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                  Monday, 14 August 2000


                  ASSuming the position
                     XTC Shirts too!
          Moby vs. a sack of manure -- answered!
               Gimmie a gun & some smokes.
             Please forgive me Chalkhillers!
                   ELO, rhymes and Vee
              Song for those about to leave
                C'mon Feel/Hear The Noize!
                     Closing Argument
                  Anyone See This Movie?
                still more music to annoy
               I'm guilty! I'm guilty! Oh!
          You've Got Be A Spleen To Be Misheard
            help me identify the mystery song
     Mellotronica (kinda sounds weird eh?) plus: XTC


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Like it's all from some history book.


Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:33:40 EDT
Subject: ASSuming the position
Message-ID: <>

Chalk {cough} Hills,

>From: Radios In Motion <>What an ASS."
>  Fear not RIM, I will gladly take on the mantle of "ASS", as mine is
growing >exponentially. I must get away from sitting in front of this

For fans of Nick Drake:
  This morning I was listening to a radio program called Acoustic Cafe'. It
airs on a publicly funded station, WYCE, here in the "Mitten State".The
program is a collage of bands and artists ranging from Ani DeFranco to The
Vigilantes of Love to John Prine and so on...
  In one segment, the topic was Nick Drake. Apparently, a band, Pigs On Corn
is releasing a tribute album of songs of the aforementioned Mr. Drake. The
album is titled "Solid Air". The song they featured today was "One Of These
Things First". Which according to them was recorded with members of Drake's
old band. Not being familiar with ND, I opened both ears wide and had a
listen. My assessment? Solid music! I was impressed.
   Now go and enjoy...                          Nor

 "Bee twig."
 "Bee twig?!   That a band name?"
 "No, but it should be".


Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 17:10:58 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: XTC Shirts too!
Message-ID: <>

Not only do I have hats, but I have lots of shirts left....

View everything at:

- Phil


Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 19:23:25 EDT
Subject: Moby vs. a sack of manure -- answered!
Message-ID: <>

[a la "The Gong Show"'s Unknown Comic]:  "Chalkie-Chalkie-Chalkie!!!"

In Digest #232, we were entreated:

>>But somebody take pity on an old man, please: Remind me, if you
will, what exactly was it again that distinguishes Moby from a contemptible
little sack of shit?

Harrison "Help me, somebody!" Sherwood>>

That's easy.  Moby is, famously, a "born-again Christian," whereas
said little sack of shit presumably has no soul.  But matters of [religious
or vegan] "morality" aside, neither apparently has a sense of ethics --
a far more meaningful set of standards in my atheistic book.

On second thought, I'd have to compare Moby to a BIG sack of shit.
In these dog days of summer, both stink to high heaven!

Thanks, Harrison, that was a most informative link to the Delta blues
origins of some of the hits on the Moby LP.  I'd assumed that the linked
article would be just another pedestrian roundup of Moby's unpre-
cedentedly successful licensing of all eighteen tracks on the LP
(the music biz' equivalent of the 1972 Dolphins' Perfect Season?).

Oh, and HS -- nice reference there to Byrne/Eno's sampling of a
backwaters exorcism in their LP "My Life in the Bush of Ghosts".....

Stephanie Takeshita
P.S.:  Call me a pitiable old woman, but didn't this cycle of pop hits
and religiosity used to run the other direction?  I.e., a pop star riding
the crest of fame on an oceanic wave of pop-culture ubiquity would
suffer a psychological or spiritual crisis, famously undergo a religious
conversion, then issue enough utter dreck on vinyl sufficient to squash
his star-making machinery, and slip into blessed obscurity for a few
years, only to later convert back and/or offer some cringe-inducing,
insincere P.R. backtracking....   "Saved"-era Bob Dylan and post-
catting Cat Stevens, anyone?  Anyone?


Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 21:38:32 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Gimmie a gun & some smokes.
Message-ID: <384006869.966044317796.JavaMail.root@web185-iw>

"no. it's more like going after Smith and Wesson because their gun was used
in a murder... or perhaps going after the cigarette companies..."

Randy brought up the point above about going after gun and cigarette
companies and I just wanted to add something to that.

Now, as for the gun issue, I am torn in between. I am not for guns and
believe they should be illegal. However, I don't think gun manufacturers
should be held responsible, or at least I am not sure about the issue now
enough to make a firm statement for or against.

HOWEVER, and I mean a BIG HOWEVER, cigarette companies should be held
responsible. See, gun manufacturers have never made any ridiculous claims as
far as I know, but cigarette companies have. In the last year or so I have
seen one of the owners of Phillip Morris talk about cigarettes and to this
day they still
say that they do not believe smoking causes any damage to our health, and it

They have publicly said that all the studies about cigarettes causing health
problems are bogus. Don't forget, they did not voluntarily put those
statements on cigarette boxes, the government forced them to.  This reminds
me about all the oil companies, or conservatives who do not believe in
global warming.  They say its an issue that liberals made up.  I think its
funny sometimes when it comes to issues like this.  Its always strange to me
the people that believe in "pro life" but also believe in the death penalty.

Anyway, that's all I have to say about this issue.  This is my opinion.  I
am not an "ass" for stating my opinion.  People should not be condemned or
put down because they state their opinion.  I like reading everyone's
opinion because it either strengthens, or weakens my belief and value
system. Thanks for reading.


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 07:56:57 +1000
From: "Clifford Smith" <>
Subject: Please forgive me Chalkhillers!
Message-ID: <000b01c003df$12b954e0$290ffea9@dracon>

I stole from Andy and Colin!
When I first started getting into XTC, after I bought AV1, I downloaded some
of their singles from Napster to get a feel for their older stuff.
I loved it, and now I'm buying their older stuff.
You see, I'm one of the 'honourable' Napster users, who uses it to simply
get a taste of different bands, and if I like it, I'll buy it. Of course,
there are people out their who use it for different purposes. I have seen
the full Wasp Star album on Napster available for download, and THAT is just
plain stealing because not only is it a full XTC album, but it's a
Post-Virgin album which means Andy and Colin are actually getting money for
their sales.
I've stopped getting singles off Napster, but there are heaps of people
online with XTC demos and live performances. I'm digging in!!
Anyway, on other news, I bought White Music, English Settlement, and Black
Sea on vinyl the other day. My sister is ordering Nonsuch from the UK for my
birthday, and my music shop of choice is ordering Drums and Wires and
(hopefully) 25 O'Clock. I've got a lot of catching up to do!
Clifford Smith


Date: Fri, 11 Aug 2000 15:28:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Squeeze
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.96.1000811151912.1273A-100000@scn>

Molly said:
"(I think I might the only Squeeze fan who actually LIKED Domino)"

Add me to the list that really liked Domino!  Here With Me is a sublime
tune and Sleeping With a Friend is my guilty pleasure.  Squeeze are the
most underrated bands that I listen to (yes, more underrated than XTC,
imo, though I understand that they are more popular in the UK).  The great
melodies and frickin-fantastic lyrics are hidden behind perpetually
80s-sounding production.  And, yes, Glenn is kinda a weenie.

For the record, my boyfriend also loves the Bangles.  And, yes, we listen
to more than 80s music. :)



Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 13:20:15 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: ELO, rhymes and Vee
Message-ID: <001f01c00457$acdb6860$9d4e063e@default>

Some more loose threads:

1.>I also have a weakness for ELO's song Can't Get
>It Out of My Head (it's aptly titled) and parts of Face the Music.

Where do you think that ELO will end up in the great pantheon of rock?  I've
always had a feeling that they might come back into fashion a bit like Abba
did, but I don't know.  I was never a big fan, but I quite like them, and my
13 month old son loves it when I sing the falsetto opening of Rockaria to
him.  He just creases up.
I like that song in particular and it's got some crazy lyrics:

She's sweet on Wagner,
I think she'd die for Beethoven,
She loves the way that Verdi laid down a tune,
And Verdi's always creeping from her room.

Not a bad lyric and a good couplet at the end, but the best I can think of
off the top of my head is:
"He made his home in
A fish's abdomen."

2.This answers, partly the fellow who's going on about rhymes in songs.

A masterly piece of rhyming!

3.Vee Tube, you Cope-Head, you poet you:

> If F=B and, FT=Good and, M=songs, it would seem,

      "Faggots of fits-trapes melody"
          "Bunch of good songs"

Great stuff.  I'd also love to hear your views on E=MC2, or Stone Circles.

4.>So let me ask y'all a few questions:
* What is a good Roy Harper collection? I've got a couple of his old albums
but they are kind of hit and miss.
Try his greatest hits, I hate the White Man is pretty powwrful stuff and And
When an Old Cricketer Leaves the Crease, is fun.  Have you seen the film
"Made" with him in it?  Pretty weird hippy stuff!
* What's a good Waterboys collection?
Don't bother...try World Party instead, they're far better!  BTW, correction
from my last post, it's their new single out this week.  The album (Dumbing
Up) is out the week after.
* Is Kate Bush retired or what?
No, see 6#233.
* Is anyone out there a fan of the band Family? I know I am.
They were from Leicester, I think, and what else is apart from Gary Lineker,
Englebert Humperdink (Oh no!) and Corner Shop?  A mate of mine saw them
live.  I can put you in touch with him if you like.  I think that he's got
all their stuff on vinyl.

5. Please note, Vee Tube, that Babbel Fish is alive and well and now playing
for Liverpool FC, alongside Barmby Cake.
Bodes well for the new season.

6.Klaus Wunderlich may be crap, but no more so than his fellow german old
codger Bert Kaempfert and he produced The Beatles first record:  My Bonnie
(weird musical fact #1). Makes you wonder what Klaus has done.  Did he
discover Bob Dylan or Kraftwerk?  It was probably Klaus Nomi, come to think
of it.  Don't forget that other great german Klaus: Klaus Voorman.
A pity Father (Klaus) Abraham was dutch, but didn't he have a german
grandfather?  Boney M, Klaus Nomi, Bert Wunderlicht ... you've got to hand
it to the germans haven't you!  Didn't they invent rap?
I'm sure that Oasis must be germans in disguise.

7. The bloke who said that the start of Bungalow Bill was a mellotron.  Are
you sure?  It doesn't sound like one.  One of the the books I have
(Revolution in the Head) says the Mellotron was played by Chris Thomas and
aped a trombone and a mandolin.  I always thought that the intro was
Harrison on acoustic guitar.

Oh well, time to get my James Last collection out and go for a snooze in the
English sun.

 "Life has a way of keeping things in balance.
  When someone great sees you as small,
  there's always someone small who sees you as great."


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 16:50:17 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Song for those about to leave
Message-ID: <001801c00475$046cd560$993c073e@default>

So may folks leaving made me think of this song.
The couplet about pusillanimous could be one of those memorable ones!

At times like these
When enemies
Can number more than friends
A friend indeed
Is what I need
Not someone who pretends.
I'm on my way
I cannot stay another day.
You're such a pain
Must I explain
My every meaning to you?
It's such a drag
The way you nag
At me and make me feel blue.
I'm on my way
I cannot stay another day.
You're so pusillanimous.  Oh yeah.
Nature's calling and I must go there.
A glass of wine
With Gertrude Stein
I know I'll never share
But I don't mind
That's just the kind
Of cross each man must bear.
I'm on my way
I cannot stay another day.
Another day
I know they say
That all the world's a stage
I'll play the fool
But as a rule
I'd rather act my age.
I'm on my way
I cannot stay
Another day.

Am I allowed to use words like pusillanimous on this site?


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 12:06:57 EDT
Subject: C'mon Feel/Hear The Noize!
Message-ID: <>


    Today, for the benefit of Mr. Kite, I have decided to cover 2 threads.

   1. Pissing off the parents: Dad was a little country and Mom was a little
rock n roll. The only way you could raise my fathers ire,  was to play music
late at night. It didn't matter what the choice, if you kept him from
sleeping you were in for a long night yourself. Mom, on the other hand, she
would smile and say "Thats ok, who is that?"
Arrgh! She even wanted to buy her own copy of Oranges & Lemons (Not that that
is a bad thing, of course). All of her Beatles albums were passed on to me at
a time when she knew I would listen to them enough so that she could still
enjoy them. Methinks it was all part of her master plan.

    2. Explaining XTC: A little background is needed for this one. Bear with
Most of my childhood was spent growing up in a rural (country) setting. The
family across the street was about  50 yards away from our house. One of
their sons, about 3 years my senior, would crank up the volume to AC/DC 's
Highway To Hell. During the summer when all the windows were open you could
hear it in our house. It looked as if it would become a highway to hell for
my ears. My solution; pay him back for this suffering. Fast forward to the
release of The Jam's double album "Snap!" I happened to be playing album1,
side 1, when he walked in. "Billy Hunt" was blaring out of the speakers. He
stops me in the middle of it and asks what this crap is that I'm playing
(miming a little air guitar in a childish manner). I explain. He laughs and
tells me it sounds awful. I turned it up and he went home. I should have
tried this with parents (see above).
       Fast forward again to the release of XTC's Skylarking. Sumer 1986.
Same neighbor. He hears the strains of XTC coming from my room this time.
Once again he asks me "What is this?!" (giggling). I decide to go for the
old, it's a bit like the Beatles, routine. He wasted no time in exiting the
      Nowadays when people ask about XTC, as it slithers its way into their
inner ear, I tell them it's nothing and shut it off. Blasphemy! you say? I
say to thee Nay! They practically beg me to turn it on again. You guessed it,
reverse psychology. It has worked well with about 2/3 of the people that have
never heard of XTC. The other 1/3? They will forever be stuck with that
scratched up old album of "Highway To Hell". I wouldn't have it any other's part of my Master Plan.

      "Reversing my psychology for the betterment of mankind"      Nor


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 13:30:20 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Closing Argument
Message-ID: <382193308.966101424063.JavaMail.root@web192-iw>

In response to what Megan said about politics, your right, I should know
better that it never is good to talk politics with any living soul!  At
least I did not bring up religion too much!  Believe me, I see that whole
situation a blessing (can atheists use that word?)  I think we, as a nation,
have come a long way and am very happy to see a Jew (though I would have
prefered a liberal Jew rather than an Orthadox) on the ticket.  Please don't
misconstrued my previous post to mean that I did not want a Jew to run.  I
was more saying they were using a Jew to get votes, though that makes little
sense considering politicians will use a spare tire if it would help them
get votes!  I would however be more interested in getting a Woman in the
white house even more and Ralph Nader is running with a woman on this
campaign!  I found out at

Oh, on a final note, I am not the type to say "Fuck Off."  I would not treat
someone, well, anyone like that.  Though my views are very strong in what I
believe in (and don't believe in) I don't insult people (by calling them
things like "Ass") for the sake of making me look superior or smarter.  I
think that is the worse thing you can do because it shows you can't have an
argument with someone without resorting to childish names or possibly even
violence.  I will no longer talk politics and if anyone wants to have a
constructive argument off-list, I think that would be more appropriate.

I wonder if I was the only one to see the humor in Joe's Garage?  Does
anyone else here laugh their ass off when that album is playing and Frank
comes in whispering every 5 minutes?


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 13:45:12 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Anyone See This Movie?
Message-ID: <381593321.966102313454.JavaMail.root@web191-iw>

I saw this movie recently and it instantly became one of my top 10 favorite
movies of all time.  Besides having a bunch of real similar experiences when
I was younger, the whole movie just clicked for me, like it was meant for my
amusement only.  Anyway, its called "SLC Punk."  Its about Punks growing up
in Salt Lake City Utah in the 1980's.  Its a really good movie and stars
Mathew Illard, who played the crazy friend in Scream.

Anyway, no matter where you live, if you were part of the punk/new wave
scene in the 80's, this movie will bring you back to that time.  It did for
me at least.  Though I am not from Utah, I still went through a similar
experience.  Anyway, check it out, seriously (in cartmans voice).


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 09:14:08 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: still more music to annoy
Message-ID: <>

Ed K. treated us to an amusing tale of forcing others
to listen to annoying music. He finished with this:

"And before you say, "hey, that's not funny, you guys
were jerks, etc."
remember, we were young - ah, so young!"

OK, here's another annoying music true confession:
I had a suitemate (had the room next door to mine w/ a
shared bath) once in college whom I could not stand.
He had the habit of coming home falling-down drunk at
about 3:00 am at least once a week, pounding on my
door to be let in 'cause he was too drunk to manage
his room keys, spouting the most foul and offensive
racist slurs that I will not repeat here.

At that time I had an internship and had to be up
early,so the interruption in sleep (along with
everything else) really pissed me off. I finally
figured out my revenge. Every night he pulled this
crap, I would get up at my usual 7:00 am, throw on
some Bulgarian folk music at top volume, and set about
frying eggs for breakfast on my hot plate (which was
conveniently located next to the shared phone-a portal
between the two rooms. I blame the scent of eggs more
than the music, but every time I did this, he would be
up and running to the bathroom to throw up in no time!

After pulling this stunt a few times, I put on the
same album one afternoon, only to have him come over a
couple minutes later claiming that music made him feel

Yes, I was young, ah, so young, but I was also smarter
and more devious than that asshole!


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 12:19:24 EDT
Subject: I'm guilty! I'm guilty! Oh!
Message-ID: <>

>How I describe XTC to someone... hmmm... okay, well I'm a pretty
>confrontational sort, so I tell 'em XTC is what the Beatles would sound like
>if they were *good*. That usually opens up the conversation.

You bastard!  Always causing trouble, tsk, tsk....

>What the hell are you trying to *tell* someone what someone's music is like?
>Bring on the lame-ass "well, they're kinda like (fill in the blank)... but
>not rilly...ummm... blahblahblah!.  Give 'em a listen together, and tell 'em
>what you like about it as you go. Most good music needs some 'splainin'.

Totally agree.  That's why I'm working on an introductory CD.  Dare I call
it, XTC for Dummies? (all shout:  NO!)  However, there's always that moment
when someone first asks, and you have to utter....(fill in the blank!).  I
think I'll just say, "lemme get you a copy of some of their stuff."

To all:  what would be on your introductory CD?
ObNonXTC -
Some of my guilty pleasures.

Pretty much anything 60's to early 70's Bacharach.
Costello / Bacharach
To Sir With Love
Angel of the Morning -the original Merilee Rush (extra points to anyone who
knows   the writer's brother!)
Hang On Sloopy
The Girl From Impanena
Fool On The Hill - Sergio Mendes & Brasil '66 version
Graceland (D'oh!)
Harvest Moon (the song)
Iron Butterfly
Only the Lonely (Motels)
Hold Me Now (Thompson Twins)
Classically Inclined - Los Indios Trabajaras (purists despise them!)
Captain Beyond
Forget Me Nots
Always On My Mind (Willie)
There's more, I'm sure.....
"That's the night that the lights went out in Georgia!" --OOOOWWWWW!

Tom "you sentimental fool!" K


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 17:17:03 -0400
From: "Michael Versaci" <>
Subject: You've Got Be A Spleen To Be Misheard
Message-ID: <000001c004a2$a9f0d680$e14fd23f@mtwe50004>


T-Bone invited:

>Anyone else care to join the greatest-rhyme fun?<

"I'll ignore your cheap aroma
 And your Little Bo-Peep diploma
 I'll just put you in a coma
 With some dirty love"

		- Frank Zappa

"She's a laughing giggly whirly-bird
 She's got to be obscene to be obheard"

		- Andy Partridge

Contender for worst rhyme?

"Our so-called leaders speak
 With words they try to jail ya
 They subjugate the meek
 But it's the rhetoric of fail-ya"

		- (of course) Sting

Michael Versaci

Obligatory Kevin Gilbert quote:

"I'm sick of hearing about sadness,
 I'm sick of violent crime
 I'm sick of angry militant lesbian feminists
 I'm sick of imperfect rhyme"


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 14:24:02 -0500
From: Ned <nedrise@MNSi.Net>
Subject: help me identify the mystery song
Message-ID: <>

Hi folks

Sometime in the summer of '96, I taped
a song off the radio, from David Wisdom's
Nightlines show, I think. It's a cool, cheeky
little English number that I just adore. I never found out
who the artist is performing the song, and none of my
friends can identify it.  So, perhaps one of you brilliant
Popsters here at Chalkhills can tell me who it is.

Here are the lyrics (as best as I can decipher them):

Souther, souther, we drove further south
Deep down into darkest England's mouth
Foot down five hungry Joes(???)
Foot down five hungry Joes

Four wheels on our ambulance
around the top of ???
Foot down five hungry Joes
Foot down five hungry Joes

Headed for the poplars
Meddle with the populace
Headed for the poplars
Dabble in the magic of

Stretch apparel
doctor, driver, nurse

Headed for the poplars
Meddle with the populace
Headed for the poplars
Dabble in the magic of
Showing off our private parts

At the border into the ???
So we'd see the rhinocerese
Get pulled over by the police
On the M666

Headed for the poplars
Meddle with the populace
Headed for the poplars
Meddle with the populace

Thanks for taking the time. Email any and
all answers to:

As far as pissing off my parents with loud music,
I can remember playing alot of Dead Kennedys stuff
at high volume - Nazi Punks Fuck Off, We've Got
A Bigger Problem Now, Too Drunk to Fuck, etc.

Never heard much comment from the rents about it though.
Probably too shocked to even comment on it.

Artists whose work I have all or most of:

Jean Sibelius
Jon Hassel
Jane Siberry
Sam Phillips
Clifford Brown
Sarah McLachlan
Captain Beefheart
The Chieftains
Charles Mingus
Peter Gabriel
Kate Bush



Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 14:53:54 -0700
From: Randy Hiatt <>
Subject: Sleepy?
Message-ID: <>
Organization: home

From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: A Listen is worth a Thousand Words
Mister Randy Hiatt <> misted:

> Going after Napster is like jailing Ford because their car was used in a
> robbery.

No, going after Napster is like jailing Ford because their car was used
*only* to rob people, and had no other (non-theft) purpose.

Take off the blinders, think out of the box, expand your mind... surly
you can think of legal ways Napster is used, should be used?  Think
really, really, really hard.

ahhh, isn't that better?

Randy (I need a nap) Hiatt


Date: Sat, 12 Aug 2000 16:50:15 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: Mellotronica (kinda sounds weird eh?) plus: XTC
Message-ID: <>

Wot's Up Chalkphiles?
            We all still here? ...Good. Anyways back to my mellotron
meanderings. When I said King Crimson and the Moody Blues are the only two
bands to tour with them I guess I exaggerated. Although I did get this info
from a Robert Fripp quote about mellotrons (probably from his diaries..and
no I didn't sneak into his house to read them!) Those were his claims not
mine. He might have meant they were the one of the few to extensively and
permanently tour with mellotrons. Who knows.
         Last night I met some dude in Vermont named Solomon, who supposedly
just finished an album the had guests such as vernon reid, Marc Ribot, and
Trey Gunn from K.Crimson. Strange guy, I guess the album will be called
       Personally I think XTC's next album should be called "Some Lovely"
and possibly Andy's autobiography should be called the same. If he ever is
brave enough to write it. If I had fans like me I wouldn't.
       I've been greatly enjoying an album this week by someone I never
thought I'd enjoy listening to: Daryl Hall. It's his Sacred Songs album,
which was made with the Frippster. Quite nice, reminds me of Lodger era
Bowie. Also been listening to the High Llamas Hawaii album, very lovely
orchestrated Pet sounds like pop. Oh and Peter Gabriel's third album is
great! Everybody also give Pete's Ovo a chance. Even Peter Gabriel recently
made some disparaging remarks regarding the loopy Millennium dome. So don't
write it off (the album that is. Write off the silly dome as much as ye'

I have listened to no other album this summer as much as I've listened to
Wasp Star. I have not wasted my time. Even my Mom likes it.

Seth vs. Frisby                                          Content vs. Form


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