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                   Friday, 2 June 2000


                       Basque bits
                  anatomical inspiration
               Weakest track on the album?
                  Come to Sunny Swindon
      Boston and Buffalo Area Radio Stations Request
                      No more DEMOS
                    Too Easy! (Twice)
              Re: Wounded Horse/ Boarded Up/
                      With A Bullet
                      A School Guide
          Venus Apples Not Falling Far From Tree
                   Let Me Take You Down
                 Yazbek standing upright
              XTC review, Didn't Hurt a Bit
                     Jim Dan(dy)Demos
                        Swami Sez'
                       compost post
                   "Didn't Hurt a Bit"
             RE: S.F.MP3 and Mr.(not so)SMART


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Then I suddenly remembered what I left at home.


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 19:40:49 +0200
Subject: Basque bits
Message-ID: <>

Hi all,

It's been the first time in my life that I got a record
before its release date: I received at home the nice
package from London on May the 22, what a fast service
Coocking Vinyl people !!

I have a new CD player in the car, and since I got WS  the
only thing I'm listening to is that, well, err ... I also
burned a Fireworks-Story of the Middle Ages-Apple Venus 1&2
compilation Cd which also includes gems like Bumper Cars,
Dame Fortune and Wonder Annual among others. The result :
terrific amazing stuff ,it was a pity that some songs
remained out though.

I love the new album. I understand that people in the list
might be unsatisfied with very commercial or b-side like
songs. It also happens to me, and had happened too with
other XTC releases: they contain excellent wise pop music
along with IMHO banal songs. I just  skip them or give them
less audition than the best ones (which are very diverse for
every and each of us , the XTC fans, isn't it ? )

Anyway, these are my  highlights :

1- Curch of Woman (still love both solos )
2- We're all Light
3- Boarded Up (incredibly improved)

plus  brilliant moments like:
the intro for ITMWML (I never thought ITMWML could be
improved that way, well done !);
the low background vocals on COW ( chuuuurrrrchhhhhhhhh.....
the long long WORD on Playground (inventive indeed );
the whole sound is very very good too, there are lots of
bass, guitar and drum details to explore with more

Mark:  I am also hungry for new XTC material,  but I
suppose that's the fate of people who fortunately have had
the chance to hear unreleased stuff, : - (

Pancho wrote
El CD esta cabron
Pancho,me ha encantado esa expresion, no conocia esa
acepcion caribena de *cabron* (por aqui tiene un sentido.mas
o menos peyorativo )

That''s all

Regards / Saludos


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 10:44:54 -0700 (PDT)
From: brown <>
Subject: anatomical inspiration
Message-ID: <>

Victor, you laughed and then wondered-

<< My Brown Guitar sounds like the
entire Beatles 'White Album' put into a blender. The lyrics make no sense at
all but they're probably about my penis (modestly sized but beautifully

I'm still crying from laughter.

the question has to be asked, has Colin written any songs about his body

why, yes... that would be Fruit Nut(s)...

and you thought it was about gardening...

Debora Brown


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 14:35:34 EDT
Subject: Weakest track on the album?
Message-ID: <>

In a message dated 6/1/00 12:47:48 PM US Eastern Standard Time,
<> writes:

> Clouds, Standing In For Joe, Stupidly Happy, Playground.  I'm
>  ashamed to admit that I find I'm the Man Who Murdered Love the
>  weakest track on the album...

Have you listened to the lyrics?!  They're damn clever.
As opposed to "Jack and jillion years ago..." what the HELL was he thinking?
For me, the standout tracks are tracks 1 to 12.  This album is flawless.

- - -
Reverend Jody L. Barnes
"May the baby Jesus shut your mouth and open your mind." - Don Vliet
"Being disabled has never really interested me very much.  It's very serious,
like plumbing is serious, but I'm also not interested in plumbing." - Robert
Wyatt (paraplegic)


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 19:34:57 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Subject: Come to Sunny Swindon
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Nice Organization

> Michael D. Myers said:
> - if you can ever get to Swindon, do it, since you will have a much better
> feel for the context of the settings and stories that Andy and Colin build
> into their songs

"Eh, Ethel, look 'ere."
"What is it, Cyril?"
"Outside o' Partridge's house..."
"Not another one..."
"Yup. Fifth American this week."
"What's 'e doin'?"
"Just lookin' as far as I can tell..."
"'E seemed so quiet when 'e moved in, and then 'e built that shed, and
"Yup. It'll be the Japanese next, you mark my words."
"They'll come over here with their raw fish and their giant robots and
their fiendish oriental ways and stand outside o' Partridge's house, just
"I'll have to alert the council, there's nothin' else for it."

In the spirit of shameless self promotion, my songs may be found at:
"sell yourself, sell yourself, expect nothing" as a sage saith.


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:43:28 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Boston and Buffalo Area Radio Stations Request
Message-ID: <>

Wes Wilson asked if someone would post the request
lines for the Boston area radio station (mainly WBCN,
WBOS, and The River) well, I found WBOS's (great
station).  The phone # is: (617) 931-1111 and the
e-mail is  I couldn't find WBCN's
request line on their website, and I can't remember
the River's call letters.
For those 'Hillers who are in the Buffalo area check
out these radio stations and their request lines.

CKEY (The River): Request over the Phone: 1 (800)
628-5488 or 1 (905) 356-6710 by email
I couldn't find the request line for WEDG (The Edge),
but they have a way to request a song on their web
site.  Just go to
Those are the only two Buffalo area radio stations I
could think of.  CKEY is actually from Niagara Falls,
Ontario, but their a cool station IMHO.  They've
played a few XTC in their time, even one of their DJs
is an XTC fan, but I can't remember who.


Molly's Pages:
My Tribute to Talk Talk & .O.Rang:


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 11:57:32 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: No more DEMOS
Message-ID: <>

IMHO, I think those of you who listened to the stupid
demos ruined it for yourselves.  So I suggest no more
bitching about "oh it should have sounded better, like
on the demos" or "oh  I don't like that song, because
it doesn't sound like the version on the demo."  It's
your own faults for listening to the demos in the
first place.  I'm so glad Andy has decided not to give
out his demos, because how can he trust anybody when
they promised him that they wouldn't give it out to
people.  So I hope you people with demos are very
happy with yourselves for ruining it for yourselves.


Molly's Pages:
My Tribute to Talk Talk & .O.Rang:


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 20:04:59 +0100 (BST)
From: Rory Wilsher <>
Subject: Too Easy! (Twice)
Message-ID: <>

Jim Smart wrote:

...uh, can anyone can think of a word for
Spring that starts with V?

Vernal. As in "vernal equinox". I knew there was a
reason I took Latin at skule!

Also, Iain Murray:

We did not "just" beat Zimbabwe. We thrashed 'em! Took
them to the cleaners. Roasted their nuts over an open
fire. Knocked them off their axis mundi, to coin a

Rory "Anybody wanna see my axis mundi?" Wilsher


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 21:07:18 +0100
From: "Pledge" <>
Subject: Re: Wounded Horse/ Boarded Up/
Message-ID: <004401bfcc04$fde2d4e0$154d063e@PLEDGE>

Dave asked:

Is "Wounded Horse" (musically) the song Depeche Mode forgot to write?

Surely they already recorded it, the riff reminds me of "Get Right With Me"
from the fantastic "Songs Of Faith And Devotion" album.
Has anyone else spotted the irony in Boarded Up? I don't imagine the fact
that Swindon's finest band never plays live will have helped promote a
prosperous live music environment down that way.

Finally, as a result of my team (Gillingham) winning promotion to Division
1and Swindon Town's (hilarious) relegation, I won't get to visit Swindon
next season. All I want to know is is the Magic Roundabout still there? I
haven't had the pleasure of visiting Swindon since May 1987. Any information
will be appreciated. Thank you.



Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 22:12:47 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: With A Bullet
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Chris asked:

> rated 19 in New Zealand???? Excuse my ignorance but would anyone know
> how these ratings are worked out??

Andy has often said that you only have to think about making an
album and you go straight in at number 90 in New Zealand.

He's probably referring to the fact that in a relatively small market
(like New Zealand or Holland ) it is a lot easier for a new act or
album to get noticed, break through and have a notable impact on
the charts.

In 1979 they did just a couple of gigs in N.Z. and hey presto! Drums
And Wires was a hit - it went gold or to number 1 or even both. I'm
too lazy to check, but it's mentioned in Chalkhills & Children - The

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 20:13:50 +0100
From: "John Bartlett" <>
Subject: A School Guide
Message-ID: <000c01bfcbfd$86a22180$bc82bcd4@e.e>

Hello all,
    spotted in the Colchester branch of Andys Records :-
1 copy of the School Guide  To XTC, going for #13.99.

Oh...and Come on you Irons !


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 15:37:10 EDT
Subject: Venus Apples Not Falling Far From Tree
Message-ID: <>

    This is my take on Bob O'Bannon's comments about XTC not "alarming"
themselves or managing to transcend their previous efforts.

    I'm wondering what you thought of Apple Venus Volume 1?  I don't know if
you're a songwriter yourself but what they accomplished with that album is
very difficult to achieve.  To make a valid rock album practically without
drums in an era where rhythm dominates everything else is no paltry task.
The complex syncopation's that made the orchestral work so effective had to
take almost infinite patience and care not to mention that there is no
blueprint for this kind of "pop" anywhere,  Andy practically had to invent a
new vocabulary to make AV1 possible.
    The other side of this coin is also a product of getting better at your
craft.  Mr. Moulding and Partridge are learning to condense their feelings
into tighter sleeker packages because as they have become more experienced
they have learned to express themselves more succinctly. Having developed
their own unique vocabulary they are no longer in need of "reinventing the
wheel."  Their experimentation has become more subtle because of their more
closely approaching their musical goals, but they are definitely still
    It is very, very difficult to write a memorable melody, and meaningful
lyrics with unique interesting music.  XTC delivers more and more
consistently with each new disc.  They are one of a handful of artists who
have managed to do this for almost thirty years.  The devil is in the details.

Oh, and my thoughts on the TWAT and COW; "could Andy really be that clever?"
...I for one hope not.

Brett Reeves
"I find your lack of faith disturbing"-Darth Vader


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 22:12:46 +0200
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Subject: Let Me Take You Down
Message-ID: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Tom Kingston said:

> I have heard Andy & Colin's Strawberry Fields MP3
Slight correction: The "band" in question is called Colin's Hermits
and the singer is indeed Andy Partridge but _all_ the other parts
have been painstakingly recreated by Dave Gregory in his home

So it's actually part of D.G.'s ongoing Remoulds project, but this
track was released to the general public on a compilation album on
Imaginary Records called "1967 - Through The Looking Glass"

Two of his other remouldings of classic pop tracks were also
released, I Am The Walrus on Without The Beatles (Jar Music) and
Third Stone From The Sun appeared on the Hendrix tribute album If
6 Was 9. The rest of them remain as yet unavailable...

BTW: it's my (educated?) guess that Dave & Andy could not appear
under their real names because they were still under contract and
Virgin wouldn't let them have any fun.

Summarizing: Colin's Hermits is really Dave with Andy on vocals
and Colin didn't have anything to do with it.

yours in xtc,

Mark S. @ the Little Lighthouse


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 14:06:59 -0700
From: Bob Estus <>
Subject: Yazbek standing upright
Message-ID: <>


As promised almost a year ago, a review of Yazbek's "Full Monty". [spoiler:
if your name is Ira page down now]

Last night with a mixture of excitement and trepidation, I took in a
preview (the last show before opening night) of "The Full Monty" at the Old
Globe Theater in San Diego, Ca. I got to the show a little early so I asked
the info-man, who sits in front of the theater (sometimes with his
cockapoo), if he knew the shows composer David Yazbek and could he please
point him out to me. He did better than that, he called him on over.

David remembered my name from a few emails we've passed. We chatted about
15 minutes before the show.  He gave me a quick run down of their schedule.
The show runs here through July 2nd (worth the trip for L.A. Chalkies)
before it heads to Broadway. He confessed to being fairly wiped-out from
the hard work. Understandable with openning night being the next day. I got
the feeling he was involved with much more production than just penning
lyrics and music. When asked if he was involved in casting etc. he briskly
replied, "People don't understand *this is* my show."

And a great show it was. Set in depressed Buffalo, New York (rather than
scenic Sheffield, UK. as in the movie) both Yazbek and book writer Terrence
McNally are at ease with it's vernacular.  I starts with great number
"Scrap" who's lyric's set the tone for a musical that is irreverent (as you
would expect from David), clever and funny (really).

Then we manage through the obligatory professional male stripper bit. Then
a couple of songs to set up story /character -some typical  musical fodder
before we get to one of my favorite numbers in the show "Big Ass Rock" (as
in we can hit you over the head with this....) This is a song where in the
2 tougher main characters offer aid in the form a dozen whacked out suicide
solutions to a weaker character who's having trouble offing himself. The
show is solid from this point on.

Other numbers wiz through several musical styles with hints of Yazbek pop
included but the stand outs are the hilarious "Big Black Man" and the
sublime "Michael Jordan's Ball".

Intermission brings heartfelt applause and the men's urinal is a-buzz with
splashy praise. After washing my hands with hot soapy water and a throrough
drying. I find Yazbek again to compliment him on the way things are going.
As I hoped, Yazbek tells me there's a chance of his band playing locally.
At least 2 members Dean Sharenow (drums) and Chris Smiley (bass) are part
of the "Monty" orchestra and are in town for the duration of the show.
Yazbek has offered to do a performance  with his own band, benefiting The
Globe, in there outdoor amphitheater. If there isn't interest in this he
may look for a local venue (maybe even my favorite that I suggested). This
is good because I'm not often in New York where his band usually gigs.

The Second Act has numbers that are much more obvious Yazbek stuff. With
the inclusion of the clavinette, whimsical flute, and
(what is that fish percussion thing?) One number (Breeze Off the River)
borrows heavily from his recorded work where another (You Walk with Me)
outright lifts a whole melody. That said, stealing from yourself is not a
crime, these are very moving moments in the play that spur lots of audience
empathy for the characters. Somewhere else he earns points for making
lyrical reference to doing something on "my brown guitar".

The second act on the whole is tighter. It may be a case of the cast
warming up. I expect by the time this reaches Broadway it will be well
oiled and some of the earlier numbers will have performances that match the
writing. Of course the story line is built on the big ending. The pace is
kept up and the ending is unsnapped and pulled off with out a hitch.
All-in-all a very entertaining night, even if you know the story.

make mine the biggest pouch,

[Newbies - Yazbek: He's got 2 albums of great pop, "The Laughing Man" and
"Tock" available at cheap. Andy Partridge plays some guitar and
donates a song to the first, sings /co-writes a song on the second. Y'might
also know Yazbek as the producer of XTC's Testimonial Dinner]


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 18:15:31 -0400
From: "Michael D. Myers" <>
Subject: XTC review, Didn't Hurt a Bit
Message-ID: <>

Chalksters and Chalkettes;

I was flying from Amsterdam to Newark, NJ yesterday and they gave us a
copy of the USA Today newspaper on the plane.  I'm not sure if this
international version is different in any way than the version that is
available in the States, but it had a very favorable review of Wasp

In fact, they gave it 3 1/2 stars out of 4.  A lengthy quote:
"....there's no shortage of inspiration on this follow-up to last
year's Apple Venus Vol 1.  Veering from buoyant, guitar-fueled romps
such as Stupidly Happy and I'm the Man Who Murdered Love to sly,
bittersweet confections such as Standing in for Joe and Church of
Women, Partridge and Moulding offer a probing study of romantic folly,
tempering their sharp wit with yearning.  Their supple melodies,
insinuating lyrics, and taut, sophisticated arrangements invite
comparisons to Squeeze, Elvis Costello, and Steely Dan."

Not bad, huh?  The review was written by Elysa Gardner, and I
especially like the notion of "romantic folly".  Pop music should be
fun, and this album does have a certain charm because it handles the
concept of love in a joyful, playful way that reflects the wisdom and
maturity of the songwriters.  I also thought that this reviewer put
more thought into her write-up than did the dopey Rolling Stone
writer, who wrote as if words were required to justify the
pre-assigned 3 out of 5 stars given in that rag.

Another thought (hold the flames until I finish, please): After
listening carefully to Boarded Up on the album as well as Didn't Hurt
a Bit on the free CD single, I'm in a quandry.  So far, Boarded Up is
the weakest cut in my opinion on Wasp Star.  It's growing on me, but I
like Didn't Hurt a Bit considerably more.

My quandry is as follows: I'm tossed up because on the one hand I
could appreciate having DHAB on the album not only because it's a
better song but also because it seems to fit better thematically into
the notion of romantic folly (as noted above) that pervades Wasp Star.
However, BU possibly fits better from a sonic perspective (at least
when one compares the finished BU to the home demo of DHAB); it also
adds a wistful counterpoint to Andy's contributions.

I know that if this is the biggest problem that I face, I am living a
charmed life.  Anyone else have strong feelings about Didn't Hurt a



Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 18:55:43 EDT
Subject: Jim Dan(dy)Demos
Message-ID: <>

Jim Smart spake thusly:

I listened 5 times in a row to the lead on the demo of Church of Women. I
originally loved how wild and weird it is. But now I'm coming around to
liking the album lead better. Fits the song a lot more. The demo one is
like a man doing whatever he wants in bed without even considering the
woman. The album version starts more slowly. It gets there, but in a more
considerate way.

Very nicely said. I now find myself in dire need of a hug.  Anyone?

Wiencek, Dan sayeth:

So, while I will avoid hearing demos before an album's release, all bets are
off once the album comes out. I want to hear everything and I'll trade and
swap and cajole with whoever I need to, and I'm sincerely sorry if that
upsets either Andy or Colin. If as Mitch predicts the demo flow will run
dry, now that the band isn't shopping for a label (which I'm sure is the
real reason the songs proliferated so far, and not Mr. Friedman's humble
tape lending), how many great songs will I never get to hear? How many
future Dame Fortunes, Bumper Cars(es), or Wonder Annuals will I miss? The
thought depresses me.

Andy and Colin don't give a rats ass about the demos.  Andy's actually
shocked that so many of us freaks would even care to hear his home
recordings, much less move hell and high water to do so.  I interviewed Andy
last year and got into a discussion with him about this.  He said "I don't
mind people having these things as long as they don't pay big bucks for it."
He's only concerned about the folks selling the audio for outrageous sums of
money to the piranha rabid XTC fans.

If you had the opportunity to look at the sketches of your favorite artist
you'd eagerly do so, wouldn't you?  Why is this any different?  I've
collected XTC material since Drums & Wires and it's as much fun to open a
package with an old XTC poster or a few cdr's/tapes/vids of the dynamic duo
today as it was when I was only a lad.  XTC is one of the few things in
life that consistently makes me happy.  I mean truly down deep, idiot grin
threatening to burst from my thirty-three year old face, happy.  I've
traded with at least fifty people on this list and have become steadfast
friends with about a dozen XTC traders.  I love this band and I love
meeting new fans through this list and through swappin' rare audio.  If you
don't want to hear the demos you don't have to; although, I can't imagine
why you wouldn't want to hear unreleased XTC. Just like I can't imagine not
eagerly reading each of these wonderful digests as they appear in my box.

What's so funny 'bout peace, love and understanding?



Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 17:44:35 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: Swami Sez'
Message-ID: <001c01bfcc2d$a9af5d20$41b59fce@default>

Chalk Awks,

There is a distinct difference between the press reviews for AV1 and WS.

And, what is the difference?

I am hard pressed to find even ONE bad/negative review for WS. (Rolling
Stone has not mattered since 1975.)

And now as promised some prognostications:

Wounded Horse will become a standard drunken sing along at no less than the
following events:

divorce parties
bachelor/bachelorette parties
during 'dirty' dancing segments of wedding receptions.

and a final prediction:
people will have sex while Wounded Horse plays.

Wes 'Making Book' Hanks


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 17:55:06 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: compost post
Message-ID: <001e01bfcc2d$ac3df740$41b59fce@default>

Joe sed,

Anyway.... I, too, still get shivery and goosebumpy during the 'decay'
portion of TWAT M, even after about 50 listens..

Anyone who does not share the above experience is a soulless, doll-eyed

Wes 'Mean-spirited and intolerant' Hanks


Date: Thu, 1 Jun 2000 18:09:14 +0100
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: "Didn't Hurt a Bit"
Message-ID: <000201bfcbf4$a8bbc540$>

The postman delivered my HMV copy of Wasp Star and the complimentary CD
'single' including Colin Moulding's "Didn't Hurt a Bit".  I must say . . .
awesome tune.   It's catchy as hell and sounds right out of late 60's or
early 70's folk tunes.  Mamas and the Papas, Beach boys ?? I'm not a
musicologist or music historian, but this song makes me think of three guys
standing on an unadorned stage with a drum kit and two guitars.  Andy, Colin
and Chuck ala Peter, Paul and Mary?

This song belongs on the official CD.  The world would be a better place if
this song was included on the original release.  Could be the next Nigel or
Dear God for the band.  Oh well, what can you say.  See what happens when
you're not there the day they vote on the songs that get included on the
official release.

BTW, love the demo version of TMWML.


Date: Thu, 01 Jun 2000 20:08:25 CDT
From: "vee tube" <>
Subject: RE: S.F.MP3 and Mr.(not so)SMART
Message-ID: <>

     Recently a certain Mr.Smart gave the wrong url
for the Dave/Andy Strawberry Fields MP3. He said it is,

  This is, of course, the XTC LIVE! in Philly site!

      The correct edress for the S.F MP3 is...

  I would apologize for this snafu but, I'm not the
          one who wasn't so 'SMART'

  Oh! I should mention,Mr.Smart asked me to correct this.
           (seems like a nice guy)


P.S. The ISDN at work was disconnected last week when
   the ADSL was hooked up. One week latter, I'm still
   waiting for 'sync'. As soon as I get get, I'll up
   some more stuff for "all'you'all's"!

P.P.S. DUNKS! Ain't me dude! Muz B U!



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