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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 280

                 Thursday, 5 October 2000


          Re: The Sugarplastic *are* Fans of XTC
              A Question for the Hillians :)
                     Re: Philly Radio
             Mummer, the Night the Music Died
                    Converting People
                     Re: Philly radio
                       Kids are OK
  Like A Dog Going Back Over It's Own Vomit, So To Speak
                RE: Yes, yes, I know . . .
              Re: When words are not enough
                RE: If you were Andy . . .
             Re: Platforms and Pleasuredomes
            Salve? Balm? Nurse! My thesaurus!
                 Ireland and Down a Peg!
                    AV1 vs. Wasp Star
                An Englishman in Nashville
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Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 15:44:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: The Sugarplastic *are* Fans of XTC
Message-ID: <>

"joe _" <> wrote:
>And you can learn more about the band at their website, as well as another
>ongoing Relph project at

There is also a mailing list for The Sugarplastic, called Spastic-Laughter.
Visit the website at
By the way, The Sugarplastic discography has moved from the URL given
by Joe to


	-- John


Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 18:55:05 -0400
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: A Question for the Hillians :)
Message-ID: <>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet Service

I was wondering what you people thought about having a XTC chat?  No,
I'm not doing a listening party, but I will if people want too.  I
just thought we could get together in a chatroom and talk about XTC.
It's fun to chat with some of the Chalkers out there.  So what do you
think?  I was thinking if we do a chat we should do it in Talk City
(, so people don't need to download programs.
Just let me know.


XTC Song of the Week: "Church of Women"
Non-XTC Song of the Week: "Morning Has Broken" - Cat Stevens


Date: Tue, 03 Oct 2000 18:58:03 -0400
From: Judee Ross <>
Subject: Re: Philly Radio
Message-ID: <>

In response to the person who listens to Y100 in Philly....CHANGE
I listen to WXPN 88.5...not only have they been playing TMWML and
Stupidly Happy before they were officially released, but I hear at
least one older XTC song a day! And they do NOT play Britney, N'sync,
or the Backstreet boys (which Y100 plays every other song!  Granted,
XPN is a commercial free public station that relies on pledges during
their seasonal "beg-a-thons"...but I've given up hoping to hear XTC on
radio stations that employ goofy morning teams for entertainment.
Try XPN if you haven't already, and I think you will be Stupidly Happy
like me!



Date: Tue, 3 Oct 2000 20:32:48 EDT
Subject: Mummer, the Night the Music Died
Message-ID: <>

Chalkheads: My sister in XTC, Madam Brown, writes:

<< Just imagine it, friends.. a
 tolerant place where Mummer lovers can stroll freely through the streets,
 singing at the top of their lungs, "Great fire burning THROOOOUGH.. great
 fire burning through my house.." without fear of persecution or reprisal.. >>

I do this on the third floor of Main Building at Trinity College, where I
work. The acoustics in thie 100-year-old building, which has long halls and
high ceilings, are great and Great Fire echoes tremendously! I just find
myself singing that song without even thinking about it. The students think
I'm nuts, but they're used to it now.

On  the death of John Lennon: I was recovering from surgery at my
then-fiance's  (now spousal unit) house, and was about to turn off the light
and hit the sack as the 11:00 news was coming to a close, around 11:27 p.m. I
was 25.

J.C. Hayward, a local news icon in Washington, D.C., came on with the news,
"This just in: John Lennon has been shot in New York City. That's all we have
right now. Stay tuned."  Believe it or not, U.S. Chalksters, ABC's
"Nightline" wasn't born yet, so I had to wait for another news flash. I
turned on the radio, then called my sister, who was studying for final exams.

We were on the phone all night, sobbing and listening to Beatles' music.
Absolutely a heartbreaking, truly unbelievable night. "In My Life" was and
has been my favorite Beatles tune, and I still get goosy when I hear it.

That truly was the night the music died, friends.

And, one more thing:



Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 00:03:49 -0400
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Converting People
Message-ID: <>
Organization: AT&T Worldnet Service

I'm going to Cleveland to see The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, and I'm
going with a group of friends.  I've made two tapes of my favorite music
to each of them, and I've added some XTC to them.  I'm hoping that I
convert them.  I've put songs from Wasp Star, O&L, Nonsuch, Rag and Bone
Buffet and a couple of others.  I'm hoping they like them, because I've
converted a few people to XTC.  The ones I've converted said that XTC's
music is very wonderful to listen to.



Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 01:28:33 -0400
From: Groove Disques <>
Subject: Re: Philly radio
Message-ID: <> received the following response (in part):
>hmmm.  guaranteed, eh?  just like all the other XTC million sellers...but
>unfortunately, everytime I've
>worked at a station that played an XTC single, they have not been hits.

To which concluded:
>  So, Thats the state of Philadelphia radio. I suspect its like that almost

Sadly, the station manager of Y100 is right on the money.  At this point,
it's not fair to blame it on radio.  Blame the masses, and don't tell me
they need to be forcefed the cake they prefer.  They really like the crap
they buy.  XTC has recorded dozens of singles more stunning than "Stupidly
Happy" with only a few minor hits to show for it - in Philadelphia, New
York, 48 other US states, and even their homeland.  Commercial radio
stations won't put a lot of effort into major artists whose major hitmaking
days are behind them (how often do you hear a single off any recent Paul
McCartney album?).  Why should they go out on a limb for a band that hasn't
produced one single as popular as - hell - mediocre McCartney singles, like
"With a Little Luck"?  We should be thankful that new XTC albums even get
released on major labels.



Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 10:21:46 +0200
From: Bergmaier Klaus <>
Subject: XTCnatra
Message-ID: <>

Hi from Austria once more!

Another XTSinatra connection:
The Testimonial Dinner tells us: Terry and The Lovemen appear courtesy of
EMI Records. EMI is also Frank Sinatras long time record company. They are

Bless you, bless you


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:26:34 +0100
From: "Chris" <>
Subject: Kids are OK
Message-ID: <001f01c02ded$b977a920$29a0a8c0@sigta>

Ok, I know this is not really the place but that didn't stop the Kevin
Gilbert fans and I'm gonna be real quick and to the point.

The new Radiohead album is really rather special you know, especially the
last track which is probably the most gorgeous thing ever. Thanks.

Chris Clarke

np: guess


Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 09:03:29 -0400
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: Like A Dog Going Back Over It's Own Vomit, So To Speak
Message-ID: <>

Honkin' smart Harrison Sherwood <> ponied(pony-d?) up, re:
Cure fans' assembly of covers of all 431 songs the Cure ever recorded:

> So: Who up for, it, gang? Every single XTC song ever done--gotta be a piece
> of cake, right?

Now *this* is a GREAT idea. I'll bat clean-up.

Duncan "Great googly-moogly - we're gonna do it too!" Watt

email me:
surf me:


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 12:06:27 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: Yes, yes, I know . . .
Message-ID: <>


In the last 'hills I rambled at length about finding both Dukes albums
in a local second hand record store.

I said that I saw:

	A splash of colour, hazy reds and purples, four blokes in
	negative, and the word . . . "Psonic"

OK, OK, I know - the reds and purples and the "four blokes" appear on
the cover of 25 O'Clock, not Psonic Psunspots.

What can I say - I was excited!

Smudge "I still am" boy


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 11:43:14 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: When words are not enough
Message-ID: <005501c02e19$d15f07a0$110affd1@Brian>


The Worrier Queen told us:

>I'm not sure if I believe in an afterlife, or heaven and hell.
>The thought that Terry is no longer *is* makes me afraid, afraid that
>one day that's what will happen to me.
>The selfish little thought that I am merely mortal.

>Don't want to die like you.

Perhaps this is only a feeble attempt to assuage your fears, but:
You are merely mortal.
We all are, with no exception.
People die all the time. Except for the grief that their loved ones face,
there is no other earth-or-universe-shattering result that occurs.
As for your own personal fear of dying: I wrestle with this on occasion,
too... it's tough to be a sentient being. We think too damned much.
When you go, you go... period.
Worried about that yawning abyss of nothing that comes when you die? You've
already been there (figuratively-speaking), before you were born.
Same thing.
No, I do not believe in in an afterlife, or a supreme being. It's as much
nonsense as we know the gods of the Romans or the Greeks are.

-Brian Matthews


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 17:30:21 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: If you were Andy . . .
Message-ID: <>

Tee hee - you're gonna hate me for this . . .

There I was, skiving away the last half hour of the working day, really
not enthused to do anything serious, when a thought struck me (right
slap bang between the eyes . . .)

If you were Andy . . . (snigger) and you DIDN'T have any aversion to
playing live - if, in fact, you REALLY fancied the idea of touring again,
well . . . what would your set list be?

Now, hold up a minute - what you SHOULDN'T do here is simply list
your favourite 18 XTC tracks, oh no no no, chalky children . . .

Think about a set list that would a) be realistic to play live AND do
justice to the songs; and b) REALLY please a crowd which was a typical
XTC mix (yeah, right, a typical XTC mix - as if!).

I tried to think of this myself first and I thought I'd better set
some rules, so here goes:

Your concert (should you choose to accept it) will feature 15 tracks plus
a three track encore. So you have an 18 track concert to plan.

You are allowed a band of up to 6 musicians - but that includes you (Andy),
Colin (nb, IT MUST include Colin!) and four others - your choice. Yes, yes,
alright: you (Andy), Colin AND Dave and three others. OK? Happy now?

You will be playing in a medium sized venue - in the country of your
domicile (which, as you are Andy, makes it the UK, hur hur!).

There are NO limits on the technology you can employ (for those of you
who are determined to get "River of Orchids" in there - let's face it,
you won't do it without some SERIOUS software!)

I tried to do this myself - but in no way, shape or form is this a
half-hour job, so what better way to sign off on a week's vacation
(starting Monday) than to leave this one in your grubby little
mitts. Haarrr haaaaarrrrrr!

Oh all right, here's my (pretty poor) best effort so far - hey, it's a work
in progress.

1. Playground
2. Stupidly Happy
(brief interlude to say inane "Hallo London, it's wunnerful to be back" type
3. Respectable Street
4. Generals & Majors
5. No Thugs In Our House
6. Towers of London
7. Rocket From a Bottle
("phew, hey, let's meet the band")
8. I'd Like That
9. Knights In Shining Karma
10. No Language In Our Lungs
11. Beating of Hearts
12. Peter Pumpkinhead
13. That's Really Super, Supergirl
14. Books are Burning
15. Funk, Pop a Roll
("Thang yew London, g'night")
("Hey, we rilly rilly wanna thang yew again . . . a-one, a-two, a-one two
three four")
16. Collideascope
17. My Love Explodes
18. The Wheel and the Maypole

. . . and no, I haven't got the band together yet - bloody Nora, do I
have to do EVERYTHING around here?

(Oh, and apologies if this thread has been done before my time - feel
free to roundly lambast me if that's the case - I still enjoyed this!)

Smudge "You've been a wunnerful audience" boy


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 13:23:30 EDT
Subject: Re: Platforms and Pleasuredomes
Message-ID: <>

The "mighty" Wave 105 radio station in Southampton, Hampshire have a regular
feature called Platforms and Pleasuredomes where they feature an artist from
years gone by.  The other morning it was XTC's turn to be put in the
spotlight.  It was quite an eye opener.  Apparently they are made up of Colin
Moulding, Andy Partridge, Dave Gregory and Terry Chambers; they have recorded
"several" albums; come from Swindon and about the most recent thing they
mentioned was "Sgt Rock".  They sound like an interesting group.  They then
inevitably played "Senses..." and that was it.  No mention of "Apple Venus"
or "Wasp Star".  Why bother??  Then it was back to the usual crap like
Britney and that God-awful Mariah "I can screech higher than you" Carey and
Westlife abomination.

Mike Farley


Date: Wed, 04 Oct 2000 14:38:24 -0500
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: Salve? Balm? Nurse! My thesaurus!
Message-ID: <>


A couple digests back, Tom Kingston wrote:

This may be a delicately macabre thread idea, but maybe a good
cartharsis and a good tribute to Lennon's memory for the anniversary.
(60 years!  It makes my head spin!  The Beatles turning 60!)  Anyway,
maybe those of us who remember that horrible night could relate their
tales.  You know, where were you, what were you doing, how it affected

Denial being one of my strong suits, I managed to not believe the news
for better than twenty four hours.
Whenever there's a death that hits near to home, I fall into a state of
false hope, thinking that for sure the next report or phone call is
going to say it was all a mistake, that someone who was presumed dead
has in fact turned up safe and sound. I think more than a few of us were
waiting for him to roll away the stone and emerge after three days,
preach a bit then ascend on the ethers until lost from sight.

Tom also wrote:

I took a piece of paper and wrote the final words to God, then taped it
to the bottom of the poster.
    'The dream is over, what can I say?
    The dream is over, yesterday
    I was the dreamweaver, but now I'm reborn
    I was the walrus, but now I'm John
    And so dear friends, you'll just have to carry on
    The dream is over'

Ah, the cathartic unguent of redemption.

There's that beautiful pause at the end of his laundry list of false
idols followed by ".......I just believe in me."
A song that has always inspired me to lift up my still quivering chin,
and brace my shoulder anew against the fickle winds of fortune.

Your Pal Duncan Watt said:

ps well, there was that one high-society wedding I played at where
there was RAW SEWAGE leaking out of the punctured main onto the lawn
and under the stage... anybody want to ghost-write a bestseller about
7 years in the life of a wedding band?

Raw sewage? Buddy boy, I've seen a fraternity spontaneously spew
enough sewage from their festering gobs to fill an entire dance floor
an inch deep in viscera.  This same gig also featured the famous
"chandelier incident," in which one of the brothers, in attempt to
"swing from the rafters" brought the whole 300 lb. contraption down on
ten of his classmates. We were in the middle of Whole Lotta Rosie, and
didn't even break stride. Ah, to be young and broke again....

XTC content?  I like 'em.

Chris "get me a bucket" Vreeland

ps- Americans- register and vote, please. And while you're at it,
consider voting for Nader.


Date: Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:01:31 EDT
Subject: Ireland and Down a Peg!
Message-ID: <>

Hey Chalkers-

Went to Ireland for my 2 week Holiday last month, and took plenty of XTC with
me.  I hired a car, had B&B vouchers and was ready to tour the countryside,
and the pubs!

When I picked up my car, I requested a CD changer in it.  I plugged in 5 XTC
discs,  and started to play Wasp Star.  The damn changer kept "beeping" in
obnoxious fashion.  Service?  Uh, my CD changer doesn't work; it's got an
annoying "beeping" going on!  (I hadn't even left the parking lot from
Shannon Airport.)  "Well, sir, the best we can do is give you another car."
(Yeah, that's right, eliminate the problem by giving me another car!)  Then,
the blasted car rental agent gave me a car with no changer; Bugger all!  Yes,
I was BUMMING.  No XTC on disc to be heard.

But luckily I had all three of the Chalkhill's XTC Tapes with me, and a
couple of party tapes filled with XTC.  I plugged in one of the party tapes,
and began a northward trek from Shannon.  By the next day, I had finished
that tape, and just pulled out any Chalkhill's tape within my reach, and
plugged it in.

One tune in particular caught my musical-Irish Ears:  _Down A Peg_.  What a
f**king great, great tune!!!  I nearly cracked up the car on those
curvy-narrow roads trying to rewind the cassette player with my left hand,
driving on the right side of the car, with my left hand shifting gears on the
clutch, on the left side of the road:  All things I was not familiar with -
for the sole purpose of hearing that song again, and again.  I got through it

I have some queries about this song:  Was it an XTC demo?  Which era was it
recorded?   What record should it have been on?  And, why in all of God's
creation is it NOT on any record of XTC's?  That song was great.  And to top
it off, whoever the Chalker was recorded that little diddie, I tip my hat to
you.  The brief reading of the liner notes from that cassette, whose Title
escapes me, had one Chalkers' name with all the credits on the instruments,
and now his name escapes me.  Who are you? Please advise.

Anywho, about Ireland and the driving experience:  Ireland has all the same
elements of weather that England does.  Countless times, I said to myself,
that there were "dairy products whirling about in the atmosphere," and "it's
so untrue.  Hey, hey.   The clouds all weigh..."  The weather forecast was
mostly shitty!  (Hehe.)  Lots of Clouds, and they were churning about in the
atmosphere.  Lots of rain too; a recent Chalkhill's' subject.  Some sun, no
rainbows that I could see, but lot's of clouds.  And the countryside; green
and greener still!  I was wondering who was pushing the pedals on the
season's cycles across the pond.

Which reminds me:  I saw GREENMEN EVERYWHERE!  In the churches, in tree
carvings, in Castle ruins, on the letterheads at B&B's, on fashion decor, in
photos in pubs, on the pubs themselves, in their decor at the bar, just
really in unusual places.  It was brilliant to see so many Greenman
references in Ireland.  It was just too weird that I saw so many of them in
such a small confined amount of countryside I had visited:  Counties Clare,
Cork, Roscommon and Limerick.

These were my first observations of my Ireland.

Having most of Skylarking on tape, and driving in Ireland featured to be a
hit for me.  Driving in Ireland and listening to XTC (and the Rutles, which
was quite hilarious!), I really found a well balanced harmony between the
music I was listening to and driving about those winding roads, viewing the
countryside and hills, and experiencing the weather as it was.  Indeed, it
was my great pleasure.

I do believe that the music, as sublime as it is at times, made the driving
experience (in another country other than the States) so transcendental to
the point of humility.  I was so enamoured by the experience, that I truly
felt a deeper connection to XTC than at any other point in my life.  And, I
have been an XTC fan for 15 years.

Well, enough of that.  I had a great time.  On a side bar:  No one that I had
spoken to, with the exception of one bartender in Doonbeg, Country Clare, had
ever heard of XTC.  I guess it's not surprising.

Thanks for the memories XTC!  And to Ireland:  I will be back!

Cheers from Chicago
John Gardner


Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 13:14:42 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: AV1 vs. Wasp Star
Message-ID: <>


Hi Guys! I'm back! Whaddya mean, you didn't even
notice I'd been away?

Well, whilst I was away, some new wars appear to have
broken out: In Palestine, the Balkans, and on the
Hill. So what's all this about "Which is better, AV1
or Wasp Star?"

Always with an eye to the main chance, Mr. Don King
presents "The Rumble On The Hill". The price of
admission? Subscription to Chalkhills. In the green
corner (eschewing the normal red/blue convention), the
defending champion, Mr. AAAAPPPPLLLLE
VEEEENNNUUUUSSS!!!! (Volume 1). (Much whooping and
cheering.) And in the brown corner, the challenger,
unbeaten in 36 bouts (admittedly against far inferior
opposition, mostly just run-of-the-mill "adult
contemporary" bands), please give it up for Mr.
WAAAAASSSSSPPP STAAAARRRRR!!!! (whooping, cheering,
air-guitar playing).

The bout to be fought in eleven or twelve rounds of
between 3.23 and 5.55 minutes.

Seconds out, <ding ding!>

Round 1:AV1 comes out of his corner tentatively,
slowly building up a slightly dissonant rhythm,
hopping about from foot to foot for a minute and a
half before launching into any kind of attack. WS
comes straight out, dances about for a few chords,
then smacks River of Orchids on the "kisser" (a
technical term for pie trap) in the Playground. Round
1 to WS. Cries of "unfair! unfair!" from the green

Round 2: AV1 seems a bit more organised this time, and
WS a bit sluggish. Despite the strong beginning, WS
can't seem to make any new moves, and keeps repeating
the same steps. Easy meat for AV1, who strums around
for a bit, then slams WS with some highly accomplished
word-play. WS takes all this punishment with an idiot
grin. Round 2 to AV1.

Round 3:..AV1 struts out and launches straight into a
metaphoric attack. WS responds with a somewhat
lighthearted reply, and fails to land any significant
blows. Scores one direct hit at the end with "and beer
tastes good in tins...". Round 3 to AV1.

Round 4: After the fireworks of the last round, AV1
settles in for the long haul, with the subtle, melodic
approach. WS, on the other hand, seems to have been
galvanised by poor performance in the previous 2
rounds, lures AV1 in with a gentle approach, then hits
below the belt - right in the Brown Guitar. WS
receives public warning from the ref, who can't help
but smirk at such unsubtle tactics from WS. WS
attempts to out-metaphor AV1's blows in round 3 with
some measured puns, and leaves AV1 out cold (as
Vichysoisse) at the end of the round. Round 4 to WS.

Round 5: The previous round obviously took a lot out
of WS, who can't really summon up the energy to do
much except clomp around the ring to a dismal dirge.
AV1, however, is upbeat, some say "frivolous", and
really does some damage to WS. The mother-in-law
one-two is a direct hit, and AV1 wins the round hands
down and Rael Brook shirt hanging out.

Round 6: Feeling in the ascendancy, AV1 comes out all
horns blazing, but is knocked for six right at the
beginning of the round by three stunning chords from
WS. Whaddya think to that? Both parties give it all
they've got, WS countering AV1's orchestrated moves
with some heavy fretwork. Round 6: Drawn.

Round 7: WS is obviously still hyper from the last
round, and starts throwing metaphors all over the
place, but AV1 counters with the "stiletto in a velvet
glove" approach and totally floors WS with biting
sarcasm. Public warning to AV1 for biting. Round 7 to
AV1, and WS looks totally F-U-C-Ked.

Round 8: WS still feeling quite upbeat, but AV1 has
also picked himself up and comes right back at him. No
knockout blows in this round, but both contenders
trade metaphors. Round 7: drawn.

Round 9: WS storms out with some heavy chords to find
AV1 sobbing in the corner. Both, it seems, have
unresolved emotional turmoils to contend with. AV1
adopts a new tactic, wistfulness. WS beats the shit
out of the lily-livered pansy. Round 9 to WS. AV1
obviously on a loser's course.

Interlude: at this point, due to the weight difference
between AV1 (11 stone) and WS (12 stone), WS performs
a solo round. Points are awarded for technical
ability, artistic interpretation, and degree of
difficulty. WS performs "You And The Clouds Will Still
Be Beautiful". Referee tells WS not to be such a
pansy, this is a boxing contest, not bloody
figure-skating, and to get the F-U-C-K on with the
fight. WS tells ref that he's still beautiful. Ref
gives WS a slap and is disqualified. New ref sworn in,
and ordered not to indulge in any surreallism.

Round 10: Despite the failure of the last round in
which he participated, AV1 continues with the
wistfulness tactic, and comes a cropper as WS
out-wistfuls him with milk, butterrr-errr-errr, hearts
and minds, combined with some strong chord combos
which leave AV1 dazed and confused. However, AV1
counters with a look that could keep him fed all year.
At this stage, AV1 is obviously punch-drunk and making
no sense whatsoever, and keeps going on about tinned
food. Round 11 to WS on points.

Round 11: AV1 is all over the place. As the blows
land, he's hallucinating about balloons, for God's
sake! WS is making a strong finish, with heavy
metaphors hitting hard. WS loses it slightly in the
middle with some poor hitting concerning "stars
stuffing their larders" but recovers well with an
"everything decays" combination. As AV1 slows down to
a full stop, WS finishes up with something about a
popcorn-holder. Round 11 to WS.

The final score:

AV1: 4
WS: 5
Drawn: 2

So WS wins on points, largely as a result of round 10
(Harvest Festival vs. Church Of Women) - what many
thought a fairly innocuous, end-of-bout round with no
clear-cut winner seems to have had an influence beyond
all proportion.

Ah, well, it's all in fun. What does the above really
prove? There are songs on each album which can knock
the socks off the other. There are a couple of duds on
each album. Which they are, of course, has been hotly
contested before, with pretty well everything coming
in for criticism at one time or another (with the
possible exception of TWATM - don't seem to recall
anyone disliking this song. Come and have a go if you
think you're hard enough! ;-) )

Now then, down to serious business. Both volumes were
supposed to be released as a double album. Some of
these songs, with different treatments, could quite
easily have fitted on either album - our perception of
them is necessarily coloured by the album they
appeared on. I personally would like to hear "Your
Dictionary" in an eclectric version - I think this
song could sound even more bitter-n-twisted with some
electric guitars. So, your challenge is this: which
song (from any album, not just AV1 & WS) do you think
would have benefitted from a treatment more suited to
a previous or subsequent album's
style/production/instrumentation? Do all their songs
work in the "of that time and place" concept, or would
some of them work better now than when they were
originally recorded? Or should they have been written
years ago?

Rory "looks like a can of worms to me" Wilsher


Date: Thu, 5 Oct 2000 07:05:30 EDT
Subject: An Englishman in Nashville
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This has no XTC content whatsoever, but no one else I know would know who I'm
talking about, so I'm sharing this with you (and aren't you all so glad?). I
was watching the County Music Association awards last night (I'm a big Trisha
Yearwood fan - phenomenal voice), and who comes on stage to give Reba
McEntire the International Achievement award but...Jools Holland! What a
strange juxtaposition of people that was! He was representing BBC radio in
some manner...I was too surprised to pay attention to what the announcer
said. Now if only he'd done a duet of "The Night the Lights Went Out in
Georgia" with Reba! :o)



Date: Thu, 05 Oct 2000 19:42:12 +0000
From: The Worrier Queen <>
Subject: spam, spam and more spam
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In celebration of Darlin' Deb's hard work in winning all that spam & to
celebrate Mummer Day can I suggest a few party foods.

How about some Spamish Rice, Spambled Eggs or even Eggy Cheese
Spamwich Sandwich.

If you think I'm making this up, (and yes I have been known to be just
 a bit economical with reality from time to time) go here:

Now you're on your own.
Jayne the Worrier Queen

He Toi Whakairo He Mana Tangata
Where there is artistic excellence, there is human dignity.
Maori saying


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