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                 Saturday, 5 August 2000


                       Homo Safari
                   Oh, I don't know...
                     More Paper Lace
              Re: piss-the-parents music...
        I TAKE IT BACK! b/w Kool Keith & Brian Eno
                  even more salmagundie
                     Collective Nun?
                    I stand corrected!
                 Sorry, couldn't help it
  New Cleaners from Venus releases from
                       To An Extent
                       Former jobs
                   Marc's cryptogram...
 But I Don't Want Any More FREE XTC Demos (Fuzzy Disc 3)
                    My Daddy's a Mummy
                     Kneel Before Me
                   Re: Collected Works


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Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 12:10:24 -0600
From: William Loring <>
Subject: Homo Safari
Message-ID: <>

Tyler Hewitt wrote:

> However, David Hyde Pierce is a known homosexual.  As
> is the guy who plays Fraser's dad. I get this from a
> friend, an actor who lives in L.A. Beleive me, he
> would know!

And why exactly do we care about this? Are we making a list to submit to
the RNC?



Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 10:06:52 -0700
From: David Schneider <>
Subject: CDDBwrong
Message-ID: <>

> I've converted Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2) to WMA format and it has
> connect to the CDDB to get the info about the songs, it says Boarded Up &
> Standing in for Joe are by Andy Partridge, and all the other songs are by
> XTC, it doesn't say anything on the album sleeve, any1 know why this is?--

I'm pretty sure all the info on CDDB is user inputted, if "inputted" is in
fact a word, which I don't think it is, so you will occassionaly find
mistakes. There should be a way to correct mistakes like the ones you noted,
as well.



Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 14:16:01 EDT
Subject: Oh, I don't know...
Message-ID: <>

Hey XTC Clan,

Just wanted to clear up a few points of current threads:

Rap = XTC
Beatles = XTC
Beach Boys = XTC
Napster = not XTC    Dunks:  Awesome article!  Great Job!

Oh, I don't know.  Is anyone enjoying Wasp Star?  When was the last time you
listened to it in its entirety?

I haven't yet listened to AV Vol I and then Wasp Star as a complete double
album yet.  Frankly I haven't had the time.

But I had the time to watch a video of excerpts (which was recorded by
Jamie Lowe, given to him from Wes Long - thanks a ton guys!), and it's
great.  Old video of a concert in Germany, snippits here and there, and
there's like an interview with Colin and Andy whilst their getting their
ears lowered...which was great too.  I laughed my arse off, though, when
Andy was at Barnes and Noble bookshop somewhere and was taking questions
from XTC fans, and I really really enjoyed that segment of the video, and I
couldn't stop laughing.  Andy is really funny!

Last night was at The Jazz Showcase (In Chicago) with a friend, having
drinks, listening to Jazz and the subject of making a record/cd came up
between us starving musicians.  And I told him the story of XTC, but most
specifically the part where Andy uses the napkin and shreds bits of it to
compare the band, with the label and the record company.  So, my friend had
a long laugh when I did that bit with the napkin and it makes perfect sense
these days; to be in a band you should incorporate yourself, protect you
from liabilities, personally.  Anywho.

I still think that Church of Women should be a single; it's my favorite
song on the record; favorite song on the drums?  We are all light!

Have a great one all!

John Gardner


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 17:03:34 +0100
From: "John Bartlett" <>
Subject: More Paper Lace
Message-ID: <000101bffe42$9779c5e0$0d93bcd4@e.e>

Hello all,

"K N" said :-

<<I've been lurking because I have no XTC content to contribute, but as that
doesn't seem to stop anyone else...>>

I know. Good here,  'innit.

And eternal "thanks" to David and Deb amongst others for conjuring up the
memories of Paper Lace doing "The Black Eyed Boys" on TOTP, wearing white
tee shirts with hideous huge great black eyes on them.  Even at 8-y-o, I
knew that they were ridiculous.



Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:04:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <spiritod@TECHMAIL.GDC.COM>
Subject: Re: piss-the-parents music...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10008041136320.13697-100000@esun2028>

Oh, I was such a lightweight... Hmmm...
Probably "Someone Saved My Life Tonight" by Elton John:
("It's four-o'clock in the morning, DAMMIT!")

Also "Bennie and the Jets":
("Where we fight our parents out in the streets to find who's right and
who's wrong")

Pretty much *all* my Elton John, played at high volume.  I admit, I
remember my excitement when my copy of Young Miss magazine arrived with
the in-depth article about Elton John.  I'm sure that magazine would be
regarded with lip-curling contempt by the pre-teens today who engage in
"that slut look in junior fashion".  It changed names to YM, then Young &
Modern; now it's YM again.  But it's NOT your mother's Young Miss. <g>

My brother, OTOH, had something really rude on 8-track that he enjoyed in
his headphones, but I can't remember what it was.

Enough blathering for now,


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 16:01:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: I TAKE IT BACK! b/w Kool Keith & Brian Eno
Message-ID: <381189904.965419322169.JavaMail.root@web190-iw>

Sorry for screaming, but emusic removed ALL the Kinks albums!  I am not sure
why, but it truly pissed me off! I hope no one signed up for the Kinks
stuff.  Anyway, they do have some TMBG and Elvis Costello stuff, but since
the Kinks have been removed, I don't trust that the other stuff will remain
there for long.  I no longer like the service and plan to cancel.

Oh, a bunch of you have mentioned Kool Keith. I just wanted to point out to
anyone who has never heard Keith you need to understand that he is WAY
different than anything you have ever heard.  He started out in the early
80's in a group called Ultramagnetic MC's.  I have all their stuff, its
great.  They were different than other Rap out, and still are.  Keith has
released a bunch of albums with different aliases.  He goes by Kool Keith,
Dr. Octagon, Dr Dooom and a few others.  All the stuff is good.  He pretty
much takes on the entire rap community with his lyrics, but its all funny
as hell.  He also has a freaky side and does an album called "Sex Style"
which is like a Porno rap album.  He is kinda sick, but very brilliant.

Oh, for the collector of Brian Eno, I had about 5 records and it just
overwhelmed me to see all the stuff he came out with.  It would be a second
job, but well worth it.  I don't own anything anymore accept an album he
did with Cluster, and a few other Misc. stuff he did on compilations.


Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 20:24:06 +0000
From: Jayne Myrone <>
Subject: even more salmagundie
Message-ID: <>

because it's still (after 3 weeks in the charts) a good word

Greetings from Scotland

Am I the only Xtc fan here?  Or the only one in captivity?

Well my computer decided to have its panic now before the move
breakdown, so I'm so far behind with Chalkhills I may never catch up.
This may be somewhat out of date, so bear with me (or even bare
with me?  I will if you do.)

Derek, you are god of the month for your amazing creation - a thing
of beauty and a boy, no, joy, forever.

And...(I may be reaching here)...has anyone realized that "wasp star"
backwards nearly spells "rats paws"...hmmmm....

a few thoughts on this Rich:
straw asp
ass wart
strap saw
etc, etc.

Harrison - did you know that I've Never Been to Me is banned under the
Geneva Convention?

Rory - damn you sir. Them's fightin' words.  Outside.
Lady in Red whimper, whimper.
Another suppressed memory forced into the cold light of day.
Smudge - what else have you got up your sleeve? (well your
arm of course - recycle an old joke today)  And should I go
to the fall out shelter now?

The DJ at my wedding reception, the only stipulation regarding music
played was that neither of the above where played.

To back this up the DJ was told that if they where played he wouldn't be

He played them, it took 3 hours for my wife to talk me into paying the
so called DJ after the reception.  Personally I would have tried
strangling the bastard, or least fed him his record decks.

Tom - thanks for the Firesign Theatre info - I will read & digest,
which reminds me-

Debora - how's that baby doing?  I should catch up with you post move.
If not can you mail it?  Yum yum.

>What pop/rock artist, that you like (almost?) as much as XTC, sounds the
>most different from XTC?
The Pale - Irish band that played thrash mandolin sometimes and sang
about armadillos.

in 6-222
Dave was annoyed that we talk about other things than XTC.

chalkhillers? WHY have most of you stopped talking about the worlds
finest,XTC? I am sick of reading about shite,ie: nick cave,paul simon
and musical idiot todd runtgren.where are thediehard fans?

My take on this is that XTC don't exist in just XTC World
(wouldn't take be nice, she quotes) and no matter what Andy
has or hasn't said about listening to contemporary music, he still
listens to music that isn't his own.  Also you need other music to
see how good XTC is.

My misheard bit
"A sign goes up to say we're Toy Town"

I see it as a condemnation of the herd instinct and the elevation
of the technical over the human.  But that's just me.

David Hyde Pierce plays Niles,
Frazier's brother, on a popular sitcom here. He looks
a bit like AP.
Last time I watched Frazier David Hyde Pierce had a lot more
hair than Andy, but as my gran was fond of saying grass doesn't
grow on a busy street."
No I'm not sure I get it either.

Ok I may not totally understand what vee tube is saying, but he
really has a way with words, almost musical.

About Paul Simon/Peter Gabriel
Yes I like Graceland - it's not yet a serious offence resulting a jail
sentence of 1 year - yet.  Yes, I also like Peter Gabriel's music,
although I remember seeing a South Bank show on him a while back & he
was taping stuff from the telly to use - I don't think the musicians
were credited or paid.
I could be wrong so if you know, you know what to do.

And just what is Dunks the fast man in the world at?

I vote for anything by the gigantically brilliant and spaced-out Ivor
Cutler (e.g. "Life In A Scotch Sitting Room"), whose records were
uinlike anythign I had ever heard before, and above all for my
sublimely wonderful BBC album of the immortal Gerard Hoffnung/Charles
Richardson recordings:

CR: "Do you like sport, Mr Hoffnung?"

GH: "Oh, yes, I love sport. I rather like that game where everyone is
asleep out in a field, and then it's starts raining, and they all wake
up and someone says "Oh, well played, sir!"

CR: "Oh you mean cricket?"

GH: "Yes cricket -- that's it!"

I second the Cutler records - his voice alone brings a smile - and his
somewhat surreal take on life is brilliant.
(I must stop using that word.  I must stop using that word.  I must
stop using that word.)
As for Hoffnung - the man who introduced me to the phrase
"open French widow" in every room - what can I say?
See above. (I must stop using that word.)
As for cricket what other sport can you spend 5 days watching and hear
allegedly straight men talking about other men's' arses?
I rest my case, it's very heavy,

A final thought on band names
The Communist Chickens.
I would explain but I'm lazy.

Piss off the parents music?
Japan's Obscure Alternatives & Adolescent Sex, played a bit on the
loud side and before Sylvian changed his vocal style.  Their version
of Don't Rain on My Parade is awesome for a number of reasons.

What do you mean I packed it?
Jayne the Worrier Queen, or She who should be packing boxes

Want to know how many boxes have been packed? And just
how many books there are here? Go to

"Nothing is meaningless if one likes to do it"
Gertrude Stein


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 19:20:09 +0100
Subject: Collective Nun?
Message-ID: <>


In #6-217 Dunks queried, WRT my description of 'nadgers':

> Plural? ... or collective? <

Well yours may have formed a collective, matey, but mine prefer to be an
anarcho-syndicalist commune

In #6-220 Todd Bernhardt proposed:

> new-thread suggestion from yours truly: What song did YOU pick in this
situation? <

Oooh, easy one. Pretty Vacant - Sex Pistols. Loud, obnoxious (to parental
ears) and the lyrics fit a stroppy teenage mood. Perfect

In #6-222 Russ Reynolds offered:

> I can certainly see where both the Buzzcocks and Wire would have kept
their eyes on XTC, and vice versa <

Sure, but I'd say it was a long way from there to being genuinely
influenced by. FWIW I see some similarities between early Buzzcocks and
early XTC, but nothing that really suggests any sort of cross-pollination
betwixt the two, and I don't hear any XTC influences in Wire's early albums
(which are the only ones I'm familiar with). I'd be prepared to accept that
early XTC were influenced (or maybe affected would be a better
description??) by the whole punk movement, that much is pretty obvious, but
Buzzcocks and Wire influenced by XTC?? I don't see it

In #6-223 Ralph Simpson DeMarco pleaded:

> Can't we all just get along? <

Now where on earth would be the fun in that??

Cheers, Steve

NP: Tom Robinson - Hope & Glory


Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 16:59:41 -0400
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: I stand corrected!
Message-ID: <>

The informative Joseph Easter has inormed me that Al Gore did NOT serve in
Vietnam but, rather, in the National Guard during that time. Sorry for the
mix up.
I still say that the Republicans are trying to grab the middle by fibbing
about where they really stand on some important issues. It is a trick they
no doubt learned from Bill Clinton, the most Republican Democrat to ever be
accused of being a liberal.
I know all of this probably bores many of you on the list. I realize this
is not the place for soapbox standing so I will close with this: PLEASE VOTE!

WXYC Radio polled many of their present and past DJs a while back to
compile the Best Albums of the 1980s list. Curiously both Black Sea and
English Settlement made the list but Skylarking--thought by many to be
their artistic and commercial pinnacle--was not on the list. I think Drums
& Wires is a '79 release and was not elligible for consideration. WXYC-FM
is the college radio station at UNC-Chapel Hill. I watched my GPA plummet
whilst doing midnight to six a.m. shifts there as an undergrad.

Jeff "Go Heels" Eason


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 14:08:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Misty Shock <>
Subject: Sorry, couldn't help it
Message-ID: <Pine.SUN.3.96.1000804140019.4323A-100000@scn>

Tom said:
<<But, hey, that's your perogative, and I'm sorry you were offended.
Just remember this; your declaring the album *crap* is nothing more than
*your opinion*.>>

Nothing more than his/her opinion?  I agree that this is true, but you
seem to contradict yourself.  Here, you may say that it is only an
opinion, but earlier you said that you hated to see the "ignorance" of
someone who didn't like the album, and in this same post, you also said
that someone else who didn't like the album had "chosen not to listen."
It is *my opinion* that you are as arrogant as Paul Simon himself!  You
two are a perfect match.



Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 22:31:34 +0100
From: Ashley Powell <>
Subject: New Cleaners from Venus releases from
Message-ID: <>

The JARMusic website has just changed its name to the much more

Available now is the new Cleaners from Venus rarities CD "My Back
Wages". October should see the release of the brand new Cleaners album
"The Spirit Cage". The vinyl release will feature 3 extra brand new
tracks exclusive to JARMusic. Check the site for availability, or put in
an advance order at

Also, don't forget to keep up to date with Newell at
Ashley Powell - The repository of all things jangly


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 18:03:03 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: To An Extent
Message-ID: <382679235.965426588396.JavaMail.root@web191-iw>

Now that we have all gone over this over and over again, I hope those of
you who made the ignorant comments about rap understand now that the rap
you see on MTV is not what most true Hip-Hop fans consider rap.  This
applies to all music.  But this leads me to another post along the same

Today I saw a video by some really WACK rap artist using a sample (or more
like the instrumental!) of Roxanne by The Police.  It made me SICK!  I
just want you all to understand that just as much it pisses us off as
music lovers to see groups just rap over instrumentals, it pisses off
Hip-Hop music lovers just as much.  It ruins the music.  This is the
second time I seen the Police sampled on a song that really made me sick.
The only good use of a Police sample I heard on a rap song was a song I
did and all I used was a Bassline.  If any of you ever want to hear the
song I did, I will have it online within a month or so.

The point is, most of us can agree, or at least I do, that sampling is an
art, if its used as such.  HOWEVER, lazy sampling is not.  Just taking an
instrumental is not art, and I can agree with that 100%.  Using turntables
to cut up a sample, contained within music that was carefully developed is
great.  Its only when they use full song (like the one I heard with the
Roxanne sample) and add a rap beat that it sucks.  Anyway, I am left
frustrated after seeing that video and I can understand why some of you
would hate rap based on what you see, but you should at least give it a
try as I am sure you have other music that you were not totally crazy
about upon first listening to.


Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 18:52:56 -0400
From: "squirrelgirl" <>
Subject: Former jobs
Message-ID: <008401bffe66$d73112a0$6247c0cf@meredith-s>

Howdy 'Hillians,

I don't know about how Andy, Colin and Dave have made ends meet in recent
years (I keep wondering what Colin did with that stained glass he was making
awhile back...), but straight from the Black Sea Tour Book, here are "Former

Andy:  Art student, tea boy, gopher, vicious cartoonist for local paper,
paint salesman, poster painter and very unemployed person

Colin:  Groundsman

Dave:  Clerk, van driver

Terry:  Printer



Date: Fri, 4 Aug 2000 18:54:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <spiritod@TECHMAIL.GDC.COM>
Subject: Marc's cryptogram...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10008041842230.13697-100000@esun2028>

Thanks for the cryptogram, Marc!  Woke me right up.
Got it in a couple minutes.  (I'm good at 'em.)
Liked the book *and* the movie.

Speaking of movies whose titles didn't match the books they came from,
the movie "Die Hard" was based on Roderick Thorp's (now-OOP) novel,
__Nothing Lasts Forever__.  Interestingly, the book was never given a
mention either in promos or in the movie itself.  I'd already owned & read
it by the time I saw "Die Hard"; recognition came in the form of, "Hey!
I *know* this plot!"  Still, in the book, the female protagonist was his
estranged *daughter*, not his ex-wife.

Back to my enjoyment of Mummer...


Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 19:25:21 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: But I Don't Want Any More FREE XTC Demos (Fuzzy Disc 3)
Message-ID: <>

    Yes,I know, all this talk about P.Simon,Bands
  that suck/didn't/now do,RAP/etc. Has made me also
  realize what a poor excuse of a band XTC is.

  I'd MUCH rather listen to "Billy, Don't be a Hero"
But, I promised I'd up more XTC demos so, here they are.


   If you're new to this sh*t and don't know how to use
idrive, please see Chalkhills Vol.6 # 205 RE: Warbles that
are Fuzzy.

  I should warn you! The only crap you'll find here are the
vocal tracks from 'The Bull' along with the 'James' demos
and, 2 Colin demos.


P.S. I'm trying to talk Mr.Relph into letting me hold a...

     Bumble Nova (Turkey Pluto V.2) song parody contest.
  This would be the 2nd Wonder Annual song fest. His main
  concern is the fact he has a DAY JOB! (how does he do it?)

   If you think this is a waste of time,do nothing. If you
  think this would be fun, please let Mr.Relph know how you
  feel (politely,please).

            TAG! You're IT!


Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 12:46:54 +0100
From: "Laura Brown" <>
Subject: My Daddy's a Mummy
Message-ID: <008b01bffed3$063bcc40$273c70c2@kenaud>

> From: Natalie Jacobs <>
> Subject: the final curtain
> I also have to wonder how much this list is really about XTC, and how
> much it's about idolatry and obsessiveness for their own sake.

I know Ms Jacobs probably won't see this, but I just have to say that this
is an excellent point -- and one that applies to all types of fandom, not
just to this list. In many music forums on the Internet, the prevailing
attitude reminds me of a religion, or perhaps of a totalitarian political
system -- "A *true* fan would never say that Album X was their best album."
"You can't like Musician Y because he once said something nasty about our
band (or our band once said something nasty about him)." Etc. I realise
these forums probably represent only a small proportion of music listeners,
but still, enough people participate in them for it to be unnerving.

> As Robyn Hitchcock says: "Idolizing musicians is like trying to patch a
> black hole with a band-aid."

A terrific quote -- I wish I'd come across it before. I've been thinking a
lot recently about modern society's worship of fame, and in particular about
the tendency for people to think of themselves as "fans," to make that
"fandom" an important part of their identity. I think that ultimately, it's
the product of a materialist culture which encourages us to judge people by
what they consume, rather than by what they do or who they are. By spending
your money on an XTC album rather than on a Britney Spears album, you can
identify yourself as more intelligent, imaginative and sensitive than most
people, without actually doing any intellectual, creative or charitable work
to support that claim.

> Any forum where people get flamed or chastised for unpopular opinions is
> not a forum where free expression flourishes.  I don't dare repeat some
> of the opinions in my "Wasp Star" and "AV1" reviews on the list, because
> I know you'd all come down on me like a ton of bricks.  Flaming is a
> form of censorship: it silences people.

Mmm, well, you have to consider the source. These are people who have
nothing better to do than savage people they've never met over matters of no
real importance. I don't think you should let them get to you, and they
certainly shouldn't discourage you from posting.

That said, I agree it is depressing to slog through the stuff day after day
(or in my case, to slog through a week's worth on Saturday -- I don't go
online as often as I used to). It makes me wish that were a bit more active, despite its unfair name
(g). On Usenet, you can be more selective about what you read.

Moving on ...

> From: Tyler Hewitt <>
> Subject: get thee to an optometrist!
> However, David Hyde Pierce is a known homosexual.  As
> is the guy who plays Fraser's dad.

And we should care about this because ... ?

At any rate, I think you may be confusing the guy who plays Frasier's dad
with the guy who plays Bulldog, who is quite vocally out of the closet.

(The rumour about Frasier's dad was that he wasn't allowed to say the word
"umbrella" on the show, because he couldn't manage to say it in an American
accent -- I believe he's actually British or Irish. Apparently the show's
makers got tired of hearing this, because in the last series they included a
completely gratuitous scene in which Marty came home to get a forgotten

> From: NickJeri Santangelo <>
> Subject: Blah Blah Blah
> List the artists whose work you collect the most extensively.

In no particular order:
XTC (of course)
Richard Thompson (Hubby and I saw him with his band at the Shepherd's Bush
Empire last night. Shit-hot.)
The Divine Comedy (still haven't got Fanfare for the Comic Muse, though)
Super Furry Animals
Manic Street Preachers
Belle and Sebastian

BTW, the subject line comes from a song Thompson played last night. Ignore

    Laura Brown


Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 07:39:47 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Kneel Before Me
Message-ID: <l03130300b5b1b8566794@[]>

>Chris Coolidge defended Neil Young:
>>and his guitar playing, though as technically
>proficient as any other great guitarist, is an
>acquired taste.<
>Which ones?  Mark Farner?  Mick Jagger? Elvis Presley?
>I like Neil, but a technically proficient guitarist?

  None of the above. Get real. I don't listen to him for guitar solos, but
his solos sound like nobody else, for better or worse. Neil's problem is
he doesn't plan his solos, he just kind of tosses them off not to impress
but to fill space with whatever he comes up with off the top of his head.
Besides, you don't play guitar professionally for forty years and be a bad
guitarist. He was good enough for Buffalo Springfield, CSNY and Crazy
Horse. Neil can come up with some pretty nifty solos when he wants to
(Check some of the Crazy Horse live albums for starters)but he's a
songwriter first most of the time. His solos may sound like crap some of
the time, but I challenge any guitar player to replicate them.(though J
Mascis of Dinosaur Jr manages some pretty good Neil imitations on the
Where You been?  album, for example)

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2000 08:16:17 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Collected Works
Message-ID: <l03130301b5b1bddab369@[]>

>List the artists whose work you collect the most
>extensively.  I have the complete works of:
>XTC (surprise?)
>Costello (will you STOP, EC!  You're costing me a
>Junior Wells
>BB King
>John Hiatt
>Nick Lowe
>Sam & Dave
>And some guys off Alligator Records (Blues label) you
>folks have probably never heard of.  What can I say, I
>grew up in N'Orleans.)
>Can't think of any more and I have to go to work now.

I have most of the collected works, if not all(mostly with one, two or
three holes in my collection), of the following:
Elton John(most of them on cassette, found in bargain bins for a dollar or
two, especially his 80's and 90's material)
Richard Thompson
John Hiatt
The Ramones
Steve Earle
Nick Drake
John Cale
Maria McKee/Lone Justice
There may be others if I scour my collection; there's others, such as The
Kinks and Lou Reed, whose material I have much of, even most of, but there
are major holes only partially plugged by live, anthology and best of
albums. (such as The Kinks earliest material up to Face to Face, plus a few
Lou Reed albums I somewhat dislike that are well represented enough on the
Between Thought And Expression anthology)

Christopher R. Coolidge

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has 10
GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder, theft,
assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to protect me
from myself."  - Unknown


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