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                  Monday, 7 August 2000


                    Re: Graham Parker
                     Re: Price of CDs
     Kevin Gilbert/Charlie Parker the Dog/Schoolbook
             Vacation Tapes-XTC& Dukes&Thanks
                    mummer's the word
                   I'm Not Coming Back!
                  Conversing with a Pict
          Eardrum Buzz: Wire Vs. XTC Vs. Boingo
                Giving up the ball & chain
                 Don'tchya just love XTC?
               Careful What You Say-Ground
                  Too Rich For My Blood
               XTC and The Power Puff Girls
               I Will Fight No More Forever
                     Welcome Newbies!
         Bye, ya'll. I'm out of here. Screw you!
                         WAKE UP
                    You Can Call me Al
                Here's one you may like...
                  I love XTC because...


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Strange things happen everyday.


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 13:38:22 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: Graham Parker
Message-ID: <004201bfffcd$1ecea160$4e0affd1@Brian>


>That's an oversimplification. Graham got his record deal a year before
His best album is still '79's Squeezing Out Sparks. Not a bad track on
the album, though his first two albums Howling Wind and Heat Treatment are
well-written slices of British soul, with a more pronounced Van Morrison
influence than he's ever shown since.<

That's as fine a bit of description of Parker as I guess I'll find anywhere!
I had an album of his once - I believe it was some sort of anthology of his
(earlier?) stuff.
I definitely remember the song "Howling Wind" and at least the album title
mentioned above (and song title?), and critical opinion at the time
suggested that he was someone that I ought to pay some attention to, but I
never could get into him completely.

-Brian Matthews


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 14:25:56 EDT
Subject: Re: Price of CDs
Message-ID: <>

>>Marc wrote:
I'm a student.

bearing that in mind:

What would you do, a) buy an overpriced CD (lets face it, CDs are far too
expensive IMO, especially old stuff (20 30 years) , surly bands have made
their money by now?) or b) get it for free using Napster. <<

My humble reply:

Marc - Patience, patience! When I was a college student, albums were going
for $3.95-$5.95 and concert tickets were about $10. Way, way outta my league!
I asked for "records" for my birthday and Christmas and saved my allowance to
buy them. I may not have gotten the album of my desires when it was white hot
on the charts, but I eventually got it. It drove me crazy, mind you.

I felt then - and feel now, very strongly - that for the *relatively* small
expenditure and for the DECADES of enjoyment, the prices are a *relative*
bargain. I realize I have a decent-paying job and to plop down $50 for 3-4
CDs isn't the strain it once was in my life. I appreciate your predicament.
But those 20- and 30-year-old albums - and the 200-year-old albums (I LOVE
YOU MOZART!) are even more valuable to me for having stood the test of time.

Save up for what you must have (the XTC stuff, of course!) and look for the
bargains at used record stores ... I still do that myself and am fortunate to
have a used store about 2 miles from my house. I'm a regular!

Now, if you ask my spousal unit how much I've spent on XTC this year, he'd
raise his eyebrows, purse his lips, and growl, "TOO MUCH!"  And he knows how
much total enjoyment I've gotten out of that music!

Most sincerely,
Ann Landers/Dear Abby Jr.
Annamarie - who's not really as old as she sounds ... no, I didn't walk 5
miles to school in the snow ... yes, indoor plumbing and electricity were
available in my youth ...


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 13:52:01 EDT
Subject: Kevin Gilbert/Charlie Parker the Dog/Schoolbook
Message-ID: <>

Greetings, Chalksters -

So much on Kevin Gilbert ... I've listened to the mp3s from his website and,
like others of you out there, have ordered Thud and The Shaming of the True.
The regular edition of TSOTT is now available from the
website for $16. Mail Carrier, ring my bell.

In my surfing, I found an enlightening article from the San Francisco
Chronicle from late 1996 about Gilbert's musical history and "relationship"
with Sheryl Crow.

For your edification:

My XTC Schoolbook arrived this week - thanks to the Chalkster who recommended
it some weeks ago (your name is at my office!). It's a treat. That photo of
AP and Charlie Parker alone  is worth the price... has anyone determine
whether this pooch is still with us? Golden Retriever? Irish Setter?

Annamarie, mother of 4 canine kids


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 14:03:41 EDT
Subject: Vacation Tapes-XTC& Dukes&Thanks
Message-ID: <>

Darling Debora Brown --

Go Get MUMMER and  BIG EXPRESS. N-O-W. Trust me, the new kid. Someone
mentioned Mummer as an album considered to be a "low water" mark for XTC but
I just love it. Great Fire Burning ... Beating of Hearts ... Funk Pop a Roll
... Ladybird. Did I mention GREAT Fire BURNING!!! And Big Express is a hoot!
I had to take aspirin the first few times I listened to it, but now find
myself reaching for it ... voluntarily!

Then, if you don't have the Dukes, well, honey, youse missin' out on it. That
album is going to replace something on my top 5 for the Alient Trip. You
cannot be without Collideacope or Braniac's Daughter.

Your XTC Sistah,

P.S. "Misguided," argumentative, thoughtful, argumentative, informative,
opinionated, articulate, flaming ... whatEVer, this is a fine group of
Pholks, and I thank you for several months (so far) of entertainment and
guidance and opinions, and kindnesses.


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 15:08:27 EDT
Subject: mummer's the word
Message-ID: <>

I'M BACK!!! After a couple years of absence I have returned, new e-mail
address new home town and life BACK in order... I used to refer to myself as
"lemur" and "new wave Dave" but now I am "Irresponsible Captain Dave" kudos
to anyone who knows the reference.

Anyway, just a quick reintroduction... I got into XTC at the release of
Nonsvch... picked up skylarkingand oranges and lemons followed by rag and
bones and just about everything else in some order... save for the

My favorite album thus far is Mummer... although it took a bit of listening
to before I could appreciate it, but, once appreciating it I began to see it
as pure XTC. As far as I a concerned they were at their lyrical peak then
(and haven't fallen too far from it since)

on the topic of the Apple Venus albums, well, I REALLY liked AV I, but not
wasp star so much... it could be because I was expecting more than what I
got. It may also be a mummer to me, one of those albums that eventually grows
on you to the point where you can't get it off, even if you wanted to.

At the risk of sounding like the subject of complaint I'll let you guys know
who my favorite artists are...

XTC (duh)
Elvis "The Pelvis" Costello
Sugarplastic (they are very XTC IMHO)
Captain Beefheart (they are so... fast and bulbous)
Siam Shade (J-Pop)
Oystars (J-Pop)
Vandals (punk)
David Bowie (he's obscure, not many have heard of
Duran Duran (pre-madazleland)
Psychedelic Furs (love those raspy vocals)
Roxy Music (who play music that is roxy)

I look forward to commenting on lots of stuff later on...


-The Irresponsible Captain Dave
President of Ohayo-Con


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 15:12:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: I'm Not Coming Back!
Message-ID: <>

I hate to say this, but all this "I'm leaving the list and not coming back"
reminds me when I was in elementary school.  Remember the guy who would beg
everyone to play a certain game, or with a certain toy and everyone else was
playing with other things and he just huffed and puffed and ran home?  I
don't want anyone to leave, but at the same time, why leave just because you
don't like the discussions.

I have read discussions about Paul Simon, and a bunch of ohter arguments
that I bored me, but I don't think that is a reason to leave because a few
people are arguing their points.  It just keeps the list going.  I am in NO
WAY trying to insult those of you who left, or at least threaten to leave
(as the guy at the party always did).  This is a list for XTC fans, not just
to talk about XTC.  If all we did was talk about XTC, over time there will
be no list because there is only so much you can say.  I'm not saying I
would not appriciate a little more talk about XTC on this list, because I
would.  But I also like to talk with people and share interests.  That is a
good way to make some friends and discover new music.


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 12:21:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Conversing with a Pict
Message-ID: <>

Thanks to Uberfan John Relph for the heads-up on the
new book by cartoonist Peter Kuper. Introduction by
Andy Partridge, eh? Oh, just deduct the money
automatically from my account; it's not as if I had
the freedom to choose not to buy it.

You are quite likely already familiar with Kuper's
work; it appears in several alternative newsweeklies
alongside whatever-it-is by Lynda Barry and the
ghastly lurching Rasputinesque Thing That Will Not Die
and Rest In Peace Already by Matt Groening.

At first glance I thought Relph was referring to
cartoonist David Suter, whose style is also wordless
and equally spare and compelling. Tom Wolfe likened
Suter to a cross between David Low (an excellent
British editorial cartoonist who flourished in the
middle of the century) and -- be prepared to genuflect
-- M.C. Escher.

Now, there's a thread! Which names, other than those
of our beloved Swindonians, natch, command universal
respect in this Chalkhill? I start the bidding with
Maurits Cornelis Escher. I know someone will mention
Frank Zappa, but isn't he akin to Stephen Hawking in
that he is respected far more than he is actually

Acts I've got (nearly) everything by: Marshall
Chapman, Don Edwards, Genesis (and all solo projects
except Phil Collins'), Emmylou Harris, Metallica,
Riders In the Sky, and XTC.

Oh, and Blind Faith and Old & In the Way.

Scott Barnard evokes my favorite song title of all
time: "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered
Together in a Cave and Conversing with a Pict."

Well, he typed "Grooving," but isn't it "Conversing"?
I'd check, but it appears I've given away my vinyl
copy of, er, is it *Ummagumma*?

Re: Intelligent, articulate, funny, important artists
whose medium happens to be rap: Yes, Chuck D. tops the
list. Check out Sir Mix-A-Lot, too. I'm going to look
into Kool Keith (thank you, Chalksibling whose name I
forgot to jot down), for that tip.

Two Kevin Gilbert albums are in the mail! We soon
shall see, what-is-the-deal-with-Kevin-Gilbert?

Ryan "I Am the Hamster From the Ministry" Anthony

An independent Internet content provider


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 15:38:51 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Eardrum Buzz: Wire Vs. XTC Vs. Boingo
Message-ID: <382909782.965590734676.JavaMail.root@web186-iw>

I don't think Wire tried to copy XTC, but there is a possibility of some
influence.  Just because they came out at virtually the same time, which
seems like an eternity ago, does not mean that there was no influence.  Look
at the whole Punk Scene.  Or even more recently, the whole Grunge Scene.
Many artists admitted they were inspired by their contemporaries, including
the Clash (openly inspired by the Pistols) and many of our (spelled right
this time) other favorite groups.

On Song Stories I think Andy said on a few of the songs he was trying to be
like Devo.  I would also agree that many contemporary artists admired (not
necessarily copied) each other.  Have you ever heard the similarities
between Oingo Boingo and XTC?  Not so much in the music, but Danny's vocal
fluctuation is similar to Andy's.  I just think there must have been some
influence there.  Maybe Danny was influenced by Andy?  Than again, Danny was
doing stuff long before XTC caught the public eye. Maybe Andy picked up some
ideas from watching or hearing Danny?  Either way, I would not doubt that
they were possibly inspired by each other.  Both being damn good groups and

Did you know on an interview Ol Dirty Bastard said his favorite artist was
(don't laugh) Jim Croce?!  I don't think any of us could see the
similarities there, accept maybe because they both got borring really fast.


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:13:17 EDT
Subject: Giving up the ball & chain
Message-ID: <>

     In CH #6-226 Tom Kingston writes concerning XTC content (or the lack

  >  I am here to give my views of music in relation to XTC, to learn, to
share what I >know, and to engage in constructive musical conversation.  This
is the finest list I >have come across in terms of the depth of discussion,
the wit and eloquence of the >contributors and the breadth of musical
influence.  It's a real tribute to XTC that so >many of us come from so many
backgrounds and so many musical influences!
  >For the person who is complaining that there is not enough discussion about
>XTC ... I offer this*opinion*.  XTC does not exist in a vacuum.  No musical
artist >really does. If they all did, music would not evolve
  >  Each person posting on this list brings his or her musical experiences
and >influences to the table.  They count, because they in turn demonstrate
the depth of >XTC's outreach and shed further light on their music

 Thank you Tom.

   Might I add?...{Stepping onto my soapbox}
   To any who complain about content, ask yourselves this:
   When was the last time you sat down for a chat with some one else (or a
group) and the subject being discussed didn't advance and change to another
   Who of you can honestly say they have always talked about the same
subject, with the same person(s), every time you had a conversation?

  It doesn't hurt anyone to broaden their horizons, to learn, experience, and
to grow. I may not read all the non-XTC content, but I skim through the post
to see if something of interest does catch my eye. If I do choose to read it,
it might help me in some way that I'd never thought of before. If I choose to
not read it, then I would hope someone else is enlightened or enriched by it.
Either way, you have the ways and means to decide for yourself what is best
for you and yours. Choose wisely.
  {jumps off soapbox}

XTC CONTENT (I yell, but I digress..)
   I found the 12" single of Ball & Chain b/w Sense Working Overtime in a
record shop about 2 weeks ago. It was in a all black album jacket with the
obligatory " For Promotion Only" gold stamping. Is this the only style of
cover it has, or did the previous owner pull the old switcheroo on me? I'm
not too terribly concerned because the vinyl itself is mint. I would,
however, like to know if I'm missing out on some great artwork or a nice

   "Remember; we're all in this together" - Red Green



Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 14:23:20 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Don'tchya just love XTC?
Message-ID: <>

Dear ones-

Just an observation here:

There seems to be a bit of back biting and hair pulling going on around
here.. and as much as I like a good cat/dog fight, it's really not very
constructive or true to the intent of this digest, which of course is the
music of..ummm..X? wait, I'll get it.. oh yeah, XTC!!!

 O.k., so we all stray from the main objective now and again (I'm guilty,
I'm guilty!), but these lateral excursions are often very enjoyable.  Hey,
we usually find our way back without too much trouble, so why make an issue
of it?

How's about we all just straighten our stockings and get back to it..  you
know.. Andy.. Colin.. their music..?  Doesn't that sound preachy? I mean,
peachy?  YESSIREE-BOB!

Was it John who said?-
<<Oh, I don't know.  Is anyone enjoying Wasp Star?  When was the last time you
listened to it in its entirety?>>

Last night.. 11:35p.m... in its entirety, TWICE

To be perfectly honest, WS sounds better to me now than it did six weeks
ago.  I continue to be startled by the sheer rightness of a Partridge
composition.  The way he can tie a few musical notes together and produce an
unexpected smile.. his impeccable sense of lyrical timing, and his sometimes
strange, but always unforgettable imagery..  Shiver me timbers, people..
That man is an ARTIST*

Idolatry?  Yes, please!

Debora Brown

--excellent post on CW, Harrison.. you've got me believin'!--


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 22:49:06 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Careful What You Say-Ground
Message-ID: <>


I've seen a few people departing from this list
recently because they don't feel that they can speak
their minds. I find the opposite is true. OK, there
may be the occasional disagreement about whether
Graceland sucks or not, as the case may be. I've never
heard it. But generally speaking, I find this
particular hill to be the most informative, erudite,
interesting and thought-provoking place to be. Maybe
this just shows my limitations, but I like it here!

So there!

Rory "John, can I have my money now?" Wilsher


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 22:55:12 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Too Rich For My Blood
Message-ID: <>


Smudgeboy clearly has vastly more knowledge of bad
records than I ;-), viz:

"Right then, I'll jump (uninvited) into this poker
game . . and I'll see your Lady In Red and raise you
"Having My Baby" by Paul Anka..


You got me beat. I fold. I'll mail you all the Chris
De Burgh and Bucks Fizz records that you have now WON!

Double Ha!

Rory "I shouldn't have driven" Wilsher


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 15:10:39 -0700 (PDT)
From: K D <>
Subject: XTC and The Power Puff Girls
Message-ID: <>

in response to the inquiry:

XTC was asked to contribute a song to the recent Power
Puff Girls compilation album. The creator of the show
is a huge XTC fan!

anyway, Andy said he would only do a song if Cartoon
Network would air his episode this season. Power Puff
was unable to promise anything as they have no control
over what Cartoon Network airs--or when. Andy was very
nice about it, and seemed excited about the idea of
contributing to the album...but, alas....

So, a lot of people  at Power Puff were pretty bummed.
The compilation album would have been some SERIOUS
publicity for the band...sigh.

There were probably more issues involved, but this is
all I know.

Kate (the Baltimore one, very excited about the new
John Waters film)


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 16:05:08 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: I Will Fight No More Forever
Message-ID: <001d01bffff2$63374bc0$0f730a3f@default>

OK, Gang, this is the last time I'll mention XtC in my post, I promise. I
mean, that's all anybody seems to talk about here. I thought this was a Post
about bass fishing! Let's get back to the subject, ok?

Few of you care, but I really hate White Music and can barely understand why
anyone would like it. This is the only album of XtC my girlfriend likes, go
figure. But I will concede a defeat and tell you about why this album might
potentially rock, if only for about six minutes.

Traveling 30 miles west of Choteau, Montana to escape the smoke and ash in
Helena. Driving fast into the first front of the Rockies. Asphault into rock
and sand. A sign before Lewis and Clark Forest. XtC's All Along the
Watchtower Cover, really really loud. Sign says...

"It is a surmise that long ago, mongels (sic) crossed the Bering Sea Land
Bridge, found and marked their way south and became, or merged with, our
Indians of Mountains and Plains. History runs into Mystery here..."

"And the hour is getting late..."

Just trying to make vodka lemonade out of lemons...I guess I can't like
everything. OK, enough of this XtC, back to the fishin', Cleetus!

Joseph "I climbed Mt. Wright and my neck is burnt" Easter

Tuesday's the day folks, pray for me!


Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 17:59:53 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: Welcome Newbies!
Message-ID: <>

         Hi newbies! Welcome to the 'Hill!

      FREE! ADVICE! (You get what you pay for)

01. If you can't handle 'flames' don't say stuff like...
   Mummer SUCKS! or, Dom/Sherwould/Kingstounges/Fish SUCK!

02. Instead,try, how/who/what, turned you onto XTC.(I think
   you'll be surprised how many positive 'off post' replies
   you receive.

03. Don't bitch about XTC content. Fact of matter is, XTC
   don't make a lot of news!

04. When XTC *DO* make news, you'll hear it here first!

05. Explore '' As Mr.Relph likes to say...
   "more than you ever wanted to know about XTC!"

06. Start your own thread. EG: Favorite song/album/video etc.

07. BEWARE! Cloven hooved in-bred genetically altered beings
   lurk behind every post! (ignore them)

08. Be HAPPY! (you could've joined the Sting fan club!)

09. If you don't wanna get flamed, don't say stuff like...
   "Be HAPPY! (you could've joined the Sting fan club!"

10.  Don't feel sorry you don't have all of those great XTC
    bootlegs. Just read Ckalkhills Vol.6 # 205. RE: Warbles
    that are fuzzy. When you learn how to use idrive, E me
    off post and I'll turn you on to more cool stuff.

11.  There is no #11

12.  Welcome to the HILL!



Date: Sun, 06 Aug 2000 18:23:24 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: Bye, ya'll. I'm out of here. Screw you!
Message-ID: <>

No, I'm not leaving. I just wanted to bring up the odd coincidence of a
whole bunch of lurkers leaving the list all at the same time. It kind of
makes me think... hmmm... a bunch of people who never post, so we don't
recognize the names, leaving at the same time... do you think that one
person is posting farewell messages from several different e-mail adressess
in an attempt to, well, um, I don't know what they'd be attempting to do,
but something. It just seems odd. The only person who left that I even
recognized from other posts was Molly, and it makes sense that she should
leave, cause she never seemed very happy here, poor girl. Anyway, anyone
else find this odd?

What artist I like almost as much as XTC is the most different? Hard to
say.  Soul Coughing would be a good one, although I'm not sure why.

Bands I collect everything of, or am almost done with:
They Might Be Giants
Talking Heads
The Eels
Ben Folds Five
The Beatles
Joe Jackson (all I need now is Big World, and I've got the whole thing!)

Band's I'm still working on:
The Kinks
Soul Coughing (Only need one more album, but they only have 3, so...)
The Folk Implossion
Belle and Sebastian (The only one I don't have is The Boy With The Arab
Strap, many people's favorite)
Brian Eno (I don't think I'll get anywhere close)
The Pixies/Frank Black

Here's an interesting new thread: What album do you find is the best to
listen too while trying to fall asleep? For me, my favorite is Glassworks
by Philip Glass... the quiet, soothing, repetitive nature of this album
just lulls me into snoozeland. Zzzzzz

Kevin "I'm getting sick of people discribing to me what an opinion is. Of
course, that's just my opinion." Diamond (new songs!) (constantly being updated!)


Date: Mon, 7 Aug 2000 00:26:46 +0100
Subject: WAKE UP
Message-ID: <>

dear xtc fans,it seems a few share my view.AN XTC LIST WITH MINIMAL XTC
CONTENT? WHATS GOING ON? of course we alllike various bands,but is this
not chalkhills? you know,land of PARTRIDGE,MOULDING,THE WONDERFUL
TERRY,GOD LIKE D,GREGORY AND OLD BARRY.,sorry but simon,springsteen,cave
xxxxing boulevard.

kind regards, DAVE


Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 19:46:58 -0400
From: "Michael Versaci" <>
Subject: You Can Call me Al
Message-ID: <000001c00000$9d058ac0$52081e26@mtwe50004>


Some of you already know (or have successfully guessed) that "Al LaCarte" is
a pseudonym for me, as was "Stormy Monday."  Others couldn't give a rat's
ass, and have already paged-down.

I originally created the e-mail address because I sometimes go into
chat-rooms and would prefer to remain anonymous.  Some months ago, my
regular e-mail account was inaccessible, and I wanted to post to Chalkhills,
so I used the "Al" address, and signed my own name.  Since that time, I have
been sporadically contributing to Chalkhills as "Al."

It was very magnanimous of Tom to apologize to me publicly, and while it was
appreciated, it was entirely unnecessary.

Some of us, (Dom, Todd, Harrison, Dunks, etc.) have often posted very strong
opinions and/or reacted strongly to the opinions of others in print.  We
have all taken our lumps as well.  I have gotten into scrapes with Harrison
and Dom, and I now count them as friends.  I have also been extremely hard
on Duncan Kimball.  To his credit, he has always taken it like a gentleman.
(Dunks, ole boy, if you ever come to Atlanta, the beer will be on me!) I can
only speak for myself, but I enjoy a spirited debate that can ultimately
only ever end in a draw.  When I post a strong opinion, such as "Graceland
is an overrated piece-of-crap,"  or, "Jeff Lynne is the Antilennon," I
expect that some people will take exception to my comments, and I welcome
their equally strong opinions to the contrary.

It isn't personal.  In fact, I seldom engage people who I do not respect.

I have been enjoying Chalkhills just the way it is for about 4 years now. I
have made a few new friends, and many new acquaintances.  I suspect that
over time that it will change, and I will find myself wishing that it

Michael Versaci


Date: 7 Aug 00 10:55:59 AES
Subject: Here's one you may like...
Message-ID: <>


Completely off-topic, this, but I thought I'd recommend an album that has
really grabbed me by the nadgers.  It's called "The Hour Of Bewilderbeast"
and it's by Badly Drawn Boy.  BDB is essentially a one-man outfit (a la
Eels); the guy's name is Damon Gough.

There's so much going on in this record and it's far too eclectic to nominate
comparisons/influences, so suffice it to say, it's worth a listen and then
some.  Setting aside such sacred cows as "Wasp Star" for the moment, "THOB"
is already a definite qualifier for my mythical Top 5 of the year list!

Some unidentified benefactor sent me a copy of the "I'm The Man..." CD
single.  How cool is that?



Date: Sun, 6 Aug 2000 17:15:09 -0700
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: I love XTC because...
Message-ID: <009a01c00004$f4944200$>

I love XTC because every song is like a little movie.

Victor Rocha (Pechanga Band of Luiseoo Indians)
California Indian Gaming News
Los Angeles, California


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