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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 32

                Thursday, 24 February 2000

Today's Topics:

                unconnected in Convincecut
     The Li'l Express and Verne's Golden Guts, et al.
AV2 Vinyl - An educated guess re. where to order/what to pay
                     AV2 on the radio
                  I second the Winkster
                         Vee Tube
                     Fishy Limericks
                       odds n ends
                         B-2 Unit
                RE: Thanks for the welcome
                        re: d'oh!
                     ride em cowgirl
            OASIS! Yeah, that's right, Oasis!
                         AV1 1YO
               a bit more of this and that
            Change in the XTC Listening Party
      A couple of recommendations (not XTC related)
           it's a very lonely listening party!
                      musician # 30
              Pazz & Jop Critic Heard From!


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Am I get there / When is A, B


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 22 Feb 2000 14:15:12 -1000
From: "Jim Smart" <>
Organization: 3Tripper
Subject: unconnected in Convincecut

Tom wrote:
> > A lot of reviewers comparing Skylarking to Sgt Pepper at the time
> > (perhaps this is what DavidOh's referring to - I remember quite a
> > few reviews of this album containing lines like "trying to re-make
> > Sgt. Pepper
>     OK people help me out.  I've been an XTC fan for over a dozen
> years and can never understand why people make this connection.  I
> own all major releases from them. Frankly, in my opinion I find them
> very much unlike each other with the exception of a few songs, and
> this IMHO just a passing similarity that you can say about many
> bands.  The phrase "Beatlesque" thoroughly confuses me.  They fit in
> much better with bands of their own genre such as Dolby, Joe, Elvis,
> Heads, etc.

I basically agree. Keeping in mind Paul McCartney's words that
"journalists are a pretty dim lot", I'd say that those
deadline-threatened denizens of the rock press must have latched on to
the fact that the first two songs on both albums are linked. If
Summer's Cauldron/Grass were unlinked or even placed anywhere but at
the start, I doubt the dubious connection would have ever been thrust
upon us.

Jim "Is anyone else bemused by all the "don't flame me"/"go ahead and
flame me"/"don't shoot me for saying mine" head ducking that goes on
here?" Smart


Message-ID: <001401bf7dc1$59ee1ac0$364c4c0c@micron>
From: "Bill Duhigg" <>
Subject: The Li'l Express and Verne's Golden Guts, et al.
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 00:46:22 -0500

Heyho 'hillers:

Many thanks to June and Peter and The Little Express!  My first contact with
extended XTC fandom was facilited via The LE (damn them for getting me
hooked! :^)

Unplayed copies of "Jules Verne's Sketchbook" and "The Bull with the Golden
Guts" are up for auction at ebay:




I could probably be induced to trade some of my other XTC 3", 5", 7" and 12"
if you care to write.  (I haven't entered all the items into the computer
yet, so, for now, let me know your wants.)  And, no, I don't have any of the
truly mind-numbing rareties!



Subject: AV2 Vinyl - An educated guess re. where to order/what to pay
Message-Id: <0006800020713795000002L052*@MHS>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 10:27:31 +0100

Howdy "Kreideberger",

Since everyone seems to be talking about "AV2" vinyl, I thought I'd just
put in my 2c worth.

First of all, as with "AV1" and "Homespun", when it is available, it will
be available in Germany via "Poplife", probably for DM 24.90 or DM 29.90.
That's right, folks, look at your conversion tables -- this is a very, very
good price!  I can supply you with more info if you want -- contact me

Secondly, Mark "I collect everything" Strijbos will probably chip in to
this thread again anyway, so I'll just say that the last time I mentioned
ordering from Poplife, he said "Why bother?  Order direct from Cooking
Vinyl!"  I'm sure this also will be a viable alternative when the time
comes.  (I don't know what CV charges, but if they charge typical British
CD prices, I still think Poplife would be the way to go.)

Back to lurking...

- Jeff


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 14:49:43 +0000
From: Philip Lawes <>
Subject: AV2 on the radio

It seems that the promo copies of AV2 will be sent out imminently.
Which track should I be pestering my local radio station to play?  I
haven't heard the demos.

Any suggestions?



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 09:53:52 EST
Subject: I second the Winkster

Hill Folk:

Noticed Vee Tube, the ever winking trout (I think it's just a nervous
tic), mentioned a new Eels tune, "Flyswatter", which (IMHO) finds E
(Eels voice box) filling the role of a demented barker at a state fair
mumbling about field mice, head lice and spiders over a wonderfully
dislodged and eerie carnival sound befitting a Danny Elfman scored Tim
Burton flick.  I recently reviewed this disc, and though much of it
makes about as much sense as a David Lynch movie (stickin' w/the movie
theme), I liked it a lot....think many of you will as well.




Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 10:34:45 EST
Subject: Vee Tube

OK - Here's my latest response to Vee Tube's entreaties! (It seems I was a
bit too wordy last time. 20 words or less - I promise!):

"Moulding says he likes to fish
And Partridge says he doesn't
I'm not so sure 'bout Gregory
but Chambers says..."

Alas, my 20 words are up!  We shall never know Terry's view on the matter.
Oh well, I'm just carping on.

Tom Griffin (


Date: 23 Feb 2000 07:57:47 -0800
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Fishy Limericks

There was an old fish from Nantucket Sound,
Who spent his whole life in a bucket round.
He swam to his right
All day and all night
His left outweighed right by a pound.

There was small fry from Hawaii
Whose ma was a sleek Mahi Mahi.
Her pa was a shark
They were wed in the dark
You can bet the small fry wont be shy.

And finally,

It's said that the other fish swim,
but we know that can't be said of him.
This one, he think
of things that are pink
While the sharks eat him flipper to fin.

Absolutely finally,

There once was a crab and a shrimp,
Whose love for each other went limp.
The crab she did stray
While the shrimp looked away
Now she works for that octopus pimp.

Thanks guys! I know it hurts!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 09:45:43 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: odds n ends

 RE:    Contest? What contest? (see Vol.6. # 25, 6 Feb,2000)

   C'mon kids! I know the 'Hill took a break for a week but,
    You can do better than this! Show me yer under-gills!

I posted what I thought was a very witty contest
entry, but it never appeared! It may have got lost
somewhere, but I didn't recieve an error message or
anything. What happened? Of course, I forgot to save a
copy of my outgoing message, so now it's lost
Now, I've forgotten exactly what the contest rules
were. Can you re-post them?

I wonder if TVT would release a video compilation if
we emailed them enough?
I would love that! It's so hard seeing XTC videos,
even for current songs (I think I saw the Dear God
video ONCE while the song was getting airplay). I have
a copy of Look Look, but whoever transferred it from
PAL to NTSC did'nt to it any good. The person I bought
it from transferred it, then dubbed the transfer  onto
the original tape-so I have essentially a second
generation copy with all the original packaging!
(Anyone want to do a trade, let me know).

Speaking of trades, look for a link to my brand-new
tape trade page coming soon! In the meantime, you may
enjoy my home page:



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 13:34:32 EST
Subject: B-2 Unit

Yes! Andy Partridge and Ryuichi Sakamoto have worked together. It was on
Ryuichi's overlooked 1980 gem "B-2 Unit". No one seems to know what Andy did
on the album though. I would recommend this CD to people who enjoy a kooky,
avant-garde good time. Certainly experimental in it's sound, but never dull.

Carson, Ca


Message-ID: <>
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: RE: Thanks for the welcome
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 12:58:33 -0800

I'd just like to thank everyone who welcomed me to the list, especially Wes
Long and the Mole for their kindness and generosity beyond the call of duty.
I look forward to getting right into things, and getting to know everyone
better (I don't anticipate returning to lurkdom anytime soon).

In his welcome, Digitalmaster said:
 "I am actually getting ready to see Robyn Hitchcock tonight and am
ecstatic.  I have never seen him in concert so this is a real treat for me.
Other bands I enjoy are Camper Van Beethoven (and every related group,
Cracker, V.K.,Segal, Electric Chairmen, etc.), Talking Heads, The Clash,
I realize that you will have already seen him by the time you read this, but
you should be in for a treat. The best part of seeing Hitchcock live is the
long rambling almost Peter Cook-style stream of consciousness anecdotes and
stories that he tells between songs. They're usually absurd, almost always
hilarious, and he has a great way of making a totally unrelated story take a
surprise turn into a totally appropriate intro to the next song. I wish I
lived in a city whose film festival included it last year (the only way to
see it until the stupid studio decides when to release it to video), but the
concert film "Storefront Hitchcock" is supposed to have lots of this: I
bought the vinyl version of the soundtrack because it has different songs
and spoken bits from the CD, and was supposedly "limited edition" - I'll get
the CD later on and put together an amalgam tape to include everything
without duplications. I'd been waiting years for him to do a live album that
included his spoken between-songs bits, as I'd always loved that part of his
performances (I've seen him five times - three on his own and twice with the
Speaking of Camper van Beethoven, these guys were big favourites of mine in
the 80s as well, it's a pity how few people know what you're talking about
if you mention them now. Saw them two or three times, familiar with all the
albums except the last one (with the cover of "Matchstick Men" and a
replacement violinist), which I only heard a few times. I must not be in
touch with what they're all doing now, because the only related band you
mention that I recognize is Cracker, though I assume that "Segal" refers to
the violinist/multi-instrumentalist who left just before that last album.
You didn't mention another CVB spinoff,  the Monks of Doom - do you remember

XTC Content: I just LOVE the extra prominence of the bass parts in the TB
versions of "Runaways" and "Snowman". Less crazy about the TB version of
"You're the Wish You Are I Had" for a similar reason: the bass part I love
on the original is less prominent here. Also, if I have one point of
disappointment with the otherwise amazing gig on disc 4, it's that the bass
is too buried: this seems to be the case with a lot of live stuff (by
various bands) recorded in the 80s. There are plenty of live recordings in
the 70s and 90s where the bass is audible, but the bass really seems to take
a dip in the 80s right across the board, regardles of band, genre, etc. At
least it seems that way to me...

Ed K.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 16:27:07 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: re: d'oh!

>> i have found an xtc related item that i think - i believe - that i am the
>> first one to discover this little bit of information.
>Nope. Check out...

like i said when i reported it, "i won't be disappointed if someone else
knew of this before".  i figured that the likelyhood of someone else
knowing about this fact was great.

although i have been to the excellent "bungalow" web-site many times in the
past (thanks, simon), i haven't seen that particular section as i usually
get that type of information (articles and reviews) from chalkhills.
perhaps i should spend a little more time there in the future.

i never knew of this little fact (erica as reviewer) before this past
sunday, so that's why i found it so startling. i haven't read that issue
for about 5 years, at which time i wasn't aware of who erica wexler was, so
it had no significance then.

i have been humbled, todd...

 peace & xtc,



Message-Id: <>
From: "Hiatt, Randy" <>
Subject: ride em cowgirl
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 13:42:37 -0800

From: "Mark Strijbos"And let's not forget that the video for Cloudbusting (with DonaldSutherland as her father/mad professor) was actually recorded inUffington on the burial or sacrificial mound facing 'our' White Horse.
That's cool!
Hope I don't sound like a skipping CD but this thread is (still) of interest
to me because it speaks about the under currents of life.  Kates
Cloudbusting tune is about Wilheim Reich (the "mad scientist") who
experimented with what he termed Orgone Energy, or the energy that flies
around (so to speak) during orgasm.  Working with this energy he developed
healing as well as weather affecting devices, the latter was Kate's song
theme.  Reich was taken away to prison where he died and his books burned
(in the US in the 40's!).   It's a great research project for those
interested in riding (so to speak) the creative process (or the pumpkin head
effect).  Kate should be nearing a new release as well.

XtC content:  is the release date firm?

Randy (wanken for a bluer sky) Hiatt


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:24:26 +1100 (EST)
From: Mud Shark <>
Subject: OASIS! Yeah, that's right, Oasis!

I've not been too well for the past month or so, but I
started to cheer up when I read this. I'm only posting
it because I thought some others here might appreciate
it. It appeared in the Sydney Daily Telegraph this
morning :

"Standing On The Shoulder Of Giants" - Oasis
Rating : * (one star out of five)
Comments : They fail. This was Oasis' last chance - I
won't ever bother putting one of their records on
again. This is so lame, so uninspired, why did they
bother? This is coming from someone who loved their
debut "Definitely Maybe", but already got an inkling
by "(What's The Story) Morning Glory" that ideas were
in short supply in the Oasis camp. My my, how that got
confirmed by the time "Be Here Now" dribbled past.
Apart from some impressive production, there's little
that's worth listening to. There's a couple of
half-arsed attempts to clone "Wonderwall", which
leaves the band sounding more like Chicago than The
Beatles - then there's Liam's debut as a songwriter, a
touching (read : crap and embarrassing) ode to his
little James. The rest is prog rock dressed up as
lamb. So, keep up the hype, boys, because obviously
there's nothing left in the art department. (Dino

I think he's the same reviewer who gave AV1 four stars
(and you thought there wouldn't be any XTC content!
For shame!).

Cancerous in Coffs Harbour,


P.S. : Bill Bruford *is* rather fine, isn't he?

"I rail against God because I was told to stop eating paste in Sunday
school" - P.J.O'Rourke


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 18:42:51 -0800
Subject: av2
From: "Diamond" <>

i haven't writen to the 'hills in a while, but im here now.i'm just
wondering if anyone else her e is as amazed at how closew we are to having
av2 in our gruby, sweaty little hands. please pardon spelling and
punctuation more than usal, as my keyboard is broken, and i m forced to go
through the agonizing process of using 'key caps' to create all my messages.
also, please check out m y web sites below, they will be linked on
the bottom of all my posts from now on. our own ben gott has listened to a
couple of my tunes and seemed to likethem, or else was jut being nice.
checkouthis stuff, too. my site has a link to his site. he is quite good,
too, withhis 'hip-pop'.
bass, out
kevin diamond
"The universe does not have laws, it has habits, and habits can be broken."
            -Tom Robbins


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:47:02 EST
Subject: AV1 1YO

greetings folks... happy birthday to Apple Venus Volume One!!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 17:01:41 -0800 (PST)
From: travis schulz <>
Subject: a bit more of this and that

Hi y'all!   I bought Terry Hall's "Home" cd yesterday
for $3.99- new! So I thought I'd come here and brag
about it and recommend it to you. Andy, as I'm sure
you already knew, co-wrote the songs "moon on your
dress"  and "I drew a lemon", which are the two best
songs on the album(I'm not biased!). I had been
searching for this one for quite some time, and I'm
overally pleased with it.  You may have an easy time
finding this one, so look for it- if you like Prefab
Sprout, the Lilac Time , or even The Dream Academy-
you'll love this album.           Also, to all those
who saw that Geeks and Freaks episode with XTC's "No
Language In Our Lungs"- please tell us here on
Chalkhills if you see the repeat of it advertised on
tv(I'm sure you would have anyway)- that'd be cool to
check out.                        Finally, I think we
should all bug TVT to give us more XTC
merchandise...t-shirts, posters, and most certainly
something on VIDEO. Don't they know how rich they
could be if they would offer more XTC stuff! Have a
great day!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:37:24 -0800 (PST)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Change in the XTC Listening Party

I just wanted to announce that I've changed the date of the Drums and
Wires listening party.  It's now going to be on next Wednesday, March
1st at 10pm EST.  Also the name is now DrumsandWires, because Talk
City doesn't take chat room names with spaces.  Sorry for the


Molly's Pages


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 19:42:03 -0800 (PST)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: A couple of recommendations (not XTC related)

I just wanted to let you know of two great albums I bought while I was
in Toronto.  I bought the soundtrack the The Big Tease and Earth, sun,
Moon - Love & Rockets.  Both of these albums have very unique sounding
music.  The Big Tease is more techno/alternative and Love & Rockets is
more alternative.  I can't wait to see the movie, The Big Tease, I
hope it comes to the Buffalo area soon, or I'm going to pass out.  :)


Molly's Pages


Message-ID: <>
Subject: it's a very lonely listening party!
Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2000 22:44:03 EST

  Here I wait, with my lyric sheet in hand,
  Pausing at Talk City, so to hear my favorite band.
  Unfortunately, due to either my ineptitude, or my newbie chalkhill confusion,
  The Drums and Wires listening party is but an illusion.
  Please explain,
  Signed, a perplexed Jane.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 01:44:26 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: musician # 30

hey chalkmarks,

i've posted the first of the musician articles to the chalkhills site, from
musician issue # 30, dated january 1981. the article was about gary numan
and xtc, but i edited the article for xtc content only.

further articles will be posted over the next few days. i am very happy to
have something substantial to contribute to chalkhills besides the hot-air
i usually spew on the digest. i feel, somehow, fulfilled.

i really need to get a life...

peace & xtc,

david "enjoys the life he has" oh


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 24 Feb 2000 10:05:39 EST
Subject: Pazz & Jop Critic Heard From!


I managed to track down the email address of Don Share, the critic cited in
the Voice Pazz & Jop Poll who voted for Homespun as his best album of the
year. He wrote me back immediately this very sweet note:

   Hi, Harrison... and thanks for finding me!  I'm
   actually pleased that you've asked me about my vote!

   It's pretty straightforward, actually.  The format of
   the Pazz & Jop ballot is such that we get to annotate
   all our choices... BUT ... the Voice only publishes
   the notations they think are noteworthy or somehow
   witty - and those are almost inevitably about rap
   music or indie rock!  At any rate, the gist of my
   annotation about Homespun was that while Apple Venus,
   Volume 1 is, in my view, a classic, the demos have a
   warmth, charm, and humanity that induce me to turn to
   Homespun over AV1 again and again.  Beyond that... I
   was fully aware that most "critics" who cared at all
   were going to vote for AV1 without even mentioning
   Homespun - hence my minority opinion!  (For the
   record, no pun intended, Christgau did talk about XTC
   in his P&J essay, albeit briefly, and with curt

   I suppose that in the end, the 'finished album' will
   best stand the test, whatever that may be, of time;
   there is and will be ample testimony to that.  But
   there's a joy and sweetness (one that I particularly
   associate with Andy and Colin) which really beams from
   Homespun.  You might say that AV1 has a place in my
   mind and soul, while Homespun has won its way into my

   Feel free to share my sentiments with anyone who loves
   XTC, and let me know what you think.  I've adored the
   band since 1980, and they've never let me down!



Wow! A scholar *and* a gentleman! Naturally I begged this shining beacon of
intelligence to dip his toes into Chalkhills, but no joy yet. A search back
into the archives reveals one post from someone with this name, from 1994,
but I've gotten no confirmation that the Esteemed Gentleman is in fact a
former (or lurking...?) Chalkhillian.

Harrison "Himself a Gently Steamed Man" Sherwood


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