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                   Friday, 19 May 2000


      Rezillos/response to Harrison/forgotten bands
                  Re: Hung Like a Horse
            are you going to shine karma fair
                         Be Anal
                  it's the long weekend!
                   XTC forum in Chicago
                    It's out in Italy!
 Albums..Graceland..and XTC sleep Deprivation..Happy XMAS
                     more good press
                    Somebody Stop Me!
                     Sound and color
                        XTC stuff
            Another lost band, and misc drivel
              S. F. Bay Area Gathering 2000
              It's the hat, Frank, the hat!
                    Wasp star sighting
      RE: Interview with Chuck Sabo, and a Pudding.
                   Can You Still Feel?


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Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 11:01:06 -0500 (CDT)
From: Marshall Needleman Armintor <>
Subject: Rezillos/response to Harrison/forgotten bands
Message-ID: <>

<<The Rezillos were great! They were later called the Revillos,
but their first album "Can't Stand the Rezillos" is probably
their best. Two of my favorite songs from it are "Flying Saucer
Attack" and "Somebody's Gonna Get Their Head Kicked In Tonight".

I had it on casette, so I'm not sure if was ever released on CD.>>

  It was re-released in the US during early 1993 on some
subsidiary of Warners (Sire?) as _Can't Stand the Rezillos: The
(Almost) Complete Rezillos_ with extra material from their live
album, and a couple of single sides.  (I think "Destination Venus,"
at least, wasn't on the first album.)  It's pretty wonderful: my
favorite track on it was "It Gets Me." Also their cover of the
Dave Clark Five's "Glad All Over" is pretty damned funny, as is
"I Can't Stand My Baby."

<<I know what you mean: Techno holds no fascination for me either,
and my dislike makes me feel like a 1954 Rotarian watching Elvis on
TV and railing against jungle music. Is it so terribly *unhip* to
feel contempt for such apparently lazy music? Am I to be drum-machined
out of the Corps of the Cool for thinking that a *chord change* every
once in a while might liven things up? I suppose it had to happen,
Old Farthood catches up with everybody and he's coming for YOU next...>>

  I sympathize with Harrison's point of view: I used to hate all forms
of electronic music and anyone who used a keyboard or black pad for a
drumbeat; having grown up in and been damaged by the 80s, I quickly
developed a loathing for Depeche Mode, New Order, etc. etc., not in
small part because I thought that I took absolutely no skill to make
that kind of music, and it doesn' such, just like it takes
no skill to paint like Jackson Pollock.  At the same time, though
(this may sound pretentious, but I'm just trying to make a point),
as Robert Hughes wrote about Pollock, he had this uncanny esthetic
sense that didn't have anything to do with technique: try to reproduce
those fuzzy pink textures in _Lavender Mist_ and you're not likely
come up with anything that looks remotely good.  At worst that genre of
music is just plain boring and humorless; at best it's damn musical,
thrilling, and funky.  If you take nothing else away from this,
Harrison and everyone, I beseech you to pick of a copy of DJ Shadow's
masterpiece _Endtroducing_, which is beyond marvelous, and I highly
recommend it no matter what your musical tastes are: the warm, all-
vinyl sampling gives the sound this classic brownish patina that
resembles, to my ears anyway, 50s Gil Evans-era Miles Davis, I swear
to God.
   Other things I like are the Chemical Brothers' first record _Exit
Planet Dust_, Tricky's _Maxinquaye_, and practically anything by
Aphex Twin, but the latter's a totally private indulgence I don't
expect anyone to understand -- in fact, I don't really understand it
myself, but I appreciate his sense of humor most of all.  Tricky
is also pretty good in a live setting too.
   Totally shocked to be in agreement with Dom.

<< If this is true, that would be cool if it sparked the old boys
 to do a tour again.  Even if they don't, I love what Strummer and
 Mick have done solo!>>

Strummer's _Earthquake Weather_ is a highly underrated album.

<<Hey, anyone remember Mary's Danish?>>

  Oh God yes, I still can't get "Yellow Creep Around" out of my head,
nine years after having heard it last.

<<No bites on Skafish?? Anyone?>>

  Only know them from _Urgh! A Music War_...and I always fast-forward
that part.  Jim Skafish and Klaus Nomi appear separated at birth.

  The new issue of Rolling Stone that reviews Wasp Star gives it three
stars.  The new Britney Spears: 3 and a half.  Surely someone's
kidding someone else here.



Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 13:51:01 -0500
From: "Paul Averitt" <>
Subject: Re: Hung Like a Horse
Message-ID: <004701bfc1c3$30f7e880$ce292cd1@louie>

"BTW: "our" horse is the only surviving chalkhill drawing that is a
real ancient, pre-historic one - all the others are quite recent in
comparison. And believe me, you actually _feel_ this when you are
up there on the Hill."

True... with the wind ripping around you up there and the hills surrounding
and the view of Swondon below, it's pretty inspiring. Andy told me that
you're supposed to stand in the eye of the horse and turn around three times
and make a wish. I asked if he had and he said "Of course!"
Paul Averitt

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Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 09:50:30 -1000
From: "Jim Smart" <>
Subject: are you going to shine karma fair
Message-ID: <>
Organization: 3Tripper

>......what's next? Simon and fucking Garfun......ahem. Forget I spoke.


Yes. Knights in Shining Karma is reminiscent of a song Simon and Garfunkel
might have done if they were adding something to the White album.

Jim "Partsy Sage" Smart


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 13:39:54 -0500
From: "Paul Averitt" <>
Subject: Be Anal
Message-ID: <004001bfc1c1$a100db20$ce292cd1@louie>

Wes Wilson wrote:
"The riff in "Stupidly Happy" reminds me of that in "Never Let You Go" by
Third Eye Blind. Andy goes Rick Springfield!"

Before Andy played this one, he said "Now, this is the bost BANAL thing I've
ever written, this guitar lick, and I know it. We purposely wanted to do a
BANAL guitar lick song, and I thought 'How BANAL can I go?'. So this guitar
line is really... BANAL."

Then he played it for me and I loved it!

Paul Averitt

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Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:37:33 -0400
From: (Rich Greenham)
Subject: it's the long weekend!
Message-ID: <>

A perfect Friday here at the best damn rock radio station in Ottawa!

Not only did I receive an advance copy of Wasp Star from the local TVT
rep...  But I was also the surprised recipient of a couple of cases of
beer from Labatt Breweries...  And it's the Victoria Day long weekend!

Beer and new XTC...

Life in Canada's capital could not get any better!

Rich "stupidly happy & crackin' a cold one" Greenham
Creative Director -- 106.9 The Bear
Loves His Mom & XTC


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:11:22 -0500
From: "Jamie Lowe" <>
Subject: XTC forum in Chicago
Message-ID: <001b01bfc1ce$8da6b600$2b85263f@unlpm>

My Dear Fellow Chalkholders:

I cordially invite you to join a group of devotees in a discussion of the
bands most recent release and other related Xtc topics.

The Meeting Place:  The Red Lion Pub, 2446 N. Lincoln Ave., Chicago

The Big Day:  Wednesday June 7th, 2000

The Time: 6:30PM CDT till 25 O'clock

Attire: Phil Corless Uffington Horse Designer wear and Blue Berets

Earthly Delights:  Fine ales and English fare (Notes and Coins) required!

Funk Pop A Roll:  Bring a Homespun Xtc compilation CD or Cassette (optional)

Are You Receiving Me? Please RSVP so I can e-mail you with a reminder as the
date approaches,
or if you have any questions...

Thank You and Goodnight,

Jamie Lowe


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 21:37:39 GMT
From: "Riccardo Bachman" <>
Subject: It's out in Italy!
Message-ID: <>

Well, I don't know about the USA, but the album is in record stores here in
Italy (and presumably in other European countries).
I see our one and only John Relph indeed managed to get himself mentioned in
the "We Would Also Like to Thank:" section of the CD booklet too!


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:13:28 EDT
From: "Seth Frisby" <>
Subject: Albums..Graceland..and XTC sleep Deprivation..Happy XMAS
Message-ID: <>

Hi Folks, Has anyone ever noticed that the three or four days to Christmas
are three of the most irritating days in the whole year? Right now with 4
days till Wasp Star I feel that unique dreadful anticipation...and I hate
it! I've had "We're All Light" assaulting me...all night I tossed and turned
with a terrible headache and what song was the soundtrack to my tossing and
turning? You guessed it....
         Oh and I wouldn't agree with the bashing of Graceland..after the
years since its release it may have tarnished a bit..but its still movingly
good even with Paul's dictionary wide open song writing. A lot of the lyrics
do seem like non sequiters...I mean c'mon "Dogs in the Moonlight" where the
hell did that come from? It doesn't even pertain to the rest of the song.
All in all the album is a bit too politically correct and dated but you
can't blame him for trying can you?

       I got the same new response from HMV so i'm anticipating my extra
copy from them. (hey everybody better order an extra copy because our first
copies are sure to wear out from the constant use!)

      One last word(and yes it is my final answer!) about listening to
albums in their entirety. In a fairly recent interview with our dear Colin
he states that he and Andy purposely try to put little threads of themes and
sound to lead a listener through the album..thus making it necessary to
listen to the album fully to catch the full theme of that album. So like a
novel you can skip a few chapters so you can have time write that late paper
but you wouldn't really get the book and you would be sure to miss
something. To stretch my metaphor a little thinner a mediocre musician can
only create collections of short stories which vary in quality. While great
musicians such as our boys create novels where every song or chapter are
necessary parts of the unfolding story. Though we have to all agree there
are some great great books and albums that have some pretty stinky
chapters...but don't we have to take the good with the bad?....
        sorry to belabor my point but its the only way I know of...Boy am I
going to be broke on Tuesday...New King Crimson and XTC...I really am going
to be living on the street (albeit with a stereo)...Until next time I will
try to modestly be:

Seth "I'm the Mannnnnnn!" Frisby

p.s. Hey, aren't we all THE Man?


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:18:03 -0700
From: "Drew MacDonald" <>
Subject: more good press
Message-ID: <000801bfc1e0$1a6dc5e0$>

Our boys are cover-featured in the current issue of Entertainment Today, a
weekly giveaway tabloid here in LA.

Author/interviewer Michael Jolly seems so well-informed and enamored of the
duo ("among the finest purveyors of pop music anywhere") that I wouldn't be
surprised if Jolly was among us here on Chalkhills. Are you out there,
Michael?  If so: good job!

About the only bad news in the article is Andy's acknowledgement that he
hasn't "written anything for a few years because we've been busy
recording... So right now, there's nothing on the horizon and I'm really
glad. It's blank and I'm loving it."

The article is not yet available on the paper's website
( ) , but it may show up there sometime after this issue
leaves the stands. Another Jolly ET piece, dating from the release of AV1,
is at



Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 18:14:26 -0400
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Somebody Stop Me!
Message-ID: <a04310101b54b6a67a960@[]>

Greetings all,

I just wanted to relate my unique stroke of luck this Friday
afternoon. I should have been sleeping so I can go to my job later
tonight, but I was hunting around Borders Books & Music stores
because I heard they have been getting some shipments of a long out
of print DVD I wanted... well, I can't help but browse the CD racks
in their stores because their listening stations usually have great
stuff on 'em. I listened to some of the new Michael Penn CD, The
Apples In Stereo, Jill Sobule and some others... Well, I glanced over
to the XTC section and lo and behold, there's a copy of WASP STAR!
The CD was clumsily shrink wrapped in generic plastic, not the
stronger celophane type stuff most CDs come in... I assume someone
opened the disc to listen to it and then put it out on the floor
instead of back in the warehouse.

Well, of course I bought it! Even though I'm expecting a CD from HMV
(with the ultra-cool promo single), I had to do it!! It was great to
finally hear the rest of the songs on this CD that some of you have
been digging for months. Now I'll have to go back and check out your
comments. ]

Oh yeah, I bought the Apples In Stereo, too. Those of you who were
enjoying Willie Wisely should check out the Apples disc, called "The
Discovery of a World Inside The Moone."

= Derek "yeah, I bought that someplace" Miner =


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:39:35 -0400
From: Stephen Wilder <>
Subject: Sound and color
Message-ID: <>

I missed the body of the synesthesia dicussion several issues ago, but
I'm also someone who has strong associations between colors and ptches
(especially key areas).

G major is blue, while Gb is closer to dark purple
D major is green, while Db is darker green, like teal
A major is red
B major is orange, while Bb is a matted, duller, greyer orange
e minor is dark grey or black, E major is lt. grey or maybe silver?

I'd love some feedback from others with these types of associations. It
may be related to perfect pitch.

I don't have it, but I have very good pitch memory, and the pitches of
the open strings of a guitar are always there when I want them. Any
thoughts about the relationship between this synesthesia and perfect

todd obvious


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:01:09 -0400
From: "Jessica Kashiwabara" <>
Subject: XTC stuff
Message-ID: <006501bfc1d5$6dae5680$1200005a@Support>
Organization: Ultra14

There's a review of the new XTC disc up on Here's the link:

And there's also a story up about XTC going on tour! Here's the link to

XTC still rocks!



Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 15:28:27 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Another lost band, and misc drivel
Message-ID: <>

Hey, does anyone remember the Three Johns? I don't actually have anything of
theirs (or know if it's available in anything other than used vinyl), but a
good friend of mine was a big fan of theirs in the 80s, so I heard and
enjoyed a lot of their stuff - a rapidly-deteriorating mixed tape of mine
from that period still has my favourite song of theirs "The Ship Who Died of
Shame". As I recall they were from Leeds, and may have had some connection
with the Mekons. Does any of this ring a bell to anyone?

In the "not that you'd care" department, I just returned from an overlong
lunch where I overspent on CDs (though I'll still have what I'll need on
Tuesday, mark my words). Got "Love Story" the big Love 2CD comp, purely on
the basis of reccomendations, both here on the list and from in-the-flesh
friends. Got the Owsley album purely on the basis of all the reccomendations
I've read here (better be good...). Got Yazbek's "Laughing Man", not just on
list reccomendations, but because I liked "Tock", which I did buy because of
the list... And finally picked up a Snakefinger compilation because I
reminded myself of him a few digests ago and all the stuff I have is old
tapes (rapidly deteriorating again) recorded off friend's stuff years ago...

Two hours to go before the long weekend...
(Monday is Victoria day here in Canada - Queen Victoria's birthday (actually
an approximation so that it's always on a Monday), which reminds me of a
funny story... Last year, on the same holiday, I went to see Elvis Costello,
and he mentioned his surprise that stores were closed for Queen Victoria's
birthday, and said something along the lines of "why on earth do you bother?
Even we don't anymore - it's just absurd" which got a big laugh (and a
couple of "WOO!s") out of the audience, Canadians being resolutely apathetic
about the whole monarchy vs. republicanism debate, and in fact often
enjoying the absurdity of the whole situation. I always say, if there's one
thing that Canadians care less about than the monarchy, it's republicanism
[using the real meaning of the word, not the US political party]. And if
there are any fellow Canucks out there who are ardent monarchists or
hardcore republicans, you know very well that you're in the minority
compared to status quo apathetics. Aussies: well, good luck with whatever
you want to do, but it seems like a lot of fuss and bother just to boot some
old lady off your money... Republican Brits: I'll just say the same thing I
said to some anti-monarchy English guy (scandalized that we were so
accepting of the situation, and that I in particular was 100 percent amused
and 0 percent outraged) I got into a drunken debate with many years ago: If
you feel that strongly about it, then it's totally your job abolishing it,
not ours.)

God Save the Incredibly Rich Hat-Wearing Old Lady,
Ed K.


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 14:56:38 -0700
From: Valerie Pedretti-Allen <>
Subject: S. F. Bay Area Gathering 2000
Message-ID: <>

(I'm sending this from my wife's account because my email is down)

:::::: San Francisco Bay Area Gathering 2000 for the release of XTC's Wasp
Star ::::::

We tried to pull this together sooner with the intent of allowing people to
hear the new CD prior to release. The powers that be and the schedule of the
organizers prohibited doing this last month.

Sorry for the short notice but, for obvious reasons, we didn't want to do this
weeks AFTER the official release. In the end it simply becomes an excuse and
gathering place for XTC fans to get together.


May 23, 2000 - 8:45 p.m. to 11:00 p.m. or midnight depending on when the crowd
thins out.

At the Minolta Planetarium at De Anza College in Cupertino, California!

This should be pretty damn cool (I mean, when was the last time you had a
chance to dance in a planetarium?). The facility seats 170 people and has a
great sound system. We will play some video of XTC and Wasp Star, as well
as a few other rarities and oddities (and the obligatory space travelogue
with "Another Satellite").


1) Arrive around 8:30. We will not have access to the facility until the
evening class has completely cleared out, so people may need to mill around
outside or in the lobby for a few minutes.

2) Text directions are below. There is also a map with directions online

3) Emergency contact phone number. 408.221.8606

4) Each carload will need to bring 8 quarters to buy a daily parking pass
from the machine in the parking lot. DO NOT FORGET!! It is unlikely that
any change will be available.

5) Food,drink and smoking is strictly forbidden inside the
planetarium. Have a few beers and eat before the event.

6) We are being charged for the use of this facility. Since we don't know
the planned attendance, we have to be willing to bear the cost ourselves
but we will pass the proverbial hat to offset some of the wallet trauma.

An extremely large Thank You to Andy Kreyche for making this possible!!

101 to Highway 85 south. Exit at Stevens Creek. Make a left turn from 85
onto Stevens Creek Boulevard.

FROM THE SOUTH BAY- Take 85 north to Stevens Creek exit, turn right onto
Stevens Creek Boulevard.

THEN Turn right on Stelling Road, and then right on McClellan Road. Make a
right onto the De Anza Campus; then make an immediate left. Follow the
signs to the planetarium and to Parking Lot E, located adjacent to the
facility. The planetarium is located north of the parking lot, just beyond
three small portable buildings.  ( It's really not that hard to find. There
are signs from anywhere on campus.)

Hope to see you there!



Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 18:50:45 -0500
From: RNV <>
Subject: It's the hat, Frank, the hat!
Message-ID: <>

hello everybody--

The other day, I received in the mail, from a humble address in Boise ID, a
stunning green baseball cap bearing the Mark Of The Beast, the Uffington
White Horse. To all who thought and thought again about buying a chalk horse
hat from Mr Corless and then decided not to, I urge you: think again! It is
sturdy and, it hardly need be said, lovely and stylish.

And, since I got the hat, I've quit smoking, the bullies at the beach have
stopped kicking sand in my face, and my car (the one that sounds like Tom
Waits) is getting almost double the mileage. I am transformed! And Wasp Star
isn't even out yet! What a month!

I heartily endorse the product! Run, don't walk, to:


ps/ I am, of course, not in any way affiliated with Phil Corless, since
there's nothing to be affiliated with: he's just this guy, you know? I'm
just a satisfied customer.


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 21:13:15 EDT
From: "Garret Harkawik" <>
Subject: Wasp star sighting
Message-ID: <>

The greatest thing that has ever happened to me in my life happened a few
days ago: I was in a media play when I happened to notice a song being
played which sounded vaugely familiar.  After listening closly for a few
seconds I relized it was Wheel and the Maypole!  I accually wasn't surprised
to be hearing it because that particular store is always playing good music
(They once played an entire phish album (Which reminds me, their new album
was released last tuesday and it is unbelievably incredible), which leads me
to believe that if I had gotten there sooner I probably would have heard all
of Wasp Star)


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 21:42:24 -0400
From: Ben Gott/Loquacious Music <>
Subject: Babybird
Message-ID: <>


Sorry to give you a "non-XTC" moment when we're so close to "Wasp Star," but
I urge you to check out the RealAudio snippets of Babybird's new single, and
its B-sides:

Next to XTC, Babybird are my favourite band.

XTC content:  I'm going to see the Neta Dance Company performance tomorrow!
Yeah me!  I'll send a post after the show, of course...I'm also going to see
Glen Phillips at the Iron Horse on Saturday night -- I'll be the 20 year old
with the beard, glasses, and "Apple Venus Volume 1" t-shirt...


      Benjamin Gott . Loquacious Music . Brunswick, ME 04011
AIM: Plan4Nigel . Tel: (207) 721-5366 .
  So remember, just don't smile / 'Cos tonight we've got style...


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:34:00 -0700
From: Dan Pinder <>
Subject: RE: Interview with Chuck Sabo, and a Pudding.
Message-ID: <>

<> said:

> The proof's in the pudding, right?

Actually, no. "The proof of the pudding is in the eating."

In other news:

Fantastic of you to let these interviews loose. I shall read on with interest!

Dan Pinder
"I feel nothing but pride. An empty, an empty pride.
A hopeless vanity. A dreadful arrogance. A *stupifyingly*
futile conceit. But at least it's something to hang onto."
           - Sir Arthur Streeb-Greebling


Date: Fri, 19 May 2000 17:02:14 -0800
From: Patrick M Adamek <>
Subject: Can You Still Feel?
Message-ID: <>

people of chalk,

I received the following message in my e-mail box today:

We have shipped the following items in your order 72737 on 2000-05-19:
2  CD      XTC          V2/WASP STAR/APPLE VENUS

from  I received Neil Young's latest (Silver & Gold) from them
in short order (about 3 days) when I ordered it last week.  Their
service is quite excellent!  Thanks to John Relph for recommending their
site (I belive it was him who did so).  I am so psyched to get these (I
ordered two copies...why not?!)

I checked out Sound & Vision's Top 10 of 1999.  None other than our own
XTC is at #3 with AV1.  Here's the whole list:

1. Tom Waits  Mule Variations
2. Wilco Summerteeth
3. XTC Apple Venus Vol. 1
4. Robyn Hitchcock  Jewels for Sophia
5. Continental Drifters  Vermillion
6. Guided By Voices  Do the Collapse
7. Chris Cornell  Euphoria Morning
8. Sleater-Kinney  The Hot Rock
9. FOuntains of Wayne  Utopia Parkway
10. Jason Falkner  Can You Still Feel?

     I do not necessarily react to these type of lists right away but
this one caught my eye because XTC was featured so prominently.  I
decided to buy all 10 of them (in an effort also to update my collection
(I spent all of 1999 filling up my back catalogue with Woody Guthrie,
Fats Domino, Leadbelly and the Carter Family stuff).

     Coming in at #10 was Jason Falkner with his 1999 album "Can You
Still Feel?"   This is one of the most brilliant CDs that I have heard
in a long time.  It is considered Beatlesque by the "experts" and I
believe it to be one of the most consistently good albums that I have
heard (by a new artist) in years.  I really think that it is second only
to AV1 in 1999.  Does anyone else have a comment on Mr. Falkner?

     Re: Bill Frisell.  A friend of mine let me borrow his "Nashville"
CD about 6 months ago and it did not leave my player for about 2 months
(unitl my copy arrived in the mail).  I cannot recommend it more
enthusiastically!  His latest (Good Dog Happy Man) continues in a
similar way but the power of "Nashville" (for me anyway) was stronger.

    Lou Reed's new album is called Ecstacy.  This fact caused some
confusion when discussing a multiple CD order over the phone with
someone from CD universe, for I had also ordered some material by
XTC..and get the picture.  Anyway, it is great.  I have
really liked everything from him since "New York" and this is likely his
best since that time (1989).  Who knows, maybe old Lou was paying a
tribute to his favorite quirky English band when he named his album!

   Eagerly awaiting AV2 (and I still have not heard any of the demos or
any single!) in Juneau, Alaska



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