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                Sunday, 10 September 2000


                         The The
                    ...your atom bomb
                   Re: UCB (mostly OT)
                       Lousy radio
        SMILING SWEETLY, W/ A Lemon in your jaw...
             Stiching A Few Threads Together
                      Re: Family Guy
                    October's Carousel
               Instrumental Sadness & more
                       CD scratches
                      Wiggles Mania
                   Marriage And Divorce
       RE: That Was The Saddest Song That Ever Was
                    what's an anklung?
                       Mick Joneses
        Wow, first time posting,hopeful,new thread


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Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 13:14:58 EDT
Subject: The The
Message-ID: <>

Hi, Chalkies,

In #262, Kirk Gill wrote
>>And a song that always gets a tear out of me is "Love Is Stronger Than
Death" by The The. A true nugget of tenderness from the harsh world of
Matt Johnson.>>

Yep, right after hitting "Send" on my own sad songs post, I kicked myself for
forgetting this one.  The religious triumphalism in his lyrics aside (all the
more poignant if you don't believe in life after death), the music is
majestic in its own
right.  Then again, I'm a sucker for recordings with Hammond organ and
harmonica parts....

"THE THE" CONCERT ALERT:  "The The" (Matt Johnson) will be playing at
The Stone Pony in Asbury Park on the 'Jersey shore, Sept. 16 (Sat.), 8PM,
general admission, only $12.50 (plus charges) and many, many tickets were
still avail. as of earlier this week, when I bought mine.  Fellow attendees
amongst us interested in hooking up or sharing a ride please write me

This set list from a recent show was posted by a fan on  [songs from his current LP, "Naked Self", have

Dogs of Lust
This is the Day
Armageddon Days

Encore 1:
Blues from Waiting
Uncertain Smile

Encore 2:
True Happiness this Way Lies
The Beat(en) Generation
Love is Stronger Than Death
Sounds good, doesn't it?  Seeya!
Stephanie Takeshita


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 11:06:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: ...your atom bomb
Message-ID: <>

Sorry to bore those people on here who probably know
this already, but if you slow down and reverse that
squeaky voice at the end of 'The Mole from
The Minstry' is actually says 'Go fuck yourself with
your atom bomb'. Honest.

'Go fuck yourself with your atom bomb' is a line from
Allen Ginsberg's poem "America". It can be found in
his Collected Works, or in the small book 'Howl and
other poems'. Both are highly recommended.


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 14:36:02 EDT
Subject: Re: UCB (mostly OT)
Message-ID: <>

<< Almost as funny as the "Ass Pennies" or "Bucket of Truth" episodes, eh? >>

At the risk of perpetuating a very off-topic thread that only US chalkers can
know about anyway, I consider the Little Donny Foundation episode, and the
one where everyone's prejudiced against astronauts, the funniest shows ever
on TV.

An Andy Partridge pundit show, however, would blow the UCB off the map.
Absolutely brutal wit -- if only he could be persuaded to use it for evil.



Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 15:03:09 EDT
Subject: Lousy radio
Message-ID: <>

It was written:
   P.S. There used to be a great station in Philadelphia, Pa., 102.3, but I
can't remember the call letters and my husband says it has changed formats.
Any Philly/Jersey folks out there who can clue me in?

That station was WIOQ or Q102. They used to be " progressive rock". They
pretty much played everything from A to Z,although I never heard XTC. They
then switched to urban music & now finally theyve landed on top 40/Dance. It
sucks!!! In fact ,ALL radio sucks. I just cant stand it anymore. Its such
drivel. I e-mail the "modern rock" station in town about XTC and they say "
Theyre under consideration." Whats to consider?!?!?!?
   I still listen to Wasp Star at least once a day. Its just as fresh as it
was in the beginning.
  Did everyone see the Moroccan goalkeeper wearing the Drums & Wires jersey?
Look on the Ten Feet Tall website. Too Cool!!!
   Adieu dieu,  Roger


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 12:29:33 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: SMILING SWEETLY, W/ A Lemon in your jaw...
Message-ID: <>

A couple a things dearest readers:

Joseph Easter SAID:

>>Also, and excuse my ignorance, but this Nick Drake
>>character seems to be creeping up around me
>>everywhere. Should I bite the bullet and buy the
>>box set (say five times fast)?

Well, I bought WAY TO BLUE (best Of) and within two
days I'd given it away & bought the box set (FRUIT
TREE) so.......I guess my advice to you is YES, YES,
YES,YES,YES  (5 times YES)


>>Mr. Crenshaw is also getting quite a bit of
attention >>not only here but in the fake world

About TIME!!  I was a huge MCrenshaw fan from the very
early days....for the novices...pick up the debut
album and the follow-up FIELD DAY....great writter and


Andrew Boyle
Subject: Sad songs

>>Saddest songs that always get me:
>>Beautiful Ones - Prince



> Todd Bernhardt: thanks again from the bottom of my
>heart (or is that the heart of my bottom?) for
putting >me onto "Upright Citizens Brigade". We just
> saw the episode from Series 2 about the Spritual
>Expo. I almost wet myself laughing.

>Unfortunately, UCB is on its last legs at Comedy
>Central; the suits there, in their infinite wisdom,
>have decided not to run a fourth season of this
>brilliant sketch-comedy show, and have relegated it
to >a killer time slot in its dying days: 1:30 a.m.
Friday >night/Saturday morning.Tape it while  you can,

show is funny as hell...big fan..big fan!!  SUPPORT

Sad songs....god...I have a million of them!!  top of
my head:

THE WONDERSTUFF ~ ROOM 512  (B-side) the actual hotel
room # of the Columbia Hotel in London (I have a pic
in front of said door)WS fans will know....

THE THE ~ LOVE IS STRONGER (someone else mentiond this
also..Matt has at least two or three per album)

THE CURE ~ PICTURES OF YOU   it WILL become the daily
soundtrack of your seemingly miserable life LONG after
any painful breakup.

(love the new song btw BEAUTIFUL DAY)

listen to it anymore...every song is like a blueprint
of faliure and lost love.  Boo-hoo!

THE BLUE NILE ~ all 3 albums, ......don't get me




Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 12:00:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Savelle <>
Subject: Stiching A Few Threads Together
Message-ID: <>


After vacation, I thought the "best concerts" thread
would soon die.  But it hasn't. . . quite. . . yet.
And the "saddest song" thread seems to limp on
ponderously.  Which is okay.  So here are my

Best Concerts:

Midnight Oil - 1987 - Lisner Auditorium, George
Washington University, Washington, DC.  As "Diesel and
Dust" was catching fire in the U.S. I'd been a fan
since 10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (1981) and was out of my
mind with joy - especially as we had 2nd row center
seats.  Peter Garrett careened to the center/front of
the stage as he sang the bone-crunching "Hercules" and
looked right at me -- I was singing along (thank god
no one could hear me) -- and we stared each other down
as we sang a verse or two to each other.  How

John Wesley Harding - The Birchmere, Alexandria, VA.
Harding was touring for "Why We Fight."  He put on a
good show, especially in this little venue.  Very
intimate, we were about ten feet from the stage.  BUT!
 More interesting, the actress and folkie Mare
Winningham opened for him.  She was VERY blah.
BUT!!!!   The band that opened for Mare (yes, a triple
bill) was Barenaked Ladies, who had just produced
"Gordon."  They were phenomenal, and I am happy to
have memories of this great show (attended with my
wife back before we were even dating) from before they
became MTV/VH1 favorites.  Now, why hasn't John Wesley
Harding caught fire with the Eminem set?  Or Mare for
that matter?

First Concert -- U2, 1982, Woolsey Hall, Yale Univ.,
New Haven, Connecticut.  The venue holds less than 500
people, I'd bet.  They'd just released "War."  I
couldn't hear a thing for 3 days, but the next day, my
high school classmates were all wondering why I'd go
see a band called U2 -- they didn't sound anything
like whatever piss-poor music they were all listening
to then.  Anyway, Bono almost fell from the balcony
that night.  Never saw them in concert again.  Never
needed to.  Those same high school jokers were peeing
all over themselves a few years later to get
overpriced tickets to see U2's stadium shows for The
Joshua Tree.

Okay, saddest song(s):

"I Remember the Sun" - Colin "You May Know Him As
One-Half of XTC" Moulding

"The Night" and "All Your Way" - Morphine

"Operator" - Jim Croce

"Collarbone" - Poi Dog Pondering

And, aside from one particular list member who knows
who he is, I think you'd all find some delightfully
sad songs on David Gray's "White Ladder."  Get it
already, will ya?  Sheesh!

Now, how will I get any sleep this weekend wondering
what Andy and Colin's musical is going to be about,
eh, Mitch?

Finally. . . URGH! A Music War.  Yes.  Very good.
Taped it off of USA Network's "Night Flight" back in
the late 1980s.  My tape of it has become a
significant time capsule as much for the music as it
is for the commercials and news bits contained
thereupon.  But I wonder what ever happened to
Athletico Spizz and the Au Pairs, anyway?  "Where's
Captain Kirk?"  A question never answered.

Todd "Not a Member of the Skafish Band" Savelle

P.S. Fox Television's "Family Guy."  More incisive,
deviant, and ground-breaking than The Simpsons.  Give
it a better timeslot.  Now!


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 15:25:39 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Re: Family Guy
Message-ID: <>

From: Ryan Anthony <>
> Agendum the second: In Digest 6-259, Roger asks if
> there are any other Chalkhillian fans of the American
> animated sitcom *Family Guy*. Yes, Roger, over here!

Hailing as I do from Narragansett, Rhode Island (the
next town over from Quahog), I'm sort of surprised at
its wide fan base - every 4th joke seems to be geared
towards us locals.

ObXTC: I've realized that I've never listened to "The Big
Express" as I got it on vinyl just as I decommissioned my
turntable.  Now that I have a turntable in the studio, I
must cut myself a CDR of this.  Imagine that - a new (to
me) XTC disk!  Joy....

No, I have no idea how I've let it go on this long.

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 20:48:38 +0100
From: Phil Hetherington <>
Subject: October's Carousel
Message-ID: <>

First of all I must apologise for not keeping up with Chalkhills
lately, but it has been a hectic time what with starting a new job,
moving and all of the other paraphanalia associated with such like.

Anyway, about a month ago (still in my old job) I was phoned at work
by David Marx, quite out of the blue, and of course I was on holiday.
So I phoned him a week later when I got back, and it turns out that
Barry Andrews had asked him to ring me. An awkward silence ensued as
neither of us knew why we were supposed to be speaking to each other,
but we got chatting and I picked up some quite interesting info.

David Marx played with Barry in Restaurant For Dogs way back in the
early 80s (when Barry was between XTC and Shriekback), and since then
has (according to Barry) written loads of songs but not done too much
with them. (There was a long and very depressing story about a great
lost album with dozens of famous guest stars, the master tape of which
was stolen from the back of a car in New York or somewhere, but I'm
rather hazy on the details, sorry). But what he did release, and Barry
played on it too, was a CD called "Lovejunk" under the name of The
Refugees, which incidently is fantastic. So we got chatting about this.

The drummer on "Lovejunk" was Kevin Wilkinson, also ex-Restaurant for
Dogs but more famously part of Robert Fripp's League of Gentlemen
(again with Barry). Well, Kevin died last year (from what I can make
out without asking too many sensitive questions, I believe he took his
own life). So David is putting together a tribute CD, which he's hoping
to get released around September this year i.e. pretty soon. I think
he told me the title of it, but unfortunately it's slipped my mind
somewhere in the chaos described at the start. Sorry.

The track list is rather impressive, with a mixture of bands that
Barry, David and Kevin were associated with and a fair few who
presumably are just friends.

So here's the ones he told me about:

  Restaurant For Dogs
  The Caretakers       (a Restaurant For Dogs offshoot)
  Illuminati           (debut release from one of Barry's
                        old bands from about 10 years ago)
  The Waterboys        (an exclusive track)
  Simple Minds
  Fairground Attraction
  Robert Fripp
  The Proclaimers

and......wait for it.......

  Dave Gregory         (a self-penned instrumental called
                        'October's Carousel'... his solo debut?)

For more details please follow the link referenced below to the
Shriekback page, then the link to the Refugees, then dig out your
trusty pen and write care of the address on that page. Sorry, that's
all there is for now, but when I get some more info I'll stick
it on the web.


And now I've got your attention:

(1) Paging Jum Zittel - is he still here?

(2) Everyone must buy "Generation Y" by TV Smith (formerly of The
    Adverts, a band about which I know nothing so if anyone could
    oblige...?) - anyway, a belated entry to the best of '99...

All for now,
|_) |_  * |    Me:
|   | ) | |    Then for Shriekback add: shrkindx.html
===========    Or for Gang Of Four: gof/gof_indx.html


Date: Fri, 08 Sep 2000 17:49:36 -0500
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: Instrumental Sadness & more
Message-ID: <>

Fellow Brokenhearted,
    I find I'm often moved to melancholy as much by instrumental pieces
as lyrics. This, of course, is more list-fodder, as you may well have
guessed when you saw my name under Sender:

The saddest piece of music I know: Riviera Paradise, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
I heard this song for the first time about an hour after I'd heard that
he was dead. I went home from work, ostensibly on lunch break, but more
just in a state of shock. I turned on the radio one more time, as if
they were going to announce that it was all a mistake, and that he'd
turned up asleep in his hotel room, but no. The song started moments
after I turned the radio on and I sat in the twilight of my windowless
practice room and cried just a little. I hadn't seen him in years at
that point, but I'll always remember him more for the person he was than
anything. He was so honest and naive that he seemed childlike, yet still
also larger than life, because of his peculiar talent that intermingled
with his humble nature. I don't think he himself knew why he could play
the way he did. It was all just a sort of wonderful magic.

Other sad instrumentals of note:

Embryonic Journey, Jorma. This song gives Surrealistic Pillow it's one
brief moment of credibility.

Lipstick Traces,  UFO. Unencumbered by the mediocrity of the other three
members of the band, Michael Schenker could have amounted to something.
An uncluttered moment of simple taste, unique in their catalog.

Albatross, Fleetwood Mac. This one really stands out from the relatively
bland blues fare that they were recording at the time. Peter Green had
some lucid moments, and this was amongst the finest.

Of course, my sadness is a complex sadness. Would you have expected
less? I've realized that it breaks down into several categories.
Particular songs for particular emotional states.

Apprehension: Definitely This World Over.  Second the motion for the
saddest lyric by Andy: "When you get to a sea of rubble, and they ask
what was London like?"

Resignation: Pacing the Cage, Bruce Cockburn. To wit:

The sunset is an angel weeping
Holding out a bloody sword
No matter how I squint I cannot
Make out what it's pointing toward

Loss, (Death): Song For a Dead Friend, Kevin Gilbert

Loss, (Relationship): Equal billing for the majority of Us, Peter
Gabriel. Come Talk to Me, Love to be Loved, Blood of Eden, Washing of
the Water and Secret World. All asking how can something that was so
good have gone so bad?
The answer? Us.

And finally,

Wistful sadness, longing, remembrance: Rio de Tenampa, Los Lobos.
Consists of one beautiful spanish verse, for which I can think of no
accurate translation.

Habla me Rio de Tenampa
Canta me canciones de valor.
En este rincon del cielo,
Dejo mi carino y amor.

I tend to want to stand at attention, my hand over my heart as this song

In wistful remembrance of apprehensive resignation,

Chris "oh, cheer up, mr. grumpy pants" Vreeland


Date: Fri, 8 Sep 2000 20:50:25 -0400
From: "Nathan Maharaj" <>
Subject: CD scratches
Message-ID: <39B95111.23225.16F0FD9@localhost>

If I may be a bit of nerdlinger for a moment, albeit a helpful nerdlinger,
the scratches in a CD are actually scratches in the two plastic discs that
sandwich the aluminum disc that contains the data, i.e. the ones and
zeroes.  That is, unless you've really done a number on your disc and
damaged the aluminum, in which case it's back to the record store for you.
To repair most scratches, the plastic just needs to be resurfaced in order
to make the disc smooth again so the laser can pass through it without
refraction.  Seeing as I haven't the foggiest how I'd go about resurfacing
a plastic disc on my own, I'd sure shell out a few bills to have a skippy
CD fixed.  Of course, I'm positively pathological about the careful
handling of my discs, but then you'd only expect a posting like this from
someone that anal anyway.


Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 16:40:30 +1200
From: "Simon Curtiss" <>
Subject: Wiggles Mania
Message-ID: <001201c01a43$ede03a00$2964a8c0@speedking>

<<<<I think it's time for our downunder members to fill the rest of us
in as to just what the story is with these "Wiggles" you speak of...>>>>

Well hearing is worth a thousand words.............

goto idrive at and get yourself a free idrive, then add my
idrive 'simonc44' to your list of friends.

then go to my idrive and go to the shared folder.
There you will see a track by the Wiggles/Tim Finn (plus the intro to the
song which is a separate file) - I choose this song so those of you who know
the original Split Enz version (waddya mean ya don't!!) will see just what
Wiggle Magic can do!

Play it to your little kids, they'll like it.



p.s. Jon, that's how you get to the Bruegel track too.


Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 15:00:06 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Marriage And Divorce
Message-ID: <>

Hello Hillians

Joseph Easter asked:

"while we are on the subject of offpost, I would be
honored, absolutely at your disposal if one can help
me compile a list of Marriage/Divorce songs by xtc."

OK, here's a few - some obvious, some less so. Some
are just break-up/loss rather than actual divorce, but
here goes:

Love At First Sight
Punch And Judy
Love On A Farmboy's Wages
Me And The Wind
That's Really Super, Supergirl
1,000 Umbrellas
Earn Enough For Us
Big Day
Miniature Sun
The Disappointed
The Ugly Underneath
Your Dictionary
Harvest Festival
I Can't Own Her
Wounded Horse
You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful

Well, after the recent thread, I dug out Mummer again
- haven't listened to it in it's entirety for years
(had an old cassette of the original version, which
died, so I now have the "let's stick the bonus tracks
in the middle" CD). And I have to concur: It is a
great album. Could have done without Frost Circus and
Procession though - I don't think they really fit
here. The place for them is on the Dear God CD single.
Oh, that's where they *are*.

Rory "You shouldn't leave me alone" Wilsher

NP: Mummer (Duh!)


Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 00:14:46 -0400
From: "majormidi" <>
Subject: RE: That Was The Saddest Song That Ever Was
Message-ID: <>

OK, I've just got to put my selection up here for saddest song...

Todd Rundgren's "The Wailing Wall".  There's something about the use of
Reverb on that track that just makes it much so much more lonely.  And while
I'm at it..., a few more that fall into this category.

"In My Room" - Brian Wilson
"Running Water" - The Moody Blues

I'm a recording/remix engineer so I have to nominate what I consider the
finest example of a "near-perfect" mix.  In my opinion, nothing gets closer
that Tears For Fears tune "Advice For The Young At Heart".
....there, now I feel better...



Date: Sat, 09 Sep 2000 20:42:04 +0000
From: The Worrier Queen <>
Subject: what's an anklung?
Message-ID: <>

I've just put ES on & having a good look at the credits.

On Yacht Dance AP is credited as playing an anklung.
What is it, please?

Also Dave's spainish guitar is nylon strung - does this make a difference?

knocked off her axis mundi, tuesday & wednesday
Jayne the Worrier Queen

He Toi Whakairo He Mana Tangata
Where there is artistic excellence, there is human dignity.
Maori saying


Date: Sat, 9 Sep 2000 22:55:48 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: homosaywhat?
Message-ID: <000f01c01ae3$640c4d00$31821c3f@default>

Misheard lyric that *only* recently was discovered...

Non (no "e") such...The Smartest Monkeys...

The partridge can make a transition. Park bench, yes, park bench can make a
transition, I see, I see...

You have to admit, in context, it makes a hell of a lot of sense. Disagree
and see what happens, fool! (say it like Mr. T and it's pretty intimidating)

Joseph "part Murdoch, part Face" Easter


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 13:08:47 +0100
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: Mick Joneses
Message-ID: <01C01B28.4E81B8E0@DI-BOSCO>

>> On the two Mick Joneses: I've always thought of them as "Good Mick Jones"
(Clash, obviously) and "Shitty Mick Jones",  <<

And then there's Mick Jones ex Leeds United centre forward, "hero Mick
Jones" as I'd like to call him. ;-)


PS Talking of football, do you get the Bud Light adverts in the States
where the bloke goes around asking if there's ham in the hamburgers, can he
have a rest in the rest room etc? There's one where he asks why it's called
"football" in the States when the feet aren't used! Quite funny adverts,
but it's never going to make me want to drink the beer!

Bud Light: It's amazing, first of all they make a beer from fermented
bubblegum, then they make a low calorie version of it! <G>


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 13:28:35 +0100
From: Robert Wood <>
Subject: Magnolia
Message-ID: <01C01B2B.07278CB0@DI-BOSCO>

Jan asks:

>> Aimee Mann question:  did she do the soundtrack to Magnolia?  <<


>> Or was she featured prominently on it?  What do you know of the film,
the music? <<

Paul Anderson who wrote Boogie Nights wrote this film around Aimee's
music. I went to see the film on account of me loving Aimee, and that a
review I read of the film said it was great. I hated the film, really,
really hated it; it was the worst film I've ever seeen in the cinema and
would have walked out if I wasn't relying on someone to give me a lift
home. :-(

There is a CD available with the songs supposedly featured in the film;
however it's one of those typical soundtrack albums where there are two or
three prominent songs in the film and the rest were played in the
background of the film. If you want an introduction to Aimee I would advise
against that as being a first purchase. I really like Til Tuesday stuff
best (which was her pre solo stuff), but many people on the Mannlist prefer
her solo stuff. (Although many of those same people haven't even *heard*
the solo stuff, so how they're in a position to comment...) If you'd prefer
to listen to some newer stuff, her current album Batchelor #2 I believe is
her most consistent solo effort. It doesn't hit the hights of some of the
songs on "Whatever", but has a better consistency of quality throughout the

This is all very much MHO; some people think I'm With Stupid is a good
album and dislike Til Tuesday 'cos of its '80s production. If you like more
wistful, beautiful songs and don't mind a more reverby production. go for
'Til Tuesday, if you like more bitter, biting songs and like the drier '90s
style production go for her solo stuff. If you;re really not bothered about
hearing her and were just wondering, I apologise for wittering on about
her. ;-)

You can buy it all from which I believe means more
money goes to her. :-)

>> Why haven't I heard more about this? <<

Possibly because like XTC, her exposure is small. Magnolia has done


Date: Sun, 10 Sep 2000 01:58:24 -0400
From: "D.V. Caputo" <>
Subject: Wow, first time posting,hopeful,new thread
Message-ID: <>

wow, I've been reading for awhile(about 8 months or so), and I never
spoke. That's a long period of silence!
anyway, My name is  D.V. Caputo, I'm 14, and after watching the MTV music
awards, One thing rushed through my mind as I was watching it:
This is entirely corporate music. no more MTV for me!
Anyway, some shameless self-description(skip if you'd like):
I first heard XTC when I was two years old, and that was practicallly the
first music that I heard, next to the Beatles and Baby Beluga. I didn't pay
very much attention to overall music, but I liked when Andy Partridge(then
unknown to me) said "1,2,3,4,5" and I thought that was neat!
anyway, a long time passed, and I payed very little attention to music,
with the exception of playing piano. In 4th grade though, I suddenly got
Rabidly into the Beatles, and was listening to them throughout the bulk of
4th and a bit of fifth. After that, I heard Peter Gabriel for the first
time in fifth grade, and I was rabidly into that, but only that, and that
proceeded to be when I was listening to some pretty bad top 40 stuff on the
radio during the bulk of sixth grade. but suddenly, what I knew as "The
1,2,3,4,5 song" suddenly came into my head and wouldn't get out. I went to
ask my dad Who made the 1,2,3,4,5 song? my dad, of course, said that that
was senses working overtime, and it was by XTC. I took the cd out of the
case, put it on, played it, and now I'm  still a rabid fan of them, even
after three-four years!=D After them, I heard lots of other stuff which
I've never heard of on the radio.

-the saddest song I've heard:

strangely, Aeris' theme, from final fantasy VII.
as well as...
This World Over( post apocalyptic  future=sad, not happy!),by XTC(of course)
Lost Weekend, by Wall of Voodoo

-Concerts I've been to:
   None! haven't had the time...

hey, how about instead of  sad songs, why not happiest, most uplifting songs?
My picks would be:
1.Flamingo,Todd Rundgren(A friend of mine says that Todd is Godd;I'm
starting to agree in some respects)
2.What a Day That Was,Talking Heads
3.Nothing's Gonna change my Clothes, They Might be Giants
4.Heaven and Earth,Matthew Sweet
5.Ballet for a Rainy Day,XTC
6.Season Cycle,XTC
7.Just Woke Up, Peter Blegvad
8.The Greatest Living Englishman, Martin Newell
9.Joy of a Toy, Kevin Ayers(by the way, are there any fans of Kevin Ayers
on this list?)

-What's in my player(or dad's player, but I've been dominating it
lately)?<-----VERY,VERY OLD THREAD!=)
1.Stop Making Sense, Talking Heads
2.White Music,XTC(I was in the mood for some early stuff, and the ska beat
of Instant Tunes)

3.State Songs, John Linnell(We must eat Michigan's Brain!)
4.The Mix, Kraftwerk(fun fun fun off the autobahn...)
5.Pennsylvania, Pere Ubu

-What I've Banished (or attempted to banish) from the Player<--Might be new
1.ANYTHING BY AEROSMITH!!<--Attempted, couldn't, parents kind of like,I
can't stand them!
2.Moby, Play<--I think I have, or the television has, rather good music,
but it sounds like
I'm listening to advertisements in a box!(Imagine an infomercial for that!)
3.Bossanova music<---attempted, now I like it a lot, especially  stuff by

-what music would I bring with me If I was abducted by aliens<--Another old
1.They Might be Giants, Flood
2.XTC, Nonsuch
3.Adrian Belew, Here
4.Todd Rundgren, A Wizard, a True Star
5.the Kinks, Singles


here's some XTC content:
-Doesn't the guitar track in My Brown Guitar sound a lot like Dear
Prudence, by The Beatles?

-I downloaded Ship trapped in the Ice off of Nster and listened to it for
an hour or two, trashed it , and I LOVE IT!!! Now I really want those
Warbles that are Fuzzy!

And now for a brief message:
Hello there.
ok, my message ends, now.

p.s.Does anybody here on chalkhills play a game for the mac called Avara?
if so, my Name on the game is Alpha. Please, show yourselves!!!

"All I get is transistor blast..."


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-265

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