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                Tuesday, 19 September 2000


         My name's Bender, please insert girder.
                      Re: drip drop
                       Sad But True
                      This and That
                   Lccherlicher Stichel
               Did someone say film score?
                        more rain
                  Randy Days and Nondays
                 Re: She's So Funky, Yeah
            who doesn't like church of women?
                      Re: WS airplay
                       Dan dare...
        Look! Up in the sky! It's CD-Burning Man!
                    Major catching up


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Came back again to find a hole.


Date: 18 Sep 2000 17:56:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: My name's Bender, please insert girder.
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Sarah exclaims:

>> OK, I agree, NOTHING is as good as the Simpsons. <<

I'd like to forward Futurama as the funniest cartoon. I used to laugh
muchly at the Simpsons, but I think it's a little tired now. I think
they're right to stop it after this series.

Bender - funniest character I've ever seen in a cartoon. Just genius. :-)

We constantly go around saying "Is it about the eye?"...

...which just goes to show, we should get lives! <g>

She [Sarah] then asks

>> XTC content.....I like AV1 better than Wasp Star. Any takers? <<

Er, nope. Sorry. WS better than AV1 by a mile. But that's just my not so
HO... ;-) If you like AV1 better then it's better for you. :-) (And that's
what matters.)



Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:03:40 EDT
Subject: Re: drip drop
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 9/17/00 9:10:20 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Jayne writes:

<< Rain in pop music? >>

Flowers in the Rain - The Move
The Rain Came Down on Everything - Roy Wood
Way Beyond the Rain - Roy Wood



Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:05:42 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Sad But True
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

You want sad songs?

Non-XTC: "Long Black Veil" as performed by Nick Cave.

The song tells the story of a dead man who sees the woman he
loved wander around in mourning after he was hanged for a murder
he did not commit. She knew he had been with here throughout that
night but could not save his skin because she was his best friend's

Sex, death, loyalty, betrayal , crime and punishment: all the
ingredients of a classic tragedy are there and used to great effect
It should serve as a lesson to all fornicating adulterers out there.

XTC: "1000 Umbrellas"

Further explanation not really necessary; you all know this one by
heart. But i do want to add that whenever i'm feeling down & out and
nobody loves me i put on this track and "sing" along. And it never
fails to lift my spirits; as if going through the emotional depths of the
song's protagonist somehow deminishes my own misery.

There's a quite a number of other XTC tracks that can have this kind
of cathartic effect on me... Complicated Game, Language, Nihilon,
Seagulls, Train Running Low etc. But "1000 Umbrellas" is the one i
always pick to treat my broken heart

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:53:41 -0600
From: "Steve Johnson" <>
Subject: This and That
Message-ID: <>

Bonus Tracks:

In my humble opinion, "Jump" is the only one that should have made the
album cut ("Castaway" is close, but no cigar).  Great song!  Love the way
Andy turns one-syllable words into two-syllable words ("do-ooo",
"through-ooo") and slides down a half-step on the second syllable.
Exquisite phrasing!

On the other hand, as long as we're re-writing history, everyone with a
CD-burner should replace the original "Dear God" with Sarah M's version.

"Sad" Songs:

Indeed, many of the songs listed in this thread are "sad," but not in the
way that makes me reach for the hanky.  But it's nice to know that other
Chalkhillians appreciate "In Germany Before the War" and "Here Comes the
Flood" (non-Bob Ezrin version).

AV1 vs. AV2:

Each has some rare gems and some clunkers.  Just like every other XTC
record, the sum of all the parts is far greater than anything else
(musically speaking) on the planet.

Pie Trap vs. Cake Hole vs. Meat Chute:

I prefer the simpler, mono-syllabic "hole," as in "shutcher hole!"

Speaking of which, to paraphrase Annie Lennox, "I've heard it said too many
times, why don't you ever learn to keep your big mouse shut...".


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 21:05:42 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: HDCD
Message-ID: <>


> Any word about HDCD (or 24 bit versions, etc.) of AV1 or WS?
My Japanese edition of Wasp Star says it's a HDCD. Perhaps this
only applies to the 'de luxe' limited edition but i suspect they would
not go to the trouble to master the disc twice

Can someone explain to me if i should buy a compatible player?
My local Hifi dealer was very eager to sell me one but honestly
admitted heh did not know what it was or how it worked

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 17:39:00 EDT
Subject: Lccherlicher Stichel
Message-ID: <>

>From: Tyler Hewitt <>
>Subject: sad songs say SO much

>maybe an interesting variation would be songs that are
>not particularly sad in themselves, but are sad by
>association for us.
>any takers?

Oh God nooooo, pleeease, noooooooooo....!

"Thirty minutes after my microcephalic Cousin Skeezix ran over my beloved
mole rat Bucephalus with his Vespa, I lay prostrate behind the family
Winnebago, my lips embracing firmly the grand old motor home's tailpipe,
tasting the exhaust as it filled my lungs with the sweet harbinger of relief.
'Bucephalus,' I called across the Great Divide that separates the quick from
the dead, 'Bucephalus, I come to join you in that better world where a boy
and his mole rat can live without fear of society's persecution of those who
know the Love That Dare Not Squeak Its Name!'

"At that moment, I heard a sweet strain of music leaking from Skeezix's
Walkman earphones, which were clamped to his pointed bald head as he stared
blankly at me and chewed one of Bucephalus' crushed thighs. The music called
to me, beckoning me back to life, giving me strength to carry on, to say
goobye--no, au revoir!--to Bucephalus. Such sweet music as could perform
miracles of bittersweet melancholy....

"To this day, I cannot listen to Jim Nabors' exquisite rendering of "Love Is
Blue" (Columbia CK-44404)--for that is of course the song that I
overheard--without a pang of complex longing, leavened with tenderness and an
awareness of the fleeting nature of life...."

And vice versa, of course.


>From: The Worrier Queen <>
>Subject: more mummery

>"Heeresnachrichtendienst ist ein Widerspruch in den Bezeichnungen."
> - Karl Marx
>translation please Iain

"Military Intelligence is a contradiction in terms," which is pretty amusing
considering that Iain's first few posts to Chalkhills came from the domain with auto-stamped disclaimers proclaiming them

Obviously, the job's getting to him...


>From: Sylvan <>
>Subject: eBay Randomness
>For the true completist, there is an Israeli version of
>English Settlement.

Must...resist.... Don' Strength...ebbing.... Can't hold


Push your car from the road... Can we envision a drunken Mr. Partridge
buttonholing newly empedestrianated passersby (He is an Ancient Mariner! He
stoppeth one of three!) on the High Street, shaking them by the lapels,
shouting with beery breath, "I told you so! I told you so!" and laughing
hysterically while being carted off in a Black Mariah towed by three
policemen on wobbly bicycles....

Anyway, don't you try to tell me they don't have gas in Britain. Have you
seen what those people *eat*?


Chalkhills: The truly *international* XTC Discussion Group!


T-shirts available in the lobby...

Harrison "Chalkhills: SYWPTYRP" Sherwood


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 20:46:00 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Did someone say film score?
Message-ID: <>

Film scores?  Did I hear film scores?  Other than XTC,
it's only WHAT I COLLECT!

Best movie scores ever:

#1..... Edward Scissorhands - Danny Elfman

Also pretty damn good:
Black Beauty - Danny Elfman
Sommersby - Danny Elfman
Nightmare Before Christmas - Danny Elfman
Gettysburg - Randy Edelman
Dragonheart - Randy Edelman
Legends of the Fall - James Horner
Somewhere In Time - John Barry
Babe - Nigel Westlake
Cutthroat Island - John Debney
Lonesome Dove - Basil Poledouris
The Mission - Ennio Morricone
Princess Bride - Mark Knopfler
Local Hero - Mark Knopfler
Last Exit To Brooklyn - Mark Knopfler
Schindler's List - John Williams
Jaws - John Williams
Close Encounters - John Williams

Can you tell I like symphonic movie scores, as opposed to
song soundtracks?


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 08:06:25 +0200
From: Bergmaier Klaus <>
Subject: more rain
Message-ID: <41E0B760C85AD3119BE200E0291B6EE5057C76@NTSRV>

Dear all!

Here are some more songs dealing with rain, only some of which I can
recommend. The list could be endless and it has almost no XTC content at
all, so we should stop this, but it's fun to do a little brainstorming...

in the title:
Rain - Terence Trent D'Arby
Rainy Day Mushroom Pillow - Strawberry Alarm Clock
I Wish It Would Rain Down - Phil Collins
Walking In The Rain - Oran "Juice" Jones
Red Rain - Peter Gabriel
Crying In The Rain - Aha (it's a cover version of a Carole King song; also
done by Everly Brothers, Art Garfunkel etc.)
Rain - Madonna
November Rain - GnR
Raincluds - Paul McCartney (rare B-side 1982)
Rain - Erasure
Here Comes The Rain Again - Eurythmics
Rain Must Fall - Queen
No Rain - Blind Melon
It Never Rains in Southern California - Albert Hammond
It's Raining Again - Supertramp
Hard Rain - Bronski Beat, Bob Dylan

heavily dealing with:
London Town - Wings ("...silver rain is falling down...")
Mamunia - Wings "...the next time UCLA rainclouds..."
The Things We Do For Love - 10cc (" walking in the rain...")

Electric tRAINs - Squeeze

all stuff with rainbows like:
Somewhere Over The Rainbow - Judy Garland

XTC content:
XTC: Mummer:
	87: You shine like rain on the leaves you'll be glistening
	262: If the rains had never been? <lyrics/Mummer.html>
	318: Blood the colour of the rain that grew our wicked harvest
XTC: Black Sea:
	250: rain is the tears of the never never navvies who cry
XTC: English Settlement:
	118: Make a wish on every rainbow for the colours to reappear
	276: Now fragments of the truth swirl above my rainy roof
The Dukes of Stratosphear: Psonic Psunspot:
	32: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	230: Now I have rainbows appearing round here in the night
	259: Hello and down comes the rain <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	267: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	269: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	272: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	283: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
	286: Brainiacs Daughter <lyrics/Psonic_Psunspot.html>
XTC: The Big Express:
	163: It's raining on the beach <lyrics/Big_Express.html>
	305: The lies falling out like rain <lyrics/Big_Express.html>
	415: Little did I know that on a rainy day <lyrics/Big_Express.html>

XTC: Go 2:
	129: Sometimes he's standing in the rain <lyrics/Go_2.html>
	159: iron turns when it rains <lyrics/Go_2.html>
	281: In the cold rain <lyrics/Go_2.html>
The Dukes of Stratosphear: 25 O'Clock:
	80: And some magic moon dust that'll stop the rain
	121: Catch a rainbow and I'll be along <lyrics/25_O_Clock.html>
XTC: Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2):
	653: Hail to the chief comes raining raining <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
	654: Raining down <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
	659: And I know rain inside your head <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
	667: So let it rain! <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
	681: So let it rain <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
	682: Just let it rain! <lyrics/WaspStar.html>
XTC: Oranges and Lemons:
	284: from Jimmy Swaggart's tommy gun. Don't promise rainbows with
some <lyrics/Oranges_and_Lemons.html>
XTC: Rag & Bone Buffet:
	702: No death in the rain <lyrics/RagNBoneBuffet.html>
XTC: Skylarking:
	29: Ballet for a Rainy Day <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	183: Ballet for a Rainy Day <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	186: Raincoats roll and tumble <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	192: Ballet for a rainy day <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	207: When it rains it rains <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	214: Raincoats roll and tumble <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	218: Ballet for a rainy day <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	222: Ballet for a rainy day <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	230: Upturned couldn't catch all the rain <lyrics/Skylarking.html>
	253: If you never let a girl rain all over you
XTC: Apple Venus Volume 1:
	126: If we could ride into the rain <lyrics/AppleVenusV1.html>
	169: I'd be growing in your rain <lyrics/AppleVenusV1.html>
	184: Smiling from the moist kiss of her rainbow mouth
	237: Shield your soul from this rain <lyrics/AppleVenusV1.html>
	450: Taken with rain <lyrics/AppleVenusV1.html>

It's enough


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 01:23:33 EDT
Subject: Randy Days and Nondays
Message-ID: <>

>Look at *Black Sea*. Where are you going to place the
> three bonus cuts?

AT THE END, DAMMIT!!!!!   Leave a gap if necessary.
Why d'ya think they call them bonus tracks?
>Rain in pop music?
>I can't stand the rain (can think not of artist)
>Here comes the rain again - Eurythmics
>Raining men  (I wish)  - The Weathergirls  (& if that happens over the
>Church of Women-)

(1000 Umbrellas open.......)

Rainy Day Man - James Taylor
I Love A Rainy Night - Eddie Rabbitt (Are we being indescriminate?)
The Rain Song - Led Zeppelin
Who'll Stop The Rain - CCR
Have You Ever Seen The Rain - CCR
Rain - Them thar Beedulz
Rainy Night House - Joni Mitchell
Laughter In The Rain - Neil Sedaka
It's Raining - Peter Paul & Mary
It's A Hard Rain's Gonna Fall - Them thar Bob Dillons
Listen to the Falling Rain - Jose Feliciano
Bus Stop - The Hollies
Rainy Night In Georgia - Brook Benton
Rainy Days and Mondays - Mamas & Papas

Your turn......
And some tail enders on the sad list-
How could I forget Joe Jackson?
    Breaking Us In Two
    Not Here, Not Now
    Be My Number Two
    Sentimental Thing
    Trying To Cry

Randy, Randy, Randy.  My, my.  Didn't I mention Old Man from Sail Away?
Finally - listening to WS again, in rotation with Toy Matinee, TSOTT, Lola
Vrs. the Powerman and Swan Dive.  Still love it!!!!
Songs that have worn off -
    Wounded Horse
    My Brown Guitar
    Boarded Up
Song that has grown on me the most -
    Stupidly Happy
Songs I still can't get enough of -
    Wheel & the Maypole

Methinks that Standing In For Joe is the best Colin song on the CD, and the
    of both albums.
On a scale of 1 to 5 for an XTC rating, I'd give Wasp Star a 3 1/2. At this

Chalk to ya later,


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 23:44:43 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: retraction
Message-ID: <000b01c021fc$b7543c00$55821c3f@default>

This post is not aimed at you weird ass gluttons who collect every xtc item
under the sun up to and including the soiled underwear of Dave Gregory...

It is aimed at those like me who say to themselves...

" I don't need Transistor Blast. I already have recordings of all those
songs. Why do I need another one?"

Why indeed...

I just picked this package up and am in absolute awe. More so than when I
first heard AV1. It is absolutely amazing. The part where the croud is
singing the intro to Respectable Street is amazing. For those of us (most)
who haven't had the opportunity to see this band live. Jesus Harold Clurman
Christ. What was I thinking? I take it all back. XTC Is The Live Band.
Granted, the more modern material may not be as condusive to sweating drunk
and slamming the living hell out of your pierced brothers and sisters, but
Holy Guacamole, why couldn't I be born English 20 years previous? And for
that matter, why did the Butcher Cover of the Beatles' Yesterday and Today
get pulled? Oh, sorry, got a little overwhelmed by hypotheses...

To those not converted. Take a leap of faith. Buy this set. It is worth
three times what you pay for it.
Probably more.

Waiting for my Shaming of the True to arrive. You goddamn monkies have
finally gotten a freakin' hold on me or something. I submit, I submit!!!!


Let's see, doing movies, did concerts, did bands that suck, what's left?

By Jove! Eureka! How about this? How where you turned on to xtc?

Me, heard Dear God on 120 minutes on mtv. Like, 13 or 14 years old or
something. Borrowed it from Mobile County Pubic (not a typo) Library. Dubbed
it onto a tape with the other side being Oingo Boingo. Remember having
concerts with my Swan Songs being That's Really Super Supergirl and Elevator

Dude, I'm still having concerts.

The automobile was probably invented with the sole intention of having a
Really Awesome Place to sing Tunes.

Viva la XtC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Joseph Easter (who the hell else?)


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 00:08:54 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: anecdote
Message-ID: <002701c02200$17c7fa60$55821c3f@default>

Of the rain theme...

When (and is) Montana was burning this summer, the NPR station out of
Missoula played basically every song thus far mentioned in order to generate
consciousness and make rain. The idea was, when all else fails, pray like
hell. Hope to heaven. Tuck thine head between thy legs and kiss thine arse

They played a song that just puts vertical smiles deep within the cackles of
my heart...

NaCL by Kate and anna McGarrigle. A great song for a closet intellectual.
Not rain, but an aquatic theme.

In other news... Autumn will be here in less than two days (bearing in mind
post travel wait time). Any celebrations. Never forget the turn. Very very

Yours in xtc, Joseph Easter

PS I realized that I must commision Radiohead to make the soundtrack of me
life. Flip those pesky Iglesias spawns...


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:54:17 -0400
From: Gary McBride <>
Subject: Re: She's So Funky, Yeah
Message-ID: <p04330100b5ed1dfedd77@[]>

D.V. wrote:

>oh yeah, one more thing... the beginning of Games w/o Frontiers sounded like
>"she's so funky-os". Is Funky-os a cereal? The world may never know...

It's actually "Jeux sans frontieres" (French for Games without
Frontiers)... sorry if the French spelling isn't perfect, but that's
the gist.

I did see "Urkel-O's" in a grocery once in Columbus OH, the cereal
offshoot of that horrible TV show with Urkel. ("Family Matters"

Sad song thread...someone nominated Peter Gabriel's "Here Comes the
Flood" and I'd agree that's right up there, especially the version on
the Robert Fripp album with the Frippertronics playing over some
scientist talking about the melting of the polar ice caps.

XTC content... listened to my CD of "Drums and Wires" the other day,
and I'd never noticed it before, but I have one of the ones with the
incorrect track listing and missing track. Anyone know of the
scarcity of these? Should I eBay it and earn millions? (All talking



Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:11:20 CDT
From: "Andrea Rossillon" <>
Subject: who doesn't like church of women?
Message-ID: <>

I haven't been reading the list in a long while, but I decided to this
morning and someone protested that Church of Women was a really good song,
really!  Which indicated to me that it was _not_ a favorite of the list,
which puzzled me.  I like Church of Women the best, I think, because no one
can write lyrics like Andy.

Will they ever like us men?  Men have thorns around their minds....

It's brilliant!  Men=Jesus=Christianity and other things that are sometimes
seen as oppressing women, as opposed to the earth-goddess worship that is
another big motif in XTC lyrics.  With that one line, he has immediately
conjured up all those images and conveyed a multilayered meaning.  No one
writes such tight lyrics, no one has such economy yet beauty of language.

Church of women is made out of milk which their love turns to butter....

A little churn imagery, the act of sex, the warm emotional side of
intercourse, I love it!  I wish I could write like that.
A little plug for Mummer, it's always been my favorite album, though truth
be told, when I listen to any of them, I'm reminded of how awesome they are.
  Something someone said to me when I introduced him to AV1, "You can tell
these guys aren't young men."  That may be all that's "lacking" from the
more recent XTC albums, that youthful piss and vinegar.

Yours in XTC,


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:38:56 EDT
Subject: Oops!
Message-ID: <>

>Rainy Days and Mondays - Mamas & Papas

Oops!  meant the Carpenters.  Damn synapses!



Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:27:58 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: WS airplay
Message-ID: <004c01c0223d$6e93bfe0$0d0affd1@Brian>


On the airplay front: I haven't, since my last report, heard ITMWML on the
local adult alternative station, but having subscribed to their survey
group, I get to make commentary about what they play and make suggestions
for stuff to play - like "Stupidly Happy'!
So we'll see...

-Brian Matthews


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 11:02:54 GMT
From: "Jari Missonen" <>
Subject: Dan dare...
Message-ID: <>

Just to make this perfectly clear... (I am not a crook)

OK, I own up, I did write that Steely Dan does sound the same live and on
disc, but apparently whoever took offence by my humble opinion failed to
grasp that this, in fact, was a compliment. I would expect a band made in
(studio) heaven to maintain the high-tech standard of their work even on
stage (a feat very few groups actually can accomplish). Should Dan turn up
and sound like a cheap garage combo, that would be a let-down, wouldn't it?
Dan dare be "good" on stage, all the credit to them - however, I find the
essence of live performances lacking if as a member of audience I am
confronted with what could easily be a CD playing and a bunch of musicians
miming to it. And PLEASE do not misunderstand me, I do like my Dan, but only
in the safety of my living room. And as for XTC, I must admit that I would
be VERY disappointed seeing this newly-designated Swindon Dan suddenly
breaking their vow of live silence. Not all music have to be heard played

No offence taken.


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 01:05:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Look! Up in the sky! It's CD-Burning Man!
Message-ID: <>

Back to the "sad songs" thread for a moment. Kudos to
whomever (I don't always write this stuff down)
mentioned "The Living Years" by Mike Rutherford & His
Musical Brownies, or maybe it's Mike Rutherford & the
New Power Generation. The writer added that he thinks
he ought to telephone his father, to which this orphan
must cry: Your Dad is still alive? Call him *now*!

Need more sadness? You might try the title track to
the album *1916* by Motorhead (insert umlauts
yourself). I'm not kidding.

Still more? Old-school cowboy singers Rex Allen and
Don Edwards released *A Pair to Draw To* in 1999,
months before Allen's death. At least three songs
presage his passing, as well as that of his world.

Albums I will create for myself someday when I've
achieved the evolutionary stage known as CD-Burning
Man (not to be confused with that other Burning Man,
which could be considered one or two evolutionary
steps backward):

*Songs That Make Your Right Foot Heavy*, featuring
"Hot Rod Lincoln" (an oldie but definitely a goodie),
"Closer" by Nine Inch Nails, "Somebody's Gonna Get
Their Head Kicked In Tonight" (as covered by the
Rezillos, not the slower Fleetwood Mac original),
"Help Me Somebody" by Brian Eno and David Byrne (from
*My Life In the Bush of Ghosts*, which has been
mentioned in Chalkhills), "Sausalito Summer Nights" by
Diesel (also evoked in Chalkhills recently), "Mannish
Boy" by Muddy Waters with Johnny Winter, something by
the Ramones, "Melt the Guns" (sod the message, love
the song), "Senses Working Overtime," and "I'm the Man
Who Murdered Love," but NOT "Dead Man's Curve" or "I
Can't Drive 55";

*Songs You Can't NOT Make Babies to*, which would have
to include Metallica's "Nothing Else Matters" (it's in
waltz time and it will surprise you), Sir Mix-A-Lot's
"Baby Got Back" ("Give me a sister I can't resist her
/ Red beans and rice didn't miss her"), Marshall
Chapman's "Rode Hard and Put Up Wet" (Marshall is one
horny six-foot-tall white woman), something by Joan
Armatrading (is she James Earl Jones's daughter?),
something by Barry White (give the man his due), "I
Got You (I Feel Fine)" by James Brown, "Not Alone Any
More" by Roy Orbison with the Traveling Wilburys, and
two incredibly sexy cuts from the soundtrack to the
1971 eco-utopian sci-fi flick *Silent Running*,
written by Peter Schickele (yes, P.D.Q. Bach) and sung
by Joan Baez: "Rejoice In the Sun" and the title

*Songs of Afterglow*, which I'd love to spend lots of
time on, Honey, honestly, but right now I have to go
because I'm due down at the corner to have a pint with
my mates;

(Seriously, I'd like to see how our Chalksisters would
fill up the *Afterglow* album. But how about "In My
Hour of Darkness" by Gram Parsons with Emmylou Harris
to start it off?)

*Songs to Play After a Tough Day at the Office*,
including Todd Rundgren's "Bang On a Drum All Day"
(dunno the exact title), XTC's "Earn Enough For Us,"
and, sorry, you "negative-fifty-points" people, but it
has to include Rush's "Working Man."

*Songs to Kill Yourself to* -- we've already filled
three CDs with this material, even without the Richard
Thompson stuff, and Yoko Ono's name hasn't come up
once, but I'd add XTC's "Leisure."

Ryan "the Hamster From the Ministry" Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Tue, 19 Sep 2000 01:40:47 -0700
Subject: Major catching up
Message-ID: <01da01c02215$502910a0$>

Hi kids,

Well, in what should prove to be a really stupid plan to beat jet lag on my
trip to London later tonight (which will include a pilgrimage to Swindon -
Hi, Kay.  See you soon), I'm trying to stay up really late so I've just
scanned & skimmed through an entire month's worth of digests.  Bear with me
as I catch up in the briefest manner possible.

In spite of that fact that May said no give's a rat's ass about the concert
thread anymore, here are a few of mine - just in case she's wrong.

First Concert: Dave Clark Five, Boutwell Auditorium, Birmingham, Alabama,
ca. 1967: It was one of those bills with a lot of acts and DC5 was the
headliner.  I got to go with my older sister and some friends and all I
really remember is that when the DC5 came on everyone stood up and I
couldn't see anything until these two guys in front of me put me up on their
shoulders and I was up above everyone.

First Concert by myself: Alice Cooper "Welcome to my Nightmare" tour, Von
Braun Civic Center, Huntsville, Alabama - Right up in front and almost got
crushed against the security barrier.  Great show.

Memorable Shows: Jethro Tull/Sensational Alex Harvery Band, VBCC,
Huntsville, AL, 75:  I was in love with both bands and ended up cracking my
eardrum because Tull was so loud and I had swimmer's ear.  They shut the
power off during an extended encore jam of "Locomotive Breath" and we all
had to go home.

Aerosmith, VBCC, Huntsville, '78 - Steven Tyler sent the security guards
after me for taking his picture (I think this was during their major heroin
phase) but the guy just said Tyler was being an asshole and let me give him
a roll of film I hadn't shot yet which he ripped open and tossed to Tyler on
stage.  i still have two killer slides from that show.

Best small club shows: The Bears, Breeders, Lexington, Kentucky, 1988: Had
all the guys in the band autograph their first album cover and my now
ex-wife had Adrian Belew autograph her "Lone Rhinoceros" album.  Nice guys
and great show.

Richard Thompson, El Rey Theatre, L.A., 2000: Second time I saw him ever and
both times were for the new tour.  The man is a God.  You should be stoned
and THEN crucified if you disagree.

Most Expensive Concert: Tom Waits, Wiltern Theatre,L.A., 1999: Three shows
sold out in the 20 minutes it took me to get through to the evil, wretched,
vile Ticketmaster.  By fate, my girlfriend's best friend had a friend who
worked for the label and she got us seats for opening night at $75 a pop.
Money very well spent.

I also agree with Rory Wilsher that Queen's live shows ruled during their
heyday.  God bless Freddie.

Concerts I Most Wish I Had Seen:  Genesis during "Foxtrot" or "Lamb Lies
Down on Broadway", Alice Cooper's "Killer" and "Billion Dollar Babies"
tours, Pink Floyd "Dark Side . . . " through "The Wall" and, of course, any
and all Beatles (although I did see them live on "Ed Sullivan" and we turned
off the lights in our den and took photos off the tv - I've got to find
those) and XTC. I did see Dave Gregory play with Aimee Mann, but that's as
close as I'll ever get, I suppose.

Oh, and I'm tired of the continued mis-informed stigma of Andy having "stage
fright"..Andy seems to have no real problem playing to people (check out his
impromptu performance on the "Circuit" DVD while he gets his shoes shined).
It was more the non-stop touring and pressure to perform (you know how guys
are about performance anxiety) that led him to stop, not unlike Brian Wilson
or the Beatles, really.  Just because he prefers the comfort of the studio
doesn't mean he's scared to go on stage.  Give it a rest, okay?

What else?

My current nomination for Saddest Song is "Over Yonder" by Steve Earle off
of his new and amazing "Transcendental Blues" CD.  Simon mentioned
"Soldier's Things" by Tom Waits, and while I could also name a handful of
songs by Tom, I'll pick "Johnsburg, Illinois".  Richard Thompson and Lucinda
Williams can also make me tear up pretty easily, along with probably
countless others I'm too tired to think off right now.

Barry Chapman's wonderful note applauding Colin's bass playing was great.
My two nominations for equally prolific bass players go to the way obscure
Rob Nyswonger from The Bears and Joe Macre from Crack the Sky.  Not the same
style as Colin, but amazing musicians.

Quickly on to Favorite Soundtracks: "Searching for Bobby Fisher" by James
Horner (what a perfect little gem of a movie), "Jude" by Adrian Johnston and
"The Education of Little Tree" by Mark Isham.  At least, those are the ones
I play most often.

Two really quick notes to close.

Deb - I love "Frost Circus", even if no one else does.  It's a great track
to have a short little meditation to and block out the rest of the world.

Last, but certainly not least, how fucking great is it that 14-year-old D.V.
Caputo has joined us.  Did you see this kid's list of favorite artists (oh,
and I use kid in the best way possible)?  It gives me a ray of hope to know
not every teenager is embracing the current, sad state of music being
promoted by Mtv and every other media outlet.  Excellent work, D.V.  Let's
hear from you on a regular basis.

I'll be back in a week or so to give you the details of my whirlwind trip to
London & Swindon (I'm also getting a personal inside tour of Abbey Road -
I'm going to cry for sure when I step inside Studio Two), complete with
photos at some point.

Jayne, love, I'll call you at some point when we get there.

Thank you, thank you, thank you for listening.


p.s. - I don't even want to see how many digest there will be when I get


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