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               Saturday, 16 September 2000


             True confession: misheard lyric
                  Ha! Take that, Virgin!
                Re: Meeting scary b-sides
                        upsy artsy
           Let it be a rock and roll Apocrypha
                   Sucky sucky 5 dollar
             Corrections & saxual perversion
                       Changed Name
                   That Petrol Emotion
                 I'll family guy you!!!!!
                   Standing in for Dan
                  Sad Songs Say So Much
                       Randy Newman
              Like the circles that you find
                      Re: Sad Songs
            The resurrection of Mummer, etc..
              Misheard and MisRemembered...


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Push your car from the road.


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 06:58:09 EDT
Subject: True confession: misheard lyric
Message-ID: <>

Fellow XTC fans -

I know you all are gentle, accepting souls, which is why I feel I can confess
to you the following:

In his discussion of Skylarking in #6-267, Rory Wilsher said -
<<Earn Enough For Us: Hurtful comments from the boss? >> [etc.]

I have had Skylarking since its release, and I have the cover version on "A
Testimonial Dinner." This is one of my fave XTC songs and, honestly, I always
thought the line was "Hurtful comments on the bus." I was picturing this guy
who was so lacking any status, whose job was so lousy, who was such a
complete and utter loser that total strangers riding the bus with him before
and after work would make fun of him. I mean, c'mon, how much worse can it
get? My heart was breaking for this guy! And there's his saintly wife,
sticking with him in all his pathetic-ness, even having his kid. Now that's

There, I feel better for having confessed. I'm on the road to recovery...

"Hi, my name is Amy, and I mishear lyrics"
"Hi, Amy!" [warm applause]


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:27:33 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Ha! Take that, Virgin!
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B7311776C6B43@NT4SERVER03>

OF MODERN MUSIC' - last week, and are encouraging fans to bootleg the
limited edition 25-track record and spread it around the globe in MP3

The record is made up of tracks recorded during the sessions for their last
album proper 'MACHINA/The Machines Of God' over the last couple of years.
However, upset by what they perceived to be a lack of support from label
bosses at Virgin, the band decided to give away the album rather than allow
the label to profit in any way from the release. Twenty-five copies were
pressed on a double LP with three 10" EPs on hand-cut, hand-numbered,
non-lacquered vinyl. These were sent to friends and established Smashing
Pumpkins fan websites.
The recipients were encouraged to distribute the tracks onto the net as
quickly as possible as the band intend to play some of the songs during the
European leg of their 'Sacred and Profane' tour, kicking off in Berlin on
September 16.<<

Good to see Virgin on the receiving end of sharp practice for a change.

XTC content:  Err, Virgin.....XTC....there *must* be a link there



Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 09:41:11 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Re: Meeting scary b-sides
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


Rory "credit where credit's due" Wilsher came up with some very funny
consumer warnings for Skylarking, and in the process prompted me to pop
the CD into the player, which I hadn't done for a while. I'd just like
to say that "The Meeting Place" is one of Colin's best songs, even if it
does deal with sexual exploitation.

And, after ably defending "Great Fire," Annamarie pleaded:
> Please convince me about Human Alchemy ... which scares the !@#$ out of me!

Just as it's supposed to, dearie!

Talking about the song order on the Mummer CD, Smudgeboy said:
> Cue the fade out of Funk Pop-a-Roll, with Andy yelling "Bye bye"
> (or even "Buy buy"). "A-ha," you think, "the end." Errrr, hang on,
> here comes another track . . . and another . . . oop, and another!

No problem! As long as the pause between "Funk Pop a Roll" and the
beginning of the b-sides is long enough. And actually, I think it would
be, um, cool to hear Frost Circus after the very heated diatribe of

Waiting for my SHUT YOUR WRETCHED PIE TRAP t-shirt,


Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 21:23:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Dagmar
Message-ID: <>

(discovered Slapp Happy yet?)

I LOVE DAGMAR KRAUSE ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

Don't stop at Slapp Happy (They are wonderful, by the
way). Find a copy of Supply & Demand, her mid '80's cd
of Brecht/ Weill/Eisler songs. It's sadly out of
print, and it's so good! And Richard Thompson plays on
it, I know there's fans of his on this list. Produced
by Joe Boyd, who also produced the ever-popular Nick
Drake, and the much less appreciated (on this list
anyways) REM.

Also Highly recommended are all three lp's (on 2 cd's)
by the Art Bears. Dagmar Krause, Fred Frith and Chris
Cutler get artsy! By no means easy or accesable, but

Oh, I guess I didn't make the connection for those who
don't know-Dagmar Krause was Slapp Happy's singer.

Tyler "I am a FAQ" Hewitt


Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 19:55:25 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: upsy artsy
Message-ID: <001301c01dee$da31e9a0$44821c3f@default>

Here's a good question...

Where can a fella' find a poster of Donald Brun's painting that adorns the
body of some band called xtc's Upsy Daisy Ass?

In between selling crack and mugging old hunchbacked Catholic women, I think
this garbage up. But I would like to find a copy (of the poster) and
actually at some point, frame it, and put it under the mirror on my ceiling.

While I'm on the subject of this band called ekstuhsee, or whatever, I
noticed that they recently put out an album called Wassup, Star? or
something like that. Is it any good? I understand there's a bit of cheating
on it. Golly. Is this where xtc becomes a rap band?

Joseph Easter


Date: Wed, 13 Sep 2000 22:32:35 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Let it be a rock and roll Apocrypha
Message-ID: <>

Gee, folks, I LIKE having the extra tracks placed in
the middle of the compact disc releases of *Black Sea*
and *Mummer*. And I'm relieved to learn that at least
one of you, David Smith (6-267), at least halfway
agrees with me.

Listen up, you youngsters on the list. Back before the
glacier retreated, when you actually had to stand up
and take a couple of steps if you wanted to change the
TV channel, there were things called LPs: vinyl discs
carved on each side with one enormously long spiral
groove that, depending on how it was cut, would make a
diamond needle vibrate in such a way that Yma Sumac or
Mojo Nixon or XTC would come out of your loudspeakers.
Your parents have hundreds of these vinyl platters,
hidden in the back of the closet so you won't discover
embarrassing things like the hearts and flowers Mommy
drew all over the inner sleeve while listening to It's
A Beautiful Day, or the pictures of Mommy Daddy drew
all over the inner sleeve while listening to Foghat.

Anyway, the music stopped when the LP reached the end
of Side 1, and you had to flip the disc over in order
to hear Side 2 (or Side Ye, in the case of a
particular Cheech & Chong album). Consequently, there
was a moment of silence between the two sides. The
musicians knew this, so with rare exceptions (*Thick
as a Brick* comes to mind), there was little if any
emotional or thematic carry-over from Side 1 to Side
2. The vinyl album was a two-movement symphony with an

What about changers, you ask? If you were listening to
a two-disc album, didn't the automatic turntable
practically eliminate the delay between Sides 1 & 2
and Sides 3 & 4? Aha! I'm glad you ask. The answer is,
not always. In fact, some of the coolest twin-disc
vinyl albums of all time are purposefully designed NOT
to be played on changers. The White Album, *Goodbye
Yellow Brick Road*, and *English Settlement* all have
Sides 1 & 2 on one disc, with Sides 3 & 4 sharing the

I say, Virgin was right (about this if nothing else)
to put the extra trackery in the middle of the CD
releases of *Black Sea* and *Mummer*. Let it be a rock
and roll Apocrypha separating the Old Testament from
the New.

Look at *Black Sea*. Where are you going to place the
three bonus cuts?

Before "Respectable Street"? You must be insane.

After the piss-in-the-shower finale of "Travels In
Nihilon"? You must be mad.

Right before "Towers of London," so the clanks will
rouse you after "The Somnambulist" nods you off? Now
you're talking.

Ryan "the Hamster from the Ministry" Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 14:04:20 EST
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: Sucky sucky 5 dollar
Message-ID: <>

>>As for regular sad songs:

Has anyone mentioned Elvis Costello's "Shipbuilding" yet? "The Charles Atlas
Way" by The Fauves is a good one, too.

>>It sucks!!! In fact ,ALL radio sucks. I just cant stand it anymore.

<insert annoying Family Feud-style buzzer noise> There's a community station
here in Canberra that plays a shitload of XTC after midnight on Fridays. The
only two problems with it are:

(a) Very few people are awake regularly after midnight on Friday, and those
who are are usually out partying rather than staying at home to listen to
community radio; and
(b) Being a community station (as opposed to a "commercial" station), the
signal tends to die out about eight kilometres from the studio.

Aside from playing lots of XTC, it's the only radio station I've ever heard
play Be Bop Deluxe, The Church, The Go-Betweens and Peter Gabriel in
anything even approaching high rotation. Why? Because after midnight on
Fridays, I'm in charge of the playlist for five cathartic hours!

It ain't much, but I do what I can.......five hours probably doesn't entail
"high rotation", does it?


"Heeresnachrichtendienst ist ein Widerspruch in den Bezeichnungen." - Karl


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 13:27:24 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Corrections & saxual perversion
Message-ID: <>

In 6-267, Rory Wilsher attributed two quotes to me, one of which was mine,
the other not. To whit:
	> "A few other songs whose questionable ethics have gone unexposed
for far too long" (attributed to Ed K. c I get in so much trouble these days
for not quoting my sources (c.f. SHUT YOUR WRETCHED PIE TRAP etc. I think
this was also one of Ed's that I didn't attribute previously. Wasn't trying
to claim it as my own, I just think this is one of the best "flames" ever,
and should be adopted by Hillians the world over so that we may recognise
and abuse each other in a common language. (* big smiley faces *:-) ;-) ;-P.
BTW, I still want this t-shirt!)))

Well, I did do the "over-literal analysis" thing a while back (& am
flattered that you've continued on with it), but I'm pretty sure that "shut
your wretched pie trap" is not only not mine, but actually predates my
posting debut. I also would love a t-shirt (it could be THE "Chalker aggro"
garment) but would never think of trying to take credit for it, thus my
disclaimer here (I obviously don't want the real "Mr. Pie Trap" mad at me,
whoever they are -  does anyone remember, or care to identify yourself if
that's you?).

And in 6-266, Chris Coolidge corrected what I said about the "Shitty" Mick
That voice is actually lead singer Lou Gramm, Mick's own voice is kind of
limited, and did mostly backup vocals with Foreigner.

Eep. I'm embarassed. Not as embarassed as I would be if I'd made a similar
error concerning a band that didn't suck (unlike Foreigner), but embarased
nonetheless. Still, he participated in the making of those crappy songs, so
he can remain "Shitty Mick Jones" as opposed to the Clash's "Good Mick
Jones". Plus I can now dislike the vocals by the correct name, so thanks.

Actually, this Foreigner thing has reminded me of something; one of my most
all-time detested sounds is the "80s sax part", of which there is a perfect
example on "Urgent". Other examples by various other artists include "the
Heat is On", "Harden My Heart" and "Careless Whispers". I had a wonderful
time in the 80s, and there was some great music, but that sax sound seemed
omnipresent in a lot of mainstream pop of that time, and it was something I
detested then and continue to detest to this day. In fact, one of the few
sax parts from that decade that I can tolerate is the one from "It's Nearly
Africa", which a lot of people would barely even consider "proper" sax
playing. And you have no idea how grateful I am that "This World Over"
doesn't go into a sax solo; there's a moment there when it seems to threaten
to do so, then, much to my relief, it doesn't happen. The presence of 80s
sax is also one of the factors that makes "Groovy Decay/Decoy" Robyn
Hitchcock's weakest album. Apologies to any sax players out there: I don't
hate the instrument itself, and there's quite a lot of jazz where I enjoy
it, it's just a certain pop sax sound that had its heyday in the 80s that I
can't stand.

Ed K.


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 15:29:09 EDT
Subject: Changed Name
Message-ID: <>

It's Molly, and I've changed my name.  I'm now, but this
is only until I get things straightened out.  I'm in the middle of changing
ISPs.  I'm currently using AT&T Worldnet, but I have to wait until I get the
current software before I can use it.  So for now this is my e-mail addy.



Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 23:42:21 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: That Petrol Emotion
Message-ID: <>


No, nothing to do with the band of the same name, more
to do with boredom induced by the inability to go
anywhere tonight due to petrol shortage...wait a
minute...I know! I can post a long and pointless
message to Chalkhills to while away the time!

But first, a big thank you to my fan club. You know
who you are. All three of you.

Also, apologies to Wes, the original creator of
SYWPTYRP! (My God, even the flames are being
abbreviated now! I look forward to my first post
comprised entirely of abbreviations. IMHO, HITS,

Well, no-one's told me to stop, so here goes: my take
on Wasp Star c those dodgy lyrics again...

Playground: "This boy must try harder to please, from
down on his knees". Now, I understood that this
practice was illegal, and only confined to the best
(or most expensive) public schools these days. (US
Hillians note: public school (UK) = private school
(US). Go figure.)
Dodginess rating ("DR"): ***** (the highest)

Stupidly Happy: Aaah, too many, too many! Right...
"heart pumping wine": First off, change your medical
specialist. Wine does NOT contain haemoglobin, so you
will die shortly from oxygen deprivation. Also: do NOT
attempt to drive, or operate heavy machinery. The
Surgeon General advises that having wine instead of
blood may cause drowsiness.  Second up: "My vision is
skewed": can't help thinking this is caused by the
blood/wine thing. Thirdly, "This world's making
sense": Hmmm. You're new to Earth, aren't you?
Fourthly: "coming unscrewed": this onanistic line has
already been debated when WS first came out, (Huh?
Didn't even know it was gay!) but deserves iteration
here. And finally, about tearing the Devil's business
card up: Yeah, mate, we're right behind you! A VERY
LONG WAY behind you! This goes way beyond stupid.
DR: ***

In Another Life: regarding Chippendales and biggest
pouches: Duh! No sexism HERE! Now, about those
horoscope strangers...yeah! Great idea! Just go and
talk to them, it's OK, we'll count the body parts
DR: ****

My Brown Guitar: Well, we all know this has nothing to
do with anything brown or guitar-shaped. Pink skies?
Sadly, caused by Supergirl's uncontrollable urges to
change all the world's weather. Yuh live, yuh learn...
DR: **

Boarded Up: Yes, we're boarded up. That's US screaming
DR: ***

ITMWML: Obviously, murder is illegal in most
countries, so, depending on where you live, what we
think to that will probably involve lifelong
incarceration or a quick visit to "Ol' Sparky".
DR: *****

We're All Light: "Yeah I read that someplace/So you
won't mind if I kiss you now" *sigh!* If ONLY this
worked in real life! Seriously, though: I feel
strongly that the Government should produce a public
safety film to warn dinosaurs about the dangers of
dropping pails c they could injure their feet badly.
This may not seem much to you, but small incidents
like these can lead to a reduction in the birth rate,
leading to depopulation of the species, males being
unable to find females, and eventually extinction.
WAIT A MINUTE! Is this what REALLY happened???
DR: **

Standing In For Joe: This is a song about, at worst,
adultery; or a guy sleeping with his best friend's
girlfriend, at best. But the lyrics are perfect.
DR * (lyrics) *** (theme)

Wounded Horse: This is a song about...(see above).
However, a certain level of dodginess has crept in
here. Anyone who follows the university boat race will
immediately spot the flaw in the line "you won't sink
if you paddle". Also, I'm not familiar with the
concept of injured ungulates self-inflicted lingual
maiming. Is there any documentary evidence to support
this claim?
DR: **

YATCWSBB: Horses, horses...what's Andy got against
horses, for God's sake? For a man so anti-car, he's
wounded one in the last song, then got it to bite out
its own tongue. Now he wants to DROWN one! Ease up,
DR: **

Church Of Women: A word of advice on your building
material: All it will take is one warm day (not v.
likely this English summer!) and you'll find that it's
less than perfect.
DR: **

TWATM: "I've got the plough if you've got the furrow":
yeah right, Andy c would that be your "brown guitar"
that you're using as a plough? Ditto your "pen",
"seed", and "big stick". All fairly obvious stuff so
far. Maypole? That's just boasting. If you find that
everything decays, try Viagra.
DR: *****

Rory "I may be a one-trick dog c but DAMN! It's a good
trick!" Wilsher

p.s. DR of signature: ****


Date: Thu, 14 Sep 2000 20:02:51 EDT
Subject: I'll family guy you!!!!!
Message-ID: <>

Oh most glorious Tyler, I fear you are you say,
 IMHO, Family Guy is a vastly inferior, unfunny ripoff
 of the Simpsons. No way in hell is it nearly as
 subversive or daring as the Simpsons, and the writing
 isn't nearly as tight.
 See my last post (about the Upright Citizen's
 Brigade). Family Guy is a step closer to the gross-out
 humor I mentioned there, and pales in comparison to
 the Simpsons.
 OK, I agree, NOTHING is as good as the Simpsons. However being an
unnecessarily big fan of both shows, I must disagree with thy opinion of
inferiority. Family Guy is one of the funniest shows I've seen, because of
the fact that it can be so terrible and still manage to be on the air. More
daring than the Simpsons, yes, but only in the sense that they go further
with the naughty bits. The SImpsons is a vastly more intelligent and witty
show, while Family Guy gets all that nasty humor out of one's system. I like
em both.

XTC content.....I like AV1 better than Wasp Star. Any takers?

regards and wombles,
Sarah D.


Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 09:28:23 GMT
From: "Jari Missonen" <>
Subject: Standing in for Dan
Message-ID: <>

For those who moan about similarities between SIFJ and Barrytown, there
would have been no way for XTC to avoid comparisons with Steely Dan. Both
bands are (now) duos and more or less studio-bound (I know Dan has been back
on the live circuit recently, but that does not count as they sound live
exactly the same as they do on disc). And as for Colin claiming NOT having
heard Barrytown, it is hard to believe if you consider that, after all, he
was in the same group with one Barry for several years. Within pop music,
Barrys and Barrytown have gone together ever since the release of Pretzel
Logic. Even Nick Hornby could not resist joking about it in High Fidelity.


Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 18:05:29 GMT
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Sad Songs Say So Much
Message-ID: <>

Dear Affiliated Members:

OK Old thread:
Sad Songs...say so much: Elton John (just kidding!)

Been thinking of John.....
Some of my random favs:
Mother: John Lennon. Damn hard to listen to sometimes.

Here Today: Paul McCartney's farewell song to John. If this song doesn't
make you feel like crying, you are a cold heartless bastard.

Empty Garden: Elton John (not kidding!) Sad to think that the death of a
friend is the only way to get a good song out of some folks...



Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 11:20:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Randy Newman
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.96.1000915111059.24650D-100000@scn>

Christopher R. Coolidges said:
"Oh G_d. I forgot about him. All those above are definitely weepers, but
he topped himself on his most recent, Bad Love, with "I Miss You," an
incredibly poignant one in which he actually writes about himself, which
he rarely does, it's apparently about his ex-wife "up there in Idaho"
which is where she moved with his kids after they split up. In the late
80's he couldn't resist being savage and angry like any typical angry
divorced dad("I Want You To Hurt Like I Do"), but this time he's sad and
contrite and fully realises there's nothing he can do to bring her back,
but he can't help but be brutally honest.("I miss you/I'm sorry, but I

Add me to the list that loves Randy Newman and Bad Love in particular.
The first song that struck me as being very very sad on that album is
Everytime It Rains.  It made me wonder -- why hasn't this theme of rain
been used more in pop music?  There's 1000 Umbrellas of course, but even
then the idea of rain is used a bit differently.  This song had a special
meaning to me for a while, partly because I live here in Seattle, but my
whole perception of the song was changed a bit when I found out it was
written for Michael Jackson!

Randy's song That'll Do from Babe Pig In the City also makes me blubber.



Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 19:31:30 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Like the circles that you find
Message-ID: <005e01c01f43$2c1de340$683c073e@default>

As for sad songs, well at least very deeply felt songs that echo in your
soul, how about the Windmills of Your Mind?:

from a truly great film...The Thomas Crown Affair.

The original with Faye Dunaway and Steve McQueen is the best (esp chess
scene) sung by Noel Harrison in pretty psychedelic vein.
However the remake with Pierce Brosnan and Rene Russo is pretty damn clever
and good, sung by Sting (not a bad version).

I bet lots of listees love the film.

This song has always got to me.  It's got to be one of the few oscar winning
songs that was truly any good.  Must buy the soundtrack.

Other fav soundtracks:

Is a list coming on here?:

Local Hero
Betty Blue
Yellow Submarine (esp new version)
Harold and Maude
The Jungle Book

All favourite folms, too.  I'm sure there's more if I put my mind to it.


Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 15:00:34 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Re: Sad Songs
Message-ID: <>

The saddest song... Madonna?  Give me a break.  (It's probably a cover
anyway - does she really write any of her material, girl?)

Randy Newman is oh, so close, with Tom Waits making a good third showing,
but the clear winner is Richard Thompson, the man who described his
typical song as "Boy meets girl, blood everywhere."  His _happy_ songs
are disturbing; his sad ones make you wonder why we all don't just pack
it in.  There are many notable entries, but the all time winner for me is
"Behind Grey Walls," which is about a man who has to have his wife
committed.  It's the only song I know of that I cannot listen to.  It
absolutely scares the bejeezus out of me.

RT himself is a rather cheerful guy; I'd rather not know where he pulls
these songs of despair and misery from.

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 13:06:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: The resurrection of Mummer, etc..
Message-ID: <>

>From digest #268-
On the topic of sad songs, Jennifer mentioned this one:

<<Promise to Try - Madonna.  This was the first song that
ever made me cry, and it still has that effect on me every
time I hear it.>>

With all due respect, Jennifer.. ALL of Madonna's 'music' makes me cry.. but
not in a healthy way. <G>

And from the same digest:

Rory would have <<Peter Pumpkinhead-(Jesus/Easter theme)>> listed under
songs of Spring..

Rory!..have you gone completely mad?!!..

The Ballad of Peter Pumpkinhead belongs under AUTUMN-(carved pumpkin,
Halloween, the 'every thing decays' theme that so fascinates AP)-

Oh, and with regard to Greenman, Rory.. It is pastoral enough, but I always
think of it more specifically as a celebration of nature, bounty, the life
cycle, etc.. so I tend to want to place it in late summer.. at harvest time.
That's just me!

And from Simon:

<<As for Mummer, the talk recently prompted me to give this one another
listen just last night. What a treat it was, I had forgotten how fab this
album is.>>...

(Idiot grin on her face as she gushed).. YES!.. YES!  TESTIFY, BROTHER,
TESTIFY!!!  I could kiss you, Simon!  ..(just a friendly peck on the cheek,
if you don't mind :)

For tonight's assignment I would like the rest of you folks to dig out your
copy of Mummer and give it a whirl..Hell! Give it several..  You'll laugh,
you'll cry, and dare I say.. you WILL fall in love all over again! (just ask

Debora 'feeling very, very pleased at this moment' Brown


Date: Fri, 15 Sep 2000 16:31:01 -0600
Subject: Misheard and MisRemembered...
Message-ID: <>

Please, Mr. Relph, cull this posting if I'm either stating something too
obvious, or stating something that has been stated too often before, but
for me the classic misheard lyric is "She's So Popular" in the Peter
Gabriel song "Games Without Frontiers."

To paraphrase Henry Higgins, we Americans barely speak English, so French
is well beyond our capacity. Something like "Jeux sans frontieres" is
outside the scope of our meagre understanding...........


"Can't have been there when brains were handed 'round...."


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-269

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