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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 23

                Wednesday, 2 February 2000

Today's Topics:

                 XTC song on NBC sitcom!
                 miscellaneous ramblings
                   Jumping at Shadows?
  "Me, Myself, and I'd Like That" or "Countdown to XTC"
                  Why Andy's not online
                       Lost Friends
      Great moments in corporate "culture" (cont'd)
                XTC on Prime Time TV (NBC)
                    BMG MUSIC SERVICE
                       Newbie post
           Re: file under: I don't believe it!
                       Do You Think
                Clouds in my Fuzzy Warbles
                        Spicy News
      For Auction: Explode Together (Dub Exp. 78-80)
                     Aimee Mann N-XTC
                       CD Universe
                    japanese releases
                      Freaks & Geeks


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Music by the yard for the children they keep / Like poseable dolls.


Message-Id: <l03130301b4bcca678f30@[]>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 11:47:15 -0600
From: "R.L.D.Watson" <>
Subject: XTC song on NBC sitcom!

	Last night, January 31, the new NBC sitcom "Freaks and Geeks,"
started.  The title says it all: it's a show about those not popular in
school, etc.
	So, there's a scene where the boys are picking teams to play
softball during gym class.  While the main character writhes in agony as
every other boy is picked, and, once again, he is the last one picked, "No
Language in Our Lungs" is playing for well over an entire minute.  There is
no talk; the song is the only thing we hear, watching the boy in all his
	What an interesting application of the song! It perfectly fits the
mood and the psychological situation of the young "geek." Oh, the
humiliation, frustration, and embarrassment of being the one to be picked
last - every time.
	In case you're interested, the main character does gain a form of
saving-face:  the next class, after talking with the gym coach, the geeks
are chosen as the captains; they're the ones to pick the teams!  What joy
and obvious delight in their faces, as all the geeks are chosen first.  Now
the jocks know what it feels like.

Small poetic justice in an increasingly nonpoetic world, indeed!

Randall L. Watson
A & S Humanities Program


From: "Michael D. Myers" <>
Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 14:02:57 -0500
Subject: miscellaneous ramblings

Chalksters and Chalkettes;

Time for my every-3-months-or-so-brain-dump on our favorite band.  Here

- The recent merger of huge record companies has another downside I
haven't seen expressed yet, and that is the fact that new product from
this industry will be even more bland insofar as the record company names
and labels.  If you want to see something cool, look on eBay and search
under "45 rpm".  Find someone who is selling a bunch (like 50 or more) of
singles from the 50's or 60's and who has attached a photo of the lot.
Check out the labels; man, there were so many different labels with so
many cool graphics when I was a kid, and now the megacorps are making most
everything the same.  Back then, there were probably hundreds of small,
regional labels, but not now (I know there are a number of indies like TVT
left, but it ain't the same).  Boo!!

- I saw a recent note (from Mitch?) that listed the songs on AV2.  It
noted that one of Colin's songs was from the aborted bubblegum sessions.
Jeez, wasn't that from quite a few years ago?  I know this is not a
popular position to state (and I preface my remarks with the fact that I
really love Colin's writing), but doesn't it seem that Colin has a severe
case of writer's block?  Best we can tell, he's written like 3-4 songs in
the last 8-9 years.  Before you blast me, remember that he has 2 songs on
AV1, and it was noted that one of these was an old, old tune that was
resurrected and completed for the album.  Now he has 3 on this album, and
again, one is very old and not specifically written for this album.  I
hope the new contract, the new arrangement with their label, and the
resulting financial freedom helps him get back in the groove again.
Because, what will he have to contribute to the next album (whenever that

- Someone suggested that he foresaw the death of the band due to
commercial "unacceptance" and due to the fact that they weren't hip enough
(I know I'm paraphrasing).  I can't agree with this theory, because if
they could survive a 7-year period during which they couldn't put anything
new out, and when they hardly made any money, don't you think they are
rolling in clover now compared to 92-99?  Nah, they will make music and
and sell it to a select, "just-big-enough" audience for as long as they
want to, in my opinion.  And I hope that is for a very long time.

- If you like "Pale and Precious" and are something of a Pet Sounds-era
Beach Boys fan, you might want to check out a CD I just got from a group
called Squires of the Subterrain titled "Pop in a CD".  It's basically one
guy doing low-fidelity recordings on 4-track or 8-track machines in
various basements, garages, etc but it's not only very good but charming
(and cheap - $10).  Before I give you the following info about where to
get this CD, I will state that I have absolutely nothing to do with the
company that sells it; I'm just a fan.  Go to which is a
place to get a very wide array of power-pop music, much of which you will
probably like.  While you are there, read some of the slightly
over-the-top descriptions about the releases they sell, and count how many
of them say something like "inspired by XTC" or "in the XTC mode".  I bet
there's more than 10 artists they claim are influenced by our boys.  Also,
for you vinyl fanatics, go to the Vinyl Vendors website and search for XTC
albums or 45's; there's quite a few for sale at slightly outrageous
prices.  But then again, what's it worth to you??

By the way, if you go to the official Dave Gregory website, guitargonauts
(which was lovingly created by Mark Strijbos and Debie Edmonds), and ask
Dave a clever question, I bet he'll write back to you (as he did to me),
and I can tell you that his note reinforces the fact that he is one nice

See you again when I have something to say,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 15:07:35 EST
Subject: Jumping at Shadows?

>From: "Murgatroyd Llewellyn" <>
>Subject: dominic lawson=anagram of shy macrame fashioner, give or take
>a vowel

>***the above was sent on a borrowed portable with a USB interface for
>martini cocktails***

I think your boy Nick needs the laptop back, Rocky.

Nice try, Mister Barnum. Say howdy to Norm's little girl, OK? We miss her!

Harrison "Where two or three are gathered in My name, there shall I be also"


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 14:17:13 EST
Subject: "Me, Myself, and I'd Like That" or "Countdown to XTC"

Steely Dan, XTC, and Wilco all on the same soundtrack??!!!!
Pleasure overload      Pleasure overload


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 12:37:48 -0800 (PST)
From: Nick Howorth <>
Subject: Why Andy's not online

Since I subscribed to Chalkhills about a month ago it
does seem that there's an awful lot of non-XTC related
'cack' being posted like stuff about US gun laws (OK
so XTC have a song called 'Melt The Guns' so what,
case closed concerning Andy's viewpont. I don't think
most non US subscribers could give a damn if you all
want to shoot each other for reasons of personal
'freedom' and I certainly don't want to read the
transcripts of this ongoing debate in Chalkhills) No
wonder Andy won't get online. I seem to remember
reading that non-XTC issues should be taken up with
individuals posting the stuff not conducted in
Chalkhills pages. And as for Dominic Lawson
contributing - Jesus Christ it's enough for me to
start doubting my own sanity. Is this the same
ex-'Spectator' (magazine with a political slant
slightly to the right of Adolf Hitler) editor and
brother of bumbling ex-Tory Chancellor Nigel (the domain name on his e-mail would seem to
suggest yes!) I'm not sure I really want to fraternise
with such people to be honest. 'Dom's' (as you all
lovingly call him) recent contribution seemed to be an
intellectual masturbatory tract worthy of any
'Cultural Studies' lecture (and I know 'cos I've
attended a few). I'm not saying this stuff's
irrelevant, but its links to XTC related stuff are for
the most part, somewhat tenuous at best. (Subscribe to
the NRA page or the International Times) I'll stop now
before I offend anyone else. Then again...hey Jon (The
Mole)- if I was Andy, I'd be worried. Amateur Freudian
interpretation -veiled homo-erotic sexual

P.S. You're a Good man Demon Brown! (now that's what I
call an XTC posting)

Yours, Nik (Pumpkinhead)- no doubt soon to be nailed
to a chunk of wood.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 30 Jan 2000 03:44:25 -0600
From: Spike <>
Subject: Lost Friends

Dear Chalkbutts,

   I just wanted to say hello to any of my old XTC friends that may be
lurking here. I want to thank Steve Cothron from Irving Texas for
playing Black Sea for me and making me so open to new music in a time
when music for a 15 year old was lame radio(the 80s).
   Hello to Jeff Graham from Irving Texas for getting all excited about
XTC back then with me and running around with me buying the latest XTC
and other strange music. And thanks for comming to my wedding. I suck as
a long term friend but I still think about you.
   Hello to all the loons in Marshall TX High School Theater class for
putting up with me forcing you to listen to XTCs English Settlement on
school trips. I hope the music wore off on you and you still keep up
with them.
    Hello to David VanWert who is not lost but post here at times and
thanks for helping me spred the XTC madness to the loons in Marshall.
   All are free to email me as I consider you lost and would be glad to
hear from you.

    Just wanted to say hi,


Message-ID: <>
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Great moments in corporate "culture" (cont'd)
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 16:31:59 PST

 From Q Online, 31 Jan (via P@ul Culnane):

"Speculation is mounting that last week's news announcing the merger between
Time Warner AOL and EMI could mean that up to 3,000 staff could lose their
jobs world-wide. Though no exact figures are available, the fears are based
on the culling that occurred after Polygram and Universal joined forces,
with most of the job losses happening in the US. With the dust still
settling though, it's not clear where, or when, losses will take place."

"And Australian website Undercover reports that at last MIDEM conference in
Cannes, Sony execs were kept on their toes fighting off rumours of an
imminent take-over of Sony Music by BMG, fuelled by a statement from BMG
parent company Bertlesmann, who have declared an interest in acquiring the

"And I think to myself ... What wonderful woild ... Ohhh yeah ..."



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 17:45:16 -0800
From: Craig Vreeken <>
Subject: XTC on Prime Time TV (NBC)

Did anyone here in the states catch the NBC show "Freaks and Geeks" Monday
night?  It's actually a very good show about kids in high school.  In
Monday night's episode, the young "geek" who is the main character in the
show and his "geeky" friends are in every geeks nightmare - choosing up
teams in High School PE class.  Of couse the jock kids pick all the other
jock kids for their teams, leaving the "geeks" for last. Oh, the sheer
torture of being picked last!  Believe me, I can relate, being a former
high school geek myself.

While the kids are in agony over being chosen last, what music should begin
playing, quite loudly, and not in the background at all?  The guitar intro
starts up and I immediately recognize it.  It's XTC, but what song?  "No
Language in Our Lungs," from Black Sea.  And not just a little snippit
either - easily half the song is played with no dialog over the top of it
while the kids agonize over being picked last.  The lyrics of the song
seemed to somehow fit really well.  There was no language in their lungs to
describe how bad it feels to be picked last for the team. How true.

I don't know who on the creative staff of this show picked this song, but
they must be a fan.  Perhaps we can look forward to more?
Craig Vreeken


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 17:48:20 -0800 (PST)
From: travis schulz <>

I like to be a cheap skate when it comes to buying
cds, and other than combing through the used cd bins,
I've always found BMG Music Club to be a good deal.  I
know bands don't make squat from sales there, or so
I've heard, but I'm greedy and poor.  Has anyone here
bought any goodies at BMG lately?  I have Fountains of
Wayne's debut and The Soft Bulletin by the Flaming
Lips coming soon from the club (which by the way is
the 12 for the price of one club). As far as XTC
content, has XTC albums if you
search for them.  No, I am not a spokesperson for BMG.
 Your good pal, Travis.


Message-ID: <>
Subject: Newbie post
Date: Tue, 01 Feb 2000 23:17:19 EST

Hi There!
Glad to be here on the hill after a couple of unsuccessful tries due to my
own inexperience :-) Heck, I'll start off with a question- Any significance
or tasty tidbit trivia regarding the creaking sound in "Living Through
Another Cuba"? It intrigues me.
                   Creating the definitive AP Shrine...


Message-ID: <>
From: "Dominique Leone" <>
Subject: Re: file under: I don't believe it!
Date: Wed, 02 Feb 2000 04:51:26 GMT

I saw this too.

If ever there was an argument to be made for the fickle,
short-termed-memory-demographic-manipulating world of pop, this recent
historical/cultural/sociological event offers a great proof.  Of course no
one saw it coming, and I guess that, for once, the Brit awards live up to
their own hype.

I, for one, hope this gives a little shelf-life to those five (count 'em,
four) lovely starlets.  When I think of all the hours spent hearing about
how they were always on VH1, I recall my astonishment that someone had
replaced Sheryl Crow.  And I look back on all the times I saw my students
arguing over just who was the skankiest Spice (and I can tell you, it wasn't
Sporty).  But, most of all, I'll remember the music.

Although blessed with remarkably little musical ability, the Spices lit the
world with an exciting, seductive, extra-bubblingly good match earlier in
the decade (and it was a long one).  And they did this for consecutive
albums.  If "Wanne Be" wasn't your cup of tea, then "Spice Up Your Life" was
definitely your barrel of monkeys.  I'm 100% completely serious.

Don't forget, these ladies not only made headway in music, they were
entrepreneurs.  Yes, yes, there was the Spice Girls movie!  It was
reportedly very well received.  I believe it involved a car of some kind.
The band also followed in the glovestrokes of the King of Pop by starring in
their very own Pepsi commercial.  It's called legacy, and is an essential
aspect of royalty.

This band were achievers. They were 'all good'.

Until now.  Spices basically suck now.  If you don't know this, then you
probably suck too.  I don't know how they ever got that award.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2000 21:57:22 -0800 (PST)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Do You Think

Do you think that XTC will go on another promo tour
like they did with AV1?  If they do, and they come to
TO, I'll be there.  I'm not going to miss this chance
in the world.  I'll keep my fingers and toes and even
eyes crossed. :)



Molly's Pages


Subject: Clouds in my Fuzzy Warbles
Message-Id: <0006800019805643000002L032*@MHS>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 09:57:02 +0100

Hi "Kreideberger",

Joe "Jomama" Funk asked:
Did "Bumper Cars" make the final cut for AV2?  It seems it was on one of
Mitch's lists of tracks a while back.... I have the demo of this song, and
I just love the hokey organ mixed with the Black Sea-ish sounding guitar

Well, Joe, I gotta agree with your taste, I LOVE "Bumper Cars", but no, it
isn't going to be on "AV2".  I guess we'll just have to wait for "Fuzzy
Warbles".  Somehow, that project seems so far away and endangered,
especially when we hear the news of Virgin's sudden interest in issuing a
demos album themselves.  I sure hope they don't act like idiots and block
the project.

I once heard of a similar case.  I think Carly Simon must have left her
earlier label under somewhat strained terms, which later almost killed the
"Clouds in my Coffee" anthology project.  It seems that although she could
use her newer material freely, and even had access to all of her various
soundtrack songs (eg. "Let the River Run", "Nobody Does it Better", etc.),
one of her old labels -- on which she recorded her first 10 or so albums
(including numerous hits such as "You're So Vain" and "Anticipation") --
refused to allow her newest label to use songs from her early period.
Imagine a sort of compendium/anthology of her work without her early
records -- it would have gone straight down the tubes.  But at almost the
last minute, just as they were preparing to scrap the project, they
relented.  And so it was that 3-CD set was (is) a true "greatest hits and
rarities" package and includes all the songs you know.

Will Virgin play the same game?  And if they do, will they give into the
demands of the fans (for the sake of the music), or will they be stubborn
just 'cause they feel like being stubborn?

Coming back to "Bumper Cars", it's one of so many really great songs that
never made it onto albums -- maybe Chalkhills, Bungalow, Little Lighthouse
and all the others can now consider having a new purpose -- let's hold a
poll of everyone who knows these songs and find out which ones the
hard-core fan base really wants to hear recorded in a final, definitive
version.  I mean, you read about them all the time: "Gang Way, Electric
Guitar Coming Through", "My Train is Coming", "Bumper Cars", and so on and
so on and so on.  Why not let XTC know what we want to hear, maybe we
could convince them to record one LP side's worth of "Fuzzy Warbles"
as...umm, Unfuzzy (?) Warbles?  Whaddya think?

And Mitch/Richard/John and you other insiders, what do *you* think?  Any
chance of us having any success at all with something like this?

Well, it's back to lurk, ummm, I mean WORK again.  Still have about 20
Chalkhills to catch up on...

- Jeff


Message-ID: <000e01bf6d61$b9fd3e20$675791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Spicy News
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 18:06:13 +0900

>From: David Oh <>
> just saw a news segment that said that the spice girls will be awarded a
>special achievement award at the upcoming brit awards.

probably for giving the best ( most ? )  b-jobs to the bigwigs at whatever
lowlife record company they work for .

sushiman john

" Music is the architecture of silence. "


Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 12:10:11 +0100 (MET)
From: rappard <>
Subject: For Auction: Explode Together (Dub Exp. 78-80)
Message-ID: <>





Message-ID: <003901bf6d7c$673a27a0$ab2579a5@com>
From: "Doug Swan" <>
Subject: Aimee Mann N-XTC
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 04:52:44 -0800

Don't usually post, mostly just lurk. It's much safer that way! I had
noticed that someone on the list had posted concerning their disappointment
with Aimee Mann's new cd, Bachelor No. 1 (or the return of the dodo). Must
say that I really couldn't disagree more. This is quite frankly the finest
writing, performing, and production of her career. Without the yolk of Jon
Brion (although his influence is still there as he plays several
instruments), the album is perhaps the most diverse from a writing
standpoint, with several songs being well outside the normal radar of
Aimee's writing abilities. Also a couple of VERY Burt Bacarach numbers. The
production is first rate and there are at least 3 radio friendly songs that
would slay even the most ardent pop fan.

I've never been a rabid fan of Aimee's; I am now. Unfortunately (or
fortunately, depending on how you look at it), the cd is only available
online directly from Aimee. By the way, Michael Penn's new one MP4 is also
out and sounding very good. I had the chance to see them perform last
weekend a couple of times (in Portland and Seattle). Very nice shows. Two of
his songs are obviously the lost "Beatles" numbers from Rubber Soul that
we've all been looking for, lo these many years. ; ) Take care all. Doug


Message-ID: <0D276A818C6BD311848A0008C70890E259897D@USINTEX02JFK>
From: "Cerquone, Suzanne" <>
Subject: CD Universe
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 07:07:48 -0800

The Sushiman said:

>> NEVER do business with CD Universe - trust me !<<

No trust me: do business with them.  I have for a few years now and never
had a problem with them.  Sure, recently a hacker managed to gain access to
all customers' credit card numbers.   I had three on file there and they
were all swiped.  But CDU reacted quickly and professionally in notifying
both myself and my credit card companies.   I didn't have to do anything but
read an e-mail about the situation--both CDU and my CCs took care of
everything else.

Obligatory XTC content:  I can't wait for AV2.  :)



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 13:47:26 EST
Subject: japanese releases

Greetings Fellow Fans!
     I have been trying to find a shop in Japan or on the web which might be
a good source for Japanese XTC releases. Do any of you have favorite place
(that combines a good selection with good service) that you do your shopping?
I am looking for a couple releases in particular and would be grateful for
any guidance.

I am a recent U.S. transplant to Germany. Any Chalkhills folks in the
Frankfurt area?
Any developments in a UK gathering / convention for this Summer?

Martin Fopp


Message-ID: <010e01bf6daf$ef181320$>
From: "Drew MacDonald" <>
Subject: Freaks & Geeks
Date: Wed, 2 Feb 2000 11:01:38 -0800

>BTW, "Freaks" is supposed to be based in the mid-late '70's,
>right?  So, technically, using a song from "Black Sea" [1980]
>might be a tad anachronistic, but I'm not complaining!

Actually the show is set in 1980, so the usage is spot on. Not that I got to
hear "No Language In Our Lungs" on that episode, which was completely
pre-empted here in LA by plane crash coverage. I hope the show survives long
enough to re-run that episode. "Freaks & Geeks" It's actually a funny,
well-written and sometimes all-too-accurate portrayal of those years and
those people.



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