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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-52

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 52

                 Wednesday, 29 March 2000

Today's Topics:

           Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
                  R.H. and Fuzzy Warbles
                       wua - isosp
                Fat Bassman est encore la
                    Eno or Partridge?
              Frosting on the Beater/Dear 23
                    Kinky masterpieces
                   what's on the stereo
                 First message/CD Player
                 Aimee Mann at the Oscars
                   residential ecstasy
            What's Andy got on his CD player?
          Clarifications To XTC/Residents Tie-In
    Orchid Show snafu: Iago:"Why am I not surprised?"
                   Pssst....Hey buddy,
      The Best Go First (In The Back Of My Cortina)
             My turn: Nah-nah-nah-nah HAIKU4U
                    Vale Cassette Tape
            Always Keen For What's Playing...


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Men have gargoyles round their hearts.


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 00:10:43 -0800
From: Richard Pedretti-Allen <>
Subject: Don't be fooled by cheap imitations!
Message-ID: <l03130301b50615734712@[]>

I thought I'd just throw this out there in case any of the Wasp Star promo
discs show up on an auction site...

There is virtually NO WAY to distinguish a "REAL" TVT promo from a copy!

The promo is on a silver CD-R covered with a white paper label with black
text and the TVT and Idea Records logo.  There is no cardboard sleeve,
cover or tray art, or ANYTHING distinct about the CD (well, except for
maybe... um... the music).

The individual logos are available from various locations on the web.  The
font is very basic.  The labels and silver CD-Rs are available everywhere.

If you see "promo" copies being offered at big prices, be very careful!!

If you want to come over and visit for a listen, write me.



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 18:20:36 +0200
From: Imanol Ugarte <>
Subject: R.H. and Fuzzy Warbles
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

What's been in my  tape machine?

" a STAR for bram"  by R.H.(taped from CD)

over and over

XTC content: Does anyone know if there will be rare stuff like Pearl ,
Holding the Baby, Gangway,..., early War Dance , Raising a Family... in the
forthcoming 4CD set ??
I mean, barring Jules Verne's..., The Bull..., and James  & the Giant Peach
songs, what sort of unexpected goodies are waiting for us ? Any knews on FW

August was grey, oh it feels like 1974 - R.H.


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 22:06:06 +0800
From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
Subject: wua - isosp
Message-ID: <001601bf98be$c399ada0$244797d0@t17fw>

Someone who likes to be known as veetube wrote:

>>Looks like I've hit the BIG TIME!
Wank? Moi?<<

This is possibly the most amusing thing that veetube has ever written - one
can always trust Dom to bring the best out of the Chalkhills punters.

On the subject of the name of the new album, I'm still not entirely
convinced about "Wasp Star". Surely they can think of a better name than
that, etc.

Currently in my CD player :
(well I can't be bothered to think up any obscure band names so I'll pass on
this one for the minute).

I hear that Ian Dury died a couple of days ago - I for one used to
thoroughly enjoy his music. Sad news.

I've noticed that we've not heard from Davidoh for a while. Far be it from
me to be so presumptive as to think it was my recent message about his Black
Sea post which caused this recalcitrance - but if it was, I'm sorry Dave old
mate. However, if you've just been on holiday - well, hope it was a good

Love Simon Deane


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:33:37 +0100
Subject: Fat Bassman est encore la
Message-ID: <>

Salut aux habitants de la colline
Yes, french Fat Bassman is back again, and one more time, the English
Language is tortured here. I'm not new over the hill, use the
wonderful research engine of Digest if you want to know more about me,
and for all other stuff too, I think most of the newcomers ignore
totally how complete and useful is this site (can we thank John enough
for that ? I doubt). Not a quote about my animated movies remarks in
my last post (end of 99), it was a little disapointement. No interest
for Myazaki, Pixar or Nick Park around here ? someone has seen the
first images from first Nick Park's long movie (initialy Chicken Run,
finaly Ginger & ?) ? when it's released in US or UK ?
Once again, I have no word to say how I am excpecting Wasp Star. I
already describe my POV in this list about demos and advanced
copies. I'd got 9 from 11 songs of AV1 when it was released, and the
release date was very far from the chocks felt at every XTC's first
listening. In few weeks now (agagagurk !!), I will go in a big record
shop, I will spend my money with total happiness, I will be back at
home where some good smoke will be prepared, then I will listen first
the three songs already known (My Brown Guitar, You and the Cloud,
Church of Women). I suppose I will be already in heaven with all the
embellishment done.
And after, WRAOUCH ! ! nine songs totaly unknown from my favorite band
of all the times, I can't believe it, I have to LIVE it. And I'm sure
I will remenber this moment all the rest of my life.
Sadly, it seems that each XTC's record has to come with another split
anoucement. Last year, when AV1 was released, we have lost at the same
time Boo Radley's, Lush and Dodgy. This year, it's Soul Coughing, and
it's an abominable news. I cry because I will not see them on stage
again (one of the best live performance experimented in my life). I
know, each of members will continue, the M. Doughty solo album will be
good and the incredible Yuval Gabay will continue to charm us with his
so personal drums playing. But the band alchemy is broken and I'm
inconsolable. Who is the next ? Teenage Fanclub ? Radiohead ? neither
of them, I hope.
What in the CD player ? :
- Eels : Daisies of the galaxy
- The The : Naked Self
- Rita Mitsouko : Cool frenesie
- Madness : Wonderful
- Steely Dan : Two against nature
- Papas fritas : Buildings & grounds
- Joao Gilberto : Joao voz e violao
- Einstein's sister : Learning curves
- Gekko : from South Asia
No coments, but I'm particulary happy with the unexpected quality of
the Madness' come back.

Enjoy all your Wasp Star ceremony

Fredo Fat Bassman

PS : ...and always the same unanswered quotes : where is Kim Fahy (aka
The Mabuses) ? where is the 3rd Geggy Tah CD ?


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 13:32:26 EST
From: "Brian Young" <>
Subject: Eno or Partridge?
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkies,

Both our Andy and Brian Eno have collaborated with Harold Budd, and I wasa
wondering, for those of you who have heard both, which was the more
successful union in your opinion?

Please reply off list and if anyone responds, I'll post the results.




Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 07:58:45 -0800
From: "Doug Swan" <>
Subject: Frosting on the Beater/Dear 23
Message-ID: <02c001bf98ce$96568240$b12579a5@com>

Uh, Marty, that's Dear 23. Most Posies' fans would argue that, in fact, Dear
23 was a "brit pop" album as opposed to Frosting, which was straight ahead
power pop. Critics will nearly always list this as a "must buy", because,
quite frankly, there was nothing like it before and nothing since. I've seen
discussion groups brought to their knees trying to figure out how they got
the guitars to sound like that (and they aren't telling). Just a small
clarification from a lifelong Posies' fan (their lifetime, not mine--I'm not
THAT old!). Take care. Doug


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:03:40 EST
Subject: Kinky masterpieces
Message-ID: <>

Hi, chalkhills-haunters !
Just after Muswell Hillbillies, The Kinks made another great record, quite
different from the rest (with brass and all), Everybody's in show-biz. Sides
3&4 are live tracks and include a incredible version of Alcohol.
And in the late 70s, two more big things : Sleepwalker and Misfits. They're
not perfect but each one contains some wonders.



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:32:20 +0100
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: what's on the stereo
Message-ID: <00b201bf98e8$17915ba0$248a883e@pbncomputer>

never one to refuse a challenge...

what discs have been doing the business round these parts of late...

Terry Callier - Occasional Rain
The Clean - Compilation
Come Fly With Us - A Glitterhouse Compilation
The Mutton Birds - Rain, Steam and Speed
Laura Nyro - Eli and the Thirteenth Confession
John Coltrane and Johnny Hartman (more than highly recommended, being as it
is by far one of the greatest jazz albums you will ever hear. gorgeous)
Harry Nilsson - Nilsson sings Newman
Swinging Mademoiselles - a compilation of french chanteuses from the sixties
Gene Clark - No Other
Yo La Tengo - I Can Hear the Heart Beating As One

don't know if it says much about current state of music, but mostly i've
been listening to classics of yore. definitely cannot wait for Wasp Star!
giddy with the excitement of it all. or not.

i'll get my coat



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:01:35 EST
Subject: First message/CD Player
Message-ID: <>

My first posting will be another one of these damn "What's in my CD Player"

XTC - Black Sea: New purchase.  I was blown away by disc four of Transistor
Blast, and so I decided to seek out the studio release that had my favorite
songs from TB on it.  I was hoping this wouldnt turn into another "Absent
Lovers" fiasco - the King Crimson album of the same name is double-live, and
after hearing it, I went out and bought Three of a Perfect Pair, only to be
disappointed that the songs were very bland in the studio.  NO such problem
here.  "Living through Another Cuba" gains new life on the studio album.

Residents - 13th Anniversary Show Live in Tokyo
Gong - Zero to Infinity (part 5 of the radio gnome invisible trilogy)
Beatles - Revolver
They Might Be Giants - Then: The Earlier Years
James Brown - Star Time (boxed set)
Frank Zappa - You Can't Do That On Stage Anymore Volume 2
Elvis Costello and the Attractions - Best of...

and others making the rounds regularly
- - -
Jizzody Bizzarnes.
"I used to care, but things have changed." - Bob Dylan
"May the baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind." - Don Vliet


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 12:47:13 -0600
From: "Robert Kulick" <>
Subject: Aimee Mann at the Oscars
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chaulkies...

Slightly off topic, but given the frequency of Dave Grgeory on her
disks, I wondered what anyone thought of Aimee Mann's performance on the
Academy Awards last night....

Personally I have always dug her music since the Til Tuesday days and
in fact almost bought the Melrose Place soundtrack (never found it
however) for her and Letters to Cleo. I know Dave Gregory performed on
"I should have known", and was sort of wondering if it could have been
him playing guitar alongside Aimee, who was just a little too close to
the microphone and a little too overwhelmed, I thought, by Phil,
Sarah/Randy, Gloria and good ole Robin Williams (Blame Canada indeed!).

Anyways, I welcome comments as those of us who don't have generous
Aunties sit on our hands and await the Wasp Star becoming visible on the



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 21:34:35 +0200
From: Garmarna <>
Subject: residential ecstasy
Message-ID: <>


Great to see so many fans of XTC love the Residents as much
as i do. Can't be a coincidence anymore, just like it can't
be a coincidence that 4 out of 5 Moz fans are into The Cure
:) Though i don't believe XTC -are- the Residents (no way!)
i do think it was an interesting thread and indeed, some of
the resemblances are startling.

> My Residents collection stops at the Commercial Album.

So then you don't have Mark Of The Mole? That's a must-have.

Heavy rotation:

1) Bloodflowers       - The Cure
2) NakedSelf          - The The
3) Vengeance          - Garmarna
4) Orbital 2          - Orbital
5) Social Dancing     - Bis
6) Meet The Residents - The Residents
7) Breakdown          - Melissa Etheridge
8) House Tornado      - Throwing Muses

What else? English Settlement is by far XTC's best album!

The hills are alive with celibate cries,


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:53:48 -0800
From: "Hiatt, Randy" <>
Subject: What's Andy got on his CD player?
Message-ID: <F34536084B78D311AF53009027B0D7EA144A69@FSBEX01>

Anyone ever ask him ....lately?

I'd bet he will/does enjoy the new Steely Dan, it has wisps of Apple Venus
running through it.  NewYork pop at it's poppiest.

I have been using my CD player when my girlfriend comes over (in other words
my selections are for a specific reason/effect) so I won't bore you with
that narrow list.

I have renewed interest in Kevin Gilbert... anyone know how I can get a copy
of his version of the (entire) Lamb Lies Down On Broadway?  At one time part
of this was on a video release of ProgFest94, but because of legal hassles
with Genesis it was removed from the video yet part of this is on the CD
release (I think).  I want it all!

Randy (working on the Orgone Ejaculator) Hiatt


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 14:25:28 EST
From: "Brian Young" <>
Subject: W.I.M.P.
Message-ID: <>

Hi there, friends of the Chalk,

Here's what's in my player right now:

Brian Eno- Kite Stories
Allan Holdsworth-Live in L.A. 4/27/85
Billy Nicholls-Would you believe
Nick Drake-Home Recordings
Jane Siberry- When I was a boy
The High Llamas- Hawaii
Michael Brook- Cobalt Blue
Adrian Belew- Coming Attractions
Mark Eitzel- Songs of Love Live

Have a wonderful day,



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 11:54:46 -0800 (PST)
From: The Colonel <>
Subject: Clarifications To XTC/Residents Tie-In
Message-ID: <>

I just wanted to respond to the past couple of digest
entries regarding my XTC/Residents theory-in-progress.
Here are a couple quick responses to the criticisms I
have so far received from resident nonbelievers (bad
pun intended)...

1. Since XTC are from Swindon & the Residents from
Louisiana, they couldn't possibly have the same

Well, I guess I'd have to respond to that with a
question: How much of the Residents' early history is
actually documented by reliable sources? The very
nature of the band indicates that commonly accepted
beliefs about their history are not necessarily
factual. A telling example of this can be found in
Matt Groening's "True Story of the Residents" article,
published by the band's fanclub so many years ago (at
least I think that's where it first appeared...). It
began as such: "Let me start off by saying that there
is NO true story of the Residents." In short, just
because some of the details about the Residents'
background do not coincide with XTC's, that may not be
grounds for dismissal of the XTC/Residents concept.

2. XTC's "Your Dictionary" does not have religious

Okay, first of all, I know that the song is about
Andy's divorce, so there's no need to try and outsmart
me with that one. The lyrics can still be interpreted
as an attack on organized religion/the Bible...(Please
read the rest of this before sending hate mail!)...
HOWEVER, the exact point in the song to which I was
referring was the lyric,"I'm not so sure that Joey wed
a virgin Mary/There are no words for me inside your
dictionary." So the intended subject of the song may
not be religion/The Bible, but the imagery is there
nontheless (which was my initial point).

3. Regarding the Beatle-esque nature of both bands.

This is something that I should have pointed out
explicitly. I did make mention of the McCartney-styled
vocal delivery on the catalogs of both bands, but I
guess the reason I didn't mention the Beatle thing is
because so MANY artists are heavily influenced by
them. But good point nonetheless.

Wow, this is great! Thanks for the comments, and
please keep em coming!

The Colonel


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 15:14:31 EST
Subject: Orchid Show snafu: Iago:"Why am I not surprised?"
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkies:

Just a quick heads-up that when I attempted to purchase tickets for the
Orchid Show in NYC, June 15-18, at The Kitchen, the theater had no idea what
I was talking about, and I was the third caller. I'm awaiting a call back
from someone whom I guess is going to straighten the hapless box office
person out. The lady I spoke with seemed surprised that someone was calling
so early about it, but I have a sneaking suspicion that once a few
bloodthirsty XTC fans find out, the Neta Company won't know what hit 'em.



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 15:18:12 -0600
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: Pssst....Hey buddy,
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Vreeland Graphics

What's in the bag?

I have a traditional one CD player, with nothing in it right now.
(My printers are listening to "the alternative to music" on the radio)

Dale's listening to Canned Heat in the Art room, and Mark has Beefheart
on in the Screen dept.

Here's what came to work with me in my black bag this morning:

Trapeze: Medusa
Joe Jackson:  Look Sharp
Was (Not Was):  Are You Okay?
Gentle Giant:  Octopus
Miles Davis Quintet:  Relaxin' With Miles
The Rolling Stones:  Beggar's Banquet
Tim Finn
The B 52's
Bela Fleck and the Flecktones:  Flight of the Cosmic Hippo
Crowded House:  Woodface
David Bowie:  Aladdin Sane
The Beatles:  Revolver
The Guy Forsyth Band:  Needlegun
The Band:  Music From Big Pink
Led Zeppelin:  II

I like all these albums a bunch, but am currently getting the most kicks
from the Gentle Giant. It's been years since I've heard this, as I just
picked it up Saturday. Like visiting an old friend who moved away.

In the car cassette deck going 'round and 'round for the last week is a
cassette tape of some XTC demos that I bummed from Joe. (hands-down the
best friend a guy could have)  I'm currently in LOVE with "My Trains
a-coming" and "I Don't Want to be Here." If they don't release these as
b-sides from the current sessions, I may seek permission to go record
them myself. Joe, you can play a chord on the guitar.




Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:20:50 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: The Best Go First (In The Back Of My Cortina)
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

This evening the TV announced that Ian Dury had passed away
earlier today. He had been seriously ill for some time but it's a sad
day for music lovers everywhere nonetheless if only for that one,
truly immortal motto: "sex and drugs and rock 'n' roll, is all my brain
and body needs".

How very good indeed...

Mark Strijbos



Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 15:24:35 -0600
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: My turn: Nah-nah-nah-nah HAIKU4U
Message-ID: <81CC73FC2FACD311A2D200508B8B88AA0D6EB1@KURION_EXCH>

count thus far: just 1
brown wrapper, fresh, hand-cancelled
possessed:  secret smile...


Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2000 23:38:20 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Currents
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

what's rotating around the lighthouse? at the moment an awful  lot of
Fossil Fuel (gotta keep that fire burning) and a bit of my own musical
doodling... that's it really

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Wed, 29 Mar 2000 08:53:58 EST
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: Vale Cassette Tape
Message-ID: <>


At this point in time I am listening to XTC on my PC, as my CD player is
pretty well cactus.

What XTC ?, I hear you ask.....well, everything I have actually.

I haven't got everything, e.g. Transistor Blast, but what I have is on my
MP3 server, random play, perpetual loop. Cool !

At home I'm listening to The Wiggles, Hi Five and Chris Isaak, courtesy of
my kids and my lovely lady.

Also, who else would I share this with, my XTC compilation tape that has
travelled with me constantly over the last 7 years was destroyed on the

Poor sucker got caught in my keys in my backpack and got chewed up.

Damn !


Andrew Gowans


Date: Mon, 27 Mar 2000 19:29:57 -0500
From: Roger Carvey <>
Subject: Always Keen For What's Playing...
Message-ID: <>

Long, long, long time lurker seeks quick outlet...
Ahhhh, "What's Playing", I like that game...

Morphine - The Night (we miss you Mark)
Jeff Buckley - Sketches from My Sweetheart The Drunk (we miss you Jeff)
David Bowie - Hours... (yes, still listening, all us Dreamers)
David Bowie - The DERAM Anthology 1966-1968
Art of Noise - The Seduction of Claude Debussy (beats the pants off of
Orbit's Pieces)
Underworld - Beaucoup Fish (the transcendence of electronic dance music)

Leftfield - Rhythm and Stealth
NIN - The Fragile (why, yes it DOES help to listen to this after a
marriage break-up!)

and Basement Pot Parties Be Damned, finally replaced my vinyl:
Pink Floyd - Dark Side Of The Moon (yeah, like they wanted a bunch of
teens smokin' up...)

and, the Surprise In The Used Bins:
Big Country - Steeltown (forgot how good, better than their first, IMHO)

and purchased and listened to this the day before New Year's Eve
Firesign Theatre - Give Me Immortality Or Give Me Death

Please feel free to try any of these while awaiting The Star That Is
Called Wasp

Now, Children, I have work to do, so please excuse me,

Very Sincerely,
Roger Carvey


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-52

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