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                  Friday, 11 August 2000


                      Test matches??
      XTC? I thought this was the Tony Bennett list!
                  'splain, lucy, 'splain
                      record numbers
        In praise of older women -- and album art
                      Loose threads
               thoughts from an old Chalker
                        Free beer
                    Joel "Huh?" Selvin
            Screw you guys, I'm going home...
                      Molly B. Denum
                  Annoying your parents
           Re: Politics and Pirating... Part 4
                      Major mistake
                Start the week with Rialto
          White Music Go2/Misinterpreted lyrics


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My blood ran like ice right through.


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 09:15:55 +0930
From: "Van Abbe, Dominic" <>
Subject: Test matches??
Message-ID: <>

I wonder whether Colin had a particular sport in mind when he wrote the line
"test matches we might win".  Cricket??  Union??  Soccer??

Actually, the Brits are crap and easybeats at most international sports
right now, aren't they, so it could just be a generic statement???   ;-)



Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 21:07:14 EDT
Subject: XTC? I thought this was the Tony Bennett list!
Message-ID: <>

Chalker stalkers,

>Does anyone know why Hip-hop artists don't use mellotrons? and did ya
>know there are only two bands who did full tours with the mellotron? It was
>King Crimson and the Moody Blues and I've heard they break down more than
>twenty year old american cars..oh well.

Oops!  You forgot Yes!  They often carried two!  And yes, they broke down a
lot.  They were prone to power surges and drains as well.  The player would
be playing along when all of a sudden the pitch would drop or raise as the
fluctuation affected the tape dirve motor.  A friend of mine bought 2 of them
- we had one apart to work on.  Damndest musical device I ever saw!  Check

>Dylan certainly has had an impact on the Popular Music of the
last 30 years or so.

Try 40!  His first album was released in, ahem, 1961!  He was 19!  Yikes!

>My poorly honed point is that we all look to this list for different things
>and there's no reason why we can't all exist in the same forum.

Exactly. To whit:

>has anyone heard a pete gabrial track called I DONT REMEMBER with our
>dave in fine form on it?

NOW we're getting somewhere!  And a good one!  I don't have all of Gabriel's
albums.  I had NO idea Gregory was on any.  Who's got this one?
(BTW - don't rant about my last post - it came in after yours.  Chalkhills
logjam, or something.

I haven't thoroughly checked out Guitargonauts yet, myself.  But I will.  Now
I'm curious to see how much session work he's done.


"Like it was a play or something!  Right?  Get it?"


Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 21:55:17 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: 'splain, lucy, 'splain
Message-ID: <>

>So here's my challenge to all.  How would you describe XTC to
>>someone who's never heard them before?

Tough question, definitely. I usually try to mention The Beatles somehow,
eventhough I don't really think the beatles influence is as obviouse as
critics say. I think the easiest thing to do is to play someone some of the
music, and let them hear what it's like. Although that doesn't work all the
time. I was talking to someone on AIM, and he said that a friend of his had
given him an afternoon-long tour of XTC music, and what did this guy gain
from this tour? He thought XTC were "Too prog-rock" for his liking. When I
read that, my mouth hit the ground. I thought he was joking at first.

Which brings me to another point. I know there are a few Prog-Rockers out
there, so I must ask you: Do you agree with this guy? Are there Prog-Rock
qualities to music that I've never noticed, and is that what attracts you to

I don't know, I wouldn't take what the guy said too seriously. After he said
that, he told me that "Concept Albums = Prog Rock, essentially".

Kevin Diamond


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 16:21:11 +1100
From: SEBASTIEN MAURY 02 9950 3315 <>
Subject: record numbers
Message-ID: <>

Apart from XTC, Stevie Wonder (boy does he get variable after about
1985...), Prince, Joe Jackson and Billy Joel (my first record purchase:
1980: Glasshouses), I can do you the complete works of:

Strauss, R

Oh and Pet Shop Boys, and James (not Jim or Jules) Morrisson.
Plus (smaller catalogues, so they don't merit a line to themselves: Massive
Attack, Radiohead, Ben Folds Five, You Am I, Bjork

As to bands dissimilar from XTC but that I like enormously: Regurgitator,
Depeche Mode, Nine Inch Nails, De La Soul, Massive Attack, Lewis Taylor,

I'm sure there are more, but that's all for noue,

PS: Microsoft would render Joel to "jowl". I make no comment.


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 01:08:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: In praise of older women -- and album art
Message-ID: <>

Tyler Hewitt had the courtesy to plug, and play with,
my "universally respected in Chalkhills" thread, so
here's my take on Tyler's latest ...

> Have you ever bought a record/cd based solely on the
> cover art, w/o being familiar with the artist or
> music? if so, what was it, and how did you end up
> liking it?

At least four items in my collection qualify, and
musically, they're all worth having:

Big Brother & the Holding Company with Janis Joplin:
*Cheap Thrills*. Is Robert Crumb a sick bastard, or a
genius? Yes! (The same goes for Janis.)

Zappa/Mothers: *We're Only In It For the Money*. The
best of the *Sgt. Pepper* parodies?

Aerosmith: *Draw the Line*. Count the "Ninas"! Before
MTV, rock and roll was a game ugly boys could play. Al
"The Line King" Hirschfeld was merciless. Kudos to the
band for okaying his hatchet-job.

Emmylou Harris: *Greatest Hits* (the first one). Be
still, my, er, heart. What a beauty she is! Gotta love
her for that proudly ever-whitening mane, too. (Throw
out your hair-dye, O Chalk-minxes!) My appreciation
for her music developed later, but eventually it
caught up with my jonesing on her visage.

Someone else mentioned older women one lusts after.
Okay, I guess I'm in. We're all anonymous here, right?
(Oops, I'm not.) Senior to Emmylou are Diana Rigg and
Lauren Bacall -- can I get an A-men? Junior names on
the list include Kate Jackson and Sela Ward, who
barely beat me out of the womb.

They're all aging like fine cheeeeeze, Gromit.

Hey, Tyler! Hey, everyone! What albums DIDN'T you buy,
or delayed buying, because of the cover art? For me it
was *Blind Faith*. Ugh, what am I, a pedophile?

No XTC album cover art has been a minus, and none has
been much of a plus, although I admit fancying what I
call the "scripgnosis" on *Go 2*. "This is an ALBUM
COVER." ...

Had I been calling the shots, I would have kept that
wording when the CD was released, instead of changing
the opening sentence to "This is a COMPACT DISC
COVER." As one of our Chalkgents righteously ranted a
few months ago, an album is an album, regardless of
the physical format in which it appears.

Ryan "the Hamster From the Ministry" Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 13:36:21 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Loose threads
Message-ID: <000201c002c8$0e916be0$3516073e@default>

I've been on holiday to Wales recently and when I came back was faced with a
list of 15 Chalkhills.  Took me a long time to get through that lot. Tim

That said, here's what I want to talk about:
STUPIDLY HAPPY.  I still just don't get it.  Why do
most people on this list like this song???  I've tried, I've
really tried.  But it's just too simple for me.  People talk about
it "building up", but to me it doesn't build up enough.  I think this
song could have been better realized if it added on more layers
than it does.  Why not add in a couple of more guitars as it goes on
(and on, and on, and on...oh, sorry).

Well Tim, It's only rock and roll, but I like it.

Do we still play Wasp Star?

Are you kidding?  All the time or at least when I'm not playing Nonsuch or
other XTC.  The last two tracks are great mood enhancers.  Who needs booze?
Well ok then, mine's a bottle of Pilsner Urquell if your buying.

Wayne said:

I personally like both Free as a Bird and Real Love. The former has a
delicate melody and the latter reminds me a bit of some of George's better
stuff in terms of the chord progression. What I objected to in the song was
the overproduction done by Jeff Lynne. Both are a tad heavy handed, still
songs survive the production.

Well, I like 'em too, Wayne and they both received unnecessary slagging at
the time.  Lennon may have written better songs, but he wrote worse too and
I don't think that there's been too many songs in the charts since that are
as melodic as either.  As for Jeff Lynne, I didn't think he did that bad a
job, perhaps there was a little of the Phil Spector over-the-top production,
but George and John in particular always liked that, and I don't think that
I heard Yoko say once that she didn't approve of the sound.  I think that
Lennon wouldn't have hated it.  Maybe George Martin would have done it
better, but he wasn't available and I don't know who would have been
accepted by the carpers if not him.  Unlike some people, I think that either

song would have been good enough for most of the Beatles later albums.  I
think of Oh Darling and I've Got a Feeling when I make that claim.
Incidentally, the real gem would have been Grow Old Along With Me (the
expected third single) which instead ended up being spruced up a little and
produced by George Martin on Wonsaponatime.  This song would have been a
classic if Lennon had only got to finish it.  Ironically, it was the song
that he was going to work on the day after he was shot.  It's a shame that
people get to play it at their weddings sung by Mary Chapin Carpenter rather
than Lennon or the Beatles, but then again, her version is not too bad and
I'm glad that someone covered it.

Steve, I agree with you about rap...the best definition I heard was "music
by the non-musical for the un-musical."  "A load of Betty Swallocks" is
another good one.  I'm not saying that it's all crap, but 99.99 % of the
stuff I've heard seems completely worthless, uninspired, insipid, repetitive
and cynical.  Rap will no doubt hit the dust bin of history fairly hard,
pretty soon.  Unfortunately at the moment it's one of three bind-weeds that
are strangling the charts, in the same way that disco or novelty records did
in the past. And, please, this is not racist!  Most of the great jazzers are
black and I love their stuff.  Why don't you ask Sonny Rollins what he makes
of rap?  What would Satchmo have thought of it?  Personally, I even prefer
heavy metal, boy/girl bands, C&W or rave to this stuff.

It must be the silly season...boy has there been some sensitive plants on
this list recently.   To the guy a few posts earlier who said that he didn't
like strong opinions on the list  (or more specifically, strong opinions
that caused a bit of disagreement)...what do you think this list is, a
toddlers' picnic?  If you can't state a musical opinion here and defend it
from any heavy fire that it may invite, then this list would be a pretty
dull place.  I'm absolutely against personal slagging-matches, but raging
debate is another matter.

Robert said;

So to go back to World Party, when Bang was in released it spawned a
couple of pretty big hits. World Party are a marketable group, but
they're not being marketed any more; the record company obviously just
aren't bothered with World Party now.

Yeah, good call Robert.  The new World Party album is out in the UK on14th
Aug and has been well reviewed.  Karl Wallinger is a little like Andy in
that he's an absolutely awesome song writer that no-one seems to make enough
noise about.

Talking of good songwriters, I learnt that Kate Bush is cutting a new album
which is due out by the end of the year.  It's been far too long.  One could
certainly crawl through broken glass backwards for this woman and her work.
She's also pregnant with her first child, or so I've heard.  Now...if I
wasn't married! (in your dreams boy!) Sexiest line in rock history? to
be "ummm yes" from The Sensual World.  Oh well, at least Kate is one genius
who does get the success that her talent deserves.

Personal parts...nadgers, Tallywhacker?  Good heavens!  When I did O level
Biology, I thought that Vascular Bundles were a description that was wasted
on plants.

How about albums from eons ago that you haven't played in ages, and when you
get them out for a spin you think, "bloody hell this is fun, why's it been
lurking for so long."
Just played Ringo Starr's Blast From the Past.  Photograph is an excellent
piece of pop.  It Don't Come Easy, Back Off Boogalloo and You're Sixteen are
great car sing-a-longs.  Love the Drunken Sailor fade in the last one.  I'm
the Greatest is a great piece of Lennon writing, is practically a Plastic
Ono Band track, and has got some cool George Harrison guitar work on it.
Anyone else played this recently?  Ringo did do some enjoyable stuff in the
early 70's.

I've also heard that George Harrison has a new album out this year, despite
the stabbing incident.  The best of George's solo work is very good indeed
and often sadly overlooked.  I have most of it and play it often.

Oh well, here's hoping for some more threads soon.

Nothing will benefit health and increase chances for survival of life on
earth as much as the evolution to a vegetarian diet."
-Albert Einstein


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 14:02:58 +0100
From: Warren Butson <>
Subject: thoughts from an old Chalker
Message-ID: <>

Just thought I'd point out to those people complaining about lack of
content, if you are fairly new to chalkhills, then I totally understand.
You've come here expecting some insights from lifelong fans or you're
excited about the music and you feel you don't get that coming from others
on the list or maybe you just want to hear opinions about favourite
albums,tracks etc.

 HOWEVER! Please remember XTC were in hibernation for 7 years. Those of us
who have been on here for 2-3 years have had little else to discuss so
believe me every little nuance of our favourite band has been dissected and
analysed, check the search facility in chalkhills website for proof.
 Many have been there,seen it, done it and whilst I full understand YOU
haven't had that opportunity yet please bare in mind that many of us are
pleased to have something else to talk about as well xtc.

You will find on here some extremely bright people whose knowledge, opinions
and observations can be more refreshing to read than an entire case of
Carlsberg and I for one am glad they broaden the discussion. You also get
flamers who get so passionate about things they burst blood vessels trying
to prove their points, this to newcomers can be quite intimidating but I
find them extremely entertaining and have on occasion tried to make a silly
point or two just to get flamed but I guess I've never quite got the knack
as I've only had kind e-mails either supporting me or pointing out where
I've gone wrong.

You get lovely people doing tapes or CD's that I'd never imagined owning or
hearing especially the xtc demo stuff, and who knows you may even find you
have more in common than just xtc if you learn more about their tastes
off-topic, I for one felt embarrassed for being an ELP fan on an xtc list
till loads of people came out of the closet and admitted they were too.
This year Ive bought some fabulous music from America such as
Owsley,Wondermints and Elliot Smith on the strength or recommendations from
people here that again if off-topic wasn't present I would never have owned.

I guess what I'm saying is yes, occasionally off-topic gets dull especially
the ones where people write essays on why they like rap or don't or heavy
metal or the origins of the mayan civilisation just because xtc call their
album wasp star, but these are far out-weighed but the great
content,sarcasm,wit and intelligence of the majority of the posts here and
you should count yourself lucky you found this site, it will in the long run
be to your benefit!

Ps just so you know I'm not one of the witty,intellegent and insightful
posters in case you think I'm blowing my own trumpet.

XTC CONTENT!!!!!!!!!!
A few people have been praising Mummer and wondering why it wasn't fancied
very much by chalkers. In my case being a fan from 1980, you must bare in
mind it followed Black Sea and English Settlement.Both albums excelled in
punch,commerciality and musicianship.

Great fire is in hindsight a fabulous single but at the time I thought the
drumming was extremely weak when I'd been dieting on the atomic thwacks of
Terry Chambers (he didn't play on Great fire did he?)

Then we get the single wonderland which just seemed a pile of wishy washy
poop, I still think its extremely lame. The album to me was far too synthy
and just weak as far as great pop music, though I instantly loved
farmboy,ladybird and funkpop.What confounded me was that all the b-sides
were fantastic and I felt if they had replaced some of the album tracks it
would have been a great album, which is why I love the CD, but still think
it was a weak record.

I'd be interested to know others opinions who had bought this album when it
came out and how they reacted.
That's all folks.


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:27:36 EDT
Subject: Free beer
Message-ID: <>

Tom wrote:
  (Just read vee tube's 'Welcome Newbies!')  Yo, vee, do you have a list of

You guyz r too much.  God, I love this!

BTW, A La Versaci, if your ever in the Philly area, the beer's on me!

And I'll buy the second.

Also, this was quoted about Andy:
It's hard to believe that the author of a peacenik line like,
"Generals and majors always seems so unhappy/Unless they got a war"
 IT   WAS   COLIN!!!!!

 Stupidly Happy MUST be released as a single!!!
    Roger, over & out


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 07:26:47 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Joel "Huh?" Selvin
Message-ID: <>

Wayne <> wrote:
>While Gilbert was a great talent, it sounds to me like Selvin had an ax to
>grind. Having read most of his stuff in the SF Chronicle I can safely say
>that the guy isn't all that sharp.

I have attended concerts and then read Joel Selvin's reviews of said
concerts and I have often wondered if we were at the same shows.  And
in general, I've decided that if Joel Selvin doesn't like a record,
there might be something in it for me.  (Of course, that often goes
for the entire Chronicle reviewing staff, especially film reviewers.)

	-- John

NP: nothing


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:35:36 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Screw you guys, I'm going home...
Message-ID: <a04310100b5b6d4341f59@[]>

Couldn't resist the opportunity to subject my message with a common
quote from Dave Gregory's favorite rotund bastard-child from South
Park... (anyone know if Dave still watches the show?)

I just had to weigh in on the recent issues of non-XTC content and
"vicious" attacks driving away our subscribers...

Debora Brown commented:

>There seems to be a bit of back biting and hair pulling going on around
>here.. and as much as I like a good cat/dog fight, it's really not very
>constructive or true to the intent of this digest, which of course is the
>music of..ummm..X? wait, I'll get it.. oh yeah, XTC!!!

and Rory Wilsher said:

>I've seen a few people departing from this list
>recently because they don't feel that they can speak
>their minds. I find the opposite is true. OK, there
>may be the occasional disagreement about whether
>Graceland sucks or not, as the case may be. I've never
>heard it. But generally speaking, I find this
>particular hill to be the most informative, erudite,
>interesting and thought-provoking place to be. Maybe
>this just shows my limitations, but I like it here!

I have been a subscriber to Chalkhills for something like six years.
Back when I first signed on, the number of people getting on the
Internet was a lot smaller. Even in those days, I found a lot of
forums and mailing lists on the 'net were full of junk. Anyone here
ever subscribe to the They Might Be Giants mailing list? I tried that
about the same time as I subscribed to Chalkhills and after a couple
months, I pretty much gave up on the TMBG list. For one thing,
off-topic discussions didn't happen often - I assume by choice. Then
most posts were incredibly brief and often not that insightful,
except for the occasional lyric discussion. But every so often,
something very insignificant would touch off a string of petty and
immature message. Anyway, the list didn't have enough stimulating
content to keep my interest up (not just on the Giants, but on
anything for that matter). Perhaps the years have colored my
memories, but that's how I remember it.

Chalkhills has rarely - if ever - had the problems that the TMBG list
did. When someone complains about reading "attacks" on Chalkhills, I
start wondering if they've ever subscribed to any other mailing lists
or regularly visited a newsgroup on Usenet (well, not *all*
newsgroups). Of course, there have been a few particular incidents in
Chalkhills, but I think we overall maintain a very high level of
courtesy and thoughtfulness, even when getting in a heavy debate.
Things have never gotten to a point here that has made me consider

All the time I've been a member of Chalkhills, I've felt that this
was a place for intellectual discussion - usually, but not always,
about XTC. The collected brainpower here is just so much, that I feel
it would be a crime not to drift from topic to topic. I look at this
list as one of those friends that you can always sit down with and
just chat and chat until you *have to* (not *want to*) stop. We're
all big boys and girls here, we can reign ourselves in when
necessary. And on the rare occasion that we can't, our esteemed host
Mr. Relph will politely nudge us in the right direction - crisis

Gee, I feel like I just penned an entry in a "what Chalkhills means
to me" contest!

= Derek =


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 22:05:05 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Molly B. Denum
Message-ID: <l03130301b5b7cc41e34e@[]>

>I've decided to give Chalkhills another chance, but I'm going to use this
>addy, because I changed my formatting on my Yahoo! account.

  Welcome back. Some of us missed you. :-)

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:33:25 +0100
From: "Jonny Stephens" <>
Subject: Charming!
Message-ID: <>

Has anyone noticed the similarity between the chorus melodies of XTC's
Melt The Guns' and Prince Charming' by Adam & The Ants?

Funnily enough, the video for Adam's massive pop hit featured a prominent
cameo appearance by Swindon's very own "blonde bombshell", Diana Dors.

Was Partridge possibly making a witty reference to munitions?



Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 22:03:22 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Annoying your parents
Message-ID: <l03130300b5b7ca3d69df@[]>

>On the annoying one's parents thread,
>I once was a bit peeved at my female parental unit so I tossed on
>"Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath (Dio Edition)at a truly earth moving
>I ventured downstairs later in order to properly gauge the impact of my
>sonic assault only to be greeted by. "What was that you were playing?"
>"You should play them more often" "Good Sense of Melody"
>Aghast I slunk back to my hole. Never again did I make such an attempt.
>And everyone always thought it would be so great to be governed by my
>parents. Little did they understand the depths of their devious mind
>The Mole "still licking my wounds and plotting my revenge (AKA
>"Grandchildren")" at the Ministry

  I tried annoying my mother with Captain Beefheart's Trout Mask Replica,
and her comment was "That sounds a lot more interesting than what you
usually play, dear." I keep forgetting when my mother was in college she
wore black and listened to bebop and free jazz. He made enough of an
impression on her that last time my wife and I had dinner with her and the
subject of musicians who are also artists came up and his name was
mentioned in passing, she said "Oh, I like him. So he's painting now? Isn't
he doing music anymore?" This was twenty years later. Some memory she has.

Christopher R. Coolidge

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 04:40:54 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Re: Politics and Pirating... Part 4
Message-ID: <382231861.965896855653.JavaMail.root@web184-iw>

Jon Rosenberger Said:

"This entire post is one huge example in stereotyping individuals. It makes
me sick how you feel a need to place these fine citizens into little
categories due to the fact that they do not agree with your distorted view
of US Politics.

You are brazenly oversimplifying the US political culture and you ARE WRONG.

What an ASS."

He was refering to my post, which did contain generalizations, but also
included the following:

"I don't like getting into politics much because it seems whenever that
comes into play, every hates you for one reason or another. Conservatives
hate you if you say anything that they don't agree with and liberals and
democrats are not much better because they feel everything they believe is

Exactly my point, I am an "ASS" according to Mr. Jon here just because he
disagreed with me.  I also have "distorted views of US politics" because it
differs with his view of politics.  Look through my posts and I have never
insulted ANY of you by calling you an "ASS."  If I make a general statement
about democrats, republicans, whatever, its based on my opinions and my
beliefs.  I don't see how that makes me an "ASS."  People have said some
major generalizations about other topics on this list and many of us shared
our experiences so that we can learn from each other.  If every time someone
say's something that does not meet your requirements, resorting to childish
name-calling is not the answer, at least not in my oppinion.  Wonder why I
made generalizations about conservatives and liberals hating someone for
stating their opinion!


Date: 10 Aug 2000 10:19:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Major mistake
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Gary said:

>> It's hard to believe that the author of a peacenik line like,
"Generals and majors always seems so unhappy/Unless they got a war"
keeps a stockpile of 3,000-plus toy soldiers in his attic. <<

There's a good reason for that, he didn't write the above lyric; that
was Colin, who as far as I know has no toy soldiers...


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 11:36:51 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: Start the week with Rialto
Message-ID: <>

Hi fellow Hillers

Erik asked if anyone was familiar with Rialto - errr, me. They're
a British band, about two years old. Their first (eponymous) album
contained thier biggest UK hit, "Monday Morning 5:19", which is
in my top ten songs of 1999 category (although I think it was actually
released in 1998).

The Music365 website describes them as "veering between Pulp
and The Beatles", which is a fair assessment. They also have shades
of The Smiths - a lot of lyrics about lost love and hard life etc!

Apparently their lead singer is actually a Lord, or at least in line to
inherit a Lordship eventually. Try them

Seth Frisby:

"Good news everybody the Soft Boys are reuniting!"

Errrrm, who them then? Educate me Seth old chum.

ObXTC: Off to Singapore tomorrow for a week. Anyone know what
record prices are like out there, and whether  I'll be able to plug the
gaps in my collection?

Laters all

Smudge "oh, it was Yoda by the way" Boy


Date: Thu, 10 Aug 2000 10:41:38 EDT
Subject: White Music Go2/Misinterpreted lyrics
Message-ID: <>

Re:  recent comments where you either love/hate White Music/Go2 - as a
new XTC listener, they are not my favorites.  But had I listened to
these albums when they came out (in my much younger days when I
listened to Talking Heads, Devo, etc.), I would have loved them.
Cutting edge, music for the times, and all that, in my
opinion. Definitely like the more melodic songs now that I am
officially a middle-aged person.

Misinterpreted lyrics:  clueless husband, listening to You're the Wish
You are I Had - "Why does he keep singing 'bitch bitch bitch bitch'.."


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