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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 207

                 Wednesday, 26 July 2000


                        Yard Devil
              location, location, location!
                    Sick to my Stomach
                     XTC Music Videos
                  A little late, but...
                    OMD mani padme um
                    Simon & Garfunkel
                     Re: Grant's Tomb
                   Too Much Information
                Off topic, but great news!
                         The List
                 I Missed Andy!!!! *thud*
             Re: Prog rock, rap and sampling
                Grandmaster Flash Colin M.
            House on a farmboys.... wages....
                        Rap Sucks
              Not-so-good news from Germany
                        Be it Let


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I got some lovely / In my yard.


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 14:17:44 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Yard Devil
Message-ID: <>

In 6-202, Steve said:
In 'My Brown Guitar' Andy sings 'in my yard'. Now AFAIC, given the context,
that strikes me as an Americanism (I would never refer to my garden as a
yard. A yard is three feet, pure and simple). Is this a regional variation
thang?? Any Swindonians care to comment on 'yard' in local usage to mean
garden (as opposed to a builder's yard, for instance)?? Is Andy's back
garden concreted over (being the only state that I might countenance using
yard in that way)??
Now, far be it from me to claim any kind of special insight into what he may
have been thinking, but it seems to me that he'd have had plenty of exposure
to this term, whether from TV, movies, etc. (note that the term didn't
totally throw you, you knew it meant what you know as a garden) or the fact
that he's been known to cross the pond fairly frequently. Also (of course
IMHO, AFAIC, FWIW, M-O-U-S-E, etc.), just as he's always rejected urgings to
tone down the Anglicisms for the benefit of the American market, I don't see
why he wouldn't just view it as another available word that happened to work
and fit into the song (too many syllables in "garden", as I'm sure you
already noticed). Add to that the fact that the use of "inchworm" "football"
and "yardstick" suggest he's playing with the "three feet, pure and simple"
definition in a way that might not be as natural to someone who grew up with
the definition of "yard" as "the area around one's house". You could almost
imagine (not that I'd know, before I'm accused of the supreme arrogance of
putting words in his mouth or head) something along the lines of "they call
their gardens 'yards'! Do they play football in them? Are there lots of
inchworms?" etc. in which case he's almost poking fun at the North American
usage of the word...

In the same digest, the wonderful Debora Brown said:
Ed said-
<< I've lost plenty of logical arguments in my
time, but I've generally been able to walk away unassisted afterward,
usually better for the experience.>>

Ed, I'd like you to meet Mr. Diablo..

Actually, I was reading & lurking back when that whole thing was going on,
in fact I delayed my big de-lurk until it had all blown over (the only "war"
on this list that I've read that's ever really been enough to put me off).
Yes, that was in fact a conscious reference to the "logical argument"
skirmish that went on (how anyone could say such a thing without realizing
that it's the same as tatooing "please attack me" on one's forehead is
beyond me). I was actually reluctant to include that line, as I didn't want
to come off as Mr. Snotty-Goody or anything, but felt I still wanted to make
the point that I welcome a good argument (as opposed to "fuck you" or "shut
up"), and even if I'm not sprinkling everything with IMHOs, I'm usually
aware of the possibility that I may be wrong about any number of things...

Ed K.

One thing led to
Another, and
Before we knew it,
We were dead.
-the late, great Micheal O'Donoghue


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:24:02 EDT
Subject: location, location, location!
Message-ID: <>

as Ryan so eloquently pointed out:

<< Does anyone on this list
 live within 500 miles of me, or are the rest of you
 clustered in Delaware, Swindon, and Japan?>>

We're all clustered in Delaware??? Then where's the rest of you? You'd
think in such a small state I'd find SOMEONE else who knows what I'm
talking about....

and also...
<<What is the best Xtc album to listen to while very intoxicated?>>

ah...don't know if this counts, but my only drunken XTC encounter that
didn;t make me start crying was Transistor THAT knocked me
flat, both literally and figuratively.

cheer's m'dears,
Sarah D.


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 16:39:15 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Sick to my Stomach
Message-ID: <>

We've heard which bands you hate, or you think suck, but
what about artists who literally make you sick to your stomach
when you hear *anything* by them?  I'll start:

Journey - My own personal hell would include Steve Perry's voice.
REO Speedwagon - Bad memories from early 80's high school.
Kenny G - No explanation needed.

These artists have no redeeming values in my mind.  There are lots
of bands, like Styx, Kansas, Smashing Pumpkins and Bruce Springsteen,
which I strongly dislike but could probably find at least one song that
doesn't provoke violent stomach reactions.

Your turn....


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:20:11 EDT
Subject: XTC Music Videos
Message-ID: <>

> New thread suggestion:
> Has anyone thought about which WS song you'd like to see up on the little
> screen?  I'm talking about a music vid, guys.  Which tune would you like to
> see and how do you see it?  Be as sketchy or detailed as you wish.  Pepper
> the digest with your ideas..
> Come on!.. I guarantee you'll enjoy yourself, or my name isn't Frank-

XTC music videos I would like to see:

>From Wasp Star:  You And The Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful
Too difficult to describe...

Non Wasp-Star: Seagulls Screaming, Kiss Her Kiss Her
I have wanted to make this video since I first heard the song....



Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 18:58:42 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: A little late, but...
Message-ID: <>

I meant to send this out a couple days ago, but now I guess I was a little
late. Anyway, Monday at 7 o clock (in about 5 minutes, for me) and 11
o'clock there is (that should be was by the time you read this) a The List
on The Best New Wave Band. I have a feeling XTC just might get nominated,
because they are included on the online poll at along with Devo,
Talking Heads, Depeche Mode, Duran Duran, and some more. Anyway, by now this
is kind of pointless, I guess, but they will probably re-show this episode
this weekend. Check the vh1 website for more info.

Alright, it's almost on. Can't wait to see who nominates XTC. Ciao.

Kevin Diamond


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 11:46:45 +1200
From: "Simon Curtiss" <>
Subject: OMD mani padme um
Message-ID: <002701bff5ca$70cdd600$2d64a8c0@emigre>

Steve wrote:

> > Bands that peaked with their first release <
> I would say the vast majority, especially when it comes to the punk
> bands of my youth - but then most of them didn't manage to record more
> than one or two albums anyway, so I guess that they don't count. Of
> those bands that have a more significant back catalogue I'd nominate
> Devo, Ian Dury, The Fixx, Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark

Oh gods no, the first OMD album was.... well pants - for the most part,
the second was getting there and the third Architecture & Morality - hit
the nail on the head. Then they started going downhill, funnily enough the
last album which is really a solo effort by the lead singer is pretty good
pop music - not up to their old stuff, but very hummable.




Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:07:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: nadgers?
Message-ID: <>

Steve ?


"grabbed me by the nadgers and refused to let go"

Can any Brits help out here? Does that mean what I think it does?

ie: nadgers = tallywacker

Bemused under the Ministry

The Mole


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 18:13:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Simon & Garfunkel
Message-ID: <> wrote in Chalkhills 6-202
> > Simon and Garfunkle <
> I take it that you are referring to Bridge Over Troubled Water, and I
> therefore have to disagree. Artie's production has always annoyed me, and
> that record was the high (ie. low) point for me. Thank goodness Paul got
> out from under him and went on to make some decent stuff thereafter

Artie's production?  AFAIK he was only listed as co-producer with Paul on
the last two albums...the others were produced by Tom Wilson or Bob
Johnston.  Or do you mean Art's singing style?  As for Paul getting out
from under Art, it was more like Paul got out from under "Simon &
Garfunkel"; Paul was definitely the senior partner in the group.


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 19:05:18 -0700
From: David van Wert <>
Subject: Re: Grant's Tomb
Message-ID: <p04320402b5a29cb1933f@[]>

At 10:14 AM -0700 7/20/00, fenboy wrote:
>5. Who else hates Richard E Grant?

I bumped into him on the street a couple of weeks ago and he said
some VERY nasty things about you which I won't repeat here. I don't
know what happened between you two (and I don't want to-- I don't
need to be in the middle of this for Christ's sake), but honestly,
stop behaving like children and talk this thing out!

David van Wert

"Is it hot in here or is it just me?"
Richard Nixon, 1999


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:43:48 -0400
From: Harry Strole <>
Subject: Too Much Information
Message-ID: <>

> While
> his was a Best of Paper Lace (Apart from Billy Don't be a hero, did they
> have any other hits?)

Well, actually, (embarassed, he shuffles his feet) Paper Lace's big hit
was "The Night Chicago Died" .(this next revelation could put me
straight out of Chalkhills)  "Billy Don't Be A Hero" was done by Bo
Donaldson & the Haywoods and I saw them perform it on that pre-teen
television haven "Wonderama" (anyone from New York at that time could
tell you who Bob McCallister was) when I was but a child.  Thinking back
on it, hearing a teeny bopper band sing an anti-war song was sort of

Back to The Police content: Andy Summers was on "Rock -n- Roll Jeopardy"
last week, heard he didn't do so well.  That'll learn ya for hangong out
with Eric Burdon all those years ago.

I think my wife has a crush on Colin Moulding.




Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 22:02:30 -0400
From: Keith Hanlon <>
Subject: Off topic, but great news!
Message-ID: <>

I've gotta de-lurk to let everyone know about an upcoming webcast of a
Chalkhills-inspired band. Well, it's my band... and I know this type of
blatant self-promotion is annoying, but I'm really excited about this one.
We are called Orchestraville. We played "1000 Umbrellas" on the Skylacking
tribute tape. Here's what Mr. Relph said about us: "A dark, sparse,
forboding musical landscape. Strange creatures wander through the desert at
night. XTC meets Violent Femmes, Pixies, and Glass Eye." (in Chalkhills

The folks at Digital Club Network will webcast the show live on Friday
night at 9pm. Pretty exciting, huh?

If you're in New York, stop by and introduce yourself. If not, check out
the webcast! All the details will be on .

Now... how about that Wasp Star, huh? Doesn't the real CD sound LIGHT YEARS
better than those shitty MP3 files??

Take care!



Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:51:13 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: The List
Message-ID: <>

Well, I knew who was gonna nominate XTC as soon as I saw the first guest
was... Thomas Dolby! That's right, the first nomination of the show was
Thomas Dolby's number three choice: XTC. He gave a nice little speach,
saying "I kept wishing that he keyboardist would be hit by bus so I could
play take his space."

Of course, the brilliant folks at vh1 decided to show a clip of an XTC
video. So, seeing as the topic was Best New Wave band, you'd think they'd
choose maybe This Is Pop or Statue of Liberty, but the choose to show the
video for Peter Pumpkinhead! I have a hard time thinking of Peter
Pumpkinhead as a new wave song!

Anyway, even though XTC was nominated, I was overall disapointed. Almost
as disapointed as I was when I saw the special one hour List where they
discussed the most Groundbreaking Artist, and the girl from The Blair
Witch Project's number one choice of Talking Heads was the first one to be
taken off. Sigh...

Peaceout. Kevindiamond.


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 20:33:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly <>
Subject: I Missed Andy!!!! *thud*
Message-ID: <>

I'm a total dunderhead.  I forgot to watch/tape The
List with Andy on it.  I was so preoccupied with
getting ready for my new job, that I forgot about it.
Does anybody know if it'll be on again, soon?  I know
VH1 repeats their programs, but I have no idea when
it'll be on, and I really don't want to miss it.

A few days ago, I had a dream that Andy and Colin
checked in to the Hyatt (where I work), and it was
like the Davy Jones ep of The Brady Bunch.  I was
trying to be the one to deliver their room service
order to their room, but my coworkers wouldn't let me.
 But one of the coworkers forgot something, and they
were off delivering other orders, and I was the one
who had to go up and deliver them what we forgot.
Andy opened the door, and that's when I woke up.  Now
if this dream was real life, I would keep my cool
until I got back on the elevator.  Then I would have
probably screamed. :P
So far The Dave Mathews Band and Dr. Dre have stayed
in the hotel, and I've only worked there since
Thursday. :P

Molly, praying that Andy & Colin come to Buffalo someday

AIM Name: MFanton00
Fave Quote: "If your flight is going rough, your soul will lead you to the
nearest exit" - Jump - XTC (A. Partridge)


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 21:23:23 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: Prog rock, rap and sampling
Message-ID: <>

Jim Allen <> asked:
>And where did Andy get those sounds for "River of Orchids" anyways?  Did he
>sample them off one of his old records? Buy them on a sample disc?  Unless
>he sat and recorded a string section and a bassoon playing those exact
>riffs,  he is no different from a rap producer in that regard, taking
>pre-existing sounds, melodies and rhythms and coming up with something
>new.  Does anyone know where he got those sounds from?

The demo version of "River of Orchids" (from "Homespun") was recorded
using standard string samples from one of Andy's many keyboard/synth
boxes.  The album version, from "Apple Venus V.1", used real string
and wind players recorded at Abbey Road studios.  The orchestral
parts, however, were heavily edited using Pro Tools or Radar.  So they
were not preexisting sounds, but they were sampled (in a sense).

	-- John


Date: Mon, 24 Jul 2000 22:10:51 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: Grandmaster Flash Colin M.
Message-ID: <002e01bff5ee$52edc900$16730a3f@default>

So, I was chatting with Colin the other day and he told me this:

JE: So, Col, what's the deal with Andy rapping?

CM: Oh, that's something Andy has been bothering me about since "Walk this
way" with Run DMC. On Nonesuch, he absolutely begged me to do a rap song
with him. I let him have one.

JE: The Ugly Underneath.

CM: Yes. After that, it was all Rap this, Rap that. In fact, the original
title for our last album was "WAaaaaaaSsssuuuuuP, Star?!" but TVT made us
shorten it to Wasp. Andy was crushed.

JE Really? What does he do when not recording with you? I mean, to get rid
of the rap jones.

CM: Oh that. He actually has been moonlighting in Seattle with Sir MixaLot
on a few smaller locales. He wears this ridiculous get up so noone will
recognize him.

JE: Kind of like Humpty Hump?

CM: That's who he got the idea from. Or rather who inspired it. Andy was the
one who created the original character, Humpty. A friend of ours needed an
alias in order to perform.

JE: Who?

CM: Peter Jennings. Alot of people don't know that.

JE Get out!

CM I'm out!

JE So, what does Andy wear? Who does he look like when he's rapping?

CM Well, I can't actually betray Andy's confidence and tell you, but let's
just say, "Well I hear the blues a calling, tossed salads and scrambled

JE Sorry, I don't know what that means.

CM Probably for the better. Look, I've got to go. My videos are due back at
the store before 10.

JE OK, that's cool, but one thing.

CM What, mate?

JE On "We're all Light," Andy raps near the end. Alot of people from the
post are curious what the next album will be like. Rap?

CM Count on it.

JE And the title?

CM What else? The Biggest Pouch...

There it is Chalkers. Why would I lie?

Joseph Easter

Deb Brown is a Norwegian Batchelor Farmer.


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 00:25:17 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: House on a farmboys.... wages....
Message-ID: <384909265.964499120037.JavaMail.root@web185-iw>

I am getting a house!  Just thought everyone should know.  If I do, it
will be somewhere probably here in sunny southern California and I will
probably have a house warming party.  I expect to have one by January and
will let all you know.  John, maybe that will be a good time to do that
whole get together thing?  Anyway, I am just really happy to get a house.
Hopefully I can find one at a good price so I can add all the cool stuff I
want like a pool, studio and super entertaiment system.  I can only


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 01:24:56 -0500
From: "Joe Funk" <>
Subject: Rap Sucks
Message-ID: <002e01bff601$0e132880$7721fea9@user>

Rap Sucks...........

Jim Allen <> wants an ELP hip-hop tribute...
Sorry, Jim..No wonder us old proggers get a bad RAP!  hehehehe...

>>Rap!!  Rap!!  To quote a friend of mine: "It (Rap) creates no new
>>music, just recycles old"

>Yawn.  What a boring, lazy thing to say.

Nonsense..makes total sense to me.  Lazy?
Speaking of lazy!  Rappers are artistically lazy:
>So what! They
>are buffoons---if someone takes the drum pattern from a totally obscure
>70's funk record that only 9 people knew of in the first place, samples it
>and then layers a new bass line, chords, melody etc. on top of it, so what?

>Besides, is that any different from a guitarist finding a riff, changing
>two notes and the rhythm slightly and voila! new riff?

None of the music I like incorporates the above nonsense..INVALID
Also....  At least they are playing an instrument, plus this is a
cop-out!!  Are you comparing Andy's riff (ala Keeff) on "Stupidly
Happy" to the use of sampling on Rap?  Preposterous!!!!

We could argue about this all day...  I just don't understand how someone
who probably worships "Tarkus" can listen to talentless morons like
Dr. Dre..
MY BRAIN HURTS!!!..  and it's not just this discussion........
It's the F$%&ing "BVVVVVVMMMM BVVVVVVVMMM" that I have to hear blaring out
of these F%$&ing kid's cars !!!!  Even if it was music, it is completely
obliterated by these over-sized woofers they insist on having!!!



Joe "BOOM..BOOM" Funk


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 09:22:02 +0200
Subject: Not-so-good news from Germany
Message-ID: <0006800028075030000002L002*@MHS>

Greetings, "Kreideberger",

Just ordered all sorts of "Wasp Star" LPs and CD singles and such from my
favorite dealer here, who is a big XTC fan, and received this message from

>Ist sie [die neue XTC-Platte - JT] nicht grandios?? Leider verkauft sie
>sich nicht so gut. Ein Grund dyrfte sein, das der deutsche Musik-Express
>sich die Frechheit erlaubt hat sie zu zerreissen!

Isn't (the new XTC) fantastic?  Unfortunately, it isn't selling very well.
One reason for this is probably because the German "Musikexpress" had the
gall to diss it in their review.

(The review in question is available to all in the Chalkhills "Press"

Tja - so ist das Leben!

- Jeff


Date: Tue, 25 Jul 2000 01:29:51 EDT
Subject: Be it Let
Message-ID: <>

Talkin' Chalk,

Best XTC album to listen to loaded - For me, Drums & Wires.

Howza 'bout best one to hear, um, high?  Or don't we do that sort of thing
My vote, Skylarking.

Who the hell is Richard E. Grant?

Doorz - I totally agree with Dunks.  Absolutely Free is one of the few great
live albums ever.  "You know you're in New York when the guys rush the
Killer record.  Is it available on CD?  Anyone know?  As for the rest of
their stuff - I see them as a schizophrenic offering - their songs either
kick ass or make you cringe.  On a whole, The Doors and Strange Days were
great.  Their worst album by far was The Soft Parade.  But every album had
terrific, visceral performances, as well as horrendously unlistenable drek.
But you expect that from someone as over the edge as Morrison.  When I
complete their collection on CD, what I'll do is leave out all the "Tell
All The People"s and "Peace Frogs", and keep the "Moonlight Mile"s and
"When The Music's Over"s.  Or something like that.  To each his own, as
*they* say.

I disagree about Abbey Road, however.  It was their swansong, NOT Let It
Be.  Let It Be was abysmal as an album, but considering the sessions it was
culled from, it is a minor miracle.  Thank God most of the songs were good
to great, in spite of the Spectorization stuck alongside the rooftop cuts,
making for an uneven batch.  I always felt that the whole rooftop thing
should be released as it's own set.  Abbey Road, however, pulled them
together for one last hurrah!  I really believe that it is their finest
studio album, and they knew (consciously or not) that it would be their
last, so they made it count.  Sure, there's some dumb stuff (Maxwell,
Octopus's Garden) but there's absolutely fantastic music as well.  And
vocally, I don't think they were ever better.  Because stops me dead in my
tracks to this day.  Anybody hear the Anthology version sans instruments?
Chills!  Don't be so tough on Abbey Road!

Sgt. Pepper's "concept" was the Beatles as a surrogate band for the
Beatles.  No story, really.  They considered a Life in the Day thing, like
the Moody Blues' Days of Future Passed, but that got messed up when they
were force to release Strawberry Fields and Penny Lane as a Christmas

As for the Sex Pistols, I was just trying to stir up some dust.  But for
me, I could take them or leave them, which I did.  Musically, they were
horrendous.  But the spirit of what the were doing left a long worthwhile
legacy.  So I'm really wrong to list them with the ilk of REO Speedwagon
and Paper Lace.  BTW, I thought you folks would be jumping all over REO!

Band peak period - The Kinks:  Something Else, Village Green, Arthur and

XTC content - It's in there!

Lurkdom awaits.... Tom

"When she started to play, Steinway himself came down personlly and rubbed
his name off the piano!"  - Bob Hope on Phyllis Diller


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