desired effect IN A BIG WAY!!

It is the only ALBUM other than Floyds "Dark Side...." that
consistently meets the requirements of the task at hand.

By the way for all of you folks out there that think Dark Side is a
Hippy album..........You don't stay on The Billboard chart for 10 years
and only sell to hippies. There IS a certain quality to that ALBUM.

OK here is the rundown on my current spins.


(Sorry Dom.)

Stevie Ray Vaughan- GH
Earth Wind and Wire-GH vol1
(Anybody else see there Hall of Fame Induction? Awesome!!)
Creedence Clearwater Revival-Chronicle
Creedence.... In Concert
Seal (First One)
Robin Trower King Biscuit Hour Concert CD
Pink Floyd-UmmaGumma (I use this to ward off people who want something)
XTC-Marconi Club Sydney Australia 1979
English Beat-What is Beat?
Stevie Wonder-Innervisions
ELO- Out of the Blue
Tragically Hip-Fully Completly
Art of Noise-Seduction of Claude Debussey
(Best Album of 1999!) (Yes even better than AV1)

In the old Model T....

Steeley Dan-Countdown to Ectasy
Allmann Brothers Band-Back Where We Started
Marshall Crenshaw-Downtown
Jeff Beck-Blow by Blow
Duran Duran-Rio (Sssshhh, Don't tell anyone :~D)
Beach Boys-Pet Sounds MFSL
Seal-Human Being
Style Council-Our Favorite Shop
Smiths-Hatful of Hollow
Midnight Oil-Diesel and Dust

Getting a bunch of Spin at home....

Everything But The Girl-Amplified Heart
Hendrix-BBC Sessions
Joe Jackson-Night and Day
Stanley Clarke-Bass-ic Collection
XTC-At The Edge Toronto Concert Bootleg with Barry
H-Ice Cream Genius
and several Bill Cosby comedy albums

That's All Folks........

The Moley one
(Gee from looking at that list maybe I should change it to "MOLDY")

Eagerly awaiting... The Trevor Horn Career Retrospective Box Set.

Oh yeah and that other new XTC thing too.


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 09:10:58 -0600
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: The list goes on forever....
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Vreeland Graphics

Oh, joy, you say, hes plaguing us with another god-forsaken list.

Well, right you are.

The Ten Best ALBUMS that I Bought in 1999
(suddenly finished last night in a fit of inspiration- after languishing
for 3 months)

1. xtC Apple Venus, Vol.1
	On too many occasions, Ive sat down at the computer and tried to
write a personal review of this album, but it seems Im not up to the task.
All the glowing praise Ive attempted to heap on it sounds just like all
the other glowing praise thats already been heaped, so forget it.
	Rather, Ill illustrate how Andy Partridges lyrics continue to
affect my life in a personal way.  I didnt understand Knights in shining
Karma at all, despite liking it musically, until a close friend died an
untimely death caving in Mexico last August. One of the happiest, most
outgoing, and intelligent women on Earth was ripped from our lives at
the age of twenty six. I found out at the funeral that I was only one of
hundreds who were utterly unequipped to cope with the tragedy before us.
I dont know why in my grief, alone back at work that afternoon, my hand
reached for AV1; it just did. I suppose I sought comfort in the
familiar. What had been a meaningless string of nice words transformed
into gentle words of solace. The cavers who struggled with all their
strength to rescue her, against all odds for six hours, as well as those
who carried her casket became knights. The flame they tended burnt in
her sepulcher. Our karma was, as all karma, two-edged. She was happiest
caving, but its our karma to carry that she died doing a thing which we
all encouraged. Her dreams, as well as ours for her, had been poached to
ash that hot August afternoon. Ill never hear that song again without
my throat tightening up a little, but it got me through a bad, bad day.

2. Iggy and the Stooges,  Raw Power
	I think I have found the spot where the tear in the moral fabric of
our society began. This is the album that Ralph Nader declared Too Loud at
Any Volume. This is a band that has come for your daughters. When you
play this album, Boy Scouts abandon old ladies in the middle of the
street. This album gave drugs to your little brother. This is the album
that poured Everclear in the punch at the prom. This album lost the
Vietnam war and put godless Democrats back in the Whitehouse. Sex
Pistols? Ramones? Screw em. Punk started right HERE.

3/4. (tie) Lucinda Williams, Car Wheels on a Gravel Road
	  Joni Mitchell,  Court and Spark
	I grew up listening to the Joni Mitchell, but I hadnt heard the
whole album through since probably 1980. Buying it and the Lucinda record
within three weeks or so of each other gave me a different perspective
on the two as a pair. Together, they work quite well as bookends to the
so-called sexual revolution. Joni, in 1973, with all her newfound
freedom, flailing about in a suddenly altered landscape, reaches the
conclusion on this album that the freedom itself is more important that
what one should do with it. Though her attempts to navigate through
uncharted waters end in shipwrecks several times in her lyrics, she
seems determined that this is a better way to live, and that it will all
work out, with a little practice.
	Twenty five years later, Lucinda Williams emerges on Car
Wheels... as a fully self-assured and mature human being, equal in all ways
to the men in her life, and at ease with who and where she is the
world. Shes had her share of pain and disappointment, (Drunken Angel is
about a boyfriend who drank himself to death- how romantic) but all of it
seems taken in stride in a way that I can only think of as adult. Unlike
many of her younger angst-ridden female contemporaries, she doesnt seek
to assign blame for lifes failures, and is ready to accept her portion
of responsibility when things go awry. ("All I ask- Dont tell anybody
the secrets I told you," she sings, post-breakup, in Metal Firecracker)
	 These are both astonishing albums musically, with nary a misstep
on either one, although I think artistically, I prefer the mise-en-place
sparseness of Car Wheels... just a tad. Right In Time is one of the
most perfectly conceived and executed songs Ive ever heard. Theres
just not a single note you could either add or subtract.

5. Faces, A Nod is as Good as a Wink  to a Blind Horse
	These guys could play rings around most sober rock bands while they
were blind drunk, which they apparently were a majority of the time. The
looseness on their albums is like that looseness in your favorite old
pair of jeans. They sway and stagger with a kind of finesse, and they
never do fall down. Good clean fun, and it makes me misty-eyed for the
days when wed toss a few back between sets. Of course, I always sucked
when I drank and played, so I have true respect for their dipsomaniacal
achievements. Rock on, wherever you are, Ronnie.

6. King Krimson,  Thrak
	Saw em on the tour for this some years back, staggering show. Had
to tell the two guys in front of me to shut up during Tony Levins solo
(dont ask me what song). Bruford and Mastelotto were mesmerizing as
well on BBoom, but at the time, I really had no idea what I was looking
at. Dont know why I took three years getting around to buying this, as
it really is a pretty astonishing record. Its a little uneven
song-wise, but contains a few real gems, like Dinosaur and One Time,
both haunting in their own way. Its also a much better recording than
Beat or Three of a Perfect Pair.

7.  The Beach Boys,  Pet Sounds
	Alright, already, I bought the damn thing. ARE YOU HAPPY?  Ill
never like it as much as Sgt. Peppers, and thats that. Still, its
definitely worth owning, and has several truly fabulous moments, like God
Only Knows, Wouldnt it be Nice and Sloop John B. Please dont start  up
again- It DID come first, it IS a historical album, and all that, blah,

8.  The Band
	I think this was their second album, but Im not sure. Its real down
home, its real earthy, its real good. I was especially happy to hear
Look Out Cleveland again for the first time in a long spell. Theyre
dropping like flies these days. Sigh....

9.  The Wailers,  Burnin
	If Get Up, Stand Up were the only song on this album, it would
still be worth the price of admission. Fortunately, there are nine more
songs, and theyre all really good, too. Plus, Family Man plays bass, and
how. I shot the Sheriff has one of the coolest bass lines ever. The feel is
just unique. These guys were smokin the good shit.

10.  Elvis Costello,  My Aim is True
	Absolutely the WORST drum sound recorded since the invention of
modern multi-track techniques, and still somehow, quite fab. The songs on
this album work perfectly in their low budget environment. It was great fun
in the late seventies with people like him and the Police proving you could
make great music on a shoestring, and arent we all really happy that he got
a real band, and went to a real recordin studio for his second album?

Anyway, sorry to be flogging a dead horse, despite having these all
picked out by the middle of Feb. Im just a really slow thinker.

Chris so last century Vreeland


Date: Sat, 30 Mar 1996 08:42:43 -0500
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: now they're paging you in Reception....
Message-ID: <>

Don't you knooooooooow....

....the radio single has to be "We're All Light". The sunshiny-est
summer-singy Glinty Happy Dolphin Party song of the year so far... plus I'm
so digging the bad Janet Jackson sample-yell octave-jumpy sound in the
chorus... yeah! Urbane Contempo-rary!

Duncan "...Jack and Jillion years ago..." Watt


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 05:30:20 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Aimee and Dave (and Andy?)
Message-ID: <>

Doug Swan queried

"Aside from Jon Brion, the only
guitar player used on her albums, by and large, is Michael
Lockwood. Illuminate me, I must be in the dark. Take care all. Doug"

Dave gregory appears with Aimee on a Radio Station Compilation...

Rare on Air....compilation includes Aimee Mann: I've Had It.
     recorded 1 December 1993 at KCRW, with David Gregory on guitar.
          CD, Mammoth (KCRW) USA, MR0107-2, 1995. obi.

It is a bitch to find, but it is a fine track and is a bit like the
acoustic sessions that xtc did for Radio stations.

Dave worked with Aimee on her 1993 tour and Dave and Aimee had a
romatic relationship during the tour. I don't know the whole story but
it ended badly and bad feelings still exist on Daves part I believe.

One fun Caveat to the tale is that when the tour visited New York Andy
was in town and he got on stage at the end and they performed the Dukes
"Collideascope" for an encore.


PS:  Richard, I laughed my ass off. Thanks!


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 10:57:15 +0100 (GMT+01:00)
Subject: A Seasoned-Up Hyena Could Not Have Been More Obscener
Message-ID: <>

has recently been issued a posthumous release of another dazzling work
called 'The Shaming of the True'.

I second that, and all the other pro-KG sentiments expressed
recently. Thanks to Mike "Mike" Versaci, I have been blessed with the
opportunity to hear a lot of Kevin's music and despite the fact that
much of it sounds like the sort of music I would generally avoid (very
polished, big production job, lots of keyboards etc etc), I have
fallen for the bloomin' lot of it. "Shaming Of The True" is wonderful,
as are "Thud" and "Toy Matinee"....highly recommended.

Mind you, I might like a bit of Kevin Gilbert, but I feel a sense of
deja-vu with all this talk of Elton John, k.d. Lang and so on. If a
new k.d. Lang album is something to get excited about for some of you
then maybe I haven't completely lost touch with my adolescence. Thank
**** for that.

And yes, I realise that this is all just proof that XTC's fanbase is a
broad church, encompassing everything from Elton John fans to Coltrane
fans and even, gasp, Metal fans........not that you'd know it from the
last few digests, but then isn't that where I came in?

Also, spotted today in The Guardian...a wonderful article about your
favourite, and not mine, Phil "Looks Like A Plumber"
Collins.....entitled "This Man Must Be Stopped". Hooray for accurate

And has anyone heard the song that won Phil the Oscar? Jeeeeeeeeeezus!!!!

I'd also like to pay tribute to Ian Dury. A gentleman, a poet & the
original renaissance geezer. He wrote the best first line of any song
ever written....(it's "Plaistow Patricia", natch). I'll miss him, the
old goat. Anyone lacking a copy of "New Boots & Panties"? Shame on

>> In other words, for committed Crowded House fans


>>Listening to the WASP STAR promo disc (for the first time) even as I type -
it is gorgeous XTC guitar pop - THEY'RE BACK!!!

They are? What, is there a new album out or something? Shit, no one
tells me anything.
No, but (semi) seriously folks, it all sounds like the goodest of good
news. XTC without guitars, splendid though it can be, is a bit like
Lemmy without warts, and although I doubt if we're about to get a
return to the bolshy swagger of "Black Sea", it will be good to hear a
Partridge geetar solo or two, not to mention a few live drums...

...which leads me, inevitably, back to Tarzan Collins. If Andy had
left XTC in 1982, and Terry Chambers had taken over the singing with a
solo career in the pipeline, would any of us be here??? No, quite. I
mean, I know it was the 80s, but did we really have to encourage the
ghastly, balding fascist? Now he's suing two members of Earth Wind &
Fire because his company paid them excessive royalties of about
seventy grand. Their (i.e. Phil's company) mistake. Phil is worth
three hundred million quid. Sod the music, the man is scum.

And no, fish face, you are not worthy. Or coherent.




Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 10:22:40 EST
Subject: Kinks VGPS
Message-ID: <>

Will writes:

> By the way, the remastered version of Village Green has "Days" and
>  "Autumn Almanac," which within the last two years Andy said was "the
>  greatest song ever," but I've never heard it because it was only a
>  single!

I have the remastered version and "Autumn Almanac" is not on it, but it is on
"Something Else".
Phil C.


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 09:53:22 -0600
From: "Toby Thomas" <>
Subject: Japan CD Version of AV 2
Message-ID: <00e901bf9a60$213dcf20$1e8f9cd1@silvermoon>
Organization: Prodigy Internet

Can anyone give me details on the Japanese release of AV 2? I understand the
initial editions will have expanded packaging, correct? I'd like to get my
hands on some of these....

In the car, where I do much of my listening these days, dodging roadkill on
these bumpy Oklahoma backroads (or going "mobile", as Pete once put it)....

THE BREETLES Writerscramp.... stevie moore appears. compared to xtc, Brain
Wilson and todd rundgren so I checked it out. Good stuff.
MICHAEL HEDGES Watching My Life Go By.... I've been on Hedges kick lately.
Put all his CDs in my disc changer, hit random, and did yoga to it.
Spiritual --- god bless him (can I refer to god on an xtc list?)
TODD RUNDGREN Initiation.... I keep listening to Fair Warning again and
again. And I even listened to the entire Treatise On Cosmic Fire the other
day. Sounded good and I wasn't even high....
BECK Midnite Vultures
FINN Self-Titled
JUNE AND THE EXIT WOUNDS A Little More Maven Hamilton, Please.... if you
like Brain Wilson, check this out. Throws in some jazzy guitar leads to
spice it up.

BTW, when I did the yoga, I was in my house, not the car.


Date: Thu, 30 Mar 2000 17:07:15 +0100
From: "Davies, Huw (TPE)" <Huw.Davies3@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK>
Subject: Kirsty MacColl
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Francis wrote:
 >Speaking of brilliant female singers, Kirsty MacColl's new one is out, but
 >not here in the states yet, grr.  But I heard her new single, "In These
 >Shoes?", and it's hysterical.

It's good to see Kirsty MacColl being mentioned. I find her to be very
underrated. She's another artist who has left a long gap between albums -
six years. I haven't heard the latest album, but I would reccommend the
album "Kite" to anyone who's interested and also her best of -"Galore".

Kirsty MacColl does have a slight XTC connection by the way. Steve
Lillywhite, who used to be married to her, supposedly pulled out of
producing "Nonsuch" because of their marital problems.

My contribution to this "What's been in your CD player" thread:

Tom Waits - Mule Variations
The Pogues - If I Should Fall From Grace with God
XTC - Transistor Blast discs 3 and 4
Dukes of Stratosphere - Chips from the Chocolate Fireball
Joe Jackson - Blaze of Glory
Elvis Costello - Get Happy
Wilco - Summer Teeth
Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
Baby Bird - Ugly Beautiful

There seems to be a lot of people listening to Nick Drake at the moment.

Huw Davies


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