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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 150

                  Saturday, 3 June 2000


               Ladies beware Mr. Strijbos!
           An observation of "My Brown Guitar"
                       Re: A winner
                   theremin, Wasp Star
          USA Today review/demos/We're All Light
                   dark age of aquarius
                Re: Depeche f***ing Mode?
                       Ask The Kids
                     Stupidly single
                   xtc vs. pop princess
                   Say you want a what?
           Wondering About Stuff & Good Bands.
                Re: Annoying and Unhonest
            The Record Stores Who Murdered XTC
                   The Wilderness Years
          more lovely from south of the equator
                  XTC picture disc vinyl
                     Re: dont hit me
                   more yazbek reviews
               XTC interview today, on JJJ


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Radios in motion.


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 23:01:01 EDT
Subject: Ladies beware Mr. Strijbos!
Message-ID: <>


I just got off the phone with Mark Strijbos and he told me, and I quote:
"XTC are the most abominable piece of crap band on this God forsaken
planet!"  He actually HATES XTC!!!!!  I found out that he created his
Little Lighthouse site only to attract women!  Apparently he's under the
misconception that chicks dig a man with a big website.  (Hey, it's not
the size of the website, it's what you do with it!)  All his incessant
talk about the band over the years was no more than an attempt to supply
"Mr. Horny" with some all too eager XTC babes.  That's right folks, he's a
wolf in Partridge's clothing.  Ladies, avert your gaze from his strangely
hypnotic site.  Don't be lured into Mark's saccharine sweet lair of

wes"lot's o smiley faces"LONG


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 22:06:36 -0500
From: "ted" <>
Subject: An observation of "My Brown Guitar"
Message-ID: <002d01bfcd08$c0320800$>

Hello everyone,
    As a new subscriber to the digest but a long time fan of XTC, I thought
I would post a message and see what happens. I have only recieved the last
nine or ten digests but I have yet to hear anyone complain/rejoice about a
certain portion of My Brown Guitar.

When I first heard it, I was appalled when in the chorus Collin (I believe)
chimed in with the monotone line "on my brown guitar" following "we can

Something about it grated. Upon subsequent listenings it has become my
favorite part of the song (why is that?)

Anyone else have any similar emotions about this song?

Be gentle (it's my first time)
Ted (meet you in the secret place) McGibany


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 12:22:37 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: MUSTard
Message-ID: <000301bfcd0b$95970520$7a5791d2@oemcomputer>

The Honourable John Relph wrote :

>Now what I'm interested in are albums that you simply *must* listen to
>in their entirety.  Not albums that you *can*.
>The Beatles' "Revolver" comes to mind.  Not many others.

Small Faces " Odgen's Nutgone Flake " ; Fairport Convention's " Liege and
Leif " and " Full House " ; Brian Eno's " Apollo " ; Miles Davis' " Kind Of
Blue " ; and Weather Report's " Mysterious Traveller " are a few that
immediately come to mind .



Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 23:45:15 -0700
From: "Drew MacDonald" <>
Subject: Re: A winner
Message-ID: <002901bfcd27$4695bc20$>

> Least favorite song (for now):  COW.

Least favorite acronym for an XTC song: the same.



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 07:18:56 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: theremin, Wasp Star
Message-ID: <l03130301b55ea4ee1e9b@[]>

>The "high whistle-like" instrument in "We're All Light" (right after the
>titular chorus) is a theramin, created in the 1920s by Lev Sergeivich
>Theramin and used in old science fiction and horror films (and recent
>"avant-garde" orchestral music)..  It brings to mind wobbly saucers held up
>by thick string against cardboard constellations.  It is *not* to be
>confused with the high whistling synth used in the background of much
>"gangsta rap", as (erroneously) thought/stated in a recent edition of
>Chalkhills.  I can think of no other instrument that would add the same
>appropriate touch of sarcasm / humor / intelligence to this great song.
>~~Steve Young

  the theramin can also be heard on The Beach Boys' "Good Vibrations," most
famously. I hadn't noticed the theramin on "We're All Light," though, gotta
give it another listen. Just got my legitimate copy from the local Pure Pop
Records, they had one copy on display for $12.99(a most reasonable price
for a new album, methinks). I was listening to a CD-R someone sent me until
now and I wanted to make good on the promise to put some money in Andy and
Colin's pocket. I also picked up Rag and Bone Buffet used, which I used to
have dubbed on cassette by my wife's XTC fan cousin Kristin(who was on this
list at one point)and which I'd long since misplaced.(In fact, that's
what's on the CD player now) Anyway, nothing particularly original to say
about Wasp Star, except that it's the poppiest thing they've done in a long
while, and would appeal to longtime XTC fans from the English Settlement
days who might have given up or forgotten. My only complaint is that I do
miss Dave in one sense, he's always added something extra to Colin's
material, and I think he'd especially have been helpful on "In Another
Life" and "Standing In For Joe." That's just a minor complaint, though.
Both songs sound quite all right as they are, though IAL sounds a bit too
clunky to be released as a single; replace the harmonica with Dave's
"ernying" and you'd have a potential single that compares favorably with,
say, "Life Begins At The Hop."

Christopher R. Coolidge

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 06:43:13 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veronica Kyle Robertson <>
Subject: USA Today review/demos/We're All Light
Message-ID: <>

Michael D. Myers" wrote:
"Chalksters and Chalkettes;
I was flying from Amsterdam to Newark, NJ yesterday
and they gave us a copy of the USA Today newspaper on
the plane. I'm not sure if this international version
is different in any way than the version that is
available in the States, but it had a very favorable
review of Wasp Star.
In fact, they gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 4...
Not bad, huh?"

  Mike, there's a reason that USA Today is given away
at airports and hotels: no one in their right mind
would actually pay for it! I rely on USA Today as a
news source as much as I do People and the Today Show,
which means not at all. It's News Lite for people who
like everything to explained to them in pie charts and
public opinion polls. While I don't disagree with
awarding Wasp Star high ratings, if any Chalkers out
there have read USA Today, you know that they like to
look on the "sunny side of life". There is no way in
hell they could have given XTC a bad review. Go to and see how they do not award
ANYTHING less than 2 stars out of 4. And they only
give the lower ratings to music most regular readers
would find unappealing anyway. They gave 2 stars to a
Jeff Buckley album (as if he could defend himself). 2
stars to the latest AC/DC and Sporty Spice albums-
OMG, what a shocker!  Even the low-rated albums get
gentle reviews- no outright bashing.
  Moving on, I finally received my copy of Wasp Star
in the mail from HMV yesterday (June 2nd). Gee, only a
week and a half after the release date. C'mon HMV! You
can do better than that! I've ordered stuff from CDNow
and received it as early as the next day without extra
charge! Anyway, I love the new album, of course. I
cannot find fault in it. I got the free ITMWML single
and I have to say that I do like the finished version
much more than the demo version. I can really tell the
difference. Someone had asked why one wouldn't want to
listen to demo versions of unreleased songs. Well,
what it reminds me of is when I look back through my
own writings. Whenever I look back into an old
journal, I am often embarrassed to read such naive
schlock. I'm guessing Andy sometimes feels that way,
too, so I understand if he wants to pick and choose
what gets heard by his fans. I'd hate for some of my
high school poetry to be published (not that I have
any fans begging for it, mind you).
  On the song "We're All Light", what is that
Theremin-sounding thing? Is it keyboard, musical saw,
or actually Theremin? I looked in the credits for a
hint, but I don't know.



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 07:09:46 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: dark age of aquarius
Message-ID: <000501bfcd65$62bfef40$36b59fce@default>


In 'Little Lighthouse' Sir John Johns asked: "How long will this dark age

Thirteen years later, aparently it is still in force, as "in this new dark
age, we're all light."

Wes 'I have the vapours. We'll have to cancel the cotillion' Hanks


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 10:17:25 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: Depeche f***ing Mode?
Message-ID: <001301bfcd66$7214fe80$92e49cd1@Brian>


> >Is "Wounded Horse" (musically) the song Depeche Mode forgot to write?
> Short answer, in two parts:
> (A) You're kidding, right?
> (B) They wish.
> Long answer:
> It isn't the song they forgot to write. It's the song they couldn't hope to
> write in their wildest dreams. Depeche f***ing Mode?? Could you possibly
> have found a band I despise more? That gormless bunch of poncy synth
> twiddlers, with the junkie lead singer who wishes he was Michael
> Hutchence???<

I'm sure he doesn't wish he was Hutchence NOW... considering he's dead.

>You're comparing XTC to that tragic bunch of wallies????<

I can put up with Depeche F. Mode :-), but yeah... they don't hold a candle
to XTC in any way, shape or form.

-Brian Matthews


Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 00:16:39 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Ask The Kids
Message-ID: <000101bfcd70$636ecbe0$685791d2@johnboud>

All ,

My 12 year old daughter says that " Stupidly Happy " is her fave track from
WS , and that she hopes my band will cover it !  Which tune is your kid's
favorite ?



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 08:37:31 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: Stupidly single
Message-ID: <>

Brett, you done said-

<< I don't see the point of releasing "Stupidly Happy" because other than
the strange sentiment of the lyrics it doesn't really jump out at you.>>

I disagree.. 'SH' is a natural for a single.. the Keef riff is very catchy,
sure it annoys ya like a mosquito bite, but it keeps you scratchin' just the
same... what could be more radio-friendly than that?

<<( It does feel good to drive to that one though.)>>

..oh yeah! Put the top down for this baby...

Debora Brown


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 09:20:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: xtc vs. pop princess
Message-ID: <>

 Here is Cliff, speaking of Sh*it-knee Spears-

<<I can't verify this, but just about every song she sings has
SOMETHING to do with either having a guy, wanting a guy, or losing a
guy. Kinda crap, right?>> Well, I think the Purpose of "I'm the man
who murdered love" is partly Partridge making fun of this modern
teenybopper crap.>>

..getting the guy/gal-losing the guy/gal.. it's ALWAYS been the major theme
of pop fodder..
However, if anyone can take this worn out subject and make it fly again,
it'd be those gear lads from Swindon...

<<Well, I think the Purpose of "I'm the man who murdered love" is
partly Partridge making fun of this modern teenybopper crap.  Kinda
like "Hey! I can make better pop tunes than you! This is what I think
of your songs Britney!  Haha, up yours!">>

Perhaps, but unlikely..  I doubt if Andy would have anything to do with
exchanging musical blows with the B.S. hit machine.  Wouldn't really be a
fair fight now, would it?.. ITMWML is just Mr. P coming out to have a romp
with sunny pop..

Britney Spears.. bah!.. what a load of pop swill!.. bad noise, bad noise..

Don't get me started..

Debora Brown


Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 14:27:33 -0400
From: Harry Strole <>
Subject: Say you want a what?
Message-ID: <>

> >  Why listen to the demos in the first place?

Because most of the fans who got those demos (at least in the
beginning), were pretty sure there would never be another XTC album.

I do have to say I would like "Wasp Star" a little bit better if I
didn't hear the demos.  This is a great CD and to me, its the first
time XTC sounds like the same band that made "Oranges & Lemons" and
"Black Sea."

> "Revolution 9."

Oh come on, "Revolution #9" works fine on the "White Album."

  It captures 1968 better than anyone could have imagined in
retrospect.  Plus, every bar has the "White Album" in their jukebox.
If you don't like the patrons, walk over and select "Revolution #9" on
said jukebox then leave.  It is guaranteed to piss off every one and
you don't have to ever see them again.



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 15:58:11 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: Wondering About Stuff & Good Bands.
Message-ID: <>

God, its good to see I am not the only Wonder Stuff fan out there.  I
remember when 8 legged grove machine came out they had tons of fans.  Hup
also did pretty well but after Never Loved Elvis they faded into obscurity
in America because all the grunge bands started taking over.

Though I have said many times that I hated heavy metal (and I still do) I
must admit this.  The 80's was such a damn diverse decade and metal had a
lot to do with it.  Everyone had their own interests but now it seems
everyone likes the same stuff and to me, all the bands sound alike.

Anyway, here are some other really good bands of the 80's that were really

Camouflage> Good (I know, they were considered a DM wannabe group, but I
thought they were great).

INXS> They deserved more than the short lived Success they had.  They were a
really good band.

Jerry Harrison> His solo stuff was much overlooked... Rev it up, rev it up,
rev it up and riiiiddddeee....

Big Audio Dynamite> A truly original band.  Though I loved Joe, Topper and
Paul (See Havana 3AM) Mick was the clash sound and he made his own sound
with BAD that was equally as good.  If you don't think Mick was that
important in the Clash, please buy the album "Cut The Crap" which even
according to the band members was the worst thing they ever done.  They did
an album without Mick.

Mighty Lemon Drops> Damn good group.  I saw them play with John Wesley
Harding (I had 2 of his albums, but to be honest, I have not heard him in
nearly 10 years and can't remember what he sounds like, but he also was
really good) and Ocean Blue (bad for the fact that they were from
Philadelphia but tried to sing like they were from England.  I hate when
American groups do that!)

Dramarama> Good.  Use to perform at the Roxy all the time.  I thought they
would survive the grunge scene, but they didn't.

EMF> Bad.  Hated them and their bad interpretation of Pop Will Eat Itself.


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 15:48:38 -0400
From: "Brian" <>
Subject: Re: Annoying and Unhonest
Message-ID: <003501bfcd94$b777d140$31e49cd1@Brian>


>This is going to be hard to write.
I first came into XTC through Oingo Boingo by buying Go2. Loved it.<

All right!
Boingo gets mentioned...

>Now, after buying almost all the albums [yes mummer and big express (expres
I HATED)] I have a love/hate rel. with XTC. Sometimes Andys voice is so
annoying and unhonest. Often his lyrics are clever, but sometimes they fall
under the category of being too obviously dumb. His extended metaphors at
times are a bit too extended and obvious. I read a lot of poetry and
therefore criticize this stuff often.<

Hopefully you have some of the same sentiments about Elfman and his
sometimes peculiar way of saying things.

>Bought Wasp Star. Returned it the same day I bought it.  I came to the
conclusion that it was an embodiment of everything I've come to hate about
XTC and very little of what I love. [believe me there is lots to love.]<

Everyone has a different opinion, and they're all correct, because they're
all subjective.
I personally like 'Wasp Star'. It's certainly not the height of XTC
brilliance, but I enjoy the fact that all of XTC is rolled into a package
aimed at a wider audience - or at least that's the way I feel it. "Stupidly
Happy" is one tune that could conceivably make it on the radio, and it also
sounds like it has huge club potential, even the way it is now (but you know
some remixing would be in order). It harkens back to the relentless drive of
songs like "Living Through Another Cuba" and "No Thugs In Our House", two
classic XTC offerings.
In reality, XTC is not going to bust out, and nor do I think I want them to.
I have likely mentioned here an article in a certain extremely popular men's
magazine many years ago about how people are divided up into certain
music-appreciation groups, one of them being those who love 'alternative'
groups and become distrustful of them when they start filling stadiums. I
know this'll never happen with XTC, but I'm sure you'll appreciate the

-Brian Matthews


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 17:26:36 -0400 (EDT)
From: Radios In Motion <>
Subject: The Record Stores Who Murdered XTC
Message-ID: <380234207.960067596423.JavaMail.root@web190-iw>

For all you who just don't want to put that extra $40 a month down for
DSL, you need to do it.  I have wanted a fast connection since the new
14.4 modems came out and I finally got one.  Downloading entire MP3
albums (paid at!  In fact, I got a bunch of Elvis Costello
albums for only $9 each...)  only takes about 30 minutes!

PS. This is my new email address because I moved off earthstink.  By the
way, I don't think the Spam I was receiving was coming from Chalkhills.  I
signed up extra email accounts on earthstink and I was receiving Spam on
accounts I was not even using.  Earthstink probably sells our information to
marketers or something.  I have met other earthstink users who have been
having the same problem.


Last but not least, I spotted something fishy this weekend.  Those of you
who have purchased Wasp Star from Moby Disc or other retailers, did you get
your Bonus CD that you were waiting for?  I have not noticed anything with
them in particular, but I did notice that some retailers, who also sell on
eBay, are selling their free copies of the XTC single online.  I was up in
the Bay Area this weekend at a certain record store and asked if the single
was still available.  They told me that they no longer had any but if I were
to check eBay, they would have a few copies for sale in a few weeks.

I was searching for something on ebay and it came up with some record store
who also had retail locations as well as being a seller on ebay..  Anyway, I
looked at their completed items and low and behold they had the ITMWML
single.  That is not right!  They got those singles as promotional tools for
the album!  I have also noticed a lot of the other free things going around
are also record stores who use alternate aliases.

I have noticed a bunch of people on this list saying the record store you
bought Wasp Star at said they were out and blamed TVT for the mistake, when
in fact they were just selling them online.

What do you guys think?  Do you think its ok for stores to do that?  I
personally think it sucks!


Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 15:03:04 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: The Wilderness Years
Message-ID: <>

               Just wundrin'

     Had XTC released one CD a year since
  Nonsvch,(not counting AV1. and the consistent
production values) could WS be mistaken for a
        'Greatest Hits' album?

Nah! Just a bunch of vapid 'pop' songs! Right?


P.S. YES (it's a beautiful word [just ask your 'Blueness']).
      Some of you should use it more often.



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 14:29:53 -0700 (PDT)
From: Brown <>
Subject: more lovely from south of the equator
Message-ID: <>

>From the desk of Melissa R.!-
<<Just a quick rejoinder this time
In a message dated 06/02/2000 6:48:02 PM Eastern Daylight Time, Debora

Actually, it was Victor (heir to the great almond rocha fortune) Rocha who

<<the question has to be asked, has Colin written any songs about his body

So I says:
  why, yes... that would be Fruit Nut(s)...
 and you thought it was about gardening...

Melissa returns a fine response:
<<I've said it once and I'll say it again - "My Bird Performs" is Colin's
answer to Pink Thing. So there.>>

that's all good and well, but I still gotta say..

...bird, schmird... give me a couple of ripe peaches any day, duckie!

Debora Brown

(apologies to all for the silliness!)


Date: Sat, 03 Jun 2000 15:25:06 -0700
From: Steven Reule <>
Subject: XTC picture disc vinyl
Message-ID: <>

Fellow XTC fans - for sale on ebay:

Rare XTC vinyl 12" picture disc - very cool! For more info or to purchase
go to:

and click on the item number.

Thank you...



Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 20:54:16 -0400
From: "Tim Kendrick" <>
Subject: Re: dont hit me
Message-ID: <003601bfcdbf$6a464160$1e152026@tim63>

Okay Steven, I won't hit you,
but I'll strongly disagree with you.

   >Firstly Colin Moulding seems to have taken all the comments about
   >his ability to write about things close to home, to heart, and he
   >has trying too hard to be 'English'.
He's not trying to be English - he IS English!
He's just writing songs the way he feels like writing them.

   >Colins lyrics simply lack the poetry/the insight to make
   >what he writes about interesting.
Again I disagree - I find the lyrics to "In Another Life" and
"Frivolous Tonight" to be both insightful and poetic.  And "Fruit Nut"
is VERY interesting and unique - I know of no other songwriter anywhere
to write about the husbands going out to putter around
in their old backyard sheds.

   >With Boarded Up he just uses tired old images of what a dead end
   >town is like. Nothing leaps out and strikes you as 'oh yes, I
   >never would have described/thought of it like that'. It's just one
   >cliched image after another.
I never would have had the thought that, as bad as a town being boarded
up is, it's a great business for the carpenters.  Have you???

   >and concentrate on writing a decent pop song.
"Standing In For Joe" fits that category.

It's funny how you say you like Colin's "Skylarking" songs
but not his new stuff.  I think "Sacrificial Bonfire" and "Dying"
would feel right at home on AV1 and "The Meeting Place" could
have a place on WS.

I really don't understand how you can not appreciate Colin's
newer material.

     Tim K.


Date: Sat, 3 Jun 2000 17:53:03 -0700
From: "Victor Rocha" <>
Subject: more yazbek reviews
Message-ID: <00c201bfcdbf$3d646320$>

here's another review of  Dave Yazbek's play:

BTW I used to work at the Old Globe Theatre and I can assure you the
production value is of the higest quality. I was very fortunate to work on
an original Stephen Sondheim production when I was there.....what a blast.

Victor Rocha


Date: Sun, 4 Jun 2000 11:00:32 +1000
From: "Clifford Smith" <>
Subject: XTC interview today, on JJJ
Message-ID: <000d01bfcdc0$592d0200$290ffea9@dracon>

Today (Sunday in Australia) at 5PM (Australian - Sydney time) there will be
a show on Triple J radio that will feature an interview with XTC. go here to listen to Triple J online
from anywhere in the world. I'll try to record the interview, but I'm not
making any promises.


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