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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 162

                   Friday, 9 June 2000


      Partridge Interview in Guitar Player Magazine
              didn't hurt a bitter, twisted
                   J.S. Greenman..oops!
                       A fair cop?
Chalkhills subscribers are like opinions; there just aren't as many
                  Re: No Objective Truth
                        Carrie Ann
            Falling off the edge of the world
               If you let them push you...
           RE: Arrrgh, to many Chalkhills . . .
                    programming in WS
Not what I meant Molly, sorry to do that... and other stuff for the rest of 
                  my tuppence on Gregsy
                  Regarding Snakefinger
                    Another One? Yep!


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Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 19:17:24 -0700
From: Fano Guitars <>
Subject: Partridge Interview in Guitar Player Magazine
Message-ID: <>

Have you gotten the July issue of Guitar Player magazine yet?  If not,
then you haven't read the interview or seen the great shot of Andy
Partridge playing his Fano Partridge guitar.  Visit for a preview of the photo...then run out and buy
a copy!

IF you haven't already done so, please sign our guestbook.



Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 20:15:28 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: didn't hurt a bitter, twisted
Message-ID: <000701bfd1c0$f9923d60$3ab59fce@default>


This may be the crab-puffs talking, but Colin's DHAB reminds me of a Pete
Townsend tune.

Wes "Honey, the folks at Chalkhills say I need a new stereo, ok" Hanks


Date: Thu, 8 Jun 2000 20:11:29 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: J.S. Greenman..oops!
Message-ID: <>

Hey everybody!

...Man, oh man, did I have a brain fart... not to worry, my lovey already
raked me over the coals about the Joy Joy thing... the Greenman melody
sounds like the 'Joy of Man's Desiring'  from Bach, NOT 'Ode To Joy' from
Beethoven's 9th.... oooww, my face is a darling shade of crimson right
now... o.k., so it was a joy, just not the right one...
I sat, slack jawed, in front of the speakers while my dearest played both
masters back to back... I even got the Apollo 100 single out and listened to
it... it's ..ahem, fashioned after the Bach piece.
If you need me, I'll just be over there in the damp, dark corner, facing the

Debora 'tears of shame rolled down my face' Brown

..if you still simply must slag me, aim below the belt, wouldya?


Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 21:05:07 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: A fair cop?
Message-ID: <>


A quick request: in a local 2nd hand shop I spotted several XTC 3"CD singles
for sale, including 'The Loving', 'Mayor of Simpleton' and "King For A Day"
in the crown-shaped package.

They are asking AU$40 (about US$2.50 :p ) each for them - is this fair or am
I being ripped off?



Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 23:44:03 -0500
From: JH3 <>
Subject: Chalkhills subscribers are like opinions; there just aren't as many
Message-ID: <002e01bfd1cd$57a81f80$>

Dan "Dan Wiencek" Wiencek writes:

>Look, can we call an end to this "your opinions are only opinions"
>rigamarole? <snip> I will even propose that the acronym "IMHO" is
>unnecessary and should be discouraged on the list. We are all adults,
>or nearly adults; we don't need training wheels anymore. All of us
>have enough basic intelligence to distinguish between a statement
>of fact and a statement of opinion. The only purpose of "IMHO" is
>to avoid hurting other people's feelings, and I don't need my
>feelings protected, and neither should anyone else.

No more "IMHO's"? What a great idea! AWESOME!!!

So, let me be the first to take advantage of the new rules by stating
the completely obvious and self-evident fact that "Go 2" is not only the
best album XTC ever made, but, in truth, the greatest album ever made
by anyone, ever. Those who fail to recognize this are, quite simply, not
properly connected to the real world! In a word, they're all just plain
WRONG! What's more, people who make outrageous and uninformed
statements like "Go 2 and White Music are indistinguishable from each
other" or "Go 2 is a 'new-wave' album" must obviously have never heard
it or anything even remotely like it, and are, for whatever inexplicable
reason, simply regurgitating utter and complete falsehoods spread by
anti-XTC pranksters for their own selfish and petty amusement.

Thanks... I always wanted to get that off my chest!

John H. Hedges


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 01:29:35 EDT
Subject: Re: No Objective Truth
Message-ID: <>

Oh Damian,

    How can you say there is no objective truth which such certainty?
Sounds like you objectively believe there is no objective truth.

    And that is an incorrect inference to draw from Quantum theory.
All it really shows is that we do not fully understand the properties
of very very small entities that exhibit some attributes of a wave and
some as a particle.  It doesn't change the fact that if you don't
breathe you will die.

    Opinions are subjective, reality is not.

Brett Reeves

"That kind of crap pisses me off"-Me


Date: Thu, 08 Jun 2000 22:04:26 -0800
From: Patrick M Adamek <>
Subject: Carrie Ann
Message-ID: <>

In #157 Tyler Hewitt wrote:

Carrie Ann by the Hollies (if you don't know that
song, think British invasion-early '60's British pop).

Sure I do.  In fact, it was origianally titled "Mary Anne" as in
Marianne Faithful (to whom the song was written).  I've loved that song
for years!
************************************************** wrote in #158:

1)What is the one word, which, if correctly spelled, is pronounced

  2)Which word is always spelled correctly?

  3)Which word is always misspelled?

  4)What is the longest word in the english language?

  5)Which three words are always pronounced right?

My attempt at answers: 1) wrong  2) correctly 3) misspelled 4) language
5) write, right and rite

XTC Content: could someone post what an axis mundi is?  Another
Chalkhiller got the answer off list but the rest of us did not!  Thanks



Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 17:08:57 +1000
From: "Kimball, Duncan" <>
Subject: Falling off the edge of the world
Message-ID: <>

Harrison, Joe etc:

I am well aware that certain members of the 'scientific' (and I use the word
advisedly) elite in the ancient world hypothesised that the world was round.
Nevertheless, MOST people believed the world to be flat until so recently
that it scares me. (Some people STILL think its flat!) I just didn't feel
like letting the facts get in the way of a joke, OK. :p

Ed K's -- I loved your production musings, especially this bit:

	>I think one of the things that always appealed to me in a lot of
	>psychedelia was a result of ambitious production hitting the
ceiling of the
	>limitations of the technology of the time.

Well said!!

(Unfortunately I think Lenny Kravitz took it too literally!)

Re: Love, I have to differ. I know they were hugely influential, and I've
tried to like them, but something about this band just doesn't click with
me. Maybe I wasn't stoned when I listened to it. I bought Forever Changes,
listened, experienced NO life-altering effect, sold it within the week.
Another Grate-ful Dead moment I'm afraid. I was disapppointed, cos I really
like most West Coast stuff of that era. I just think it's another case of
musical Emperor's New Clothes. IMHO!!

Bob O'Bannon  -- lighten up! It's a SONG for crissakes! (You weren't by any
chance one of those people who threw eggs at Randy Newman were you?) I
hereby sentence you to look up the word "persona" your dictionary. (FYI -
"Saving Private Ryan" is not a documentary.)

To Seb and others - sorry if I trod on your toes re: Depeche Mode, and I
know this only MY opinion, but they have always really bugged the hell out
of me. Like The Musical, their origin and purpose is still a total mystery.
I place them in the same general category as bands like Korn. It's just what
Andy talked about in the JJJ interview -- songwriters who only write "1%
emotional spectrum" songs. I just don't believe anyone's life can be that
negative all the time, in which case their music is fake. If they in fact
ARE on such a downer all the time ... well go and see a therapist, baby, and
stop bleating about it. Either way they shit me.

It's like silverchair ... moan moan moan ... 'my life is so miserable' ..
'I'm so young and rich and famous and skinny and white and good-looking and
lonely and unhappy'  ... God almighty, the Small Faces were just as young,
just as dumb and had the exact opposite of the dream run silverchair have
enjoyed. That whining brat Daniel Johns is a multimillionaire, while poor
old Steve and Ronnie went to their graves never having seen a single cent of
the tens of millions of pounds squeezed out of them by Decca and Immediate.
They had more problems in five years that Danny Boy has had in his whole
selfish life, but you didn't hear them crapping on about it. They just got
on with the show and had fun. The sooner some rock musicians forget about
being "artists" and remember that they are ENTERTAINERS, the better I'll
like it.

>So what if Dave Gahan is a junkie? So is Steve Kilbey from The Church. And
countless other creative souls from all fields!

Oh well let me be the first to congratulate them on their positive lifestyle
choice. Sorry, but I'm TOTALLY sick of people who glorify and/or apologise
for their own or anyone else's smack habit. It's stupid and destructive and
anyone who gets into it deserves everything they get. Sorry but there's just
no excuse in my book. You'd have to be five years old or certifiably
retarded not to know how bad that shit is. I have no respect for them AT
ALL, and in that regard, Kilbey and Gahan are equally stupid ... but at
least you don't see Kilbey babbling on in Q about "my drug hell". In fact
you don't see Kilbey in Q at all. (Which is part of my point. The Church
could eat Depeche Mode for breakfast and still not feel hungry, yet the
Angloamerigo-centric music press avoid Australian music like we have

>Oh and Davo is a baritone,like Steve and me, so I *have* to defend him from
scurrilous rumour and innuendo.

If we're talking baritones I'll vote for the guy from The Triffids any day.
Regardless of his range, Dave Gahan sings like a constipated drunken bank
clerk in a karaoke bar.

(pardon me while I douse myself in petrol - it'll save you some time)

* * *

Iain Murray sez:

>.....a spray from Dunks:
>>Depeche f***ing Mode?? Could you possibly have found a band I despise


You've been using the Defence Department's secret mind-probe again, haven't

* * *
Joe Easter gets ominous:

>Brett, Duncan, etc. I harbor no animosity towards anyone for their
>However, I have to let you know that although my girlfriend Tonya (Harding)
>thinks that XTC is a pansy lovers band, she will go the length of the world
>to defend our honor together. Only if she weren't on that pesky

OK OK -- tell Tonya I was just kidding. (Just don't tell her where I live. I
haven't yet mastered the triple axle, and winter has only just begun.)

BTW Joe are you any relation to Mitch Easter? Or Father Christmas?

Thanks for the line "drunken macking with a barely legal doll". (Gee, you
learn a new one every day on this list.) However the relevance of the Los
Angeles thesis (a little overused, I have to say) is tenuous. I disagree
that it was created by imbeciles. Run and inhabited by some imbeciles, sure.

I try to keep an open mind (not always easy in the face of global stupidity)
and I do have an ego (reconditioned, low-mileage, some minor panelbeating
required) but I try not to let one get in the way of the other too much. Do
I succeed? Probably not.

* * *
Brett Reeves: PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE not the "CD vs LP" debate again, I beg

* * *
I totally agree with Paul Culnane. That Canberra Times review is the biggest
load of shit I've read since Jack Marx's pustulous "biography" of Stevie
Wright. It reveals nothing except the ignorance of the author. The guy
evidently skimmed a few pages of Jimmy Webb's book and thinks he know
everything about songwriting. Bollocks to him.

* * *
From: "Brian Young" <>
Subject: Steely Dan

>I saw Steely Dan play on Tuesday night. Since I've seen a number of posts
>regarding their latest album on this list, below is the setlist:

You bastard!!!!! I hate you (sob sob sob)

* * *

From: Lawson Dominic


>Well, INXS were pretty ****ing dreadful...a piss poor version of late Gang
>Of Four in fact, so awful AND sacrilegious...

Well, I guess that's getting my own back isn't it? I'm not a dyed in the
wool INXS fan, and I'm sure they outlived their welcome -- but they did have
some damn good moments IMO. OK I know this is a bit of home-town barracking,
but I think the Gang of Four comparison is off-target Dom. INXS were well
established here LONG before anyone had ever heard Gang of Four, I can
assure you.

At the risk of being laughed at (moi??) may I recommend Michael Hutchence's
solo album, released after his death. I was prepared for a load of boring
rockist posturing and got an fine album that both delighted and saddened me.
One listen makes it glaringly obvious that he should have ditched the
Farriss Bros long ago, and found his own space. INXS's recent cringeworthy
participation in a recent Aussie "all-star" (sic) musical tribute to His
Royal High Exaltedness Tim Rice cemented my opinion that the backing band,
not the singer, was the problem in that group. (Don't cry for me, Marge and
Tina. The truth is, I never met you.)

As for Paula ... the old Aussie expression "mad as a cut snake" comes to
mind. A sad sad story when you know what really happened (e.g. it is not
well known that just before he split with Helena Christensen, he had a
serious motorbike crash and the  resultant head injuries apparently caused a
drastic personality change.)

>seriously, it's almost worth going to see them just to remind
>yourself why drummers should never be allowed to start their own bands.

Funnily enough, I was in my local 2nd-hand CD store last night and he was
playing Ringo's "Beaucoup of Blues". If you don't know it, that's the solo
LP he made back in about 1969, with the producer and the session cats from
Dylan's "Nashville Skyline" (Charlie Daniels, Charlie McCoy, etc). While not
a really a country music fan at all, I was pleasantly surprised. Ringo's
much-criticised voice is really right for the material and I must say was
absolutely knocked out by one particular track "$15 Draw" which really kicks
arse and features some incredible acoustic guitar work. Well worth a listen.

Duncan (Love Me, Love My Dog) Kimball


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 03:32:50 EDT
Subject: If you let them push you...
Message-ID: <>

Coupla notes (C# or Bb?)

>This pure guesswork but I'm willing to bet a few bucks that it is not a
>real Theremin; the sound is very similar but IMHO the frequency is
>much too regular and in tune...
>Something that is nigh impossible to achieve with a Theremin

I agree, Mark.  However, it could be a sample of a thermin!  This would
account for the (very realistic) tone, yet would allow for the pitch control
through the controller keyboard.  Very much like the mellotron samples that
have been used recently.

Andy doesn't play like Dave... but geetar does not a song make.
Andy does a song make, and fine ones at that.  (-Brian Matthews)

Bravo!  Well said!  Great anti-Kingstonian reduction!  "What I meant to say

>Yeah, I guess, but even the 'poppy' songs such as the ones you mentioned even
>have a lot of substance and intelligence.  By andy's standards, ITMWML has
>very little of either.  Plus, why must 'poppy music be 'stupid?'; an argument
>that many seem to use.  (matt mitchell)

Hmmm...As deep as Mayor of Simpleton?  Didn't I just call ITMWML brilliant?
Isn't that the opposite of "stupid"?  What we have here is a case of Oranges
and Lemons!   All contention aside, I find that the message behind ITMWML is
quite deep.  It's  basically the same as All Of A Sudden (one of my alltime
faves).  Love is a fragile thing, especially love for life and humanity.  If
we're not careful, we'll loose it.  In All Of A Sudden he warns that 'we'll
find the cupboards bare...we'll find that we've lost love".  And who better
to do this mercy killing that one of it's greatest proponents?
It's All Of A Sudden with a dark twist!  The meaning is bleak, but the horror
of it is blunted by the incredibly funny lyrics!  "He was begging on his
bended knee".  "All the cheering angels shook my hand..."  "...Putting
statues up in every park".  And the punchline at the end.  Dark humour at
it's best!  Very challenging!  And all on top of an unstoppably up, catchy
rockin' tune!  But stupid?  Well, stupid is as stupid does!  (Would you like
a chocolate?)  It may make some people uncomfortable with it's subject and
it's metaphoric candor.  But I feel there's a lot going on with this tune.
If you feel otherwise, so be it.

<PS: Oh yeah "Hey Kingstunes - nice comeback!" My mother is passed on
<now though so she can't stick her army boots up your ass.

Dear Mr. Rosenberg.  I deeply apologize if you were offended.  I'm certain
that your mother was a wonderful human being, as was my deceased mother.  I
meant no disrespect to her.  And I'm quite certain she could knock me off my
axis mundi!
This is not a good start to our relationship as fellow Chalkhillers, and I
would like very much to air this out and bury the hatch.  I am here to have
fun and to share my experiences, my knowledge and my opinions about XTC and
related issues.  I really don't want to go where this could head, and I don't
think any of the other readers would, either.  So I will say my piece and let
it go.
I found your comments regarding my "verbosity" hurtful, unnecessary, mean
spirited and condescending.  I reacted as anyone would who felt their
character was being threatened.  How would YOU have felt if you were
scrolling along and you saw what you wrote about me, only it was about you?
I apologize if my postings gave you such consternation as to have to lambast
my usage of the language.  Maybe for you, sitting alone at your keyboard,
it's the most awful drek you've ever seen.  But so what?  I'm not out to
capture any prizes.  This is Chalkhills, not Nobel!  You may not like how I
say something, but that's my perogative.  Unfortunately for you, I do not
plan to alter what I might post and how I might say it to suit your whims.
So, since we have to deal with each other, I suggest that we get along.  I
have apologized.  It would balance the equation if you did the same, but,
barring that, we can agree to at least be civil.  You respect my right to say
what I want however I want to, and I will respect your right to disagree.
And vice versa.  But stick to the subject!  Who gives a rat's a** if I say it
like Oscar Wlide or George W. Bush?  OK??  Deal??

Now excuse me, but I have to get back to page 12 of someone else's post....

"Marked by the masters, and bruised by the bulllies in the Playground"

Verbously yours, in a Kingstonian way,
Tom K.  Hey, Hey!


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 10:50:05 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: Arrrgh, to many Chalkhills . . .
Message-ID: <>

Only joking, here's Smudger's once a week (ish) digest of things that
caught his diversely-wandering attention in this weeks posts. For what it's
worth - which is probably nothing.


Eddie st.martin asked "what is Mr. Sting rhyming "spiritus moon-di" with?"
Errrm, "if we share, this nightmare, we can dream . . . spiritus mindi".
Well it probably means something to him!

ps. Eddie's pronunciation quiz.

  1)What is the one word, which, if correctly spelled, is pronounced wrong?
        "Wrong" perchance?
  2)Which word is always spelled correctly?
        That would be "correctly" wouldn't it?
  3)Which word is always misspelled?
        Get the drift yet?
  4)What is the longest word in the english language?
        See where this is going . . ?
  5)Which three words are always pronounced right?
        Enough, already!!

Joe Easter said "It is without doubt or controversy that XTC is the
world's best pop band (next to Flock of Seagulls and Nine Inch
Nails)". Nine Inch Nails.  Hmmm, OK! Sorry Joe, but Trent Reznor is more
in need of a good kicking than even his "aren't we hard and dangerous" pal
Marilyn Manson. Oh, and Joe if you were being sarcastic, I've just done a
Molly - sorry mate, have a :-) on me.

As a chance to get back at me, I'll freely admit that I regard Violator by
DM as one of the best albums of the 90's.

Dom said "Yeah, but Iron Maiden are number one in Greece so it's not all
bad news....". Hey Dom, ever noticed how all the photos placed in reviews
of Iron Maiden still dig out that one band shot circa 1985-ish, with Bruce
wearing his yellow rubber skin-tight pants, while grinning (gurning) like
a yokel.  Doesn't do 'em many favours does it?

Damien Wise helped us understand that "Actually it is patently obvious
from the physical interpretations of current Quantum Mechanic Theory that
the whole universe is subjective at best". Thanks Damien - what you mean
is "we're all light" - yes?

In 6-155 Jan Carol said she got the vid and not the sound on Hey Jan, I got the sound and not the vid. We should get our
PCs to do lunch!

In 6-157 Brian Matthews said he never saw "Congo". You lucky, lucky, LUCKY
bar steward.

Alright, enough silly responses, here's some other silly stuff:

The much-discussed solo on CoW. I bloody love it - one euphemism rarely
attributed to Andy is understated. Well, on this he's as understated as
. .  .oh, some really understated thing! Love it. I do, I love it. Honest.

More on-digest squabbling about demos. Have the nay and yea sayers ever
stopped to think that there's another (probably very large) sub-group out
here?  That is, those frustrated souls who would LOVE to hear the demos,
but never get them, not being in the "inner sanctum" of those either in
the know or with stuff to trade.

To those of who who say the demos spoil it, I have one answer - give them
to me - all of them. That will kill two birds with one stone won't it?

Colin's bass playing comes in for fulsome praise and rightly so - if
you're still unsure, listen to One of The Millions.

And finally (honest), here's a funny little story (yeah, I know "funny" is
subjective).  I met an old friend for a drink last night. Having been a
lovely sunny day in Croydon, we decided to sit at one of the few outside
tables the pub had.

Around 10pm, one of the staff came out and informed us that they were one
of the few pubs in the town with a licence to serve drinks outside, but
that licence was only valid until 10pm - so would we kindly move indoors.

Yes folks, for the first time in my life, last night I was kicked INTO a

Ain't life grand?



Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:59:40 +0000 (GMT)
From: <>
Subject: programming in WS
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,
Al last WS has been released in France. No promo single,
but a coocking vinyl sampler is given up at selected stores
While listenning to the cd, I first noticed the massive
use drum machines especially in Stupidly happy and My Brown guitar.
Isn't it the first time they use programming ?
see you


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 07:27:57 -0700 (PDT)
From: nross <>
Subject: Not what I meant Molly, sorry to do that... and other stuff for the
Message-ID: <>

rest of ya.
Okay, Molly... granted, my post came out more angry than I meant and I
did push you in a corner somehow, which I knew I was doing... but I
wanted you to post why you liked XTC. I know you can do that, you have
a nice web page... you can write . I thought it would give you a chance
to speak on something other than the sarcasm kick.

And... although I find it amazing that you find it hard to understand
written sarcasm, I must admit that I'm slow on understanding verbal
sarcasm. And, actually, people often miss my verbal sarcasm. So, I
don't think its a big deal you don't get it when its written on the
screen of your computer. I did wonder if you caught it in the songs,
because I'd think it would be a shame if you missed it.

What bothers me about your posting on the subject is not that you
missed the sarcasm, its that, afterwards you went on about how we
should all put smiley faces and "just kiddings" throughout our
messages. Actually, you could have been joking there, and I missed the
sarcasm... but I think you were serious. Why does that drive me nuts? I
dunno, cause I'm a snot, maybe.

Anyway, the point of my last post was not to make you feel bad, and I'm
very sorry if it did. It was to get people to see that you actually
appreciate XTC and can express it.

With that said, I'll move on to Wasp Star:

What most amazes me about WS is that, when I listen to the songs, I'm
not paying attention to the words (except for TWATMP). Its the first
time the words fade for me and the music stands on its own.  At first,
this bothered me, because I like XTC for the lyrics (and the music, but
mostly the lyrics grab me). Then, I relaxed and thought "what the hell,
I enjoy it". But, the words, of course, are good too. They just didn't
grab me as much.

I don't think I'm the man is nearly as good as Mayor of Simpleton. The
Mayor of Simpleton was written more as a conversation, than as a rhyme.
For this reason, I think the lyrics flowed with the music in such a way
that the song was both effective and enjoyable. With I'm the man, the
lyrics seem more obviously rhymed. This makes the lyrics less
effective, it sounds forced... less like thought. The music, on the
other hand, is comparable to Mayor. This is opinion, of course.

Hey, I don't think Standing in for Joe was meant to be lighthearted.
Perhaps I'll write more detail on this, but right now I must get back
to work so I'll shorten it. I'll merely state that I think you all need
to listen to what is said and what is not stated in Colin's songs. What
is not stated is purposely not stated. He keeps the wording to a
minimum. He's making you think a bit. Think, for chrissake!

-okay, thats it for now,

Nicole's internet music station:


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:08:09 -0400
From: Jude Hayden <>
Subject: my tuppence on Gregsy
Message-ID: <>

On Wed, 7 Jun 2000 08:43:26 -0500
"Damian Wise (Foulger)" <> said:

"I do like Wasp Star, but I ... notice ... that many of the songs seem to
start with a guitar riff which continues blantantly, loudly through the
whole song...  Has anyone else noticed this, or is it just me?"

It's not just you, Damian.  I mean, I really like WS- it has grown on me as
all XTC usually do, slowly at first until - WHAMMO!  I love it more than,
say, solid gold Hostess "ho-hos."

BUT... what I think this record is really lacking in Dave's absence is
interesting guitar noodling.  It's not a slam against Andy (and for what
it's worth, I honestly can't believe that some people who have followed XTC
for any length of time are surprised by Andy's guitar skills.  Just listen
to the guitar work on the 2 pre-Gregory albums-  that is the work of an
EXTREMELY capable, innovative guitarist.  The guy just rocks!).

Dave, however, added a lot of interesting guitar figures, all the time, in
nearly every song.  Andy (on this record anyway) seems to say "Well, I've
got my riff and I'm sticking to it!"  It's still great stuff, but it's
missing that extra dimension Dave added.  Andy's a terrific player, but Dave
is the cleanest, most fluid guitarist I can think of in a "pop" band; he's
just phenomenal.

See ya-


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 06:34:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: The Colonel <>
Subject: Regarding Snakefinger
Message-ID: <>

I remember Snakefinger (vaguely), but I know "Smelly
Tongues" better as the version which appeared on "Meet
The Residents." Definitely one of the more listenable
(if you can call it that) tracks on the record. I
suggest you check out the Residents if you haven't

As for Wasp Star, I haven't been able to find a copy
here in Indy yet. But I ordered it online and I should
have it in my player TODAY!!!! Yippee.

The Colonel


Date: Fri, 9 Jun 2000 09:40:23 -0400
From: "Martin, Alan" <>
Subject: Another One? Yep!
Message-ID: <>

I'm going to throw my one "sense" worth onto the review pile for AV2!  I was
able to hear all of the demos for the album and I believe that the album is
a vast improvement over them.  But I must say that the demos were very good.
I have enjoyed reading all of the reviews so far.  Keep them coming.

Playground - An excellent opener with a great melody and driving drum work.
I especially like the rolling "fuzzy warble" treatment of the vocals at the
end of each verse.  My favorite lyrical moment from the song: "School is
out, but never over.  That's the only lesson you can learn". Favorite vocal
moment: the octave jump of Andy's voice at the end of the song.

Stupidly Happy - Didn't like this song on the demo, to repetitive.  Far to
repetitive.  Just repeated itself over and over and over and, ok I'll stop.
The changes made to the album version really bring this song up a few
notches.  One aspect of this song that I feel is not fully realized follows
the lyric "All the lights of the cars in the town form the strings of a big
guitar".  Right after that lyric a momentary crash of electric/acoustic
guitar comes in.  I always expect it to continue and carry throughout the
song from that point until the end. It would have fit perfectly with the
continued lyric of "I'm a giant who plays you a tune for wherever you are"
and added that additional layering that takes place through the first half
of the song.

Boarded Up - My first reaction was, wow this is REALLY different for XTC.
The feeling of this song is completely different from anything else on the
album.  It has a woody, late night feel to it.  I think the lyrics are well
spent without being preachy.  I've often thought about the lyrics as the
analogy of a sad ending to a relationship though I'm sure that is not what
Colin intended.  I find this song to be completely devoid of Andy in it's
feel, which is nice and let's Colin's talent shine through.

Man Who Murdered Love - I nearly cried the first time I heard this song it's
so good.  It immediately struck me as classic XTC.  Melodic & Playful with
great lyrics.  Contrary to some reviews here, I find the quasi-eastern
guitar solo the perfect amount of farce for what sounds to be a sarcastic
response to the whole "Dave" thing.  Think about it.  "It's the middle of
the song   oh... yea... oh... I'm guilty, I'm guilty, I'm guilty, yea!" then
the solo.  A very "Charm the snake" feel, if you follow my line of thought.
If you doubt for a second Andy's guitar ability and comprehension, take a
look at the Guitar.Com videos and all your doubts will be quashed.  This
song is a brilliant piece of pop artwork from beginning to end.

Wounded Horse - I have one name for you: John Lennon.  This song SCREAMS
Lennon and has all trimmings of Andy's brilliant pacing.  Too slow?  Not on
your nipper.  The whole point of the song is the express the complete loss
and dismay felt by the situation.  The "plodding" feel of dealing with such
a realization from day to day.  The horse clopping is great and I love the
melody of the bridge, just awesome.

Standing In For Joe - This song is really a playful idea though not really
original.  Allot of Beatle/McCartney feel seeping into this one.  Like the
little drum roll build up after the repeat of the first verse near the end
of the song.  Yes folks, you've heard that little drum bit somewhere
before... "Good Day Sunshine" would be the place.  Of course, I don't
believe it was intentional.  I can't really understand the comparisons to
"Tell Me What You See" except for the similar beginnings in the melody at
the start of the verses in both songs.  Perhaps this is Colin's seedy
version of "You're Gonna Lose That Girl".  This is one of Colin's best.

You & The Clouds - Strongest song lyrically on the album other than maybe
TWATMP.  The Sting comparison is understandable but slight.  Sting is great,
but Lyrically an Andy Partridge he is not.  The lyrics that run throughout
this masterpiece are one continuous stream of compact poignant statements.
All balanced as counterpoint to the simple beauty that is the person being
addressed.  The perfect expression of the outside, seemingly harsh world and
the intimate, beautiful, personal world all thrown into a single song.  This
is easily one of Andy's best compositions from ANY album.

Church of Women - A song that sounds like it could belong on AV1.  A great
bridge here also, the end of which is VERY Beatles circa "White Album".  A
very enjoyable song filled with lots of audio texture.  The structure of
this song strikes one with a sense of being appropriate for its subject.
Almost stoic in presentation as a religious feeling can often express.  This
song is a study of musical content and form.

We're All Light - Andy never fails to surprise with his marriage of music
and lyrics.  From demo through final product, this song hasn't lost
anything.  The bridge throws the little hairs up on the back of my neck
every time I hear it.  It rolls along through the song and fills you with
that zing that only an XTC song can.  I think "Jack and Jillion" is a great,
compact way of expressing the beginning of something great but tongue in
cheek at the same time.

My Brown Guitar - Again, I have to suggest a correlation to late Beatles
music, specifically Lennon.  This song has been stripped down a good bit
from the demo version which was more guitar heavy and suffers from the
change.  This is the only track that I believe lost it's punch from demo to
final recording.  The lyrics are playful and very suggestive.  The melody is
brilliant but loses itself over the sparse arrangement.  I had very high
hopes for this song in it's final version, but it leaves me cold.

In Another Life - "I'll be your Burton if you'll be my Liz" is very Andy
like in it's lyric to me.  In some ways, Colin can branch out into new
musical territory that even Andy doesn't get.  This song is a great example
of that.  Every time I get ready for a never before heard Moulding song to
play, my first thought is "What's he gonna do this time" which is very
refreshing.  This is just a good, solid little piece of songwriting that
catches you a little more with each listen.  The hook is definitely at work

Thanks for letting me drone on.


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