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                 Wednesday, 19 July 2000


                     Molly: I'm sorry
                 Re: Obscure Lyric Answer
                 Re: America Chose Cheese
                 Beach Boys and Bad Bands
            Wasp Star is to Happiness to Andy
               Human alchemy & The Hooters?
              Early bloomers? Late bloomers?
                    solid gone, Jasper
       Why I'm Stupidly Happy (no XTC content, O/T)
                    Re: Sloan and co.
                    Re: River River...
                      Byrne in Hell!
                       Re: abducted
                   More senior moments
                    Australian single
              Palm Trees and Umbrella Drinks
    Molly has a point! (that should get you attention)
                      frigid infants
                  other music out there
                    Tyler & The Tylets
     Regis and his music drive her crazy (7-18-2000)


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No amount of soft soap / Can ever give you a fresh start.


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 12:19:36 -0700
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: Molly: I'm sorry
Message-ID: <00a301bff0ed$1cd99480$>

Molly, I'm sorry I called you annoying. I'm a Native American and ever since
Columbus got here we've been a little jumpy.

Victor Rocha
California Indian Gaming News
Los Angeles, California

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Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 11:52:14 -0700
From: Kerry Chicoine <>
Subject: Re: Obscure Lyric Answer
Message-ID: <>
Organization: American Computer Group

From: Adrian Ransome

> my submission:

> "just like a picture book, daddy's gone away
> leaving mummy in her room with another one on the way...."

Hmmmm....very's a Split Enz tune...I do believe it's
'Stranger Than Fiction'.  Which is, BTW, a fantastic song from a
fantastic album(s), Mental Notes (which was actually re-recorded
and released under the title Second Thoughts a year or so later).
I prefer the version on Mental Notes myself.

kErRY koMpOsT


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 12:23:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: America Chose Cheese
Message-ID: <>

"Iain Murray" <> wrote:
>I feel I should clarify something before anyone asks:
>>From: "Iain Murray" <>
>>Subject: America Chose Cheese
>I know I've thrown in some bizarre and obscure subject headings before, but
>I have no idea where this one came from. I didn't put it there. I don't
>know what it means, either.

Okay, everybody, listen up!  If you send in a message to Chalkhills
that doesn't have a Subject or has a bogus Subject such as
"Re: Chalkhills Digest #3-33", be warned!  I will give your message a
Subject line of my own choosing.  It will most likely be related to
the content of your message, however obliquely.

"America Chose Cheese" is the title of an essay written by Frank Zappa.
Iain's message mentioned some "impossibly cheesy" songs, including
"Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep", and thus the Subject.

	-- John


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:28:40 -0400
From: Steve Dockery <>
Subject: Beach Boys and Bad Bands
Message-ID: <>

Re: The person(s) who counted the Beach Boys as one of the "used to be great
but now they suck" bands, I agree. Actually, I'd say they started off kind
of lame (some of their early cars and surfing songs are jaw-droppingly dumb)
became excellent (Pets Sounds is amazing!) and then they lost it.
Someone commented favorably on Brian Wilson's recent comeback efforts, and I
have to say I saw him on an infomercial hawking his recent CD, and he
performed a few numbers; it was kind of sad, really- he's not really on top
of his game any more, but I wanted so much to like what he was doing. Maybe
it is better to burn out than to fade away...

> From: Ed Kedzierski <>
> Subject: Another grab bag

> Bands that just plain suck: [Journey, Loverboy, Toto, Bush, Pearl Jam, The
>Doors, Yes, etc.]

Wow. Ed, you nailed most of my personal un-favorites right on the head.

Pearl Jam has got to be one of the most overrated bands in the history of

And how anyone can sit through an entire Doors song is beyond my

And I agree, I appreciate Roger Daltrey's early-Who voice a lot more than
the "howling bombast" (as you put it) of his later stuff.

-Steve "I Guess I Just Wasn't Made For These Times" Dockery


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 15:39:57 EDT
Subject: Wasp Star is to Happiness to Andy
Message-ID: <>

Children of the Hill ~

Recording Wasp Star was such a delight for Andy.
I spoke to him briefly during the recording and he was
so freaking happy I couldn't believe it.  Whether you
like the album or not, you should know that recording
it absolutely energized him.

Extrapolate from this what you will...


PS.  The very thought of not being able to use the word
'pablum' (or for that matter, 'pabulum') in my
Chalkhills posts really makes my stomach hurt!

(Come on!  You know you wish you had thought of writing that!)


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 14:46:46 -0500
From: Olof Hellman <>
Subject: Human alchemy & The Hooters?
Message-ID: <>

> Ed Kedzierski writes
> Bands that just plain suck:
> The Hooters

Now that's unfair.  Place them in the "used to be tolerable but later
sucked" category and noone will complain.  But when Hooters were unknown to
everyone but Philadelphia folk they rocked, and their first album ( Amore )
was not bad at all.

They played on the same bill as Santana, the Clash and the Who one glorious
day in 82 at JFK stadium.  The Who sucked that day, having long since
started reruns down memory lane.  The Clash had just lost drummer Topper
Headon, and they were a disappointment, too.  Santana just seemed to be
marking time.  The Hooters were the best act of the day.

OK, so I'm overreacting :)  The Hooters turned into a sorry excuse for a
band, but not before a few years of decent gigs.

Anyone else feel uncomfortable with the line "you know we were the real
slaves"?  Felt like it was a bit too offhanded a turn of phrase?  I was
until the following revelation:  It has recently ( how recently depends, of
course, on how cool you are) become socially conscious to refer to enslaved
people without using the identifier "slave".  Using the passive construct
apparently makes the language imply it is the will of the enslaver and not
the enslaved, thus removing any implication that an enslaved people actually
identify themselves as slaves.  That's the meaning underlying it all.  So if
recently means 1982, that's pretty cool in my book.

- Olof


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:06:17 -0700
From: James Ferrell <>
Subject: Early bloomers? Late bloomers?
Message-ID: <v04210101b59a603cd52f@[]>

The thread on bands that used to be great but now suck got me
thinking about how unusual it is that a band that's been around as
long as XTC _doesn't_ suck.  I'm grateful that they are still putting
out wonderful new music.  They've had an unusual career, with
multiple 'golden periods' (I know that most of you probably think
their whole output is golden, but I would argue that BS/ES and then
Skylarking/O&L and now AV/WS have been particularly good periods).

So here are two new lists, inspired by thinking about the ups and
downs of bands:

(1) Bands that peaked with their first release.

My nominees include--

Rickie Lee Jones
The Roches
Liz Phair (though I like her second, Whip Smart, a whole lot)
The Monkees (though I like Pisces, Aquarius... a lot)
maybe The Doors
maybe Chicago
maybe Jimi Hendrix

(2) Bands that peaked with their last release.

This is much tougher.  My nominees include--

The Beatles (yeah, I love Revolver and Rubber Soul and Sgt Pepper's
and A Hard Day's Night and the White Album and almost all the rest,
but like George Martin, I think their swan song may well have been
their best).
Simon and Garfunkle

Other suggestions?




Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 13:46:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: solid gone, Jasper
Message-ID: <>

This was one of C C Baxter's space truckin' choices-

<<Duke Ellington "Ellington At Newport 1956"
Speaking of screaming, Ellington's orchestra
almost started a riot at Newport.  The crowd
noise on this disc would make me feel less

Hell, yeah!  Great choice, C C..  This is one of our 'sultry evening
barbecue' selections.. (the perfect companion to brown sugar baby-back ribs
and a bottle of Beck's.. mmmm)  I don't know if it's the beer, the food, or
the tiki torches, but by the time Duke and da boys are workin' it out on
'Diminuendo And Crescendo In Blue', my husband, who is normally quite
'Norwegian from the waist down', is jumpin' and a jivin' right along with
the rest of us!  (run on, little sentence, run on)

Duke (Edward Kennedy) Ellington is white hot.. Can I gets a witness?..
brothers and sisters, say amen-

Kurt, you're just going to have to speak to those aliens ..I can't survive
with just five albums.

Debora 'it don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing' Brown


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 14:16:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Why I'm Stupidly Happy (no XTC content, O/T)
Message-ID: <>

I just wanted to let you all know that I found out
this morning that I'VE GOT A NEW JOB!!!!.  I'll be
working as Room Service Cashier, which means if any of
you go to the Hyatt Regency in Buffalo, NY and call
for room service you might get me.  I have to go to
orientation this Thursday.  I'm getting so excited. :)


AIM Name: MFanton00
Fave Quote: "If your flight is going rough, your soul will lead you to
the nearest exit" - Jump - XTC (A. Partridge)


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 17:52:42 EDT
Subject: Re: Sloan and co.
Message-ID: <>

Ben writes:

<< I just bought Sloan's "One Chord to Another," and I like it.  Can anyone
 tell me about other Sloan albums?  I have heard "Between the Bridges," but I
 don't like it enough to buy it.  (The reason I bought "One Chord...," by the
 way, is that it cost $5.) >>

Check out "Twice Removed" featuring "Snowsuit Sound" & "Penpals". GREAT
stuff. "One Chord To Another" & "Navy Blues" are both fine. But I must say
that "Between the Bridges" is my fave. It took a while for it to really
grow on me. Give it a chance!

I would also like to recommend Grandaddy's "Sopthware Slump" to my fellow
Chalkhillians. Outstanding. If Radiohead were from Modesto... although
they don't sound derivative.

Journey was a good choice for bands that suck (they were never good). But
they were decent compared to Styx. I dare anybody to say ANYTHING good
about Styx.

XTC content: I still can't figure out why "Blame the Weather" didn't make
the "English Settlement" album.

Carson, Ca


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:03:31 +0100
From: "Ken Lansdowne" <>
Subject: Re: River River...
Message-ID: <010b01bff104$b371b500$2e0830d5@pc>

I remember this from the Max Headroom Video show. I seem to recall a couple
of XTC videos also made it to this show - Making Plans... being one.

I think it is called 'The River' by King Trigger (reached 57 in the UK
charts in '82)

: From: Jayne Myrone <>
: Subject: salmagundie
: I'm not playing the quotation game, but can anyone help identify these
: lyrics:
: "River, river, river jungle dugout canoe.
: Floating, river jungle, river jungle dugout canoe".
: It's probably from about 1980 to 1984, probably UK, and as it's still
: buzzing around in my head after 15 years I'd like to know what it
: actually is.


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:48:30 EDT
From: "Kevin Diamond" <>
Subject: Byrne in Hell!
Message-ID: <>

A sadly misinformed Chalker said:

>Talented folks who have produced some very uninteresting >music of late:
>David Byrne

Whaaat? Are you crazy? Have you heard Uh-oh? Feelings? Those two albums are
CLASSICS! I love almost every track on both of them! The only Byrne solo
album I don't like all that much is his self-titled one, but even then there
are some great tracks.

Has anyone seen the David Byrne live movie Between the Teeth? It's really
very good, although I get the impression he was trying to make another Stop
Making Sense. It doesn't come anywhere close to being as good as Stop Making
Sense. Oh, how I love my Stop Making Sense DVD....

Now I must go listen to the many, many CDs I bought while on vacation that I
STILL haven't listened to yet... like my Introduction to Nick Drake CD... I
think that one's gonna go on right now.... ta.

Kevin "I'm Magically Delicous" Diamond


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 19:50:50 EDT
Subject: Re: abducted
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 7/15/00 1:05:06 PM Eastern Daylight Time,
<> writes:

<< Ok, here's the scenario. You're being abducted by kindly aliens from a
 galaxy far, far, away. You are told to bring 5 music CD's with you . What
 are they? >>

Compilations of Britney Spears, Boyzone, Starland Vocal Band, Night Ranger,
Vanilla Ice.  Five bad CDs off Earth forever.  The kindly aliens already have
the good stuff.



Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 20:12:51 EDT
Subject: More senior moments
Message-ID: <>

O rolling hills of chalk,

I must confess that my last posting, where I rebuffed an attack by a viscous
Genesis fan, was done in haste as I was hurrying off to dinner.  Upon seeing
it posted, I found myself using senior moments to defend my senior moments.
So, to correct:
     "Actually, I *tried*..."
    "I *messed* the names up..."
    "too ubiquitous in the mid *eighties*..."

Just thought I'd get that in before I sustain another rabid attack.

>From Ed K -
>The Shaggs are too obvious, and are too much of a "so bad it's hilarious"
>phenomenon to count as the kind of "worst" band that one can actually get
>pissed off about.

Yeah, I guess it's cheating.  But they were BAAAAD, and that is the thread
theme!  However, if I should stick to the notion of bands that *made it* that
were wretched, here's some of my choices:

The Lemon Pipers
Pablo Cruise
Night Ranger (who I choose to represent poodle rockers)
Air Supply
The Knack
Bay City Rollers
REO Speedwagon
The Archies (oops, I'm cheating again!  I just love to stomp on Don Kirshner)
Paper Lace
Wilson Phillips
The Sex Pistols (Man, I'm gonna get flack for that one!  But if you stop to
think about it......)
Oasis (after all the hype, when I finally heard them...yer kidding?  Right?)

As for the Thompson Twins, generally I agree.  But I consider them a one hit
wonder.  I actually liked Hold Me Now; I think it's a catchy, well produced
pop tune.

As for bands that were great and got lame;

The Bee Gees
The Moody Blues
Rolling Stones (time to hang it up, now, boys)!
The Grateful Dead (they haven't done anything worthwhile since Jerry died).

XTC content:  Why aren't they on these lists?  Because they were great and
they're still great!
Also, after reading some of these posts, I'm glad now that I didn't see Andy
on The List.  That show needs to blow up.

Tom "back in the day" Kingston

"Of course I'm ambitious.  What's wrong with that?  Otherwise you sleep all
-Ringo Starr


Date: 19 Jul 00 09:48:54 AES
Subject: Australian single
Message-ID: <>


With very little fanfare, "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" has been released
as a CD single in Australia.  It contains the home demos for "ITMWML" and
"Didn't Hurt A Bit" (which sound great compared to the hiss-laden cassette
copies I'm used to) and comes housed in a slim-line jewel-case with the
"test-pattern/bullet-through-his-sugar-head" artwork on the front.  The
actual label is completely different to that of the US version. You can pick
it up for, ahem, a song ($5.00 or less), even at mainstream outlets like

Idea/Cooking Vinyl/CME cat # FRYCD 095.

~~ p @ u l


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 21:00:32 EDT
Subject: Palm Trees and Umbrella Drinks
Message-ID: <>

Dear Aliens: Take me to a place with palm trees and umbrella drinks, and
electricity, please.

These CDs are loaded in my bag so whisk me away ...

John Hiatt - Perfectly Good Guitar (Blueruins Brett, you got that???!!!)
The Beatles - Rubber Soul (yum)
Frank Sinatra - Swingin' Affair (imagine AP singing "Come Fly With Me,"
Beethoven - Violin Concerto (he only did one, and he knocked it out of the
XTC - the whole heap, as I'm smitten with them all

Because he has a big, gentle retriever mouth, I will employ my canine child,
Harvey the Golden Retriever, to bring:

The rest of John Hiatt
The Temptations Anthology
Barry Manilow ... Harvey, I don't THINK so, Buddy ...
Jimmy Buffett's Beaches CD from the box set
Stevie Wonder - Fulfillingness First Finale
Mozart - Jupiter Symphony
Dr. John - Duke Elegant

Judas Priest, I'm all over the place ...

Ain't life grand?
Love ya,


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 20:49:25 EDT
Subject: Molly has a point! (that should get you attention)
Message-ID: <>

The slightly mollified molly writes:

<No, not all hope is lost.  I'm also a 20 something,
and I think the people on The List and most (not all)
20 somethings are brainwashed to buy what's popular.
Yes, I admit I like a few of the popular bands out
now, but I tend to stay clear of Top 40 music.  Give
me The Beatles, The Who, Kinks, Talk Talk, .O.Rang,
Kate Bush, Lene Lovich, or XTC anyday.  It's better
than the little tramp, Brittany Spears or Backstreet
Boys.  I do like N'Sync though.  *ducks* :) >

In response to the last statement there....WHY?

First off: you think you 20 somethings are hard pressed?? Speaking as a
17-year old, I can say that what you have to put up with is nothing compared
to my daily anguish-filled encounters with society. I say "Yeah, I like XTC"
and I get blank looks from everyone, plus comments like "isn't that some sort
of drug?" or "oh yeah, I heard of them...didn't they do a song with Rob
Thomas?" (and thanks to whoever suggested a hasy tracheotomy on him...if I
hear that song he did with Santana ONE MORE TIME.....)
Also, I was unaware that you guys had to listen to Britney "Rely on my almost
nonexistent clothing and middle-aged fan base to make a hit record? Oops, I
did it again!" Spears...I thought that was relelgated to people up to the age
of 16 (it seems to have disappeared my junior year, thank god). But I agree
with you- 'tis a hard life for people with taste.
And am I the only teenager on here? I know Barb's here (pookie-poo, you never
post!), but she seems to be it. Premature chalkies unite and throw off the
yoke of middle aged oppression!
And to quote Barb, since she won't post it- has anyone noticed the similarity
between ITMWML and The Loving? Try singing "All around the world..." in time
with "I'm the man..." and you'll see...

the only Spear I like is Roger,
Sarah D.


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 23:07:26 EDT
Subject: frigid infants
Message-ID: <>

Im New to the list.  I love xtc. Their are some bands I hate.

>Aerosmith is a sterling example of a once great band turned decaying rock
>carcass (and boy does it reek!)

>Debora Brown

Aerosmith hairpeace jaggernot
carly smarmy moose
marshall lawyer paternity todd
chowder party?

the Capt


Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 20:27:20 -0700
From: David Schneider <>
Subject: other music out there
Message-ID: <>

Richard says:

> Can anybody take time off from the Martians babble and that foul VH1 show
> (that was real stink-o, wasn't it?) to give me ideas on what CD's I can
> spend my money on. I've worn out  Wasp Star. Now I'm playing the Monkees
> over and over and I need something new!

Check out a band called Sumak. Their new CD is "Now Hear This". Excellent,
excellent, excellent album I'm sure any fan of XTC will enjoy.



Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 22:59:01 EDT
Subject: Tyler & The Tylets
Message-ID: <>

Screaming Seagulls:

Thanks for setting me straight, seems I was more than a bit crooked on the
Bono & Shaggy audio.  I kept reading all those posts about Kasem and
U2...couldn't figure out what the hell was goin' on.  Had no idea that
schtuff showed up on a U2 single.  You've no idea how many different
compilation cdr's I've burned with a copy of Kasem's rant.  CLASSIC.

Gotta agree with you about Aerosmith's "Pink."  It's a cool little tune with
a structure not too dissimilar to the songs of our little band that could.
It's a damn well written pop song which was actually a pleasure to hear on
the radio. When's the last time that happened?

Yes, I'm much better now & I believe that the culprit was a creme spinach

SPLIT ENZ - TIME AND TIDE?!?!?!?!  I think I love you m'dear.  I wore the
grooves out on that fine little slab o vinyl!

How 'bout, simply___VERB BAG___?

(My picks for the mothership mystery tour)
Okay folks, as you've all said__"these are apt to change on a daily basis"__

Jeff Buckley - Grace
Miles Davis - Decoy
Kevin Gilbert - The Shaming Of The True (thanks to Mighty Joe Funk)
Eric Matthews - It's Heavy In Here
XTC - Mummer

(ARGHHH, no room for Jason Falkner!  Sure I'll be up in space freakin' out
'cause I didn't bring along a copy of "She Goes To Bed" or "Afraid Himself To
Be." I need some: Crimson; Belew; Beatles; Talking Heads; ARGHHH.  Those
aliens better have the business end of an all powerful laser pointed dead
center on my flesh covered skull to entice me to pick only 5 discs.  Ahhh,
screw it ya ugly green globs of gelatin__you're gonna have to fry me.)

The notion of boarding that ship without The Shaming Of The True frightens
all forms of exotic hells outta me.  I literally look forward to waking up
and getting my morning fix of it as I'm drifting off to sleep.

Ever play Delta-Force?  Talk about addictive. ULTRA-VIOLENCE!!!!



Date: Tue, 18 Jul 2000 18:28:42 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: Regis and his music drive her crazy (7-18-2000)
Message-ID: <000001bff120$c6788d60$f4d0bfa8@default>


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