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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 304

                 Friday, 22 December 2000


                     MERRY CHRISTMAS
                  XTC on "Gilmore Girls"
                another bad week for music
                 Re: A Sting in the Tale
                 Can I have the receipt?
                Re: Sugarplastic, CD Baby
                        to clarify
                       Tantric Sex?
        the world is full of angry young grinches
                       XTC on muzac
         talk about muzak and my top ten of 2000
                    thanks for gilmore
             Coming out of Cryogenic Freezing
       League of Gents again (and some other stuff)
                   Top Whatever of 2000
        a list + 'I'm not one to gossip, but.....'
                     Kirsty...bye bye
2000 Top 10 Lists - The Continuing Adventures of DESTINATION: EARTH!
                 Re: League of Gentlemen
                        Merry Xmas
                       best albums
                      Soylent Night
                         Top CDs
                  King For A Day tribute
                       R.I.P. Bono
                 Re: John Wesley Harding
                 Top 10 + for the year...


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Always winter but never christmas / Always thatmas but never thismas.


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 15:41:50 -0000
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Message-ID: <002f01c06b64$89117c20$6782a8c0@me>

With the current frequency of chalkhills issues being delivered, I hope this
makes it in time to wish you all a very Merry Christmas.   Over the past two
years or so I have grown to recognize many of you for your character and
insight and look forward to hearing your ravings, insights and criticisms.

Let's all get together for a group hug and wish this group of friends,
united under a common fanaticism, love for family and friends, joy for being
alive at this wonderous time and health and sucess in the future.

I love you, man.




Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 11:05:13 -0600 (CST)
From: Buzz <>
Subject: XTC on "Gilmore Girls"
Message-ID: <>

Others probably have already emailed this to the list, but "We're All
Light" was featured on last night's episode of the "Gilmore Girls," a show
on the WB network.

buzz[at]enteract[dot]com |

"Remember, there's a big difference between kneeling down
and bending over."
   ---Frank Zappa


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 10:45:06 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: another bad week for music
Message-ID: <>

Rough going for music lovers this week with the
passing of Pops Staples, Kirsty MacColl, and Milt
Hinton. All will be missed.

On a lighter note, today is the Winter Solstice. The
shortest day of the year, which is wonderful news for
us in Chicago who are sick of the abundant snow and
the fact that it gets dark at 4:30 pm!
I'm sure all you pagans are busy celebrating. Have Fun!!!


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:20:41 EST
Subject: Re: A Sting in the Tale
Message-ID: <>

David Smith said:

> "It's no use, he sees her, he starts to shake and cough
> Just like the old man in that book by Nabakov"
> Ladies and gentlemen, it takes genius unparalleled to even consider
> trying to get away with that.

Yes, but that one line (and the fact that I was a young teen madly in love
with the Police/Sting) resulted in my purchase of "that book" ("Lolita"),
which I enjoyed more than just about any other book I've read. What a great

Yes, Sting likes to flaunt his literary background ("there's a king on a
throne with his eyes torn out" is another one), but he does sometimes get it
right. I'll nominate "Children's Crusade" as a great example of a gorgeous
tune and meaningful lyrics.

Even when he gets it right, he'll never hold a candle to Andy, that's
certain. I've never heard another lyricist who can.



Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:27:10 EST
Subject: Can I have the receipt?
Message-ID: <>


"All that you can't leave behind" by U2

Sure, tell me NOW after it's too late to retract my Christmas list!



Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 18:30:24 -0500
From: Groove Disques <>
Subject: Re: Sugarplastic, CD Baby
Message-ID: <>

I'll second that thumb's up for both CD Baby ( and the new
Sugarplastic record.  I would imagine that The Sugarplastic is well-known
among Chalkhills members.  If you don't know them and you love XTC, well,
I couldn't imagine you not digging them.  They have a sense of pop
adventure that's in line with XTC songs like "Super Supergirl" and "Rocket
From a Bottle".  CD Baby carries our label's releases (Nixon's Head, The
Trolleyvox), and they do a great job for us and our customers.  They have
a nice page set up for each release, pay on a regular basis, are easy to
contact, and copy us on the e-mail that goes out to each buyer of our



Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 18:40:51 -0500
From: mitch friedman <>
Subject: to clarify
Message-ID: <v03007800b66843ee41ee@[]>


Yes there are several interesting versions of "I'm The Man Who Murdered
Love" but they will be found on "Homegrown" as well as other very early
snippets of some of the songs on the album. This disc should be released
in February/March of next year.

The Virgin boxed set "A Coat of Many Cupboards" is expected in June or July.

Six months after the boxed set is released we should see volumes 1 & 2
of what may be 8 volumes of "Fuzzy Warbles". Believe me, there is plenty
more mixing and mastering of that material to do.

I'd also like to confirm the return of Dave's anger with Andy and Colin but
as Mark said, you don't wanna know the story behind it.


p.s. In case any of you are curious, the last three albums that Andy has
enthusiastically recommended I get were:

Sparks - Kimono My House
Frank Zappa - Uncle Meat
Bee Gees - First


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 16:31:38 -0800
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: Tantric Sex?
Message-ID: <003601c06bae$8c960f60$>

Tantric Sex?

I thought it was Tantrum Sex.

I'll be back. I have to apologize to my significant other......if she'll
talk to me

Victor Rocha
Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:27:29 -0700
From: "May O'Mahoney" <>
Subject: the world is full of angry young grinches
Message-ID: <>

Hello There Chalkies!
After a long leave of absence I just want to say "hello" to all you
warm, fuzzy creatures of advanced intelligence and taste. I hope that
everyone is having a more-than-slightly sane holiday and is able to take
time out to enjoy the stuff that doesn't cost money!

As much as I'm actually enjoying the season, two things happened this
week that shows the world is still burdened with grinches:

1) Much to my suprise I heard "Thanks for Christmas" on the local
snotty-nose alterna-station the other day. Amidst the drone and drain of
rusted-out metal rap comes the sweet strains of Andy's voice. I thought
to myself, "Oh, how nice." Until the disc dork comes on and says with
obvious repulsion in his voice, "Oh god, ENOUGH already! That was XTC."
And he said it with so much condescension and derision - as if his
masculinity was threatened by playing such a gentle tune!!!!
Why would he even play it? Grinch #1

2) I've been absolutely overwhelmed by the amounts of lard, sugar and
salt that's been delivered to my office. And I was pleasantly suprised
when our maintenance worker brought in gift certificates for us for the
coffee house next door. Mind you these were for our department. I watch
a woman from a different department swoop in as soon as they were laid
on the table and carry them off! And not just any woman - a woman that
married into obscene amounts of wealth that could probably BUY the
coffee house. And she wasn't even discrete about it! We're talking
blatant grab and run!!!
Why is it that those that have the most "wealth" are the first to take
it from someone else? Grinch #2

Does anyone else have any grinch stories to share? I'd feel better if I
wasn't the only one whining, but then again, I'd hope that everyone else
was having such a pleasant time that they wouldn't need to!

Take Care All!

- May


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 21:45:46 EST
Subject: XTC on muzac
Message-ID: <>

Forgive me if this has been covered, but I only get to a few issues now and
then lately.  Hopefully I will have more time soon.   I work at a grocery
store that has class enough to include the muzak with XTC on it.. I too have
heard King for A Day.  Now that it is Christmas it is All Day Christmas
music, and my question to you is...  Does XTC have a Christmas Song and if so
what is it's name and which album if any is it on?   It sounds like XTC to
me, Andy like vocals and the same horn that is in some of thier other music.
If I were to guess at a title it would be "Thanks for Christmas".    I think
of you all when I hear it.  =)   thanks for your help.     Kat


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:10:14 -0800 (PST)
From: James Reimer <>
Subject: talk about muzak and my top ten of 2000
Message-ID: <>

I was on hold with Southwestern Bell Telephone the
other day when I heard "Thanks For Christmas" in muzak
version....thought the original was close enough...the

top ten of 2000 in no particular order:

B'ehl - Bright Eyes
Seely - Winter Birds
Yo La Tengo - And The Nothing Turned Into Another
Album With An Incredibly Long Title
Sleater-KInney - All Hands On The Bad One
XTC - Wasp Star
Belle And Sebastian - Fold Your Hands Child, You Walk
Like Genesis
The Sea And Cake - Oui
Mojave 3 - Excuses For Travellers
Magnetic Fields - 69 Love Songs
Billy Bragg/Wilco - Mermaid Avenue Volume 2



Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 19:22:57 -0800
From: "Vince Egler" <>
Subject: Greetings
Message-ID: <004601c06bc6$7c488d00$b5b651d1@default>

Greetings from metro Detroit,

This is my first posting here, but I have been lurking on and off on this
great XTC website for several years. I've enjoyed XTC since first hearing
and seeing their video, "Making Plans for Nigel" on Twiggies (sic ?, the
model) Jukebox. Always enjoy their edgy, eccentric pop-rock sound.

I have finished reading Neville Farmer's XTC Song Stories, which I enjoyed
getting their reaction to their songs. I think I learned a few licks about
the lads. Did any of you on this list come across this book? If so, what was
your reaction?

Vince Egler
Warren, Michigan


Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 23:17:49 -0500
From: mitch friedman <>
Subject: thanks for gilmore
Message-ID: <v03007803b668864bc7f8@[]>

Was I the only one who caught most of "Thanks For Christmas" in tonight's
"Gilmore Girls" show?


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 01:30:07
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: INCOMING!!!!
Message-ID: <>

Ho ho ho ... (retch, cough, splutter) ...

OK I suppose I have to join in, don't I? You know how I HATE lists, but hey,
it's Xmas ... (where's that eggnog?)

I hardly bought any CDs this year, and most of those are old Aussie records
that no-one else cares about, so I can't really make a top ten list that
will make any sense to anyone outside Australia.

GOOD THINGS: watching my kids grow up, learn to read, write, dig music, and
crack up watching Laurel & Hardy; this list; Wasp Star; my website (kudos to
Paul Culnane); getting in touch with some of my Aussie rock heroes and
finding out that (a) they like what we're doing and (b) they are incredibly
nice people; making some REALLY nice new friends; getting OzMusic legend Tim
Gaze and his band, including the equally legendary Jim Conway and Bob
Daisley, to play at my birthday party.

BAD THINGS: the death of Kirsty MacColl; the breakup of Ben Folds Five
(*sob*); my job (I hate it SOOOOO f***ing much); my house; poverty;
legendary Aussie bass player Bob Daisley (ex-Khavas Jute, Chicken Shack,
Black Sabbath, Uriah Heep, Ozzy Osbourne) getting stuck in a lift for two
hours after playing at my party (oh, the shame, the embarrassment!); the
utter dearth of decent music on Sydney radio.

FAVE CD/BEST COMEBACK -- Steely Dan: "Two Against Nature". They just keep
getting cooler. Oh, and don't forget to visit and rad Don
and Walt's rib-tickling response to their impending induction to the R&R
Hall of Fame.

'AESTHETIC SEIZURE' OF THE YEAR -- Donald Fagen: "Kamakiriad". Took me seven
years to discover it, but boy was it worth the wait. I will be his slave for
life if he will come out to Australia and sing "Tomorrow's Girls" for me,
just once ...

WORST MOVIE: "Mission To Mars". A mate loaned me this on video -- thank Ozzy
I didn't have to pay for it. Man, this stunk BIGTIME. The only mystery in
this movie was how the f*** they managed to get it made. Avoid at all costs.
Definitive proof -- if more could possibly be required -- that Brian De
Palma should never be allowed near a studio again, EVER.

BEST MOVIE: "American Beauty". (saw this on video - I have two kids - when
would I ever get to the cinema?) Kind of disturbing -- if you've been
married for a while you'll know what I mean -- but just amazingly brilliant.

BEST READ: David Ireland: "The Unknown Industrial Prisoner" (1971);
savagely funny, ironic novel about the lives of the "inmates" of a fictional
Sydney petrol refinery.

THE "SORRY BUT I JUST DON'T GET IT" AWARD (with apologies to Wes, Dom and
P@ul): Badly Drawn Boy - "Hour of Bewilderbeast". P@ul has played me this
record and it left me stone cold. Dicky name, flaccid, whiny, pretentious
songs; aimless adolescent shoegazing music of the worst kind. I saw them on
Conan a couple of weeks ago, and watched with the same idle, morbid
curiosity that one experiences passing a car-wreck on the side of the road.
PEEE-EUUUUW!! What a cringefest. The lead singer was without doubt the
worst-dressed person I have seen on TV the entire year -- his laughably
stupid knitted beanie looked like a tea-cozy, and what a fashion statement
it made when combined with a black satin bomber jacker, zipped up to the
neck! Mmmm -- grrrreat! The "band" performed with such spellbinding
ineptitude and lack of cohesion that I could only sit back and admire their
courage for daring to appear in public. And the singer ... well I flatter
him wildly by even calling him one. I've seen some real stinkers in my time
-- The Human League's backing singers, Delores O'Riordan's hilariously
screechy performance of 'Zombie' on SNL a few years ago -- but this was
right up with the worst of 'em. Spectacularly awful.

KUDOS: And the winners are ... thank you John Relph, for being the most
moderate of moderators. I'm proud to be part of this list. Thank you all,
Chalkhillers, you are great people and one I'd like to meet some more of you
some day. Thank you all the kind poeple who said nice things about my
loudmouthed rants and to all those who refrained from flaming me when I was
stupid. I know I'm going to offend some really fine folks by forgetting to
mention them by name but ... special thanks, hugs and general good things to
the star of our show, Harrison (Clever Clogs) Sherwood for being so smart,
funny and articulate; the egregiously nice Chris (Care Package) Vreeland
(soon, Chris, soon I promise), the delightful Jill and Steve Oleson, the
truly gentlemanly Todd Bernhardt, Dom-Dom-Dom Lawson for just being you,
Molly (ditto), Vee Tube for being original AND sticking to it, and Chris
Coolidge for being so patient with my cranky old lefty rants.

Closer to home, gooey lovey-dovey niceness vibes must go to the inestimable
Paul Culnane, the fully housetrained Iain Murray, Sebastien (Love Slave)
Maury and Toni (Tower Of Strength) Adler for being such great friends. I
love youse all.

Being an atheist, Xmas doesn't mean shit to me, and Aussie Xmas TV usually
sucks worse a black hole (ANOTHER re-run of "King of Kings? Oh  goody!) but
at least this year I have something decent to look forward to -- one of our
local networks has bought "Gormenghast" and it's screening over two nights
this Saturday and Sunday. Huzzah!! Edible Xmas fare at last!!!

Oh and Ben Gott -- your Xmas CD list made me laugh loudly and immoderately
and cheered me up greatly after a really shitty day. Thank you from bottom
of my heart (or is that the heart of my bottom?).

OK well merry whatever, and let's hope 2001 proves to be better for us all.

Festively yours,



Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 00:30:25 -0500
From: "D.V. Caputo" <>
Subject: Coming out of Cryogenic Freezing
Message-ID: <>

wow, I haven't posted in awhile.
anyway, I just saw They Might be Giants a few thursdays ago. They were
really,really,really good. 10 albums of 2000:(Some of these choices may be pretty old)
1.XTC-Wasp Star(well,duh...)
2.the Wondermints-Bali
3.Radiohead-Kid A
5.John Linnell-State Songs
7.The Raybeats-Guitar Beat(I know, this is from 1980,but It's still a
8.Talking Heads-Little Creatures(another old one)
9.Emitt Rhodes-Self titles(ANOTHER OLD ONE)
10.I have no idea....


That's all, Folks...

"My hat is the source of all destruction in the universe"


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 01:51:50 -0800 (PST)
From: andrew sneddon <>
Subject: League of Gents again (and some other stuff)
Message-ID: <>

Okokokok, I'll come clean!

I was referring to the twisted and bizarre British
comedy series with its roll-call of disturbing
I'm still waiting for that Creme Bruelle box set...

XTC content.  I wrapped up my xmas presents to Nonsuch
last night.  Holly up on Poppy made me go all gooey

ps Is "Bob the builder" a euphemism by any chance?

Yours, lowering to the tone yet again...




Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 05:50:31 -0500
Subject: Top Whatever of 2000
Message-ID: <>


Ok, allow me to de-lurk briefly to spew forth my Top Whatever of 2000.

No particular order, by the way.

Pedro the Lion : Winners Never Quit --  a record that is disturbing both
musically and lyrically. David Bazan never ceases to amaze me with his

Death Cab for Cutie : We Have the Facts and We're Voting Yes -- Not as
good as Something About Airplanes, but fantabulous nonetheless.
Highlights include "For What Reason" and "Company Cals"

Shellac : 1000 Hurts -- Albini does it again! For the third time, he
proves there is life after Big Black. Opening track "Prayer to God" is
not only a song that a jilted lover can relate to, but it is also fucking

Silkworm : Lifestyle -- A much happier Silkworm, it seems. Previous
Silkworm albums were chock full of world-weary lyrics (with a wonderful
sense of humor, though) and sometimes depressing (but fucking amazing
without being wanky) guitar solos by Andy Cohen (and Joel Phelps when he
was in the band), but here it seems that the Worm is getting more content
as it ages.

Atombombpocketknife : Alpha Sounds -- Oh man. Oh man. This sucker is just
freakin' amazing. Loud, noisy, and just plain perfect for jumping around
the room like an ass.

Black Heart Procession : 3 -- Just plain beautiful. See for yourself. Oh

Oh Yes. Wasp Star rocked my socks off too.

As for shows :

Modest Mouse/The Shins/Black Heart Procession, 9/25/00 @ The Electric
Factory : The Mouse was loud n' rockin', treating us to "Doin' the
Cockroach" and "Teeth Like God's Shoeshine" and ending with a loud
finale, "Cowboy Dan".I was turned on to the Black Heart Procession and
The Shins that night as well. The Shins are ultra-catchy...Almost Death
Cabbish, but not quite. BHP just rocked my socks off with their dark
brand of Neil Young Goes Goth While Playing a Saw.

Death Cab For Cutie/Pedro the Lion/Her Space Holiday/Bright Eyes, Oct
18., 2000 @ 4040 : First off, 4040 is a fucking great place to see an
indie rockshow in Philly. All-ages, the size of a damn basement. Nice and
personal. Anyway, all bands rocked, and I was turned on to Her Space
Holiday by their short but great set. Very nice as people too. I had the
pelasure to talk to David Bazan of PTL for a second, and he was extra
nice and very humble.

Black Heart Procession/!!!/Matt Pond PA Nov 11, 2000 @ 4040 : !!! are a
hilarious and funky and crazy band from CA. Their objective is to get the
crowd movin' like  mad, which they seem to have succeeded in. Very cathcy
hooks and funky as hell. Very nice too. Talked to a couple of the guys
from !!! after their set and they're very cool. Matt Pond PA's set was
just as beautiful as they are on recordings. A short set, but just
lovely. A five-piece act, with Matt Pond on guitar and vocals, also a
cellist, an upright bassist, drummer, and violin player. Just lovely.
Black Heart Procession was even better than when I saw them at the
Factory 2 months before. Lead vocalist Pall Jenkins is ultra-nice too.
Got to yack with him for a minute and he is cooler than the other side of
the pillow.

Ok, enough. Merry Xmas.



Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 12:27:03 -0000
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: a list + 'I'm not one to gossip, but.....'
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B73117701214241@NT4SERVER03>

Here's my comprehensive list of all the CD's I bought this year:
XTC - Wasp Star (of course)
Radiohead - Kid A (let's piss off the fair-weather fans)
Crowded House - Afterglow (still haven't listened to the bonus disc yet)
Pavement - Brighten The Corners ("sometimes I feel like I can't even sing")
The Move - Hits & Rarities (absolute classic - purchase of the year)

Hang on, that's five! That's pathetic!
However, I have been listening to a lot of tracked music of late, so a big
shout out to Lysander Lapine who continues to create excellent music for

Mr Strijbos wrote:

>It has been reported here earlier that Andy and Dave were
>on speaking terms again. Well, "were" is the correct word
>because that's well and truly over and done with. I'll spare
>you the gory details of what happened but it nearly shook
>my faith in XTC.

Oh, come ON Mark!! You can't just leave us hanging like that.
If you're reluctant to dish the dirt on the Hills, you can email
me off-list with the details, I won't tell anyone. Honest ; )

See you all in the space-year 2001!
Adrian (anyone lost an obelisk?)

p.s. David Oh - good to see you're still around!


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 08:49:15 -0500
From: sjacobs <>
Subject: Kirsty...bye bye
Message-ID: <>

on 12/21/00 3:41 PM, <> at
<> wrote:

> I never saw MacColl live but always enjoyed her music. If anyone has any
> remembrances of her shows, I'd love to hear about them, either here or
> directly to my email address.

I was gutted to find out that she had died,  I went to see her in Shepherds
Bush a long time ago and she was brilliant,  always loved her voice.

On a different subject completely,  why have they never re-released "Songs
to Remember" by Scritti Politti ? I found a source for an over priced
Japanese copy with extra tracks on CD, but after waiting for months it
turned out to be a red herring!

Are there any other Spliff/Froon fans in the world (the German band, not the
herbal doobidge).

And finally,  can anyone recommend a starters guide to Kraut know
a box set/compilation kind of thing.

Much love to you all, and happy Crimbletide


"The TV business is a cruel and shallow money trench, a long plastic hallway
where thieves and pimps run free, and good men die like dogs."

                                                         Hunter S. Thompson


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 06:13:31 -0800 (PST)
From: "Seven.Zark.Seven" <>
Subject: 2000 Top 10 Lists - The Continuing Adventures of DESTINATION:
Message-ID: <>


This message brought to you by your friends in the
Ganymede Cluster.

[7-Zark-7 Reporting]

Newsletter Summary:


One of the necessary evils of inhabiting the physical
form of a human involves exposure to aspects of human
culture one would otherwise not experience. One such
aspect, which members of the crew have taken an active
interest in during more recent operations, involves
the variety of human-produced sonic vibrations and the
available recordings thereof. For the first time since
the last, we now present the Top 10 Lists of the year
2000 for each member of DESTINATION: EARTH!...
(Disclaimer 1a: Because these lists of recordings
follow the strict guidelines of being entirely
human-produced, no D:E! releases appear on these lists
- regardless of our crew members' rather obvious
preferences. Disclaimer 1b: In addition, most of the
recordings included on these lists were dispensed for
the first time in the year 2000. Please note, however,
that the occasional older release has been included if
it has had a marked effect on the musical
listening/performing habits of it's crew member in the
year 2000...)


Laika & the Cosmonauts - Absurdistan (domestic issue)
XTC - Wasp Star
Radiohead - Kid A
Space Cossacks - Tsar Wars
Powerpuff Girls - Heroes & Villians (soundtrack)
Tyro - Audiocards
Presidents of the U.S.A. - Freaked Out & Small
The Saltines - Short Term Memories
Man or Astroman? - A Spectrum of Infinite Scale
The Hippos - Heads Are Gonna Roll


Queens Of The Stone Age - Restricted
Poster Children - DDD
Radiohead - Kid A
Squirrel Nut Zippers - Bedlam Ballroom
Blur - The Best Of...
Tool - Salival
Devo - Pioneers Who Got Scalped (anthology)
Morphine - The Night
Marilyn Manson - Holywood
Reverend Horton Heat - A Night In The Box


The Mystick Krewe of Clearlight - Acid King
High On Fire - The Art of Self Defense
The Cowabunga Surf Box (compilation)
Ventures Live In Japan '65 (reissue)
Devo - Pioneers Who Got Scalped (anthology)
Iron Maiden - Piece of Mind (reissue)
Buckethead - Monsters & Robots
Mr DNA - Rock Music
Reverb Injection
Rob Halford - Resurrection


Sweep The Leg Johnny - Sto Cazzo
Saetia - s/t
Letters In English - s/t
Shellac - 1000 Hurts
Midiron Blast Shaft - Starts Fires In Your Pants
The Secession Movement - Academic
The Men's Recovery Project - Boldies Over Basra
Devo - Pioneers Who Got Scalped (anthology)
At The Drive In - Relationship of Command
Tub Ring - Drake Equation


Fear has visibly began to resurface on the faces of
D:E! test subjects... Yes, rumor has it that the
group's chief superior officer, General Casualty, will
return once more to the Third Planet for an update of
the crew's mission, and to personally oversee an
upcoming Debriefing Session. (Rumor also has it that
he wishes to explore this strange phenomenon known as
'the holidays' firsthand.) To celebrate his attendance
- and of course the impending new millennium -
DESTINATION: EARTH! will perform several newly-tested
auditory experiments, such as "A Shot In The Foot,"
"Attack of the Anti-Matter Men," and "A Vortex Of
Curved Space."


(2903 E. Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis)
w/RAN, DAN PAQUETTE, RED LEADER, classified guest
All ages. 7 p.m.

(5906 N. College Avenue, Indianapolis)
Over 21. 9 p.m.


(2903 E. Southeastern Avenue, Indianapolis)
All ages. 7:30 p.m.

Finally, we would like to extend appropriately
pleasant new millennium greetings to all test
subjects. Live long & prosper, humanoids...

Ganymede Division, out.

Patrol Commander


(End Transmission)

For centuries mankind has looked to the stars... Shouting at the
heavens for any sign of intelligent life in the universe... Now that
call has been answered!!!


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:04:24 EST
Subject: Re: League of Gentlemen
Message-ID: <>

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<< > Non-XTC content.  Any "League of Gentlemen" fans out there? >>

I like the league of gentlemen ( in 1980 was what i heard), which also had
Sara Lee playing bass, of Gang of Four(songs of the free album), is
Shriekback really bad? i was wondering about them because barry andrews is
in it, as well as the first bassist from gang of four, Dave Allen.....i am
a gang of four fan, well at least entertainment!, solid gold and songs of
the free are okay. But the old songs like damaged goods and i found that
essence rare are some of my favorites.
Also, while i am posting for the first time....I got an mp3 off of napster
of an experimental track from Drums and Wires, where andy sounds like hes
speaking a foreign language, i forgot the name of the track....strange to
hear, ive never heard xtc do anything like that. Oh well, thats all.
Jessie (Go 2 is still my favorite xtc album)


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 09:10:38 -0600
From: Bill Sherlock <>
Subject: Merry Xmas
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Hello all,

Boy things sure have gotten quiet around here! Remember the two or three
digest a day days?

Anyway, just a brief note to say thanks to all correspondents this year.
I got to meet a contingent of Chicago Chalkers at the Red Lion this
summer and, believe it or not, I'm still in touch with some of them. We
must do it again!

Lastly, had an XTC sighting(or hearing)watching the Gilmore Girls this
week. The daughter goes to her high school's Christmas formal and the
song playing when they walk in is none other than Swindon's finest's
"We're All Light". Somehow I don't remember high school being quite that
cool back in the heyday of Journey and REO Speedwagon.

Off to the shops,


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:13:29 EST
Subject: best albums
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<< Best Albums for 2000: >>
I dont think anyone mentioned the Black Heart Procession ( 2 ), but they
would be on my list for the best albums of 2000.


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 10:59:05 -0500
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: Soylent Night
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Hey all,

Is the XTC tune "Thanks For Christmas" by the Three Wise Men on some sort
of Christmas Compilation? I swear I have heard it four or five times this
holiday season in the most un-XTC locales. I heard it last weekend at
Shoney's in Boone, NC. What gives? Are our boys raking in some royalties
for this tune?

Note to all non-US Chalkers: I truly hope that Shoney's restaurants have
not made it to your shores. If they have, I, as an American, apologize. You
have my permission to spraypaint anti-American slogans on the giant
sculpture of "Big Boy" holding his hamburger aloft which stands in front of
many of these restaurants.


Jeff "avoid the clam chowder" Eason


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 13:28:56 -0600
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>
Subject: Top CDs
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Here are my Top CDs. They weren't all necessarily released in 2000, but
that's when they spent time in my player:

1) Aimee Mann, "Bachelor No. 2" -- I wish I could be more original with my
top pick, but credit is due.

2) Built to Spill, "Keep it Like a Secret" -- Best use of the guitar by
anyone since U2.

3) Japancakes, "If I Could See Dallas" -- Imagine a Homo Safari version of
Stereolab with lots of  pedal steel, no vocals, and hardly a tune under 8
minutes long. You have to appreciate repetition to dig this -- they like to
use no more than one chord a song -- but the results are surprisingly

4) XTC, "Wasp Star" -- Can't believe it disappeared so fast. Next please....

5) Shellac, mix tape a friend made for me -- Brittle and menacing, but full
of clever ideas. Nobody scares me musically more than Steve Albini.

6) Radiohead, "Kid A" -- Not nearly as strange as everyone says it is.
Mostly very melodic, and a bit self-indulgent at times too.

7) U2, "All That You Can't Leave Behind" -- Not as good as it could have
been, but personally, I appreciate the return to form. "When I Look at the
World" makes the wait worth it.

8) Sade, "Lovers Rock" -- The epitome of cool.

9) Mojave 3, "Excuses for Travelers" -- More y'alternative for those who
can't get enough of Wilco and Son Volt.

10) Pizzicato 5, "Playboy & Playgirl" -- Probably even catchier than Wasp
Star (if such a thing is even possible), and because of it, this can border
on annoying. But maybe that's the point.

Looking forward to the new Neil Finn and Japancakes, both of which are due
any time.

Bob O'Bannon
St. Louis


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 17:52:53 -0600
From: "Richard" <>
Subject: King For A Day tribute
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We have 66 names on the Contributor's Distribution List.  This is going to
be a 100+ song tribute!  BOOM!

If you are interested in contributing, contact me at

Appy Olidays!



Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 15:01:45 -0800
From: "rmjenn" <>
Subject: R.I.P. Bono
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Or Bono's voice, at least....

Dom wrote:   [regarding "All that you can't leave behind" by U2]  "Granted,
Bono is in excellent voice throughout...."

Interesting comment.  To my ears, Bore-o's voice sounds very raspy on the
new album.  I assume this is intentional, because U2 certainly has enough
money to get whatever sound they want in the studio, but, to me, the vocals
on the new album are on the verge of being unlistenable.  And this is coming
from someone who bought "Boy" when it first came out and pretty much liked
everything up to "Pop."

Of course, Dom did cite the U2 album as a disappointment.  And I agree with
much of his other selections (especially the Badly Drawn Boy album).

Andy's voice, however, seems to have improved with age.  I think his vocals
on Wasp Star are among his best work (the singing, not necessarily the
lyrics).  I certainly don't miss the "barking seal" vocals of the early

I'm not intending to start a debate about U2, or about "Wasp Star" vs. other
XTC albums.  I'm just trying to keep a little conversation going on what's
become a very quiet list.

My gift to you:  no best-of list.

Bob J.


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 22:53:30 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: John Wesley Harding
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>Chris Coolidge wrote:
>"The Confessions of St Ace- John Wesley Harding. Another $3 acquisition,
>and worth a lot more; I'd heard he was good and found one of his early 90's
>albums on cassette and it didn't set me on fire. This, his first album in
>eight years, is much better, incisive and insightful songs crisply recorded
>and arranged that jump right out at you and don't let go."
>Not sure where you got your info, but Wes has released albums consistently
>throughout the nineties, and St. Ace (which I admit I haven't heard)
>certainly is not his first in 8 years. I agree that his earlier records
>sound flat--I think he worked with some producers who didn't know quite what
>to do with him, so they tarted up his songs with generic horn-pop
>arrangements that don't serve the material.
>Dan Wiencek

  You'll have to correct the guy who reviewed the album in the last issue
of No Depression. He seemed to think it had been eight years since his last
album. I have two of his early 90's albums, The Name Above The Title and
Why We Fight, both of which have good songs but take more getting into. If
you know of any albums he's released between 1992 and 2000, I'd like to
know, especially if they're as good as this year's model.

Christopher R. Coolidge
"The bad news is, there is no key to the universe. The good news is, it has
been left unlocked."
-Swami Beyondananda


Date: Fri, 22 Dec 2000 22:23:43 -0600
From: "Jamie Lowe" <>
Subject: Top 10 + for the year...
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Dear Chalkholders,

In my opinion it has been a pretty good year for music, maybe not stellar,
but these selections made it into my permanent collection....Although, not
any specific order:

XTC, Wasp Star:  My most anticipated cd release of any year is by XTC, this
offering still rings true with each listen.

Sloan, Navy Blues: Thanks to Ed K's post in Chalkhills awhile back where he
said "It Rocks" was all it took, I bought it and his assessment was dead on.
This is a 1998 release but new to me.  Canada's best kept secret.

Kevin Gilbert, Shaming of the True:  It is a shame that this talented mans
life had to end so indignantly.   IMHO he was only beginning to make his
mark.  Now, he is lost to everyone, except for what is left behind.

Supergrass, Supergrass:  Their best so far, English power pop has hope in
this trio...

Robyn Hitchcock,  A Star for Bram:  Next to XTC I own more RH music than
anyone else.  His song "I saw Nick Drake" is one of the most incredible
songs even if you do not know Nick Drake's story.  This is only available

Ass Ponys, some stupid with a flare gun:  This is American music.  Once I
start listening to this I can't stop....

The Sugar Plastic, Bang, the Earth is Round:  I am not wild about their 2000
release, but this 1996 product which was new to me this year thanks to
Chalker Marcus Padgett is a brilliant gem.  The trick is finding it.

Ween, White Pepper:  The brothers Ween have produced their most accessible
cd I have heard to date.  There is only one song I skipped over on the
entire album.  Caution: Parental Advisory, Explicit Content.  Do the censors
have to spoil everything?  My kids would not listen to this anyway!

Aimee Mann, Bachelor #2:  Nothing beats it when the wife is in the car.  And
"Calling Quits" is a great song!

Dandy Warhols, thirteen tales from urban bohemia:  "Bohemian like you" is
the best single of the year.

Paul Weller, Modern Classics:  I know this is a compilation that came out in
1998, but once again it was new to me this year.  I had pretty much given up
on Paul since the Style Council days but he has renewed my faith in his
talent.  I have since added all his solo releases that this drew from for my
collection.  This is a record that does not feel like a compilation.
Unfortunately, his 2000 release Heliocentric did not thrill me at all.

The next task is to make a compilation of my best of 2000.  If anyone is
interested in trading theirs for mine please email directly.

I also want to thank all of you who post their opinions and recommendations
on music and the world at large.  This list has been a very important source
of enlightenment for me during the past few years.   It has been a lot of
fun keeping tabs on my favorite band and its many erudite fans.

And I hope everyone shares the same feeling of gratitude to Mr. John Relph,
a majordomo if there ever was one, as I do.  IMHO he is a defacto member of
XTC, not to mention a genuine man I am proud to have made an acquaintance

Merry Christmas to you and yours and may Peace and Prosperity greet you each
and every coming year.

Jamie Lowe


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