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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 223

                  Friday, 4 August 2000


             Mad Skillz, Influences & A Twat
                  Overrated and Misheard
                      Hate and Love
                       catching up
                  tying up loose threads
                     Turn it Down!!!!
                    Opinions vs Facts
                  Turn that music down!
                    Yeaaaaah Boyeeeee
                    the final curtain
                   In My Roooooooom....
                Elvis Costello & The Kinks
           Where'd ya get them groovy threads?
        Who did Boarded Up & Standing in for Joe??
                    I Like Them Apples
                        Mind's Eye
 HMV, Napster and Weird XTC Hearing (instead of sighting)
            All right now! Won't you listen?!


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Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 11:01:19 +0100
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: Mad Skillz, Influences & A Twat
Message-ID: <>

Oh yes, terribly funny.

>>Sure that's not Deborah Brown-Nose?!

Yes, quite sure. Not only is my anus nose-free, but Ms Brown is a friend of
mine. Is that OK? Honestly, you really must get out more, you ghastly oaf.

Too many idiots, not enough cheese, that's what I say.

>>I would have thought
that both were contempories and therefore unlikely to have XTC as serious

Agreed. Since Wire were operating at almost exactly the same time, and
released their debut album before "White Music" hit the shops, the
likelihood that XTC influenced Newman & Co is negligible. Likewise
Buzzcocks. Of course, the bands certainly share common influences, most
notably Captain Beefheart, covered by both XTC & Buzzcocks and obviously a
factor in Wire's generally obtuse approach to "punk".

And finally...for those who would be willing to donate a rat's ass for the
hip hop cause, here's a few I recommend...

Company Flow - Funcrusher Plus (Rawkus Records)
Company Flow - Little Jonny From The Hospitul: Instrumental Breaks & Beats
(Rawkus Records)
Kool Keith - Lost In Space/Black Elvis (Sony) (NB - anything by Kool Keith
is worth checking out...the man's a genius!)
Various Artists - The Lyricist Lounge Vol.1 (Rawkus Records)
RZA - Bobby Digital In Stereo (Loud Records)
Gravediggaz - Niggamortis (Gee Street Records)

And, of course, everyone knows how good the first DJ Shadow album is. Or do

Hail Satan!



Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 15:44:08 EST
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: Overrated and Misheard
Message-ID: <>

>From: "John Boudreau" <>
>Subject: Overrated Beatles ?
>Somebody on this list v. recently said that The Beatles were overrated
>...From 1964-1967 name me ONE rock/pop band who were more prolific ;
>innovative ; and influenced more people !

The Seekers.

>From: NickJeri Santangelo <>
>Subject: Misheard lyrics
>Misheard lyrics ARE fun to do, I've got a few of my

When I sat down to post a few misheard lyrics, I could only think of one.
Australian Crawl released a song in the late '70s called "Beautiful
People", but singer James Reyne's vocals were so garbled (caused by the
fact that the man simply can't sing) that the line "Beautiful People, they
got a Robert Palmer t-shirt in their travel bag" came out sounding (at
least, to me) like "Booby dooby dong, you got a rubber politician in your
travel bag". I freely admit to preferring my own interpretation.

(Hotmail has been doing strange things this afternoon - my apologies if
this message appears more than once).


"I believe there is a commonality to humanity. We all suck." -- Bill Hicks


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 14:22:12 +0100
From: "Davies, Huw (TPE)" <Huw.Davies3@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK>
Subject: Hate and Love
Message-ID: <7209B69A281BD4119EE50001FA7EA975AEAE99@WOMAIL2>

There's been a lot of slagging off of other artists going on this list
recently and even people dismissing entire genres of music (rap? - it's not
all that bad. I would have hoped that XTC fans, at least, would be bit more
open minded). Although criticising artists (including XTC) is perfectly
valid, I think it's time we chilled out a bit and talked more about the
music we love. I think it's great when people recommend music on this list
that some of us may go and follow up and discover. I did this recently with
Richard Thompson and I would just like to say thank you to the people on
this list who recommended him.

Regarding the question "What pop/rock artist, that you
like (almost?) as much as XTC, sounds the most different from XTC?" I would
suggest Billy Bragg and Tom Waits, although considering that a lot of other
people on this list like those two artists, perhaps they are not as
different from XTC as you might think. Perhaps Stevie Wonder? But I don't
like him as much as he has been extremely inconsistent over his career.

I have to say I agree with Dunks' comments about Napster.

Huw Davies


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 08:44:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ginchy Hotpants <>
Subject: catching up
Message-ID: <>

I notice I only ever post anything when I get to talk about something
that's not necessarily XTC... (perhaps I've run out of things to say about
them, I'd rather just stand there and smile)

Artist I like as much as XTC that sounds least like them -- probably the
Jon Spencer Blues Explosion. Or, to make it even more dissimilar, Boss
Hog, because they have a female vocalist.  However, there are a couple of
new bands I like because their XTC influence is so transparent, in
particular Sunset Valley (whose lead guitarist plays in his "English
Settlement" T-shirt, bless'm).  There are a couple of other local Portland
bands for whom XTC is a primary influence; it's kind of cool, and makes
for a very rich and interesting local music scene.

Other bands I collect (besides XTC, and I've been naughty about getting
demos and B-sides lately):
Beck (one can never own all the Beck material)
The Dandy Warhols (friends of friends)
808 State (difficult)
Brian Eno (a full time job, let me tell you)

Artist consuming my soul at the moment: Cornelius

That is all...


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:04:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: tying up loose threads
Message-ID: <>

Jumping headfirst into a couple of new threads:

List the artists whose work you collect the most

I have the complete works of:
Lambert, Hendricks & Ross
Mrs. Miller
Los Lobos

and a few others I wont be able to think of until the
caffeine hits

I have nearly complete works of:
Elvis Costello
Tom Waits
Crowded House
Miles Davis (post-Bitches Brew thru 1980)
John Coltrane (on Impulse records)
Joni Mitchell
David Bowie
Los Negresses Vertes
The Kronos Quartet
Sonic Youth


Music I used to annoy my parents when I was a

In Jr. High, it was a couple of old Ravi Shankar lps I
bought at a garage sale.

In High School, it was the Ramones.

Visiting on weekends from college, it was Sonic Youth.
Actually, the only time I remember my mom bitching
about the music I listened to was while cranking Sonic
Youth at top volume. Her comment: You're going to go
deaf listening to that!


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 11:48:39 +0000
From: chris vreeland <>
Subject: Turn it Down!!!!
Message-ID: <>

Todd writes:

YEAH, baby! Okay, new-thread suggestion from yours truly:
What song did YOU pick in this situation? (And please don't be so
pathetic as to suggest that you didn't have a favorite "piss off the
parents/old folks" song.)

Lovely thread idea!

For me, in the early days, it had to be side 2 of Rocks by Aerosmith. I
loved to put it on at 7:30 in the morning, as I dressed for "school."
(read skateboarding)

By 1978, when I found out that they couldn't stand Joe Jackson, Elvis
Costello, or XtC, anything by the three of them did quite nicely. No
particular song, although it was their original "I can't stand that
Nigel song they're playing on the radio." statement that helped nudge me
towards xtC fandom. God bless Colin's q****y voice!

What's your story?
Chris "sick as a dog" Vreeland


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 16:35:18 GMT
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Subject: Opinions vs Facts
Message-ID: <>

Dear Affiliated Members:

So some of you hate Graceland. OK. Can we phrase our likes and dislikes in
non-combative (this 'sucks', this is 'over-rated', etc...) language? It's
only our personal opinions, not fact.

When I first discovered Chalkhills, my favorite XTC album was Mummer. Most
folks on the list ranked it very poorly. We all have different tastes,
that's what makes us individuals. Wonderful. But, do people have to be so
damn nasty about it? You shouldn't say, 'it sucks' when 'I don't care for
it' will do. Instead of 'over-rated', you can say 'don't understand why it's
so praised'. Seems to me very childish attitude when someone is forced to
'defend' Neil Young or Rap music. This is not a court of law, it is a forum
for expressing ideas and opinions. We should explain why we personally like
something or the other, and leave it at that.

Some folks get a kick out of provoking people: 'Nonsuch is the worst album
since their first few...blah blah' for example. What the hell is the point
of that post? Like someone said, 'why are you here if you don't like XTC?'.

So, even if 95% of those who've heard XTC don't like them - does that mean
they suck regardless of whether 5% do like them?

The whole tit for tat posts are silly. It makes me want to unsubscribe. We
should not try to prove how clever we are by torpedo attacks. It's only our
opinions - make it clear when you destroy something in your posts.

Can't we all just get along?



Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 09:24:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: Turn that music down!
Message-ID: <>

>From the creative, yet non-storyboarding Todd -

<<YEAH, baby! Okay, new-thread suggestion from yours truly:
What song did YOU pick in this situation? (And please don't be so
pathetic as to suggest that you didn't have a favorite "piss off the
parents/old folks" song.)>>

I think my 'in yer ear, mommy!' choice may have been Queen's, Stone Cold
Crazy.. something about the machine gunning gee-tars and the overall manic
pace..  when I had the volume at the appropriate level my dear mom would get
this red spot on her forehead, just above her right eye .. of course, it
aided my cause greatly to be torturing her via the quad stereo system in the
den, which was right across from the kitchen.. (remember those?
quadrophonic.. ha!)

-also effective- Tie Your Mother Down (Queen), anything by Alice Cooper, and
The Sails Of Charon by The Scorpions..yeah, you heard me! The Scorpions..
Taken By Force and Virgin Killer were serious metal albums... (Dom's
probably sportin' a red spot of his own right about now!)

Deb 'you're not the boss of me!' Brown

-I think I'll send mumsy some flowers.. no particular reason-


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 11:18:35 -0600
Subject: Yeaaaaah Boyeeeee
Message-ID: <>

Ed K asks:

"Just that I liked songs like "Channel Zero" etc. (who did that,

That's Public Enemy, from their album "It Takes A Nation of Millions to
Hold Us Back." One of the great rap records, IMHO. For me, a decidedly
suburban white boy (white goy?), that era of rap (mid-80's, I guess) was
the only time I've ever been able to get into it. PE, NWA (particularly
"Straight Outta Compton"), and the Geto Boys were punky, angry, and
sometimes (Geto Boys) cartoonish in their blatant misogyny and violence. It
always amazed me that people got so upset about these groups' lyrics, when
you could see far worse in almost any action picture. Whatever. It was all
about rebellion, expression, and pissing off the powers that be. And it
worked. But just like any other bit of youthful rebellion, it became
commonplace and entrenched, and now I don't care any more.  Maybe that's my

Listened to Big Express this morning, and loved it, again. But y'all are
right, the cd sounds like shite. "This World Over" barely makes the meters
move. Who can I browbeat or intimidate into doing another re-master that
actually sounds good?



"Oh Well"


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 10:26:36 -0700
From: Natalie Jacobs <>
Subject: the final curtain
Message-ID: <C1463800B2EFD311A84B00A0C9E9318B2D4073@NT1>

Well, I guess it's about time for me to take off.  I wish I could stay, but
this list and I have obviously grown too far apart for me to feel
comfortable posting here.  I still love XTC, but they're not the center of
my musical universe anymore; Nick Drake, Neutral Milk Hotel, and many others
have joined them.  I also have to wonder how much this list is really about
XTC, and how much it's about idolatry and obsessiveness for their own sake.
As Robyn Hitchcock says: "Idolizing musicians is like trying to patch a
black hole with a band-aid."

Any forum where people get flamed or chastised for unpopular opinions is not
a forum where free expression flourishes.  I don't dare repeat some of the
opinions in my "Wasp Star" and "AV1" reviews on the list, because I know
you'd all come down on me like a ton of bricks.  Flaming is a form of
censorship: it silences people.

I see some of my old pals are still around: hi, Todd Bernhardt, the folks I
met at the 1997 convention, the inimitable Mark Strijbos, Cheryl McGregor,
etc. Maybe I'll come back and stay longer some other time.


p.s.  One more plug for my reviews:
(I had to do it! :P )


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 13:33:02 -0400
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: In My Roooooooom....
Message-ID: <>

Songs to piss off the parents(now this is *my* kinda thread!):

I might be showin' my age here, but the 7th-grader me chose a solid "Running
With The Devil", by the very, very American Van Halen. The full-blast car
horns, four big bass notes, classic "chuck-a-rauuuu" guitar-slide intro,
then the Rock shows up...

And yeah, Queen did the trick as well, esp. "Tie Your Mother Down". Kind of
direct, but effective.

Duncan "...and "Big Balls" by AC/DC" Watt

ps I wish I was that age when The Cult's "Love Removal Machine" came along,
that woulda did it, I'm pretty sure.

email me:
surf me:


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 16:00:49 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Elvis Costello & The Kinks
Message-ID: <381496604.965332853928.JavaMail.root@web185-iw>

I normally don't like promoting companies but I thought you all should know
this.  The following company Emusic has a program where you pay for
unlimited MP3's.  You just pay as little as $9.99 a month and you can
download thousands of MP3's.  The reason I am mentioning this is because
they have about 10 Elvis Costello albums and about 10 Kinks albums.  Where
else can you get 20 good albums for $10-$20 total!  Follow the link below
(just copy and paste it into your browser) and click on Elvis or Kinks to
see what albums they have.


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 16:21:46 -0400
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: Where'd ya get them groovy threads?
Message-ID: <>

Evening, Chalkers!

It's time for me to weigh in on some of the recent threads:

I thought I hated it but I keep getting entertainment value out of
listening to some of the artists. Doctor Octagon AKA Kool Keith is always
over the top musically and extremely funny. Maybe if some of the other rap
stars could break out of their humourless, misogynistic, materialist
personas then I could appreciate their music more.
Hey, love 'em or hate 'em. You cannot deny their influence on the music
world to this day. They also had the sense to break up the band when it was
the right time. I hate it when bands like Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles
reunite to make some quick cash on a new album and tour. You can see it in
their eyes that they despise each other and are counting the seconds until
the whole miserable experience is over. Can you imagine how XTC's music
would have suffered if Barry Andrews had stayed on for the sake of keeping
the band together?
Great to hear somebody mention National Lampoon's "Lemmings" album. The
parodies of Bob Dylan, Joe Cocker, and the entire Woodstock scene are dead
on. Another little comedy gem is "Lenny & the Squigtones" an album by
several of the musicians/actors who later formed Spinal Tap. The album was
released in the heyday of Laverne & Shirley but the humor on the album is
much more adult than on the TV show. Is it just me or was comedy a vinyl
NEW ALBUMS: I'm still trying to get my hands on Kevin Gilbert's "Shaming of
the True" after all of the Chalkposters' recent rantings. Sounds like a
good one. One of my new favorites is "Great Lakes," the debut album by, you
guessed it, the band Great Lakes. They are from Athens, Georgia, and are
quite trippy in a Dukes of Stratosphear sort of way. My old college chum
Rebekah Radisch is now the executive producer for R&D Records. She just
sent me an advance copy of "Forever Dusty: Homage to an Icon". It's a Dusty
Springfield Tribute album featuring Jill Sobule, Marti Jones, Indigo Girls,
Laura Love, and others. It is absolutely fantastic. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!!
Hey, I'm no big fan of Al Gore, but George W. Bush is scary. The
Republicans are attempting a Trojan Horse campaign of shutting up about
their extreme views on free speach, abortion rights, the death penalty, and
industrial polluters until they can get their boy in the Oval Office. Then
watch out! George W. is an overgrown frat boy with a permanent smirk on his
face from years of having his pappy bail him out of cocaine fiascos. There,
I've said it. At least Al Gore fought in Viet Nam rather than have his
father--who was at that time Governor of Tennessee--pull strings for him.
I was wondering what OLD XTC song you would most like to hear Colin and
Andy remake. I think my choice would have to be "Battery Brides" from GO 2.
Any other suggestions?

Yours in XTC,
Jeff "In a white room with black curtains at the station" Eason


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 21:33:40 +0100
From: "Marc Wickens" <>
Subject: Who did Boarded Up & Standing in for Joe??
Message-ID: <>

I've converted Wasp Star (Apple Venus, Pt. 2) to WMA format and it has
connect to the CDDB to get the info about the songs, it says Boarded Up &
Standing in for Joe are by Andy Partridge, and all the other songs are by
XTC, it doesn't say anything on the album sleeve, any1 know why this is?--
Marc Wickens
"Vg'f gbb onq fur jba'g yvir! Ohg gura ntnva, jub qbrf?"


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 22:17:08 +0100
From: "Jonny Stephens" <>
Subject: I Like Them Apples
Message-ID: <>

On perusing the archive.

For 23 years I've been hearing the following words:

"Radios in motion/Apples in the ocean"

And now the Chalkhills Lyric archive tells me:

"Radios in motion/Atmosphere to ocean"

The former always struck me as one of Mr P's most memorable and evocative



Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 16:22:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Mind's Eye
Message-ID: <>

To Those better than Cheese,

In case you haven't surfed Chalkhills (the website) lately, I thought
I'd point out a book you might be interested in.

Peter Kuper's book "Mind's Eye - an Eye of the Beholder collection"
was just published and he was fortunate enough to have Andy Partridge
write the intoduction.  It's a collection of wordless comic strips
that were first published in The New York Times.  The book is
available through and other bookstores, and through comic
shops.  You can read the strip online at or Mr. Kuper's own

More information can be had at


	-- John


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 19:35:20 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: Waaaaaa!
Message-ID: <>


>I'd just like to join in with the others to say a big THANKS to Derek Miner
>for the fab job he did of transferring "Jules Verne's Sketchbook" to CD for
>us rabid bootleg and demo-hunting fans.  It's fun to listen to, fun to look
>at, and great to own.  It's just more proof (as if we needed any) that
>Chalkhills is a great place.

*Cries* I lost my old e-mail accounyt, and somehow was unable to find any
trace of any of the e-mails Derek Miner sent me! So I couldn't send any
money for the disc. Is it to late, oh wonderful Miner, to get a copy?

>Now will somebody please give Derek "The Bull With the Golden Guts" or
>whatever it's called, and hope that he is motivated by all this praise to
>give that one the MinerWerks treatement, too!

Well.... I *do* happen to have a copy of Bull... so what do you say, Derek?
In return for putting this request in so late, a CD-R of Bull that you may
or may not give out to other people?

Kevin Diamond


Date: Thu, 3 Aug 2000 17:54:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly <>
Subject: HMV, Napster and Weird XTC Hearing (instead of sighting)
Message-ID: <>

Todd, thank you SO much for your heads up about the
HMV sale.  I didn't realize they were from Canada.
The prices look more expensive than they really are.
I got two albums from The Rutles (Archeology and the
soundtrack).  It was about $35 (CDN), but I don't know
how much it is in US.  I'll know where to look for
stuff I can't find in other places.  It's a lot less
expensive this way.  Thank goodness for exchange
rates. :)
As I said in an earlier post, I'm also a Napster
convert.  I'll still buy CDs, but it's fun to look for
stuff I haven't heard in years.  I've found a few rare
things I haven't heard for years.
Also, while I was in physical therapy for my ankle
today the radio staion they had on played, "Generals &
Majors" by XTC.  It made me go faster in what I was
doing.  And this station is the last staion I'd think
of for playing XTC. :)


AIM Name: MFanton00
eVoice Mailbox #: 88321880)


Date: Thu, 03 Aug 2000 20:59:30 +0000
From: Scott Barnard <>
Subject: All right now! Won't you listen?!
Message-ID: <"000d01bffd8d$b8189ca0$1c1cc918">

In #6-220, Todd Bernhardt (which is my name when I have a cold) proposed the
nifty "piss-off Ma & Pa" thread. I actually had several such tunes which I
would use depending on the circumstances.

General use: Anything from "Never Mind the Bollocks", but especially
"Bodies" (THAT'LL learn 'em!). In a pinch, Dury's "Plaistow Patricia" would
do the trick.

To convince my sister that I was an acid head and Going To Hell For Sure:
The Floyd's "Several Species of Small Furry Animals Gathered Together in a
Cave and Grooving with a Pict". Well, she was at least half right.

To make Mom really, really nervous: Selected torrid, breathy love songs by
Queen, featuring a very, erm, *theatrical* Freddie Mercury.

La piece de resistance: The Sabs' "Sweet Leaf". Loud, stupid, obnoxious,
perfect. And they don't even know what it's about, man, it's *so*
cool...giggle, giggle......giggle....uh...hey, I've got wicked munchies,



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