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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 271

                Monday, 18 September 2000


         Reintroduction and White Music Question
           Let's see Beer, Jesus, Music...check
             Uebersetzung, aber flott jetzt!
                     We're all right
                     sands and tracks
               RE: When You're On Your Own
                      ANAL AUTOBAHN
                        Bean Feast
             True confession: misheard lyric
           Silent film of melting miracle play
                     Re: Jumbo Shrimp
                    RE: All things Reg
                  You Should Know Better
                  Jane plays with Willy
                        Sax Crimes
              Mummer--Big Exp--Sugarplastic
               No words for sad/Andy Cave?


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Better make up a storm / Or some electricky weather.


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 15:15:02 -0500
From: Danielle Gaither <>
Subject: Reintroduction and White Music Question
Message-ID: <>

I subscribed to this list briefly at around this time last year, so don't
feel bad if you don't remember me. ;-)  If you do, hi, it's good to be
back.  If you don't, hi, I'm Danielle, nice to meet you.  I was first
introduced to XTC back in junior high (around the time of Oranges & Lemons
if you're wondering), but I've only been a serious fan for about a year and
a half.

Anyway, the subject promised a White Music question: is that album out of
print?  The reason I ask is I was searching through to post a
review of the album (I already own a copy, thanks) and couldn't find a
listing of it for the life of me.  Ditto on Barnes & Noble's site.  I
checked Borders' site, and it listed it as a "Hard to Find" item.  Does
anybody know offhand if that album is out of print?  Apologies if this has
already been discussed on the list--if so, feel free to email me the answer

Danielle Gaither

It's man is an island.  But if you take a bunch of dead guys and
tie 'em together, they make a pretty good raft.
--Bug-Eyed Earl


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 17:28:24 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: Let's see Beer, Jesus, Music...check
Message-ID: <>

Hello,Hello, Hello,
         It's been a couple of weeks but now that i've laboriously read all
the past weeks' chalkhills I now know I was caught up without knowing it. In
fact we're still on the live show fun! (only a smidgeon of
sarcasm) To any wondering, the abominably corny version of the Guess Who I
saw was in fact led by that Kale guy. The guitar playing "Ringo" of the
      The last few weeks I've been in Germany for a wedding, which is
certainly a good experience for an East coast american. Good memories for
the most part (Beer playing sex
bomb..shudder..shudder)Strangely enough the band I saw at the Beer festival
also did a lot of sing a long crap like the Guess Who, but usually it was
gibberish such a nann-nahh-nnnahh! repeated endlessly. Don't you love Beer?
German and Italian cd stores seemed to be as well stocked for the most part
with XTC albums as american stores which was a welcome sight. Really wanted
to get Badly Drawn Boy while I was over there but i'll guess i'll have to
wait till october..oh well I hear he won the Mercury prize though.
     Good to hear the next albums going to be more abstract..I think it's
time for some adventure again. Perfect pop is great but where can you go
from perfection. I think right now Xtc need another English Settlement more
than another Skylarking if they aspire to longevity. Though maybe after the
next one. As always I'd like to counter my argument with the fact of "What
the hell do I know?".
      I couple of Israeli girls we met in Florence found humor in the fact
that I was a  (very)lapsed christian with a biblical name, and looked like
Jesus. In fact I got to learn the correct italian word for Jesus from the on
street heckling...can't go anywhere without that.

Seth "the best thing to happen to beer since hops" Frisby


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 21:03:07 -0400
From: "Roger Fuller" <>
Subject: Uebersetzung, aber flott jetzt!
Message-ID: <001301c0210c$3626a3c0$7253d63f@hp-customer>

>"Heeresnachrichtendienst ist ein Widerspruch in den Bezeichnungen."
- Karl Marx

>translation please Iain

I'm not sure of the original quote (Is this a back-translation from English
into German using a web-translator?)

but it looks like the ever-famous:

"Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms"-

XTC content: Todd B. et al- does AP still do military wargaming, miniatures
and the like?

Roger "tired of being action-less" Fuller

"I never saw so many shocking bad hats in my life. "
--The Duke of Wellington, upon seeing the first Reformed Parliament.


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 22:01:05 EDT
Subject: We're all right
Message-ID: <>

Wow, people actually agreed with me...this gives me the courrage I need to
speak out, or at least not cower trembling before the might of the LIST...the
reason I am not as big a fan of WS as AV1....well, the songs just ain't the
And not in the obvious "Well DUH" way.
I like Colins's songs on WS better than on AV1, but I like Andy's songs
better on AV1 than WS. Added up, it comes out in favor of die erste. But I do
love TWATM, although it couldn't be made into a bumper sticker for obvious
reasons..."Honk if you love TWATM".....not good.
And to start ANOTHER similar thread, and I know I will get bashed to high
hell for this'un....I don;t like We're All Light. I just don't. I like My
Brown Guitar, but not that other song. Feel free to support me if you like
(privately of you fear retaliation), I really the only one who
doesn't think it's Andy's best song ever?? And Church of's good!
Listen to me! IT'S GOOD!!!! Even the opening. IT'S GOOD!!!!

Anyway, I'll stop and go bleed quietly now.

And sad songs? I'll take "I Can't Own Her" and "Me and the Wind", plus some
other favorites:
"Autumn is Your Last Chance" and "The Leopard" (don't ask)- Robyn Hitchcock
Peter Gabriel?? I go with "Washing of the Water"
miscellaneous? "Amnesia" - David Byrne
that's all I can think of....and don't get me started on concerts, I've held
it in for this long, don;t make it spew forth in a torrent of reviews and

wombles (and no, I WISH I were taller! Plain, depends on who you ask),
Sarah D.


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 21:00:11 -0700
From: alecw <>
Subject: sands and tracks
Message-ID: <>

i wanted to post up some sad ones and some soundtracks, after all these
threads.  no blurbs...uh...just groovy melodies. saddy-sads (or songs
i've shed one to):

1. all those years ago - g. harrison.

2. nancy, with the smiling face - frank sinatra (sinatra's version and
john coltrane's)

3. forever - dennis wilson (from beach boys record 'sunflower')

4. angelica - scott walker

5. don't call my name - gary numan

6. angel - jimi hendrix

7. air a danser - penguin cafe orchestra

8. wild horses - rolling stones

9. it is obvious - syd barrett

10. across the universe - beatles

favorite soundtracks:

1. 'my name is nobody' - ennio morricone

2. 'merry christmas mr. lawrence' - riuichi sakamoto

3. '8 1/2' - nino rota

4. 'danger diabolik' - ennio morricone

5. 'chariots of the gods?' - peter thomas

6. 'wonderwall music' - george harrison

7. 'the manchurian candidate" - david amram

anyway, thanks for all yer indoolge.



Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 00:05:18 -0400
From: "majormidi" <>
Subject: RE: When You're On Your Own
Message-ID: <>

To Neal Buck...

"and then a song that I thought was by the Doors
that went, "I'm drunk, I'm lonely, I'm horny, I'm cold; Don't you know, life
ain't so easy when you're on your own..." Anybody know anything about this
song? Is it the Doors, or someone who sounded like them? Or was I just
stoned (see last post)?"

I haven't heard those words in years, so I was inspired to let you know that
your were correct!  That was the Doors san Morrison.  I don't remember the
actual name of the song but it was off of an album by The Doors called
"Other Voices".  The Doors recorded two album after the untimely death of
Jim.  Other Voices was the first one, which in reality wasn't a bad album,
but how could you listen without Jim...


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 00:36:31 -0400
From: "D.V. Caputo" <>
Message-ID: <>



Ok, now on to other business...

Favorite soundtracks...
-Live and Let Die
-Mars- the Bringer of War(I know it's only one song, but it's been used in
many movies, and It's  quite powerful, especially at the very end!)
-Xenogears soundtrack(sure,some of the songs were repeated predictably
throughout the game,but the rest(if not all) of the music is great!)
-2001-ASO  soundtrack
-What's Up Tigerlily  soundtrack

    Simpsons is great, but lately it hasn't been as good, as it seems to be
relying on special guests more, which are usually not so good(with the
exception of the Paul McCartney one, the " if you play the x beatles record
backwards, you'll hear a recipe for a really rippin' lentil soup" line was
pretty funny)
I second Wayne on Dexter's Lab. It's play on japanimation cliches are really
funny(especially in the dodgeball one)
I haven't seen family Guy that much, but the one with William Shatner(pretty
much the only one I've seen) is kinda funny...

Just saw  the movie Spinal Tap today...The Stonehenge skit was incredibly

ok, now for a special message...
Q: My friend Morgan has been listening to Blink 182 24/7. What music can I
suggest to him to break him from this rut of listening to what seems like
today's corporate rock?
(XTC didn't work,neither did Frank Zappa, so don't suggest those two)
oh yeah, one more thing... the beginning of Games w/o Frontiers sounded like
"she's so funky-os". Is Funky-os a cereal? The world may never know...
Hello there.

and goodbye...
"Look through any window, what do you see?"


Date: Sun, 17 Sep 2000 23:53:58 EDT
Subject: Bean Feast
Message-ID: <>


  AV1 vs AV2??  Give me a break.....Doesn't matter,

The moment I woke up the other morning, this exact line line was screaming
through my brain....

"Just a couple of lips away is an evolutionary bean feast who's insides are

I love that song really, really loud.  It turned out to be a good day....



Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:11:35 +0100
Subject: True confession: misheard lyric
Message-ID: <>

>"Hi, my name is Amy, and I mishear lyrics"

Well done Amy for coming out with your announcement.  It appears that I
also have misheard this lyric in exactly the same way as you since it was
released on the album....
Obviously something to do with having a caring personality....

Hi I'm James and I'm also a lyric misinterpreter......


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 05:33:22 -0500
From: Ned <nedrise@MNSi.Net>
Subject: Silent film of melting miracle play
Message-ID: <>

Hi Folks

John said:
>garbage , George Sanders would still have style ... " ( Kinks -
Everybody's In Showbiz " ) ...

I can't believe you mentioned George Sanders!  I just watched
A Picture of Dorian Gray an hour ago. He's great in that movie,
and what a movie it is.  Synchronicity strikes again.

Soundtracks? cool...
The Phantom Menace - The whole Star Wars series is filled with
fantastic music.  And it's such a huge part of those movies'
grandeur.  Ok, he does steal  from other composers, but to
me, John Williams is the best in the business.

Alexander Nevsky, Ivan The Terrible -two fantastic scores by
Prokofiev.  The AN music is so good, it's regularly performed in
concert halls as a cantata for soprano, choir and orchestra.

Powoquatsi -Philip Glass.  I mostly have a hard time
stomaching his music, but I like this one.

Eyes Wide Shut -I really like that Shostakovich Waltz
that they used.

What's up with the hamsters?

Not many rain songs? huh?

Who'll Stop the Rain -CCR
Rain -Anne Murray
the Rain, the Park and Everything -Cowsills
Thunder and Lightning -Phil Collins
Rainy Days and Mondays -Carpenters
Rain Song -Led Zeppelin
Rain Dogs -Tom Waits
Rain -Beatles
Stormy -Classics IV
Come in from the Rain -Mellisa Manchester?
Laughter in the rain -Neil Sedaka
Red Rain -Peter Gabriel
My Head is My Only House Unless
        it Rains -Captain Beefheart
I Wish It Would Rain -Temptations
Another Rainy Day in NYC -Chicago
Have You Ever Seen the Rain -CCR
Baby the Rain Must Fall -Glenn Yarborough
Rain on the Roof -Lovin Spoonful
Delta Rain Dream -Jon Hassel
Fire and Rain -James Taylor
Bride of Rain Dog -Tom Waits
Riders on the Storm -Doors            and on...

Glad to see Elton John get a mention here. Yeah,
he was awesome in the 70's.  Someone Saved My
Life Tonight was the first song I fell in love with
on the radio, and I still feel a magic when I hear it.
I love Empty Garden too, that one gets me right here.

More Melancholy Music:
St Swithen's Day -Dubstar. Sorry, haven't heard
       Billy Bragg's version.
Feel Like Buddy Holly -Ted Chippington.  This
goofy little number will have you laughing out
loud, too.

As far as orchestra music goes, the saddest music I've ever
experienced is the 4th movement of Thaikovsky's 6th symphony,
the 'Pathetique'. Talk about sad by association.  Tchaikovsky
died only days after the first performance of this piece, apparently
by his own hand. So it seems he wrote his own requiem.  It begins
in great sorrow, spiralling down and down.  It's all there, he
didn't pull any punches.  It gets darker and dimmer, slowly
fading into nothingness.  Death.  Wow.



Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 13:30:21 +0200
From: Martin Herles <>
Subject: Re: Jumbo Shrimp
Message-ID: <>

The Worrier Queen wrote:
>"Heeresnachrichtendienst ist ein Widerspruch in den Bezeichnungen."
> - Karl Marx
>translation please Iain

I'm not Iain, still, the translation reads:
'Military intelligence is a contradiction in terms.'
In fact, I think the German is dodgy, it's well possible it's a
re-translation from English. After all, good ol' Marx lived in London for a
long time...
Hope that helps...

Dr.Martin Herles
Vienna University of Economics
English Department
Augasse 9 A-1090 Vienna AUSTRIA


Date: 18 Sep 2000 11:27:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Goalkeeper
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Roger said:

>> Click here:
 In case y'all havent seen this----- The Moroccan goalkeeper. Thanx to Ten
Feet Tall in Italy <<

That's incredible! What's the story with this, is the 'keeper a big fan?
(Duh, no it's just a big coincidence! -ed) Who does he play for?

If you've not been to look, *do it*!


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 14:31:08 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: All things Reg
Message-ID: <>


Bob wrote about Elton John

"Just curious...with his tribute to Princess Di becoming the most-sold
single in history, is this viewed in the UK as a genuine tribute or
syrupy shlock intended to capitalize on this tragedy?"

I think it depends on how much you were sucked in to the Princess Di
thing.  I think he did it for the right reasons, but for my part, I
was more traumatised by that song and how the nation went COMPLETELY
over the top, than I ever could've been by her death. Yes, it's all
very sad, but the way it overshadowed Mother Theres'a death is the
real tragedy.

Anyway, back to Sir Reg of Dwight, I have to admit to a general good feeling
towards the man. Ignore the "prima donna" nature (which he does at least
have the good grace to admit to) and listen to the music - especially the
"missing years" of the mid-70s.

I still think Captain Fantastic is just that - absolutely captain! The
closing two tracks - "We All Fall In Love Sometimes" and "Curtains"
are as sad as they get.  Also, in a different way, check out "Ticking"
on "Caribou".

Final Elton plug - if you've never seen him live, try to - he puts on a
great show.

However, in the interest of all things balanced, I can see why he
would really piss people off!

Special added bonus "rain" tracks for me old mate Jayne:

It's Raining Again - Supertramp
I Wish It Would Rain Down - Sir Philip of Collins
Raining In My Heart - Buddy Holly
Standing In The Rain - Oran' Juice Jones (not sure if that's the correct
Walking In The Rain With The One I Love - The Supremes
Walking In The Rain - David Cassidy (obviously WITHOUT the one he loves)
Concerto For A Rainy Day - ELO
I Love A Rainy Night - Jimmy Buffet
I Think It's Going To Rain Today - UB40 (only just getting into R Newman -
is this the same song?)
Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head - Everyone and his brother!
Fire and Rain (James Taylor)
Here Comes The Flood - Peter Gabriel (work with me here . . .)

and finally . . .

Lorainne - Bad Manners (sorry!)

Duncs asked about the Olympic ceremony:

	OK ... so ... what did everyone think of The Opening Ceremony? Did
	we do alright?

Well, great ceremony, but you rather ruined it for me by getting Cathy
Freeman to light the flame. I thought the whole idea was to get a previous
(now retired) great sports-person or Olympian to light the flame (with the
punch-drunk shakes an added bonus?). It smacked a little of "better give
her this in case she gets beaten again".

There are plenty of great Aussie Olympians who probably won't ever get the
chance again - perhaps it was done in the true spirit of the Olympics (you
know, Nike, Adidas etc.)

Smudge Boy

"Wise man say
It looks like rain today
It crackled from the speakers
And whispered down the sleepy subway trains"


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 13:46:23 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: You Should Know Better
Message-ID: <>

"Hill"o everybody

Adrian Ransome ("Take that, V****n") tells us of Smashing Pumpkins'
decision to bypass V****n's distribution and release their latest on
MP3 to the world.

Nice one! In fact (sorry to any SP fans out there) that's the first thing
Billy and the band have EVER done that makes me like them.

Now I'm no lightweight (or spring chicken come to that) but has anyone
seen the recent publicity shots of the SPs. If not, find one and have a
look at this lot. Have you ever seen a sadder example of ageing pop
stars - esp the drummer (I think he's the drummer anyway) - hey, dude,
just luuuurve the way you accentaute that daaarlin lil 'ol pot belly with
those tight leather pants!

OK, I'm being bitchy, sorry, but come oooon!

Ooooh, hey, a new thread! Pop/Rock stars who should know better re the
"for God's sake act your age" issue. Now, yes, yes, I know MOST of
them have periods when they fit this category, but who really stands
out for lifelong DIS-service to RnR fashion and overall "what does
he/she think he/she looks like?"-ness? Here's a couple of suggestions:

Prince (great music, but . . .)
Michael Jackson (natch!)
Beach Boys (no, not those damn Hawaiian shirts AGAIN!)
Robert Smith (Robert, mate, stop it, alright? That's enough, OK?)

Anyhoo . .  . Jari Missonen said of Steely Dan:

	I know Dan has been back on the live circuit recently, but that
	does not count as they sound live exactly the same as they do on

I smell something. Is it a horse . . . a cow . . . no, no, it's bull
sh*t!  Just jesting Jari, but read my recent post after attending said
Dan concert at Wembley two weeks back.

Sad Songs: Madonna - yep, agreed, she makes me sad - EVERY BLEEDIN

The ever-entertaining Deb Brown said:

	For tonight's assignment I would like the rest of you folks to
	dig out your copy of Mummer

Dig out? DIG OUT? Bwaaarrrr harrr harrrr harrrrr - it was never buried
in the first place dearest! I still think that I would be more annoyed
about losing my Mummer than just about anything else in the whole wide
world-wide world.

Smudge "Electric boots AND a mohair suit" Boy


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 15:51:51 +0100
Subject: Jane plays with Willy
Message-ID: <>


In #6-269 Kirk wrote:

> Something like "Jeux sans frontieres" is outside the scope of our meagre
understanding... <

Don't chastise yourself too badly - over this side of the pond the only
reason that we are so familiar with the phrase is that it used to be the
name of a TV 'game' show, that involved competing teams from all over
Europe. Fairly dire in hindsight, but compelling watching in its heyday
(mid to late 70s??), at least in my parent's household.

Sad songs: 'Naked Flame' by Roy Harper

On the bonus tracks issue, I don't care whether or not there was a pause in
listening between LP sides (in my case most LPs got recorded to cassette
the first time they were played and only left the record sleeve again if
the tape wore out) the extra cuts still don't belong in that gap. Either
leave them off altogether, or stuff them on the end after a suitable pause
(a la the Demon releases of Elvis Costello's back catalogue)

Cheers, Steve

NP: nothing, sadly, as I'm working on a client site :((


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:32:52 -0600
Subject: Sax Crimes
Message-ID: <>

Ed K. sez: "Actually, this Foreigner thing has reminded me of something;
one of my most all-time detested sounds is the "80s sax part", of which
there is a perfect example on 'Urgent'."

He then cited a few examples, but one he left out was a tune that's gotten
some play lately as one of the better sad songs, Peter Gabriel's "Family
Snapshot."  On the studio version, there's this annoying sax part that
comes in every once in a while, that just KILLS the mood. Thankfully, on
the live recording of the song, the sax is absent. Just goes to show you
that even the best of us can make mistakes.

Speaking of Peter, has anyone actually gone to see that OVO show at the
Millenium Dome? My wife and I were in London recently, and decided to skip
it.  Took a round on The Eye instead, and enjoyed. That dome thing seemed
like it might suck. Anyone actually seen it?

On a personal note, my band played last night at the after-party of our
bass player's wedding, and our rousing version of "Complicated Game" went
over VERY well.


"It doesn't matter if you win or lose a little face"
(Another misheard lyric: 'Knuckle down and love that rice !')


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 12:00:37 -0400 (EDT)
From: Cathryn Myers <>
Subject: Mummer--Big Exp--Sugarplastic
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalksters,

Well, I am quite pleased with this Mummer revival (thank you Debora),
although I must say (with a big grin on my face no less), "I told you
so!"  Back a year or so ago when the list was in the middle of its most
recent English Settlement love fest, I participated in the "Name your
favorite parts of ES" thread and offered my choices along with an
afterthought that although ES was incredible, in my opinion, Mummer and
Big Express were far superior albums - as opposed to a collection of
tracks which is how I categorized English Settlement.  Well that didn't
go over so well.  But, I see the passage of time has brought more Mummer
fans to the list or has the release of two inferior XTC albums finally
convinced the faithful that we'll have to look backwards and not forward
for Premium XTC?  (Oops there I go again-and while I'm at it-yes I miss
Dave too.  Is it a coincidence that that last two albums sans Dave lack
that certain je ne sais quoi?)  But I digress.  Lets take the next step.
Dig out Big Express.  I believe many of you will be equally impressed.
Let me offer this concession-I know about the drum machine thing, but to
be honest, I am not enough of a musician or a percussion connoisseur to
tell the difference.  To me the drums sound just fine.  If that makes me
a XTC philistine, so be it.  For those of you open to the possibility of
liking Big Express, let me say, it has spent a big chunk of time as my
favorite XTC album and "Everyday Story of Smalltown" is my all time
number one XTC hidden gem.

Lets take the challenge one step further.  Spend a month with Mummer and
Big Express and then give Wasp Star a listen.  You know where I am going
with this.  I can't be the only one out there who sees the writing on the
wall.  Listen, I offer this not as a flame, but a cry for help.  What
will happen if XTC never returns to rare form?  I enjoy WS, but the songs
don't take me anywhere past the initial burst generated by the first few
bars.  Have any idea where "Great Fire" is going when you first listen?
What about "Me and the Wind".  And "Everyday story of Smalltown" ---WOW
what a journey and payoff.

What WS lacks in abundance is the innovative Middle Eight.  The Wasp Star
songs just plow forth until they are over.  Oh yeah, a couple of them
have pretty fades and endings.  But I still maintain that WS represents
XTC doing Steely Dan (albeit better than Steely Dan does Steely Dan, but
Steely Dan nonetheless).  I think one reason we were all so in love with
TWATM is because of the movement between the two parts.  Finally, we
thought (at the end of the album, unfortunately), a transition to be
proud of (oops, forgot where I was posting---a transition of which to be

Well I'll end this little temper tantrum now and just so you know, yes I
get the moral of the story.  The boys want to grow, each album is a
departure from the last, blah blah blah, that's why we love them, yeah
yeah-I know the drill.

On another note, a friend recently compared XTC to embroidery and as if
to defend his grievous lack of XTC in his collection offered the
observation that sometimes embroidery was a bit much and that musical
burlap was what he more often required.  I need a little musical burlap
too, but I am an XTC fan, so my burlap is of the 300 thread count
variety.  Any XTC fans in search of a little burlap might want to
checkout Sugarplastic.  I read about them on the list and tracked them
down.  Well worth it.  "Don't Sleep" has enough transitions and surprises
to impress any XTC fan.

Cath in NYC (who's been into Kate Bush a LOT lately.)

Check out the "Wedding List" on Never For Ever ("I shot him shot him shot
him honey"-who knew Kate had so much soul)

P.S. I promise my next post will be parenthesis free.


Date: Mon, 18 Sep 2000 09:04:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: No words for sad/Andy Cave?
Message-ID: <>

Hey there!

The sad song thread is no longer a thread.. more like a rope.. and I agree
that it should be allowed to  R.I.P... I will let it go after I say this..
composer Freyderyk or Frederic Chopin can really twist the knife without the
utterance of a single garish word.. I'm thinking of a shorter salon piece..
Raindrop Prelude..

Thanks, Sushiman!.. I can't wait to begin receiving my spam.. anyone have
any yummy spam recipes?.. spam, spam, spam, spam.. lovely spam, wonderful

TK said:
<<Human Alchemy is a scary sounding thing, though, isn't it?  Andy's bizarre

Andy's creepshow voice effects at the end of HA remind me of Nick Cave..
anyone else hear this?

<<Soundtrack faves? I thought you'd never ask...>>

many, many faves.. here are (more than) a few:

Mary Poppins
Lost Highway
Wild At Heart
Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels
A Clockwork Orange
Bird (Sdtrk.)
West Side Story
o.k.. o.k.. enough..


Debora Brown
Recently converted Caledoniaphile


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