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                 liberals with small l's
                 Answer/Thread/Reel Audio
                  Caution: 100% XTC Post
                THAT'S IT!! I'M GOING....
                    needin' some help!
             Somebody Please Enlighten Me...
       Flame On! Various musings on Various Things
                      Melt the face
                Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.
          Plucking Molly from the rash of exodi
                       Mind the gap
                     Strange Sighting
                    Music suggestions
              the secret rites of initiation
       re: Online Andy alert - See the hidden clip!
                     Chalk Horse Hats
                      Rhymin' Simeon
                   I quit this list!!!!


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Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 07:26:13 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: liberals with small l's
Message-ID: <l03130301b5b5ab57755b@[]>

>Here is politics to me: Conservative republicans are as close to Nazism
>as anything I have seen.  Moderate republicans are pretty much the same,
>only they may have Black or Jewish friends.  Democrats just want to kiss
>the conservative, moderate and liberal asses all at once, so they just
>act like whatever you want them to act like to get your vote.  I would
>say that they are better then republicans, but I don't believe they are
>much better because at least republicans are honest about their feelings.
>Liberals are broken up into 2 categories.  1 category of liberals are
>just people who have a "Green Peace" or "Amnesty International" sticker
>on their Volvo or gray BMW.  That pretty much sums up their feelings.
>They are just as conservative as George Bush but want to pretend they are
>the "We Are The World" generation.  The other set of liberals believe
>that everything needs a reaction.

  You seem like a classical liberal in the Jeffersonian sense, liberal as
in openminded, which is what liberal is supposed to mean. Nowadays it means
either socialist, if-you-don't-agree-with-me-you're-evil, or both. I
applaud Nader's principles, but distrust his dislike of big business. He
wants to use big government to protect us from big business, which is like
asking the wolf to protect the henhouse from the fox. As long as big
government is in bed with big business, true political change will be next
to impossible.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 00:19:36 EDT
Subject: Answer/Thread/Reel Audio
Message-ID: <>


Tim Kendrick asks of the song Stupidly Happy:

Why not add in some more bass, and then some trumpets, and then
end up with a whole orchestra for a really powerful ending????

Uh, because it's STUPIDLY happy.


Okay, we've covered the easy schtuff here my friends__now for something a bit
more painful.  How 'bout hittin' me with a couple of songs or albums that you
like but are embarrassed to admit to liking.  C'mon ya cowards, time to bare
our shiny pink souls! I'll get the ball rollin' with a song and an album.  I
don't own a copy of the song but I must admit to crankin' the volume up a few
times when I heard this one on the radio: No Scrubs by TLC. (Arhghghhg...stop
hitting me!) I do own a copy of the album I've chosen__the soundtrack to
Grease.  I aint talkin' 'bout no original Broadway recording here baby, this
one is pure John Trevolting & Olivia Neutron-Bomb!  Hmmm, time to file that
disc back in it's proper place, somewhere behind Abba's Greatest Hits.

Wanna good chuckle?  I've got real audio up of the first time I spoke with Mr
Partridge on my ever evolving site:
Optimism's Flames. It was my first ever phone interview and it shows.
(somebody stop that boy from talking) No cheap shots now. I'm pretty
sensitive about this shit.

wes "did you say nuclear freeze, or surplus cheese" LONG


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 07:10:01 EDT
Subject: Caution: 100% XTC Post
Message-ID: <>


I figured it out - Vee Tube is Andy; Andy is Vee Tube!!  That explains it all
-- (doesn't it?)

Thanks to Phil (again) on the stupidly shirts.  Fantastic job and I have
gotten quite a few "nice shirt', and 'where did you get that?' comments.
Hope the single comes out soon to make the shirt even more "timely".

Thanks to Derek for the Jules Verne CD - a real classy job on that.  Count me
in on "Bull".  Was there supposed to be a lyric sheet with it?  No matter, I
am real impressed with your effort.

Regarding Andy's appearance the "The List" - does anyone else think that Andy
would make a great guest on the "Politically Incorrect" show?   I wish I
could somehow influence them to do this but alas, I am only "one of the

Someone mentioned their dislike of "Stupidly Happy" because it goes nowhere -
but isn't that exactly whole point of the song?  (hope I am not pulling a
Molly here and missing some obvious sarcasm but....).  If you want layers and
intricate harmonies, refer to majority of the rest of the XTC catalog!    For
XTC fans, I think this song is the ultimate "insiders joke'" as it is clearly
so intentionally simple.  To someone not familiar with XTC, I am sure they
would not 'get it' and just think it is a simple pop song in it's own right.
(har har...).

And lastly...I am putting together a mixed tape of all of the closing songs
from each XTC release in chronological order.  An interesting way to
fast-forward through 22 years of my favorite band.  "XTC - Closers".

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is that way I see it.


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 12:25:50 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: THAT'S IT!! I'M GOING....
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B7311773E3456@NT4SERVER03> listen to another XTC album as they're a f*cking brilliant band.



Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 08:41:13 -0400
From: "Rich Greenham" <>
Subject: needin' some help!
Message-ID: <>

Hello Hillers!

I just bought a CD burner and I'm looking for the best free downloadable
software that will allow me to create and edit .wav files from an outside
source  ie. dat player...  Anyone have any advice?  That being said --
anyone have any opinions on CD creator software?

Please reply off list:




Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 11:57:55 EDT
Subject: Somebody Please Enlighten Me...
Message-ID: <>

Say, perhaps one of you ultra-hip Urban Guerrillas might like to enlighten

Given the information contained in the Washington Post article at (if this link
is more than two weeks old--and thus in the pay archives of the Post--e-mail
me for the text of the article)....

Maybe I'm just an outmoded old punk fart with my head up my ass, maybe I'm
expecting too much, holding artists up to a standard of ethical behavior that
is simply *inconvenient* in today's amoral climate, and maybe the concept of
solidarity in opposition to class oppression went out with the Berlin Wall. I
don't know. But somebody take pity on an old man, please: Remind me, if you
will, what exactly was it again that distinguishes Moby from a contemptible
little sack of shit?

Harrison "Help me, somebody!" Sherwood


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 12:38:47 -0400
From: "Walker, Keith (Imprimis)" <>
Subject: Flame On! Various musings on Various Things
Message-ID: <7A57F750AF65D411949C00508BDFD818010943B6@USPLM202>

Okay.  So.  At the (apparently great) risk of seriously burning my typing
fingers, I, with tremulous resolution, post, thusly:

Bands I collect profusely:
Pink Floyd (including the solo albums, which all seem to lack a little
something. . . .)
David Bowie (with the exception of the Tin Machine albums -- what was *that*
all about?)
The Monkees (y'know, this is probably the only list where people can say
that without fear of recrimination)
Swing Out Sister (What Where Who?)
Cyndi Lauper (She seems to have lost that terminal case of the hiccups she
had in the eighties)
Crowded House (and, by extension, Split Enz)
Wendy Carlos (Much better that that twinkle ding-dong music from Windam
Men Without Hats ('Cause I can if I want to)

Now,  all of this having been said, I must add that I don't really have to
collect any of these bands/artists much, any more.  I had pretty much the
entire catalogs of these guys/girls by the time I left college, so there
isn't much left to buy.  I get what they do when they do it, and that is
about the limit of my music buying, nowadays.  Occasionally, I hear of
something new and go a little crazy -- like when one or two people around
here mention Nick Drake and I go out and buy the box set instead of Way to
Blue -- but that's rare.  Generally (and to my wife's eternal dismay) I
spend my money on things like DVDs and movie memorabilia, nowadays.  And I
trust that is all the information that you require (bonus point to whomever
caught the reference, there).

And, speaking of things 'Hillers mention that I then go out and buy:
Gormenghast.  When I first signed on, many of you were waxing hyperberbolic
(not a word, I know) on the strengths of Mervyn Peake's seminal work.
Quickly, I resolved to go purchase this book, but  GUESS WHAT IS NOT
AVAILABLE IN THE STATES?  (grrr, growl, hiss, moan)  Sorry to yell, but, in
order to avoid the need for any such rantings in the future, I must ask that
everyone limit their references while posting to this list to such works as
are available in the 48 contiguous states.  Domo Aragato.  (Seriously, if
anyone can help me get my hands on a copy of this trilogy, I would be
grateful.  When I couldn't find Gormenghast, I decided to buy The Complete
Books of Charles Fort, and, let me tell you: after *that*, I'm gonna' need
therapy -- one thousand pages of things falling from the sky!  It's numbing.
. . .)

Mis-heard song lyrics:  my personal favorite was on Berlin's Take My Breath
Away, when I was convinced I heard her sing "Julio Igleisas Saw You!" on the
first line of the bridge.  Also, on One Thing Leads to Another by the Fixx,
there was a random collection of electronic noises that sounded, to me, like
my mother yelling "Turn it off!"  I was a paranoid child. . . .

As to what I used to annoy my parents, the answer is anything.  My parents
were easy to annoy.  (Flashback!  My mom had just heard a sermon on the
evils of rock n' roll at church.  I come home after school to find her
pawing through my CD collection, looking for satanic music.  She confronts
me with my copy of Electric, by the Cult.  "I know what a cult is, Keith,"
she says to me.  "And this song, 'Aphrodisiac Jacket'?  I know what an
aphrodisiac is, Keith."  "Okay, mom," says I, "you want to know the lyrics
to Aphrodisiac Jacket?"  I pull the booklet out flamboyantly.  "'Plastic
Fantastic/Lobster Telephone'!" I quote, triumphantly.  Mom slinks away,
thoroughly confused.)

XTC content:  I have run across a copy of Big Express in a die-cut sleeve
(it looks like a giant train wheel).  Is this sufficiently rare to snap up?
(I'm not a completeist, but I'm always looking for a good deal)
And, does the Cooking Vinyl cd single of IMWML have anything besides that
song on it?  The info card doesn't list anything else. . . .

Keith "does size (of the post) matter?" Walker


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 15:36:10 EDT
Subject: Melt the face
Message-ID: <>

In #6-229, Dave asked:

<< has anyone heard a pete gabrial track called I DONT REMEMBER with our
 dave in fine form on it?

Really great song on an album that is superb from start to finish. It's on
Peter's "melting face" album from 1980. (Not having pulled it out in a few
years, I just noticed the spine is imprinted with $6.98. (Ahh, those were the
days!). Yes, Dave plays guitar on that track (with Robert Fripp) and also on
the following song, Family Snapshot (with David Rhodes). If you don't have
this album, I highly recommend it.

Amy N.

"You can tell a big man by the company he fleeces" - Kevin Gilbert


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 16:01:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll.
Message-ID: <382656453.965851299978.JavaMail.root@web191-iw>

Hey, at least we are all not talking about Jews & Politics.  It seems that
is the only thing on the news nowadays.  On one hand, it should not be a big
deal.  Who cares what religion, or race for that matter, someone is!  On the
other, they are making it a big deal to get all the votes they (Gore &
Lieberman) can from the Jewish community.  I think what really should be
talked about is our freedom of speech.  If you follow the history of the
Gore's and Lieberman, they are both advocates against freedom of speech.
Tipper and All were the main pushers of stickers on albums, including an
"Occult" sticker on albums that seemed "Evil."  Lieberman is a BIG opposer
to sex, violence and language on movies.

Once we lose a little freedom, the rest follows.  Next, XTC will be banned
because it may inspire drug use since the name resembles Ecstasy, the
hallucinogenic.  It may seem like I am going overboard, but I'm not.  It
starts out with things like Luke Skywalker (the foul mouth rapper, not the
Jedi) then it moves to every bit of things we enjoy.  Sorry to stray off XTC
content, but I wanted to bring this up.

Oh, one last thing.  I am finishing up writting some songs and will be
recording them within the next few weeks.  I will post them online for all
to hear.  Don't expect much though!  My guitarist and bassist (aka me) are
not that good, but are learning.  My drummer (Alesis SR-16) is limited in
what he can do.  My engineer (me also) is great though so at least it will
be mixed and mastered well!


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 15:20:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <>
Subject: Plucking Molly from the rash of exodi
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10008091423360.17112-100000@esun2028>

C'mon; don't lump Molly in with this group.  Whether she knows it or not,
she gave her *real* reason for leaving in her last sentence.  Most people
will give you a laundry list of excuses -- I mean, *justifications* <g> --
for why they did/are doing/will do something; it's that last one you
should take note of.  Molly said:

> [snip,snip]...  Also, with my job, I don't have as much time
> as I used to.  I'll be back someday.

Her high-minded tsk-tsk's about flaming and negativity have a hollow ring
<g> considering that she has been an intrepid listmember for lo, these
many years -- during which time the tenor of the list (not me; I'm the
soprano) has often rung the bell on the rancor meter.

(Wow; was *that* overly-metaphored sentence painful to re-read! ::snicker::)

So:  "Best of luck, Molly!  Enjoy your career!  Write sometime!"

Stuporously happy,
(On deck:  Testimonial Dinner.  Why?  Terry & the Lovemen, natch!)
  (Gotta skip that sickening rendition of Pretty Girls, though.)


Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 15:36:09 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Mind the gap
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


Seth Said:
> .....Oh!    Good news everybody the Soft Boys are reuniting! First english
> tours and then american tours. Also ther's a possibility for a new album! So
> rejoice for the song has no ending! I got this first as a rumor from the
> Hitchcock list and then from my friend who works for Gadfly records who
> handle Kimberley Rew's business. I guess Kimberley told her about it so it
> must be true...Keeewwlll!

Indeed. "Underwater Moonlight" was my introduction to the insanity of
Robyn Hitchcock; great, great songs on that album.

and asked/said:
> did ya
> know there are only two bands who did full tours with the mellotron? It was
> King Crimson and the Moody Blues and I've heard they break down more than
> twenty year old american cars..oh well.

Right you are about them breaking down (one of Fripp's aphorisms about
the Mellotron: "Tuning a Mellotron doesn't"), but quite a few other
bands toured with them, among them Genesis, Yes, etc....

The Mole revealed:
> I ventured downstairs later in order to properly gauge the impact of my
> sonic assault only to be greeted by. "What was that you were playing?"
> "You should play them more often" "Good Sense of Melody"

Omigawd. That is fucking evil. And brilliant. I'm going to use that w/my
kids, no matter *what* they play.

Debora B. now has
> brand spanking new copies of BS, BE, and Mummer.. I'm drunk with
> consumerism!... "what do ya say to a drunken shopper... what do ya say.."

"Listen to your CDs..."

> Why am I boring you with this trivia?  Because I have received way too many
> messages from my fellow Chalkers.. so the rest of you vicious lot just STOP
> bombarding me with your e-chides already, k? (See what you started, Todd?
> Thanks a pant load, buddy!)

My pleasure! Wow, this is like, what, *two* issues I've made a
difference in? Right, Marty?  ;^)

> .. and as for you, BERNHARDT.. watch yer back, that's all I'm sayin'..

That's why I'm saying you've got to FILL those gaps in your collection,
love ... it's only for your own protection ...

Tom K wondered:
> Anyway, how do you describe XTC to the unitiated?

"They are the greatest working pop band in the known universe."

> Americans were in the midst of the Great Folk Scare.

Yeah, I remember that -- for a while there, that shit almost caught on!

BaddaBING. Thankyewveruhmuch.


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 20:12:05 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Strange Sighting
Message-ID: <>


In last week's issue of The Spectator (5th August),
which occasionally begrudges a few column inches to
pop music, Marcus Berkmann rehearses the whole
Napster: good thing/bad thing debate, with references
to the Home Taping Is Killing Music thing.

So far, so boring. But allow me to quote his final

"The music business, in particular, has had to endure
thousands of doomy articles predicting the end of CDs,
record companies and high street retailers, purely
because of the opportunities MP3 technology offers.
Most of it sounds like wishful thinking: record
companies are far too clever and nasty to surrender
that easily...<snip boring irrelevant bit here>

I have to admit, I'm torn. On one side, the grasping
charlatans of the music business. On the other, the
Internet nerds, all humming their theme tune 'Tomorrow
Belongs To Me'. In the end, though, the lawyers will
win and the consumers will lose. Nothing changes.
Heard the new XTC album yet?"

Rory "Busily reconstructing jaw after floor impact
incident" Wilsher


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 14:42:35 -0400
From: "Amari, Richard" <>
Subject: Music suggestions
Message-ID: <0325F31466C9D111A76D00A0C99DD26901488E7B@MSXCHNY2>

No XTC content

Many posts ago, I asked my fellow Chalkhillians if they could suggest any
music worth listening to out there, as I was getting so tired of playing
Wasp Star over and over.

I got an amazing response! Tons of e-mails came in suggesting all sorts of
artists / albums for me to look into.

I'm a happy man.

It's going to take me a while to listen to all of them on Amazon (etc...) to
decide which ones (if not all) I should get. [Where the hell am I going to
get all this money?]

For everyone who e-mailed me, I have your e-mail addresses, and somewhere
down the line you may get mail from me thanking you for your
recommendations. It may take months! But don't be surprised if someone you
never heard of mails you with thanks.

For everyone who made suggestions through posting, I've made lots of notes.

Thanks for all the recommendations, Kids!



Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 16:49:40 EDT
Subject: the secret rites of initiation
Message-ID: <>

the most glorious Kingstunes fellow-chappie writes~

<< So here's my challenge to all.  How would you describe XTC to someone who's
 never heard them before?  Never mind if they recognize a tune they may have
 heard before.  How many of you have been there, you know - "do you remember,
 um, Making Plans For Nigel, Generals & Majors, Senses..." etc, then you sing
 a line or two while they stare at you like you've lost it?   Anyway, how do
 you describe XTC to the unitiated? >>

hahaha....err....not very well. My first attempts were equally pathetic,
saying "Well, um, they're kinda like weirdo punk, then 80's rock, then
instrumental, then almost soft rock, but better, then...", and I was greeted
with the blank stares and the shaking heads and the wha-hoy....anyway, I just
gave up after a while and said "here, borrow this" and handed them English
Settlement/. Works a lot better.

And apologies to the many who have left in a flurry of accusations, but
frankly, if someone makes fun of your post in a mean way or whatever, the
easiest thing to do is...prepare yourselves...
Taking everything too seriously is not much fun and not worth it, I learned
that a while ago. If they don't like your post and have no good reason for
doing so, then screw em!

And cheers all around, up and down for squirrel girl (who may just be my
identical twin in some far off land I know nothing about...hey, same
initials, AND I have a pet squirrel...named Andy (what else?) (there used to
also be a Colin, but he didn't last long)), for her request for nudie pics of
the boys so as to further intrude upon their private lives. Personally, I'd
settle for just hiding in the linen cabinet at Colin's, but hey, whatever
And I ordered a "We're all light" bumper sticker from some catalog where you
can get personalized ones, along with personal pencils, toothbrushes, and
whatnot...I'm waiting for someone to drive up and go "Don't you knowwwwwwww!"

farewell to all,


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 14:13:17 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: re: Online Andy alert - See the hidden clip!
Message-ID: <>

I noticed when I checked out the music365 site for the online Andy video
snippets that their links are a little messed up, but I found a way to view
the "hidden" clip:
You'll notice that not all the links to the snippets actually lead to what
is indicated; I can't go and view them to specify exactly which ones match
up or don't with which topics, but it should become obvious when you view
them. You'll notice that the clips are "xt1100.ram" "xt2100.ram" etc. (if
you chose 100k clips - otherwise "xt156.ram" etc. for 56k clips and so on).
You'll notice that clip 1 (xt1100.ram) is repeated, and that 4 and 6 are
left out. Well, there seems to be no 4 at all (I tried, using the method
below), but I found 6 by a little deduction and a very simple trick:
1.	Open one of the clips.
2.	Let it play, enjoy if you haven't seen it, or stop it if you have.
3.	Put your cursor over the location/filename in your RealPlayer window
(on recent releases, I guess - the one at my friends place had the address
field, the one here at work doesn't). Click to unhighlight (the whole thing
highlights the first time you click, you want it unhighlighted).
4.	Replace the clip number (in this case, for example, the first "1" in
"xt1100.ram") with a "6" (making it "xt6100.ram) and hit enter. Enjoy.
5.	I suppose you could get to this by just typing the full location in
your browser window (I'm Mr. Poke-Around-in-a-Roundabout-Way), for that
matter, the above may be a big waste of time, as I just realized this very
second that maybe I should try supplying a link:
<>   (56k)
<>  (100k)
<>  (300k)
(I've only actually tested the 100k one - just now, but it seems to work
alright for me)

As I said, this one's hidden and not actually linked to on the site, but
it's a longish interesting one, so I recommend checking it out.

Ed K.


Date: Wed, 09 Aug 2000 16:17:08 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Chalk Horse Hats
Message-ID: <>

Hey!  I've got more Chalk Horse hats for sale!

View them at:

There's a slight problem with your order.

- Phil (


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 18:52:54 EDT
Subject: Rhymin' Simeon
Message-ID: <>

dear folks...

<<  I'd also like to point out that Mr. M-T's "I'm in Love with my
 Car," off _Night at the Opera_, contains the greatest rhyme in the history
 of rock 'n' roll lyrics:

 "Told my girl I'd have to forget her
 Rather buy me a new carburetor..."

 says todd bernhardt.

 I'm pretty sure the real answer is:

  Adrian Belew     "the lone rhinoceros"   from   LONE RHINO

"I know the zoo protects my species,
They give me food, collect my feces"

yeah, i (really have) read that someplace...     eddie st.martin


Date: Wed, 9 Aug 2000 16:44:03 -0700
From: "Hiatt, Randy" <>
Subject: I quit this list!!!!
Message-ID: <F34536084B78D311AF53009027B0D7EAE3DAA9@FSBEX01>

Ok, I'm back!!! :)

Going after Napster is like jailing Ford because their car was used in a


How would I turn a person on to XtC?  I'd say they're QUIRKY!  then play


Randy (would you miss me?) Hiatt

ps. don't answer that


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