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                  Wednesday, 17 May 2000


                 Air dates for "The List"
               My pulse will be quickenin'
laugh bark and weathrrr, beefheart replica, dance with me rotary
                  This Is A White Horse
One thing not seen on this list, except, perhaps, by one.
                        Quay pasa?
               Amazon E-Mail RE: Wasp Star
                More on the Napster debate
                  New obscure band entry
                 spotlight on
             the XTraordinary thing about XTC
                        Top Ramen
How much would you pay for the rights to broadcast these XTC songs?
                      More ramblings
                 rah rah for red harrison
               Yes Sir Randy! Event in L.A.
                      Post potpourri


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Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:36:29 +0100
From: "Davies, Huw (TPE)" <Huw.Davies3@Wales.GSI.Gov.UK>
Subject: Soundtrack
Message-ID: <7209B69A281BD4119EE50001FA7EA975AEADE2@WOMAIL2>

> Jennifer L. Geese asked "If your life had a soundtrack, what XTC songs
> would we hear on it?"

For me, "Wrapped in Grey" would have to be the soundtrack for the run up to
the 1997 General Election in Britain. Somehow the words "Don't let the
loveless ones sell you a world wrapped in grey" were saying "Don't vote

"Green Man" is the soundtrack to me studying for law exams last year. I was
listening to AV1 a lot at that time, but it is "Green Man" I associate most
of all with that period of my life.

Is it too late to come in on this great lost bands thread. I would have to
nominate Kitchens of Distinction, who never really got the success they
deserved. I guess they just didn't fit in with the early 90's British music

Huw Davies


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 19:40:00 -0700
From: "John Keel" <>
Subject: Air dates for "The List"
Message-ID: <002901bfc00c$371496e0$>

Hi Kids,

I got an e-mail from VH1 today saying that the air dates for "The List" with
Andy will be on during the week of July 17-21.  So mark your calenders!!


"The world is not my home, I'm just a-passin' through."
Tom Waits


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:49:06 -0500
From: Joe Funk <>
Subject: HMV
Message-ID: <>


I recieved this from HMV today:


 We regret that up this point we have not been able to fulfill the following
 item(s) within your order. We have been informed by the supplier that the
 item(s) are currently on backorder.

 The item(s) are:


I am planning on also purchasing a couple more from a local record shop,
so this is not an inconvience...  I just ordered it for the bonus disk..

Just thought I would give a Heads-Up to any of Y'all that ordered from

Joe "Not Joel" Funk

Joseph Funk
Engineering Maintenance Supervisor
Semiconductor Services
Austin, Texas 78744


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:25:28 -0500
From: "Wiencek, Dan" <>
Subject: My pulse will be quickenin'
Message-ID: <>

Thanks to Ryan for posting the following:
> Mr. Lehrer, who needs no introduction in this group,
> has a three-CD compilation coming out on or about my
> birthday, May 23, which is a good day for releases,
> Chalkhillians would agree. Titled *The Remains of Tom
> Lehrer*, it appears not to be exhaustively complete --
> it may or may not include the contents of the first
> Big Ten Inch Record Lehrer released on his own label
> around 1948, with lyrics (especially the reference to
> poll taxes in "I Wanna Go Back to Dixie") he later
> changed -- but it's a must-have regardless.
> Interested? Log on to the Critics' Choice Music
> website at

This is great news. Of course I already have most of this material on CD,
but that's the price you pay for being a completist. And I hope it doesn't
have the songs from his first album--those are already on the Songs & More
Songs by Tom Lehrer CD, and the re-recording of those tunes--with the much
improved "I Wanna Go Back to Dixie"--is still only available on LP, unless
this set finally corrects that. Here's hoping.

I recommend Lehrer to anyone who likes bold, literate comedy, and I don't
recommend anything lightly. I still vividly remember the first time I heard
"Poisoning Pigeons in the Park" late at night on Dr. Demento. I was laughing
so hard I had to clamp my teeth on the pillow to keep from waking my
parents. Such a shame he retired.

BTW, anyone wanting to learn more about the set should click directly. The link from the Critic's Choice
homepage is broken (heh).

Dan W

"I do have a cause, though. It is obscenity. I'm for it."
-- Tom Lehrer


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 10:08:15 -0500
From: RN van Vliet <>
Subject: laugh bark and weathrrr, beefheart replica, dance with me rotary
Message-ID: <>

I said:
> >"You, Clouds, etc" sounds like Sting? I think it's because of the
> > use of the word "weather." Sting patented that word.

To which Todd E. Jones rejoined:
> Check the weather references of Skylarking.

No, no, no: I meant the actual *word* "weather." The way Andy hits that
rrrr. That's all. Goodness me--not the *concept*. And I also meant to
convey that the Sting/Andy connection is a stretch. At best.

And then "Mor_Goth" opined:
> Funny, I always think of Tom Waits when I hear "weather" in a song.

I can hear that! But then, I love imagining Tom Waits saying lots of
things. Doing the voiceover for Nature documentaries. On Hold messages
("Your call is important to us"). NPR news casts. The voice outside
parking garages that tell pedestrians a car is approaching. And, if we
could be assured it would be his voice, I'd like our cars to tell us
stuff: fasten your seatbeat; buckle up; the door is ajar; don't ride the
clutch; you can go faster than this, step on it; your feet smell.
It's a Tom Waits World! Think of it! Oh!

And asketh Todd:
> any relation to Capn. Beefheart?

Would that I were. This, however, has not stopped various compatriots
over the years from calling me (imagine they've just taken a hit of some
nefarious weed as they drawl their leisurely way through the syllable
like they can't quite find their way out) "Do-o-o-o-on." And to the best
of my knowledge, he was actually born with the name Don Vliet, and added
the Van later (no doubt on the safe assumption that someone had
misplaced it at some earlier juncture).

And Mark in Brouhahaha waxed rhapsodic over Explode Together:
> i mean POW! it's been...such a wonderful
> delight to listen to it...

I first bought it about 8 years ago, too. I remember putting it on. . .
and actually sidling away from the stereo like it was going to pull a
chernobyl on me. It was like expecting Art Pepper and getting Ornette
Coleman. But then I started obsessing over it. Every now and again I'll
play it eight or ten times a day for a week or so, just reeling: is it
genius or just goofing off? But geniuses are allowed to goof off,
too, right?



Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 22:41:35 +0900
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: This Is A White Horse
Message-ID: <000001bfc00b$1c67c840$785791d2@johnboud>

On the subject of White Horses , the White Horse of Kilburn ( England ) was
inspired by the sight of the White Horse of Uffington . Kilburn's White
Horse was cut out there in 1857 by the village schoolmaster and 30 helpers .
It is 314 feet long and 228 feet high . A tremendous celebration marked the
completion of the work . Two bullocks were roasted and more than 100 gallons
of beer drunk . The horse is a wonderful piece of work , a striking landmark
visible from many miles across the plain of York . The upkeep of the horse
is helped by the proceeds from the annual Kilburn Feast held in July . It
starts with sports on Sat., and ends on Tues. with the Lord Mayor's Show ,
and the spectacle of the Lady Mayoress , a man in woman's clothes ,
snatching kisses from any ladies he can catch .

I have had the privilege of viewing The Kilburn White Horse first hand
during a visit to Yorkshire in 1985 , and highly recommend visiting this
part of England if you can . Great pubs , too .



Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:07:48 -0500
From: "Damian Wise (Foulger)" <>
Subject: One thing not seen on this list, except, perhaps, by one.
Message-ID: <39226164.28863.160F9F@localhost>

You know, I was just thinking, every now and then we see a
introduction written by a new member to our little group
explaining how they got into XTC, where they live and
sometimes even what their favourite flavour of milkshake is.  But,
I do not believe that I have ever seen that kind of biography from
the esteemed and fantastically self-controlled John Relph.  The
first Archived Chalkhills, way back in '89, doesn't contain such a
statement.  Has anyone else ever wondered what kind of person
Mr. Relph is?  I have, in fact I've sometimes wondered if he is a
person at all!  ;-)  Perhaps he is a really good Turing
Experiment, e.g. a computer program set up to convince
humans that they are actually talking to a person.  It sounds
plausible: being on a list about a band, the knowledge base that
the program would need to be convincing would be fairly small
and could be made to grow all the time with the information
supplied by humans who are unwittingly taking part in this
experiment.  It sounds all too feasible.  How else can we explain
'his' inhuman patience and total lack of any posts to the effect:
"I'm bored stupid with this thread, stop it"?  So "John Relph",
spill the beans, come clean, the experiment is over as we all
know that you are really a 386 based IBM compatible PC!

Dames tWd

'Real' is an adjective and 'Really' is an adverb.


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:39:29 -0400
From: Paul Burgess <>
Message-ID: <v04220820b547124d3620@[]>

We are offering an added value CD with a limited number of copies of
the Wasp Star (Apple Venus Volume 2) album.

Visit for more info!


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 09:45:38 -0700 (PDT)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: Quay pasa?
Message-ID: <>

The Quay Brothers?  Oh my god, was he talking about
the Quay  Brothers?!!
(The identical twin directors of the "Sledgehammer"
video and a  production
company in their own right.)  Pardon me while I have a
private moment to imagine my alternate reality where
there exists a video for "Shake You Donkey Up"
directed by them.

I thought that Sledgehammer was done by Aardman (sp?)
studios, of Wallace & Gromit fame. I swear I remember
seeing a Nick Park interview on tv a few years ago
wherein he talked about working on that video. The
Sledgehammer video (which I love) looks much more like
Nick Park's style than the Quay Bros. Think of videos
by the band Tool and you'll have an idea of what the
Quay Bros. work is like (they didn't do the Tool
videos,  someone did an 'homage' to their style). The
Quay bros. are influenced by Jan Svankmajer, the Chech
animator/filmmaker. Check his work out. It's great!


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:32:10 -0400 (EDT)
From: "May O'Mahoney" <>
Subject: Amazon E-Mail RE: Wasp Star
Message-ID: <383593597.958584730681.JavaMail.root@web26.pub01>

Bonjour Chalquettes:

Amazon sent me an-email announcing the soon-to-arrive Wasp Star containing
the following:

Devotees of the cult favorites have to be delighted with recent
developments. After sitting on their hands for most of the '90s,
Partridge and Moulding are suddenly as prolific and inspired as
ever, having released three new titles in the past 15 months. In
contrast to the ornate "Apple Venus Volume 1" and its "lost years"
demo companion, "Homespun," "Wasp Star" has the feel of a recording
by a couple of guys who are ready to mix it up with the real
world. Plugged in and feeling frisky, XTC lay it on the line with
the hooky likes of baldly giddy "Stupidly Happy" and the potent
first single, "I'm the Man Who Murdered Love. it just me or does this whole passage smell of
condescension........"sitting on their hands"....."suddenly
prolific"......"ready to mix it up with the real world"????

Let me know what you think.

- May


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:24:48 -0400
From: "Todd Bernhardt" <>
Subject: More on the Napster debate
Message-ID: <>
Organization: Enterworks, Inc.

 From America's Finest News Source:

What I want to know is, what exactly was that Moor doing under Elton
John in the first place? And who ever heard of a Moor from Wales?



Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:41:13 -0500
From: John Voorhees <>
Subject: New obscure band entry

Any fans of The Sneetches here?  Found their album "Slow" back when I
was DJ-ing at my college radio stations, and it's still one of my
all-time faves.  Good stuff in the psyche-pop range.


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:14:24 -0700 (PDT)
From: Todd Gehman <>
Subject: spotlight on
Message-ID: <>

a leetle xtc feature a couple of guys here put together.  minneapolis
residents might recognize the voice of a one-time local dj:

...and for whatever reason (magazine article?  television?  act of god?),
xtc are also sitting at the top of the "movers and shakers" list, meaning
that wasp star sales have shot up since yesterday.  as i write, wasp star
is #13 in overall sales rank and #1 on the movers and shakers list.  good
tidings indeed:


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:22:12 -0500
From: "Jan C. Harris" <>
Subject: the XTraordinary thing about XTC
Message-ID: <01b501bfc02d$563d9140$89a6f5d0@janstrigem>

The extraordinary thing about XTC albums:  It only takes 2-3
listens until you feel like you've known this music since you
were a wee one - it slides into your consciousness and latches on
and won't let go until you acknowledge howe much you love it.

Jan"Melllllt them Down"Carol


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 14:35:00 EDT
From: "Stacy Starkweather" <>
Subject: Top Ramen
Message-ID: <>

First time respondant...long time fan (yes...I saw them several times in San
Francisco)...and a Vermonter who'se been anxiously awaiting hearing the new
stuff on WNCS. Seems a gent who writes in is also a Vermonter and has been
hearing IMWML on the radio...when is he hearing this? My timing must computer would rather not try to get into the whole download thing
so I wait for the radio...
As far as "other" styles of music are concerned...I can only guess that the
reason avante-garde and improvisational don't get mentioned much is, having
been a practitioner of the styles for awhile, I can assure you the audience
is quite diminuitive. You'd have to really love the music, as well as an all
Top Ramen diet to stay with it. Has anyone heard of Peter Apfelbaum? Didn't
think so...I raise his name to prove my point... a brilliant artist, check
him out (By the way, when I played Peter "I Can't Own Her" he was in
hysterics he thought it was so great). Whoever goes out and supports unusual
music, thank you...if not, give it a try. If you can hear the difference
between the group so revered here and the rest of the swill...then going to
an experimental show WILL be rewarding. Me...I'm going to be a history
teacher...see you in the stores next week...enjoy the album...I've never
been disappointed in over 20 years (though some records do take time).


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:50:45 -0700 (PDT)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: How much would you pay for the rights to broadcast these XTC songs?
Message-ID: <>

How much would you pay for the rights to broadcast these XTC songs?


Well? How Much?  Come on! I am a busy guy here!

Ok you are too slow.
How about $500?



Come on! $250 annually, you wouldn't be jumping all over that deal?

Well those are the real rates. For $250 annually you can broadcast via
the web these 28 XTC songs and a ton of non XTC stuff by becoming a BMI

I found a news story yesterday that linked me over to this BMI site..

It turns out that BMI owns a good deal of the licensing rights for
public performance of a ton of regularly played radio staples and other
stuff. We're talking Beatles, Elton John probably Phil Collins etc...
You know the really big guys that everyone likes  (OK STOP we do not
need another P. Collins Debate) . So BMI has a new deal, if you want to
broadcast music over your website (or simply play it while people are
doing their surfing) you can pay BMI an annual stipend and then have
access to ALL of the tunes that they license. This will cost you a
minimum of $250 and a maximum of $500 a year.  So I am thinking to
myself. WOW I wonder if any of the boys stuff is out here. I figure out
how to search their site and LO AND BEHOLD the tunes listed above are
all part of the package.

So if you are a web developer or have any sayso over your company's web
page and you are thinking about some background music to play for your
surfers, you might consider getting a BMI license and playing XTC for
your audience instead of some elevator music stuff.

BMI claims that 80% of their revenues get back to the artist which I
think is a load of CACK! But who knows? the boys might get a buck or
two from it and it certainly can't hurt to give their music some more

Just a thought that I had here in the mole hole.

Do with it what you will, but harm none.

Mole OUT

PS The usual stuff about not being an employee of BMI etc. Etc...


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 11:52:11 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: More ramblings
Message-ID: <>

Someone mentioned these bands:
Roman Holliday
Big Bam Boo
Big Daddy
The Bluebells

I've heard of Roman Holiday, JoBoxers,and The
BlueBells.  I actually have the JoBoxers and Bluebells
albums on LP.  I think the JoBoxers were very
underrated.  I love their music.  And The Bluebells
were wonderful.  I love their song, "Cath".  I was in
a restaurant recently, and they played this song.  I
started singing it, and my friend looked at me funny.
I wish stations would play more JoBoxers (instead of
"just Got Lucky", why not Boxerbeat"?), and The
Bluebells.  The Bluebells do a great version of "Young
At Heart", which was a cover version of Banarama's

Someone also mentioned that there should be an XTC
Monkee tribue.  What songs do you think they should
do?  Dom look away, since I know you don't like long
lists. :P  Here's what I would put on my list.

Last Train to Clarksville
Papa Gene's Blues
Sweet Young Thing
I'm a Believer
I'm Not Your Stepping Stone
Your Auntie Griselda
Look Out Here Comes Tomorrow
I'll be Back Up On My Feet
Shades of Grey
For Pete's Sake
Randy Scouse Git
Goin' Down
Zor & Zam
Porpoise Song
Circle Sky
Listen to the Band
Mommy & Daddy

There you go with my list.  I got the songs from my
Monkees Anthology.


Molly's Pages:
AIM Name: MFanton00


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:00:19 -0700 (PDT)
From: pancho artecona <>
Subject: rah rah for red harrison
Message-ID: <>


First I'd like to second the kudos to Mr Sherwood
regarding his golden pen. Always a real pleasure to
read. While on the subject, I really enjoyed the bit
about the chord changes in 'God Only Knows'. I do
wonder however, if Mr. Wilson, as well as many other
great songwriters, sets out to construct a song with a
clear idea of the chordal tensions in the song or
whether the song simply 'comes out' and only through
our later analysis can we understand the theoretical
underpinnings of the song, or if you will the many
layers. My guess is that most writers simply feel the
song flow through them without that much of a cerebral
component and only the musicologists get to work the
details out later. I am sure that there are plenty of
instances where the idea predates the song but i'd
think they would be in the minority. I wonder what the
songwriters in the list have to say about that.

My next point is that I am indeed jealous of RN Van
Vliet. I have no synesthetic abilities whatsoever, and
generally I tend to be very aural and not very visual
despite my love of film. Regarding synesthesia I have
Daltonism. By the way, is RN Van Vliet related to that
other master of the colorful stroke, Don Van Vliet aka
Captain Beefheart? Perhaps its in the genes......I've
always liked to say that I have a photographic memory
but my mind's eye is myopic.

Oh, and I just saw WIRE in New York City and feel that
my life is more complete for it.

That's it for now, still waiting for my copy of Wasp


"whatever it is......I'm against it!" - G. Marx


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 12:43:27 -0700
From: "Radiosinmotion" <>
Subject: Yes Sir Randy! Event in L.A.
Message-ID: <001b01bfc038$2e1828a0$0200a8c0@digitalpc>

I was just about to lay my 2 cents down about the whole PC/MAC debate (why
is this such a big debate?  Everywhere I go it seems to be going on!) but
your right.  I will not say anything about it so it will just fizz away.

On another note, about artists who only did one good song.  I elect "Boys
Don't Cry."  "I wanna be a cowboy" was a fun song, but the rest of their
music just stinks!  Really bad, worse than George Clintons finger on a
Saturday night... ?...

Anyone going to be going to the Tower on Sunset tonight?  I will be there
around 7PM because DEVO will be making an appearance.  I will be wearing my
Chalkhills hat..  See you there!


Date: Wed, 17 May 2000 13:17:48 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Post potpourri
Message-ID: <>

Sorry this is such a mix...

Lost artists: This just hit me... SNAKEFINGER! A while back, I came across a
"great rock guitarists" book in the store (the exact title escapes me, but
it was an alphabetical listing of great/influential guitarists...), and
while I was impressed that both Andy and Dave were in there (thus proving
that it wasn't a total mainstream waste of time), I was shocked and appalled
that Snakefinger was nowhere to be found. I'm usually not a big fan of
"musicians" per se (more songwriters, or those who create pleasing textures;
I confess that musicologically I'm relatively ignorant & wouldn't know an
open tuning from, well, any other kind, I guess...), but this is one
guitarist whose solos I could actually tolerate listening to for extended
periods without yearning for the words to start up again. Someone once said
"he played all the wrong notes in all the right places" which is a pretty
good description of his upside-down-and-sideways playing style. He was also,
of course, known for doing a lot of work with the Residents, who, as we all
know, Andy collaborated with and frequently praised. I managed to see him
once before his tragically early departure, and he was phenomenal (Nomeansno
opened for him - amazing show). There's someone who really should not be

Tom: I wouldn't worry too much about the final versions vs. the demos. I've
had the demos for a couple of months now, and have managed to sample most of
the final versions, and yes there are differences, but nothing to get ones'
tail in a knot over. The only thing I haven't heard enough of to really tell
is "We're All Light" and even then, from what I've heard & read the official
version definitely has its charms. I actually really liked the "Wounded
Horse" (what the hell's everyone's problem with this song?) demo, and the
sample sounds very faithful (though I love Colin's vocals coming in as
Andy's "friends all say"). Sure, the "Church" solo is much more, well,
restrained, but that certainly doesn't make it less enjoyable. And a word of
friendly advice: citing your age and experience to back up every point you
make does nothing to make people receptive to what you have to say. The age
range of this list is very wide-ranging, from teenagers all the way up to
people who are actually older than you, if you can believe that such people
exist (I fall somewhere between). Everyone's opinion is respected (even
violent disagreement implies a respect of sorts, doesn't it?), and if
someone doesn't know something, they ask, and everyone's always glad to help
out. If someone states something you know to be factually incorrect, just
supply the correct info, without all the "why, I've been around listening to
& playing music since you were a gleam in the milkman's eye" type stuff -
it's really not called for & will just get you into fights unrelated to the
topic at hand. The same goes for differences of opinion; most people here
are uncommonly into music (even the really young people here show uncommon
taste & fortitude in overcoming the industry-dictated "official favourites"
for their age group, wouldn't you say?) and while many are non-musicians,
and might not have a full two walls of shelves filled with vinyl, most
everyone has paid enough "dues" as listeners not to have their tastes &
opinions dismissed on the basis of youth or record collection size. Whenever
someone says "wasn't that before your time?" (and not just about music),
whether it's someone older who expects everyone younger to be totally
ignorant, or someone my age or younger who can't be bothered to learn
anything, I like to say "well, there's this amazing thing, it's called
"history", and it enables me to know about things that happened before I was
even born! It's like some kind of weird magic!" All I'm saying is give
people a little credit, and be mindful of the danger of undermining your own
points by projecting an arrogant attitude. (And I realize, everyone, that
I'm probably still too new around here myself to act as any kind of
spokesman, but I just thought the above needed to be said.)

Comsat Angels: Thank you to Dunks for the clarification regarding their name
change troubles. I suspected that it couldn't have been Ballard making a
fuss (who always struck me as someone who'd be fairly cool about such
things) but the term "Comsat" just seemed so generic that I didn't know what
to think. Capitalist dogs! (no, that's not an invitation to start a left vs
right thread, it's just me goofing around, though I do tend to lean to

I haven't the slightest idea as to what the hell Vee Tube's last post was
even about.

To the guy who lost his virginity to the tune of "Melt the Guns". Hmm. That
song never really struck me as one with a particularly "pelvic" rhythm, but
I'm sure it was wonderful...

I ordered Wasp from HMV to get the bonus single, and have just received an
e-mail from them saying that it's now on back order & may be delayed. Before
it's even out? Has anyone else had this happen? (this is actually my
first-ever online order, so for all I know this may happen every time...)

In 6-119, Mor Goth said:
>Look at good ole Carlos Santana.  He's been making music for years.  He
makes video with plenty of beautiful people prancing about and he's got a
best >selling album. (Granted, there are plenty of other factors.. a decent
guest singer, a generaly damn good tune etc.)
Sorry, I have to differ. "Decent guest singer"? That horrid Matchbox 20 guy?
They've got to be one of the most annoying bands I've heard for years,
because of that damn guys' voice in particular. Last year (or was it the
year before) my friends were getting a good laugh out of my frequent rants
about how much that godawful 3am song was driving me up the wall... Although
your main point about the industry was perfectly valid, that Matchbox 20 guy
just bugs me... Ick, blech, poo.
Oh, and I also agree that they (XTC, remember them?) should at least bite
the bullet for a video. As stupid as many (or most) videos are, it really
seems to me that realistically you can either swear off gigs or videos, but
not both. Some level of visual exposure is essential, as stupid as that may
seem when you only want to concentrate on the music and nothing else. Now
that they're independent, surely Andy can exercise all the control he wants,
especially as he was once so full of video ideas that kept getting ignored
by Virgin... (and yes, money's an issue, but some of the shittiest videos
I've seen have been among the most high-budgeted, and some of my favourites
have been the cheapest. They should give Mothersbaugh & Casale a call...)

To me, the colour of Summer's Cauldron is the orange-ish colour of a glass
(not a cup, but a transparent glass) of strongish milkless tea held up to
the sunlight. Put yourself in the middle of that hot, light-infused

I can remember playing games where we'd take on the roles of various members
of the "Mighty Heroes" when I was a little kid...

And now, here's my list of double albums where side three commands no more
and no less than five repeat plays... (no, not really)

Ed K.


End of Chalkhills Digest #6-121

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