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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 273

               Wednesday, 20 September 2000


               RE: Call me Deacon Greenman
             Another ridiculous tie knot....
                     True Confessions
                   Rain Until September
              Ya Never Know WHO You'll Meet
                  Open and Shut Doors...
                         The Dome
               German Translation and stuff
         More Rambling (I Just Can't Stop Myself)
                   speaking of rain....
                      Leap of Faith
           Re: Why Does Your Sack Swing So Low?
           Revenge Of The Great Lost Kinks MP3s
                     Re: Soundtracks
                Re: I'm Drunk, I'm Lonely
                       Re: turn on
                   Stuff and things...
                    xtc? I should say.


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All the people follow like sheep.


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:36:45 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: Call me Deacon Greenman
Message-ID: <>

Right, here we go-2-3-4

Cathryn Myers, I was, in general agreeing with your post re Mummer
and Big Express vs Wasp Star . . . and then you ruined it. I quote:

"But I still maintain that WS represents XTC doing Steely Dan (albeit
better than Steely Dan does Steely Dan, but Steely Dan nonetheless)."

Errrrrrrr, no. Seriously, no way on earth. Apart from the endless Standing
In For Joe/Barrytown debate, there is NOTHING on any XTC album that
makes me think "a-ha, that's a Dan-type song" and vice versa.

The only link is the sheer depth of musicianship and song-writing skills and
perhaps the "eminently local" feel of each band. However the reason they
are not alike is exactly that.

Steely Dan are quintessentially West coast America - laid back jazzy
riifs, with an undercurrent of East coast hidden sleaze. XTC are (you
see where I'm going here?) quintessentially English, with in-your-face
pop riffs layered with orchestral arrangements. One would almost say
"quirky". (Joke, honest!).

If you're still not convinced, try this . . . imagine Andy and Colin
re-recording Aja or Gaucho; alternatively, imagine Becker and Fagen
doing their version of Oranges & Lemons or Mummer.

It doesn't happen, does it?

My two favouritest bands ever - I've always seen one as the antidote
to the other, and vive la difference!

But then again, "Love on a Gaucho's Wages" - we may just have something

Smudge "West coast. west country" Boy


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 12:27:57 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Another ridiculous tie knot....
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B7311776C6C7E@NT4SERVER03>

David "Sir Smudge of Boy" Smith wrote of the Smashing Pumpkins:

>Have you ever seen a sadder example of ageing pop

..right after he posted a glowing tribute to Sir Elton of the John..... go,
as they say, figure.

Anyway, Smudger, I'll ignore the vicious Jeff Banks-esque critique on Jimmy
Chamberlin's sartorial style on the grounds that you called me a genius a
few digest ago ; ).

On the subject of 'Pop/Rock stars who should know better re the
"for God's sake act your age" issue'....

Aerosmith; who should rename themselves Aeroflot. Is it true they now travel
to gigs cheaper because of their Senior Citizen's Bus Passes? The only band
who make Lycra look saggy.

Tom Waits; I mean come ON fella; rumpled suits? Designer stubble? Get with
it guy, this ain't the eighties, get yourself some silver combat pants,
black string vest and a black body warmer, then your records might get in
the charts!!

XTC; Comfy Trousers?? Shirts??? Jackets and Ties???? What is this, a
management meeting at Safeways?? Jeez! At least get some sequins on that
flat cap, potato features!! And Moulding, get yer hair cut!!!


P.S. Has anyone else heard the cover version of Genesis' "Follow You Follow
Me" by Germany's male answer to Britney Spears? **shudder**


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:25:47 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: True Confessions
Message-ID: <>

Hi, my name is Mark and i too have misheard lyrics.

I clearly and painfully remember my very first misheard lyric
incident. I was still a cute little boy, perhaps 10 or 11 years old and
very much "into" the Beatles and the Who. Ooh, how i loved to sing
their songs - never mind the fact that i did not understand most of it.

Anyway, one Sunday afternoon i was stupidly happy 'singing' away
something from Tommy - probably I'm Free - and somehow, from the
back of my as yet very pure mind, out rolls the word "masturbation".

The adults present laughed their heads off and i insisted that
somebody explain to me why i had said something so funny...
And, to make matter worse, my mother _did_ explain.
The horror, the horror!

PS: i'm alright now. the doctor says everything will be fine as long
as i take my pills



Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:25:47 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Rain Until September
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Those sad songs sure strike a chord, eh?

> Feel Like Buddy Holly - Ted Chippington
i dunno, i don't think Buddy actually feels much.
But if he did he certainly wouldn't feel very happy

> Not many rain songs? huh?

i'd go as far as to say that rain has probably inspired more songs
than sunshine has. Rain is also a very powerful metaphor for that
state of mind we call "the blues" of course. And feeling sad & blue
has always been far more inspirational to artists than happiness.
After all, the sad stories are always the best - Tristan & Isolde,
Romeo & Juliet, Tom & Jerry; the list is endless.

Or take a look at fairy tales, probably the oldest stories in existence.
"they lived happily ever after"... the story actually ends once
happiness sets in! No misery, end of story. I rest my case

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 15:06:35 EDT
Subject: Ya Never Know WHO You'll Meet
Message-ID: <>

Darling Chalkers - I saw Marshall Crenshaw in Annapolis, Md., USA last
week (fabulous acoustic set) and bumped into 4 of my neighbors. I
usually only see these folks when I'm walking my dogs, so this was a
nice opportunity to say hey and talk about other than my dogs and the
weather and their kids.

We got to talking about what bands we would LOVE to see ... I now take
every single opportunity to blab about XTC, so I threw the band's name
on the table, not expecting anything. Well. As someone so eloquently
said, "shitfire!" One of the guys almost lost his eyeballs from
shock. "Annamarie? An XTC fan???!!!" (I'm thinking I'm way too Mary
Poppins and need to Britney Spears-it-up-a-bit.)

His first question was:

"What do you think of Mummer?"

"I LOVE IT!" I exclaimed (really, truly)

"What's your favorite cut?"


The conversation went fabulously from there :-) He really almost died
when I gushed about Dukes. Man, did he misjudge ME! Ha!

He has his tickets from the cancelled tour (how jealous I am!); all
the music in vinyl -- was there from the beginning, unlike my poor
novice self. His long-suffering wife just groaned and put her head on
the table, as my spousal unit would have if he hadn't been at work. He
groaned upon my re-telling and said he would have to change his
opinion of this particular neighbor!

Cool! A new bud, in living color.

Re: HUMAN ALCHEMY. Ok, ok, ok. I've had several long commutes to
carefully listen to this song. It really is quite something. I don't
know when I'll ever be "in the mood" to listen to it, but I no longer
hop over it, and don't dread its approach. TK, aka Kingstunes, thanks
for your patient guidance :-)

Rag & Bone Buffet
Kevin Gilbert's "Thud"
Kevin Gilbert's "Toy Matinee"
Wasssssppppp Star!
Apple Venus (is River of Orchids just perfect, or what?)

Blatheringly yours on a very rainy day in Washington, D.C.,



Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 17:35:15 -0400
From: Neal Buck <>
Subject: Open and Shut Doors...
Message-ID: <>

Chalkboards & Erasers,

Thanks to everyone who answered my Doors question, i.e. "I'm Horny, I'm
Stoned" on "Other Voices," a sans-JM Doors album. I may try to pick up a
copy anyway, as that song has sentimental value.

How about this for a post-Sad Songs thread? Beautiful Songs - of the
achingly kind. The ones that make you go, "Ahhh!" (as opposed to "Wahhh!")
To start things off, from the top of my head:
"The Man With the Child In His Eyes" - Kate Bush
"Easter Theatre"
And a winner in both categories, "I Can't Own Her" (!), sad, yet that

Misheard lyrics -
Well, not really misheard 'cuz I KNEW what he was saying, but every time I
hear the Police's, "Does Everyone Stare," it sounds like Sting must have an
allergy; you know, "Does everyone stare this way Ah-Choo!"
And yes, I thought Hendrix was saying "kiss this guy" at first!

I've given some opinion on WS, but for the record, regarding AV1 vs. WS, I'd
say it was Apple (Venus)s and Oranges (and Lemons). They're two different
kinds of music, one for sitting and listening (maybe w/headphones), and the
other for dancing around the room (or someplace). That's why I can't
understand people who can't enjoy the whole range of XTC's career. It's not
one OR the other - it's ALL great! - but for different reasons/purposes. And
of course, each album isn't black or white either, "Greenman" gets my body
moving (granted, in a Dead-like Indian trance-like way, but moving just the
same), and "Boarded Up" is a sit-down and listen song, for example.

Enough for now,


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:30:07 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: The Dome
Message-ID: <000a01c02280$c957b2e0$8668073e@default>

Kirk quoth:

>Speaking of Peter, has anyone actually gone to see that OVO show at the
Millenium Dome? My wife and I were in London recently, and decided to skip
it.  Took a round on The Eye instead, and enjoyed. That dome thing seemed
>like it might suck. Anyone actually seen it?

Yeah, I was at the Dome for the first time thisMonday.  I absolutely loved
it.  It really is an amazing day out.
The thing is all the people I know who had been had told me that it was
good,  yet it gets such a bad publicity.  It doesn't deserve it, but it's
become a soft target to bash at...a metaphor for political correctness and a
classic target for the ever cynical British press.  Forgive, if you will a
(short) bout of soap-boxing, before I tell you about the show:
I have only one criticism of the Dome...they should have built it in Derby
(the other main suggestion for a site).  Many more people would have gone.

I put Dome-bashing down to PC ness and a cynically, party-pooping mentality.
The argument goes...why waste another |40 million on the Dome when we could
give more to the NHS?  Well, I say why not follow the argument through to
its logical conclusion?  Let's spend no public money on the arts at all!
Thank God the ancient Greeks had more sense!  I suspect that most of these
folk who moan are the same people who would buy fags and lottery tickets and
would prefer to spend their money in the pub instead of on their kids.  They
see fit to attack the State's morality, but not their own.  They think the
State should be only about nursing them, never expanding their horizons.  If
they'd been in ancient France they would have decried the Cave painters
thus: "get out and plough a field, you lazy git.  That's a worthless thing
you're doing."  They are the same sort, who in Paris at the end of the 19th
Century, didn't want the Eiffel Tower building.  The vast majority of
locals, we are told, felt like that.  Try telling a Parisian today that we
should knock down their Tower.

You can bet that hardly any of those who moan on have been to the Dome.  I
am prepared to believe that there are those who have been and not enjoyed,
but by all accounts they are in a small minority.

The show is very exciting, colourful and engaging to all ages.  I am not a
theatrical type.  I prefer music and the written word, but it was damn good.
It is part circus, part theatre, part dance and part story telling.  Neither
am I a particular fan of Peter Gabriel, tho' I do appreciate his talent.
The music is well written and quite world-ethnic.  There's a bit of a lot of
genres in there, but it's not a mush.  There are vocals that reminded me of
Kate Bush and I wouldn't be surprised if she had a hand in it, being a
friend of PG as she is.  The show builds nicely and there are many
spectacular moments.  A friend of mine said recently, that the show alone is
worth the entrance fee (you can get in for a tenner with several deals, and
when you consider the cost of a footie match that ain't bad).
The rest of the Dome is fascinating...there is something for everyone and
bits that different people would wish to miss out.  I liked the Rest Zone
the best.  It was a tingling place for all the senses.  If you are in two
minds whether to go...go and make your own mind up, away from the baying of
the newshounds.  Advert over...but if we can discuss the Australian Olympic
opening ceremony, which lasted but briefly, then surely there is space for a
brief defence of the Dome, which goes on a whole year.

Deborah discoursed:

>The sad song thread is no longer a thread.. more like a rope.. and I agree
that it should be allowed to  R.I.P... I will let it go after I say this..
composer Freyderyk or Frederic Chopin can really twist the knife without the
utterance of a single garish word.. I'm thinking of a shorter salon piece..
>Raindrop Prelude..

Absolutely, Deborah.  My favourite composer since childhood and the most
poetic of then all.  I think that it was Debussy who said; "Chopin is the
greatest of us all, for through only the piano he discovered everything."
The famous E Major Etude is the one that is sadest for me, and indeed was
Chopin's favourite of all the music which he ever wrote.


Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 07:32:37 EST
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: German Translation and stuff
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Roger Fuller" <>
>Subject: Uebersetzung, aber flott jetzt!
> >"Heeresnachrichtendienst ist ein Widerspruch in den Bezeichnungen."
>- Karl Marx
> >translation please Iain
>I'm not sure of the original quote (Is this a back-translation from
> >English into German using a web-translator?)
>but it looks like the ever-famous:
>"Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms"-

Ding ding ding! Hot dog, we have a wiener!
(I work for the Australian Army - although they can barely speak English, I
thought I should translate that quote into German just in case. Crediting it
to Karl Marx was a good idea at the time)

>From: Martin Herles <>
>Subject: Re: Jumbo Shrimp
>I'm not Iain,

Shit, can you imagine *two* of me? (and I think to myself, what a wonderful

>still, the translation reads:
>'Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.'
>In fact, I think the German is dodgy, it's well possible it's a
>re-translation from English. After all, good ol' Marx lived in London >for
>a long time...

Yep again. I've lived in Australia all my life, and my entire knowledge of
German was taken from the movie "Top Secret". Waiter, I want a schnauzer
with my wiener schnitzel.

>From: "Smith, David" <>
>Subject: RE: All things Reg
>Well, great ceremony, but you rather ruined it for me by getting Cathy
>Freeman to light the flame.

Sorry, that was my idea. I take full responsibility (Ric Birch wanted Damir
Dokic to do it, and I had to put my foot down).

>Subject: Sax Crimes
>Ed K. sez: "Actually, this Foreigner thing has reminded me of >something;
>one of my most all-time detested sounds is the "80s sax part", of which
>there is a perfect example on 'Urgent'."

Wasn't that sax part played by Junior Walker? Has someone already mentioned
this? I've just been skimming the digests lately, y'see, so I might have
missed it.


"Anyone dumb enough to want to be in the military should be allowed in" --
Bill Hicks


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 19:45:29 -0400
From: Sylvan <>
Subject: More Rambling (I Just Can't Stop Myself)
Message-ID: <>
Organization: ttp://

> Bonus Tracks:

Personally, I would order the mummer b-sides:
1. Desert Island (album quality)
2. Toys (silly)
3. Gold (catchy)
4. Jump (uninspired version of Seagulls)
--------- (Cutoff line. Snip!)
5. Frost Circus (boring)
6. Procession (unfortunate)

> On the other hand, as long as we're re-writing history, everyone with a
> CD-burner should replace the original "Dear God" with Sarah M's version.

Don't forget to remove Omnibus from Nonsvch. <snip>
As a matter of fact, Bungalow and That Wave can go, too. <snip, snip>

> Let's see, doing movies, did concerts, did bands that suck, what's left?
> Hmmmm...
> By Jove! Eureka! How about this? How where you turned on to xtc?

Oh, boy! A life story thread! I originally heard about them years and
years ago through my stepfather (still the only XTC fan I've ever
met), but didn't think a whole lot about it until recently, when I
picked up a copy of Upsy Daisy Assortment at some record store. Within
hours, my CD player was stolen, with the disc inside. Being extremely
stubborn and wanting my money's worth, I downloaded Napster and fished
around for the tracks, reconstructing the album with my CD burner. The
only hitch was that the version of Chalkhills and Children was from
O&L, so it began with the last few seconds of Miniature Sun's fadeout,
of which I had vague memories from hearing the album many years
previously. In the end, that little snippet grew on me so much that I
had to get the album. So began my $10.99 a day habit...

> I like Church of Women the best, I think, because no one
> can write lyrics like Andy.

Unfortunately, despite the wonderful lyrics, the actual music of the
song does absolutely nothing for me. Maybe I should join Doesn't Like
Church of Women Anonymous. Although it's better than Boarded Up and
Wounded Horse...

"The hamster is still dead." --Leonard Nimoy


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 19:58:53 EDT
Subject: speaking of rain....
Message-ID: <>

don't forget, oh most glorious chalkies....

"It's Raining Men"

I'm sorry.

Sarah "I like TWATM! Honestly!" D.


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 21:34:29 EDT
Subject: Leap of Faith
Message-ID: <>

Wild Man Joe Easter sez in 6-#272:

" I don't need Transistor Blast. I already have recordings of all those
songs. Why do I need another one?"

To those not converted. Take a leap of faith. Buy this set. It is worth
three times what you pay for it.
Probably more.

Waiting for my Shaming of the True to arrive. You goddamn monkies have
finally gotten a freakin' hold on me or something. I submit, I submit!!!!


OKOKOKOKOKOK! I'm so easy to convince! Transistor Blast it is!
And you'll love Kevin Gilbert's TSOTT...

One of those "goddam monkeys!"


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:11:29 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Why Does Your Sack Swing So Low?
Message-ID: <l03130300b5edda26e540@[]>

>Actually, this Foreigner thing has reminded me of something; one of my most
>all-time detested sounds is the "80s sax part", of which there is a perfect
>example on "Urgent".
> Apologies to any sax players out there: I don't
>hate the instrument itself, and there's quite a lot of jazz where I enjoy
>it, it's just a certain pop sax sound that had its heyday in the 80s that I
>can't stand.
>Ed K.

  Unfortunately, we can blame that 80's sax solo on none other than the
great R&B sax player/singer Junior Walker, who was somehow roped in to play
the solo. They must have paid him a pretty penny for that one. Better him
than Kenny G for sure, or David Sanborn(who once played on an Ian Hunter
album, come to think of it, the same one Jaco Pastorius played bass on)
  What do I know, my taste in saxophone is more along the lines of Albert
Ayler, Ornette Coleman and Captain Beefheart. And Andy and Lester Bangs too.

Christopher R. Coolidge

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 20:57:15 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Revenge Of The Great Lost Kinks MP3s
Message-ID: <>

         (If you haven't used my idrives before,
           please see: Chalkhills Vol.6 #205
                   RE: Warbles)

      Fuzzy disc 1 is WAYMUCH behind schedule. Sorry.
   The best I can do right now is offer the 'Great Lost
   Kinks Album' I left off 2 songs,'Everybody Else' and
   'Plastic Man'. You can get these on any decent Kinks

      Very seldom do I get serious on the 'Hill,But,
   if you like the stuff the Kinks did around 'Face to
   Face' and 'Something Else' You're gonna like this.


      On a less serious note, none of this would be pos-
   sible without love from that wacky gang in Austin,TX.

                     Thanx Kids!


P.S. Coming soon! (Ssshhhhh! Keep this quiet...
                 ...Bumble Nova)

     "All the elves in the shop think I just want
        to sit on thier pointy boo-oots"OUT!


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 22:22:21 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Soundtracks
Message-ID: <l03130301b5eddc4d66a9@[]>

>As for sad songs, well at least very deeply felt songs that echo in your
>soul, how about the Windmills of Your Mind?:
>from a truly great film...The Thomas Crown Affair.
>The original with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen is the best (esp chess
>scene) sung by Noel Harrison in pretty psychedelic vein.
>However the remake with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo is pretty damn clever
>and good, sung by Sting (not a bad version).

  I'm biased in favor of the original, if only because some of the outside
shots used my uncle's house in Boston(also used for the 70's crime drama
Banacek). If I ever see the remake it's got to suffer by comparison.
  Some good soundtracks:
This Is Spinal Tap
Sweet Talker
James And The Giant Peach(it would have been better with Andy, though)
Repo Man
Road Kill
O Lucky Man
I'm sure I could think of many others, but these are all soundtracks that
have a life of their own outside the movie and in some cases are better
than the movie itself(Sweet Talker and Percy especially I hear are rather
forgettable movies).

Christopher R. Coolidge


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 06:52:24 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: I'm Drunk, I'm Lonely
Message-ID: <l03130301b5ed02145d51@[]>

>Speaking of the Doors, I've got a question - Years and years ago ('74/'75)
>WHFS used to play a short "medley" featuring an Alice Cooper snippet ("...
>You can turn me off...") and then a song that I thought was by the Doors
>that went, "I'm drunk, I'm lonely, I'm horny, I'm cold; Don't you know, life
>ain't so easy when you're on your own..." Anybody know anything about this
>song? Is it the Doors, or someone who sounded like them? Or was I just
>stoned (see last post)?

  Believe it or not it's The Doors, but without Jim Morrison; they put out
two albums after Jim Morrison died, the first with Ray and Robbie splitting
the lead vocals the second augmented by three new members including a lead
singer.(nobody I've ever heard of) The only reason I recognised the lyrics
was I saw the sheet music for the first post-Morrison album(it's called
Other Voices, if you see it anywhere) on sale in a used record store that
also sold used sheet music. The song in question is "I'm Horny I'm Stoned."
They also tried out Iggy Pop as lead singer for one concert in LA, Iggy did
one great show with them then went off and scored some smack and
disappeared for six months. (I got that from an Iggy biography I read a
while back)

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 00:41:05 EDT
Subject: Re: turn on
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 9/19/00 7:45:41 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
<> writes:

<< By Jove! Eureka! How about this? How were you turned on to xtc? >>

Heard Todd R had produced latest XTC lp, wondered what it was like, borrowed
brother's 12" single of Wake Up, dug it, remembered years ago had heard
"Generals and Majors" on Michael Tearson's Gorilla Theater, remembered
diggin' it, went out and bought Skylarking, dug it big time, devised bizarre
interp of album not being summer-themed but rather being
reminiscing-about-summer-in-winter-themed, got hooked, bought lots of lps &
import singles, eventually bought CDs of most of them.



Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 23:57:26 -0400
From: "D.V. Caputo" <>
Subject: Stuff and things...
Message-ID: <>


1st of all:
I knew that it wasn't "she's so funky-os"!Really! It was a misheard
quote!(this time I'm not kidding!)

2nd of all,
I agree, the Extra tracks are pretty  neat, especially the Somnambulist.

3rd of all...
WIMP: Peter Gabriel,"Melting Face"(I suddenly got back into the
album,regardless of the mis-quote... And Through the Wire is great)
I don't get what's so bad about "Travels in Nihilon". I think it's a
really good one!

"Countdown to Christmas Party Time," however...

I'm tired. With merely Chrono Cross and some books of the Elric Saga
keeping me energized through this week, I am losing strength...cannot
talk anymore...must go to...bed!

"and then did Elric leave Jhakor in pursuit of a certain sorcerer who
had, so Elric claimed, caused him some inconvenience..."
-The Chronicle of the Black Sword
p.s. Thanks for the suggestion, Jamie!  I really have to try that,hope it


Date: Wed, 20 Sep 2000 00:49:19 EDT
Subject: xtc? I should say.
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkhillers,

Cathryn Myers wrote :

'Any XTC fans in search of a little burlap might want to
checkout Sugarplastic.  I read about them on the list and tracked them
down.  Well worth it.  "Don't Sleep" has enough transitions and surprises
to impress any XTC fan.'

Couldnt aggree more. In fact their latest opus ' Resin' contains more
memorable hooks, melody, wit and invention than either of xtc's last two
Is it just me or are others feeling that xtc reached their peak a few years
I know it's heresy to say it and that instead i should be extolling the
virtues of Wounded Horse, Any recent Colin Tune and You and the
XTC sound like two men in search of inspiration. their last two albums have
included no end of 'clunkers', (see the above)  relieved by a great songs,
'Easter Theatre' an example.

Bands that have recently released albums better than either Wasp Star of AV1

Negro Problem
Lilac Time
Mutton Birds
Minster Hill
Ben and Jason
David Gray
Shawn Smith
Marine Research
Jason Falkner

Will now go and hide.



End of Chalkhills Digest #6-273

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