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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-37

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 37

                 Wednesday, 8 March 2000

Today's Topics:

                   clever clever clever
                 Shiny wasp heart STINGS!
                      Blue Vs. Green
                        Got Eels?
        Our Shiny Wasp Star Luxury Yacht M-O-U-S-E
        Frivolous Tonight on Italian TV Commercial
              From the CD NOW Live feed....
                    What's in a Name?
                Wasp Star release question
           Sex Sells Wood Shells By the E-Store
               Advice taken and appreciated
             AV2 or not? xtc and the beatles?
                      Re: AV2 demos
        Wasp Star is Astec for Saw Ars PT (anag.)
                    Ben & Fuzzy Dunks
                        Wasp Star
                        why "Wasp"


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Castles and kings all starved to death.


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 05:36:28 -0800
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: clever clever clever
Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE12AF70FA@DUB-MSG-02>

Andy uses the McCartney tribute to get some publicity for Wasp Star hehehehe

Peter Fitzpatrick
Media Program Manager
Microsoft EPDC


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 08:11:32 -0500
From: erik schlichting <>
Subject: Shiny wasp heart STINGS!
Message-ID: <>

I am not surprised or disappointed that AVII turns out to be
a working title for the upcoming release.

I am not suprised but mildly disappointed that the new title
will not be derived from the lyrics of AVI. I thought
"Dandelions' Roar" would have been good.... Personally, I
think that "Wasp Star" is weak and, well, it sucks. But, I'd
still buy it.

I am not surprised yet severely disappointed to hear that
XTC will more than likely not do anything for the McCartney
tribute album. But still, that initial rumor was fun for a
while, right? I thought the choice of Uncle Albert was very
good, too, and I wonder who came up with John Cleese as a

I am NOT surprised but SEVERELY disappointed that the
release date is pushed back. Oh, well.

I AM surprised but NOT disappointed that the last few weeks
seem to have brought in some new blood, which is always
nice, but without the usual uproar. Hmmm, an unusually
laid-back batch of XTC fans & converts all at once, or are
they simply well-behaved? Welcome, all.

garret harkawik wrote about loaning out Chips From the
Chocolate Fireball:

There's this fellow near me who runs his own little
independent used-CD store. He's very much into "Prog-rock,"
Djam Karet, Osric Tentacles & other stuff I've never heard,
but he knows & loves all the great rock & pop of the 60's.
My attempts to get him to listen to XTC were met with with
disdain. But, one day, I managed to talk him into listening
to "Vanishing Girl," not telling him who the band was. I
ended up leaving the CD with him. Next week, I went back to
get my CD back and, WOW! The Dukes are being played over the
store's sound system! People are looking at each other as
"Mole from the Ministry" just gets cranking! He points out
to me the brand new copy he's got displayed with his new
stuff! Then, I explain the whole thing-- It's XTC performing
under another name. It took the air out of him, I could see
him deflate in disappointment. I don't understand why this
was, exactly. Maybe I had burst the bubble that comes with
discovering music that you never knew existed and suddenly
don't know how you ever lived without it. Maybe he felt I'd
played a trick on him.

In any case, he did stock ONE copy of AVI, and when it
finally sold, didn't re-stock it. He got it back a month
later used, sold it again in two days, and I've never seen
another there....
It's almost time to go pester him about AVII.



Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 01:30:40 CST
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Blue Vs. Green
Message-ID: <>

            Hey Dirt Living folk,

  Do Blue CDRs SOUND! better than Green ones?

        Do 1X sound better than 4X?

          Please respond off post!



Date: 6 Mar 00 22:17:53 PST
From: vee tube <>
Subject: Got Eels?
Message-ID: <>

                Now you do!

              XTC content?

If this keeps up,I may never need to hold another contest!



 Coming soon! Mr.Winky's idrive!  BEAT THE BOOTS! UPLOAD IT NOW!

                  HELP ME!



Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 09:18:12 +0100
Subject: Our Shiny Wasp Star Luxury Yacht M-O-U-S-E
Message-ID: <0006800021253142000002L022*@MHS>

Hey there "Kreideberger",

"WASP STAR"?  In caps, at that?  Or "Our Shiny Heart"?  What's going on
here?  It sort of reminds me of the story about Peter Gabriel, which I
only heard from a friend of a friend, so correct me if I get some of the
details wrong.  Of course, every fan knows his first 3 solo albums were
each called "Peter Gabriel".  No problem for record companies in the
beginning -- they didn't exactly sell jillions, and it sort of added an
obvious confirmation of Gabriel's unconventionality to the product --
until the 3rd one *did* sell jillions.  That's when the story gets
interesting.  Whereas the "ROW" versions of the 4th album were also still
(allowed to be?) called just "Peter Gabriel", in America, the record
company pushed and pushed for a "real" name and finally gave the record
one themselves ("Security").

By the time that record also sold in large quantities, *all* of the
distributors wanted a "real" name.  Gabriel wasn't too thrilled by the
idea, but when they absolutely, positively insisted, he replied to the
likes of, "You want a real name for the record?  So..."  To which they
replied, "...And?  What IS the name, Oh Great and Powerful Pete?"  "I just
said it...'So'."  Which started the new trend for his "normal studio"
records, followed by "Us", and now soon "Up".  (By the way, when IS that
record finally coming out?  The delays are worse than AV2!).  And, no
doubt, someday to be followed by his 8th record, "Go".  (He could also try
"Oz" if it isn't already copyrighted, patented, and licensed.)

Maybe TVT, being the Americans that they are (Dave didn't like them too
much, if I recall...) will insist on "WASP STAR", but who knows, maybe
they can sell it in the Rest of the World under Apple Venus Vol. 2.  For
true XTC believers, the name really *has* to be "Apple Venus Volume 2" --
and who else but true believers buys XTC albums anyway?  At least they're
keeping "AV2" as a subtitle.

If they're gonna call it something anyway, and something utterly strange
to top it off, why not "We Would Have Made This Instrumental but the Words
Got in the Way" or something of that nature?  Oh well, I guess there's
just no understanding the ways of the business world...

Ciao for niao

- Jeff


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 10:01:31 +0100
From: "Riccardo Martelli" <>
Subject: Frivolous Tonight on Italian TV Commercial
Message-ID: <38C4D37B.8500.1A1002A8@localhost>

Hi everybody,

my first post to the list (silent reader of the Chalks since 1996, but
a lot of digest to read yet) only to say that "Frivolous Tonight" has
been chosen from VolksWagen Italia as a soudtrack for the TV
commercial of their new version of their city-car Lupo. Hope our
guys will earn something from that (money, selling records, indirect
advertising, etc) like other so-called "big" music-stars.

Riccardo Martelli


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 08:53:43 EST
Subject: From the CD NOW Live feed....
Message-ID: <>

XTC's Andy Partridge Clears Up McCartney Tribute Rumor
March 6, 2000, 1:25 pm PT

Best Regards,
John Gardner
Sunny Chicago


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 09:25:55 -0800
From: "Dane Pereslete" <>
Subject: What's in a Name?
Message-ID: <>

Personally, I don't care if Andy and Colin decide to name
the album *Dog Vomit* - if the music is still delicious, I'll
"consume" it...

Logging in from beautiful Glendale, CA  USA
"Waiting for AV2"  -or-


Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 13:34:43 EST
Subject: Wasp Star release question
Message-ID: <>

Hello hillers:

Now that Wasp Star is going to be out on May 23rd (audible groan), does that
affect the Japanese release date of March 15th? And, if so, does that mean I
have extra time to preorder so I can get that nifty little book? If I can,
let me know (privately, if you prefer, Sushiman John- if it wouldn't be a
bother...thanks in advance)



Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 20:05:14 +0100
From: "paolo" <>
Subject: XTC-jingle
Message-ID: <>

In Italy the commercial TV-spot of the Wolkswagen "Lupo" has as jingle
Frivolous Tonight.
No comment.

          paolo di modica@ten feet tall


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:17:46 EST
Subject: Sex Sells Wood Shells By the E-Store
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
>Subject: Orgroan A-cum-u-later

>I've read some spaced-out shit in my time, but Orgone Energy is right up
>there with crystal healing, Feng Shui and alien abductions. What f***ing

Now, loathe as I usually am to fall in a credulous heap over pseudopscience
(my wife generally refers to me in the throes of passion as Doctor Subtilis,
her Studmuffin of Skeptical Inquiry), I must demur from Dunks's all-too-hasty
dismissal of Reich's groundbreaking research. After all, a form of energy
that can make William S. Burroughs' willie come off in his hand (am I
remembering that right?) can't be *entirely* bad, can it?

Another item mitigating in favor of Reich's far-reaching findings is the fact
of the existence of the Orgone Biophysical Research Laboratory, curated by
one Dr. James DeMeo, Ph.D. (come on! A *real* Ph.D., Dunks!). And would a
*real* Ph.D. waste his valuable time and ours working on a web site if he
didn't think the subject was really important? (
A-and look at the site! It's got a logo ("Symbol of Orgonomic Functionalism
Embracing the Earth"), a PO Box, and everything! This isn't just some
fly-by-night wacko, man! This guy ain't gonna go wafting off after Comet
Hale-Bopp, like *some* people I could mention! No colander hat or identical
Nikes on Doctor DeMento I mean DeMeo! He runs a *web* site!

See in particular the section of the site, "Response to the So-Called
'Skeptics' and Other Super-Critics of Orgonomy" (that's *you*, Mister
Smarty-pants Kimball!) where there's a whole boatload of articles defending
Reich. That all of the articles were penned by Doctor DeMento himself, and
that they all appear to be refreshingly free of such tired old hidebound
academic fripperies as empirical observation, the scientific method and peer
review, only testifies to the urgency of the matter at, er, hand. After all,
if the world can be saved by the energy released through orgasms, then we
shouldn't be sitting around on our duffs *talking* about it--let's get out
there and *do* it! Right hand fast, left hand slow: whichever you pick, just
go, man, go!

And if *that* isn't enough, perhaps you'd like to pop over to where for a relative pittance (what's 1750 clams
American when unlimited orgone energy can be yours for the asking!) you can
buy a finely crafted orgone accumulator, perfect for any rumpus room or home
gym! Check the different full-body models at! Here's practical proof of these folks'
_bone fides_: A crass, *dishonest* merchant of wacky pseudoscientific quack
remedies would attempt to distract your attention from his shoddy merchandise
by draping scantily clad women in provocative poses all over it; not so the
fine, upstanding, *earnest* purveyors of wacky pseudos.q.r's at!
Take a look at that honey in the 5-ply job! Hubba, hubba! I once got my
knuckles rapped for interrupting my own grandmother in nearly exactly the
same pose, but the door I opened had a moon carved in it. Boy golly, the
orgonic sexual energy conjured up by that peepshow-tableau, eh! Grrrrrowl!
Bill Burroughs got nothin' on this, baby!

Speaking of Burroughs, you can also purchase the very device that caused the
old goat's tallywacker to come off in his hand (I'm *still* not completely
certain I have that right)--the handheld version of the Accumulator is for
sale at I am definitely not going to
speculate as to the functionality of that "Shooter Funnel" ("local
irradiation, or on pets and plants" it sez...yikes!) but if the author of
"Cities of the Red Night" has been anywhere *near* it, I want a certificate
from the autoclave shop before I fork over my $250.

Ah, screw all of you Nazis. You know what your problem is? You've been
laboring under the misapprehension that blowing your nose is enough. Well,
it isn't.

Harrison "With the Nori and the Shooter Funnel, I can do this at *both*
ends, baby!" Sherwood

PS: May I just break in here to observe that "Wasp Star" backwards is "Rats
Psaw." I think that pretty much clears up *that* subject.


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 12:45:41 -0800
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Advice taken and appreciated
Message-ID: <>

In 6-36, Craig Vreeken advised:
"Ed, Ed, Ed. You need to lighten up, buddy. "
Randy Hiatt said something more or less along the same lines...

And quite appropriately, too. All apologies to everyone (especially John)
for the tone and content of that little freak-out. I should have taken it as
a sign that it didn't send properly the first time (immediately after
re-sending it, I realized I'd blown the chance to take back a pile of
embarassing gun-jumping shrieking).

Again, sorry about that. Maybe I should have retired to the john with a fine
periodical and "the Strain" cranked up to 11, which usually tends to clear
things up... (as long as we're doing Bonzos references...)


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 15:58:18 EST
Message-ID: <>

Whew! Glad I caught you in time, before you all went off half-cocked (ow!)
and snagged yourselves a bunch of Orgone Accumulators and started messing
around with sexual-energy-n-stuff.

I just found this rather unsettling warning buried in the fine print at the web site:

     NOTE: Because the energetic quality of the atmosphere affects
     the functioning of the accumulator, do not use them near
     televisions, computers, fluorescent lights, x-ray machines,
     electric blankets, electric heaters, microwave ovens, strong
     chemical fumes, electrical air ionizers or within 50 miles
     of a nuclear power plant.

WOOF! You see why I was so urgent? Lord knows *what* loony shit would happen
if you used your Orgone Accumulator within 50 miles of a nuke plant! Maybe
that's why Burroughs's tinkle came off in his hand! You think?

Anyway, the rest of you, the normals--you know, the people without
televisions, computers, fluorescent lights, or microwave ovens in your
homes--will be just fine. Orgone away!

Harrison "Accounts for the bitterness in his later work" Sherwood

PS: An old junkie writer named Bill
    Thought he'd try for a new kind of thrill
    Stimulated his joint
    Too near Indian Point
    Now he searches for Little Bill still.


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 22:55:34 +0100 (MET)
From: Hans_Stromberg <>
Subject: AV2 or not? xtc and the beatles?
Message-ID: <>

Oh. Hello. My name is Hans. I've only been in the delurking mode some three
or four times the last twelve months  most of the time  I just check the
list, read some of the contributions, having a good time  but I really enjoy
this list. I've tried the Stereolab sites (not the Peng! list, though) but
this hill is more of a big smorgasbord: a lot to choose from, with various
interrelated topics, a friendly tone and an understandning attitude (some
exceptions, I know) towards one another, lots of recommendations about other

	So I've seen the comparisons, the first one with the AV2 as the
name for the new record from xtc- or not-debate", and the other one, the
'resemblance or not between Pepper and Skylurking'-one (oh, sorry,
Skylarking). Now, my question is: What was the connection between AV1 and
AV2 from the beginning, except from the fact they were going to be so
called, in just that way; volume one and two? Was there a musical theme or
something else that the two collections of songs shared, or what else did
they have in common? I mean, maybe there was a connection in the past but
as times have passed, the connection now has disappeared. Or does anyone
know? Just curious. Anyway, my hope is that the albums will be quiet
different from each other (I haven't heard any demos, only read about
them), because I've always loved the pop nerve in xtc, be it in Statue of
Liberty (one of my favourite all time pop songs), Dear madame Barnum (I did
an interpretation of it in one digest, and I actually recieved a comment on
it, not so very positive, but still, an answer) or Earn enough for us. AV1
is a good record, but Nonsuch beats it with at least two
horselengths... any time. But I've learned to appreciate "I can't own her",
never thought I would.

	Right now I'm listening to the Dukes and it is here, IMHO, that the
connection between xtc and beatles is strongest; the music around the
sixties; The Beatles Revolver-Pepper period, early Pink Floyd, Kinks (around
Village Green Preservation Society), The Nuggets compilation, Beach Boys'Pet
Sounds, the Byrds etcetera, all of this and more is  paraphrased,
transformed and refreshed into the more swindon-ish mode (I'm sorry, but to
explain music in a second language is terribly difficult)  and out comes
marvellous music. The similarities with the english music hall-tradition in
Albert Brown, the Strawberry/Walrus-pipes and psychedelic backwardplaying
guitars in Mole from the Ministry, the 99% rip-off introduction on
"Vanishing girl", taken from "The Lion sleeps tonight", and the production,
with all the funny sounds that goes in and out the loudspeakers (there's
more examples); this is the real tribute to the Beatles and the sixties era.
And it's not even covers the play to make the tribute. I'd love to (also)
hear a new record from the Dukes, apart from that other one, eh, whatever
the title's going to be.
	Au revoir, and, many greetings from the North pole,


Hiding faces turning pages, still they read and read



Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 16:22:19 EST
Subject: Greg/Garret/Jane/David/Mark
Message-ID: <>

Gregory Sandoval spake thusly...

"I am of course very excited about the upcoming XTC (and recent
releases from the other members of my favorite artist triumverant,
Steely Dan and Joe Jackson)"

Yeah baby yeah!...but don't forget about Elliott Smith and Jeff Buckley.
That's right, Jeff Buckley...that dead white boy gonna be churnin' out
material for years to come.  This one is a live disc with material culled
from different sources...and it's going to be accompanied by a vid and a dvd.
 Now, aren't we all glad that he's dead? ;)

Garret Harkawik turned someone on to the Dukes, NICELY DONE.  Then asked
which XTC release he should hit said chap on the head with now to hook him
for good.  I say English's so damn good it's just gotta be
the right choice.

JANE SPENCER-DAVIS says she's carefully constructing the definitive throat
warbler mangrove.

You too?  How's yours comin' along, cause mine's givin' me fits!

David Smith (like that's your REAL name) found the import (US boy here)
Mummer CD, and delivered the following lines:   "OK, OK, I know that's
probably not that big news in this arena of dedicated Chalkhillians who trade
everything from AV2 demos to Andy's old toenail clippings"

Hey got a lead on some toenail clippings?  I recently bought some
at a convention for $150 bucks, a steal in my opinion!  Sadly, I had them
tested and the DNA didn't match Andy' I got ripped off. (strange,
because I later ground the toenails up and smoked them and suddenly could
play Love On a Farmboy's Wages on my sorry acoustic without fuckin' up even
once) Let this be a lesson to all you collectors out there.  Toenail
clippings are just like autographs...assume they are fake unless you get them
directly from the artist!

I felt silly for my error until I recalled that Mark Strijbos once paid
several hundred dollars for a necklace made of Colin's bellybutton lint. Now
that's just sad. ;)

I've got hundreds o XTC gigs and demos, but no bodily parts @:

Oh..say what you want about Mummer...but you must admit that the bonus tunes
on that disc are amazing....come on now...Toys, Jump & Desert Island!!!!!!!



Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 14:42:35 -0800
From: Paul Rogers <>
Subject: Re: AV2 demos
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkhillians

ok those with demos give em up.
Can't you have mercy on those of us unconnected and share the love via MP3
secure site download.
one of you must have the time and ability to create such a place where we
might go and
have a drink of the almost fermented wine.

Please let us know how we can get any copies of these demos for AV2



Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 16:41:35 -0600
From: "Damian Wise (Foulger)" <>
Subject: Wasp Star is Astec for Saw Ars PT (anag.)
Message-ID: <>

Peter (which Peter?  There is only one Peter!) wrote:

> Wasp Star is Aztec for Apple Venus (at least I *think* that's what he
> said)
It sounds to me that Andy's infamous wry, sarcastic sense of
humour is getting the better of you Peter!  Ha, ha.

Dames tWd

-- Waiting for AV2


Date: Tue, 7 Mar 2000 18:07:20 EST
Subject: Ben & Fuzzy Dunks
Message-ID: <>

Ben Gott scribbled:
Does anyone know the date that the promo copies of "Wasp" will be available
in the U.S.?

My review copy has been held up...TVT says it will be a couple of weeks.
Cheer up my will be here before you know it, so you can all
soon listen to it for a week and start bitchin' about when the next one comes
out, just like me.

Dunks belched:
For some odd reason I tend not accept at face value ideas which fly in the
face of reason, common sense and the laws of physics. No god, no master,
magic doesn't happen.

You don't believe in magic?  You sick twisted bastard.

By the way Dunks, thanks a lot for not showing at church Sunday morning....
I had to handle your snake too.



Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 19:33:00 EST
From: "Brian Young" <>
Subject: Wasp Star
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalk Hawks,

IMHO, Wasp Star is a poor choice of title for the next album, but so was
AV2. I also thought that Nonsuch was just a terrible title, and had a poor
cover as well.  You can't even say Wasp Star easily, and it's not
particularly memorable.  Unfortunately, if XTC was ever really going to
connect with a mass audience, it would need to have a memorable album title
and an eye-appealing or cover.

Do they have some kind of fear of success? They write and perform such great
songs, but at the last minute, they drop the ball.

Regardless, I can't wait for the new album, XTC is my all-time favorite
band, and I am grateful for all the fabulous songs they have given us, so I
hope I'm not being overly critical.

Now Mitch, let's get Adrian Belew in to trade some licks with Andy for the
next one after WS, or AV2, or whatever it ends up being called.




Date: Tue, 07 Mar 2000 16:32:41 -0800
From: awa <>
Subject: why "Wasp"
Message-ID: <>

hey XTC enthusiasts,

can someone please explain to me the logic behind the name "Wasp"?

all i can i think of is the acronym for that particular racial

i seem to have missed out on something.



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