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                Wednesday, 23 August 2000


             Oh, all sorts of stuff, really.
           Re: Outing Seth's shameful secret...
                     Music 365 Stuff
                   Concerts and promos
                        1989 Who ?
            Stupidly Happy at Buffett Concert
                  And the winner is ...
                   Dave Gregorys Girl?
               The name of this band is...
                 Woo-hoo! Commerciality!
                      Holly Up On...
                   Oops! I Did It Again
          Late breaking Misheard lyric (sort of)
            Re: Gregory's Girl and some lists
                       Lyle Lovett


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Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2000 21:16:39 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: Oh, all sorts of stuff, really.
Message-ID: <>

Okay, sorry in advance for those not involved for having to read this.

>From the RiM guy:

>I am not going to get into a debate about this too but TMBG did use
>samples.  Your somehow misguided into believe that no one in the whole
>world uses samples but rap artists and if that is what you believe, you
>are quite ignorant.

Yep. That's exactly what I said. Ass.
Actually, to tell you the truth, a couple of digests  ago, I said *the exact
opposite*, pointing out that song that uses a sample from Jack and Diane,
and saying that "See, it's not just rap that uses samples."

>A SAMPLE IS A PIECE OF MUSIC!  So, if you are using a synth with drum
>sounds, or orchestra sounds, or whatever sounds, that is called, uhhhh,
>yes A SAMPLE!

Look, I agree with you, but as I said in my original post, that is not the
kind of sample that people were angry about. They didn't like it when Rap
artists used samples from already recorded songs. To my knowledge, no one
was too upset about people using synth patches that they didn't create, so I
figured that's not what you were talking about.

>Yes, they used drum machines, and ask anyone with any knowledge of music
>equipment and you will find out that a drum machine is a machine where
>buttons trigger samples stored in memory.

Wow. Thanks for clearing that up. Because, even though I am in a band that
*uses* a drum machine, I had no idea how the worked. I thought there was
actually a little drummer inside there that played what I told him to play!


>Please, if you are going to try to debate someone, at least try and
>research what they are talking about instead of trying to act like a smart
>ass little kid to start a debate.

Please, if you're going to call me an idiot, at least try to read the post
all the way though instead of trying to act like because you're older then
me, you must be smarter then me.

Look, I don't mean to be rude, but you could certaintly tone down the anger
in your posts. All this hostility certaintly doesn't make me want to be any
nicer to you. And It's not really that important of a topic. I honostly
don't appreciate being called an idiot, especially since you didn't even
really read my post at all.

As someone else pointed out to me in a private e-mail, two examples of the
kind of samples that *were being argued about* are the sample "Daddy'll sing
bass" from Boat of car and the "One two three four" in See The Costilation.
Derek Minner also pointed out the stuff from the instructional tapes on
songs like Snowball in Hell which I never really counted, cause it wasn't
something musical being sampled, but, there is an argument for those as
well. And also, I have nothing at all against Samples. For some reason you
took I love the album Play by Moby (despite current legal stuff) to name
one, and I also love Fatboy Slim, and other music with Samples in it. I just
couldn't think of any TMBG songs with samples *taken from songs* in them,
but obviously, I've already been prooven wrong. I might also add that the
person who pointed this out to me did so very politly without any screaming
or name calling. You might want to try that.

Okay, and sorry about the Ass thing, but, honostly, try to be a little
nicer. It's a mailing list, that's all.

I'm sorry, I wasn't going to include this, because I make an incredible
number of typos and spelling mistakes, but I decided I should because I just
read RiM second post regarding me. In the same post where you called me
stupid, you used "your" where you were supposed to use "you're". That's all.
A petty thing, but I feel like pointin out cause I'm a smart ass.
I'm having a slight problem opening chalkhills 6-240. The page has nothing
in it. Since the web adress my chalkhills are sent to hasn't worked in a
couple of months, anyone help me so I can read number 240? Thanks.

I, too, dislike the ending of World Wrapped In Grey.

Oh, baby, I just caught TMBG live in New York City at Prospect Park for a
free concert! It kicked serious ass. They had a whole brass band with them,
it was absolutly incredible. And M. Doughty of Soul Coughing opened for
them, and he was just as great. What a great concert.

Michael Versaci... what a beautiful story. And the lyrics at the end set the
tone perfectly. I'll never listen to All Of The Sudden the same way agan....
beautiful. A
William Sherlock's vote for sadest song:
"Lick My Love Pump"  Spinal Tap(unreleased)
Brilliant! You win!
>Another song with a similar type of finishing touch:
>The coffee maker sound on TMBG's Nyquil Driver

What part are you refering too? The fade out part? I always thought that was
supposed to sound like a flat tire.

another good use of that, the dustbuster on Iowa by John Linnell off of
State Songs.

That's all. Bye.
Kevin Diamond


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:30:16 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <>
Subject: Re: Outing Seth's shameful secret...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10008221225050.20690-100000@esun2028>

Seth Frisby said:
> I will not reveal my first concert experience...Horrors of horrors. It
> was a gift from my was the early nineties and I was twelve.
> You guess for I shall not reveal my eternal shame.

Based on the clues, I'm thinking...


Am I right? email me privately if you're *that* embarrassed.

(still on deck: Skylarking)


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 15:31:15 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Vinyl
Message-ID: <000401c00c14$3c5bc3e0$755791d2@oemcomputer>

All ,

Vinyl Vendors in L.A. ( )
has several XTC 12" 45s and albums for sale at reasonable prices . Check 'em
out ...



Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 22:21:43 EST
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: Music 365 Stuff
Message-ID: <>

Greetings Folks,

I recently posted that I had extracted the Music 365 Interview files from
their site.

Anyway, I said I would soon try and up them to an Idrive account.

Please be patient if yo are waiting (or go fishing around Music365
yourselves) as some sickness in my family prevents me from doing any further
at this stage.

As soon as what passes for normal reasserts itself I shall endeavour to up
these in the old and venerable fashion to somewhere or other.

Thanks Jon for your converter program tip, when I get back on deck.....

I was/am me,



Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:49:18 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Concerts and promos
Message-ID: <>

> From: Jeff Eason <>
> Subject: You & The Q!

> I agree with Barry that seeing NRBQ in the mid-eighties was a highilight.

I believe I've seen NRBQ more than any other band, save a local band
called the Groovemasters that I saw every Wednesday night (at the old
Met Cafe) for years.  I really miss Al!  The band ain't the same without

> I gotta disagree with Joe Hartley on his view on promo discs. His logic
> about "hosing" the artists by buying promos is somewhat illogical. His
> first point is that no money goes to the artist when you purchase a promo.
> Well, that is true but is also true of all USED LPs and CDs.

I agree with you on a lot of points here.  I *think* (but don't really
remember) this thread started with seeing a promo of Wasp Star (maybe it
was AV1).  If you see a promo for a new album in the store, it's from
either the record store itself (which isn't supposed to sell them) or from
a radio station that's not going to play it.

> Does he suggest we stop looking for bargains? This music junkie will
> continue to get music where he can.

Not really my point.  I have lots of used records and promo copies
myself, some from my radio connections, others from the used bins.  If
the promo you're buying is of a current album, then the artist isn't
making his/her/their cut, and the sale isn't counted when determining
whether the album is selling.  Even so, it's your choice as to whether to
grab it or not.  "Bob" knows I've chosen to do so often.

> Hartley's second point is that the record companies make the artists foot
> the bill for all the promos. If that is true then it is probably a big
> reason why more and more bands are heading to smaller labels and DIY
> distribution deals. Considering the willy-nilly way that big labels throw
> promos around, I'm surprised any musician would stand for it.

They never had a choice before.  Labels as we know them are on their way
out.  I've got a friend who was in a band years ago and *still* owes the
label money against the label's costs.  He knew he was getting royally
hosed when the label came up with the promo gimmick of a ski trip to
Aspen for a radio person (accompanied by a label rep, natch) who'd added
the band (Winter Hours, hence the ski tie-in, sorta) to the playlist.
The band didn't get to go to Aspen; the band didn't get to nix the idea;
the band _did_ have to pay for this jaunt for all involved.  Did it help
them get played?  Nope.  There are a _lot_ of program/music directors who
will say they're adding a song to their playlist and not actually play it.

Anyone read the Senate testimony by Roger McGuinn?  Over 30 years as a
professional musician, with a number of hit records under his belt, he's
never seen a dime (other than advances) from the record companies despite
the number of records he's sold.  In contrast, he's made thousands from
some folk recordings he did that can be downloaded from

The labels have always said that their strength is getting your record
out to radio and helping get your name to be familiar to the public, but
the fact is if they have to work at it, they don't care.  They'd rather
have a Britney (I really wish her mother had learned how to spell!) that
can be fabricated to be whatever their trend of the month is, pushed
down everyone's throats, and then discarded when she's too old (22?) to
float their Lolita-complex-driven fantasies any more.  (Can you say Tiffany?
I knew you could :)

> I feel it is better that these promo discs end up in the Used Bins than to
> gather dust in the closets of radio stations, record stores, and magazine
> offices. If a buyer likes the disc he is likely to buy others by that
> musician or play the disc for his friends. In a very real sense, that's
> what those promos are meant to do.

Yes, this is very true.  It's a matter of balance, though.  I love
Graham Parker, for example (writer of the best song ever about record
labels, "Mercury Poisoning"), and would always rather buy a legit copy
of his record so that he gets paid even if I saw a $3 promo in the bin.
For a bigger band, though (say, REM), I'd have no problem with the promo.

OK, my obligatory concert list:

First - Beach Boys, 1977.  Snooze....
Last - Project/Object with Ike Willis at the Met Cafe, Providence.  It
   was as good as any real Zappa show I've ever seen, and I've seen 7-8.
Best - damn, so many....
   Patti Smith, 2000, Lupo's
   King Crimson, 1984, Orpheum, Boston
   Laurie Anderson (tie, 1984, Tower, Philly and 1987(?), Orpheum)
   Richard Thompson, 1982, Lupo's
   Frank Zappa, 1988, Orpheum & Providence Civic Center.  The day of the
     Boston show Jimmy Swaggard got caught with his pants down.  Frank
     had a great time seeing one of these bastards hoist on his own petard.
     They had a song or two on it in Boston (Lonesome Cowboy Jim), but 2
     days later in Providence they'd worked out a LOT of material for it,
     including a Beatles medley with "Lou'siana Hooker with Herpes" sung
     to "Lucy in the Sky..."  FZ at his satirical best.
   Snakefinger, 1981, the Electric Banana, Pittsburgh
   U2, 1980, the Decade in Pittsburgh - "Boy" hadn't been released yet,
     just some singles, so I didn't know quite what to expect.  Wow!
Worst - damn, so many...  :)
   The Cars, ~1982 - Embarassing.
   Marshall Crenshaw, '96 or ~97.  He had a power trio thing happening that
     was too loud, the songs weren't very good, and he obviously *hated* to
     play the older songs.  One of the few shows I've walked out on.  He
     was also totally upstaged by the opening band, Moxy Fruvous, who are
     a real fun live band.  First time I'd heard them, so it wasn't a
     total waste of time.
Most - NRBQ.  Dozens of times.  Never a bad show, but Lupo's was a home
   base for them.
What was I thinking? - I honestly can't come up with one for this.
Wish I'd seen: XTC.  I passed on seeing them in Providence because I had
   tickets for their show the following week in Pittsburgh.  It was in
   the week between those two shows that Andy melted down and stopped
   touring forever!  Damndamndamndamndamndamndamndamndamn.....

Whew!  Time to get back to work!

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 01:48:45 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: 1989 Who ?
Message-ID: <00a901c00c59$41f3e720$745791d2@johnboud>

Molly wrote :

> I have a great story.  It was at The Who concert at Rich Stadium,
>1989, and near the end of the show the moon (which was full) was over
>the stage.  I heard someone say, "That's Keith Moon's spirit
>approving of the concert." It was a very moving moment.

1989 WHO ? More likely that was Keith MOONING the concert .



Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:51:16 EDT
Subject: concerts?
Message-ID: <>

First concert- Bay City Rollers, 1977 (Anaheim Convention Center). My pal
Larry & I went with two of his sisters. I think we were the only males in
attendance. All I remember is the screaming.

Best Concert- Brian Wilson, 1999 (Wiltern Theatre). Miracles DO happen
because Brian IS back. And this September's performance at the Hollywood Bowl
(with the L.A. Phil) should be stunning.

Runner-Up- Elvis Costello, 1994 (Universal Ampitheatre). "Brutal Youth" tour
w/ the Attractions. They rocked.

What Was I Thinking?- Culture Club, '82 or '83 (Hollywood Palladium). We
thought they were a reggae band based on their first single. I think they
played 20 minutes. Yuck.

Most Disappointing- New Order, 1985? (Long Beach Convention Center). Great on
disc, but the sound was so murky so as to make each song interchangable with
the last.

Great Show, Bad Sound Mix- Stevie Ray Vaughn (Antelope Valley Fairgrounds).
Way too much bass in the mix. I mean, it rattled me insides.

Best Vocal Performance- k.d. lang, 1990? (Antelope Valley Fair). During her
country era. The lady can really belt out a tune.

Best Trooper- Glenn Tilbrook, Squeeze, 1999 (House Of Blues). With Chris
Difford stuck in rehab, Glenn's version of Squeeze sounded wonderful. He's
quite the guitarist, too.

Glad I Caught Them Before They Went Multi-Platinum- R.E.M., 1984 (Greek
Theatre). Good stuff.

Wish I'd Been There- XTC. Damn. Or 1978-1983 version of Elvis & the

Carson, Ca


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:58:40 EDT
Subject: Stupidly Happy at Buffett Concert
Message-ID: <>

I plan to wear my lovely new Stupidly Happy T shirt (thanks again, Phil!)
to the Jimmy Buffett concert in Columbia, Maryland USA on Thursday
night. I wanna see if there are any other Chalkheads at a Parrothead

Searching for my lost shaker of salt


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:55:35 EDT
Subject: And the winner is ...
Message-ID: <>

Ok, Chalksters - I love the concert thread! But I've yet to see anyone
beat my 1958 Frankie Avalon concert!!! Some close, though... And the prize
would be, what???

In the "Can't Believe I was So Close" category:

I was living in San Diego when XTC played its last U.S. concert... of
course, not being into the band then, I had no clue. Being into the band
NOW, however, it makes me CRAZY!!!

For anyone who's been a fan for a long time, and who hasn't listened to
some of the "old" stuff, check out Rag and Bone again. I'm giving it my
second listen ever today, and it's just terrific!

I'm really burning, fit to boil up the sea!


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 14:27:37 EDT
Subject: Dave Gregorys Girl?
Message-ID: <>

hey folks... So, Holly Partridge is an actress?

  I guess stage-fright ain't hereditary...

  Pretty funny how it is "gregory's" Girl and another character is named

  starting the next phase of wasp-star listening. I bought it, played the
shit out of it , rested a few weeks, now starting to play the shit out of it
again! it is a great album!

   eddie st.martin     everything decays...forests BUMBLE in to make the


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 13:33:43 -0600
From: William Loring <>
Subject: The name of this band is...
Message-ID: <>

Okay, it's late, but I'll be the latest bandwagon jumper:

First concert: The Fifth Dimension (with my mom and sister), sometime in the
very early 70's. Up, up and away!!

First concert without parental supervision: Chicago, also in the early 70's.
My older sister was a fan at the time, I'm not sure why I went. Mom: "Take
your brother to the show too!" Sister: "Aw, mom!!" Also the first time I
smelled pot.

Great concerts, in no particular order:

Elvis Costello at the Opry, just before Imperial Bedroom came out. He did a
very nice "Almost Blue" set with John McFee on pedal steel, and wowed us
with many songs from the (then) new album. Saw him several other times in
the Chicago area.

The Jam during "The Gift" tour. In Chicago at the Aragon, I think.

Shriekback, Oil and Gold tour. Chicago, Bloomington IN, & Ohio. Saw them
four or five times during this tour, they would recognize my friends and I
when we approached the stage. Got called up on stage at one show as a
"visual aid" to model the concert t-shirt you could buy at the door, and had
Barry let me sing the "great big fishes" line from "Nemesis" at another
show. Chatted with Barry at the bar at one of the shows too. I was only
disappointed that Carl Marsh was already gone at that point.

The Clash "Combat Rock" tour. Also in Chicago, at the Aragon, or the Vic.

Frank Zappa, not sure what tour... would have been around 79-81.

Genesis, around 1980-81. This was before Phil had totally pissed off most
people on this list, so this is OK. Great lighting. Still have some cool
slides I shot at that show. Wish I'd seen them with Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel, during the Security tour. A great show, but was cut a bit
short when his equipment overpowered the electrical systems of the Indiana
University Auditorium. All the computer programs were wiped out (I'm
assuming keyboard samples and sequences), so he finished with a solo piano
version of "here comes the flood." Brilliant. Saw him again in Chicago when
"So" came out. He was famous then. Too big an arena, too far away. Told
myself I didn't want to go to arena shows anymore. Have pretty much kept my

King Crimson, Thrak tour. A new theater in Chicago, near Rosemont. Amazing
show, these guys are so incredibly talented, it's hard to believe. But it's
easy to see why Fripp has so much trouble keeping them all together. I
missed a "Discipline" show in Chicago many years before due to a power
failure at the event site, so it was wonderful to finally see them.

Adrian Belew with and without The Bears: several times in Bloomington, IN.
He used to often launch his tours in Bloomington, as it was close to home,
and a very receptive crowd. At least, that's what he told us. Hung out with
him after the shows a couple of times.

TMBG, twice, I think. Pretty fun.

Todd Rundgren and Utopia, several times in South Bend, IN and Bloomington,
IN. Willie Wilcox's motorcycle drumset was pretty wild.

There were others, I'm sure, but if you've made it this far...

What was I thinking concert:

AC/DC and UFO, double bill. This would have been around 1978-79. AC/DC was
_opening_ for UFO. Of course, now does anyone even remember who UFO were? I
don't remember any of their songs... I could hum a few AC/DC songs though.
Okay, they're not really "hummable" per-se...

Wish I coulda seen:

XTC. Started listening when ES came out, but was in Bloomington when they
came to Chicago, and had no way to get there. Damn.

Anyway, that's my list, for what it's worth. Got two kids now, so I don't
see too many shows anymore.

Finally: Thanks to all who have shown restraint in not picking up on the gun
control flame bait. Let's let it rest this time.

William (melt the guns!) (Hey, who said that?) Loring


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 11:40:51 -0700
From: "Steve Young" <>
Subject: Woo-hoo! Commerciality!
Message-ID: <>

Greetings to the "Concert Experiences Mailing List"!  (I'm just being
cheeky - I love all the stories!) - alas, my last concert was Wonderbread
Five, an insanely LOUD funk cover band (earplugs required, if you value your
hearing) - it was four white twentysomethings with afro wigs and spandex /
leather / sequins.  They did, however, rock the house...

Drew MacDonald opined:
>I used to be opposed to all such uses, but have since softened my stance. I
>don't mind another generation getting turned on to Nick Drake because "Pink
>Moon" was in a Volkswagen ad. For that matter, I had never heard of
>Hooverphonic prior to their VW commercial, and now I have both their
>records, thanks to VW's informative website.

These are good points.  But I still can't get over the "jingle" versions of
songs I already know (and enjoy).  The most obvious refrains are plucked
from context and then looped or edited - I recall a bastardization of "Come
Together" for a business commercial that removed some risque lyrics (men in
suits reciting Beatles lyrics, as if they were written to make some point
about "e-business shareholders and customers 'Coming Together'...") - my
aural memory is very persnickety - if a song is commercialized, I begin to
feel like I'm listening to advertisements on my CD player rather than songs
by bands.  Such is my oversensitivity...

So yes, I have fun allying XTC tunes with products, but I'd never like to
see that become a reality.

Despite having no turntable on which to play it, I bought a Mayor of
Simpleton 12" single several months ago.  Last week I found myself back in
the same record store, and what do I see but another MOS 12", this time with
"Living in a Haunted Heart".  So I now have two versions of the same single,
all with songs I've already heard.  Next I move across the street and pick
up a cheap copy (and my second) of the Pony Canyon 2-disc "Homespun" (with
the three "how it came to be") - am I becoming that most dreaded of all
creatures, the "collector"?  Are Andy's toenail clippings far behind?  Bad
Steve, bad!

I did eschew the purchase of an interview picture disc.  Gotta draw the line



Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 14:56:30 EDT
Subject: Holly Up On...
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Roger Fuller" <>
>Subject: Gregory's Girl (

>Hey, this may be old hat to some, but is this AP's kid in the pic? Sure
>has the family resemblance- the site even touts her as being the daughter of
>the Bespectacled One.

Oh, wow! Way, way too cool!

And perhaps even better, the online article was written by good ol' Flicky
Harrison, our old pal from a few months ago (Remember "Feelin' Flicky"?) She
gets around, does that  Flicky, and I for one couldn't be flappier--sorry,

     To Flicky and George (no comparison!)
     Add Ford, William, Sherwood: A garrison!
     Or maybe a supergroup:
     Harrison, Harrison
     Harrison, Harrison, Harrison

Harrison "Flicky, Harrison; Harrison, Flicky" Sherwood

PS: And cute though Holly may very well be, y'all can just keep your sicko
"Gregory's Girl" jokes to yourselves, you buncha pervy twisted statutory


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 20:03:51 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Oops! I Did It Again
Message-ID: <>


Sorry if this is a double-post - couldn't tell whether
it went last time! So if you're reading this again,
page down.

OK, the concerts:

First concert: XTC, Canterbury Odeon, 1981.
Best concert: Queen, Milton Keynes Bowl, 1982 (see
Worst Concert: Depeche Mode, University of Kent,
Canterbury, 1982. Redeeming feature: Blancmange were
the support band.
What was I thinking? Talk Talk, TVS studio Gillingham,
1982. Full of people on free tickets who'd rather talk
amongst themselves than pay attention.
Most inexplicable: The Teardrop Explodes.
Wish I'd been there: Live Aid.
Wish I'd seen whilst still together: Japan.
Bands seen most: Queen, Duran Duran, Talk Talk.
Most wanted but haven't seen yet: Midnight Oil.

Roger Fuller opines:

"Such bands as Queen may sound impressive on record,
but live, w/o the overdubs, they were abysmal."

Ummm. Obviously a difference of opinion here! Shall I
flame you and call you "some sort of loser or
asshole"? (credit: ED K). Or how about "SHUT YOUR
t-shirts with this on? Please please please!)

No, I won't.

I personally think that Queen were the greatest of the
stadium bands of the Eighties. They stood head and
shoulders over U2, Simple Minds (not hard!), Rolling
Stones, Genesis, Pink Floyd etc in that era (note: not
talking Seventies here) in terms of sheer
entertainment value. No, they did not try to reproduce
their songs exctly as on the albums. Instead, they
entirely reworked, and even re-wrote, for the live
environment. And Freddie Mercury was one of the best
showmen EVER!

So there! (irrefutable debating point!)

Andy should duet with (part 1):

Colin Moulding

Andy should duet with (part 2):

Holly Partridge


Seb wrote:

"I particularly loved Altavista's translation of "cul"
as "bottom". The mind boggles"

As in the musical "Oh, Calcutta!" (no, no, NO, do NOT
start the musical thread again!) allegedly derived
from the French "Oh, quel(le?) cul t'as!" - "What a
great (large? cute?) behind you have!"

Most confusingly strained and shoe-horned-in bad rhyme

Can't complain, mustn't grumble,
Help yourself to another piece of apple crumble

(ABC, "How To Be A Millionaire")

Rory "White sox, obviously" Wilsher


Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 12:54:48 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Late breaking Misheard lyric (sort of)
Message-ID: <>

This one wasn't mine, it was a friend in my car while Wasp Star was playing,
and I suspect it was a deliberate rather than a natural case of mishearing
(he swears it wasn't, but then he always does), but I thought I'd share it,
if only for "why should I suffer alone?" reasons...

Church of Women: "Leave it in until my head goes spinning around..."

Something Tantric, perhaps? Maybe best not to think about too much...

Away on vacation all next week, and man do I need it,
Ed K.

"Elevator in the brain hotel,
Has broked down but just as well..."


Date: Wed, 23 Aug 2000 07:26:31 +1000
From: "Dracon" <>
Subject: Re: Gregory's Girl and some lists
Message-ID: <002801c00c7f$a45cd0e0$290ffea9@dracon>

Hey, she's 15? Cool! I'm 16, when can Andy hook us up?

Anyway, on to business

Apple Venus volume 1
Oranges and Lemons
Black Sea
English Settlement
Wasp Star
White Music
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Frivolous Tonight
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Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 17:41:49 -0400
From: Ben Gott <>
Subject: Lyle Lovett
Message-ID: <>


OK, so I haven't been *reading* the thousands of digests that have been
banging at my Inbox, but I glanced at the most recent, and wanted to add my
tuppence to the discussions of concerts.  This year, I've seen R.E.M.,
Morrissey, and Glen Phillips, and last night, I was lucky enough to see Lyle
Lovett (and some of his Large Band) in concert at Tanglewood.  They played
for over two hours, and it was a great show.  Anyone else a fan of ol' Lyle?
Even if you aren't, I'd urge you to try to catch him.  His band is made up
of some of the best musicians working today, and the tunes they create are
really tight.

Now how about that XTC?


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