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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #6-128

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 128

                  Saturday, 20 May 2000


               XTC interview/feature on NPR
                       Robert Elms
                        420 Party!
                    Catalogue of Stuff
                     more nick drake
            three, three, three Johns in one!
              TVT: The Armchair Controversy
                        Tom Waits
              well stung with snow white tan
              Veronica/Wasp Star/Jona Lewie
                XTC Soundtrack for my life
          Gogh! What A Knight (In Pining Karma)
                    W.S AND THE FUTURE
                      Michael Jolly
                  One of the Three Johns
                     Got my CD???!!!
                   Skafish, Tom Lehrer


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Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:58:37 -0400
From: WeSun <>
Subject: XTC interview/feature on NPR
Message-ID: <>

Please note/post that National Public Radio's Weekend Edition Sunday will
feature an interview with Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding re: "Wasp Star"
on Sunday, May 28th at 9:40 am ET, repeated at 11:40 and 1:40, depending on
when your local public radio station airs our program. Hope you can tune in!

--Ned Wharton
Weekend Edition/Sunday


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:44:14 +0100
From: Belinda Blanchard <>
Subject: Robert Elms
Message-ID: <>

Hey Simon Curtiss!  How's the family down in NZ?

You wrote:

"Belinda wrote:
<This morning (Thursday 18th May) on the Robert Elms
<show on London Live, the BBC Local Radio station for
<London on 94.9FM (I like to give you the details)
aaargh Elms on the radio - now I know why I
emigrated!!  Is he still a
poncing pontificating tosspot or did someone take a
piece of 4by2 and smack
some sense into the man?"

And I reply YES HE IS still all those things!!!!!!  I
simply can't stand him, he is so ignorant sometimes!
But one thing he is good at is loving London and
finding fascinating guests who teach other Londoners
lots about this best town in the world.  And so I have
to swallow and listen because I love London more than I
hate Robert Elms.

You continued: "Congrats on the freebie though."
Hasn't bloody arrived yet.

Now does anyone remember the Newtown Neurotics from
Harlow and One The Juggler from Reading?



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 11:14:55 -0500
From: Mark <>
Subject: 420 Party!
Message-ID: <>

420 is a general slang word for smoking can be used in many
ways....term comes from a dragnet episode....Joe Friday.....a 420 in
progress....people smoking marijuana....LOL

Cruising with the Big
close, yet so far.........still waiting for my Wasp Star.......

Mark in a house on a hill in Omahahahaha


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 18:37:25 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Subject: Catalogue of Stuff
Message-ID: <>
Organization: The Nice Organization

> Wayne said:
> [T]he Eagles ... are ... making a new album and planning on touring
> next year if all works out

You mean, if at least three of them are talking after the album's
mixed, then the tour's on?

> meanwhile, Chris Coolidge pointed out:
> Big Daddy is an absolute hoot, a supposedly 50's rockabilly band
> whose plane crashed on a USO tour in Vietnam sometime in the early
> 60's, and upon being rescued in the early 80's and returning home,
> they went back to work in the only way they knew how, covering the
> hits of the day early rock and roll style.

As well as very funny, it's also sometimes quite lovely - their
version of "Dancing in the Dark" I remember from a Whistle Test in the
mid-eighties. I only have their second album (which includes the
well-earned destruction of "The Greatest Love of All" - probably the
vilest song ever written. I thought it was about masturbation for a
very long time. In some ways I still do). I think you could put vinyl
noise on their version of "I Still Haven't Found What I'm Looking For"
and have people believe it was the long-lost original. A lot funnier
than Dread Zeppelin, anyway (who, rather than variations on the same
joke, were the same joke over and over until you take your own life to
escape from it).

> And later Mr Coolidge continued:
> My wife is getting very fed up with all the space taken up by CDs,
> cassettes and LPs, but hey- she knew who she was marrying.

But did she? If you question her closely, you might find that she
thought she was marrying a Christopher Talmadge, who doesn't like
music at all. But she couldn't see or hear clearly through the veil
and then when she lifted it ... it was too late! And she hasn't had
the heart to tell you ever since.

Though probably not.

Previously on Chalkhills:

Simon Curtiss asked about the Diagram Brothers: Yes, they were all
called Diagram (in the same way that the Walker Brothers were all
called Walker) but the only one who continued to work under that name
was (I think) Andy Diagram. I have their single Bricks ("Bricks! / Lay
them out in a straight line / Bricks! / Build them into a wall. /
Bricks! / Very useful objects / They're not expensive at all!"). My
great friend Ben has their album. I'm thinking of turning these into
an unofficial CD reissue. I'll keep you posted.

He also asked:

> aaargh [Robert] Elms on the radio - now I know why I emigrated!!  Is
> he still a poncing pontificating tosspot or did someone take a piece
> of 4by2 and smack some sense into the man?

Well, yes, he is still the same as he ever was, but they've cannily
lowered the tone around him, so now he looks like Robin Day. I quite
like him, actually, but then I'm the kind of person who's interested
in London trivia.

First hearing of new XTC last night (Playground, on the World
Service). Rock and Roll.



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 19:06:42 +0100
From: "chris browning" <>
Subject: more nick drake
Message-ID: <005901bfc287$607de4a0$b2cf883e@pbncomputer>

just thought that further to recent nick drake mentions hereabouts, there
will apparently be a brand new panking album of out takes of some kind later
this year. and some remasters of the original stuff. know no more than that,
believe me i wish i did, but good golly this is turning out to a be a
*supoib* year for music...

nearly there to "wasp star" - in the mean time am grooving to neil innes'
latest album "recollections 1" which is highly recommended to fans of ron
nasty and co....



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 11:38:41 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: three, three, three Johns in one!
Message-ID: <>

Hey, does anyone remember the Three Johns? I don't
actually have  anything of
theirs (or know if it's available in anything other
than used vinyl), but a
good friend of mine was a big fan of theirs in the
80s, so I heard and enjoyed a lot of their stuff - a
rapidly-deteriorating mixed tape of  mine
from that period still has my favourite song of theirs
"The Ship Who  Died of
Shame". As I recall they were from Leeds, and may have
had some  connection with the Mekons. Does any of this
ring a bell to anyone?

You're right-there is a connection between The Three
Johns and The Mekons. Three Johns was a side project
for Mekons member John Langford. Yes, all three of
them were named John.  THey put out a few singles and
albums in the early to mid '80's. I recently made a
tape of their music for a former Chalkhiller-I have
the majority (but not all) of their records. I would
describe them as  sounding kind of like a very drunk
Gang of Four. Their earlier work is the best, their
last record was pretty much unlistenable. WOrth
checking out-THe World By Storm and Atom Drum Bop are
the best lps. the ep Some History is essential for the
song 'Lucy in the Rain', one of the best psychedelic
pieces i've ever heard.

John Langford has the Waco Bros. as his current side
project. Sloppy fun alt. country/rock.

XTC content: Tuesday is coming fast! Hope everyone who
pre-ordered online gets your copies in a timely
manner. I recall a bunch of posts after AV1 came out
complaining that pre-ordered copies didn't ship until
several days after the release date. Not meaning to
worry anyone, but.....


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 15:00:10 -0500
From: JH3 <>
Subject: TVT: The Armchair Controversy
Message-ID: <005301bfc296$05999f20$>

From: "Radiosinmotion" <>:
>...whether you want to accept it or not, regardless how good
>TVT is to you, they could have done better, PERIOD.
>...They could have notified us letting us know where XTC was so
>we could have tuned in.  It would not have taken that long to
>send a few notes.

I think you're failing to see the big picture here, my friend!

We, the folks who subscribe to this list, are (presumably) already
faithful fans who will buy Wasp Star as soon as we can get our
hands on it. As far as TVT is concerned, we're basically money in
the bank, and any efforts to further sell us on XTC product are
superfluous. *They're* not going to tell you/us that because it
would sound insulting coming from them, but that's just the way
it is.

What TVT should be doing, and *are* doing as far as I can tell,
is promoting XTC to people who aren't on this list and who either
don't know about the new album or wouldn't automatically buy it
as soon as they hear about it. Maybe they're not doing as good a
job for XTC as they would for a rap act or whatever, but they're
doing a helluva lot better than Virgin used to (Virgin never ran
TV ads for XTC in America as far as I can recall). And of course
the "no-touring" rule isn't exactly helping them.

I suspect that Andy & Colin are trying to avoid a lot of personal fan
contact (such as in-store appearances) this time around because
last year's appearances were all completely mobbed. I'm even
thinking it's quite possible that TVT has deliberately avoided
notifying us about radio/TV appearances because Andy/Colin (and
maybe the radio stations themselves) are afraid of being mobbed
there as well. And maybe they also want the freedom to cancel
or reschedule these things on short notice, without having to deal
with a hundred-plus fans waiting outside for them someplace where
they're not going to be.

So sure, they could probably do better, but they could *always* do
better, no matter how good they are. Personally, I think we should
wait until the album has been in the store shelves a few days to start
criticizing TVT for lack of effort. IMO they've got a decent buzz going,
despite their failure to keep this list apprised of their every move.
(Admittedly, it would help A LOT if they'd do something about that
web site...)

And yes, I'm mainly writing this (except for that last comment) in
the hopes that they'll put me on their free-promo list for future
XTC product.

John "toadying lackey, or lackeying toady?" Hedges


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 15:27:02 -0500
From: "Jan C. Harris" <>
Subject: Tom Waits
Message-ID: <024801bfc29f$701b7720$a8a6f5d0@janstrigem>

NV writes: <<I can hear that! But then, I love imagining Tom Waits
saying lots of things. Doing the voiceover for Nature
documentaries. On Hold messages ("Your call is important to us"). NPR
news casts. >>

Excellent!  Makes me want to try it with Bob Dylan...



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 14:58:59 -0700
From: "Wes Hanks" <>
Subject: well stung with snow white tan
Message-ID: <000501bfc2a6$9d43f720$36b59fce@default>

Opposable thumbed ones,

Today as I was getting out of my pool I was stung on the shoulder by a wasp.
Ouch, bloody wasp. Now I have a wasp scar.

Wes "Tip your waitress, and enjoy the buffet" Hanks


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 17:37:56 -0400
From: Jeff Eason <>
Subject: Veronica/Wasp Star/Jona Lewie
Message-ID: <>

Fellow Chalkvillians,

Just a few notes. To Veronica: I must insist that The Nails were too busy
ripping off Lou Reed to bother with stealing any tripe from Jim Carrol. I
like his work but he gets points off for approving "The Basketball Diaries"
movie starring Leonardo "Retardo" diCraprio.
One of those albums that I have that is only good for one song is by Jona
Lewie. It's horrible stuff except for the infectious "In the Kintchen at
Parties". Whatever happened to him?
We here in the western North Carolina burg of Boone will be hosting our own
Wasp Star Release Party on Tuesday at the Mountain Times Building.
Amazingly, four out of the six writers here became XTC fans before we
started working at The Mountain Times.
Has anyone heard of any television appearances by Colin & Andy to promote
the new disc? I know Conan O'Brien is a bit of a fan and would like to have
them chat and would LOVE to have them perform on his show.
I'm new to this site but has anyone listed great albums by bands that only
had one release? My favorite in that category would have to be Quiet Sun's
eponymous album with the runner up prize going to Ultraprophets of the
Psykick Revolution's album "Christmas".

Making Plans for Dinner,


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 14:39:49 -0500
From: "Jan C. Harris" <>
Subject: XTC Soundtrack for my life
Message-ID: <024701bfc29f$6e8a28c0$a8a6f5d0@janstrigem>

I've been a YesFan much longer than I've been an XTC fan - so
much of my life's soundtrack >as< it happens, has been to Yes.

That said, "Green Man" commemorates my first trip to England, and
the energy and power I met among the green fields, trees, and
stones of my ancestors' homelands.  The Greenness and lushness of
the country - coupled with the sheer spiritual power of the
history of the people and the land, yes, that's Green Man.
 Then - when I return home I'm happily greeted as a goddess at my
local heathen gathering - yes, Green Man really drives it home.
I remember a Christmas, visiting my Mum, who was ill, and taking
a walk with my Discman to get a break from taking care of her -
and dancing a skipping jig to it in the middle of town...

"River of Orchids" came to have a special meaning for me this
winter.  I wanted so much to return to England - and I know that
I'm supposed to push my car off the road in order to walk on my
hands into London on a river of Orchids.  But it came to me to
speak of the ease of getting to London.  That it would be so easy
for me - I could walk on my hands to do it.  And so I did - and
made it back to England in February.

"Wrapped in Grey" is like a commemoration of my healing my heart
of years of illness (still a struggle but better than ever).
It's like something I've learned so well, but it is beautiful to
be reminded of it.  Nonsuch was my "winter album" this year - and
"Omnibus" was to me a beautiful celebration of the diversity of
friends who can gather on the internet.

"I'd like that" is exactly the way I want a love song to be -
light and airy but with ample desire.  I think it may be my
favorite "love song" ever.  (there's always Yes lovesongs, but
they are of a different timbre and pitch!)

I had a cathartic release to "Wrapped in Gray / Ugly
Underneath" - difficult to explain to total strangers - but what
I shared with friends was deeply understood.

And I've been working on the road a lot of late, and my car is my
favorite place to listen to music (sadly, I don't always get all
the lyrics because of this).  And I've had happy musical "XTC
Deja Vu's" all over southern Indiana.  The last time I was at
this intersection, I was listening to Rook.  The last time I saw
this stretch of field, I was laughing and singing along to "I'd
Like That."  etc.

Mentioning Rook - I have "Song Stories" but haven't had a chance
to crack it yet.  What is the significance of "my name on the



Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 17:17:53 EDT
Subject: Gogh! What A Knight (In Pining Karma)
Message-ID: <>

Hello again C'hillers!

Sorry for the intrusion. I don't mean to interrupt any Generals and Majors.
This posting comes in peace.
Very recently, my altAr-ego, Piglet VanGogh, heard (yes! even with one ear)
about Wasp Star and the May 23rd release date. As a result, he sent us all an
E-greeting card. I hope one or two of you will take the time to check it out,
especially the night you arrive home with Wasp Star. Me? I'll be buying it
Monday night at midnight.
The card can be viewed at

Gotta Gogh!
Paul :p)


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 23:04:36 +0100
Message-ID: <>

andys voice gets better with age and like neil finn so does his
songwriting,no disrespect to colin.forget the 3 out of 5 nonsense for
WASP STAR its a new xtc album,its a personal thing.after all the shit
they have put up with from virgin during and after NONSVCH ,they gave
us AV1.quality or what? I know WS is going tobe good because they seem
more relaxed with cooking vinyl.andy also said he had loads more stuff
waiting in the wings because of that awful 7 year gap between nonsvsh
and av1.every album they have madehas had a classic or four on it and
I pridict  that to us diehards WS will have the same. AV3? lets wait
and see.lets rejoice at the countrys finests offering,your very own X
T C. I dont thinkgetting richard thompson in for an album is
neccessary,dave gregory is part of xtc and the most underrated
guitarst ever,yes to dave mattacks on drums.nonsvchagain.oh need I say
more... yes I do can you tell me how many units AV1  SHIFTED?

best wishes from, dave.


Date: Sun, 21 May 2000 00:47:21 EDT
Subject: Michael Jolly
Message-ID: <>

Regarding Michael Jolly's writings on XTC in Entertainment Today (in the Los
Angeles area)....

Michael and I worked together for a spell in a Burbank music store (the one
owned by R. Branson). He's a great guy. And his musical tastes are
impeccable. Many a shift we'd discuss the many merits of XTC. I know for the
"Apple Venus Vol.1" article he interviewed Andy via phone, and I assume the
same for his latest piece on "Wasp Star". I thank Mr. Jolly for turning me on
to Sloan- they are truly exceptional.

As for Jason Falkner, he's hardly new (Jellyfish, Greys, and 2 solo CD's).
But he's one of the best these days.

Carson, Ca


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 20:09:28 EDT
Subject: One of the Three Johns
Message-ID: <>

Hey <insert clever name for members of Chalkhills mailing list>:

Ed Kedzierski wrote:

<< Hey, does anyone remember the Three Johns? I don't actually have
anything of theirs (or know if it's available in anything other than used
vinyl), but a good friend of mine was a big fan of theirs in the 80s, so I
heard and enjoyed a lot of their stuff - a rapidly-deteriorating mixed tape
of mine from that period still has my favourite song of theirs "The Ship
Who Died of Shame". As I recall they were from Leeds, and may have had some
connection with the Mekons. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone?>>

One of the three Johns was Jon Langford, a member of the Mekons.  You might
look for a Three Johns album in the Mekons or Jon Langford section (he has
about a million side projects) of a good record store, but I don't know if
anything was ever released on CD.

Bob J.


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 18:42:13 -0700
From: "Radiosinmotion" <>
Subject: Got my CD???!!!
Message-ID: <001c01bfc2c5$c9f0a380$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

I got my CD today (I'm talking about Wasp Star people!)  Not sure why, its
a Saturday and its not out for 3 more days, but nonetheless, I got it in
the mail.  I'm glad to finally look at the cover after having the CD for
about a month now.  Oh, for the person commenting on W&TM, its not just
you, its me too.  I love that song.  Its such a perfect ending.  Now I can
finally fill that blank space after Homespun on my 300 Disk changer!

Albums I have listened to daily for the past 2 months (like you care!) in
order of how which I listened to more:

1. Frank Zappa: Strictly Commercial (If you don't have it, get it!)
2. XTC: AV1
3. XTC: Wasp Star (I was the one saying I would wait huh?)
4. Frank Zappa: Hot Rats
5. Mothers: Freak Out
6. Devo: Pioneers Who Got Scalped
7. Cracker: Garage D'Or
8. Camper Van Beethoven: Oh Mye
9. XTC: Nonsuch
10. Talking Heads: The Name Of the band is...

Heaven 17 > Good
Lene Lovich > Good
Big Country > Good
General Public > Good
Material Issue > Good, got boring, lost interest, bad...


Date: Sat, 20 May 2000 16:21:26 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Skafish, Tom Lehrer
Message-ID: <l03130306b54c9fada515@[]>

>Also - my brother has an original copy of 'That Was The Year That Was' by
>Tom Lehrer.  Brilliant!
>No bites on Skafish?? Anyone?

  I used to have his first album years ago. I got tired of it real fast.
He's talented enough, but I got tired of his annoying personality and cruel
humor(especially "Joan Fan Club." That song's just plain mean.). I was
hesitant to mention it, but since nobody else remembers Skafish,
apparently, just wanted to let you know somebody does. To be fair, I liked
"I Might Move In Next Door" on the second album. Definitely time to sublet!
Not enough to buy the whole album, but enough to play the song on my
college radio show a couple of times. Love Tom Lehrer, though- I have a
60's Reprise pressing of the first album, which I found used in the early
80's; I proudly brought it home for the holidays from college and played it
to my mother who said something like "Oh, something from my college days
for once." I wasn't aware she'd heard of him; I remembered the name from
the leader of a hiking trip I was on in Vermont one summer in high school,
who used to sing "The Irish Ballad" on long downhills, among other twisted
stuff that escapes my memory. Ted was real big on sight gags too, for one
trick he tied us all in a line with rope then led us through the Richmond
Fish and Game Club at the base of one trail like we were slaves and he was
the slave driver. What the club members must have though of us...

Christopher R. Coolidge

Homepage at

"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


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