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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 229

                 Wednesday, 9 August 2000


                  Tell me where you live
          It's my ball and I'm going home . . .
                  Re: You Can Call me Al
                   Re: hair as grass...
Opinions, Soft Boys, Radio Sonicnet,...and Evolutionary theory!
               Great Fire in my Green Heart
                  Bobby Blue Bland Dylan
   Beauty is a only a skin graft deep, or perhaps two..
                XTC video list URL update
                        Awwww Mom!
             Is That A Gerbil In Your Pocket?
                 The shaming of the shrew
            No XTC content. Go tell your Mom.
                    mr hypocrite here
                         I'm back
                   what Wes is grokking
          Vengeance is mine, sayeth the squirrel
                  Stop Cryin' Ya Wussies
                      Hello In There
              Oh, my God! I have laugh face!


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He walks and he talks in a commanding voice.


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 09:54:14 -0400
From: erik schlichting <>
Subject: Tell me where you live
Message-ID: <>

Paul Wilkinson wrote:

   "I'm off.

   I'm sure you won't miss me anyway as I have never been
   inspired enough to comment anyway.


Gee, that is a shame. Never contribute, then complain about
the content.

We are not all here just to entertain you.

If you never said hello, why bother with good-bye?

Related to Dunks' Napster tirade:

First, Dunks, nice post, but to compare posting music on
Napster to stealing a work of art from a museum is patently
false. When I steal the Mona Lisa, and make color laser
copies for everyone, there is still only one Mona Lisa. No
comparison between "distributed art" and "static art."

Personally, I'm struggling with this whole Napster thing. On
the one hand, I think Napster is a good thing, on the other
it's bad. If you read Napster's policy statement, they
acknowledge the site's potential for copyright abuse. They
say that violating copyrights are bad, don't do it, we'll
kick you off. Whether or not this happens, or happens often
enough, I don't know; I'm guessing not. If Napster fails to
enforce their own policy, then they are at fault and should
be punished. But, I don't believe I've seen this mentioned
much, it is the INDIVIDUAL USERS who post and download
copyrighted material that are really breaking the law, and,
even though Napster facilitates distribution, their policy
statement absolves them (at least, attempts to absolve them;
I'm no lawyer) of violating copyrights. This forces the
artists and/or music labels to police individual users. I'm
sure this is as tedious as it sounds, so they'd rather go
after Napster. Even if Napster is shut down, another site
will take its place. People can still trade mp3 files, or
whatever format, without Napster.

I'm not really sure what my point is, only that the genie is
out of the bottle and won't be going back. If Napster users
abided by copyright laws, there wouldn't really be a
problem..., so, if you want to help artists protect their
copyrights, refuse to post or download copyrighted material.

Now for something completely different:

I have been listening a lot lately to a band called Rialto,
which the record shop owner handed to me one day saying,
"Here, this is your style." He was right. Anyone else out
there familiar with them? What's the deal with them, I can't
find much info on them. They remind me of the the Stone
Roses (first album) and another band I can't quite put my
finger on.... Also, I gave the old vinyl Afraid of Mice a
spin the other day; whatever happened to them? Anyone else
even ever heard of them?

It's getting near time to put this map of Chalkers together,
say , another week after this post appears. Currently, the
return rate is about 7.5%. At least some more of the folks
in Europe & UK weighed in to balance out the N. American
contingent. At the risk of giving away any surprises, there
is a nest of Chalkers hiding out in western Canada.... Are
y'all just one big commune up there or what?

Send you locations to:

Figure out where you are at one of these sites:   (this one's the best)



Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 15:03:09 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: It's my ball and I'm going home . . .
Message-ID: <>

Alright dudes . . .

Maybe its me, but at the moment the most boring element
on this digest is the number of people who have nothing to
say except "I don't like the random exercising of free
speech, so I'm gonna unsubscribe . . ."

While I agree that there's a little too much on politics and
Napster and the "I know more than you" rants are sometimes
tedious, I would venture to suggest to Molly, Paul, Bob,
Masookie et al that, if you don't like it, change it. I don't see
any of you posting anything (about the boys or otherwise)
that starts a new thread.

To throw an e-tantrum and simply stalk off is a pretty
defeatist attitude. Although this is an XTC forum, it would
be pretty boring if that was ALL we ever talked about - just
as it would be pretty boring if that was all we talked about in

What makes this forum interesting for me is that I get to have
(usually) interesting dialogue about a VARIETY of topics with
people who may be able to educate me or learn from me. Both
are totally valid forms of sharing experiences, without which we
do not grow as individuals.

I've learned more about XTC - I've certainly learned more about
the non-released stuff and totally fallen in love with the Dukes;
I've been turned on to many new artists, not least Richard
Thompson and now trying Kevin Gilbert (sorry, never got Nick
Drake); and also - and this is quite important to me - many of
the off-list postings I have received are full of warmth, friendship,
good humour and interesting info. IMHO (yep, I've learned an
acronym or two as well) this is PRECISELY why e-mail was

OK, there's a couple of jerks every now and then, but there's
jerks everywhere, Doubtless there's people out in the big bad
world - and on this forum - who think I'm a jerk. At the risk of
sounding like that little bugger from Star Wars, worry, or don't
worry, but move on - we can all do that.

I'll continue to use the page down when necessary and continue
to maintain an interest in what other people have to say. It's a
good way to learn. Someone recently posted a rant against non-XTC
subjects and said "I think you just like the sound of your own voices".

I think YOUR aversion to hearing anyone else's views is far more

Rant over, flame on, I'm not going anywhere!

Smudge "don't you oppress me" boy

"We're not oppressing you Stan, you haven't got a womb!"


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 10:10:58 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: Re: You Can Call me Al
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.


Al/Stormy/Mike confessed:

> I have also been extremely hard on Duncan Kimball.  To his credit,
he has always taken it like a gentleman. (Dunks, ole boy, if you ever
come to Atlanta, the beer will be on me!)<

I dunno, Mike, I guess that depends on Dunks' aim, eh?

(Hint to Dunks: Mike always feints to the right, then ducks left.)


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 11:36:28 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <>
Subject: Re: hair as grass...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10008071133390.15007-100000@esun2028>

Jayne said:
> Last time I watched Frazier David Hyde Pierce had a lot more hair than
> Andy, but as my gran was fond of saying grass doesn't grow on a busy
> street."  No I'm not sure I get it either.

She was complimenting Andy's brainpower.  Of course, there's no link
between high intelligence and hair loss, but it was nice of her, anyway.



Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 13:12:36 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: Opinions, Soft Boys, Radio Sonicnet,...and Evolutionary theory!
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalk-Folkies,
           It seems that people are starting to quiet down around...kind of
the changing of the guard after the hullabaloo of WS. So to those who are
leaving enjoy the real world, and don't worry we'll still be here.

      I was also wondering if people on this list would like to start some
new posts i.e. positive ones. Much of the recent talk has steered away from
XTC (which can be good sometimes) but it has also steered into vast
uncharted realms of musical opinions. I don't realy care to hear peoples
explanation of why they like or disike Rap..if you do like rap tell us about
some the artists you love and not a WHOLE comprehensive reason why you think
the WHOLE genre is worthwhile. I promise not to explain why I prefer rock
n'roll over polka and I hope you prefer it that way.
.....Oh!    Good news everybody the Soft Boys are reuniting! First english
tours and then american tours. Also ther's a possibility for a new album! So
rejoice for the song has no ending! I got this first as a rumor from the
Hitchcock list and then from my friend who works for Gadfly records who
handle Kimberley Rew's business. I guess Kimberley told her about it so it
must be true...Keeewwlll!
       Does anyone know why Hip-hop artists don't use mellotrons? and did ya
know there are only two bands who did full tours with the mellotron? It was
King Crimson and the Moody Blues and I've heard they break down more than
twenty year old american cars..oh well.
      Andy's online Radio at Sonic net is quite good, very interesting to
hear Can on any sort of radio. Has anyone elso noticed Andy chose quite a
few long songs? I always assumed from his songwriting he
would prefer short sweet pop songs..but nevertheless still a very good
listen check it out!

Seth "Yurt construction agency" Frisby

p.s. sorry I lied about the evolutionary theory bit in the subject line.
Just trying to lure in Anthropologist who might want to study me.


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 17:07:35 GMT
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Great Fire in my Green Heart
Message-ID: <>

Dear Affilitated:

Mr. Strijbos wrote:

<<Then Ralph Simpson DeMarco said (and i quote):

>When I first discovered Chalkhills, my favorite XTC album was Mummer.
>[bit snipped]
>You shouldn't say, 'it sucks' when 'I don't care for it' will do.
it sucks.

(sorry Ralph, please do not take this seriously. i'm just in a
belligerent mood. I'm sure you and Mummer will be very happy

Hmmm, you made me laugh, hope you are happy with yourself!

Oh, end, um 'Great Fire' is one of the best XTC singles ever released (you
might agree even if you hate

To registered voters in the US: Vote Nader! Why? Because they don't OWN our
votes, they must EARN them. And until we teach them that painful lesson,
(sorry if it puts W in the White House) We have to think two, four, eight
years down the road! The issues that really matter will never be discussed.



Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 10:37:17 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Bobby Blue Bland Dylan
Message-ID: <>


>>  Also, his rock music of the mid-60s influenced a whole range of
people from the Band to Tom Petty . . . So there.

 From the Band to Tom Petty is not a range. It is the difference between
a very dark grey and a slightly lighter shade of grey. Both are still
grey. This is a very bad example as even I, who doesn't even like
Dylan's music (The voice thing) know enough to be able to say that he
has influenced artists like Jimi Hendrix, The Rolling Stones certainly
the Beatles, Eric Clapton and Van Morrison, as well as more modern
singer-songwriters like Jewel, Sarah McLachlan (SP?) and The Indigo
Girls (No sexism implied here just the ones I can think of at the
moment). Dylan certainly has had an impact on the Popular Music of the
last 30 years or so. Whatever you think of his music he certainly isn't
someone you can avoid seeing references to. However I think Harrison's
opinion is very valid and I also think he is an excellent candidate for
the sacred cow divison. Somebody call the butcher and how do you like
your meat prepared sir?




Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 11:33:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Beauty is a only a skin graft deep, or perhaps two..
Message-ID: <>

In regards to this beautiful post my fine feathered fiend (er I mean
Friend ) Dom

From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: Mad Skillz, Influences & A Twat

>>Too many idiots, not enough cheese, that's what I say.

Well said Wallace, I too have been feeling peckish in the night.

>>And finally...for those who would be willing to donate a rat's ass for
the hip hop cause,

Just a small one, I am saving my larger rats to pay for Deb Brown's
posterior skin grafts. I've heard they are going to use some of the
leftovers from Michael Jackson. So a Brown Nose won't be all she

>>Hail Satan!

Yes, Airport please, and step on it I have to catch a flight.

(Tongue firmly in cheek, which one? Well that is for you all to decide)


PS Good to read yer again mate, I missed ya. Also for everyone who
replied to my "nadgers" info request I thank you and it sounds like
some of you aren't aware of tallywhacker, One tallywhacker to a paif of
nadgers. Unless you are in Hong Kong and named OneHung Lo.


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 15:18:24 -0400
From: "Ian C Stewart" <>
Subject: XTC video list URL update
Message-ID: <>

Howdy y'all

My XTC video webpage is moving this week -- please update your links!


Ian C Stewart


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 12:24:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: Awwww Mom!
Message-ID: <>

On the annoying one's parents thread,

I once was a bit peeved at my female parental unit so I tossed on
"Heaven and Hell" by Black Sabbath (Dio Edition)at a truly earth moving

I ventured downstairs later in order to properly gauge the impact of my
sonic assault only to be greeted by. "What was that you were playing?"
"You should play them more often" "Good Sense of Melody"

Aghast I slunk back to my hole. Never again did I make such an attempt.

And everyone always thought it would be so great to be governed by my
parents. Little did they understand the depths of their devious mind


The Mole "still licking my wounds and plotting my revenge (AKA
"Grandchildren")" at the Ministry


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 23:26:40 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Is That A Gerbil In Your Pocket?
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Can we please stay slightly on focus?
Take this remark for instance :

> > However, David Hyde Pierce is a known homosexual.

Why not say that Colin Moulding is a known heterosexual ?
It's just as daft but at least it's on topic !

Next somebody quipped:

> Al Gore did NOT serve in  Vietnam but, rather, in the National
> Guard during that time.
so, in a twisted way, he's not terribly unlike George W. ?
except for the cocaine and drink problem of course

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 14:32:05 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: The shaming of the shrew
Message-ID: <>

Sound familiar, Mr. B.?-
<<Buy the entire catalog. NOW. If you can't do it
all at once, first fill the Black Sea/Mummer/Big Express gap, then go for
White Music/Go2/Chips. Then we can talk tapes.>>

Big bad Todd hath pointed out the glaringly obvious shortcomings in my XTC
album collection..(and rightly so!)..

Nothing like the flush of shame to motivate one to ACTION-

(In my defense, I did have tapes of Mummer and BE, but they were in bad
shape.. translated?.. unplayable!)

Now I have brand spanking new copies of BS, BE, and Mummer.. I'm drunk with
consumerism!... "what do ya say to a drunken shopper... what do ya say.."

Why am I boring you with this trivia?  Because I have received way too many
messages from my fellow Chalkers.. so the rest of you vicious lot just STOP
bombarding me with your e-chides already, k? (See what you started, Todd?
Thanks a pant load, buddy!)

Off to the tall trees-

Debora Brown

.. and as for you, BERNHARDT.. watch yer back, that's all I'm sayin'..


Date: Mon, 07 Aug 2000 19:36:34 +0000
From: Scott Barnard <>
Subject: No XTC content. Go tell your Mom.
Message-ID: <"000901c000a6$cb922e60$1c1cc918">

<<Well he typed "Grooving," but isn't it "Conversing"?>>

Ryan, man, you are one uptight cat!

Yeah, baby! Yeah!!!


Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2000 00:31:10 +0100
Subject: mr hypocrite here
Message-ID: <>

has anyone heard a pete gabrial track called I DONT REMEMBER with our
dave in fine form on it?

kind regards, DAVE


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 20:47:15 EDT
Subject: I'm back
Message-ID: <>

I've decided to give Chalkhills another chance, but I'm going to use this
addy, because I changed my formatting on my Yahoo! account.  I'm probably
going to lurk for a while, but if something really fantastic come along I'll
post something.
Thanks Rory for e-mailing me, and making me change my mind. :)  Hopefully the
negative feeling in here will go away.  We have to try to think positively
more often.  Being negative doesn't help people. :)  Now go ahead and flame
me and tell me that being negative is the best thing in the world. :P


Molly's Pages:
Please e-mail me at:
eVoice #: 88321880


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 17:12:42 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: what Wes is grokking
Message-ID: <000f01c000cd$7b32db00$f7c8fc9e@default>

... is the debut cd from Beechwood Sparks. Wonderous songwriting. Marvelous
vocal harmonies. Sublime playing. There is psychadealia, Brit pop,
California folk, country influences.

I spent my $12 and I do not feel gouged or cheated by 'big music'. I did not
have the desire to download this cd 'first'. I will enjoy this cd for many
years, God willing.

I do not listen to the radio for music, as decent radio does not exist in
Las Vegas. I rely on the recommendations from you kind folks and Uncut
magazine to turn me on to what's worthwhile.

Wes "If this helps just one child listen to good music, then it will have
been all worthwhile" Hanks


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 21:42:43 -0400
From: "squirrelgirl" <>
Subject: Vengeance is mine, sayeth the squirrel
Message-ID: <000801c000da$28a13d20$d14ac0cf@meredith-s>

Not really - I'm quite a pacifist at heart.  Here is my latest contribution
for those who feel we don't discuss XTC enough on the 'Hills.  Perhaps we
could get nudie photos of them and their families, to make the invasion

Andy:  Born 11/11, Malta.  Green eyes, "vaguely rat coloured" hair. 6',
"over" weight.  Favourite sport:  Wit.  Favourite sex position:  Alone.
Ambition:  To dominate the universe totally and/or to be a nice person.
Favourite food (circa 1980):  Marianne's tuna salads.  Favourite color:
Caucasian, although it looks nice next to a bit of Negroid and just a
spattering of mongroid.  Married:  to Marianne1979 - 1998, 2 children, Holly
and Harry.  Significant other:  Erica Wexler, 1998 - present.

Colin:  Born 8/17 (Happy Early Birthday, Colin!), Swindon.  Blue eyes, dark
brown hair, 10 stones.  Favourite sport:  Tennis.  Favourite sex position:
On the side.  Ambition:  To be big.  Favourite food:  Anything except
seafood.  Favourite color:  Navy.  Married  to Carol 1976(?) - present, 2
children, Joanne and Lee.

Anything I missed?



Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 21:01:47 EDT
Subject: Stop Cryin' Ya Wussies
Message-ID: <>

Sgt. Rocks:

The "XTC/Non XTC Content" chalkhill we tread upon is a dusty one.  I, for
one, enjoy the XTC talk but don't approach this list as a way to "discover"
the band.  I've already discovered all the XTC audio and then some that the
band has offered up to our eager ears over the last twenty some years.
Obviously this doesn't mean that I don't want to discuss any of it again,
it's a subject I rarely grow weary of.

Now, I realize that there are a good number of newbies on the list who are
approaching it as a device to "discover" XTC, which is wonderful...more power
to 'em!  Welcome one and all!  When one of the newbies gets the gnawing
hunger in their belly to toss their first post into our rather turbulent
XTsea of words it's all too often a question that is answered in depth in the
FAQ at Chalkhills.  Still, nothing at all wrong with this and I, like many of
you, email said newbie off list and lovingly welcome them while answering
their question and providing a firm but gente nudge towards the starting

My poorly honed point is that we all look to this list for different things
and there's no reason why we can't all exist in the same forum.

If all you want to read are peoples opinions about XTC then I strongly
suggest that you visit the Chalkhills site and search through the amazing
catalog of print housed there.  It's more than enough to keep you fed all

If all you want to talk about is__one__thing then I most certainly will not
enjoy talking to you,  even if your topic of choice happens to be amongst my

The lure of this group, for me, is in the "discovery" of the XTC fan.

wes "the asshole with the heart of gold" LONG


Date: Tue, 08 Aug 2000 02:17:29 GMT
From: "Bob Crain" <>
Subject: Hello In There
Message-ID: <>

Hi Everybody,

I've decided not to quit subscribing to Chalkhills!!!!!!!!

-Bob Crain


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 21:47:47 EDT
Subject: Oh, my God! I have laugh face!
Message-ID: <>

Bwaaaaaah, haa ha haha!   AHHH ha haha ha ha!!  *THUD* (my head hitting the
computer desk) HAAAha ha hah ah hha ha *snort* ha hahahaha!

(Just read vee tube's 'Welcome Newbies!')  Yo, vee, do you have a list of

You guyz r too much.  God, I love this!

BTW, A La Versaci, if your ever in the Philly area, the beer's on me!

(Awww, now I'm getting all gushy inside!  Fuzzy warbles, indeed!)

Let's try some XTC content, shall we?  I hosted a BBQ for my co-workers this
past Saturday.  At one point some of us pulled out our geetars and did a
little pickin' & grinnin'.  (What's fer dinner, Grandpa?)  About an hour into
this a woman from work said, "can you do any XTC?  You and Bill are always
talking about them!"  So I muttered my way through Mayor and ITMWML, feeling
like she's missing the point with my inadequate renditions.
So today I related the story in front of her to above mentioned Bill.  She
says, "well, I've never heard them.  What are they like?"  So we start saying
silly things like, "well, they're like a punk Beatles or something" (I kid
you not!  It was pathetic!)
Yeah, we were really selling the product.  Yeah, huh?

So here's my challenge to all.  How would you describe XTC to someone who's
never heard them before?  Never mind if they recognize a tune they may have
heard before.  How many of you have been there, you know - "do you remember,
um, Making Plans For Nigel, Generals & Majors, Senses..." etc, then you sing
a line or two while they stare at you like you've lost it?   Anyway, how do
you describe XTC to the unitiated?

AND NOW - the dreaded, insidiously useless and irritating NON XTC
(Scroll now, purists!)

Superb post, Sherwould, on Clarence White!  His importance is too often
I would like to add that his influence on rock and country rock might not
have happened without the Byrds in the first place.  The Byrds were a crucial
band in the developement of 60's rock.  Before the Beatles hit and changed
everything,  Americans were in the midst of the Great Folk Scare.  The
fifties kids were entering college, rock was reduced to Pat Boone and the
civil rights movement was underway (take it easy, flamers!  I know some of
you know this stuff.  Some of the younger fans may not, so bear with me!)
The first *unplugged* generation was playing in coffee houses and buying
Dylan, Baez, Van Ronk etc.  The Ed Sullivan public were getting introduced to
this by way of PP&M, The Seekers, The Singing Nun, etc.  The thing to
understand is that the college folk crowd were taking in different forms of
acoustic music besides the folky singer / songwriter stuff, especially blues,
country, Irish and bluegrass.  This mix is pretty much still in effect today
on the so called *folk* circuit.  Many of the American musicians who became
rock stars in the sixties cut their chops and paid their dues in the pre
Beatles coffeehouse scene, most notably in SF, LA and Greenwich Village.  The
west coast players especially delved into country and bluegrass.  Almost all
the players in the SF bands of the psychedelic period started as folkies and
pickers.  Jerry Garcia was a banjo picker!  In LA, so was Jim McGuinn.  When
the Beatles hit, these guys all scrambled to get electric guitars, basses,
drum kits and so on and tried to learn how to play rock.  (The Monkees
weren't the only ones flying by the seat of their pants!  Micheal Clarke
could hardly carry a beat and Chris Hillmann was still struggling with the
transition from mandolin to bass when the Byrds recorded Mr. Tambourine Man.
That's why they weren't on the single!)
The thing here is that while the Byrds were creating folk / rock, they
continued flirting with their country / bluegrass roots, as did the Grateful
Enter Clarence White, who appears first on Younger Than Yesterday, making his
jump from his groundbreaking stint with The Kentucky Colonels.  Harrison has
explained the rest!
What does this have to do with XTC?  Well, I did mention the Beatles, The
Monkees and the 60's!  And everytime the lads pick up an acoustic.....
Check out the Byrdmaniax website Harrison gave, and, better yet, get some of
the music!
YUUUUUU LIGHT UP MY LIFE!  (Get it?  Bad song - Boone reference - nevermind.)

cya, TK

"C'mon, now, Toto, get off my leg!"  -KG


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