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                   Monday, 17 July 2000


                      Andy on Frank
                   America Chose Cheese
                       ItMWML music
                     Re: You and Who
                 Mike Batt. Plus friends.
                    Alien Collections
                   Standing up for Joe.
                      Guilty M'Lud!
                      the list-again
            Stalking the Program Managers :-)
             The Truth About Alien Abduction
                    my very own top 5
Intoxication, archaeology, Gadfly,and Hobbits..what a great world!
                   Music For Gardening
                 On the Road to Suckydom


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Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 00:41:37 EDT
Subject: mulubap
Message-ID: <>

  from dan phipps' keyboard

<< but then andy mentions "stairway to heaven" next!!  jesus!!  i thought the
 audience was gonna crucify him right there on the spot, but you know
 something?  he's absolutely right -- this is NOT one of zeppelin's best
 tunes!!  they did a hell of a lot better material than this track.  it's
 just one
 of many...plain and simple.

  Didn't I once actually read somewhere that this was the " most requested"
song ever?   yes, I think so.    (Incidentally, I like Led Zep , but would
like them more as an instrumental band....anyone agree?)

  Andy would make a great host for this show.   Andy had good choices, but to
give those asswipe kids credit, it was " Most overplayed song".... NOT "Most
overplayed song of all time", so forgive them for seeing it as a most
overplayed for the last 3 weeks.   Of course, all "hit" songs are basically
overplayed. That is what makes them hits.



Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 21:43:54 PDT
From: "Beverly Cash" <>
Subject: Andy on Frank
Message-ID: <>

>From: alec had andy seen swingers he might have understood that now is not
>the time
>to say ANYTHING against frank (if you're in the u.s. and are a part of
>the pop cultch landscape).  people are taking it very seriously again,
>just like the guys in the movie who think that long, hot motor trips to
>las vegas will save their lives.

And that is exactly why it was great for him to say it!
Pooh on the trendy mainstream and smack the pretension in their face!
GOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGOGO ANDY!!!!Non-conformity maaaaaaaaan!

And to the ones slagging 20 somethings...I KNOW you were generalizing...but
come on now!
and I am a 20 something and I'm sure there are plenty on this list!And the
people I have given XTC to (chortle) are 20 somethings all hope
couldn't be lost!

cheers everybody***Beverly


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:54:55 EST
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: America Chose Cheese
Message-ID: <>

><Ok, here's the scenario. You're being abducted by kindly aliens from a
>galaxy far, far, away. You are told to bring 5 music CD's with you . >What
>are they?>

1.  "Revolver" - The Beatles
2.  "Drums & Wires" - XTC
3.  "Raiding The Divine Archive" - Be Bop Deluxe
4.  "Innervisions" - Stevie Wonder
5.  "New Boots And Panties!!" - Ian Dury

>Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 15:44:26 +0100
>From: "Laura Brown" <>
>Oh dear -- I hope that doesn't mean my husband and I (aged 22 and 25,
>respectively) confused our friends by choosing I'd Like That as our
> >wedding song.

You chose that too? Cool!

(Actually, I was in favour of a particularly nifty Bob Mould instrumental,
but my wife out-voted me - or so she thinks. My attempts at XTC-brainwashing
were 100% successful......)

>Date: Sat, 15 Jul 2000 22:39:50 -0500
>From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
>   And, for a bonus, I'll give you a list of impossibly cheesy 70's >one
>hit wonders that are guaranteed to send you running screaming from >your
>1, Seasons In The Sun- Terry Jacks
>2. Rocky- Austin Roberts
>3. Run Joey Run- David Geddes
>4. My Eyes Adored You- Frankie Valli
>5. I Like Dreaming- Kenny Nolan
>6. Loving You- Minnie Riperton
>7. Csndy Man- Sammy Davis Jr
>8. My Ding A Ling- Chuck Berry
>9. Afternoon Delight- Starland Vocal Band
>10.One Tin Soldier- Coven

How about "Movie Star" by Harpo? Or "Chirpy Chirpy Cheep Cheep" (can't
remember who did that one, which is probably just as well).

**<shameless self-promotion follows>**
In the next few weeks, I'll be starting as an on-air announcer at Valley FM
in Canberra (needless to say, XTC will be featured quite heavily). If
anyone's awake and in the south Canberra area between midnight and 6:00am
Saturdays, you need professional help....or you could turn your radio on to
89.5FM - I'll be the guy who sounds like he's about to collapse in a
dribbling heap.


"I believe there is a commonality to humanity. We all suck." -- Bill Hicks


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 09:46:39 +0100
From: Adrian Ransome <>
Subject: Raggy??
Message-ID: <497FEA72C392D3118AE700508B7311773E2851@NT4SERVER03>

A question about Casey Kasem:
Is he still with the Sunshine Band?

Latest results from the obscure lyric compo:
>they cannot see me naked

Nightswimming (or Stipey sings four notes) by REM

my submission:
"just like a picture book, daddy's gone away
leaving mummy in her room with another one on the way...."


"Shaggy, you and Scoob go and search the swamp, me and the girls will check
out the bedroom"


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 07:34:45 -0400
From: cbisson <>
Subject: ItMWML music
Message-ID: <>

Has anyone been able to work out the tab or chords of this song?


Date: Sun, 16 Jul 2000 06:57:00 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: You and Who
Message-ID: <l03130301b597534fba2f@[]>

>> John Keel said:
>> I was going to give Randy my favorite band name of all time but I just
>> can't part with it - just in case I actually start a band anytime soon.
>> Sorry.  An old roommate was always fond of "You and what Army".  Whadda
>> ya think to that?
>I always thought "The Ewan Hughes Army" would be a good name for a
>band. Even better if a member's name actually happened to be Ewan Hughes.

  I know an Evan Hughes in Barre, VT, but I don't know if he plays any

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 04:51:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Wilkinson <>
Subject: Mike Batt. Plus friends.
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkers,
Just thought you might enjoy this story of what XTC's
pal Mike Batt is up to at the moment.

I'm saying nothing.



Date: 17 Jul 2000 13:03:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Alien Collections
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Nice of the Aliens to give us a few minutes to get our record collections
out and sift through 'til we find our five faves. ;-)

In no order...

Shakespeare Albama - Diesel Park West
Welcome Home - 'Til Tuesday
English Settlement - XTC
X- Lloyd Cole
Ghost of a Dog - Edie Brickell and the New Bohemians.

Someone was saying this idea with the Aliens had been done before. Over
here, we have this programme on the radio called Desert Island Discs, where
you have ten albums thay you'd want if you were washed up on a small
island. Same horse, different jokey...


Date: 17 Jul 2000 12:38:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Standing up for Joe.
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Wow, what an attack on poor old Joe! Whoever it was is obviously pretty
ignorant and Joe made a good defence of himself, but there's a couple of
points you missed out on, Joe. Your attacker said:

>> Why don't you get a PC or Mac instead
of using UNIX.  I never saw the meaning of UNIX.  Most
programs don't use UNIX.  Why don't you get into the
modern age, Joe and get a freaking PC or Mac.  You
won't get anywhere with UNIX. <<

This paragraph show a severe lack of understanding about the world of

First off, you can run Unix *on* a PC, so advising someone to get a PC to
avoid running Unix is bloody stupid. There is a new flavour of Unix called
Linux which is becoming more and more popular, and which is being run a
huge number of PCs around the world. In fact some PCs are now supplied with
Linux as the installed operating system (OS).

You never saw the meaning of Unix? The meaning? Do you mean point? Unix has
no "meaning", it's an OS. It's a platform to run programs on, in the same
way that Windows is. The difference is that something like Linux is very,
very stable, unlike Windows which falls over as soon as you look at
it. When problems are found it with, it gets fixed straight away because
its run by a co-operative of programmers, not some huge, faceless
corporation like Micro$oft.

If anyone is running Linux (which *is* Unix remember), they are being
pretty damn modern, let me assure you. And of course s/he would have a PC
to run it on, so s/he is doubly in the modern age.

I read a *very* interesting article by a novelist called Neil Stephenson,
(some of you may well have read "Snow Crash"), which he compares and
contrasts OSs, right back from the very early days of computers, and he
explains why he's running Linux. One of the most persuasive arguments for
me was that in the two years plus he'd been running it, it had not once
crashed on him. Compare this with Windows 95/98 which when I had to use it,
would crash most days, if I was doing development work on it, it would
crash many times a day. From what I can gather the Mac OS ain't much
better, I have a friend who had to use it at Maplin and he reckons it falls
over with alarming regularity too.

So Mr/Ms flamer, get your facts straight before you go spouting out a load
of crap in response to a very pertinent claim you silly little man/woman.


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 14:31:36 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: Guilty M'Lud!
Message-ID: <>

Errrrm, feeling slightly guilty. A few posts ago I encouraged Molly to hit
back hard at people who were "dissing" her. I'm slightly concerned that
I inadvertantly turned our Moll into a fascist!

Molly luv, when I said "don't take things too personally" I didn't mean
for you to go around telling people they had no right to complain about
anything, or suggest that all people in their 20's should be tarred and
feathered. Sheesh, lighten back up!

Oh, just in case, THAT WHOLE BIT WAS A JOKE! However, this bit
isn't . . .Victor Rocha, you might think Molly's annoying, OK, your
opinion and you are entitled to it. However, as far as I'm concerned
you join the ranks of those who like to pick on people who are likely
to be hurt by your remarks. These are the actions of a coward and a
bully - I'm sure your family are VERY proud of you. Tosspot.


Anyway, on to lighter things, cos I'm still smiling . . . band names.
Here's one you DON'T want to use. In my youth, I was in a covers band
doing local pubs etc. We weren't bad . . . we weren't very good either,
but we really thought we'd come up with a clever name. We called
ourselves "Channel D" (as in "open Channel D" from "The Man From

Clever huh? Well, no, actually. Two gigs into our fledgling career we
(and the pub landlord) were wondering where everybody was. It was only
then that some geezer walked into the pub saying to his mate ". . .but
we'll have a drink here anyway . . . oh, hang on, there is a band on . . .".

Somewhat intrigued we asked him why he thought we weren't on, as there
was a sign up outside. His answer? "Well,when we drove past, it looked like
it said CANCELLED". Lesson learnt, we became the Bedrock Band (apparently
I look like Barney Rubble - humph!)


Hey Debs, sorry to hear your day was runed. Is that like the runes used by
mystics and ageing hoary old hippies when they're recording Led Zep IV?

(Think you hit a double-irony nerve with Dunks there!)


Hey Randall Redwood, ARE YOU SERIOUS?? How can you say such a thing,
talking about laying waste to the forest and . . . oh, errrrr, sorry, got it


Finally, those albums to take on to the Mothership . . . here's my CURRENT

Apple Venus Vol 1
Jordan, The Comeback - Prefab Sprout
The Bends - Radiohead
Innervisions - Stevie Wonder

Oh, by the way, this "XTC Rocks" business. Stop it. Just stop it!



"Cold, daring, no flies on me
Sorry, angel, I must take, what I see"


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 08:45:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: the list-again
Message-ID: <>

and i hope he learned that taking easy shots at those
particular songs is a no-no over here...

 it's been getting sicker and sicker since then in
terms of the perpetual blind praise everyone feels
obligated to heap on the chairman and his ilk...

as for the "stairway to heaven thing," i don't get
it...didn't anyone there see "wayne's world"?  maybe
they were too young.

I think this all hints at a generation gap again.
People of my age (former punkers and new wavers, you
know who you are) thought it was great fun to trash
idols. People like Frank Sinatra (whom I've always
found extremely annoying) and Led Zepplin (Robert
Plant is one of the WORST vocalists in the history of
rock music) deserved to be brought down a notch or
three, and we enjoyed doing it! So what they're icons?
Fuck 'em!

What i found most telling about that episode of the
List is how unwilling young people are to do the same
thing today. This in itself is fine, I guess, but the
larger issue for me is that the youth of today seem
unable or unwilling to think for themselves. Yeah, I
know that this is supposedly typical of people that
age, but for someone who was the town freak in high
school because I  dared listen to XTC, The Clash,
Elvis Costello, etc. I find the herd mentality
I interact with a great deal of young people
professionally (teaching college level art classes),
and I find this to be true in areas well outside of
pop culture. It often seems to me that people under
age 25 or so, at least the ones I see profesionally,
have never been challenged to think for themselves,
and have no idea how to accomplish it. I find myself
spending large amounts of class time trying to teach
my students HOW to think (not what to think), and have
watched many, many students struggle with it. This
seriously impacts my ability to hold meaningful class
discussions, which in turn, impacts what my students
will get from a class.

I could go on ond on here, but I'll save it for
discussions with other teachers and open the floor to
other comments.
Tyler "now I sound like an old fogey" Hewitt


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:48:52 EDT
Subject: Stalking the Program Managers :-)
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers - The following is an email exchange between me and the
program manager at Baltimores WWMX 106.5:

Annamarie DeCarlo wrote:

>  Greetings, Steve. Wondering if WWMX is playing anything from XTC's
> new album, Wasp Star. It is so heads and shoulders above most of what
> gets aired these days. I think one or two of the songs are "climbing
> up" the alternative adult charts. The music is
> great. Thanks, Annamarie DeCarloAnnapolis


    I agree! The new album is great. In the past Mix has played XTC but
we're not as alternative as we once were. But you know, it's worth
talking about in our weekly music meeting! Thanks for the heads up.

Steve Monz
Mix 106.5
Program Director


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 13:08:12 -0500
From: "JH3" <>
Subject: The Truth About Alien Abduction
Message-ID: <00b601bff019$f8df5de0$>

>Ok, here's the scenario. You're being abducted by kindly
>aliens from a galaxy far, far, away. You are told to bring
>5 music CD's with you . What are they?

I think the people who have responded to this post so far
(other than Tyler Hewitt, who at least answered the basic
question correctly) are missing the point.

Basically, the situation is very simple, right? Aliens are
currently in the process of abducting you and are ordering
you to bring 5 CD's along. But your primary focus should be
on escaping the aliens! Even if you *hate* the rest of the
human race, you at least want to save yourself, right? So
obviously, the first thing to try is to tell them that all your
CD's are "in my special CD warehouse outside," and as soon
as you're out of the house, run like hell! If that doesn't work,
tell them they're "all in that big bunker a few miles away,"
and try to get them to take you to the Cheyenne Mountain
Complex in Colorado.

Even in the unlikely event that this foolproof scheme fails,
the idea is not to *impress* the aliens with how great our
music is, but to *scare* them into thinking we're vastly
more powerful than we actually are - capable of blowing
up their puny starships with nothing more than a casual
thought. So I'd suggest bringing nothing but old GWAR
albums. (Don't have any? Well, that sucks, huh?)

If you have a CD burner, another possibility would be to
bring along some "coasters" - i.e., failed attempts to create
CD-R's. When the aliens put them in their CD players and
can't play them, you simply say, "Ha! You foolish aliens and
your primitive technology, unable to play a simple compact
disc! Our advanced civilization will crush you like little bugs,"
etc. etc.

Of course, what I do is keep several CD jewel cases full of
C-4 plastic explosive lying around, just in case this happens
to me. If the aliens show up and ask me to pick out 5 CD's,
I just casually say, "Hmmm, okay, howzabout these here?"
And then as soon as they try to open one, BOOM! One less
alien! (Hopefully the explosion won't blow up the whole
spaceship.) When the other aliens ask why their comrade
was blown up trying to open one of your jewel cases, you
just shrug and say, "well, it never happens to me when
*I* do it. You must be opening the case wrong, you clumsy
alien fools!" And if they then insist that *you* open the
remaining cases, well, now you've got four hand-grenades,
don't you? Depending on the number of aliens, you might
even be able to take over their whole ship, and use it to fly
you to a planet where people don't give a sh*t about what
your favorite CD's are!

(By the way, *all* of these booby-trapped CD cases say
"XTC" on them in big letters, because I just assume that
all aliens have good taste in music.)

John "H." Hedges III


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 11:26:45 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: HUP,HUP,HUP!
Message-ID: <>

Jim Allen wrote:

Mark was bouncing off the walls with enthusiasm:
>The Wonderstuff reunited in December at London
>forum!!!....I will be booking my flight toot sweet!

I only have "Never Loved Elvis" which apart from being
one of the great album titles ever (I bet they were
burning copies of it in the Southern US ala Beatles
records after Lennon's "We're more popular than
misunderstanding) is a really fine album.  Which
others should I get Mark?
And "All of them!" is not acceptable. :-) :-)

BLESS YOUR HEART LAD!!...was thinking no-one noticed!

Well, at the expense of being a bit off topic I must
tell, wait ...I must ORDER you to march
directly off to find their first full-length release:
Just such an joyus exciting'll have you
singin' & grinnin' non-stop!  Get back to me once it's
in your player!

>>I can confirm this is true.  I've heard about Nick
Drake for years----mostly because one of my favorite
bands, Belle & Sebastian, are routinely accused of
ripping him off---and so to hear that song in the VW
ad made me hop on the music swapping site that starts
with the letter N and download some of his stuff.  I
love it, I can see why Belle and Sebastian
are said to sound like him and as soon as I see them,
I'll be buying the remastered first 3 albums.

WELL! two of my faves in one post....isn't it
WONDERful to discover something old but now brand new
and exciting to you?  DO BUY the re-masters ..they
will entrance you.

have a great day!!




Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 16:14:04 EDT
Subject: my very own top 5
Message-ID: <>

OK. I give in. My 5 CD's to take if I were to be abducted by aliens:

Beach Boys- "Pet Sounds"
XTC- "Skylarking"  (I could change my mind... so many great XTC albums)
Beatles- "Magical Mystery Tour " (ditto)
Elvis Costello- "Imperial Bedroom"
Beach Boys- "Today"

Can I bring 5 more? Yes? Thanks!

Prefab Sprout- "Life Of Surprises (Best Of)"
Fountains Of Wayne- "Utopia Parkway"
Beach Boys- "Friends"
Kinks- "Something Else"
XTC- "Apple Venus/Wasp Star"  (I say it's a 2 disc set, dammit!)

I'm sure I'm forgetting some.

Carson, Ca


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:38:47 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: Intoxication, archaeology, Gadfly,and Hobbits..what a great world!
Message-ID: <>

'ello Folks!,
          I've just come up with a wickedly "stupid" idea for a thread on
our humble list: What is the best Xtc album to listen to while very
intoxicated? don't get me wrong but some of my favorites like
Skylarking, Av1, and Nonesuch, don't sound as fresh when drunk. My vote is
for Black Sea which is as drunken as a sailors pet parrot. Living through
another cuba is just too much fun to sing badly while drunk, just try to
hold down your vomit during the Bah! part. ...weeeellll...sorry for that
        Anyone else been using Wasp Star as their summer happy days
soundtrack(no not the sitcom)...also am I only one who loves wounded horse?
Just listen to that vocal, now that's fun to imitate...drunk.

       What a strange weekend i've had...but good... First off I went to New
York state to see a free strangefolk show(a new england "wanking band" for
those with no patience for jams)and I drove up with someone I just met at a
friends it turns out this man was not only a show taper, but was
also a archaeologist from Cape Cod which is where I grew up. As it turns out
he knew my uncle while in high school..actually he bought drugs from my
uncle...small world huh? I guess since i'm a student anthropologist i'm
gonna go on digs with this hip archaeologist. I know have future. Also I
found out that one of my best friends works for gadfly a small record
company. I knew she worked for strangefolk but I didn't know that Gadfly
also had Kimberley Rew signed..she says Kimberley is very nice and has a
cute "funny english accent". She's going to get me a copy of his new
album..and maybe get into some of his coming up Boston shows....sorry to
burble on like this but I feel like i've had a lucky weekend...

Seth "Hobbit in another life" Frisby

p.s. Anyone who likes comic books should read's a very clever,
sweet, imaginative, and downright fun book. Plus it quoted Captain Beefheart
in it's last issue. See not only am a music geek and a abuser of potent pop
liquors but i'm also a comic geek. Try to love me for what I am.


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 12:08:04 -0700
From: "Lynn S." <>
Subject: Music For Gardening
Message-ID: <>

Hello Chalkers,
I haven't written to this list for about a year or more now, but I thought
I would pass this on.
I'm enjoying AV2, it is growing on me, though I can say I wasn't blown over
on first hearing.  My favorites are We're All Light, and the second half of
The Wheel and The Maypole.
Anyway, on to what I discovered at the grocery store yesterday.  I was
doing a bit if shopping when I picked up the July Newsletter for
SeattleTilth.  Seattle Tilth is an organization that supports organic
farming and urban gardening.  I was flipping through the pages and lo and
behold I found this article:  From The Board:  Music For Gardening, by Bill
Thorness.  The article talks how music can enhance the gardening
experience.  But then the author says there is one band in particular he
wants to recommend, because it's one of his favorites.
Quoting from the article: "XTC...puts out consistently melodic and
thoughtful music that is fused with imagery of the environment."...The
acoustic songs on Apple Venus are full of heart, humor and hooks, perfect
to help your mind wander while your hands are busy in the earth."  Then he
wonders if the band might be available to play at the Tilth Harvest Fair,
and says he will let us know if they are free on September 9.  How about it
Andy, Colin?  I'd love to see it!
Always nice to discover another fan spreading the word, waves to Bill
Thorness, wherever you are...
Lynn S.


Date: Mon, 17 Jul 2000 15:46:42 -0400
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: On the Road to Suckydom
Message-ID: <>

Greetings All,

Had to throw my two centivos into the "Bands That Were Once Great Yet
(Alas) Now Suck"

As much as it pains me to say so, Todd Rundgren belongs on the list. He
made great pop albums in the late 60s/early 70s; psychedelic masterpieces
in the late 70s/early 80s; and has produced some real garbage in the 90s. I
liked his "With a Twist" album but that was really a bunch of retreads with
a salsa feel to them. None of the songs were written recently.
I agree that David Byrne has slipped a few notches since he parted ways
with the other Talking Heads. But he hasn't quite entered the gates of
Sting, on the other hand, bores me to tears with his pompous
Eco-consciousness and his pseudo-jazz meanderings. Ladies and gents, we
have a new mayor of New Suck City! And this is from someone who really
liked the Police in their Heyday!

--Walking On The Moon--


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