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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-180

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 180

                   Monday, 10 July 2000


                 Chalkheads update! Yow!
         Re: XTC song in new Farrely Bros. comedy
    XTC Dreamin' and the Movies (Marginal XTC Content)
                      Re: Q listings
       Feeling Wasp Star and a Jalapeno on my back
            marriage? & yet more "WS" reviews
              The Greatest Living Englishman
        Hooray, it's time to make another list...
                 Re: Words! Words! Words!
               What I don't like about you.
            Limited Wasp/Defending Almost Blue
                  Major score on the 4th
                   Not yet 64 , but ..
          Dave Gregory playing a gig in London!
                    XTC in the movies
                    at home with trees
          Andy's List appearance-7/13/00 on VH1
                      Dave on vocals


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Documented down like rats / They're catching up on every squeal.


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 15:01:15 -0500
From: John Voorhees <>
Subject: Chalkheads update! Yow!

It's been a while since I updated, but the station for musical
fans of XTC now has 34 songs by 34 artists!  Whatta collection!

Listen for yourself to hear the tremendous variety of influence exerted
by our Swindon boys.  Chalkheads: XTC Fans Unhinged is available for
your perusal at!

Also, any XTC fan with music of his/her own on is welcome to
email me and I'll include a song on Chalkheads!

Well, waddaya waiting for? An engraved invitiation?  Scoot!


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 08:50:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Joe Hartley <>
Subject: Re: XTC song in new Farrely Bros. comedy
Message-ID: <>

From: "Mike Wood" <>
> Saturday night I caught an advance preview of the new Jim Carrey comedy "Me
> Myself & Irene", a very forgettable film with little reason to recommend
> (and I loved "Something About Mary").
> Anyway, much to my surprise, "I'd Like That" is featured very prominantly
> near the start of the film as Carrey rides his motorcycle into town.

Part of it is because I'm from Rhode Island like the Farrely Bros.,
but I love their movies (haven't seen M, M & I yet).  Part of that is
because they've got great musical taste.  In both "Kingpin" (vastly
underrated) and "Mary," they have the innate good taste to put Jonathan
Richman in on-screen musical roles!  I'm thrilled to hear they used some
XTC, and that the lads will make some $$$ out of it.  I hope they pull
a Nick Lowe, who made a million bucks on the soundtrack to "The Bodyguard"
because in addition to the insipid Twitney Houston track, there was a cover
of "Peace, Love and Understanding" on it.  As writer, he probably got a
nickel or so for every CD sold, but when it sold a bazillion, it set him
up for some time.

Given the Farrely Bros. age, location and musical taste, it's very likely
they were listening to one of the radio stations I was on in the early to
mid 80's here in RI.  I wonder if they ever heard my show...

ObXTC: I haven't listened to Wasp Star in weeks - it's either in my wife's
car or my son's CD player!

       Joe Hartley - UNIX/network Consultant -
     12 Emma G Lane, Narragansett, RI  02882 - vox 401.782.9042
Without deviation from the norm, "progress" is not possible. - FZappa


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 09:47:26 -0700
From: "Dane Pereslete" <>
Subject: XTC Dreamin' and the Movies (Marginal XTC Content)
Message-ID: <>

So, I've been sittin' here thinkin' about what I'd like (that) to hear on
the lads' next effort, and *bing* the little lightbulb starts glowin'...
It started as I focused on the beautiful backing vocals running rampant
throughout Wasp Star.  Damn! some of the most wonderful moments on this
album occur when both Andy and Colin are singing together...  Now, I
personally think that neither Andy's nor Colin's voices have ever been
very good (although Andy has exhibited remarkable improvement as of late),
but the combination of the two has been quite pleasing to me.  So, with
that in mind, how about they create a sumptuous, multi-layered, feast of
an acapella song!!!  Just imagine it! A beatiful piece of classic XTC
layer cake baked from nothing but the boys' own voices and lyrics!  Oh
yeah! I'd like that!  (and this is coming from someone who considers
himself to be "lyrically deficient" in his listening habits, that is, I
tend to tune out the vocals and hear only the instruments).

Mike Wood writes:

>Anyway, much to my surprise, "I'd Like That" is featured very prominantly
>near the start of the film as Carrey rides his motorcycle into town.

Glad to hear that "Id Like That" did finally manage to make the soundtrack
after all, but you went to the wrong movie last weekend...


Do not pass Go, do not collect $200 - run now and enjoy what is perhaps
the best Summer release in this and any other year...I had tears of
laughter constantly streaming down my cheeks, and quite possibly missed 20
percent of the gags due to laughing so much! And don't leave the theater
too early, there's a pleasant surprise for those who have the virtue of
patience to sit through the credits!!

I initially was worried that the genius that is Aardman would be "watered
down" or possibly over-simplified for what on the surface appeared to be a
kid's movie.  It turned out to be totally unwarranted.  The story is
brilliant!  The characters are brilliant!  The animation is incredulously,
impossibly, fucking brilliant!  The voices are fucking brilliant!!!
AAAARRRGHGHH!  (sound of head imploding)

See you when the Sun is high,



Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 19:03:53 +0100
From: "Pledge" <>
Subject: Re: Q listings
Message-ID: <002501bfe12b$38c2d840$015a063e@PLEDGE>


XTC were mentioned in that top 100, but only as a 'regional aside'. All the
usual cliches were wheeled out for the occasion. If I can find the issue in
question I'll post their XTC comments and the top 100 if anyone is
interested. (Off list if you prefer).

As Andy regularly states the UK doesn't deserve XTC i'd be interested to
knopw which of the 100 albums are owned by other UK XTC fans (I know I'm not
the only one.

As regards the press, NME reviewed I'm The Man Who Murdered Love today and
seem unsure whether they like it. They do ask for Stupidly Happy to be
released though. They will no doubt slag it off if it is released.

Cooking vinyl have not updated (or hadn't when I last looked, but my local
store said it is released on Monday (1st July?) on one CD only. They also
doubted they'd be stocking it.

Paul 'Pledge' Rodgers


Date: Fri, 30 Jun 2000 17:24:16 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: Feeling Wasp Star and a Jalapeno on my back
Message-ID: <>

A couple of scenic WS moments for you (if they've been covered, I beg your
pardon.. indulge me)-

Boarded Up-   Colin tells us about the death of 'live music' in Swindon, in
his usual subtle vocal style (which works so well with this song)...  But
when he sings the line, "Boarded Up...yeeaahh..", he doesn't just lament the
loss of those glory days, he PINES for them.. dang if it don't set my knees
to tremblin'.. Don't misunderstand.. Andy can still shake my rattle, but
Colin is definitely a smokey alternative.. Lord, yes.

Church Of Women-  The lyrical content of this song moved me, from the
get-go.. but for some reason, the musical component of COW didn't do much
for me.. Until a few days ago..  Headphones on, hitting the repeat button
till the cows came home, I had my moment of clarity, as they say.  Listening
to Church Of Women causes a curious flutter in my chest.  I'm telling you, I
can't get it out of my head!  It's the pretty hymn that you never heard in
church.  Granted, there may be a truly melodic hymn in existence, but I've
never heard it.  The words and music of COW are perfectly melded.. so much
so, that I cease to hear one aspect separate from the other.. just one
beautiful blow to the soul... How often does that happen?  Confound you,
Andrew... you've done it again!

(digest #177) Here is a snippet from Duncan Kimball's musings on drug abuse
<<I cannot comprehend why anyone with any brains-especially anyone in the
music industry-would want to flirt with this evil shit.>>

I'd like to add to Duncan's thoughts, if I may.  Addictive behavior doesn't
really have much to do with the intellectual self. It is the complex
emotional and biological nature of a person that moves them to abuse

The pain of addiction is something I know all too well.  You see, friends, I
was a chili-fry junkie.  I started, like any other addict does.. you know,
"I'll only do it on the weekends".. but it wasn't long before I realized
that I couldn't live without those greasy demons... I was frequenting every
sleazy driv-thru I could find, at all hours of the day and night.. always
looking for that next 'fix'..  the guilt, the self-loathing, the tough to
remove stains.. my life was spinning out of control...

With the help of a full-time nutritionist, a personal trainer, and a
supportive husband, I am happy to tell you that I've kicked my $20 a day
habit.   Except for that slip in March, when I tested positive for Cilantro
and two kinds of cheese, I have been clean for nearly a year!  So don't be
too hard on rock musicians who've succumbed to the lure of an easy high.. It
could just as easily have been you.. or you...  or YOU

You're it! (tap-tap, no tag backs)

Debora Brown


Date: Wed, 28 Jun 2000 09:25:41 -0400
From: "Stephanie Takeshita" <>
Subject: marriage? & yet more "WS" reviews
Message-ID: <>

Hi, everybody,

First, a nagging thought that's been on my brain for awhile....  the
eerie similarity between the motif in first song fragment in "The Wheel
and the Maypole" ("If the pot won't hold our love/We will smash it to
the ground") and certain symbolic liquid containers associated with
weddings and marriage.  I.e., in Jewish weddings, you carefully wrap a
champagne glass in a white cloth and set it on the floor, then stomp on
it, smashing it (is this a sardonic comment on the regression of most
marriages, I wonder?).... and afficionados of American Indian art are
familiar with the [Hopi?] dual-spouted vase that symbolizes love or
marriage (both partners could drink from it, but not simultaneously).
As far as I know, the latter object is treasured and NOT smashed,
ceremonially or otherwise, although I could be wrong.

Did people in medieval/Renaissance Europe and Britain ever smash pots
or the like in weddings?

Doubtless there are similar symbolic rituals around the world.  Not to
mention that, exclusive of teetotling religious cultures, everybody is
encouraged to "get smashed," as well!

Anyway, it occurred to me that Andy may have had wedding ceremonies on
the brain when he wrote the lyric.... anyone know when he wrote the
"Wheel" fragment?
And, a bunch of reviews; apologies if any have been previously
submitted (but I did check the reviews already posted):

 From the "New Times" alternative paper in L.A., by reviewer Franklin

And from the New Times in Phoenix, by Serene Dominic [this one's more
career retrospective than review]:

And from the New Times in Broward/Ft. Lauderdale, by Brian Baker:

And from the Dallas Observer, by Zac Crain:

And from the New Times in Cleveland, by Rob Harvilla:

And from the New Times in Kansas City, by Scott Wilson:

Stephanie Takeshita
x. 3625


Date: Sat, 1 Jul 2000 11:36:21 EDT
Subject: schtuff
Message-ID: <>

Yo Yo Yo,
This was written:

>Subject: In Defense of the Church
>My nominees for worst album by a major artist would include...

<sigh> Oh, okay, I'll play too.

"Re-act-or" - Neil Young
Now I write this:
  If you watched  Behind The Music on VH1, you would know why Neil did that
album. I'm not a big Neil fan  music-wise, but he's a pretty cool  guy.
  Next,  Colin  whispers " Dont mind me at all". Read the Chalkhills lyrics!!!
  Next again, I'm working on getting some " We're All Light " bumper stickers
made. Details to follow.
  Next again & again,  After listening to WS for the 1,000,000th time, I
still dont get how some people dont like this album. Its just so good. I'm
starting to e-mail the radio stations in Philly and hounding them. They must
start playing  it. It should be a law!!
 Its over & Im out,  Roger
p.s.  Vee-tube is KING!!


Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 07:15:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Paul Wilkinson <>
Subject: The Greatest Living Englishman
Message-ID: <>

Hi Chalkfolk,

I know you lot with your discerning musical palates
will be interested to hear that Martin Newell's
smorgasboard, the Andy Partridge produced 'Greatest
Living Englishman' CD is out again.

It has new cover artwork, and it is available from
shops and direct from Cherry Red Records. And very
reasonably priced it is too!

I have a weblink here that will take you right to
Cherry Red.

If you don't already have it buy it. If you have
already got it and can resist the urge to buy it
again, still visit the site and ask them to re-release
Martin's 'Off White Album' . That album features our
Dave Gregory on guitar.

Sorry if it's egg sucking time for most of you, but
these new XTC albums must be pulling in lots of new
fans right?

Newell news while I'm here.
New Cleaners From Venus album will probably be
released on Cherry Red also.
Martin's memoirs look very likely to be published by a
UK publisher in the near future. Once he's written
them all!
JarMusic have all sorts of Newell items for sale,
including a smashing live album by Martin's band GYPP.

All the best

Paul Wilkinson


Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 14:33:48 +0100
From: "Mick Casey" <>
Subject: Hooray, it's time to make another list...
Message-ID: <004901bfe5bc$8b2c1e80$>

Dear all

Yes, it's time to compile those lists again...

Sparked into thought about xtc's unerring knack of missing obvious
singles, by a comment from Mike Farley (thanks Mike), I thought I'd try
this out on the list. What tracks should have been released as singles,
but weren't? One track only per album allowed.

My list follows. These aren't necessarily my favourite tracks from the
albums, but are ones which I think might have achieved some airplay and
exposure. Here we go...

White Music - Radios in Motion
Go2 - Jumping in Gomorrah (yes, I really think so. In the context of 1978
it would have made a great single)
D&W - When you're near me...
Black Sea - Burning with Optimism's Flame
ES - Snowman
Mummer - Funk Pop a Roll
Big Express - Smalltown
Skylarking - Earn Enough for Us
O&L - Merely a Man
Nonsuch - Dear Madam Barnum
AV Vol 1 - Greenman (or did this get released in the end?)
Wasp Star - We're All Light (bound to be overlooked)

Whaddyall think..?
Mick Casey


Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 15:37:50 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Re: Words! Words! Words!
Message-ID: <a04310101b587ebd4e5bf@[]>

>From: Harrison "Perhaps it was a minute and a huff" Sherwood
>Subject: Hope This Explains It

As I always say, skillful use of obscure celebrities and 431 extra
words always make the most entertaining answer to a question...

= Derek =


Date: Tue, 4 Jul 2000 16:13:31 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: What I don't like about you.
Message-ID: <>

I know this should not bother me.  I know artists do need to make a living
and sometimes they resort to more commercial ways to support themselves.
I can understand that.  I can forgive Devo for the Honda Commercial
considering they were so screwed by their label.  I can forgive Boingo for
doing a Budweiser commercial (which sounds pretty good actually, though I
don't drink!)  I can even find it in my heart to forgive REM and B52's for
doing the song "Shiny Happy People."

BUT, it really bothers me that Sting has recently done both a Compaq
commercial and a Jaguar commercial.  I mean, its not like he was screwed
much considering he has a FUCKING CASTLE!!!  I know it has nothing to do
with how good his music is (or at least, in my opinion, how good it was
until about 86).  It just bothers me.  Who am I to forgive anyone?  I
don't know.  Its just my opinion and I feel when someone uses their music
for commercial purposes, it ruins a little of the magic.  Maybe I'm alone
in all this, but this is how I see things.

Imagine if XTC were in a Mercedes commercial using "I'd Like That,"
wouldn't that somewhat ruin it for you?


Date: Wed Jul 05 18:55:56 2000
Subject: Limited Wasp/Defending Almost Blue
Message-ID: <>

XTC bit:
Anyone had any luck ordering the limited edition Wasp Star from TVT?
All I get is voice mail hell, and their non-secured server is a little
risky for my taste.

Non-XTC bit:
Just have to disagree to the lister who included Elvis Costello's
"Almost Blue" among his worst albums by a major player. I'll admit, it
took me a while to warm up to it, but once I got over a little
"musical prejudice" against country, I really got into it and heard
the greatness that Elvis heard in those songs. (It helped to have a
copy of the DJ version of the record with little "intros" by EC
explaining why each song was special to him.) Totally turned me on to
the genius of George Jones and Gram Parsons. Give it another
listen...better still, buy the re-issue with the many wonderful bonus

I WOULD agree that Costello's "Kojak Varieties" was one of the
greatest disappointments of my life, having heard EC do brilliant
arrangements of many of those songs live (solo piano on "Pouring Water
on a Drowning Man" especially) and then the disappointing dreck that
actually stuck to the CD. This may be a personal bias however...for my
money, nearly everything he's recorded for Warner has been a bucket of

Other "worsts"--
Jewel "Spirit"
Little Village "Little Village"
Firesign Theatre "Give me Immortality" and "Boom Dot Bust."
Loudon Wainwright "Social Studies"

Not that I could do better, mind you...



Date: Wed, 5 Jul 2000 23:38:22 -0700
From: "John Keel" <>
Subject: Major score on the 4th
Message-ID: <002a01bfe714$c9457dc0$>

Hi kids,

So, I was at 3rd Street Promenade here in Santa Monica yesterday on the 4th
and had some time to kill before my movie so I went directly to the last
remaining used CD store just to browse not really expecting to find anything
since it's not that big of a store but lo and behold what should appear but
a copy of "The Greatest Living Englishman" by Martin Newell featuring the
new improved Andy Partridge!!!  I just stared at it for a minute because I
couldn't believe it.  Needless to say I snatched it up and I love it.  But,
I don't know much about Martin.  Can anyone give me a quick history on- or
off-list?  I appreciate it.

The only other thing is that if you get a chance to get a copy of "Wasp
Star" on vinyl - do it.  It's a wonderful thing just to look at (maybe it 's
just the nostalgia of holding an "album" but either way you should get one).
Tip for those of you in L.A.-run quickly to Aron's Records on Highland to
get your copy.  They're selling it for half the price I saw it going for at
Benway Records in Venice.  Such a deal!

Thanks for listening!!


"The world is not my home, I'm just a-passin' through."
Tom Waits


Date: Fri, 7 Jul 2000 16:20:32 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Not yet 64 , but ..
Message-ID: <000b01bfe81c$4908b920$7d5791d2@johnboud>

  Today - July 7th - is Ringo Starr's 60th birthday . Ringo , we love you
yea yea yea !



Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 00:50:50 +0100
From: "Simon Clarke" <>
Subject: Dave Gregory playing a gig in London!
Message-ID: <>

HI folks,

Thought you might be interested in the following:

The new 'h' band will be performing a special one-off show later this year!
Dave Gregory (XTC)
Richard Barbieri (Porcupine Tree/Japan)
h (Steve Hogarth - Marillion)
Jingles (Gabrielle)
Aziz Ibrahim (Stone Roses/Ian Brown)
Mike Wilson (Texas)
8 August 2000
Middle Yard
Camden Lock
Chalk Farm Road
Tickets available now on +44 (0)207 267 1999
#15.00 (+#0.50 for phone bookings)
Tickets also available from:
Ticket Web - online ordering
Ticket Master +44 (0)20 7316 4709
Stargreen +44 (0)20 7734 8932

See you there!



Date: Sat, 8 Jul 2000 10:15:29 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: XTC in the movies
Message-ID: <a04310100b58cdfb41b11@[]>

"Mr. Martin" said:

>5. While listening to an XTC song, do you ever think: Hey! That song would
>have fit perfectly in that movie. For example: Mayor of Simpleton in Forrest

There's only one problem with that... Forrest Gump takes place
entirely in a timespan up to 1982. And all the songs in the film were
from American artists.

That's not to say I'm trying to make excuses for not having XTC music
in the movies. I'd love to hear more, as a matter of fact! I was
pleasantly surprised to hear "I'd Like That" in _Me, Myself and
Irene_ (which disappointed me in the same way Mike Wood mentioned).

In fact, I fully intend to make a movie someday and use the music of
XTC. That is unless they get further frustrated with the experience
of having their tunes used haphazardly in flicks like _Times Square_
and _She's Having A Baby_.

Incidentally, _Times Square_ will become available to a whole new
generation of viewers when Anchor Bay releases the film on DVD later
this year.

= derek =


Date: Sun, 09 Jul 2000 08:10:12 -0700
From: alec <>
Subject: at home with trees
Message-ID: <>

"dear friend," "bip bop," "love is strange."  these are good songs.  i
guess i love the cover of "wildlife" so much that all the songs, too,
bring back good memories. it goes nicely with john's "plastic ono band"
and yoko's "plastic ono band" record covers: at home with the trees.  come
to think of it, they go well with george's "all things must pass" and
ringo's "beaucoups of blues": trees and shrubs, domesticality and

i still think that john was wasting time with a bunch of psuedo celeb
opportunistic wankers when he left GB for the US.  as lennon would call
them, "the leftist heros."

as for "sometime in new york city", here's what lennon himself said: "when
you stop and think, what the hell was i doing fighting the US government
so jerry rubin could get what he always wanted--a nice cushy job?" he
called "power to the people" "embarrassing" and said that "sometime in new
york city" ruined his career.

gooooooooooooooooood pooooooooooooooooint!  he should have stayed home
with the trees.

now, had he not lived here or had he at least not been murdered by that
piece of flea poop with four limbs...maybe he and andy would have recorded
a few tracks at ascot sound.  or he and colin.  colin said he was inspired
by "how do you sleep?" so he wrote the string arrangement for "grass."
see, that's where lennon belonged, back with the oranges and lemons. i
KNOW lennon would've have loved xtc.  he was just starting to listen to
the new stuff coming out of GB in the late '70s before being whacked.

it would have made a nice reply to sir macca's elvis costello adventures.

> To the person who listed "Wild Life" as McCartney's worst: well, true
> enough, it's pretty dire, but try playing "Bip Bop" to some poor
> bastard, watch the look on their face, and then try to tell me that
> there's no enjoyment to be had from this album... (a tad sadistic,
> perhaps, but hey...)
> Laying myself wide-open by admitting that I'm one of the few people on
> Earth with a bit of a weakness for John & Yoko's "Sometime in NYC"...
> Ed K.
> "Someday we'll evaporate together"


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 08:58:00 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Andy's List appearance-7/13/00 on VH1
Message-ID: <>

Travis wants to know-

<<.I have been searching the VH1 and TV GUIDE On Line for the
schedules on when our Andy in on the list- Can't find
it yet.  Those in the know of the title or theme of
"The List" or anyone who knows when this show is to
air, please announce it here big and bad!>>

How to announce it here 'big and bad', hmmm.. ALL UPPER CASE LETTERS?
That's been done.. Let's see.. should I use clever, persuasive, 'big and
bad' words to convey the message?  No, I'm no wordsmith either.. Well, I
don't have a 'big and bad' demeanor, so imagine the following being
delivered by..oh, say, Bea Arthur.. (she's big and bad, and if anyone can do
the job, it be she, daddy!)-

The List episode, featuring our main man, Partridge, is #349-Most Overplayed
Song.  It is scheduled to air on July 13, 2000, 7p.m. (is that ET or PT, or
points in between?  Check your local guide, kidz)

There you go!

Debora 'medium-sized and more spirited than bad' Brown


Date: Sun, 9 Jul 2000 21:45:27 +1000
From: "Clifford Smith" <>
Subject: Dave on vocals
Message-ID: <000b01bfe99b$30e3c760$290ffea9@dracon>

It says that Dave Gregory did backup vocals. What songs did he do that on? I
can't detect his voice.


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