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                   Sunday, 11 June 2000


                 oozing like napalm, 161
                      Colin's songs
                     A New XTC Video
                 10 things I F_____G hate
    Nuts 'n Bolts, Bellz 'n Whistles, Sights 'n Soundz
                    Tchad + Japan XTC
                 ***I resign as clown***
     Mayonnaise.......we're all eatin' mayonnaise...
       The Orchid Show/Opens this week in New York
                    Re: quick question
                     Newman and Froom
              Sunday morning juvenile humour
                  Forward Into The Past
              xtc chatting is a bit of fun!
                       Andy & Randy
               I've got your number now...
                      Balls & Chain


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No time for sun ray.


Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 19:13:44 EDT
Subject: oozing like napalm, 161
Message-ID: <>

chris vreeland states:

<< An unsigned message which emanated from:


  1)What is the one word, which, if correctly spelled, is pronounced
 Uh, wrong?

   2)Which word is always spelled correctly?
 Uh, correctly?

   3)Which word is always misspelled?
 Uh, misspelled?

   4)What is the longest word in the english language?
 Uh, language? (only one letter longer than english, but substantially
 longer than the)

   5)Which three words are always pronounced right?
 Uh, right, write and rite? what about wright? that makes four.

 Can't fool me, mister! (ms.?) >>

 well... this was from a SIGNED message.  And, I DID fool you!   ( by the
way, that Christopher or Christine?) You are right on #1   #2   #3

technically correct on #4, but the answer I had in mind is SmileS.  ( a
"mile" with an "s" on each end-a really old kids joke)  you get 1/2 credit
for that.

 #5 you give four, I only asked for three, so i'll give extra credit
Grade-95, an "A"

 hey! I didn't make any of these up! It is all old stuff, thanks for all who
played and responded personally, as well as in this forum! thanks for putting
up with it J.Relph

  Last of all, I love Wasp Star.  It is not my favorite, but it is great, at
least to me. I want to add, however, that many of the people that dont feel
as I do, raise some damn fine arguments as to its shortcomings. I do not
agree with a lot of those arguments, but I certainly can see your points.



Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 18:26:44 -0400
From: Roe Smoker <>
Subject: Ghormen-aghast
Message-ID: <v04220802b568670d3e21@[]>

hello, 'hill people -

first a quick note to inform (i don't think it's been mentioned here
yet) that BBC America is doing a 4 part production of our favorite
Mervyn Peake epic, with the first part coming on at 8:30 PM EST
tonight (Saturday, June 10) and going until 10:00.  _Entertainment
Weekly_, those snide bastards, have this to say about it:

"Mervyn Peake's three volume epic rococo fantasy about the life of
young Titus, 77th Earl of Groan, has been turned into a four-part,
British-made miniseries whose solemn silliness owes more to _Monty
Python_ and _Blackadder_ than Peake's soigne melancholy, but is
drolly effective nonetheless.  The vast cast includes Jonathan Rhys
Meyers as the sneering, plotting Steerpike, as well as Ian
Richardson, Stephen Fry, and Zoe Wanamaker, who perform the tale of
rotting-England hugger-mugger with deadpan gusto. (Concludes July 1)."

okay, aside from the fact that i don't even know what the hell soigne
means (it's obviously French and therefore probably useless and/or
annoying), _EW_ are idiots because _Ghormenghast_ is extremely funny
- I spent much of the first two books laughing out loud - and even
the melancholy includes a bit of _Blackadder_-esque humor, placed
where you'd least expect it.

i will write more re: _Wasp Star_ shortly, but I wanted to get this
out so people might have a chance to see it - i have to find out if i
get BBC America at the moment or if my pseudo-cable has dropped it.

	- brookes

Best newly understood lyric on _Wasp Star_:

And stop trying to diet 'em on wafers and wine
And some myth we're in control
Now let's put things right, let's multiply
The loaves and kisses til we have enough to love and eat forever!

[and yes, i know i'm using nonstandard line breaks - i like it this
way better. so sue me. just kidding TVT!!!]


Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 20:47:24 EDT
From: "Garret Harkawik" <>
Subject: Colin's songs
Message-ID: <>

some asshole wrote:

>2. That SO MUCH praise is given to Colin's songs. Come on guys - his >stuff
>is personal, but it certainly isn't terrific music. His stuff >never gets
>released (maybe for a reason?) and, really now, couldn't >an amateur
>songwriter have written the "Standing in for Joe" lyrics >(not to mention
>just about every other one of his songs on the past >few discs.) Just read
>the lyrics out loud. They sound like the came >from a child's poetry class.
>When you put his basic patterns up >against complex stuff like "Maypole"
>and "Greenman," it just doesn't >compare. Does anyone really buy these
>albums for his work instead of >Andy's?

Whats wrong with you!?!?!!

No really, whats wrong with you?

First of all, yes his stuff gets released because as i'm sure you know,
Making Plans For Nigel, which was written by Colin, was XTC's first hit.

OHHHHHHHH! I see.  you mean his stuff hasn't gotten released recently!

Well, the reson is definently not because it isn't good enough for the
radio!  In my opinion, it's because its too different and good for the
radio.  I think that if any lesson can be learned from XTC's career is that
you don't have to be on the radio to be good.

And as for his songwriting I think it's excellent.  Although I admit his
songs arn't as complex as Andy's, they are still very good because Colin's
songs tell stories, whereas Andy's usually deal with different topics.

MAN! What an idiot!

Garret Harkawik

"I'm in prison for attempted murder!  Now really, what is that?  Do they
give a nobel prize for Attempted Chemistry?"- Sideshow Bob


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 01:46:56 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: A New XTC Video
Message-ID: <382166841.960702416326.JavaMail.root@web186-iw>

I know Andy said there most likely wont be any XTC videos for Wasp Star so I
took it upon myself to make a video using footage of my daughter and "You
And The Clouds Will..."  I wanted to send a copy to Andy and Collin to see
what they think but don't know where to send the video.

Anyway, if anyone is interested in seeing the video, let me know.  I have it
on CD as a full screen MPEG 1 File that should play in any computer, along
with the XTC video compilation "Look Look" with all the old XTC videos
before 82. I just need to fill in the blanks and get the videos between 1982
and 1992.  Any help would be appriciated.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 01:40:15 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: 10 things I F_____G hate
Message-ID: <>

1.  Crazy Gideon.  I mean come on southern California people, do we need to
see his stupid commercial every five minutes while trying to watch
millennium at night?!  Even if you all can't relate, in every state that I
have been in there is some stupid idiot looking guy doing some stupid
commercial.  In The Bay Area its this Diamond Guy.  He was the ugliest mf I
have ever seen.  I hated everything about him and his dumb commercial!  I
was in Vegas and they have way too many dumb commercials at night.  Oh, and
Houston, that guy who does the chair thing.  I can't believe the fucker is
still alive!

2. Selling Rap on eBay.  I do give some credit to Rap music as there is some
really good stuff out there.  HOWEVER, much of it attracts the lowest
lifeforms on earth.  These wannabe gantster teens who try to act tough and
well, you know the whole shabang.  Anyway, any sellers on eBay, next time
you see some rare rap CD, put it back on the shelf, believe me.  Ever since
I started selling on eBay I have made some really good friends and got some
really good feedback.  EVERY bad feedback I got came from bidders of rap
items.  Recently a bidder left me negative (luckily it was removed because
of the racist comments) and he called me a "Stupid fukin Jew Bitch."
Anyway, he talked all this street slang and acted real tough on email.  I
called his house and talked with his mom.  This is what she said "I don't
know why he acts like this.  We are a rich white family and never associate
with black people."  One, his mom was a bigot as race was not the issue.
Two, he is just as bad as his mom by trying to act like someone he is not.
I am not talking about the slang, I am talking about the attitude as if he
was some kind of a hood or something.  He makes Hip-Hop look bad, thus the
record industry makes Hip-Hop what he wants it to be.  This is the Eminem
generation people!

3. The cigarette out the window thing.  It bothers me too.  What if the damn
thing ends up in my car?!

4. (Forgive me Frank Zappa, but this is how I feel!)
People who feel its ok to smoke in front of me and my child at a public
place.  One time I was in line to get something to eat and asked this guy
nicely "would you please not smoke in front of my baby."  He of course said
the usual "its a free country and I will smoke where I please."  I then
lashed back with "Your right, its a free country, and I have the right not
to be forced to breath your smoke.  As you said, its a free country and this
is a democracy and my wife, daughter and I want you to move, so we are the
majority here right?"  I wanted to also point out who's rights are more
violated in this situation.  Think about it.  A smoker not being aloud to
smoke is only an inconvenience, like not being able to have sex in public.
But a person who has no choice but smell the smoke (like in a line at
Disneyland or something) is the one being violated here as the person has
took it upon themselves to put their rights over mine.  I know the smokers
out there wont agree because you probably feel somehow attacked by me, but
Its the same principle as someone feeling they have the right to smoke
crack.  Lets say drugs were legal (which I think they should be) I would not
want someone smoking crack near me either, though I don't give a shit what
they do in the own place!

5. This is getting too long so I will continue the other five sometime in a
later digest.  Here is my final bicker: People who feel they have the right
to touch my child.  Today some chick tried to pick up my baby from her
stroller because she said "oh she is so cute, I just want to hold her"  What
the fuck is wrong with these people?  They are fucking nuts.  People are
just plain nuts or something.  Like I am going to say "Sure, here is my
baby!"  I dont like when they touch her hands either.  Stay the fuck away if
you are one of these people.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 02:57:38 EDT
Subject: Nuts 'n Bolts, Bellz 'n Whistles, Sights 'n Soundz
Message-ID: <>


Picking up on some of the WS soundz...

  LUUUV the clashing unison guitar bend on the intro to ITMWML.  Puts me in
the mood for murdering love!

Boarded Up is really growing on me now.  Not so much as a masterpiece of
songwriting, but rather arranging & production.  The 'Human Alchemy' low
voices are very cool.  (That song!  Leave it to Andy to combine Gregorian
chant with Reggae!)
The mood of this song has been thoroughly discussed, but it's really catching
me now.  Favorite line - "Rats and mice take the center stage".  The image
suddenly jumped out at me tonight!  Videos of the mind....

The "ahh, ahh"'s on the later verses of We're All Light - nice!  Only two at
the beginning of the line, then off while Andy finishes his wordy phrase.
Clever.  And what the hell is that "crunchy pig/frog" sound doing quarter
notes after the last "we're...all....Liyeeet!?"  Just before the last drum
break.  Kinda like, 'croik, croik, croik, croik....'  (Uh, oh, another animal
in the menagerie!)

Standing In For Joe - Ya know, Ed K. hit the nail on the head with this one.
The entire arrangement is a Dukes dumping ground!  It's a Dukes tune!  It's
Barrytown with the Dukes' treatment (not lyrically, of course.)  I mean, I
hear Byrds, Bees, Beatles & Monkees on that instrumental tag (right after he
sings "Standing in for Joe"...)  The great bass walkdown after the middle is
a la Sgt. Pepper.  I can't place that organ ostinato in the background during
the middle, but iiiiit's familiar!  And the verse he sings right after the
middle, where the drums back out - you can almost hear a tape phase kick in,
but it's as if they pulled the punch being afraid it would be too obvious.
Anyway, right after that, the triplet drum lead in .. Itchycoo Park!  The
Faces!!  And so on.  Therein lies the fun of this tune...

My choice for next single:  a coin toss between Playground and We're All

Finally- the other night I dug out my old copy of XTC videos, kicked back
with some brew and pistachios and had a blast.  (I have them up to ES, all
the ones with Terry.)  What a riot seeing This is Pop, Are You Receiving Me,
Nigel and so on again!  Back when Andy and I had hair.  The worst ones were
Life Begins at the Hop (they must have been mortified!) and Generals and
Majors.  G & M starts out OK, but it just devolves into silly wasted footage
of them jumping around in that inflatable castle.  The absolute best ones are
All Of A Sudden and Senses Working Overtime.  What makes them so great
(besides two of Andy's best tunes) is that they stage the band in a studio
performance, and use video tricks and editing strictly to enhance the
performance.  Most of my favorite videos by other artists used that approach.
 Show Me and Middle of the Road (Pretenders); Every Breath You Take; Hold Me
Now (Thompson Twins); quite a few from that period.

Thanks so much Ian for coming to the rescue!  I will be purchasing product
fairly promptly!  Thank God (or Buffalo Bill) for Chalkhills!!!!!!!!

I really wonder what it would take for XTC to do a VH1 Song Stories show - I
know it's been discussed, but I have some ideas...more on a later post.

Tom (Kisss me, now, Kissss me nnnoww!) Kingston


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 03:41:52 -0400
From: arthur james virgin <>
Subject: Tchad + Japan XTC
Message-ID: <>

Ben Said:
>Froom and Tchad Blake's production fits Newman perfectly.  (By the way --
> did anyone notice that Tchad Blake produced Pearl Jam's latest album?)

yeah, and the album Try Whistling This by Neil Finn.
i've always been a huge fan of Froom/Blake when they were crankin' out those
incredible Crowded House albums (especially Temple of Low Men...)  and let's
not forget Elvis' Brutal Youth (which he engineered).

Tchad's personal site is:
his resume reads like a who's who of GREAT music....

i received my Japanese version of WS today (hmmm, only took almost 3 months
:-)  it was worth it for the tasty extra book of Andy + Colin's drawings...
very cool... i'm not sure why america doesn't get the Jewel Cases that Japan
has... i'm talking about the "clasp" that holds the inner ring of CD.  the
american ones have those shitty little prongs that stick up that inevitably
get broken off one by one till' the CD won't stay in.  the one i received
from Japan has a MUCH nicer way of dealing with that nasty problem.



Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 02:50:02 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: ***I resign as clown***
Message-ID: <002301bfd382$09452980$93730a3f@default>

*I've found it!

The perfect way of expressing sarcasm or difference in tone for the point of
politically incorrect and intentionally offensive scribbles.

The asterick! *

Now, in Breakfast of Champions, Kurt Vonnegut draws this little squiggle to
show what an *sshole looks like. We could use this design to let all the
*ssholes know when we're joshing. Also, we could use it to let everyone know
that the writer is in fact an *sshole. Like myself for instance.

*Joseph Easter is an *sshole*

See how that works? Just enclose your sardonic or offcolor comment within
the astericks and everyone will know when we're fooling around. That way, no
one will misunderstand our posts and we can just get along absolutely
famously.* (Were those two adverbs in a row? Oops I think they were!) *

So far I have enclosed several sentences as well as the entire body of the
message within astericks. Perhaps if the entire body is already marked, an
asterick can note that a person is speaking back in his normal voice.

In regards to my offensive post, I do not think of women as "pieces." My
post was attempting but obviously failing at intentional humor. Regrets to
those alienated, for what it's worth.

Having said all that...I like Depeche Mode. I hate Flock of Seagulls and XTC
is still and will always be one of the best bands EVER. NIN is not even in
the same ballpark. But pursuant to my convoluted message, NIN has it's

The next album's title should be....(drum roll)

*Death Watch Beatle Band*

Look, he did it again! Damn that Easter. I hope somebody body slams him! Do
you Brits know what a body slam is? *It's kind of like a horse*

He did it again! You meddling kids!

Further more, having the new album has led to a new obsession with the band
and last night *while macking* I listened to Skylarking through WS all the
way through to get a feel for the evolution and to understand where WS came
from. A strange thing happened. I actually started to dislike WS a little.
Also, I realized what a real piece *of ass* of work O&L was/is. Formerly, it
wasn't high on my agenda to listen to. But now, it has become my fave. At
least for today.

I think WS is best thought of as a supplement and not a full album. It sort
of fits better in my mental construction that way. *Whoa, did he say what I
thought he said? I bet he did.*

Also, put "All Right Now" by Free on the Evil Jukebox list. I programmed it
five times tonight at the Rialto and it really did the trick. Furthermore
and lastly, S. Sondheim is the bomb. Whoever hates the musicals is cracked
out. Listen to "Follies" to understand the depth you can explore in this
media. One of his overlooked masterpieces due to it's excessively large
cast. Try "Pacific Overtures," we're talking high art here. *Go crack out
somewhere else*

Alright mates, let me have it.

*Your lover* Mr. Easter.

PS *Tanya is really not happy, just letting you know.*


Date: Sat, 10 Jun 2000 23:20:23 -0700
From: "May O'Mahoney" <>
Subject: Mayonnaise.......we're all eatin' mayonnaise...
Message-ID: <>

Ken wrote:

"It's simply amazing how much access musicians allow the press into their
private lives these days."

Oh yes.  I'm sure the "Musician Marketing To-Do List" looks something like

1) Approximately two to three memorable orgies to allude to during the
interview so that interviewer and interviewee can have a knowing snicker

2) One, but better yet TWO bouncebacks from drugs and alcohol.  A
reference to God and how "He helped me through it.." is also worth a few
golden points.

3) Two to three marriages involving famous people - extra bonus points for
"supermodels" and "record producers".  A must to expose kinky bedroom
habits of said ex-spouses.

4)  Pet names for vibrators and/or blow-up dolls.

5)  Size and color of daily deposits.

(Knowing snicker.)

Radios In Motion Wrote:

"I personally love all woman and would not mind if we had Miss Indian
America and Miss Itilian America, or Miss Jewish Princess and so on.  Just
bring on the ladies, and the less amount of clothes the better!"


Debora Brown responded:

Mr. Easter, I had a little trouble with this line-

<<Also, it's okay for Colin to be macking with Joe's piece.>>

..err, piece of what?  piece of cake? piece of real estate? piece of
eight?.. just what exactly do you mean?

Oh! I get it.. Joe's 'piece' is his girlfriend...  a woman is a 'piece',
according to your statement..

 Apparently not all the imbeciles are in L.A.-

Debora, I hate to tell you this but..........


Yours Truly,

- May OH Naise!


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 07:58:11 -0400
Subject: The Orchid Show/Opens this week in New York
Message-ID: <39434693.29825.1483FDA2@localhost>

Dear Chalkhillers,

We are writing to let you know about the upcoming World premiere
of The Orchid Show, a new production by
choreographer/writer/director, Neta Pulvermacher and The Neta
Company, which will open this week at The Kitchen in NYC.  The
Orchid Show is a labor of love to the music of XTC and the Orchid
people of this universe.  XTC songs featured in the show are: River
Of Orchids, Frivolous Tonight, Fruit Nut, I Can't Own Her, I'd Like
That, Knight In Shining Karma, Harvest Festival, War Dance, and
The Last Balloon, in addition to a hilarious song written by The
Neta Company on the XTC instrumental track, Frost Circus: titled,
One Day A Gentleman. The New York Times recently wrote of the
company:  "Radiant dancers...witty, pretty - nutty dance with style
and pizzaz.."  Do-not miss this great show!!!! only one week in New
York.  June 15-18,2000 8pm and  June 18th at 3pm.   The show
also features video animation of the XTC song titles by videoartists,
Karen Dunn and Katya Moorman.  For tickets call The Kitchen
box office: (212)255-5793 Ext#11.   See you all there.

Jason Marchant

The Neta Dance Company


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 01:09:06 -0700
From: David van Wert <>
Subject: Re: quick question
Message-ID: <p04310100b568f8dfebdd@[]>

At 10:41 AM -0700 6/10/00, Diamond <> wrote:
>This might have already been asked once, but does anyone know why Colin
>is listed first in the liner notes for AV1. I mean, I was under the
>impression that they both consider Andy to be the main bandleader. So
>why was he second? Any thoughts?

maybe they just went alphabetically.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 04:42:21 EDT
Subject: Newman and Froom
Message-ID: <>

Ben Gott's questions:
>Anyone else on the list listen to Randy Newman?  Do we
know if Partsy listens to Randy Newman?<

    The only thing I can remember Andy saying about Randy Newman was in
relation to the "James and the Giant Peach" deal.  I recall him saying that
Newman got the contract with Disney just because he was the
"flavour-of-the-month."  It didn't seem to be complimentary all though in
that context it is hardly conclusive.
    Thanks for writing about the box-set as I have been thinking about
picking up some Newman's stuff and didn't know where to begin.
      Ben also wrote about Mitchell Froom and Tchad Blake which are two of
the greatest producers out there.  Almost everything they record is worth
listening to.  I really dig their work with old Crowded House stuff.  It
would be cool to see them produce XTC.  I think they could bring out a more
natural & atmospheric vibe that would be quite a contrast to the last few
albums.  They would have done wonders with AV1!
    On a separate subject.  I'm beginning to suspect that Joseph Easter may
be completely off his rocking horse.  I also have a theory that Joseph Easter
may be a clever alter-ego decoy created by none other than our own
Mischievous Molly.  Sorry, Molly I gotta vote with the guy who said chat
rooms offense I hope:)


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 21:12:17 -0700
From: "Periwinkle" <>
Subject: Sunday morning juvenile humour
Message-ID: <002001bfd424$66487900$0841d040@p8t0x1>

My son was fooling around this morning and found a site that "translates"
websites into different dialects (your choice of cockney, redneck, swedish
chef etc.).  I tried it out on Chalkhills on the Todd Bernhardt interview
with Andy and got quite a chuckle (the url is below).

 If you want to try it out yourself, this is the address:



Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 09:12:12 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Forward Into The Past
Message-ID: <003901bfd3a6$af600280$94e49cd1@Brian>


> For the record...The really cool stuff from the 80's was made by XTC, the
> dB's, NRBQ, Kate Bush, Tom Waits, The Jazz Butcher, Frank Zappa, and a few
> others that I can't think of right now.

Oingo Boingo to add, in my book.

-Brian Matthews


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 08:10:10 EDT
Subject: xtc chatting is a bit of fun!
Message-ID: <>

 But there were only about 12 or 13 of us in attendance.  I don't know
 if I should have been The Difappointed or just sad that there weren't
 more people there.  Instead, I didn't sweat it.  I had fun, that's
 what counts.

    -- John >>

 Yeah, but these dozen/bakers dozen of people could have been the total , or
near total of all people who could reasonably have made it to the
planetarium. A great turnout!

   In Molly's case, 4 out of  1200 +/- who could have reasonably made it did
so. Hey, it is true some of us only have access to computers at work, and the
time is not right for many of you. some just do not like to chat, like radios
in motion from the same digest as this relphian quote. Hey, I'll be 40 this
year, and it was with a great deal of trepidation that I went to my first xtc
chat, it seems like a teenybopperish thing to do. But I figured,"hey its xtc,
fer chrissakes ( "For christs ache" also seems to make sense) .So I went and
enjoyed it.

 Molly... please ,I don't mean to pick on you, but...It is very possible that
some do not go to your chats BECAUSE they are "YOURS"!  This fact almost kept
me away, indeed it did from the first few, but, if you build it, they will
come... In closing... Anyone who has considered trying the listening party
(fence-straddlers) try it out!  Once anyways... it is sort of fun, you get
some more immediate feedback  to your xtc opinions, (than via chalkhills)
lots of joking/awful punning only takes as long as the cd, so it is no
great time commitment... to me it is an online supplemental xtc experiance...
hope to see a lot more of us there !

 If any of you have more good reasons why you don't try it, please e-mail me
privately, as i'd really like to know why!  (fwiw, the chat molly does not
come across as the "chalkhills posting" molly) there's nothing to be afraid

    eddie st.martin    (aka "DELL" at xtc listening party)


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 13:18:28 EDT
Subject: Andy & Randy
Message-ID: <>

Ben Gott notes -

>Also -- I've been on a Randy Newman kick lately.  In fact, I just ordered
>the 4-CD box set that Rhino put out two years ago, and "Bad Love" hasn't
>left my CD player.  Anyone else on the list listen to Randy Newman?  Do we
>know if Partsy listens to Randy Newman?  It seems that they share a
>similar...cynicism...toward society and toward religion.  he songwriting is

I'm CRAZY about Randy!  Sail Away is one of my faves.  It wouldn't surprise
me at all if Andy was fond of Newman.  I agree with your point about their
similarities, but that's only when Andy is being cynical.  (Like ITMWML).
Andy is given to flights of fancy and compassion a little more openly.  It
seems that Randy is always cynical.  He isn't always, really, but he's set
such a track record that you can't always tell!  Randy is the undisputed
champ of toungue in cheek satire.  Short People says it all, you know?  I
love songwriters like that - others I would compare to is the team of Fagen /
Becker of Steely Dan, (although it's probably mostly Fagen) and Mose Allison.

I assume that the box set you're refering to is 'Guilty - 30 years of Randy
Newman'.  If so, where is Bad Love?  I didn't see it listed.  Or is that a
lyric from a tune of another name?  I don't recognize it.  All the same, I
recommend it very highly as well, although Sail Away is a must!!  (Ben, if
you don't have it, make it your next RN purchase!)

Tom (That's why I love mankind!) K.


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 10:20:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: I've got your number now...
Message-ID: <>

Mr. Strijbos asks:
Think again: which crime would be almost perfectly
shielded by an all-consuming passion for all things
related to XTC ?

Are you secretly CEO of Virgin Records?


Date: Sun, 11 Jun 2000 18:14:02 +0100
From: Belinda Blanchard <>
Subject: Balls & Chain
Message-ID: <>

Just got off the phone with the Dutch Old Master
(hohohohohoho) and had a blast at him about the
following :

"Oops! Sorry, Moll, gotta retract that invitation. Just
got off the blower with my English wife and she's
wasn't sounding very happy. as you can see above,
she's suscribing to the list too ! just my luck, eh?
fancy the odds..."

There's one thing cheating on your wife, but quite
another when he starts chatting up women on the same
damn listings you subscribe to.

Get back here - you're late for yer supper. And bring
some of those nice plants you insisted I put in the
cake last time you came over.

They call me mello Hello!



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