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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 148

                   Friday, 2 June 2000


             "Are you Mental??" - episode 275
                    Flies, Wasps, etc.
That ski lodge would've been mine if it weren't for you meddling kids
                      Audience Noise
                      The Hit Single
                "mills and boon" question
           The XTC BAND and their Sleepers....?
              you won't think if you prattle
                 dancing in the moonlight
                  Andy interview on JJJ
                 Worst song by best band
             I'm the man who murdered britney
                        UK Charts
                     XTCity of London
                XTC vs Eminem or Adam Ant
              Demos and Standing in For Joe
                      That XTRAXTCCD
                   Hateful of Hollow ?


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Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 18:25:56 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: "Are you Mental??" - episode 275
Message-ID: <>

This just in from:

>Dave Rutherford
>Subject: Quickies


>Is "Wounded Horse" (musically) the song Depeche Mode forgot to write?

Short answer, in two parts:

(A) You're kidding, right?

(B) They wish.

Long answer:

It isn't the song they forgot to write. It's the song they couldn't hope to
write in their wildest dreams. Depeche f***ing Mode?? Could you possibly
have found a band I despise more? That gormless bunch of poncy synth
twiddlers, with the junkie lead singer who wishes he was Michael
Hutchence??? You're comparing XTC to that tragic bunch of wallies????

[pause while author faints dead away in disbelief]

Oh and before I go ...

Joe Funk: Why the hell are you picking on me and Tom?? What about Harrison?
What about Ed "Mr Brevity" Kedzierski??

[Final thought for the week: Dom - where are you? We miss you!!]

OK, I'm off to catch Part II of Andy's interview with Francis Leach of
Triple Jay, and they're playing "Stupidly Happy" across the nation as I
write. Woo-hoo!!!!

[I love how Colin's chuggy bass keep's the whole thing so delightfully
off-balance, and those groovy little runs and slides he throws in].

Waspishly yours


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 21:30:50 -0400
From: "squirrelgirl" <>
Subject: Flies, Wasps, etc.
Message-ID: <002901bfcc33$b676ca60$>

Howdy 'Hillians!

Been awhile since I last de-lurked - just can't keep up with these posts
flying around!

Anyway, I'm intrigued that with all the mention of the "Everything decays"
section of TWAT(M) that sets everyone a-shiver (hmmm, wonder if there's a
connection between the acronym and the response?) no posts that I've seen
have commented that the music in this part sounds a lot like Fly on the
Wall.  That was my first thought when I heard it.

My profound impressions:  I love the album.  Some really great lyrics and
catchy tunes.  I won't even bother trying to rank it among the previous
albums; the beauty of XTC is that there is an album for every mood I could
possibly be in.  Sometimes I like simple and underproduced, sometimes I like
elaborate and overproduced.  Sometimes I even like Barry and his dreaded
organ (though it is much less written about than Andy's own organ).

On first listen I hated Boarded Up.  Then I read the words, and now I can't
get it out of my head.  Haunting.

Favorite song (so far):  Standing In For Joe.  But then again I like Steely
Dan, too.
I think it would make a perfectly good single, though I like Playground too.
However, I apparently don't know anything about mass music taste, as I
despise the new Britney Spears song.  Oops, I Just Shat Again.

Wounded Horse is not at all what I expected (I had a few demos, so flog me
now please, but not that one).  I can't listen to it now without a smile on
my face.  The sarcasm and irony just drips.

Least favorite song (for now):  COW.  I like parts of it, but it just sits
wrong with me as a whole.  And I didn't like the demo much either, so nyah.

Anyway, I'm glad to have the boys back and hope that Andy can contain his
appetite and leave Colin uneaten for a while longer.



PS - Jim Kee, what happens, you get married and drop off the face of the
earth?  After I drove 1000 miles to be there for you???

Any of the Sonatore family from New Jersey hanging around these parts?  It's
all your fault - you're the ones that got me hooked on XTC.  Thanks guys!


Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 14:25:14 EST
From: "Iain Murray" <>
Subject: That ski lodge would've been mine if it weren't for you meddling
Message-ID: <>

Sorry about the subject header - this post has nothing to do with Scooby
Doo, but I'm in a strange kind of mood.....

>From: <>
>Subject: Another Wasp Star Weigh-in
>"Stupidly Happy" has got to be the catchiest song on the album.  It
>should be a single!

This is the one that JJJ Radio seem to have picked up as the unofficial
single in Australia. I've heard it twice in the past couple of days (oooh,
high rotation!). "Playground" has had a couple of spins as well - so far
I've not heard "ITMWML" on radio. Slightly odd, considering it's the single.

>From: Molly Fanton <>
>Subject: I'm the Woman Who Murdered the Wasp Star Neighsayers (sp)
>I hate it when people compare this album
>to the demos.  I think the people who have the demos
>have tainted themselves.  I mean you were bound to bad
>mouth the album, because of the demo listening.

I have the demos. I have not bad-mouthed the album. Little ol'
non-conformist, me.

>  Why listen to the demos in the first place?

Because they were there. The devil made me do it. Post-Vietnam stress
syndrome - I wasn't myself that day.

>I don't sit around bitching and moaning
>on whether a song is overproduced or not.

Of course not. After sitting around bitching and moaning about other people
bitching and moaning, you're probably a bit strapped for time......(that's a
joke, Joyce).

>From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
>Subject: Ranting and raving
>FWIW, here's my two cents on the whole demo brouhaha (hahaha): I'm
>*glad* I had the demos. GLAD, I tell you! They tided me over during the
>lean years, let me know that Good Things were coming up

I couldn't have put it better myself, which is why I didn't bother trying.
Thanks to Paul Culnane, I had a copy of the demos to Andy's songs about six
months before AV1 came out - I listened to the tape maybe two or three
times, bought the new album, and left the tape by the radio in my kitchen. I
didn't listen to the tape up again until about three weeks before Wasp
Star's release - I got enough of a taste for the new material which made me
look forward to the official release (possibly) more than I normally would
have, without spoiling the surprise.

>If the finished product doesn't meet your expectations, I suggest you
>adjust your expectations; Andy and Colin certainly don't owe a thing to

Strange that we have to remind ourselves of that.

>From: Warren Butson <>
>Subject: charts and singles
>I was very pleasantly surprised to see wasp star go straight in at 29 >in
>the UK charts.

If only Australia would follow suit, and forsake this Matchbox 20/Shania
Twain/Britney Spears twaddle. At least Travis' album got to the Top 10 -
maybe there's hope for us yet, but I doubt it (wee Scottish jangly stuff?).

>My choice [for a followup single] in a perfect world would be "shipped
>trapped in ice." I only heard this the other day for the first time and
>could not believe they didn't record it, incredibly catchy and beatley and
>to my mind the best single they have never made!

Didn't they come to some agreement with Virgin that they wouldn't record
that one, or did I imagine that? Maybe it was in the same dream I had about
Terry Chambers digging up my backyard.......

>From: "David Edwards" <>
>Subject: Cat Among the Cliches
>People say 'You and the Clouds' sounds Sting-like but I don't believe >Andy
>would +aim+ to do that so it doesn't bother me.

I can't hear the similarity myself, but I'm not saying it ain't there.
Speaking of Sting (and getting even further off-topic for just a
nanosecond), what do y'all make of his impending chess match against Gary
Kasparov? They've set aside an hour, but I've got money on it being over
inside ten minutes. Is there such a thing as Tantric chess? Does anyone
particularly care?

I ruv you, Shaggy.....(Sorry. I lied).


"I believe there is a commonality to humanity. We all suck." -- Bill Hicks


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 23:42:42 CDT
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: Audience Noise
Message-ID: <>

Well, first, Christopher R. Coolidge suggests for the voice of Zippy the
>Bobcat Goldthwait.<

hm, good one.  My vote is for Emo Phillips.

Molly Fanton shows herself to be very irritated--
>I also am a bit disappointed with people trying to
compare this to Oranges & Lemons.  They're saying it's
"overproduced".  I think that people who say that are
full of crap.  I don't sit around bitching and moaning
on whether a song is overproduced or not.  If a record
sounds good to my ears I'll listen to it.  I think
there are a lot of you who don't want them to get
popular, because you don't want to share them with the
world.  *feels heat from the flamers*  Why do you like
to say things like, "oh this album sucks because it's
overproduced or it's a sell out."  Those two terms
really make my stomach turn.  I guess I'm not a "real"
music lover, because I don't bitch and moan about the

Deep breath there!  Personally, I don't think "overproduced" necessarily has
anything to do with "sell-out" (often, but not always).  If I complain that
something by XTC is overproduced, though, it's because I'm disappointed
because I think it's drowning the sound in slick production.  I think that
AV1 and WS have allowed XTC to overcome the overproduction that was
exhibited on O&L and Nonesuch (note- O&L is the album that got me listening
to XTC, I love it, but the "sound" eats a lot of the music, to me).

I appreciate the part near the end of "My Brown Guitar", where it starts
into fake audience noise, then cuts off abruptly-- as a listener, it works
for me as a sort of answer to the audience noise mixed into "The Loving",
which always sort of annoyed me (a little over the top, I thought). (By the
way, I'm not making an argument that it was a conscious musical "answer" on
the part of the musicians, I'm just talking about me.)

"Pledge" boils things down a bit--
>And can we drop all this Dave Gregory stuff? As far as I can hear, XTC made
some great albums with him and some great albums without him.<

All right, I'll agree that some of the Dave Gregory discussion is crying
over spilt milk, but that's being a little light on his role in the band.
You make him sound like a session player!

That said, I think Partridge & Moulding achieve some fine chemistry on much
of WS.

On the demos issue--
I understand the moral issues, I really do, but oh, I am so glad that I have
some of the songs that I otherwise would not have heard ("Prince of Orange",
"Wonder Annual").  I know what's right, but I can be horribly selfish.

Finally, Mark Strijbos defends himself once more--
>and other some people have dismissed all of Colin's work of the
past 10 years on this forum without even causing a ripple. Or
condemned whole albums ( and even band members! ) to the bin - i
would NEVER do that. Like you say: i would never speak out against

Look at it this way, Mark-- if people nitpick at your opinion so much, it
must mean that they value it. :)



Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 23:21:16 EDT
Subject: The Hit Single
Message-ID: <>

     I don't think there's a cat in the kennels chance of XTC actually
having a hit single anytime soon.  However, I have to say that I wish they
would have chosen "We're All Light" as their first single.  I think
there's a certain similarity between it and that "It's been two weeks
since you looked at me"(?) song by Barenaked Ladies.  It's got that quirky
in an acceptable way kinda off kilter crazed white almost rappish funky
loping sashay to it that I feel could be something those 'out-of-the-know'
folks might like.
    I don't see the point of releasing "Stupidly Happy" because other than
the strange sentiment of the lyrics it doesn't really jump out at you.  (It
does feel good to drive to that one though.)
    I'm The Man... is somewhere near the same patch that Peter Pumpkinhead
came from, we all know how well our boys did with that one.
    What's the deal about people trippin' on ITMWML on this list?  I don't
think it was meant to be anything other than a cute bouncy little pop tune
with a fairly humorous and unique sentiment. The "It's the middle of the
song" thing kinda makes me laugh.  For some reason I see a really bad blue
screen effect (think old local weather man segment) of a little tiny Andy
with his Fano dancing on top of my stereo.  I think that because these guys
are capable of real depth we sometimes lose sight of the fact that there's
also a touch of the nerd in our band.  The song is supposed to be fun!
Loosen your thinking caps I think your missing the point.

Brett Reeves
"A little nonsense now and then,
is relished by the wisest men." - Wonka again


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 22:02:04 -0500
From: David Arnold <>
Subject: "mills and boon" question
Message-ID: <>

Leave it to Colin to once again puzzle an ugly American like me with the
expression "in your mills and boon" from "In Another Life." Any of you
Brits want to tell us what the heck that means?

By the way, my vote for next single is "We're All Light." I may even try
some of the lines on some unsuspecting female. Seriously, it's a great

- David in Houston


Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 01:15:04 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: The XTC BAND and their Sleepers....?
Message-ID: <>

Hello folks, just here to spread some friendly opinions and share some
happiness. Of course some of this "happiness" springs from our boys new
disc, which like many of you has been the soundtrack to my life since I got

       People may say that is one of the most instantly likable albums in
their canon(it's a religion you know!) but there are still some sleepers in
there that need repeated listening to reveal themselves. Particularly In
Another Life, Standing in for Joe, Wounded Horse and the Wheel and the
Maypole. Colin's songs seem to get more tasty and tuneful as I listen..and I
do agree that Wounded Horse is a one trick pony..but you have to agree it's
a good trick. While the Wheel in the Maypole sounded very good to me at
first it took me a few listens for it to reveal itself to me...a bit like
Harvest Festival in that regard; ludicrously great songs but not too obvious
in their attack.

        Someone recently talked about the band actually sounding more like a
band again...I have to agree. What I mean is that it doesn't wholly sound
like a one man studio creation. Its got all the elements of a band like
ensemble feeling with everyone contributing. I think the drumming is to
thank with Chuck and Prairie really holding up the songs very nicely like
Terry used to. Also with just two real members in the band communication is
at a high. This somewhat new band sound reminds me a bit of the "band" sound
the Beatles re-found after the Sergeant Peppers and Magical Mystery Tour
albums. A bit more grit without losing any of the fine polish. So maybe this
is their Abbey Road album...or maybe not who knows..these are after all just
my friendly observations and opinions.
There's more to come....and that's a threat!

Seth "Muscular Beard" Frisby


Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 00:36:16 -0500
From: RNV <>
Subject: you won't think if you prattle
Message-ID: <>

This from the Unsinkable Molly Fanton:

> Subject: I'm the Woman Who Murdered the Wasp Star Neighsayers

Oh, Molly! Those neighsayers! They're only wounded!

~~ R N V


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 23:32:14 -0600
From: "Joseph Easter" <>
Subject: dancing in the moonlight
Message-ID: <001201bfcc53$e9da1a40$52730a3f@default>

Whoever said a couple of issues back that this was a "Summer Album" was dead
on. I'm not sure why so many of you find it necessary to post critical
analysis rather than herald the end of a dark time for we humble fans. XTC
can dominate in high brow art pieces (AV 1) as well as more popular venues.
If TVT pushes this, there can be another golden era for XTC fans after so
long a hiatus. This album makes me laugh and sing and sometimes sulk
silently seeking hidden meanings in the verse. When I hear TWATM, when the
two songs mesh, it's all I can do to keep from jumping up at work and
kissing whoever has the great fortune to be in my midst. You pills should
relax and spend less time writing and more time enjoying on of the last best

Joseph Easter


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 22:31:32 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Andy interview on JJJ
Message-ID: <>

Hi Folks,

I caught Part II of Andy's interview on Triple J this morning. It was great
exposure for WS, and while fairly general, Andy was in classic form. I'll
post it up as soon as I can get the text of the bits I missed. As a teaser,
here a couple of quotes that tickled me:

[Andy was interviewed by Francis Leach, Triple J FM, Australia]

* * *

FL: ... has it been frustrating for the others that you dont like playing
live anymore? That rock'n'roll instinct is to find an audience, isn't it?

AP: ... Yeah, it was frustating for Terry Chambers, the original drummer,
becuase he was not a writer, and his sole joy in life was to hit those
drums, get offstage as quick as possible, and then to hit the bars of the


FL: You must be proud though that XTC has not only found an audience, that
has listened to you for years and years, but also that in a way XTC's become
a 'musician's band' in much the way that The Velvet Underground and groups
like that have become 'musician's bands'?

AP: Trouble is that we're really big with people who get their records for


FL: Is it part of the genius of creativity to be able to still access that
[childlike] part of yourself and to trust it and to celebrate it and to
explore it?

AP: I dunno about genius. I don't wear jeans any more so you couldn't call
me a genius. I'm more of a 'corduroyus'.


Cheers then!


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 22:46:44 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Worst song by best band
Message-ID: <>

"Radiosinmotion" asked in Digest No. 6-140:

"What is the only song you really hate from a group
you really dig?"

The alpha and omega of this category has to be
"Revolution 9."

Edit out that long and unlistenable piece of caca de
Yoko -- "If ... you should become stupid ..." -- and
doesn't the White Album suddenly fit on a single CD?

For "Worst XTC song," I nominate "Leisure." But unlike
"Revolution 9," at least "Leisure" never cost me any
money, because with or without it, *English
Settlement* still fills two vinyl discs and fits on
one CD.

Ryan Anthony, an independent Internet content provider

P.S. for the talented trivia mavens in this group: I
know of one band which wrote and recorded two entirely
different songs with the same name. Fleetwood Mac
released "Angel" by Bob Welch on *Heroes Are Hard to
Find* in 1974 and "Angel" by Stevie Nicks on *Tusk*
five years (and innumerable white lines) later. Has
this ever happened before or since?


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 19:14:52 +1000
From: "Clifford Smith" <>
Subject: I'm the man who murdered britney
Message-ID: <001201bfcc73$057dd060$290ffea9@dracon>

I've heard some people say that ITMWML is too poppy and radio friendly for
them. In my opinion, it is the anti-thesis of modern teenybopper pop. It is
a cynical view on the world, lampooning love, while most modern pop songs
are taking love too seriously. Take Britney Spears for example. I can't
verify this, but just about every song she sings has SOMETHING to do with
either having a guy, wanting a guy, or losing a guy. Kinda crap, right?
Well, I think the Purpose of "I'm the man who murdered love" is partly
Partridge making fun of this modern teenybopper crap. Kinda like "Hey! I can
make better pop tunes than you! This is what I think of your songs Britney!
Haha, up yours!"
Or maybe I'm totally wrong.


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 12:16:34 +0100
From: "Pledge" <>
Subject: UK Charts
Message-ID: <003001bfcc84$039355c0$9b4001d5@PLEDGE>

Further to Rory's comments on UK charts, Sister Ray (an independant store in
Soho, London) lists Waps Star at number 2.

Although this may not mean much in the great scheme of things, this chart is
published in Melody Maker, under the heading 'Most Wanted' They also print
'Least Wanted' i.e. albums sold to second hand shops in great quantities.
XTC have yet to figure if my memory serves me correctly!

Also this week rival music paper gives Wasp Star 7 out of ten in a half
decent review. Can't give any more detail as I didn't buy either paper as
they were wrapped up in the tedius soap opera that is Oasis!



Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2000 04:27:39 PDT
From: "jonathan monnickendam" <>
Subject: XTCity of London
Message-ID: <>

On Tuesday 6 June myself and David Cammish will have a lunchtime discussion
in the EC3 area on things musical, most obviously Wasp Star as well as Bill
Bruford's most exotic or embarassing musical excursion. If you want to join
us e-mail me for the location.

SMILE (the beach boys)- there has been a rash of releases of this fragmented
masterpiece. I have some and if you have some and want to swap please
contact me.



Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 08:46:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: Terry A Higgins <>
Subject: XTC vs Eminem or Adam Ant
Message-ID: <>

>From: "Stephanie Takeshita" <>
>Subject: the big square [retail] world; found the CD single;
>The Onion's A Real-Life Playlet:  XTC vs. Eminem

>The same customer approaches the same clerks.  "Excuse me, but
>how well has XTC:  Wasp Star been selling this week?"

>After exchanging a curious glance, one of the clerks
>volunteers, "Oh, well, not all that much... five or six,
>maybe?"  Seeing the customer's dismay, another says, "but, you
>know, the XTC fans really come out... when they've got a new

>[Enthusiastically]:  "Aw, we sold over 200 units of Eminem on
>the first day!"  Then a female clerk adds, "but, you know, six
>months from now, XTC will still be selling, while Eminem will
>be in the bins."

This is a credit to the Quality Product that XTC puts out on the
shelf. Even though most of the world won't go out and purchase XTC's
album on the release date, they will still purchase the album months,
years from now. I , personally, have only found O&L in a bargain bin
(for about $7, a super bargain for the masterpiece). Though XTC may
never have the commercial recognition that they deserve, it would very
nice for them to receive a Life Time Acheivement Award (one where AP,
CM, BA, TC, DG all come up to accept it).

"The more I have to drink
The more that I can think to say"

Terry Higgins


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 01:23:59 -0700 (PDT)
From: andrew sneddon <>
Subject: yummy
Message-ID: <>

Golly, I havent felt this good since I used to sit on
the water vent in the school swimming pool.

Just really a quickie.

1.  Just to say that Im in love with Wasp Star and
think it gets even better with time.

2.  Does anyone know any good bands that are playing
at the Strawberry Fair in Cambridge this weekend.

3.  Work may be crap at times and relationships may
have their "Coco Pops" moments but I can always rely
on the Chalkhills Digest to perk me up.  You people
are lovely, whoever and wherever you are!  Gosh, I
think I need another glass of sherry and a lie down.....


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 09:31:46 +0000
Subject: Demos and Standing in For Joe
Message-ID: <>

Just my two pennurth on the current demos debate. I never heard any of the
demos for either AV or WS. When AV came out I was simply stunned by it,
although I had heard River of Orchids a few weeks earlier courtesy of Uncut
Magazine again. There was a real feeling of awe, shock and astonishment.
This was such a departure from Nonsuch seven years earlier. This year with
WS, I still had that theill of hearing something new, although, by contrast
there wasn't so much of a shock. THe contract with AV was quite notable,
however, it was more a reversion to older sounds that I had almost
forgotten with AV. Having now had WS on continuous play for the last ten
days or so I can say that it has settled down nicely and has some IMHO
truly great material. The thing I keep doing is noticing little XTC
signatures all over the place (Butter err err on COW and the Guitar sound
on TWATMaypole to mention but two that many others have mentioned).

I guess the demos situation comes down to ones own personal views and
ethics. I am not even going to try and start on what is and isn't right or
wrong in these situations. There is no universal right answer.

Anyway, moving smartly along to Standing in For Joe, a song which seems to
have attracted a fare amount of criticism. It struck me yesterday lunchtime
that here is the ideal plotline for a movie. Hapless singer is asked by
best buddy Joe to look after his girl whilst he is away, etc, etc. The
spooky part of this for me was last night when I told my wife about this
notion, she too had had the same thought (although she is not the one who
has been listening to WS constantly for the last ten days). Anyway, does
anyone know of a Hollywood scriptwriter/file producer looking for a plot
with a ready made theme song. If so put them in touch with Colin and give
the boys some chance at some money.



Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 08:59:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Terry A Higgins <>
Subject: That XTRAXTCCD
Message-ID: <>

Being in the musically dampened city of Knoxville, TN (where no local
radio station has ITMWML) I was very paranoid that I was not going to
get the bonus CD. When TVT posted the stores that they were going
offer the XTRA CD, I found the local "hip" store and emailed the
manager about it about a week before release. He told me that they'd
have limited copies and it would be FCFS, but when I got there (38
minutes after the stores opening on 5-23) they had a nice Wasp Star
Spread out on their new releases, but had about 8-10 Clam Shell
stashed in their cubby hole of bonus CDs. Of course I had to ask for
the XTRA CD (why didn't the clerk automatically know to give me
one?!), but he did make the comment that "he had heard good
things... and would like to check it out." I hope that everyone who is
looking for the bonus CD will get it as fast as possible, the graphic
on the XTRA CD is super cool as well.

Terry Higgins

p.s. World Cafe with David Dye will be playing "We're All Light" in
his show today June 02


Date: Fri, 2 Jun 2000 23:36:09 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: Hateful of Hollow ?
Message-ID: <000001bfcc9f$eff5e840$7b5791d2@johnboud>

Molly fumed :

>I just have to say one thing to those of you you who
>hate Wasp Star, "kiss my grits." (Good ole Flo from
>the TV series, ALICE

I have not read one HATE report Molly , chill Mill ... Just because
some of us aren't IN LOVE with WS doesn't mean we HATE it ...



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