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                  Thursday, 13 July 2000


         The Greatest Living Englishman + Update.
                  Re: Listening Parties
                Regarding TVT & the single
             Cooking vinyl moan and a teaser.
                 re: stuff the ballot box
                     Neil does Nigel
                       Nothing's OK
                  Hello (again of sorts)
                     Sexual favours.
                 Re: XTC chart positions
                      Re: xTc Dream
              If The Pop Wont Hold Our Love
                  Dreams DO come true!!
                     Lennon the Pilot
                A 21 bedpan salute to Wes
           More Songs Selling Buildings & Food
                     Re: Song Stories


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I've already been poisoned by this industry.


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:57:56 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Wilkinson <>
Subject: The Greatest Living Englishman + Update.
Message-ID: <>

Hi again Chalkies,

Just a quick follow up to my massage of a couple of
days back.

Cherry Red, who have just re-released Martin Newell's
Greatest Living Englishman, WILL be re-releasing
Martin's Off White Album later this year. So don't
badger them too much about it.

The good news is they look very likely to be releasing
his new Cleaners From Venus album sometime in the

This album is provisionally titled 'The Spirit Cage'
and I promise you it's gonna be good. Stylistically
expect something closer to the Off White Album than
The Greatest Living Englishman.



Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 06:47:27 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Listening Parties
Message-ID: <l03130300b5920a3b7f5a@[]>

>I guess nobody's interested in the listening parties
>anymore, because nobody showed up to the Drums & Wires
>one today.  I guess somebody in here was right when
>they said nobody wanted to come to a chat with me as
>host.  So from now on there won't be anymore listening
>parties.  I tried the best I could.  I made it at a
>time of day where more people could come, but I guess
>nobody wants to be in chat with me.  But I'm not bad
>in chat, but nobody will know that.  I'm really
>bothered by this.  Some people in here don't seem to
>think I have feelings.  I spend my time getting the
>chat room ready, and nobody shows up.  Well if anybody
>wants to start the listening parties I won't go,
>because I seem to retract people.  Thanks for
>everything guys.
>Molly :(

  I'm really sorry you're saying that. I can only speak for myself; I'm
swamped with classwork this week, I'm taking two summer classes and I
barely have time to read my e-mail. Besides, I already said I'm not real
crazy about the chat format. I'd be willing to try it out later when I'm
not as busy. As far as I'm concerned it's not you, in fact, if my wife and
I are ever in the Buffalo area(which is not impossible, the minister who
performed our wedding currently lives in the Buffalo area, and she's a
close friend of the family), we'd love to meet you for lunch or dinner(or
even breakfast, if you're up early enough). That kind of chatting we love.

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 12:54:15 -0400
From: erik schlichting <>
Subject: Regarding TVT & the single
Message-ID: <>


Since so many posts have been sent about TVT, the single,
and TVT's web site, I thought I'd weigh in with my

I searched the record stores in Charleston (the ones I could
get to) whilst on my honeymoon the day Wasp Star came out. I
dragged my wife to record shops, she dragged me to clothing

Anyway, no one had even heard of the limited edition single.
I bought Wasp Star. When I got home, lovely Hickory, NC, I
searched here. Again, no one had heard of it, though the
clerk at one store smugly informed me that he had ordered
the Japanese version for himself. Thanks, bub.

I watched e-bay, where the free single was going for $10 -
$20, too much for something I should have been able to find
for free. My last recourse was TVT's web site. I have to
agree with many of the posts I've seen on the list: TVT,
your web site sucks. It is hard to navigate, takes too long
to load, and requires too many browser extras.

Once I finally found the single information, I was not
willing to order it from the web site. I called and left a
message which was returned the next day, and ordered two
copies which were delivered in about three days.

I think TVT has done a very good job promoting Wasp Star. I
was impressed that their sales department returned my call
so quickly & delivered my order so quickly. They really need
a web site overhaul that includes a reliable, secure online
ordering location. And, how 'bout sending limited editions
to some of the small, privately owned stores? At the least,
make an extra effort to make sure that they know these
goodies are available.

And, at last, I'm really surprised and happy to see that
people at TVT are reading this list & listening to the fans.



Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 11:19:20 GMT
From: "Tim Brooks" <>
Subject: Cooking vinyl moan and a teaser.
Message-ID: <>

>"Cooking vinyl have not updated (or hadn't when I last looked, but my local
>store said it is released on Monday (1st July?) on one CD only. They also
>doubted they'd be stocking it.

>Paul 'Pledge' Rodgers"

Have to say this is really beginning to bug me. Yes i know CV can't spend
huge amounts on promotion - surely all the more reason to update their own
web site, no plugs here on Chalkhills (at least TVT do that) -  the single
has not been pushed at all. Even Our Price aren't stocking it (and they did
for the ET and ILT releases) - and this the first single - normally first
singles get the biggest push.

Hopefully they're saving it all for Stupidly Happy - by far the best single
hope - but somehow i doubt it!!!

Re : London live interview - i'm pretty sure it was a live interview and not
recorded - reason competition was "snail mail" is that the esteemed Mr
Le-hat (Gary's producer and phone answerer) had left early - Gary Crowley
explained that earlier in the programme. Still i'm happy it was snail male
as i was one of the winners!!!

New idea for signing off - Lyric contest : name the song (not XTC - that
would be too easy - would'nt it?) :
"I've got six things on my mind you're no longer one of them
Desire as a sylph figured creature who changes her mind ?"
TMB Over and Out


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 12:26:28 -0700
From: Eb <>
Subject: re: stuff the ballot box
Message-ID: <f04310101b59123f0a5e4@[]>

>..If you visit VH1's website, you can cruise over to the ballot for Andy's
>'List' episode (#349).. Any-who, you can vote for the most overplayed song,
>and if I remember correctly, Andy suggested Sinatra's, 'My Way'. (Right, Mr.
>Keel?)  I really wanted to click on 'Stairway To Heaven' as my first choice,
>but I decided to concur with Herr Partridge..

There isn't *really* anyone who will be upset if Andy's "overplayed" choice
doesn't win the ballot...uhh, *is* there? Especially, anyone upset enough
to consider "cheating" in Partridge's favor? Good grief.


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 23:45:11 +0800
From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
Subject: Spunkbubble
Message-ID: <005f01bfeb4e$ffcc0380$>

No problem about the explanation, Dorothy, although I think it was Dominic
Lawson who originally used the above expression to illustrate a particularly
irksome point - credit where credit's due. And incidentally, I didn't agree
with your use of the word "pastiche" two hundred or so posts ago
(notwithstanding explanation) and still don't.... but I'll let it go just
this second time.
Who was it who thought that "Showaddywaddy" were a crap band? Well, I
suppose you're right actually, but I saw them live once at a University gig
and I hate to say it but in fact they were very entertaining indeed (and
they could play their instruments, which is a lot more than could be said
for a number of their contemporaries).
While I'm on, a couple of other points re recent posts:
1) I'm afraid my 21 month old still prefers "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
and "This Old Man" to "Stupidly Happy" and "River of Orchids". I feel that
in some way I have failed her. Can someone enlighten me as to where I have
gone wrong in her upbringing?
2) Who said Andy Partridge sounds like Sting? Any sensible person knows it's
the other way round.
3) Wasp Star is a great album. (Stop comparing it to other albums. The
reason this is unsatisfactory is that Wasp Star isn't like any other album
they've made before, just like all the others.  It stands up perfectly well
on its own. I agree with those who say that Wounded Horse is the weakest
song on the record, but did they have any choice but to include it, having
decided to put on Standing in for Joe?)
4) What is it about XTC? Do my critical faculties desert me whenever they
bring out a new album? Ever since Go2 which was the first album I bought of
this band way back in 1978, I have loved everything they have done (with the
exception of Mummer, which for some reason, I only got to hear about a
couple of years after its release). As I think I said in my original post to
this list, I can't say which is their best album. But whenever a new one
comes out, it isn't off my CD or record player for months. Anyway, either
I'm a gormless spunkbubble (possible) or XTC are the most consistently
brilliant pop group in the history of modern pop music (more likely).
Yours shamelessly
Simon Deane


Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 22:27:31 -0700
From: "J & J Greaves" <>
Subject: Neil does Nigel
Message-ID: <>

>From a Crowded House/Neil Finn mailing list message, reporting about
a concert Neil did at the Largo in Santa Monica, CA on July 5. Neil
Finn is well known for inviting fans up to sing or play on songs :

"... "I Got You" was played before one of the best moments of the show:
Those moments when a musical tightrope is walked have usually been the
most memorable events of the Crowded House/Neil shows I have seen, and
when Neil invited all-comers to the stage (probably referring to the
established cast of musicians) it got very interesting when anorak clad
Nigel from England stepped up and told Neil he could play "Message To My
Girl" on piano.
A slight nervous Neil agreed and covered on acoustic guitar. What a
confident chap Nigel was, and he did a great job with just one hysterical
lapse which elicited chord prompts from Neil. A real standout moment, and
not least of all because what followed was a long romp through XTC's
"Making Plans For Nigel" which featured Neil's vocal ruminations on the
Britishness of the name "Nigel" and the distinct lack of American or
Chinese "Nigels". Jon Brion could be relied upon to know ALL the vocals
and chords and tag "God Save The Queen" onto the end !
That was a finale befitting any great Finn show..."

Jon Brion and Neil Finn ( and also Grant Lee Phillips, Sheryl Crow and
Wendy and Lisa Melvoin apparently) covering XTC!



Date: Tue, 11 Jul 2000 10:24:09 -0400 (EDT)
From: Tom Getter Slack <>
Subject: Nothing's OK
Message-ID: <>


Haven't posted in awhile, but had some random thoughts to contribute.  I
had to reply to this double negative business in Stupidly Happy. Do you
folks really think that Andy Partridge, master of the double entendre and
clever wordplay, actually just screwed up and made a mistake? Cha. My
theory is that he was combining the following two concepts with a
typically brilliant goof:

1)  I'm stupidly happy, so I'm going to say something stupid like, duh,
nothin's not wrong.

2)  To be stupid is to know nothing, which is not a good thing. But wait a
minute, it's helping me be happy because ignorance is often bliss, so no,
nothing's *not* wrong.

To the ANALytical types who insist on picking apart Wasp Star for what it
isn't, lighten up. It's a fun album that grows on you with each listen - I
for one didn't want them to do something that actually sounded like Apple
Venus Part II, because that was a deeply emotional place that I don't want
to revisit. I can firmly state that my life would be a great deal less
rich if I had never heard Playground, Stupidly Happy, and We're All Light.
And typical of XTC, songs that I didn't like at first (Church of Women,
Wheel and the Maypole) have grown on me tremendously.

Hey Simon Clarke, thanks for the tip about the London gig.  I can't
believe my luck - I happen to be traveling to London that very week. Hope
to see some of you British Islanders there. And finally, on a personal
note, if any of you happen to be in Pittsburgh this Saturday, July 15th,
you should try to come by my place for a big party, where lots of XTC,
Robyn Hitchcock, Matthew Sweet, and the like will be emanating from the
speakers. (Email me privately if you actually want to come.)


"I wear a sign that says 'Ignore Me', but no one seems to notice."

TGS Tunes:
Chalkhead Tunes:
Order Starflower:


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:48:28 EDT
Subject: Hello (again of sorts)
Message-ID: <>


    Once upon a time I was a member here way, way back when computers were
called an abacus.  Or something like that.  Anyway, it has been a few years,
so hello again.
    I'm just gonna lurk for a while to try & see what's new.  I don't know
what the consensus is on Wasp's Nest, but I think it's pretty damn good. (Yet
I can't help but wonder how much better/different it might have been with Mr.
    Has anyone mentioned the song by Marty Willson-Piper called "Forget The
Radio"?  The Church guitarist mentions Andy Partridge & Robert Wyatt in the
song.  Funny, but I didn't even know Marty had an opinion either way on Andy
or XTC.
    Well, see ya all later!

Jim (Kee)

PS - Meredith:  I rejoined for you, you know.   I don't have your email
address (and I'm too lazy to write a real letter).


Date: 12 Jul 2000 17:26:00 +0100
From: "Robert Wood" <>
Subject: Sexual favours.
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Mutech Ltd

Dan said:

>> I feel like ****ing Casey Kasem: <<

Why don't you ring him up - he may let you...

Who *is*  he anyway and what makes him so sexy?

Rob wrong (*) side of the Atlantic Wood.

(*) Shurely right side - ed.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 10:54:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: John Relph <>
Subject: Re: XTC chart positions
Message-ID: <>

"Dave O'Connell" <> wrote:
>Chart positions:  With all this talk of the Adult Alternative charts, it
>seems odd that Chalkhills doesn't list Wasp Star's peak position on the
>biggest of all U.S. music charts, the Billboard 200 Album Chart.

Odd, I thought chart positions were listed at

	-- John


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 11:40:24 -0700
From: Kerry Chicoine <>
Subject: Re: xTc Dream
Message-ID: <>
Organization: American Computer Group

I had an xTc dream the other night. I was outdoors at a small
community college campus and noticed an area with a stage set up.
It seemed to be around two in the afternoon, nice and sunny. No
one was around, though. I walked up to the stage and out walks
Andy and Colin. A few more people gather around the front of the
stage. Andy said something like "Hello, we're glad to be here."  I
yelled "Hi Andy! Are you taking requests?" and he replied "Why,
yes!"  I shouted out "I love Humble Daisy!" but Andy misunderstood
me and he and Colin launch into an acoustic version of 'Garden of
Earthly Delights'. All the while there are only about a dozen
people milling about, very intimate and loose. Next thing I know
I'm onstage standing behind Colin, watching him play guitar (not
bass). I actually rubbed his shoulders and he looked back at me
and smiled.

End of dream. I woke up happy.

kErrY KOmpOsT


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 15:33:42 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: If The Pop Wont Hold Our Love
Message-ID: <383468823.963430425205.JavaMail.root@web193-iw>

First, I know I know, I was wrong about the lyrics.  I think Andy made a
joke on an interview somewhere because I rememeber him saying something like
that.  Anyway, just some food for thought.  I have always prefered the title
"New Wave" over "Pop" mainly because I always saw MJ and Madonna as pop
stars.  HOWEVER, in the generic sense of the word I guess I could admibt
that the best title for XTC would be pop.

What I've been thinking lately is how at pop is still around when other
names are no longer being used.  Think about it.  Andy said in the begining
what he wanted his music to be called (I should not have to qoute the song,
if you don't know, then your nuts!)  Think of all the tags that have been
placed on them.  First Punk, Post Punk, New Wave, Modern Rock, Alternative,
Indie, Adult Alternative.  God things are so complicated now and every year
there is a new title for something.  In the so called alternative genres
alone their is like 20 different sub genres.  I think with all the
segragation of music, it makes it harder to expose yourself because you are
more likely to look at the sub genres you like most.

So, 20 years later, I agree with Andy...
Though I still like New Wave better!

School Of Fish = Good
Hoodoo Gurus = Good
King Swamp = Bad, really bad...


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:47:50 -0700 (PDT)
Subject: Dreams DO come true!!
Message-ID: <>

Holy shit! (or shite depending on your current local)

The NEDS at JB's castle end of month & now the
greatest news (only XTC touring would be better)

The Wonderstuff reunited in December at London
forum!!!....I will be booking my flight toot sweet!

As Joe Jackson said "READ ABOUT IT" :

how WONDERful!!!




Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 20:38:20 +0100
From: "David Seddon" <>
Subject: Lennon the Pilot
Message-ID: <003a01bfec38$bca95180$c244073e@default>

David said:

Saving the best for last - go back and listen to Pilot's two major
hits (It's Magic and January). Drive the visual of the horrible
fashions out of your mind and listen to the level of musicianship on
those two songs - it's outstanding. I had this same conversation with
a friend recently and we are both convinced that if one of the
nauseating boy bands around covered either of these songs, they would
be surefire number 1s (OK, so that's NOT exactly a great reference).

Yes, yes and yes.  These were two of the best pure pop songs of the 70s.
O.K. so they weren't Imagine or Strawberry Fields, but if it's pop you want,
this is it.
In a previous post, I compared Standing in For Joe to these two songs and I
still think that's true.  SIFJ isn't as good, I have to say.  Pilot were a
group who shone all too briefly.  Like Badfinger, they had great telent, but
their's is an odd story.  Still sure fire no.1s today if re-released.

Someone else went on about Sometime in New York City.  Now come on boys!
For Lennon, this was a poor album, but it still had its gems.  The title
track rocks, Woman is The Nigger of the World is a great piece of blues and
an interesting lyric, Sisters o Sisters is fun and The Luck of the Irish is
fairly catchy (tho' the lyrics must have made him cringe in later years)

However the lyric... "Angela, you're one of the millions of political
prisoners in the world," was I trust written by Yoko, who gifted and
underated tho' she is is not a lyricist!  This is truly the worst line on
any Lennon record!
For Lennon fans on the list, I would recommend Wansaponatime.  It's got some
fab pieces and some were a revelation to me.  I din't realise some of the
unreleased stuff was so good!


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 12:34:18 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: A 21 bedpan salute to Wes
Message-ID: <>

Wes shared this-
<<Recently spent a few days with a nearly paralyzing case of food poisoning.
In between hurtling whatever lay between me and the porcelain god and cold
sweats that would've made Mother Theresa cuss like a drunken sailor with
Tourette Syndrome..>>

Sorry to hear you were ill, Wes..

<<I managed to listen to every "proper" XTC release and
I didn't get around to The Dukes 'cause the good bowel fairy visited me
towards the end of Wasp Star & bestowed upon me, with but one touch of her
peanut capped wand, a good old fashioned Kevlar dense stool!!!!!>>

..Though I was amused by your colorful turn of phrase, the graphic details
of your disclosure reminded me why I left the nursing profession.. too
'realistic' for moi!

HOWEVER.. compilling XTC lists while you were so obviously incapacitated?...
Boy-howdy!.. you is one dee-voted fan, Wes!  I salute you, sir-

A rose by any other name, and all...

Debora Brown


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 16:10:00 -0400
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: More Songs Selling Buildings & Food
Message-ID: <>

'ello chums,

Megan in the DC Metro Area opened up what I consider to be an appetizing
can o' worms. Namely, when do musicians cross the line when selling their
songs for advertising?
Two instances in the last year bothered me a bit.  The Volkswagon TV ad
using Nick Drake's "Pink Moon" and the Mercedes TV ad using Steve Goodman's
"The 20th Century is Almost Over". On the one hand you have huge
multi-national corporations using the work of artists who are deceased.
Would they approve? Does anyone care? Who gets the money? On the other hand
these hellish adverts might just turn on some listeners to the joys of
Drake and Goodman. And that, as Martha Stewart would say, is a good thing.

Least favorite advertising jingle: The Rolling Stones' "Brown Sugar" to
sell Kahlua. Do these guys need any more money than they've already got?

Somewhat acceptable use of a classic song: Toyota's use of Sly Stone's
"Everyday People". Who can doubt that Stone has squandered whatever his
label paid him in the 70s?

Possible scenarios for Andy and Colin to cash in on this advertising crazy

"Stupidly Happy" for Prozac
"Big Day" for Ban Roll-On Deodorant
"I'm Bugged" for Raid
"Senses Working Overtime" for Nytol sleep aids.
"So Pale & Precious" for Coppertone Sunscreen

Any other ideas out there?

Yers in XtC,

Jeff E.


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:46:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Colonel <>
Subject: Re: Song Stories
Message-ID: <>

Is "Song Stories" a hard book to find?

I got my copy while vacationing in Arizona last
Christmas. It was on sale for - $2! Crazy or what?
Probably the best two bucks I ever spent...

The Colonel


Date: Wed, 12 Jul 2000 13:37:03 -0600
Subject: Tool
Message-ID: <>

On the "commerciality" of music and musicians, and on the idea of "selling
out" as mentioned in Megan's posting, I humbly submit this quote from Tool:

"All you know about me is what I've sold you, Dumb fuck. I sold out long
before you ever heard my name. I sold my soul to make a record, Dip shit,
And you bought one. "

If you can get past the vulgarity (which, let's face it, is pretty much
impossible in this world), the message is clear. We all tend to forget
about all the "selling out" that a band has to do just to get their foot in
the door. As bothersome as it may be to hear your favorite tunes running
behind a shoe commercial or somesuch, it's just a continuation of the same
process. Behind all the posturing and posing and hit-making and miss-making
are just a bunch of sods trying to make a little more cash this week than
they did the week before.

XTC content: My 4-year-old neice Hannah can't get enough of "Stupidly
Happy."  Guess what she's getting for her fifth birthday ! Well, that, and
a new bike........................


"was this biz as bongo as the liarbird made out?"


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