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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 166

                   Monday, 12 June 2000


                Chalkhills and Beach Boys
                     Send Rover over
                      Rats Paws Rant
                       AV outtakes
             Notes from the big square world
                 Big Express v. Wasp Star
                     Spoilers Again?
                   Re: Listening Party
             Demo Time I Wait Debetter It Is
         Re: - WS Lyrics for the next album title
        Nevermind and Apologies (if anybody cares)
          The listening party has been canceled
                  musicals, Gormenghast
                      Video Nasties
                    Computer on Blocks
                 Dom Opens Pandora's Box
                To Chide ... To Dream ...


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I'm such a lucky guy, such a lucky guy.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 11:26:14 -0700
From: "Kurt Heinen" <>
Subject: Chalkhills and Beach Boys
Message-ID: <001901bfd3d2$88cb9720$b6dd113f@GTEkurtisj>

Clifford Smith wrote that he could here a bit of BEACH BOY'S in a few XTC

Listen to "Feel Flows" and "Surf's Up". Both are on the BEACH BOY'S,
"Surf's Up LP, came out in 1971. The "Dukes", "Pale and Precious" is of
course, very BEACH BOY like.
 I've got to say that WASP STAR is one of those wonderful CD's that just get
better and better. A CLASSIC.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 12:42:42 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Send Rover over
Message-ID: <>

Hey there, friends and music lovers!

..geez, I got my puff powdered on that Bach debacle... "owee, owee! ..daddy,
the Bactine stings!"

O.K., here is a Wasp Star moment for you-

Last night we spun many a cd and XTC was well represented, natch... well
any-who, as Playground poured out of the speakers, my husband drifted out of
the conversation, and a thoughtful look spread across his face.. after a few
moments he asks me which one of the lads is a big dog lover.. I'm confused,
so I ask, "why?"...  he says, "well I just figured one of them must like
dogs alot.. why else would someone write a song about Greyhounds?..."

... Greyhound.. it's a Greyhound..
...marked by the trainer..
..and bruised by the bulldogs...

come on some of you more talented folks.. step up and flesh out the lyrics
of this puppy!


Debora Brown


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:51:45 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Rats Paws Rant
Message-ID: <>

Cher Chalkers,

If you are interested in a recent phone interview with Andy on Wasp
Star and what it all means and stuff, you should swiftly surf over to
my site and check out the transcription donated by our mutual friend
Paul Culnane, XTC's intrepid antipodean ambassador.

Here's the URL :

As an added bonus i have created and published a set of seven
rather spiffy Wasp Star icons.

These "subjects" are covered:
- WS front cover
- WS disc (TV test card design)
- A.P. as featured on the inner sleeve
- C.M. also from innner sleeve
- "Wasp Star" neon text from sleeve
- "XTC" neon text from sleeve
- the tiny planet Venus from the CD inlay card

Just download the zip archive, unpack and embellish your Windoze
desktop with some XTC art.
The icon URL:

yours in xtc.

Mark "Now who said i didn't like Wasp Star?" Thingummybos


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 00:18:41 +0200
Subject: AV outtakes
Message-ID: <>

Hi everyone,

Maybe a stupid and obvious question but...

Could anybody in the know give us some info about possible
extra stuff recorded during the Apple Venus (1&2) sessions (
left overs,  recent demos ,...) As far as I know nothing
like thas has been mentioned in the recent interviews.
Wishful thinking


Sebastian wrote us from Argentina asking some  praising
words in basque language for Wasp Star,so

>Imanol , dando por sentado que en espanol oficial la cosa
andaria por "El CD esta de puta madre", ?cual seria tu
version en vasco? Con un sobrino recientemente bautizado
Inaki, no estaria mal enterarme.

Es una lastima que no salga la N (%&$"!*^[ ), pues existe
tanto en castellano como en euskara. Bueno ahi van un par de
elogios en euskara para el ultimo trabajo de XTC:
Diska kristorena da !  Konpaktoa mundiala da !    A zelako
diskoa !   eta abar, eta abar, eta abar

Zerrenda honetan dagoen euskaldun bakarra ote naiz neu ? Is
there any Basque people in this list ?

Imanol Ugarte


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 15:25:10 PDT
From: "Joel Reamer" <>
Subject: Notes from the big square world
Message-ID: <>


      Hello, hello. I just recently resubscribed to Chalkhills after lurking
about the website, reading the archives and checking out people's opinions
about Wasp Star. It's good to see much of the original cast of characters
are here, and as opinionated as ever (In fact, the first thing I saw in the
digest was Molly telling everyone to "F**k Off." Yikes! Shift in the ol'
Chalkhills paradigm!)I just wanted to check in with a few things before
going back to creeping about the periphery:

1) Short Review: I'm finding that I just really don't like Wasp Star that
much. In an odd way, it's almost as if all the reasons I loved an album like
Oranges and Lemons are the same reasons I am not enjoying WS. Whereas I find
O&L's slick, detailed production vibrant, lush, and invigorating, I listen
to WS and most of it feels plastic and turgid to me (not all). It just seems
to me that much of the organic "feel" of past XTC records have been
sacrificed at the altar of studio perfection. And why do the fellows insist
on using live drummers if they're going to meld them until they sound as
false as they do on, say, "Stupidly Happy" or "We're All Light"? This kind
of programmed sound really ruined much of The Big Express for me, and I
think maybe it's done it for WS, too. I don't know, maybe I've just reached
critical mass with this kind of sheen. I hope not.

2) In the same vein, I'd really like to recommend Paul Weller's new solo
album, Heliocentric. I've really disliked his past solo stuff (a little too
heavy on the OCS-wankery for me), but this album is tremendous. It's
well-crafted orchestral pop with a really rich, pastoral sound that never
sounds forced or over-compensated (two things which I can unfortunately not
say the same about WS). Almost harkens back to Mummer or ES, without the

3) I'm interested to hear people's thoughts on this one. Does anyone else
find Andy's laments in songs such as "Your Dictionary," "Playground," "Dear
Madam Barnum," "Wounded Horse," et cetera much less pitiable after reading
Song Stories and knowing that Andy, too, had been "riding another [wo]man"?
I'm not calling Andy out for having an affair: relationships are complex,
and it's none of our business anyway. But all the same, since the
information is now out there, I find Andy's complaints that come off as
declaring himself a victim whose wife left him for "the boy with the bigger
bike" ridiculous: maybe, just maybe, one of the reasons Marianne left was
because of his longtime mistress? You think? Anyway.

4) On a slightly less volatile note, if Bob O'Bannon's still on the list,
could he e-mail me? I've got some stuff for him, and I want to confirm his
address in Indianapolis.


                   (Standing In For) Joel.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 18:35:41 -0400 (EDT)
From: Cathryn Myers <>
Subject: Big Express v. Wasp Star
Message-ID: <>


Let me say this.  I like Wasp Star.  I like it a lot.  I think it is a
fine, fine album, and, as are most of you, I am particularly impressed
with TWAT Maypole (I don't know how I feel about that acronym just
yet---I'll continue to use it for now).  However, I am genuinely
perplexed as to why many of you believe that Wasp Star is XTC's seminal

For the hell of it, I popped in The Big Express today to give my XTC
palate a little break from this latest offering.  It was like apples and
oranges, or should I say "Oranges and Lemons".  Wasp Star sounds so
"diminished" in comparison to The Big Express.  Now I have heard some
negative comments regarding the drumming on The Big Express, but I would
have to categorize The Big Express as one of the best XTC albums to which
I listen the least.  Not quite sure why that is.  I believe that it is
because The Big Express requires an album-long commitment.  I can pop in
English Settlement, D & W, Mummer, Nonsuch, and even AV1 and selectively
listen to a song here and there.  But there is something about the one
two punch of Wake Up and All You Pretty Girls (Do something for me
boys.still gives me shivers) that straps me in for the duration, SEVERAL
TIMES over.  TBE is a cd that I could leave on "repeat" all day (and I

But I digress.  Wasp Star lacks the bold irreverence of The Big Express
and I would say all other XTC albums with the exception of Skylarking
(which I absolutely listen to the least).

Now let me also say that I like Skylarking.  I think it is a wonderful
album.  It is the album that first got me to pay attention to XTC way
back when.  But to me it has always seemed a little out of place in the
rest of the XTC catalogue.  And I think Wasp Star is continuing in that
tradition.  Being different doesn't equal being bad, however, I think it
will lead to disappointment with some fans, including yours truly.  I
have heard some compare Wasp Star with Oranges and Lemons and Nonsuch.  I
think the comparison with Nonsuch is more fair (O& L is like an opus much
in the same way Skylarking is and both run rings around WS in the
arrangement department).  However, even if Nonsuch did offer us the
"relatively" unambitious fare of Peter Pumkinhead and Holly Up on Poppy.
It counteracted with offerings like Onmibus, That Wave, Rook, Wrapped in
Grey and the Ugly Underneath.  Those five songs alone are better than
most of Wasp Star, with the possible exception of TWAT Maypole and We're
all Light (but not really-- it would be a stretch to put the WS songs in
the same league as the Nonsuch material).

This makes me sad.  Listening to The Big Express was such a pleasure.  It
took me all over the musical map, again and again in each song.  By the
time the album closes with Train Running Low.I am usually ready to throw
away every other cd I own.  Wasp Star would never make me do that.  How
long have most of us had the album now, 17 days.  I am already a little
board with it.  Yes, I downloaded it off of Napster early, so I have had
it a little longer, but even that extra month of listening should not
have left me bored so soon.  And yes I believe "Boring" is a fair word to
use when comparing Wasp Star to its more intricate, ambitious siblings.

And my two cents on the demo issue.  I had the demos, but I purposely
avoided OVERLISTEING to songs that had not made it to AV1.  I may have
heard each WS song three or four times before.  If anything I listed to
Prince of Orange, Ship Trapped in the Ice and Wonder Annual the most and
those song didn't even make the album (STUPID).  So the demos did not
spoil me to the finished product, in my opinion.

I think in the final analysis, Wasp Star is just not up to par folks.
But that doesn't mean it is a bad album, just a different one.  It's as
if, on this album, the boys are threading water more than advancing their
musical horizons.  After AV1, it is a disappointment, but I am sure the
next album will blow us away again.  We are a spoiled group of fans
aren't we?!

Considering that I post maybe once or twice a year, I hope you will
forgive the length of this message.  Also if there are any Chalksters out
there in the NYC area with any job contacts for a  recent Ivy league law
school grad willing to do anything to avoid practicing law, please send
me a line.  I am anxious to get out of sitting for the bar at the end of
July.  How am I supposed to study AND digest a new XTC album.  Something
has to give.



Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 19:57:33 -0400
From: Diamond <>
Subject: Spoilers Again?
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Zoomastigina Records

Jeff "I don't know what" Eason (get it? Like "I Don't Know What He's
On"? My appologize if that's not how you pronounce your last name)

>A note to Kevin Diamond: Jeez Louise! Some people haven't seen the movie
>Dogma quite yet and you've gone and spoiled one of the great surprises of
>the ending. OK, I'll play along...God is played by Alanis Morrisette.
>Rosebud is actually the guy's sled! Dorothy was just dreaming and never
>really left Kansas. Bruce Willis' character is dead the WHOLE TIME in Sixth
>Sense. Matt Damon gets away with murder as the Talented Mr. Ripley. I'll
>spoil more endings for y'all when I get the time.

I didn't spoil any endings, sir! The fact that Morrisette was god was
well known, and well publisised even before the movie had begun
shooting. Everyone knew what part she was playing, it was no secret. I
didn't however, know the thing about The Sixth Sense... so thanks a lot,
ya lousy bum! (j/k, i don't really give a damn...)

XTC are so great. Really, they are. I got my boss to put Skylarking into
the five-CD changer today at work. I work at a concesion stand at a
beach here on nantucket, and there were quit a few people there today,
so I feel I've done my duty in exposing at least 100 people to XTC. When
it really becomes summertime, I'll be able to expose multiple hundreds
of people to the wonderful sounds of the Great Lost Pop Band. I'm gonna
try to get Wasp Star into the changer next time. Skylarking ,Wasp Star,
and ORanges and Lemons are all great summer albums. Nonsuch is a good
end of summer/begining of autumn album, and English Settlement is a
great wintertime album. AV1 is spring, and black sea and Drums and Wires
are good any time of the year. I know I missed some, but I don't really
have a seasonal grasp on those ones yet.

Kevin "Season Cycle" Diamond


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 23:06:46 EDT
Subject: Re: Listening Party
Message-ID: <>

Radios in Motion Said-
> First, to address the listening parties, the reason I never show up
> is because I hate chat rooms.  When I first got on the web way back
> in 94, I quickly learned that chatting sucked.  I know many web
> users love chat rooms so please dont take offence as this is not
> Cuba ok?!  I just think chat rooms are boring...

I quite agree. The other problem I have is I find them awkward. The beauty
of speaking with someone is that you can say so much by inflection. All
that is lost -- at least until everyone has audio capability. Also, I
prefer to see the person I'm speaking with because, again, so much can be
said with a look or gesture. It adds volumes to what you hear.

I think that the listening party concept is interesting but it lacks the
personal touch.  By the way, I can attest to RIM's ability as an
engineer. He did wonders on something I transferred from vinyl to CDR. It
didn't sound great to begin with and he brought out sonic detail I would
never have guessed was there. Don't feel bad about plugging your biz---you
could probably improve almost all the Virgin Xtc releases!

Clifford said:
> don't know if you've noticed this, but I think the song Chalkhills and
>Children is very Beach Boysish.

As almost everyone else will probably point out it is a tribute to the
Beach Boys. Andy was a late bloomer when it came to Brian Wilson. Dave
first turned his head around about Wilson's brilliance as a songwriter.

Ben said:
>I've been on a Randy Newman kick lately.  In fact, I just ordered
>the 4-CD box set that Rhino put out two years ago,

Not that you need my endorsement but I got it for Xmas and its one of the
few box sets that are worth the purchase. It's missing a couple of my favs
but its still pretty darn good. Now I'm waiting on the Ian Hunter box

Sushiman said:
>In a post of a couple of weeks ago I suggested that Andy and Colin get
>Richard Thompson and Dave Mattacks in on the next XTC album.

As a big RT fan I'd love to see it happen on a song or two. In fact it
would be interesting if Andy & Colin invited in a guest guitarist for each
track.  Particularly after listening to Thompson's version of Bird in
God's Garden.

John Relph:
>But there were only about 12 or 13 of us in attendance.  I don't know
>if I should have been The Difappointed or just sad that there weren't
>more people there.  Instead, I didn't sweat it.  I had fun, that's
>what counts.

Unfortunately, I was away at the time it was released (although I did pick
it up in Canada while I was away so got to listen to it on the plan ride
back--almost as cool). I would have liked to attend was mentioned on the
site? I'm in the SF Bay Area (well, if you stretch it a bit) it would be
nice to see something like that happen again.



Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 20:57:59 PDT
From: "Bob Crain" <>
Subject: Demo Time I Wait Debetter It Is
Message-ID: <>


I actually prefer hearing demos of songs _after_
I've the "official" version(s).


>From: Phil Corless <>
>Subject: Stupidly T-Shirt
>After repeated listenings of "Stupidly Happy" I've
>decided that I need a t-shirt with these words on it.

That is a wonderful idea, Phil!

Something comes to mind, though:

Where has the Idea Records merchandising gone to?
There was a survey longer ago than I care to remember
asking us what kind of XTC related items we would buy.
The slogan "Stupidly Happy" is perfect for a promotional
T-shirt.  So where are the WaspStarPromoShirts, I ask you?

Actually, despite their missteps, I do like TVT, especially
their fine TTs.

Stephanie Takeshita, you post rocked.


-Bob Crain

N.P. King Crimson, the construKction of light


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 09:05:54 +0000
Subject: Re: - WS Lyrics for the next album title
Message-ID: <>

One thought on this that struck me on the first listen was the much
discussed Axis Mundi.

Coming to you on a sunny Monday (pronounced the same as Monday, or even
Moon Day from whence I believe the name Monday derives).




Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 22:43:34 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Nevermind and Apologies (if anybody cares)
Message-ID: <>

The listening party will still be held this Wednesady
at 10pm EST if anybody still wants to come after my
little temper tantrum.
Many apologies to everyone.  I've been trying SO hard
to not let my emotions take over, and I did it yet
again.  It's a cycle for me get angry and stay nasty
things, regret it, and apologise.  And a lot of people
have said they dislike me now, because of my stupid
actions.  I wish they didn't.
Before anybody says "get professional help" I am.  The
broken ankel though set me back, since my counselor is
in Buffalo and I'm at my parents'.
Well, I hope sometime you'll forgive me, but I'll
understand if you don't.

Molly, very foolish and unhappy :(

Molly's Pages:
My Tribute to Talk Talk & .O.Rang:


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 22:26:36 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: The listening party has been canceled
Message-ID: <>

This is what eddie said:
<<Molly... please ,I don't mean to pick on you,
but...It is very possible that
some do not go to your chats BECAUSE they are
"YOURS"!  This fact almost kept
me away, indeed it did from the first few, but,
if you build it, they will
come... In closing... Anyone who has considered
trying the listening party
(fence-straddlers) try it out!  Once anyways...
it is sort of fun, you get
some more immediate feedback  to your xtc
opinions, (than via chalkhills)
lots of joking/awful punning only takes as
long as the cd, so it is no
great time commitment... to me it is an online
supplemental xtc experiance...
hope to see a lot more of us there !>>

Well, I guess the listening party has been canceled,
because of me nobody wants to come.  Thanks a lot for
hurting my feelings, but wait I'm not suppoed to have
hurt feelings when somebody basically says "nobody
likes you".  I guess that's the way it's going to be
for the rest of my life.  People hate me for the
things I say.  I was having fun with the listening
parties, even though there were only a few there.  So
to Derek (Minerworks) and the others you can to the
listening parties without me.  I don't want to be at a
place where I'm not wanted.

Molly ,, not very happy and has the right to be that
way, and don't tell her she can't

Molly's Pages:
My Tribute to Talk Talk & .O.Rang:


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 02:34:44 -0700
From: David van Wert <>
Subject: musicals, Gormenghast
Message-ID: <p04310100b56a560c1072@[]>

>   The only thing I can remember Andy saying about Randy Newman was in
>relation to the "James and the Giant Peach" deal.

Yes, our Andy lost out in his bid to write the songs for a MUSICAL.
Of course, he lost it to a guy who had already had some experience
writing MUSICALS. Anybody here see Randy's MUSICAL version of Faust?
I got to meet Randy and hang out with (or at least near)  him quite a
bit because I worked on that MUSICAL. He was a very nice guy and
quite generous to all of us at the theatre where this MUSICAL was
performed in Chicago a few years back. He has written other MUSICALS
as well.

That said, I liked Andy's songs better and hope they become available
someday, though copyright to the Dahl estate (or whomever...) may
forbid the association with that story. But why such creative
luminaries as Partridge, Newman, and Yazbek would waste their
precious time with musicals is beyond me. Honestly! What's next, a
South Park musical?!

>From: Roe Smoker <>
>first a quick note to inform (i don't think it's been mentioned here
>yet) that BBC America is doing a 4 part production of our favorite
>Mervyn Peake epic

Yes yes yes, Gormenghast is a brilliant show! Watch watch watch! For
any who care, I've put together an icon collection featuring the main
characters. It's available in the gift shop at

David van Wert <>

"I don't know about the rest of you guys, but these tight colonial
pants are killing me. I gotta change before I pass out!"
Patrick Henry, 1776 (later condensed to "Give me liberty or give me death.")


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 07:42:08 +0100
From: "Stephen Jackson" <>
Subject: Video Nasties
Message-ID: <002901bfd439$7968d100$1f1017d4@smj>

Tom wrote

<<Finally- the other night I dug out my old copy of XTC videos, kicked back
with some brew and pistachios and had a blast.  (I have them up to ES, all
the ones with Terry.)  What a riot seeing This is Pop, Are You Receiving Me,
Nigel and so on again!  Back when Andy and I had hair.  The worst ones were
Life Begins at the Hop (they must have been mortified!) >>

On the contrary I've always rated the video to "Life Begins at the Hop"
because it's funny (especially when one of the girls leans on that bar and
it breaks off, and the bit with Terry and Andy, and the bit where AP walks
off with the car and Colin does a "wanker" gesture-(you have to look close
kids)) and secondly it's completely unpretentious, unlike the vids to
"Senses" (with the terrible slowed down sequences) and "Ball and Chain".

Other honourable mentions go to "This is Pop!" cause AP looks so cool
playing guitar in his bare feet, "Towers of London" for Dave's stripey shirt
and big smiles, "Making Plans For Nigel" for Terry Chambers' total teenage
girl appeal and "You're a Good Man Albert Brown" because It's probably the
best of the lot.....

Play them spoons

They use the head and not the fist.


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 09:10:12 +0100
From: Belinda Blanchard <>
Message-ID: <>

Dunks asked:

"A quick request: in a local 2nd hand shop I spotted
several XTC 3"CD singles for sale, including 'The
Loving', 'Mayor of Simpleton' and "King For A Day" in
the crown-shaped package. They are asking AU$40 (about
US$2.50 :p ) each for them - is this fair or am I being
ripped off?"

If you're willing to pay it - that's what they're

MARK - DO THE WASHING UP and put up those shelves NOW!!

Love from BELINDA


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 01:24:33 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Computer on Blocks
Message-ID: <380302932.960787473211.JavaMail.root@web193-iw>

Mr. Mayonnaise trying to call me white trash below:


No, I have a new Camry, and there are no Camaros or old Datsuns in my yard.
I don't have a broken down Impala either!  I was only trying to add a light
comment so the whole thing would not be brought out of proportion.  I have
noticed on the list that if someone does not add smiley faces (not getting
on your case at all Molly!) which means, they don't say something in their
post that most will agree with, their will be 10 digests worth of bickering
and fights.  Just trying to be light people!

Speaking of light, have you guys heard that song from XTC called Were all
Light?  Its a damn good song! (see my point, a little light comment at the
end of my post to avoid confrontation!  Hope it works!)


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 09:16:40 -0400
From: "Duncan Watt" <>
Subject: Dom Opens Pandora's Box
Message-ID: <>

...okay so Molly "Breakfast At Tiffany's" Fanton <>
indignated, in defense of Andrew "The Indefensible" Lloyd Webber:

> Personally I like his musicals.  I'm going to take
> Dom's advice and speak my mind here
>If you don't like what I say, well blame Dom, because
>I'm just telling you ALW haters out there to f*ck off.
>:P, Dom... c'mon... see what happens?

I blame you.

Duncan "as per Molly's suggestion, of course" Watt

ps Saw/endured (a small portion of, thankfully) the PBS broadcast of the
aforementioned 'Drew's "Joseph And The Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" last
night. Jeez, I had *no idea* Jesus had such great abs. That explains a lot.

email me:
surf me:


Date: Mon, 12 Jun 2000 19:16:14 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: To Chide ... To Dream ...
Message-ID: <000301bfd477$d4938e60$795791d2@johnboud>

hillofbeaners ,

first , allow me to apologize to everyone on the list to whom i sent the
dreaded " chain letter " received from Mattacks . I felt it was harmless
enough ( even received thanks from a couple of people ) , but our moderator
pointed out to me that in the land of the free and the home of brave it is
illegal to send " chainletters " . if anyone is curious as to its contents ,
please contact me of list ...

had a dream the other night starring andy ... we are in a car speeding down
the crowded daytime streets of a willimantic ( home town in ct ) / london
composite city  attempting to escape from a giant UFO robotoid monster in
the distance . this creature must have been 200 feet tall with a giant mouth
all opened up sucking in everything in its path with tornado power
inhalations . you could see the gears and other mechanics of the monster's
mouth grinding up cars and trucks and trees , and the inside of the mouth
was glowing bright yellow like the sun ... this scenario repeated itself 2
or 3 times before the dream stage changed to a huge Navy ship in the middle
of the atlantic . hundreds of us were presumably sea rescued and then herded
onto an already overcrowded ship . long lines of men awaiting assignment to
bunks or other sleeping quarters . it's my turn and i am told that there is
no more room INSIDE the vessel , and that i must sleep on a bed-shaped slab
of concrete OUTSIDE . the officer who informed me was the older james cagney



End of Chalkhills Digest #6-166

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