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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 303

                Thursday, 21 December 2000


                    taping / LoG / CDs
                    Husband/wife teams
           Re: XTC on the Radio and a question
              top 10 of 2000, and then some
                 Re: League of Gentlemen
                 Re: Butane lighter fluid
         where oh where has my white music gone?
           Looking for Numbers, not Footprints
                It's a small, small world
                      2000 Shortlist
                  Holiday Albums Y2K!!!
                       Colin's Rig?
                      This is Musak?
                        John Stace
                 RE: A Sting in the Tale
                     Oil & Solid Gold
                        10 4 2000
                         Top Ten
                some news (back catalogue)
        Pres Kill again? Am I on a Political site?
     The Not So Everyday Story Of SmallTown Revisited
                      Kirsty MacColl
                   (Short)list for 2000
                      the year 2000
                        Top Albums
 Sugarplastic,CD Baby, and Canadians!(RE:Bumble Winners)
                 Happy X-mas, all of you


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Countdown to Christmas / 5 days / Countdown.


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:42:05 +0000
From: John Peacock <>
Subject: taping / LoG / CDs
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Nice Organization

> Wes Hanks asked:
> This week I traded a bunch of XTC tapes with a friend for a bunch of
> King Crimson tapes.
> Who got the better of the deal?

Given that Andy is "Whatever" or even "Yuh, okay, cool" about tape trading
and Fripp is definitely "Grrrrr!" and "You Pesky Kids!", the recipient of
the XTC is karmically pure, whereas the Crim receiver must go to hell,
directly to hell, must not pass go, must not collect #200.

> > Any "League of Gentlemen" fans out there?

This is a local list for local people. There's nothing for you here.

( - not the best one I'm sure, but
they got the domain name, so whatthehell)

CDs of the year:

Uh, no especial order, naturally

Released this year:

a. Wasp Star..........................................XTC

b. Two Against Nature..............................Steely Dan

c. The ConstruKCtion of Light.....................King Crimson

d. Soupsongs Live...................................Various Artists

e. Music for the Civic Recovery Centre...........Brian Eno

f. Kid A...............................................Radiohead

g. Now Entering Liberty Heights..................Alice Bierhorst

h. Punishing Kiss....................................Ute Lemper

i. First of the Microbe Hunters......................Stereolab

Bought this year, but released previously:

a. Atlas.................................................Meredith Monk

b. Bartok's 6 String Quartets........................Takacs Quartet

c  Retrospectiw I-II
    Mekkanik Destruktiw Kommandoh


a. Bartok's first quartet at the Edinburgh Festival.
b. Magma performing the Theusz Hamtaahk trilogy at the Royal Festival Hall
c. Soupsongs at the QEH
d. Pere Ubu at RFH
e. Crimson at Shepherd's Bush Empire (borderline - band great, venue

Others, I'm sure. Many great performances this year.


In the spirit of shameless self promotion, my songs may be found at:


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 07:55:52 EST
Subject: Husband/wife teams
Message-ID: <>

> many husband/wife, or other partnership, Chalkheads are
out there?<

Right here! My husband and I met and fell in love because of music (not just
XTC, but they certainly contributed). In 1988, we were both attending a very
small college that had a radio station that could be heard only in the dorms
on AM radio, and one year, my show was scheduled just before his. The college
was extremely conservative from a musical standpoint, and the station's
record collection was beyond pitiful, so I brought a crate of my own records.
He came in about 15 minutes before his show was to start, so we looked
through the records each of us had brought and found that we both had Elvis
Costello, XTC, the Clash, New Order...stuff NO ONE else on campus was
listening to. That was my main priority in dating back then...if the guy
didn't like the same music as me, it wasn't going to happen. And now we're
married with a kid. Ahh, bliss!



Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 09:06:26 -0500
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: XTC on the Radio and a question
Message-ID: <006401c06769$638288e0$910bffd1@Brian>


Simon Auger wrote:

> What a way to start a Friday. The
>wekend is nearly here and XTC are on the Radio, perhaps there is a God
>after all (please, let's not start that debate again!!!).

Then don't bring it up again!
Stick with your original thought. It becomes you.


XTC content: I've created a MIDI file of "Burning With Optimism's Flames",
and it's available on my website at:

Have fun!

-Brian Matthews


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 07:28:02 -0800
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: sexsleepeatdrinkdream
Message-ID: <001701c06774$e7067040$27d285ce@default>

For your consideration of what Wes bought for the year 2000:

Badly Drawn Boy - Hour of Bewilderbeast
Radiohead - Kid A
Grandaddy - Sophtware Slump
Lambchop - Nixon
XTC put out another one
Kingsbury Manx - Kingsbury Manx
Beautiful South - Painting it Red
King Crimson - Konstruction of Light
Wondermints - Bali
Willard Grant Conspiracy - Mojave
Giant Sand - Chore of Enchantment
Crowded House - Afterglow
The Who - at the BBC
Cocteau Twins - at the BBC

... and my album of the year for 2000 is:
Beachwood Sparks - Beachwood Sparks

Wes "Wow, do they spend a lot of time in the pub on 'Eastenders' " Hanks


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:13:29 EST
Subject: top 10 of 2000, and then some
Message-ID: <>

Greetings, Chalksters - it was nice to receive a digest today!

My top 10 albums of 2000 are all over the last 2 decades because I've been
Rip Van Winkle. This list includes some 2000 releases; the others are all
"new to me" in 2000 - my special "finds," many of them thanks to you

1. Shaming of the True, Kevin Gilbert, 2000.

2. Johnny Clegg & Savuka -  "Heat, Dust, and Dreams." With his bands Juluka
and Savuka, this white South African Zulu writes unbelievable stuff - a
mixture of rock, Celtic, Zulu. (

3. Johnny Clegg - Scatterlings.
4. Wasp Star, of course. Still fresh and wonderful. With me all the time.
5. Dukes of Stratosphear. The most delightful find of the year.
6. Marshall Crenshaw - "This is Easy - Best Of" - with some new songs. A 2000
7. Dr. John - Duke Elegant. Again, I'm behind the times. But what an album!
8. Toy Matinee - early Kevin Gilbert, circa late 1980s-early 1990s.
9. Third Matinee - sans Kevin Gilbert, mid-1990s.
10. Giraffe - one more version of Kevin Gilbert (MichaelVersaci, this is your

Biggest Musical Disappointment of 2000 - World Party's "Dumbing Up." If this
is how some people felt about Wasp Star, I finally understand. To look
forward with such anticipation and be so disappointed ...

A Merry and Happy Christmas, Happy Hanukkah, Happy Kwanza, Blessed Ramadan

Ho Ho Ho and a Bottle of Rum
Santa's Run off to the Car-rib-e-un!


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:36:40 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: League of Gentlemen
Message-ID: <l03130307b6614a0e49cb@[]>

>Andrew wrote:
>> Non-XTC content.  Any "League of Gentlemen" fans out
>> there?
>Ooh, ooh, me! Actually, I've crossed over all the way on the [XTC -> Barry
>Andrews -> League of Gentlemen -> Robert Fripp -> King Crimson] axis, and
>have ended up as a Crimson fan. Not surprisingly, the League of Gentlemen
>sound very much like a cross between Barry-era XTC and '80s King
>Crimson. Both are recommended. (I'm assuming no one here needs to have XTC
>recommended to them...)
>I've also tried Shriekback... okay, but not exactly great stuff.

  He may have been referring to the bizarre British comedy that's shown on
Comedy Central in the States. Technically the Robert Fripp League of
Gentlemen is at least tangentially XTC content.

Christopher R. Coolidge
"The bad news is, there is no key to the universe. The good news is, it has
been left unlocked."
-Swami Beyondananda


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 11:40:53 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Butane lighter fluid
Message-ID: <l03130308b6614b679acd@[]>

>In stormy weather
>   He'd clack them together
>   And lightning shot out of his ass    Butane lighter fluid
>Current scholarly opinion holds that this pattern is highly suggestive, but
>of exactly *what* still is the topic of heated debate.
>It is fervently hoped that further scholarship in this burgeoning
>subdiscipline of epidemiology will assemble a greater corpus of empirical
>data, one that will help to enlighten an aspect of the human experience that
>has hitherto been marred by its association with mystery, mythical
>obfuscation, and hideously cruel practical jokes.
>Harrison "Saaaaay... how did you *know* it was hot sauce, anyway?" Sherwood

  Harrison's very hilarious post       Vermont maple syrup

Christopher R. Coolidge
"The bad news is, there is no key to the universe. The good news is, it has
been left unlocked."
-Swami Beyondananda


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 09:46:02 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: where oh where has my white music gone?
Message-ID: <>

I've searched for White Music at every music store I
go to, but I can't find it anywhere.  A lady at a
Tower store told me that the album had been recalled
for remastering.  But why would Virgin only remaster
that XTC album?  Does anybody know a verifiable reason
why White Music was recalled.

I don't know anything about a recall, but if Virgin
were planning on remastering and rereleasing the
entire XTC catalog, wouldent it make sense to start
from the beginning?

Seems like a lot of lables do that-staggering release
dates of an artist's remastered back catalog. Rykodisc
dit that with the Bowie reissues a few years ago,
making everyone wait for the good stuff while the
early hippy-dippy releases came out first.

Maybe they are remastering original releases instead
of doing the box set (which is no longer in the works,

If Virgin is remastering the XTC catalog, they could
do it right and have even a small ad campaign to stir
up some interest.
Then again, when did Virgin ever spend money on XTC?

Anyways, if you need a copy of White Music, check Gemm
they have the inventories of dozens of used record
stores in their database (I have no financial interest
in Gemm, by the way).


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 13:02:16 -0600
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>
Subject: Looking for Numbers, not Footprints
Message-ID: <>

Forgive me if this has already been discussed, but does anyone have any
figures on the number of units that Wasp Star has sold?



Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 21:07:57 -0500
From: "squirrelgirl" <>
Subject: It's a small, small world
Message-ID: <000201c0685c$c2b9a480$e647c0cf@meredith-s>

Howdy 'Hillians!

Early last week I had AV1 in the CD player at work, when a coworker (a
fairly new employee who hadn't yet been inundated with my periodic
XTC-marathons) passed by and heard River of Orchids.  She said it sounded
like her "kind of music".  She then proceeded to tell me all about how she
and her husband have such weird taste in music - Peter Gabriel, King
Crimson, etc.  Hmmmm, a possible convert in the making?  She promised to
bring in some of her "weird" music for me to sample.  One of the CDs she
brought was "The Power and the Glory" by Gentle Giant.  I immediately fell
in love, and have permanently borrowed it (she doesn't know it yet).  I'll
be lending her my AV1 to take home for her husband.

Meanwhile, I had been asked by one of our former Hillmates, Wes Wilson, if I
had heard anything good lately.  Of course I mentioned Gentle Giant.  Then,
lo and behold, as I perused my latest Chalkhills digest, there in all it's
glory, tucked neatly inside Mr. Versaci's post, was the magic phrase -
"Gentle Giant"!

Have you ever noticed that?  I'd never heard of them before until last week,
and now they're *everywhere*!
Maybe I just need to pay more attention, like my 3rd grade teacher advised
on my report cards.

Also on the small world topic, this co-worker and her husband are from the
same small Pennsylvania town where my husband grew up, and where I met him
(Quakertown, anybody?)  Unfortunately, my hubby doesn't share my musical
taste, so it has nothing to do with the Q-town municipal water system.

Incidentally, I would like to join Andrew Boyle in apologizing for our
state's recent political fiasco - I've lived here for nearly 7 years and am
totally mortified by the political goings-on I have seen here in that time!
Maybe the National Enquirer's prediction will be true:  "99.9% of US
presidents elected in years ending with 0 have died while in office and
we're about due for another"

S "Not intending to start yet another political thread" G


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 11:44:10 +1100
From: "Culnane, Paul" <Paul.Culnane@DCITA.GOV.AU>
Subject: 2000 Shortlist
Message-ID: <>

Here's five that tickled my pink thing this year:

1.	XTC - "Wasp Star - Apple Venus Volume 2"
2.	Badly Drawn Boy - "The Hour Of Bewilderbeast"
3.	Eels - "Daisies Of The Galaxy"
4.	Coldplay - "Parachutes"
5.	Aimee Mann - "Bachelor # 2"

I'm running away with the Bewilderbeasts for a month or so.  Catch you all
in 2001.  Season's greetings and avagoodun!



Date: Sun, 17 Dec 2000 22:15:51 -0500
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Holiday Albums Y2K!!!
Message-ID: <>


So I was just sitting at my computer, minding my own business, when all of a
sudden I received this unsolicited e-mail!  What do you think?  Are these
wonderful Christmas albums one big hoax?  (And, before you answer that, note
the fingers crossed behind my back and the mischievous twinkle in my eye...)


Date: Sunday 17 December 2000 08:10 AM
From: <>
To: <undisclosed recipient list>
Subject: Holiday Albums Y2K!!!!

To our valued customer:

You've come to expect the best in music from Parental Advisory Records...But
now we come to you with six new albums that make great holiday gifts!  All
CDs are just $17.99 (plus shipping and handling), so order today!  Just
check out our selection:

Elvis Costello & Hal David: "Painted From Memory II": Join Elvis Costello
for another go 'round in his Grammy-winning "Painted From Memory" series,
this time with Burt Bacharach's lyricist Hal David at his side!  Enjoy old
Costello favorites with new lyrics penned by David, just in time for the
holidays!  This collection includes such classics as "Oliver's Army (of
Love)," "Hugging the Detectives," "Deep Dark Truthful Mirror That Makes You
Look *So* Beautiful!," and "(You Are) Beyond Belief."  Order today and get a
bonus disc with live performances of "13 Steps Lead Down (To Your Love)" and
"Love (Love) Field."

Rod Stewart's "Christmas with Rod": You've heard him murder...I mean,
*cover*...classics by The Blue Nile and Tom Waits, and now you can hear
crooner Rod Stewart belt out his own renditions of popular favorites!  Check
out his versions of N*sync's "Bye Bye Bye (To My Career)" and Britney
Spears's "Oops!...I Made Another Shitty Album!"  This 13-track collection
also includes a bonus CD with remixes of Stewart's mid-1980s hit "Forever
Young" ("Acoustic Version," "Acoustic Version (dub)," "Live at Jeff
Isaacson's Bar Mitzvah," and 15 more!)

Michael McDonald sings Michael Martin Murphy!:  The former Doobie Brothers
frontman and AM radio superstar teams up with his namesake who, although not
a former Doobie Brother, was certainly an AM radio superstar!  Age has not
mellowed McDonald's luscious, silky voice, as is evident from the album's
single track, a ghostly and haunting 74-minute version of Murphy's hit
"Wildfire."  At no time in the history of music have the words "Oh they say
she died one winter / When there came a killing frost / And the pony she
named Wildfire / Busted down his stall" sounded quite so poignant!  Order
now and get a bonus interview disc in which McDonald talks about buying a
pair of shoes in the Paramus (NJ) Mall one time in 1988!  Run, Wildfire,

Aaron Carter: "Aaron's Christmas Party (Come Get It)": Prepubescent
superstar Aaron Carter, already known for his energetic renditions of "Iko
Iko," "I Want Candy," and "Please Don't Go Girl," proves his musical ability
beyond a reasonable doubt in this fantastic collection of Christmas party
songs!  We don't know which songs he sung -- in fact, there might not be any
songs on the CD -- but we do know that the NAMBLA-approved insert poster is
too good to pass up!  (We've got limited edition poster #3 -- "Aaron
shirtless on Santa's lap" -- hanging up in our offices right now!)  Order
now and get a bonus disc with "spoken interlude" outtakes such as "My mom
says my musical career is substantial in its own right," "Danny, how does a
synthesizer work?," and "I am *so* much cuter than that kid in 'Billy

"A Very Morrissey Christmas":  You might think he's a brooding, mopey
pessimist, but all Manchester-born Steven Morrissey wants to do is to infuse
you with some good, old-fashioned holiday spirit!  Join him on such
sing-along favorites as "I Killed the Little Drummer Boy," "A Lump of Coal
is Too Good for Me," "There is a Christmas Light that Never Goes Out," "Hand
Me That Poinsettia So I Can Eat It and Die," and "Santa, Johnny Marr Says He
Wants a Swift Kick in the Ass for Christmas."  Also, hear Morrissey's new
bandmates tell depressing Christmas stories, like that time in December of
'96 that guitarist Alain White was in New York City and Mitch Froom called
and wanted him to come play on Suzanne Vega's new album but he couldn't
because he had to go back to L.A. the next day to record some goddamn new
Morrissey single that, like, four people would end up buying!  Merry Fucking

Radiohead: "Kid J.C.": The X-Generation's answer to Pink Floyd, this
award-winning British combo performs such wonderful versions of popular
holiday songs that you just *have* to go buy the CD right now, even if the
band *has* moved in a really weird direction these days, and even if you
can't hum along with *anything* since "High and Dry," and even if you don't
understand why the songs are all eleven minutes long and you can't play them
at parties because people act like you've just fired up "Tubular Bells" and
are spinning your head 360 degrees, and even though it seems as if the
members of Radiohead would be perfectly happy making albums if the only
instruments they could get their hands on were an electric pencil sharpener,
a cellular phone, a bottle of multivitamins, and a necktie.  What are you
waiting for?  Go!

But, please: whatever you do, stay away from: Death Cab for Cutie's "We Have
the Facts and We're Voting Yes," XTC's "Wasp Star," Electronic's "Twisted
Tenderness," The Sugarplastic's "Resin," and all the other sub-par albums
that have come out this year.

Happy Holidays from Parental Advisory Records!


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 02:03:38 -0800
From: Gregory Sandoval <>
Subject: Colin's Rig?
Message-ID: <>


I noticed in some of the old, fuzzy videos of the band that Colin's sound
took a dramatic leap forward when they were touring for English Settlement -
and if I'm not mistaken he has a new bass for these tunes (Senses,
Argonauts, Yacht Dance, Ball and Chain, etc.).

Does anyone know where I can find more info on what Colin's equipment was
and/or how we achieved his tone at that time (circa 1982)? His playing
almost has a fretless quality to it what with his liberal use of sliding and
warmth of tone.

Thoughts? Feel free to email me off-line so as not to bore everyone else
with musical technicalities...

dr. beat


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 06:47:39 -0800 (PST)
From: Ira Lieman <>
Subject: This is Musak?
Message-ID: <>

Happy Holidays, Chalkers.

I was on a mission to the supermarket this weekend (as usual), and the
MusIC (Yes, Virginia...some stores play MUSIC interspersed with the atonal
droning of the Beatles' Yesterday without words) they were playing (or
they were paying to have been playing) was GREAT!

Let's see...I heard Tim Finn's "Persuasion" then some musak (I think it
was Neil Diamond), then I heard "King For A Day" in it's near entirety
(save a "Cleanup on Aisle 6" and a "Mmf mmf, please Mmf to the Mmf MMF
mmf") quickly followed by a musak version of Aimee Mann's "Save Me" (I
know, it was Musak, but at least it was relatively good Musak.)

I used to have a piano instructor (this is going on about 20 years ago)
who was frequently called to arrange songs without words for the Musak
Industry. I thought his side job was really cool...and he kinda liked it
too. But one wrong tonal decision and the whole world gets to hear
it...everywhere they go!

Anyhoo, the holiday best to you, yours, and the ones you don't tell anyone

Stuck in somebody's hell,


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 09:26:18 -0600
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: John Stace
Message-ID: <>

Chris Coolidge wrote:

"The Confessions of St Ace- John Wesley Harding. Another $3 acquisition,
and worth a lot more; I'd heard he was good and found one of his early 90's
albums on cassette and it didn't set me on fire. This, his first album in
eight years, is much better, incisive and insightful songs crisply recorded
and arranged that jump right out at you and don't let go."

Not sure where you got your info, but Wes has released albums consistently
throughout the nineties, and St. Ace (which I admit I haven't heard)
certainly is not his first in 8 years. I agree that his earlier records
sound flat--I think he worked with some producers who didn't know quite what
to do with him, so they tarted up his songs with generic horn-pop
arrangements that don't serve the material.

For an excellent sampler of his early work, pick up It Happened One Night, a
live, solo acoustic show. Great stuff. For more recent work, check out
Awake, which I think is his first studio album where the production actually
enhances the material.

Dan Wiencek


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 15:36:35 -0000
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: A Sting in the Tale
Message-ID: <>

I was reading Michael Versaci's excellent post and loved the bit
about Sting's lyrical "abilities".

Now I have before - and will again - admit to the list that I rather
like themusic of the Tantric Sex God (if there IS a God ;-). I'm happy
(well, content) to be abused, chrotled at and ritually humiliated for
admitting this, but, c'mon if I can admit to liking ELO, I'm big enough
to admit to Gordon n'all.

However, Michael got it spot on with:

	>Except, now *I* cringe when he sings some of his ridiculous lines
	>like, "With words they try to jail-ya" rhymed with "it's the
	>rhetoric of fail-ya!"

But foe me that's PART of the attraction. Damnit, this guy tries
SOOO HARD to be intellectual that I can't help but be impressed
at his efforts.

Other gems? How about "Russians", "De doo doo doo . . ." and of
course, my all-time favourite from "Don't Stand So Close . . .":

"It's no use, he sees her, he starts to shake and cough
Just like the old man in that book by Nabakov"

Ladies and gentlemen, it takes genius unparalleled to even consider
trying to get away with that.

The thing is, if you get past the often frankly awful lyrics, he writes
some wonderful melodies - a case in point being the title track of
"The Soul Cages" album. A better bit if guitar driven rock wasn't
written that year - but bugger me if I know what he's talking about,
all crayfish pots and mad seamen and his recently-deceased dad.

However, when he gets 'em both right - as in the Michael-mentioned
"Fortress Around Your Heart" he's a joy to listen to.

He's still a poor-man's Andy though! :-)

Smudge "Thanks for Christmas" Boy


Date: Sat, 16 Dec 2000 14:52:59 -0500
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: Oil & Solid Gold
Message-ID: <>

Just a short retort to Sylvan's claims that Shriekback ain't up to snuff:

Au contraire, my good man. I think the Shriekback albums "Oil & Gold" and
"Big Night Music" are essential works of the 1980s. They really set the
stage for modern dance music much more than disco did. Really great songs,
too. Check out tunes like "Faded Flowers," "Nemesis," and "Hammerheads." I
think this era contains Barry Andrews' best work.

We now return you to your regularly scheduled program.

Jeff "When Bush comes to shove" Eason


Date: Mon, 18 Dec 2000 14:54:30 -0800
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: 10 4 2000
Message-ID: <007501c06945$7b367400$>

Top 10 for 2000

Ten I loved & some I hated (comment: a lot of these cd's were recomended
from other chalksters)

I loved:

1) Wasp Star -- XTC
2) Resin -- The Sugarplastic
3) Summerteeth -- Wilco
4) The Soft Bulletin -- The Flaming Lips
5) Figure Eight -- Elliott Smith
6) Two Against Nature -- Steely Dan
7) Transendental Blues -- Steve Earle
8) Smile -- Jayhawks
9) Enema of the State -- Blink182 (Archies meet the Ramones)
10) Mule Variations -- Tom Waits

honorable mention: Red Dirt Girl by Emmy Lou Harris (what an incredible

I hated:

1) Owsley - Owsley (pop for pop's sake isn't good enough)
2) Ammie Mann -- Bachelor #2 (I know this is a big fave on the list but I
found it too whiney for my taste)
3) Vertical Horizon -- Vertical Horizon (what the hell was I thinking?)
4) Daisies of the Galaxy -- The Eels (I really tried to like this CD

Victor Rocha
Pechanga Band of Luiseno Indians

PS click on link to see my latest adventure:


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 05:47:50 -0000
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Top Ten
Message-ID: <>

Dear Affiliated Members:

Whoever crosses the bridge of death must answer me these questions three.
Top ten discs of 2000? ...dat's easy!!

1. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
2. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
3. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
4. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
5. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
6. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
7. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
8. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
9. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC
10. Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2) - XTC

Thank you and good night.
Honorable mention goes to Steely Dan...the swine.


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 03:51:53 -0800
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: some news (back catalogue)
Message-ID: <>

Just got an email from someone connected with the band (tried to reach
Andy by 'phone but it sounds like he's out Christmas shopping).

Mastering has been done on the fuzzy warbles material , including "SOME
HOPEFULLY WILL MAKE THE NEW COLLECTION". Make of that what you will.


pictures at 11


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 07:20:07 -0800 (PST)
From: nross <>
Subject: Pres Kill again? Am I on a Political site?
Message-ID: <>

Ye gads. And I have to hear about this crap on the chalkhills site too?
Can't I have some sort of escape from this political mess?

Music-wise, and top ten list:

Its been a bad year music-wise for me. The only stuff I remember buying
(does napster have anything to do with this? ah, no) is:

1) Wasp Star (ya, good, I know...)
2) Kittie
3) Thompson Twins greatest hits album
4) A Cat Stevens greatest hits album
5) BARENAKED LADIES, the latest one, Woohooo Its GOOOOOOD!

Hey, thats not in order of best to worst. Its in order of what I
remember buying. What went the most rounds on the cd player? Probably a
tie bt. XTC and BNL.

I need some more music, but I'd probably just buy a Tom Petty GH cd and
be done w/ it. Maybe another Cat Stevens CD. Probably buy Britney
Spears and 98 degrees... okay, now seriously... one of those 98 degree
guys is really really hot, so I wouldn't exactly mind spending the $16
or so for the cd just to give him his dime... but I'd really have no
*good* excuse to buy it, my daughter doesn't really like the boy bands.
She does like a few Britney Spears songs. And to tell you the truth...
I kind of like her latest. Cheesey bad taste  I know. So what.

Happy Holidays.


Nicole's internet music station:


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 21:01:18 +0100
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: The Not So Everyday Story Of SmallTown Revisited
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Just got back from my annual pilgrimage to the Holy Places a.k.a.
Swindon, and i've got some news. Some of it is good, some of it not
so good at all. Read on (or skip if you're fainthearted)

Colin's got a lovely Christmas tree. We did try to take a peek at
Andy's shiny balls but he had his blinds down :)

"Homemade" - the Wasp Star demos - has been mastered and is
ready to be released

The Virgin box set could be a lot more interesting than may have
been feared. It will feature a number of unique "unheard" Skylarking
and TBE demos for instance, a complete live concert (recorded in
Canada) and other goodies like a 64 page colour booklet.
Looks like it's going to be a 'must have' item after all... sigh

And yes, the Fuzzy Warbles box set will go ahead as well although i
suspect (and hope) they won't let it 'clash' too much with the Virgin
release. Tempting perhaps, but silly IMHO

It has been reported here earlier that Andy and Dave were on
speaking terms again. Well, "were" is the correct word because
that's well and truly over and done with. I'll spare you the gory
details of what happened but it nearly shook my faith in XTC.

So don't hold y'r breath waiting for that reunion...

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 16:05:13 -0500
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: Kirsty MacColl
Message-ID: <>

Holiday greetings all,

Just got a bit of sad news here at the Mountain Times with an XTC
connection. It was reported that singer and songwriter Kirsty MacColl died
in a boating accident in Mexico. She was best known for her hits "Fairytale
of New York" (with the Pogues) and "There's a Guy Works Down the Chipshop
Swears He's Elvis." She also wrote "They Don't Know" which was a hit for
Tracey Ullman.

Chalkhillians in the UK probably know that MacColl was in the Caribbean
recording a series for BBC Radio 2 on the Buena Vista Social Club and other
Cuban musicians. Evidently she was swimming off the coast of Mexico when a
speedboat collided with her.

The XTC connection is that she was formerly married to producer Steve

MacColl was 41 years old and the mother of two boys.

In a press release, MacColl's friend and Radio 2 DJ Johnnie Walker said,
"She was one of the true, real characters of popular music and although
there has always been pressure on women in music to conform in the music
business, she was always herself and said, 'I am what I am.'
"We'll miss her sense of humour and her beautifully crafted songs."

I never saw MacColl live but always enjoyed her music. If anyone has any
remembrances of her shows, I'd love to hear about them, either here or
directly to my email address.

Jeff "I really hate passing along sad news" Eason.


Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 09:46:50 +1030
From: "Van Abbe, Dominic" <>
Subject: (Short)list for 2000
Message-ID: <>


In what has been pretty much a dismal year for music, the list of what has
been rocking my boat in 2000 is fairly limited.

'Tis as follows:

1.  "Kid A" by Radiohead

A complete mind-bend on first listen, but eventually you realise that it's
really pretty straight-forward tunes given far-out production treatment.
Prententious maybe, but methinks it's more designed to throw off those
lesser talents, who are all pleasant enough in their own right, who ride in
on the coat-tails of Radiohead i.e. Muse, Travis, Coldplay et al.

2.  "Wasp Star (Apple Venus Vol. 2)" by XtC

Don't really have to say to much more about this 'un- we all know and love

3.  "Hour of the Bewilderbeast" by Badly Drawn Boy

Somewhat unfocussed towards the end (would have benefitted from some more
judicious editing), thus betraying his relative inexperience.  However,
there are some absolute crackers here.  Think Nick Drake, Eliott Smith and
Matt Johnson all rolled into a single package.

4.  "Tripping Daisy" by Tripping Daisy

Not quite up to the level of their previous release ("Jesus Hits Like An
Atom Bomb"), mainly due to the low-key production this time.  Get over that
though, and there's some joy to behold.  Due to guitarist Wes Berggren's
untimely passing this is their final release.


"All that you can't leave behind" by U2

After spending the 90's punching at the walls of their pigeonhole, how
disappointing for them to regress into the sound of yore.  First off single
"Beautiful Day" is a promising enough intro, and "The Ground Beneath Her
Feet" an excellent finale, but it's everything in between that lets the side
down.  Granted, Bono is in excellent voice throughout, but the whole album
is curiously devoid of energy and balls (almost sterile) on the whole.  And,
there are way too many songs which sound like slowed down versions of "Angel
of Harlem", a song I never cared for in the first place.

Erm, that's about it really.  Let's hope 2001 is musically more interesting.



Date: Tue, 19 Dec 2000 23:20:02 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: the year 2000
Message-ID: <>

greetings all, & all the best during this holiday season!

i never pay any attention to "best of" lists, as i really feel that they
are not relevant to anything but the compiler's opinion, so here's my list
of the compact discs i bought or got through the past year, in alphabetical

a perfect circle:   mer de noms - surprizing. much better than i thought it
		    would be!
walter becker:	    11 tracks of whack - good, but not as good as i expected
adrian belew:	    desire of the rhino king (compilation)
blink 182:	    enema of the state - juvenile power-punk. gotta love it!
the cure:	    disintegration - had it on vinyl, now on cd
foo fighters:	    there is nothing left to lose
jimi hendrix:	    band of gypsys (re-mastered) - had it on vinyl, now on cd
jimi hendrix:	    live at the filmore east
eric johnson:	    ah via musicom. great guitar work from an obsessive tone
eric johnson:	    alien love child - live & beyond
korn:		    issues - more of the same angst
limp bizkit:	    chocolate starfish & the hot dog flavored water - great,
		    & funny as hell!
moby:		    play - disappointing, & i don't like paying money to be
		    preached at!
radiohead:	    kid a - one of the most daring bands recording today!
sly & the family stone: greatest hits. had to have it in my collection.
the smiths:	    singles. ditto.
steely dan:	    katy lied; royal scam; aja; two against nature. how can 
		    you not like the dan?
steve morse band:   coast to coast - f-n awesome! if you like eric johnson,
		    you'll love this!
tool:		    undertow. a gift.
various artists:    hitsville u.s.a - the motown singles collection 1959 -
		    1971(box set)
the who:	    the who sell out; quadrophenia; the bbc sessions. the
		    who rock!
xtc:		    kings for a day; explode together; peter pumpkinhead
		    promo; wasp star/a-v 2. av2 is great xtc; playground
		    rocks & church of women is so beautiful! only a couple
		    of clunkers, the rest is great.
as for concerts, it was a thin year, but i did see 2 great shows:

steely dan: 00-06-27. first time seeing them, a great show. blown away by
the revamped "dirty work", chill-bump inducing.

red hot chili peppers/stone temple pilots/fishbone: 00-08-16.
5th time seeing the peppers & also the best. flea & chad were locked so
tight, it was like they were crazy glued together, while john frusciante
was playing some of the most powerful stuff i've ever see of him; strong,
confident, loose, playful. the sound system was incredible; deep, rich, but
very clean sounding. just a great show. supposedly they have filmed some of
the tour for a dvd, which is to take advantage of some of dvd's untapped
features like multiple, progammable, camera angles and user editing. i
can't wait!
stp (2nd time) were good, too, with their own sound & lights.
fishbone (1st time) were fun & funky. it was a great night out!

neil young/the pretenders: 00-08-31.
neil is neil, in other words, he is his own man playing by his own rules.
this time 'round, he was in a mellow mood, playing some of his lighter,
more acoustic stuff. with donald "duck" dunn on bass, jim keltner on drums,
ben keith on pedal/lap steels, his wife peggy and half-sister astrid on
backing vocals. a night spoiled by an ignorant audience; cell phones, loud
talkers & stupid/stoned dancers.
the pretenders were good... i think. i say that because, although they were
very animated on stage, the sound was unbelievably bad! very disappointing.
my movie going was also on the thin side:

gladiator:      so-so.
high fidelity:  great. john cusack is on my top-five list of favourite actors.
chicken run:    hysterical, & not a kid flick, either.
dogma:          terrific! a must see!
6th sense:      much, much better than i thought it would be.
magnolia:       a little disappointing.
3 kings:                better than i thought it would be.
fight club:     ditto.
so, that's it. i hope all is weel with everyone here on the list. i've been
lurking for most of the year so i needed to surface to wish everyone all
the best for the holiday season & an even better 2001. i know i need a
better year than this past one... i need some positives after so many
negatives. i know my turn will come. until next time...

 peace & xtc,



Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 14:09:36 +0100
From: Volker Dieling <>
Subject: Top Albums
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Universitaet Oldenburg

Hey all,

haven't written in a long time, now i'm back, and still nothing useful
in my head.

Best Albums for 2000:

1. Wasp Star
2. Radiohead - Kid A
3. St. Etienne - Sound of Water
4. At the Drive-In - Relationship of Command
5. Elliott Smith - Figure 8
6. Two Lone Swordsmen - Tiny Reminders

Check these out, or don't.

"All there is can be summarized in three words: erit, est, fuit." -

Lemoncurry residing in the Lemon Lounge at
www.g***temporarily closed for renovation***each/9259

Send your love letters to
Save the Mudokons !


Date: Wed, 20 Dec 2000 21:45:45 -0600
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Sugarplastic,CD Baby, and Canadians!(RE:Bumble Winners)
Message-ID: <>


      What time is it? (Funkadelic say "us, is what
   time it is!") I finally broke down and ordered the
   latest, 'Resin' CD from the 'Plastics'.

      It came out about 8-9 months ago? But the only
   place you could get it was from 'Happy Snap's Crab
   Shack' in Flori-'Duh!.

      For the last 6 months you've only been able to get
   it at some 'whack' site called "CD Baby". I hate ordering
   stuff from places I've never heard of before! So here's
   what happened.

      I call CD Baby and say "I want 'Resin' by Sugarplastic,
   is it in stock?" She say, "let me look,yes it is" I say "I
   'd like to order three copies"(I don't burn stuff you can
   buy). She say "that will ship today,priority US mail"

       That was last Thursday. Today is/was Wednesday the 20?
   of December. I got my package today. Three copies of 'Resin'
   , It's a damn fine album! I'm very happy with the service I
   received from CD Baby.

       I totally recommend this CD to all Chalksters!

                     Next subject.


        I'd like to take this time to apologize to Rich
   Greenham (and eggs?). Rich is the 'Grand Recipient' of the
   'Bumble Nova' gifties thang. Unfortunately, my 'thinking
   took' fell off, and his 'gifts' went flowing down a river
   of Labats 'Gold'. "Beat me hoser! Eight to the bar!" I
   swear, Damn! I'll make you feel like an ELF if it's the
   last thing I do!

             "Bow down to the Santa Claws!"



Date: Thu, 21 Dec 2000 12:19:24 -0600
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: Happy X-mas, all of you
Message-ID: <>

Fellow Humans, and Fans Of XTC (inclusive)
    This month marks more or less, two years on Chalkhills for me, and
being the sentimental old fool I am, this time of year finds me waxing
thusly. Now that the initial excitement of Wasp Star has waned a bit, I
find myself missing the daily digests, and wondering what's taking place
in the real lives of all of you with whom I've communicated over the
last two years. I've learned from or otherwise been enlightened by a
great number of you.

    A special Merry X-mas to John Relph for what is no doubt a serious
chore at times.

Holiday wishes, to all of you who bothered writing back to me, or
otherwise acting generally civil; especially:

My once and future friend and cohort Joe funk, Jill and Steve Oleson,
Jason Garcia, Paul Culane, Duncans; both Kimball and Watt, Harrison
Sherwood, Wes Long, Todd Bernhardt, Megan Heller, Dominic Lawson (our
resident Moray Eel) John Lerfald, Craig Vreeken (got the first four
letters right!), Debora Brown, Vee Tube, Christopher Coolidge, Tom
Kingston, Stephanie Takeshita, Parrish Wilkinson, Barbara Petersen,
Jefferey Thomas, William Sherlock, Richard Pedretti Allen, Michael
Versaci, Adrian Ransome, and of course a tip o' the hat to ol' Satanas
Diablo for being such a good sport.

It's really been a pleasure getting to know you all, I think we've got
the best music list on the web.

XtC content?
Not to hex it before we start, but I've scheduled studio time to record
two songs for R.P-A's upcoming tribute. You-all have managed to drag me
back out of my cave into the world of recording music for the first time
in almost 8 years. Thanks for the impetus. What happens when the drums

Chris "Very Bad! Bass Solo!" Vreeland


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