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                     i've had my beef
                     Close encounters
         re: running thread on once-good bands...
                         the end
                      Captain Cutup
         In The Name Of Todd/Themes From XTC/EKE
I love music, any kinda music, just as long as it's...MUSIC
                    Re: River River...
                     Re: ELOification
      re: the "any other music out there?" thread...
                      Divers Reports
            Errr, don't tell anyone but . . .
             Re: Dan's twisted supergroup...
                     Re: Drunk Again
                     Re: Alien Music
                      Godley & Creme
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Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 23:08:59 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: i've had my beef
Message-ID: <001301bff208$a4497180$6c821c3f@default>

The gang's all here...splendid.

Shopping at Albertson's just now. Heard King for a Day again on the piped in
audio feed. Super cool. But's not, no, couldn't be, but wait, is
it, it is...


And not any of that double LP action everyone keeps blabberring on about but
the full on America Chose Cheese Cetera Garbage. Okay, somebody help me out
here because now I need to address:

My Grievance with DMX.

(Think Jerry Seinfeld) What is up with this format? I was listening to the
"Classic" Rock station at work the other day (because the classical and jazz
and alternative are lame ass shit and Swing can get tiring) and I shite you
not, this was the way they played the music...

Ozzy Osborne-Ironman
Beatles-Penny Lane
Neil Diamond-Kentucky Woman
Queensryche-I Don't Believe in Love

(Think Hank Hill) What the hell? That boy ain't right.

I've had my beef. (Just wanted to get it out in the open before I get

I've had my beef with DJ's who Suck before, but this is ridiculous. What do
these songs have to do with one another? There is no sense of continuity. It
is soulless. Even with the conglomeration of mega radio stations and the
homogenization of our fair country (usa), this is actually doing the music
an injustice. In some ways I can see the humor in the mix, but I also
recognize the tragedy of apathy and greed doing the spinning rather than
some plump schmuck with a deep voice and even deeper trousers.

Don't get me wrong, I was grateful to hear the Beatles and Queensryche, but
I feel as if when I am listening to DMX, that I am arguing with someone who
is not listening to what they are saying. Again, I recognize the humor but
feel something is missing.

I will say I was pleased last year to here Easter Theatre repeatedly on this
format and it was responsible for (7 x 9)35 x 23.4/3.141516 goosebumps in my
life. But those days are long gone and I am still quite dizzy for being
subjected to my fave band and despised band without transition. Do I smell
lawsuit? Mai oui...

Let me know what you think about DMSuX.

Speaking of sucking (boy do my knees ever hurt), I agree wholeheartedly that
Pearl Jam sucks and I actually feel nausea when I hear them or even hear
their name in conversation. Excuse me a sec...

Whoo, that's better. Anyway, Ten was pretty cool but speedy downhill since.

And lastly, going to keep asking with everyone else what the story is about
xtc in seattle? Any word at all? Somebody let us know and then
Northwesterners UNITE!

Joseph "Bang Bang" Easter

"If you don't have anything nice to say...Come sit by me."


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 00:42:41 EDT
Subject: Close encounters
Message-ID: <>

Chalky Hilly types,

Theeeey're heeeere!   Better pick my five....

White Album
Oranges & Lemons
The Shaming of the True
In The Next World, You're On Your Own (Firesign Theater - Joe, I hope you're
on the same ship!!)

In response to Dan Wiencek's perspective on the Shaggs;  Actually, I agree
with you 100%.  They were so sincere that it's really tough to pick on them.
But if anyone recalls, I drew a correlation with them to Ed Wood in my first
mention.  So I'm not trashing them, and I would agree that it isn't in the
right spirit to stick them to the wame wall as the proper drek we've been
bringing up.  Your point is well made.
>Forget Chicago. Forget ELP. The worst period/genre of rock n' roll is the
>hair-metal bands of the early eighties, and the worst of them was ... well,
>it's pretty near impossible to pick a single band. Let's put them together
>into an honorary supergroup: Extreme Motley Poison Bon Twisted Winger
>Warrant Ratt Riot Sister. I hope they're all playing proms.

A better Faustian fate they could never have!  Right on!

And Kudos to John Rosengberger for
his elequent defense of Chicago!  I think the problem here is that many of
the Chalkers here who despise Chicago just weren't around or didn't buy their
albums in their early years.  I have long ago lost my copy of CTA, and had
forgotten such gems as South California Purples, altough I still have II,
III, Carnegie Hall, V, VI and VII, all of which have great material.  (Of
this batch, I consider VI the weakest.)  How about A Hit by Varese?  State of
the Union?  Ballet for a Girl in Buchanan?  There's great stuff there.  If
you naysayers haven't heard these records in depth, if at all, then do so
before you nail them to the wall of shame!!!   'Nuff said there. writes:  >Tom Kingston can probably back me on this.  In the
early 80's, The Hooters were the shit. Heavily influenced by The Specials &
the like, they put on some great shows. <

Yepper, got your back, soldier.  I only saw them once, at Glassboro State
(Now Rowan University, my alma mater), and it was just as they were getting
big, but it was a hell of a show.  They were called the Hooters because that
was their nickname for the Harmonium which (Hyman?) played.  Actually, I
think a couple of them played it.  Long time ago...  But their claim to fame,
of course, was penning hits for others, most notably Time After Time for
Cyndi Lauper.  Later Brazilian & Hyman wrote One Of Us for Joan Osborne.  But
just as they were breaking, the band splintered and they began to suck.  I
think they tried to get too commercial as well.
But Roger's right; at one time they rocked!

Finally - James Ferrell writes:  >Bands that peaked with their first
release....The Monkees (though I like Pisces, Aquarius... a lot<

I have to vehemently disagree.  I firmly believe that Headquaters was their
high water mark.  It was their third album, and the first one that they had
artistic control.  They had a lot to prove to everyone and to themselves, and
I think they aquitted themselves quite well.  The first two were Don Kirshner
studio musician produced, and although they had a few pop gems, they were on
the whole too cheesy and bubblegum to listen to now.  But Headquaters holds
up beautifully!  I highly recommend it to any chalkers who are Monkee
curious.  P,A,C,&J Ltd had it's moments, as did Head, but both were done on
the downslide.

This brings me to a serious idea for a thread - peak albums / periods for
various artists.  Regardless of early, late, etc.  Obvious choices would be
DW/BS/BS for XTC, Rubber Soul / Revolver / Sgt. Pepper's for the Beatles, and
so on.  My post is reaching classic Kingstonian length, so I'll list some of
mine next time.  Seriously - any takers?

Tom "It's worse than that; he's dead, Jim!" Kingston

"There are still so many beautiful things to be said in C major"
-Sergei Prokofiev


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:22:43 -0400
From: "Daniel Phipps" <>
Subject: re: running thread on once-good bands...
Message-ID: <001b01bff223$ae513d00$868c04d8@pavilion>

ok, i'll bite...

re: bands that used to be good, but now just plain suck --
the fixx
pablo cruise
kc & the sunshine band (hee! hee!)
men without hats

(that gives you all a rough idea of where *my* head's at!!)

(xtc content):  ws - av2 rocks!!!!!!!!!!  what else do you
need, fer crissakes??

still waiting for warbles that are fuzzy --


/dan & ginger phipps <>

"right here in this moment is right where
 i'm meant to be..."  (edwin mccain)


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 23:31:24 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: the end
Message-ID: <000901bff20b$bf6e4460$6c821c3f@default>

I'm assuming that any xtc sessions in seattle will be at the end radio
station. I am contacting them now and if anyone has any other ideas, let me
know, wouldja', slick?

J "when I was just a nappy headed boy..." E

Lot of Stevie Wonder fans out there, eh?


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:58:45 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Captain Cutup
Message-ID: <005401bff205$d7f0bd20$725791d2@johnboud>

Hey Cap ,

Have you been cutting up the newspapers again ?

>Aerosmith hairpeace jaggernot
>carly smarmy moose
>marshall lawyer paternity todd
>chowder party?

The original NY Post article :

Aerosmith drummer Joey Kramer - a huge fan of original Rolling Stones member
Brian Jones - recently purchased at Sotheby's Auction House in London  a
hairpeace ( sic ) made from the deceased Jones' own hair minutes after an
autopsy was perfomed on him following his accidental drowning in a
swimming pool in the summer of 1969 . Mick Jagger - vacationing on the
island of Crete with new love Britney Spears - says Kramer " has a few
screws loose " . Responding to this reporter's comment that Aerosmith lead
singer Steven Tyler resembled Jagger , Mick said , " Yea , but only from the
neck up . "

  Kramer's longtime girlfriend Carly Simon says he looks " fab " in it , but
has filed a paternity suit against him nonetheless .

  Carly's brother-in-law Marshall Crenshaw , along with his
new group The Juggernauts , was recently arrested at a clam chowder party
along with smarmy pop star Todd Rundgren for building a barbecue pit in the
middle of Central park and roasting a bull moose over it .

>> Sushiman <<


Date: 20 Jul 00 01:12:54 CDT
From: C C Baxter <>
Subject: In The Name Of Todd/Themes From XTC/EKE
Message-ID: <>

Greetings To All On The Hill-

Todd On The Suck List:A Brief Rebuttal
I feel it neccesary to say something, anything to defend a wizard and a true
star.  Todd Rundgren should not be on any suck list.  Why?  Because "Todd's"
are so few and far between in the world of rock that they should be cherished
and respected, or my name isn't Todd.  BTW, that's my name.  Todd. T-o-d-d.
You may not find my reasoning very compelling, but then I bet your name isn't

The Theme From XTC:
I don't know how many of you like to make mix tapes (or now mix CDs) of your
favorite songs by your favorite artists, but the other night I was making a
"theme" mix tape and I thought how often XTC makes it on to these types of
My theme that night was "summer."  Every song on the tape was about summer.
"Summer In The City," "Summertime Blues," "Summertime Summertime," "Indian
Summer," "Bummer In The Summer," "All Summer Long," "In The Summertime," "Door
Into Summer" etc. etc. and one more etc.
Of course the XTC summer song I used was "Summer's Cauldron" (although I
really hated to fade it out before "Grass" kicks in).

I've made many a "theme" mix tape and XTC typically ends up on it.
Train theme -- "Train Running Low On Soul Coal"
Blue theme -- "Blue Over All"
Film theme -- "Real By Reel"
Around The World theme -- "It's Nearly Africa"
Moon theme -- "Bike Ride To The Moon"
Anyways, whenever I think up a theme tape, XTC seems to have written a song
about it.  As a matter of fact, sometimes it seems like they have written
about everything under the...well, sun ("Minature Sun" and "I Remember The

Kinda Dukish:
>Great choice, C C.. This is one of our 'sultry evening barbecue >>.>>.>>
>selections..(the perfect companion to brown sugar baby-back >>>ribs
>and a bottle of Beck's.. mmmm) I don't know if it's the beer, the food, or
>the tiki torches, but by the time Duke and da boys are workin' it out on
>'Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue', my husband, who is normally quite
>'Norwegian from the waist down', is jumpin' and a jivin' right along with
>the rest of us! (run on, little sentence, run on)


Uhm, can I invite myself over the next time you light up the tiki torches?
I'll show you and your husband how someone of mixed Scandahoovian blood
(Norwegian/Swedish) tries to swing from the 'waist down' to the Duke.  It's
not a pretty sight.
I'll bring some lutefisk to keep the bugs away.

C.C. or  Todd 'We Do Love You Madly' Johnson


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 10:00:01 +0200
Subject: I love music, any kinda music, just as long as it's...MUSIC
Message-ID: <0006800027845718000002L082*@MHS>

Hi "Kreideberger",

Bad songs of the 70s.  Great thread, it's amazing how happy we all are to
go and exorcise these devils, but it's like shooting fish in a barrel.
Saw a LOT of great ones on various lists, but without even trying, here's
a couple more that just popped into my head:

Having My Baby - Paul Anka (what a lovely way to say you're a very, very
stupid groupie)
Watching Scotty Grow - Bobby Goldsboro (you and God may be watching, but
God's got his fingers in his ears; this song is even worse than "Summer",
mentioned recently in the 'Hills)
Macarthur Park - Richard Harris (so bake another fucking cake, and SHUT
Torn Between Two Lovers - some relation of Terry Jacks or something
Billy Don't Be a Hero - some other relation of Terry Jacks or something
The Night Chicago Died - ?? (not the group, unfortunately)

As Leonard Pinth-Garnell would have said (cue music), "There, there now,
that wasn't so good, was it?"  Hey, and gimme another day or two and I'll
come up with a whole bunch more.  Heck, by the time I finish writing this
I should have a few more -- it's like LSD flashbacks.  Someone also
recently said that we were bringing back terrible memories s/he had
somehow managed to suppress -- sorry, but this is therapeutic!  Otherwise,
these things affect your subconscious well-being, which leads to neuroses

Which brings me to the often-named Seasons in the Sun, by Terry Jacks
(off), and a great story.  Is it the worst song ever?  Naaah, but it tries
so hard.  In the early 80s, a station in NJ, USA (I think it was WPST), in
a laudable effort to purge the music-loving world of its demons, played
this song for 8 or 12 or 16 or 24 hours straight, I don't remember.
Nothing else, just Seasons in the Sun.  All I remember is, it was
*loooooonnng*, and it was hideous.  At the end of this stint, the DJ went
for a walk, live on the air, up to the roof of the building...and threw
the record off of the roof, to shatter and die -- forever -- on the
ground.  And it was never heard again.  One of the great moments of this
century in live radio.

What do we learn from this?  I don't know, but the WORST thing of all is,
each and every one of these songs is EONS better than "I Will Always Love
You" by Shitney Dallas, the single worst song in the history of man.
Think of the alien abduction thread, think of the film "Contact", think of
how -- when they, on the planet Jodie or whatever, heard this song -- they
sent out newfangled rocket ships to CATCH the radio waves they sent back
to earth *before they get there* -- out of sheer terror!  Another hit from
a song like that and their whole defensive system would disintegrate,
yielding them open to attacks from similar weapons (listen at your own
risk to Canada's shame, Celine Caterwaul Dion, butcher "Here There and
Everywhere" on George Martin's "In My Life" [grant the French-speakers
independence if they promise to send her celine away to someplace,
anyplace, maybe the moon]).  Imagine them being happier watching Adolf
Hitler than listening to Pariah Carey or Swill Collins.

I have to go and take my medicine now.

- Jeff

* * * *
PS - Who sang "Wild Fire"?

PPS - Remember Freddie Fender?


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 10:09:35 +0100
From: "Jonny Stephens" <>
Subject: Re: River River...
Message-ID: <>

> : From: Jayne Myrone <>

> : "River, river, river jungle dugout canoe.
> : Floating, river jungle, river jungle dugout canoe".
> :
> : It's probably from about 1980 to 1984, probably UK, and as it's still
> : buzzing around in my head after 15 years I'd like to know what it
> : actually is.

> From: "Ken Lansdowne" <>

> I think it is called 'The River' by King Trigger (reached 57 in the UK
> charts in '82)

Yep to that. And the XTC connection? Though KT were London based, certain
of them originated from the Swindon area and had previously featured in a
Modish, Beatlesy sort of group called The Scoop. I recall the bass player
bearing a striking facial resemblance to Mr McCartney.

Swindon is also home to one of the UK's foremost Fab Four tribute bands.

Something in the water perhaps?

Jonny (drinking bottled only)


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:07:34 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: ELOification
Message-ID: <l03130302b59bf29bbb76@[]>

>In Digest #6-183, Al LaCarte exclaimed:
>>I'm still recovering from the Elo-ified renditions of
>>"Free As A Bird" and "Real Love" erroneously
>>attributed to "The Bealtes" and placed on the "The
>>Anthology" collections.
>Aw, come on now... I think Paul, George and Ringo are big boys now
>and weren't just roped into being session lackeys for Jeff Lynne's
>mad production experiment. I mean, if Sir Paul can have an entire run
>of Anthology 2 scrapped just so his first track comes after one
>(instead of three) Lennon numbers, I bet he could have had Lynne

  The story I heard was George Martin was beginning to lose his hearing
and told the remaining Beatles he wasn't competent to produce any new
material, he couldn't trust his ears enough. He remixed the old material
because he knew it so well. Jeff Lynne was an expedient second choice,
presumably suggested by George and Ringo who'd worked with him in the
Travelling Dingleberries.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 04:35:59 -0400
From: "Daniel Phipps" <>
Subject: re: the "any other music out there?" thread...
Message-ID: <002501bff225$889151c0$868c04d8@pavilion>

re: the sacrilege of listening to anyone else other than xtc...
there is indeed some very good music being created out
there by other artists --

*anything at all!!!* by peter blegvad
ditto.....stephen duffy / the lilac time!!
"seven worthies..." by becki digregorio

(non xtc-related): in no particular order --
the beatles (!!!!!!!)
nick drake
leo kottke
spock's beard
elliot smith
dead can dance
the waterboys
world party
toad the wet sprocket (rip)
early (peter gabriel-era) genesis
fish / marillion
kate bush
king crimson / *anything* by fripp!!
pete droge
tom petty / the heartbreakers
roger hodgson / supertramp
inxs (rip)
pink floyd
neil young
the stones
vangelis / jon & vangelis
john hiatt
nick heyward
bill nelson / be bop deluxe get the idea!  :-)

lots of options here, so use your freedom of choice!!!

waiting for warbles that are fuzzy --


/dan & ginger phipps <>

"right here in this moment is right where
 i'm meant to be..."  (edwin mccain)


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 00:56:08 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Subject: Divers Reports
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Nice Organization

<> wrote:

> (1) Bands that peaked with their first release.
> My nominees include--
> The Roches

Mmm. That first Roches album is very fine, but I think the other Fripp-produced
album is also pretty good, and all the others I've heard have had highlights
that could be right up there too (Knifed springs to mind, from a mini-album that
I ca't place right now because all my Roches albums are at my girlfriend's house
for reasons to dull to go into).

> (2) Bands that peaked with their last release.
> This is much tougher.  My nominees include--
> The Beatles

Do you mean Let It be or Abbey Road by that?

I'd suggest De La Soul (Three Feet High... is still magnificent) and Underworld
(if you can include artistic rather than commercial peaking).

> "River, river, river jungle dugout canoe.
> : Floating, river jungle, river jungle dugout canoe".
> I think it is called 'The River' by King Trigger (reached 57 in the UK
> charts in '82)

Isn't it King Kurt? Ooh, twenty years ago. God.

King something.

Not King Crimson (although, it could be to judge by Belew's recent lyrics).

Makes me think of Backwater by Eno, for some reason.

Aerosmith - I quite like the late-eighties/early-nineties stuff. Kind of camp,
big and not as dumb as it sounds, particularly stuff likeJanie's Got a Gun,
Living on the Edge or Crazy. Shame they had so much success with a bog-standard
Diane Warren tune, since they write much better megaballads themselves
(although, I'm not sure that the general public really want better - they like
Diane Warren megaballads because they are reassuringly identical to all the
other Diane Warren megaballads).

Mothership albums (Desert Island Discs is eight records, not ten, by the way.
And anyone who does it has to be patronised by Sue Lawley, digging desperately
in people's lives to find enough tragedy to give them depth):

Scott Walker - Tilt
Nick Drake - Five Leaves Left
XTC - English Settlement
Jacques Brel - Complete (10CD set, but if that's cheating, I'll take CD 5, Jef)
Brian Eno - Music For Airports

is that five already... darn.

Lyric Test:

Some alchemists of the past have made gold out of stones
Like to take a glimpse in their stone directory

(Just put the CD on to check the lyrics. Damn fine album)

Extra points for getting the quote (in quotes) in my self-promoting signature


(XTC content... ?  Sorry, but we're out of time. And now for a message from our

In the spirit of shameless self promotion, my songs may be found at:
"sell yourself, sell yourself, expect nothing" as a sage saith.


Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 15:57:12 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: Errr, don't tell anyone but . . .
Message-ID: <>

Right, this is it!

Hi all

Tom Kingston mentions, among his bands who sucked the big one,
The Knack and Paper Lace. I have to admit I like "My Sherona" -
another one of the "good fun pop songs" I mentioned a couple of
issues ago when talking about "Tiger Feet" by Mud. Never heard
anything else by The Knack though - a true one hit wonder in the UK.

Gulp, right, on to Paper Lace. Now, although I can look/sound
reasonably cool and with it when people ask me "what was the first
album you ever bought" (A Collection of Beatles Oldies But Goldies),
I dread people asking me what was the first album you ever OWNED.

For my 11th-ish birthday, my dear old Mum (usually a bastion of good
musical taste - seriously!) bought me The Greatest Hits of Paper Lace.
I listened to it a few times (hey, I WAS 11 and it was a present - and it
WAS the 70s) bit I always felt Mum really bought it because she liked
'em. Funny, it still resides in HER record collection somewhere.

Revenge was mine however - a couple of years later I bought the Kinks
Greatest Hits for HER. As far as I know she listened to it twice before
it found a home in my bedroom. It now resides with me in my bijou
residence. Ha haaaarrrrrr, I win!

>From: "Clifford Smith" <>
>Have you guys read the Virgin review of WS?
>Let me get a quote from it:
>"Although dumped by Virgin Records, XTC still manage to kick sand in the
>face of daunting opposition." Virgin dumped XTC??!!!??? More like the
>opposite way around! XTC had to campaign for almost 7 seven years to be
>released from Virgin!

Or, alternatively you could read that as the dumpees (XTC) kicking sand in
the face of the perceived dumpers (Virgin)

>Another quote:
>"More guitar pop with round glasses from the band that are enjoying a
>revival about ten years after they were meant to be finished."
>Are they saying that they were SUPPOSED to be finished 10 years ago? I can
>just imagine Richard Branson in his office, noting the planned demise of XTC
>in his diary.

Once again Cliff, take the other view, that the writer is saying that most
people ASSUMED they were finished. As in "Oh, XTC, didn't they split up 10
years ago?"

It's all in the eye of the beholder etc - I think your conspiracy gland is
a little over active!

Fanx, ta-ra!



Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:41:29 -0400 (EDT)
From: Dorothy Spirito <spiritod@TECHMAIL.GDC.COM>
Subject: Re: Dan's twisted supergroup...
Message-ID: <Pine.SOL.4.00.10007201137210.10398-100000@esun2028>

...Where Are They Now?

Dan said:
> ... Extreme Motley Poison Bon Twisted Winger Warrant Ratt Riot Sister.
> I hope they're all playing proms.

Don't know about the other bands/bandmembers, but Dee Snyder of Twisted
Sister is currently a disk jockey for a Hartford, CT (U.S.A.) radio
station.  Emceeing such illustrious station promos as the annual cook-off
of rocky mountain oysters.



Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 07:09:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Colonel <>
Subject: Re: Drunk Again
Message-ID: <>

> << What is the best Xtc album to listen to while
> very
>  intoxicated? >>
> Unquestionably, The Big Express.

... And if you're stoned, it'd be the Dukes of
Stratosphear EP.

The Colonel


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:53:39 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Alien Music
Message-ID: <l03130303b59bfc6808e8@[]>

>So if I was abducted what would I bring with me.  That is really a tough

  Also a tough choice, but if the aliens showed up at my door right now I'd
probably bring:
The Beach Boys- Pet Sounds
XTC- Apple Venus 1
Dave Davies- Unfinished Business
Big Star-#1 Record/Radio City
Sex Pistols- The Great Rock And Roll Swindle

Christopher R. Coolidge

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has 10
GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder, theft,
assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to protect me
from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Wed, 19 Jul 2000 19:02:38 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Godley & Creme
Message-ID: <l03130301b59befea19b6@[]>

>Agree that they were one of the best bands of the 70's. I also like
>"Ismism", Godley & Creme's first solo album plus their song "Englishman
>In New York". If you haven't heard it check it out - IT'S NOT A COVER OF
>THE STING SONG - it's an entirely different song altogether (. . . "it's an
>entirely different song" . . ).

  Ismism is actually their third album, their first was an ambitious and
very uncommercial three LP project called Consequences that was made
primarily to showcase the guitar accessory they had invented while in 10cc
called The Gizmo, which electronically bowed the strings for you to create
pleasant mellotron-ish string sounds, mostly. Get the one album sampler if
you can find it, it includes the most accessible material from the album,
the whole shebang is a bit much, not unlike Stevie Wonder's The Secret Life
of Plants. It sold squat, though it was heavily promoted on CHOM-FM, the
local album rock station in Montreal where I was busy growing up at the
time. The second album, L, is actually their best; I heard bits of Ismism
and the fourth album Snack Attack and wasn't as impressed. Try to imagine
if Frank Zappa were british, there were two of him, and he had a somewhat
dryer though still mordant sense of humor. One song, for example, "This
Sporting Life" proposes making suicide a spectator sport. Sounds very sick,
but the deadpan delivery works.

Christopher R. Coolidge

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Date: Thu, 20 Jul 2000 13:09:30 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: John Relph's Unfathomable Subject Line
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On the (old) subject of band names:

One guaranteed to get the punters in (unlike Channel D):


My personal favourite (which is already taken):

Scooby Don't

And I think we're missing the one great Chalkhills-related band name:

Kevlar Stools
(thought I'd mention it in passing.....brrum tish!)



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