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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 185

                   Friday, 14 July 2000


            What's The Deal With Song Stories?
                you *do* want to be there
               Re: Why TVT's website stinks
                        Q listings
              Mojo Magazine & Best Rock Song
                  Hey! Don't go there!!
                 Re: My Colon is Moulding
             My Fave XTC Songs Album by Album
                        band name
   If You Ask, The 'Hill Will Give!(Last 2 Dukes Demos)
                   Listing to starboard
                     Soundtrack woes
                   boys in the pet shop
                      Plain English
                   Re: XTC and Keneally
                     wurst band ever
        My Immense Superiority Over The Silverfish
                         The List


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Look out people as it's the holy cow.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 21:41:02 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: What's The Deal With Song Stories?
Message-ID: <>

Deborah Brown writes:

"Anyone still looking for a copy of XTC-Song Stories?
I noticed there was ONE copy available (used-very good
condt. $6.95) at  This is a first
come/first served kind of deal, so why the heck are
you just sitting there?... Go!"

I ordered it from my local Waterstones. After
badgering them for several weeks, they told me it was
out of print...but that they had located a copy at
another store. Which they sent to me. This happened
earlier this year.

So today, I get a letter from Waterstones telling me
that my order has arrived, and they'll hold it for
three weeks. Errrr?

I'll bag this copy in mint condition for anyone who
wants it. UK retail price is #12.99. E-mail me
privately if you're interested.

Rory Wilsher

p.s. In breaking news today, Oasis are suing Brittney
Spears over "Oops...I did it again". Spokesperson for
Oasis, Mrs. Lima Gulcher (45), commented "This is a
clear breach of copyright. We've been doing it again
for the last 8 years, long before Brittney Spears was
even born".

Brittney Spears is 39.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:26:02 -0400
From: mitch friedman <>
Subject: you *do* want to be there
Message-ID: <v03007801b592a09497b2@[]>


I have it on good authority that sometime in the pretty near future, XTC will
be 'performing live' on a radio station in Seattle. The song they will be
doing is
"I Don't Want To Be Here". There will also be a phone interview at the same
Huh? ;-)



Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:46:25 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Re: Why TVT's website stinks
Message-ID: <>

"Brian" <> wrote:
> Then you haven't looked very hard - or is it because you CAN'T?
> Didn't you just say that you can't use the Flash plug-in? So how can you sit
> there and say you haven't seen any worthwhile Flash content?
> How about Flash cartoon shows? Like 'Thugs On Film'? Or 'The God and Devil
> Show' ( - oh, wait - why give you the URL? You
> can't view it...)? Or anything where people are working hard to bring you
> their thoughts and ideas and concepts and stories for FREE to entertain you?
> Because they can!
                      .  .  .
> There is room for all of this (and more) on the web.

I think you've missed my overall point because a minor part of what I
said hit a nerve.

No, I haven't seen any useful Flash content.  Entertaining Flash
content, OK, but useful information?  Nope.  Granted, the only time
I see any of this is when I'm on someone else's PC browsing the web
for some reason, usually because someone's told me that a particular
site has a funny movie on it.

What I took umbrage with is the fact that a commercial site REQUIRED
the Flash plugin and did so in such a way as to make the entire site
unusable to me.

Now, for full disclosure, I upgraded the HP-UX version of Netscape from
4.61 to 4.73, and the site no longer crashes Netscape on the first page.
That's an improvement.  Going into the site, Javascript is still required,
and there are a lot of other problems with it, but I won't detail them here.

My big complaint stems from the fact that as it stands, people without
the requisite goodies, for whatever reason, are locked out of the site.
There's no alternate path for people without Java.  This is particularly
problematic because a good friend of mine is blind.  He uses a Linux
machine with the Lynx text-based web browser, which interfaces with a
software package he uses that reads him the screen.  It doesn't run
Javascripts, and without an alternate way to view the site, he's barred
at the front gate.

Interestingly enough, there was a story on All Things Considered about
this very topic this evening.  It suggests that the Americans With
Disabilities act requires that websites work to some degree with the
technology that blind people use.  While I'm not really in favor of
legislating websites to comply with that act, it points out that if
people can't get into a site, especially an e-commerce site, and find
out what's for sale, the company will lose business.

So I now look for the TVT label - and avoid those disks.  I just wish
our lads could have found a company with half a clue as to how to make a
decent website.

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
     12 Emma G Lane, Narragansett, RI  02882 - vox 401.782.9042
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:55:11 +1000
From: "Charles Oliver" <>
Subject: Q listings
Message-ID: <001001bfec5c$9ea011a0$>
Organization: Computer Fiscal Services

I'm from the UK and have 36 of Q's Top 100 Albums in my collection (of 450+
CDs). Several would certainly not make my Top 100.  There seems to be a
definite bias towards 90's music in the Q listing - check out the number of
Oasis, Radiohead, Blur, Verve etc. albums.

There are numerous glaring omissions too. Apart from the aforementioned lack
of XTC content, haven't these guys ever heard of the Kinks or the Who

Charles Oliver.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:41:27 EDT
Subject: Mojo Magazine & Best Rock Song
Message-ID: <>

Greetings, Dahling Chalksters -

Today an oldies station in Washington, D.C. (OK, OK, I confess - I left my
XTC CD case on my desk in a quick getaway from work and wasn't going back to
retrieve it once on Route 50 headed East!) noted that the British magazine
Mojo published an article on the best rock song of all time as determined by
a poll of 50 songwriters. McCartney and Brian Wilson were two of the
songwriters on the list. I called the DJ and asked him if AP was one of the
50 - he didn't know because he only had part of the list.

My meanderings on the web haven't landed a website for Mojo. Anyone out there
have any info on this?

BTW, I cannot quarrel with the songwriters' choice: The Beatles, "In My
Life." My favorite, hands down.

Eagerly awaiting my Stupidly Happy shirt ;-D


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:58:25 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Hey! Don't go there!!
Message-ID: <a04310100b592c052a528@[]>

In Digest #@6-182, Brian Matthews spoke:

>Then you haven't looked very hard - or is it because you CAN'T?
>Didn't you just say that you can't use the Flash plug-in? So how can you sit
>there and say you haven't seen any worthwhile Flash content?
>How about Flash cartoon shows? Like 'Thugs On Film'? Or 'The God and Devil
>Show' ( - oh, wait - why give you the URL? You
>can't view it...)? Or anything where people are working hard to bring you
>their thoughts and ideas and concepts and stories for FREE to entertain you?
>Because they can! Because they now have a tool with which to do this.
>I am a Flash user/creator and I take some offense at your comments.
>Sure, there is some crap Flash usage out there - and there is some crap HTML
>usage out there, too.
>Not to mention the Javascript stuff, 'cause you already did.
>There is room for all of this (and more) on the web.
>Business sense says: create products for the biggest consumer base.
>Sorry, but that's Windows.
>All I can say is get with it.
>I did.
>I was a Mac guy.
>And what about all those Windows games that there are no Mac versions of?
>TVT is not the only co. out there doing this.

Oh boy...

Sorry, Brian, but I take offense to *your* comments. I think you need
to re-read Joe Hartley's original post. Admittedly, yes, he did slam
Flash content in general, however the context was referring to
*commercial* sites, and not *entertainment* sites. You also evoked
the Mac versus Windows debate - quite unnecessary considering Mr.
Hartley is working on a Unix platform. If he were using a Macintosh,
he could see Flash content - I can. I think the overall point (and it
has been made in Chalkhills before) is that companies should not
create amazingly flashy and tricky interfaces to their commercial
websites. If they want to create additional technically intricate
content within their site, fine, but don't bog down the average user
("the biggest consumer base", no?) with crap that keeps them from
your message! Like you said, there is room for all of this (and more)
on the web. It's just a matter of when it's appropriate.

= Derek =


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:53:24 EDT
Subject: Re: My Colon is Moulding
Message-ID: <>

Wes, was that list influenced by your experience with the Porcelain God?
Does your wife know you made that post? Good God, man, what did you eat
that put you over the edge?

I'll be happy to tell you all about my upper endoscopy after I have it
next week :-) My "happiness" is due to curried chicken. Never a-gain.

Sincerely hope you feel better, 'specially because you listed Ballet for a
Rainy Day (I'm currently in love with Skylarking.)



Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 18:02:46 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: My Fave XTC Songs Album by Album
Message-ID: <>

Here's a list of the XTC songs that I really like
album by album, including The Dukes.

Statue of Liberty - WHITE MUSIC
Beatown - Go2
Complicated Game - DRUMS & WIRES
Living Through Another Cuba - BLACK SEA
Jason & the Argonauts - ENGLISH SETTLEMENT
All You Pretty Girls - BIG EXPRESS
Chalkhills & Children - ORANGES & LEMONS
Holly Up On Poppy - NONSUCH
River of Orchids - AV1
The Man Who Murdered Love - WASP STAR


AIM Name: MFanton00
Fave Quote: "If your flight is going rough, your soul will lead you to
the nearest exit" - Jump - XTC (A. Partridge)


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 00:49:59 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Subject: band name
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Nice Organization

> John Keel said:
> I was going to give Randy my favorite band name of all time but I just can't
> part with it - just in case I actually start a band anytime soon.  Sorry.
> An old roommate was always fond of "You and what Army".  Whadda ya think to
> that?

I always thought "The Ewan Hughes Army" would be a good name for a band. Even
better if a member's name actually happened to be Ewan Hughes.


In the spirit of shameless self promotion, my songs may be found at:
"sell yourself, sell yourself, expect nothing" as a sage saith.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 22:40:46 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: If You Ask, The 'Hill Will Give!(Last 2 Dukes Demos)
Message-ID: <>

        Ah! U'r all too kind. Really!

   A while back ago, I up't MP3s of the 'Dukes'
demos. I also sent out a plea for help rounding
  up, 'Nicely,Nicely,Jane' & 'Susan Revolving'

  (sometimes all you have to do is ask,nicely)

  'Hillers from all over the world responded!

    (Funny, nobody from TEXASS help't out)

So I would like to thank, Hans, Buba, and, Radmo.

  I promised these fine dirt walkers I would do my best
to 'clean' these demos up, and share them with "All You
All's",and I do so now.

             Coming soon...

         'Fuzzy Werbles' Vol.1-4

  If you want to get in on the fun, you'll need to
get u'r own idrive. Idrive is FREE. You'll be able
to go to my idrive, click the songs you want, then
send them to u'r idrive,and down them whenever you
feel like it.

  I've been using idrive for 6 months now and I haven't
got chit for spam/junk/etc.

         I hope you enjoy these demos.

You can find many more XTC demos/B-sides/  (acoustic tales)
                        /xtfab    (Fab four in Philly)
                        /fabx     (Fab Prt.2 and more)
                        /autoradio(Various stuff) [thanx Ian]


  Please note: with the exception of the 'Bonus Single'
        (Don't get me started on this again)

  Nothing I up is available at u'r local indie store(or
mass market palace for that mater) I LOVE XTC!!!!!!!!

          I would never rip them off!

  All I'm trying to do is let those of you with nothing
to 'trade' enjoy the music.MP3s made from CDRs of 'Boots'
will never replace the real CHIT! You can still trade to
u'r hearts content,and, when the real stuff comes out, I'll
be the first in line to lay my scales down!




Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 00:29:53 EDT
Subject: Listing to starboard
Message-ID: <>

Children of Chalkhills,

Oh, goody goody!!!!!  Another list thread!!!!   My favorite song on each
Here we go!  ZZZZIP!!!!

White Music - Statue of Liberty.  My favorite is actually This is Pop, but I
very much   prefer the single version.

Go 2 - Are You Receiving Me?

Drums & Wires - a tie:  Millions and When You're Near Me I Have Difficulty

Black Sea - Towers of London

English Settlement - All Of A Sudden

Mummer - Love on a Farmboy's Wages

Big Express - Reign of Blows

Skylarking - Ballet for a Rainy Day

25 O'Clock - The Mole From the Ministry

Psonic Psunspot - Pale & Precious

Oranges & Lemons - Poor Skeleton Steps Out

Nonsuch - Rook

AV1 - I Can't Own Her

Wasp Star - The Wheel & The Maypole (sorry Dunks, I'm such a pedantic wuss)

Rag & Bone Buffet - Extrovert

Waxworks - This is Pop (There we go!)

Beeswax - Blame the Weather

Favorite unreleased demo - I Don't Wanna Be Here

Oh, Goodness!  Poor Colin!  Only one song!  I really do like him, I swear,
it's just....

(Een a French-type accenteh)   Well, zere eet eez.   What?   You don't like
Well,  F**k you!   Hmmph!   (apologies to Eric Idle)

Tom (Eeet's honly waffer theen!) VillenRoi

"If one hears bad music it is one's duty to drown it by one's converstaion"
-Oscar Wilde


Date: Fri, 12 Feb 1904 10:58:21 -0500
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Soundtrack woes
Message-ID: <a04310100b58e4c31700b@[]>

Wayne asks:

>... I'm curious as to why
>I'd Like That didn't end up on the soundtrack CD for Me, Myself & Irene
>(the Carrey film--hope that's the title anyway) along side the Steely Dan
>covers (or why they weren't contacted to do a Steely Dan cover song--that
>would have been interesting).

Besides that, I'm wondering why they go through all the trouble of
specifically contracting Steely Dan covers and then not using them
all in the film... A few weeks prior to the film release, a radio
station here played Ben Folds Five's cover of "Standing in for... er,
"Barrytown," which is on the soundtrack CD. But when I went to see
the flick, THE SONG WAS NOT IN THE FILM... not to mention a lot of
the songs in the film were not Steely Dan covers. Go figure.


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 23:01:28 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: boys in the pet shop
Message-ID: <013a01bfecd2$feddcfa0$785791d2@johnboud>

somebody on this list very recently put down the pet shop boys ; i forget
who . everybody is entitled to their
opinion blah blah blah ... although i was not a big fan of the psb in the
early days , i became a semi-convert after doing some work for pioneer on a
live ld the boys released here in japan about 7-8 years ago . then , after
hearing their rendition of the village people's GO WEST a year or two later
, i just knew i hadda go out and get some albums . poppy hooks a plenty ;
strong melodies and vocals ; disco beats ; and techno tints all add up to an
irresistible blend in my book of dreams . and they did make a few important
political/social  statements as well . i have no doubt there are many pet
shop boy fans on this list . and a good thing too ...



Date: 13 Jul 2000 16:40:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Flash...
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

...aaah ahhh, he'll save every one of us.

Oh how I laughed at Brian's defence of Flash plug ins, there's nowt like
computer software to start a holy war.

I always skip past those silly flash intros and all that animated stuff,
they just slow down access to the real info that I want. Once we all get
broadband access then maybe they'll  be a little more acceptable to me.


Date: 13 Jul 2000 16:29:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Plain English
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

 Ed Kedzierski said in 6-182:

>> Now, come on. This bugged me more than anything else in your post. You
don't need that "fucking break" you're asking for; "plain speech" yahoos
are dominant enough already. Isn't the fact that everyone on TV talks at a
third grade level enough for you? The freedom to play with polysyllables
and take things into the purple if one feels like it is something that I've
always found appealing about this list and a number of people on it. If it
was all "they fockin' rawk" all the time, I doubt I'd still be here.  <<

Here, here is my response to this. This list, and all like it, is supposed
to be about communication - getting your idea across. Sometimes on this,
and other lists, the posts are written so piss poorly that I don't even
bother reading them. (Not from a snobbery POV, but because it's too hard to
understand the point someone's trying to make to be worth it.) To read Ed's
posts is far more entertaining to read than as he puts it, "they fockin'
rawk" posts. If you don't understand a word someone posts, get the
dictionary out for goodness' sake, education doesn't end when you leave

Fock 'em, Ed (<g>) if they don't like your posts they can use the page down


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:27:30 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: XTC and Keneally
Message-ID: <>

"Brian Young" <> asked:
>I recently purchased Mike Keneally's 1992 album Hat (for $2.95 at
>Rasputin's, a SF Bay area treasure trove), and in addition to the expected
>fine guitar work and clever songs (Eno and the Actor, for one), there was a
>credit saying
>"This recording embodies a portion of the composition THE MAYOR OF SIMPLETON
>written by Andy Partridge, published by EMI Virgin Music Ltd."
>Does anyone know what song uses the portion of TMOS?

The sample is in the middle of the track "Day of the Cow 2".  Quite
recognizable.  But you simply must get Keneally's "Sluggo!", and his
"Boil That Dust Speck" is excellent as well.

	-- John


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 12:35:02 -0500
From: Ned <nedrise@MNSi.Net>
Subject: wurst band ever
Message-ID: <>

Most Crappiest Band in the Annals of Western Music:

      The Thompson Twins


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 11:40:22 -0500
From: "Joe Funk" <>
Subject: My Immense Superiority Over The Silverfish
Message-ID: <00e901bfece9$0af18a00$7721fea9@user>

Greetings! Chalklings!!

"Brian Young" <> queried:

>I recently purchased Mike Keneally's 1992 album Hat (for $2.95 at
>Rasputin's, a SF Bay area treasure trove), and in addition to the expected
>fine guitar work and clever songs (Eno and the Actor, for one), there was a
>credit saying
>"This recording embodies a portion of the composition THE MAYOR OF SIMPLETON
>written by Andy Partridge, published by EMI Virgin Music Ltd."
>Does anyone know what song uses the portion of TMOS?

Funny you mention this, because I had the pleasure of listening to
this CD on our drive up to Dallas to see Yes.  Not only is TMOS
mentioned as being credited, but XTC is listed (twice) prominently in
the credits..  I listened closely for any "phrasing" of TMOS, but
couldn't pick it out anywhere!!  Could be some kind of "inside"

Anyway, "Hat" is ....extremely bizarre, but cool!  Like Zappa on
steroids..(if you can imagine that!!).  BTW: On "Eno and the Actor",
the actor is the voice of Kevin Gilbert!  Keneally & Gilbert also
collaborated on tributes to Yes:"Siberian Khatru" and Genesis: "Back
in NYC"...  I don't know the name of the Yes tribute, but the Genesis
one is titled: "Suppers Ready"..

Back to the shadows, again....

Joe "We're Rockin' All Night With The Tangy Flavor Of Cheddar" Funk


Date: Thu, 13 Jul 2000 09:16:50 -0700
From: Randy Posynick <>
Subject: The List
Message-ID: <v04220800b5939b3fa1fe@[]>

for those of you (like me) who will miss tonight's episode of VH1's
"The List" with andy, it will be on again wednesday, july 19, at 7pm
and 11pm, according to


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-185

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