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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 154

                   Tuesday, 6 June 2000


                       Andy, my son
            Mine eyes have seen the glory ...
                  I'm frivolous tonight
                   Bees in your bonnet
                     Stupidly Unhappy
                  Interview on Triple-J
                    Re: ball and chain
                      re: jukeboxes
        RE: Wasp Star and that Stanley Cup thingy
 A 10-point plan to catch up with Chalkhills back digests
             Wasp Star (A lurker speaks out)
                Re: Depeche f***ing Mode?
                 Here a min, There a min
                   Guided By Ignorance
                  Lira, buses & lewdness
                   Guffaws and Chuckles


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I've forgotten how to use my legs to invade the pitch.


Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 19:24:52 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: Andy, my son
Message-ID: <000001bfcf5e$6d518e00$1db59fce@default>

PTA members,

John in Giant Robot Japan asked what our kids favorite songs from WS are.

I am so proud of the fact that my eleven year old loves any and all XTC.

Independent of dad's influence or prompting, he's constantly exploring the
collection, often disappearing with a disc to listen in private. Asked by
his instructor to bring in a cd for drum lessons, he's brought in BS and ES
to learn Terry's smackings.

Oh Lord, the strings on WATMP...shiver, shudder, weep.

Wes 'By this time, my lungs were aching for air.' Hanks


Date: Mon, 05 Jun 2000 18:48:43 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Mine eyes have seen the glory ...
Message-ID: <>

Molly - bless you! Thanks to you I now realise my mission in life. I've
decided to found a new charitable organisation dedicated to helping those
who are "differently amusable".

I'm calling it The J. Danforth Quayle Foundation for the Humour-Impaired.
(Our motto: "They're laughing AT you, not with you".)  I'd like you to be
the patron.



* * *

Joseph "Marathon Man" Easter's thesis of "popular music as diary" is one
that, in general, I subscribe to, although I can't restrict it to XTC,
since many such intersections occur by chance - where I was when I first
heard Ben Folds Five, or Beck, or Derek & The Dominoes, for instance.

A few comments if I may? Being geographically disadvataged, I'm grateful
that Joseph has been so inclusive on my behalf:

>Everyone remembers 120 minutes ...

I'd put this in the same general category as the Miss Universe pageant.
(As a comedian once pithily observed: "How can they call it 'Miss
Universe' when Earth is the only contestant?")

>I had a problem with my leg toward the end of the race. I couldn't >walk.

Yes, that certainly would be a problem.

>Looked to the heavens and wondered after all this work if this is >what it
>came to. Being paralyzed and cold alone in France. I asked >for help.

Hosannah!! Assuming that you asked for help in English, you have proven
conclusively what we always suspected - God is not a Frenchman. You could
be bleeding to death on the Champs Elysee, but unless you ask for help in
French, they'd just leave you there to rot.

>More pain, but this time, marital. Something was wrong. Couldn't put >my
>finger on it.

No ... must (grunt!) resist ... fight the (gasp!) urge ... must not make
(groan!) snide remark ...

>I modify and move my life to marvelous Montana.

Frank Zappa wuz right!!

[Joseph - PLEASE don't take offence. I'm just KIDDING around, OK?]

* * *

Elena Sirignano  - as one parent to another, I think this is a scenario
you're gonna have to get used to with your son:

>... he promtly grabbed it, locked himself in his room and played it >over
>and over again.

Men - they're all the same!

* * *

Concluding a day of startling revelations, Mitch "I'm The Man Who Murdered
History" Friedman rewrites the books:

>Axis Mundi - "Axle of the World". Ancient cosmologies pictured the
>earth as a globe spinning on a shaft with the ends fastened at the
>celestial poles.

Can you run that one by me again, please Mitch? "Ancient cosmologies
pictured the earth as a GLOBE"?? Hmmmm. I'll pass that on to Gailieo when
I see him in hell (after Molly and Joseph have me killed). I'm sure it
will be a great comfort to him.

Duncan "If you can't say something nice, don't eay anything at all" Kimball.


Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 22:16:57 EDT
Subject: I'm frivolous tonight
Message-ID: <>

 Some random thoughts;
        Before I bought Wasp Star, I signed up on the mailing list to see
what all good fans had to say. Now I log on every day for a good laugh, some
interesting news, or simply to read the reviews.
        After several attempts to listen over the weekend, I've found this
new disc to sound more like the "album XTC forgot". It should have been
released inbetween "Skylarking" and "Oranges and Lemons". Disagree if you
        I don't have children, so I thought it might prove to be interesting
if I invited some of the neighbor kids over. If nothing else they could
persuade some of the less stodgy parents to buy a copy.
        I have not purchased the demo cd. I don't plan to either.
        My favorite song from WS- "TWATM". Give me two weeks, that will
        I have not purchased USA Today. I don't plan too either.
        I have not purchased a copy of, nor have I received a visitors guide
to Swindon. I don't plan to either.
        Ok, I lied about the last statement.
   Lastly.. Have all the English gone daft?! (Ok, not all of you) I can
understand a certain Mr. Partridge will not saddle up the horses and head
over to the states for a good old fashioned live concert tour, but can
someone explain why a certain native of Woking  is not headed this way. Paul
Weller recently released his new CD and there is nary a mention of him
touring the states. At this rate, I'll find myself building an Ark, and
taking all the stateside fans two by two.
         A call to arms? nay! A call for lumber (and some nails).


Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:50:57 EDT
Subject: Bees in your bonnet
Message-ID: <>

    Joseph Easter asked for it, so here it goes...

    XTC is my favorite band because I can hear Andy's sparkling synapse
firing as he reaches out for the impossible stars. His soul really does fly
free and stand up naked and grin. I remember when I first realized that he
was singing a love song to his penis in "Pink Thing" and thought that was the
most courageous thing I'd ever heard on a record. Countless times he has
taken me into the stupidly happy world of being in love and all the agony of
the world has fallen from my shoulders as I burned in optimism's flames.  I
have felt the struggle to really pour myself into another person's soul only
to find that there is no language in our lungs to tell the world what's in
our hearts. I've screamed indignation as the books were burning of those who
have tried. I have laughed and cried at the stark beauty and benevolent
warmth that XTC has bared to share with me.
    As a songwriter I am humbled time and again by Andy's gift and challenged
by his spirit to reach those heights.  I have never seen XTC as a soundtrack
to my life or felt that he has written a song about me.  However, I feel that
sometimes I can almost open my eyes and see a watercolor world burning as
brightly colored and passionate as the one Andy sings about. I'm convinced
that XTC's music can channel a little bit of his soul into anyone who is open
to it. The highest honor I can bestow is that Mr. Partridge makes me proud to
be human.

Brett "the devil in Nevada" Reeves

P.S.- I hope we can still keep talking about singles and which songs we like
and lots of more superficial things because all of this spiritual crap can
really make one feel like a pansy:)


Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 21:06:57 -0500
From: "Philip Smith" <>
Subject: Stupidly Unhappy
Message-ID: <001701bfcf5b$e7915c20$98534c0c@1gm02>

I surprised my wife this week with my considered verdict of Wasp Star
(bought it on release day, at HMV Montreal on a business trip.)

"Sweetie, I don't really like the new XTC album..."

It wasn't just her that was surprised! I have been a fan since "Oranges &
Lemons" and, as my wife knows, a new XTC album coming out is a major event
for me, rivaled only by a new Elvis Costello album, a new Coen Brothers film
and, oh, maybe, my wedding! And coming off of Apple Venus, which is possibly
my favorite XTC album, I had high hopes for WS - maybe, too high.

I'm clearly in the minority here on Chalkhills, so I'll be careful not to
phrase my dissatisfaction in terms of "this song sucks!," rather "*I* didn't
enjoy this song..."

First off, what I do like - the vocals sound great (as they did on AV) and
the arrangements are tight - I really like the drumming in particular. I
can't say any of the guitar solos blew me away, but the 2nd half of the
"Church of Women" solo
strikes me as my favorite.

What I don't like - much of the songwriting, and the lyrics! I was
particularly disappointed with the lack of 'middle 8s' in many of the
songs - verse/chorus/verse/chorus/solo on verse/chorus just bores me! I've
always thought that Andy wrote some of the best middle 8's - "Hold Me My
Daddy" and "Train Running Low on Soul Coal" being the first two I can think
of. On WS, the only middle 8's on Andy's songs are on "Playground," "We're
all Light," "Wounded House," and "Church of Women." And of those, I
personally did not like the middle sections of "Playground" or "Wounded
Horse," although "Playground" is growing on me (the spot where Holly comes
in is, to me, one of the highlights of the record.)

Also, to me, "Wounded Horse," "Boarded Up," and "Stupidly Happy" are three
of the weakest songs I've ever heard from XTC. On a 19-track album, they
probably wouldn't stand out as much, but on WS, it means I spend much of my
time over at the CD player, skipping tracks. Again, I think the performances
are fine, I just don't enjoy the songs that much.

As for lyrics, I am just underwhelmed. To my ears, many of the rhymes and
lyrics seem forced ("every day ground," the end of "In Another Life,"
"Buffalo Billion," etc.)

By far my favorite songs on WS are "Church of Women" and "Wheel & the
Maypole." To me, "Church of Women" is bittersweet because, as much as I like
the song, it makes me sad to realize how much more XTC is capable of than
WS. I am eagerly awaiting the next XTC album, hopefully in 2002 or so, and
putting AV back on the CD player to cheer me up!

Disclaimer: I have tried to phrase everything here as MY OPINION, not fact.
If you love WS, if you think it is the best XTC album yet, I will not argue
with you. More power to you!

Phil Smith


Date: 6 Jun 00 14:01:22 AES
Subject: Interview on Triple-J
Message-ID: <>

I made a complete, unexpurgated MiniDisc copy of the recent two-part AP
interview on Triple-J that I am willing to trade for something worthwhile.  I
can burn it onto CD or run off a cassette.  The whole thing runs for about 25
minutes.  I also have posted a full transcript for Mark Strijbos' The Little
Lighthouse website, but it's up to him as to whether he wants to use it.

I am particularly interested in obtaining a NEW copy of the ITMWML single
with the 2 demos on it.  If you're interested in a good quality recording of
the Jays interview and can procure me one, or have something else to swap,
please email me at either:
paul.culnane @     _or_  culnane @  [just delete the
gaps between the "at" symbol, of course].

~~p @ u l - o f - o z


Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 23:52:58 -0700 (PDT)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: Re: ball and chain
Message-ID: <>

On Sun, 04 Jun 2000 20:28:39 PDT in Chalkhills #6-152 "Duncan Kimball"
<> wrote in an article entitled "Dear Enema":

> >I bought English Settlement... Liked many songs, but
> >the b-sides for the most part were crappy. Ball &
> >Chain to me is insepid crap.
> With all due respect "d." - go away write a song even 1/10th as good as
> "Ball & Chain" or "Life Begins At The Hop" or "Generals & Majors" and then
> come back and we'll discuss their relative merits.

Oh, come on.  I am not nearly as talented as Andy or Colin but I don't
feel that precludes me from having an opinion on their work, however
strong, however negative.  If you held everyone on this list to that rule
traffic would dwindle to nil, and if you held everyone in the world to it
all the critics would disappear.  I am sick of people answering negative
posts with "shut up -- you couldn't write a song half as good as they
could".  I don't know the first thing about making a movie but I still
know Congo and Mission to Mars sucked.



Date: Mon, 5 Jun 2000 23:28:06 -0700
From: Eb <>
Subject: re: jukeboxes
Message-ID: <f04310100b5624811979d@[]>

>If the bar or pub has "OK Computer" by Radiohead on its jukebox, it's also
>worth trying this trick with the song 'Fitter Happier'. I have.

I find that almost any public CD jukebox has *one* track which is a
guaranteed's just a matter of hunting it down.

I still remember my best one ever -- I got dragged to a crummy bar/poolhall
by some friends, and was having a really lousy, depressing time. In
addition to the sleazy atmosphere, there was a CD jukebox which was just
*blasting* every overplayed classic-rock hit you could name. Boston, AC/DC,
Eagles...stuff like that.

So, I wandered back to the jukebox and hunted through the discs. Lo and
behold, one of these things was not like the others: Zappa's "Freak Out."
Beautiful. I selected "The Return of the Son of Monster Magnet," went back
to my friends and waited for the fireworks.

Predictably enough, about 10 minutes later, the jukebox's deafening volume
was turned down considerably....


Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 09:41:31 +0100
From: "Smith, David" <>
Subject: RE: Wasp Star and that Stanley Cup thingy
Message-ID: <>

Awright dudes - after a few weeks of failing to catch up with postings
(too busy listening to Wasp Star), I'm back in 'cos I saw something I
finally knew I could repsond to.

It is true Peter Nau (Chalkhills #6-152) - the DJ at Dallas did indeed
play a snippet of ITMWML during a break in Saturday's game.  Seeing as I
was watching live here in good ol' blighty, and it was approx 2.30 am at
the time, I nearly threw me Horlicks all over the floor!

Yes, it's true "I . . I . .I . . I. .I. .I'm, the Brit who likes Hockey -
yeah, whadd'ya think to that?"

Which brings me on to Wasp Star - first post since buying it (hey, I'm a
busy man!). I can't think of anything to say except try and spell some
sort of melting sound, say "mmmmmmhhhrrrrrrrmmmmpph-arrrrrhhhhhh!".

Took about three listens to get through the whole thing, thinking "uh-oh
not sure about this one", another three or so thinking "hang on, they just
might have something here" and now, about 12 listens in I'm completely and
utterly hooked. They get you like that, don't they?

Stand out tracks for me are:

Playground (probably stating the bleedin' obvious but for me the mark of a
truly great album is putting in a first track that compels you to keep
listening - this is a priime example). Luurve the guitar sound and the
whole feel of the song.

ITMWML - It's the obligatory "great fun pop song" - like "Simpleton" or
"Pumpkinhead". Andy does one of these per album and they're great.

We're all light - This is EXACTLY why I like XTC so much. Just about the
cleverest song since . . .errr . . . Andy's last really clever song.
Evolutionary beanfeast anyone?

Standin In for Joe - IMHO opinion (and this will cause rumblings, but I've
gotta say it) a diamond amongst the rough of Colin's songs. Now it's no
secret that I've veered away from Colin's songs the "older" the band has
got, but this is just an absolute stand-out. I love the under-stated
lyrics and the over-riding sense of guilt that pervades the track - his
best since Bungalow.

You and the Clouds - ohhhh yeessssssssssss! D'you think Andy would
mind me bootlegging this and e-mailing to a girl I really fancy? Or is that
incredibly sad for a man my age. As Andy would say . . "uh"!

Finally, TWATM - errr, help, I don't get it. I'm trying, honest, just bear
with me, I'll get there.

Oh and this girl I fancy - "how I'd wash her hair like the swirling sky" -
well, if I could.




Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 12:20:03 +0200
Subject: A 10-point plan to catch up with Chalkhills back digests
Message-ID: <0006800025540837000002L072*@MHS>

Hey "Kreideberger" (this will be a long post),

I love Chalkhills, and I love XTC, and at the moment, there sure is plenty
of new stuff to love from both of them.  I can keep up with the latter,
but the former is quite a challenge.  But okay, here's a few observations
and comments on the last 20 to 70 digests.

1) Molly still just doesn't get irony, sarcasm, maybe just jokes in
general.  Sorry, Molly, but I just have to laugh every time you get all
crazy about something so obviously and blatantly sarcastic.  You would be
a Dinsdale fan, as opposed to a Doug fan, right?

2) Okay, I've listened to the demos again and again, and then to the
record again and again.  Some of the descriptions of the COW solo were a
bit more graphic than I cared to imagine, but one thing remains: the
version on the album is totally unbelievable.  It is one of the highpoints
of the record.  George "Harrison" Sherwoodn't-wood-woodnot-woodtoo wants
us to search for references/inspirations.  Who cares?  (Okay, okay, I'd be
happy to read 'em if *you* find 'em.)  The solo is beautiful, as composed
in its craziness as the demo version was unkempt and wild.  The demo was
all over the place and so wrong that it was right.  But the new one is
just sublime.

And so are Holly's "Gonna make you pay-ground" lyrics, by the way.  Hey,
it's supposed to be a children's rhyme in the "nyaah-nyaaah" style, and
most kids' rhymes are not exactly deep and moving wordplay.

3) And speaking of demos, a loud "Hear! Hear!" to Todd Hardtbern for
stating what I've been thinking all along.  I too am GLAD to have had
those demos, and they didn't ruin anything for me.  Everything is a
poison, it depends on the dosage -- I heard them 3-4 times over a year's
time and that tided me over.  I honestly regret Mitch's announcement,
because I don't see what damage the demos could possibly have done.  I
think that amongst true fans (as with the Beatles bootlegs), they do no
harm, but merely exhibit our devotion to the band.  And I want to say
"thanks" to the demo collectors who entrusted their 37th copies of copies
of the demos into my hands.  I love the things.

And to those of you who feel the demos ruined it for you: If you can't
take the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

4) Back to solos, everyone's talking about COW, but what about YATCWSBB?
What a great solo!  I think Andy should be getting a call from Steely Dan
soon, that solo was his audition for their next record.

Do I miss Dave?  Yeah.  Will that change anything?  Nope.  Did Andy do a
great job?  Definitely.  Does the "style" of the music/production on WS
make it hard to judge what "long-term damage" Dave's departure might have
done.  Could very well be.  But for now: I'm happy, and Andy plays some
damn fine geetar.

5) And back to Todd, don't want to agree with him *too* much today.  The
gall to give advice or criticize Andy & Colin, even though I've never
written anything 10% as good as their worst?  I have it, pal!  I am a fan,
I am their customer, and I am their friend.  This ain't the Church of XTC
and they ain't God.  And that gives me the right to criticize, and if I
want to, I will.  But I promise to try to be constructive, okay?  They, on
the other hand, have the right to ignore it, and so do you.  And while I'm
at it, I'd now like to give you my review of the album...

No, honestly, hit the scroll button.  I *like* reading everyone's takes on
the album.

6) Colin's songs are excellent, people.  And did anyone notice the
similarity between Andy's backing vox at the end of SIFJ ("standing for Joe") and his most famous backing voc for Colin of all, "in
his world" on Nigel?  Just about the same notes, totally different feel.
XTC has/have calmed down a lot over the years, but -- and this is the
important part -- they're still great!

7) Which brings us to Thomas Long, who said in #151:

>It's hilarious reading all the different reactions to WS. I dislike SIFJ
>& WAL, and others see 'em as singles! There definitely seems to be two
>camps where XTC is concerned: the Drums & Wires/English Settlement/Big
>Express esoteric pop fans vs the Skylarking/Oranges & Lemons/Nonsuch
>melodic pop fans. Not to say the two paths don't cross, but it often
>appears as if we're talking about different bands.

I've talked about this topic a couple of times already, so I'll just keep
this short: Mark me down for the third path, Tom: I like 'em *all*.  Not a
dud in the whole lot if you ask me!

8) A beer riding on the highest chart position, Steph?  That would be
crass, tasteless, almost unforgivable.  (But if we're gonna be crass,
tasteless, and unforgivable, I wish Todd would win, although Steph
probably will.)  Better to have a beer riding on a limerick.  When do I
get my beer?

9) TWAT M: This whole discussion is fun.  Yes, the Maypole is a straight
line.  Yes, they dance around it in circles.  It's amazing how primitive,
instinctive, basic-urge-oriented the human brain can be, isn't it, even
when it isn't *aware* it's *being* primitive.  I'll dance in circles
'round your heart 'til I'm dizzy and high really high like a really high
thing say a Maypole.  (yeah, umm, sorry 'bout that, it just had to come
out.  Nyuk, nyuk.)

And I love that acronym, too.

10) Did I mention that Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) is a great record?
The more I listen, the more I like!

Oh!  It's the end of my post!

- Jeff


Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 14:43:09 +0100
From: Richard Horrocks <>
Subject: Wasp Star (A lurker speaks out)
Message-ID: <>

Well, I finally got my hands on a copy, and I've been trying to avoid
reading what other people have been saying about it, so here are hopefully
my own opinions about the new album; I like it, I like it a lot.  I
certainly prefer it to AV1 (not a bad album by any stretch).  Having been a
fan since Drums & Wires, I have grown up with XTC through their various
changes.  Ever since Mummer, I found XTC albums to be "growers" with maybe
one or two instantly catchy songs, but the rest needing quite a few
listens, and Wasp Star follows that trend.  As I type this I have "You and
the Clouds.." on track repeat, the first time I've done that with an XTC
album since O&L (Across This Antheap).  It was so hard to come to this
album and not think of it as the first "post-Gregory", and I hadn't been
that impressed with the odd clip I'd managed to catch.  Of course we'll
never find out what it would have sounded if Dave was still around, but to
me it sounds more like an XTC album that Vol 1 did.


(Also listening to; Phish - Hampton Comes Alive)


Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 04:18:29 -0700
From: Peter Fitzpatrick <>
Subject: Re: Depeche f***ing Mode?
Message-ID: <B9B4268C8F87D11195DC0000F840FABE12AF753C@DUB-MSG-02>

> Depeche f***ing Mode?? Could you possibly have found a band I despise
> more? That gormless bunch of poncy synth twiddlers, with the junkie lead
> singer who wishes he was Michael Hutchence???<

ironically.....D.Mode were next door (Studio Two) in Abbey Road when Andy &
Colin recorded the orchestra for AV1
....there you go...another piece of trivia.......


Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 08:31:24 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Here a min, There a min
Message-ID: <00a301bfcfb3$262c5b40$8de49cd1@Brian>

> Andrew Sneddon reveals his associative reaction to Wasp Star:
> >Golly, I havent felt this good since I used to sit on
> >the water vent in the school swimming pool.
> Euuuuuuwww! File under "More information than we needed"!

Hey... I STILL do that!
Is _that_ too much info?

Regarding WS:
Folks have been talking about the theremin sound used in "We're All Light",
but I have another observation: Even though I recognize it as a theremin
(or at least the type of sound that a theremin could produce), I liken the
sound to that you hear on one of those goofy Halloween decorations that sit
there and pulsate light and go up and down and up and down and up and down
constantly with some stupid quasi-spooky sound. And what bolsters this
perception in my head is that there is another sound used in "Standing In
For Joe" (gosh, I think that's the song!) that sounds almost exactly like a
different version of one of those Halloween decorations I've heard before.

Didn't Beck use something like this in one of his tunes about six years ago?

-Brian Matthews


Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 08:18:35 EDT
Subject: Guided By Ignorance
Message-ID: <>

Bob O'Bannon spat:

One more comment on Wasp Star. I'm not particularly comfortable with the
rather casual attitude Colin takes toward betrayal and adultery in "Standing
in for Joe." Are we supposed to think it's cute that the character in the
song is not only screwing another man's wife, but screwing over his best
friend in the process?

This song is light hearted, bittersweet and not meant to be taken quite so
seriously.  Remember that Colin is now obsessed with "light" music.

Bob then hurled this one out:

And how ironic it is that the song is sequenced directly before "Wounded
Horse," a tune in which Andy laments the very thing Colin has just made into
a complete joke.

Still, if you must take Colin's tune to heart you'd best be aware of the
points of view from which the two songs are delivered.  Colin's "Joe" and
Andy aren't exactly in the same boat.  Colin's watercraft is a slow leaking
pleasure cruise, while Andy's was blown to smithereens and sunk in the blink
of an eye.  Unlike Partsy, Colin's "Joe" is experiencing some pleasure,
guilty perhaps, but pleasure nonetheless.

And finally__the statement that made food fall out of my mouth:

Let me finally put my criticisms of Wasp Star in context: Built to Spill's
"Keep it Like a Secret" and Aimee Mann's "Bachelor No. 2" are probably the
only two albums I will listen to more this year.

C'mon now Bob, you're just trying to incite a riot now.  I agree that both
of those albums are good___but the year's not quite over yet, is it?
(heard Elliott Smith's latest__the live Buckley?) Furthermore, how in the
sweet name of all that is sacred (for me that name would be Andy) can you
say that "Teenage FBI" is the best pop song of the 90's?  I'm fond of some
of GBV's catalog and this song doesn't even rate with THEIR best of the
90's.  I used to listen to their Lo-Fi recordings and think__"why don't
they do this in a studio?"  After hearing Do The Collapse I thought__"oh,
that's why."

wes " I know, it's only opinion" LONG


Date: Tue, 06 Jun 2000 15:48:42 +0100
From: Philip Lawes <>
Subject: Lira, buses & lewdness
Message-ID: <>

Afternoon all

I'm back from a relaxing couple of weeks in Verona to find my copy of
Wasp Star awaiting - at least it was relaxing after about 4 days when I
realised that you're *supposed* to sit around for three hours at
lunchtime drinking coffee and watching the world go by, though this was
sometimes difficult to achieve with a six, a five and a two year old in
tow. So here's my first impressions:

Of Italy (off topic, scroll down now if bored)
1. What a wonderful country!
2. What great food - British vegetables are embalmed by comparison.
3. How do they put up with the money?  The largest denomination coin is
L1000 (about 30p or 50c) and there aren't very many of them - all the
rest is notes.  I was usually walking round with Loadsamoney's wad
poking out of my pocket, but when I checked I had around ten quid!  The
Euro should be popular in Italy at least.
4. Weren't those Romans Great architects - the Arena at Verona is
astounding, 2100 years old and perfect acoustics.  Couldn't get in to
see it on the Saturday we arrived as Mr.S.Sting was playing.
5. This is what Public transport should be like everywhere - cheap,
reliable & on time.  With a few provisos of course, I shouldn't have
been surprised that Italian bus drivers drive like Italians.  The
problem seems to be that parking in bus stops is not only legal but
actively encouraged.  This means that the only way the driver can let
passengers on and off of the bus is to stop in the middle of the road
blocking traffic, so they don't like stopping much - I swear the wheels
didn't stop rolling a couple of times.  The *really* interesting buses
are the new ones with inertial breaking - the harder he breaks the
faster he can accelerate off again.  Really brings out the Michael
Schumaker in them.
6. Venice is officially the most beautiful city on Earth, even if it's
standing room only these days.  My son thought it was great as it was so
like Naboo.

Of Wasp Star (after three listens)
1.  What a great album!
2. I like the way the flugelhorn arrangement of Church of Women quotes
from 'No Woman No Cry' (and thereby J.S.Bach?).
3.  Stupidly Happy would be the best single in the UK at least.  It's
direct enough to reverberate nicely in the empty heads of the great mass
of the single buying public and probably wouldn't even need a remix.  My
six year old loves it which is a sure fire indicator if ever there was
4. 'Hey, It's the middle of the song' could also be 'Hey, It's the
middle of the Album'.
5. The best song for me is the micro-prog The Wheel and the Maypole,
although the whole we'll make a pot for our love on the potters wheel
image has been ruined for me since that appalling film 'Ghost'.  Perhaps
I ought to try thinking back to the Interlude?
6 My Brown Guitar is the Interlewd.
7. I wonder what Holly's classmates (or teachers) think of Playground?
("Now class, I'd like you all to write a short piece on what you did in
the holidays").
8.  Great sound, although I'm sure I could hear the not so distant
rumble of the M4 at times during Boarded Up.  Are people queuing up to
record at Idea?
That's enough for now.  I prefer TWATMP as an acronym.  Yesterday in
Parliament anyone?



Date: Tue, 6 Jun 2000 11:09:02 -0400
From: "Lieman, Ira" <>
Subject: Guffaws and Chuckles
Message-ID: <>


I've gotta say that the missed sarcasm thing has made my week. Maybe we
should all do what we will but harm none, 'k?? Maybe we should have some
type of rule on the list that doesn't allow any verbiage that someone "might
not get." It would lower the common denominator enough to allow for
conversations about politics.

On second thought, it might also be the Brittney Spears list. We don't want
to regress THAT far.

My 16 month old likes Stupidly Happy too. But he's only heard it once, and I
think he's too addicted to Blue's Clues to really care. He's got three
videos. I can just see it now -- they're going to cart him away and charge
him with possession of an addictive substance. Tee hee. (Do I need to say
"just kidding" or put one of those smiley faces here?)

I tried to pay utmost attention to the Devils-Stars game last night in the
off chance I would be treated to "ITMWML" during a break on the ice. But I
didn't hear it. Oh well. Maybe we should take another (in)famous Chalkhills

Select one of the following abstract answers:
	1. "I'm rooting for the hockey team that doesn't have a goaltender
on Nyquil!"
	B. "I'm rooting for the hockey team that plays XTC in their arena
and doesn't get called for blatant penalties!"
	III. "I'm from Jupiter and I really don't care."
	Green. "I'm the man who murdered love, so there."

On second thought, let's not and say we did.

Go Devils!


"Youandthecloudswillstillbebeautifuuuuuul. Uh."


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