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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 6, Number 119

                   Tuesday, 16 May 2000


                      Aussie airplay
             Re: Couldn't stand the "weather"
         But Would They Edit it out of the Movie?
                  Leaving the shiny cage
               one-trac cds; webste overll
                   XTC on MTV2 / Quays
                       Eat my list!
                   Beefheart Nightmare
                   XTC dub experiments
       Video killed the Wasp Star, plus weathering
                    The color of music
                    Chalkheads Update
            Love Tom Lehrer? Remember Klaatu?
                   blanketed by secrecy
                  Re: The Mighty Heroes
                      Comsat Angels


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Even I never knew this is what I'd be.


Date: 16 May 00 10:41:49 AES
Subject: Aussie airplay
Message-ID: <>


Australian fans with access to the ComRadSat radio network, and who listen
to Andrew Lambkin's CONTACT! program, will have been delighted to notice
several tracks from "Wasp Star" being featured on the show of late.  On the
Thursday night show of 27/4 (yes, *that* long ago!), Andrew presented "In
Another Life", "Playground", "Stupidly Happy" and "You & the Clouds Will
Still Be Beautiful".  More recently, "I'm The Man Who Murdered Love" was

Apart from anything else, Andrew has comprehensively beaten Triple-J to the
punch (a sweet victory).  He continues to champion XtC (he put a 3-hour
interview special together in late '98 to promote "Song Stories"); and a
vast array of other tasty music.

You can view the CONTACT! playlists at:  (for the Wednesday night show),
and (for the Thursday night show).

CONTACT! airs in Sydney on Wednesdays at 10.00pm on 2RDJ-FM - 88.1 MHz.
A separate program for other ComRadSat affiliate stations goes out every
Thursday at midnight.  Full details can be found on the websites.

Andrew has promised to feature more Wasp Star songs in the coming weeks!

Still no word as to whether Colin & Andy will be visiting Australia for
promo appearances.  Will let you know when my little birdy tells me.

Finally, for those of you who've heard the new album: what's Andy singing
just before the guitar solo in "Stupidly Happy"?  I thought it was a mixing
mistake where they forgot to turn off Andy's voice, but my mate Dom hears
it as Andy muttering "gui-tar", by way of introducing the solo.  Any

~~we're Paul light

PS: Messrs Strijbos and de Koning: would love to be there for the launch
party and sample some special Apple cake.  If you can stump for the
planefare from Oz, I'll be there!  But since you never write anymore,
Marky-Mark, I'll just have to read about it later in the 'Hills 8^(


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 21:12:57 -0400
From: "Todd E. Jones" <>
Subject: Re: Couldn't stand the "weather"
Message-ID: <>

VanVleit (any relation to Capn. Beefheart?) spaketh:

>"You, Clouds, etc" supposedly sounds so much like Sting? I think it's
>just because of the jazzy vocal harmonies toward the end and the use of
>the word "weather." Sting patented that word.

Whaaa??? Check the weather references of Skylarking. I think you'd be hard
pressed to find a track on that beautiful collection that isn't weather
related, or at least has a weather reference.

...and that was about the time Mr. Summers was proving his credibility by
trying to teach jazz cats to play rock- a disastrous proposition. Yes, the
Stingster is a pretty capable songwriter, but only when he doesn't distract
us with cloying references to his supposed culturedness.

Swindon Forth...

Todd Jones
Manager, Producer, Insect Massage Therapist, Janitor
HUGE sound generation and capture facility
Cape Fear River Basin, NC


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 22:15:30 -0400 (EDT)
From: "Jennifer L. Geese" <>
Subject: But Would They Edit it out of the Movie?
Message-ID: <>

Ok - in the light of all the recent discussion about synesthesia, an
interesting question has arisen from the farthest recesses of my mind.  If
your life had a soundtrack, what XTC songs would we hear on it?  I don't
think of music in terms of color, but I have a slight tendency to match
songs with things that are happening in my life.  For instance, I could
hear "Dear Madam Barnum" playing in the background as I submitted my
resignation from teaching, and "Green Man" is perfect for a crisp fall
day, just warm enough to drive around with your windows open, nothing to
do and the CD player in your car blasting it out.

On a totally unrelated note, I am insanely jealous of those of you who
actually get hear XTC on the radio even once in a blue moon.  Up here in
the wilds of Michigan, all I get when I talk about them is "XT-who?"

Hoping WS is in my mailbox on 5/23,

Jennifer, who doesn't think Andy looks like a potato in the slightest

P.S.  Happy birthday, Mike  :)


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 19:54:39 PDT
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Phallusies
Message-ID: <>

Re: the Cerne Abbas Giant

I'm still on the track of the exact reference, but I read recently that the
figure, thought by many to be roughly contemporary with the Uffington White
Horse (i.e. Iron Age) in fact probably only dates from the late 1600's, and
is nothing more mystical than a rather large dirty joke.

FYI here's an excerpt from the "Stone Pages" site:


  "The first reference to this figure dates back to 1694: a payment in the
Cerne Abbas churchwarden's accounts of 3 shillings towards the re-cutting of
the giant. The first written reference is by John Hutchins in his Guide to
Dorset, 1751, but no one knows exactly when or who first cut the Giant.
Recently, the historian Ronald Hutton stated that it was cut in the 17th
century by the Lord Holles' servants. In fact, it's unusual that, unlike the
Uffington White Horse, there is no reference to the Cerne Abbas Giant in
Medieval documents. During the Civil War (1644 - 1660), Lord Holles was Lord
of the Manor but his estate was sequestered and mismanaged by his steward.
Maybe then his servants, in this period of chaos, cut the giant in the

  "A local legend says that a real giant was killed on the hill and that the
people from Cerne Abbas drew round the figure and marked him out on the
hillside. Barren women were said to conceive soon after sleeping on the
Giant's body, while young women wishing to keep their lovers faithful would
walk around the figure three times. Another story ascribes the figure to the
monks from the nearby abbey, who cut it as a joke against their abbot. The
figure is kept free from grass by a scouring every seven years."

It's now believed to have been cut during or just after the Civil War, and
that it is basically a very large and highly visible rude cartoon, possibly
aimed at Oliver Cromwell. Some sort of "Olly's a big knob-end" joke, I

(Oh your English humour! No wonder they called him The Laughing Cavalier!)

Coincidentally, I saw a curious little item on telly recently which depicted
some local nutter, dressed like a wizard (and looking like a complete berk)
performing cod-pagan lerv rituals for credulous infertile couples. He
claimed this "magic" would enable them to conceive - after which they had to
hoof it post-haste across the valley and do the wild thing while lying on
top of the Giant's doodle.
Only in England.

Romantically yours


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 23:48:58 EDT
Subject: Leaving the shiny cage
Message-ID: <>

Fellow Chalkgeeks:

I'm gonna be outta town until next Tuesday, 24th I believe, so I won't be
alble to return any email until then.

Anyone interested in trading, check out my massive XTC trade list, hours and
hours of rare audio and video and one of the larger collections of
memorabilia you're likely to run across.  Check it out and decide what you
can't live without and drop me a line.  Just don't expect me to get back to
you until after the 24th.  Hmmmm, perhaps you should give it a few more days
since I'll have a couple of hundred Chalkposts to read by then.

wesLONG @ Optimism's Flames:


Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 23:10:09 CDT
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: one-trac cds; webste overll
Message-ID: <>

Cheryl shared--
>Currently listening to all albums that I just listen to ONE track on.  I'm
>in for a long night.  :)

I've done that before.  It's fun, although it's terrible when it comes out
of a night of me trying to decide which cds to sell.  Of course, I end up
not wanting to sell any and wanting to buy a few more.

Our esteemed Mr Sherwood critiqued--
> >I think it was a flawed but bold attempt to create something cooler than
> >your standard static html site.
>"Your standard static HTML site" has a damned good reason for existing.
>Please, TVT people, understand this:  Innovation at the expense of
>usability is NOT COOL.

This is the problem with graphics today.  This is why most magazines are
unreadable.  This is why my father, who has been a writer and creative
director in advertising for twenty-five years, is losing his mind.  It
seems like high-tech sites have turned into a case of "do it because we

I would write more, but the 'i', the 'k', and the comma on my keyboard are
non-functional.  I've been typing using cut-and-paste for those letters.
I'm that dedicated to Chalkhills.  Nah, just that bored.



Date: Mon, 15 May 2000 23:34:40 CDT
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: XTC on MTV2 / Quays
Message-ID: <>

our man Ben Gott emotes--

damn, I wish I had MTV2.

>Andy & Colin picked a few Aphex Twin videos

That I wouldn't have guessed.

>Andy told a great story about talking to the same production company that
>made "Sledgehammer" about making the video for "Shake You Donkey Up," but
>then Virgin scrapped the single and, according to Andy, some of his ideas
>for "Donkey" went into "Sledgehammer."

The Quay Brothers?  Oh my god, was he talking about the Quay Brothers?!!
(The identical twin directors of the "Sledgehammer" video and a production
company in their own right.)  Pardon me while I have a private moment to
imagine my alternate reality where there exists a video for "Shake You
Donkey Up" directed by them.


bah!  More shattered dreams thanks to Virgin.



Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 01:59:13 EDT
Subject: Eat my list!
Message-ID: <>

My dear long lost pal Dom sez.....(Jeez, when will these guys give it a

>>Yes, but that's not the point. The point is your list was WAY TOO F**KING
LONG. It may well have meant a great deal to you, but I really don't want to
waste valuable seconds scrolling through an interminable litany of soft rock
and Simon and bleedin' Garfunkel. And no Akercocke??? Shame on you.<<

Soft Rock?  Simon & Bleedin' Garfunkel?  NOW who's being the snob??????

Alright.  You want short, O Master of Brevity, you got it.  Don't worry, it
won't hurt a bit.  This is my definitive desert island variety can't live
without, must, must MUST have and MUST finish listening to when it's on

Bookends - Simon (better writer than metal will ever get, even if he is a
soft rock   wuss, and not even English!  snort!) & Garfunkel.
White Album - The Beatles.
Inner Visions - Stevie Wonder.
Katy Lied - Steely Dan.
Learning to Crawl - The Pretenders.
The Band - 2nd, self titled (oops, I meant tilted).
Planxty - 1st.
Skylarking (the original tracks, not with Dear God) - XTC
Traffic - 2nd, self titled.
Ben Folds Five - 1st, self titled.
Axis:  Bold As Love - Hendrix
The Who Sell Out - The Who
Overnight Sensation - Zappa & the Mothers.
Take Five - Dave Brubeck Quartet.  (Vince Guaraldi's Charlie Brown loses here
only    because it is a Christmas Album, and I'm keeping this to 20)
Bright Size Life - Pat Metheney.
Court & Spark - Joni Mitchell.
Body & Soul - Joe Jackson.
Classically Inclined - Los Indios Trabajaros
Urubamba - Urubamba.
The Brandenburg Concertos - Pablo Casals & the Malboro Festival Orchestra.

There.  20.  Sorry I couldn't think of less.  Too bad you couldn't come up
with more.

>>What do you want, a fucking medal????? Sorry Tom, but you really should
stop trying to justify your opinions by unzipping your trousers and
anticipating stunned gasps from the rest of us.<<

Sure, why not?  By the way, if any of you lovely ladies would like to see my
collection, feel free to get in touch.  It's a very talented one, wink wink.

By the way, Dom, nice ax job with the context on my thoughts about 'must'.
Have you considered politics?  Oh, and thanks for the note on Pigbag!

Other thread content - Anyone remember Jim Skafish & his band, AKA Skafish?

XTC content - I have not heard any of WS yet, and I am really nervous about
having heard Andy's demos now from reading the reactions.  I heard AV1
before I heard any of the demos, and I didn't care for the AV1 demos at all
for the most part.  However, I was starved for something, and when I got
the demos I was happy even though I wasn't crazy about the idea of hearing
the other stuff before their final versions.  I ate up the non-AV1 songs
because I knew that many weren't going to be on the 2nd album.  Now I'm
worried, because I've gotten so accustomed to them I'm not sure how I'll
react when I hear the CD.  This is the first time I've experienced this.  I
LOVE the solo on the Church of Women demo, and from what I've read I'm in
for a shock.  Time will tell.

By the way - (I haven't noticed anyone point this out, so forgive me if
someone has already or if it's common knowledge) noticed that the shape on
the WS cover is the inner eye of a peacock feather?  It hit me when I saw one
in a store this weekend.

Tom (edit this!) K.


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 00:18:46 -0700
From: Herne <>
Subject: Beefheart Nightmare
Message-ID: <>

Some time ago I proclaimed that I was beginning my journey into the
world of Captain Beefheart and that I would talk about it at some
point.  I haven't gotten to the point where I can say anything
concrete.   However I thought I'd mention that for some reason my cd-rom
drive currently is playing TROUT MASK REPLICA and for reasons unknown to
me it has gotten stuck on NEON MEATE DREAM OF AN OCTAFISH.  It's as if
it's on shuffle mode in one song and won't stop.  It's been like this
for a half an hour and I don't know why.

I wonder how long I can let it go on like this before I lose my mind.
This must be what it's like to lose your mind,  When your thoughs just
start repeating ... "Whale Bone, Meaty, Meat, farmhouse, fields 'n
belts, Tra la, tra la, tra la."  So if I descend into total madness
before the evening's over, I'd just like to say that I'll miss you guys.

Stirrupped in syrup,



Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 01:14:32 -0500
From: Mark <>
Subject: XTC dub experiments
Message-ID: <>

wow......while anxiously awaiting my copy of Wasp Star, i have been
really groovin' to Explode Together (Takeaway/TheLure of Salvage and
Go+)....LOL....for the last 3 days as a matter of fact.....LOL....this
has happened before with this album...i got my first copy of it on vinyl
many many moons ago (sorry, I dont have it anymore)..then i got in on CD
about 8 years ago......i've always liked it, but once in a while i
really, really dig it.....and then just lately, man, it's blowing me
away....awesome like The Forgotten Language of Light,
Shore Leave Ornithology, The Rotary, I Sit in the Snow and New has been filling up "the waiting for WS" void
perfectly I'd mean POW! it's been...such a wonderful
delight to listen to it...

but i guess that happens to me with other XTC albums as well.......i
will listen to one for a few days..really swim in it........(drove my
wife crazy....LOL....playing XTC and Elvis Costello all the time).....
I was trying to think if i had a fave from XTC.....dunno...the one is
real hard.....sure, some are mindshouting "ES" right now.....and i have
to agree...but i think for me i would have to
say.....hmmmmm..........Big Express..but i like em all, ya know??

Anyone know where i can get some Helium Kidz?

When WS comes out........i'm gonna make a wonderful xtc anthology cd
(for my own library of course)....I've been in an XTC only mode for the
last 4 weeks...and i have my tunes picked out....well, all except a
couple cuts from WS.  Anyway, it is 4:20 here so it is time to stop,
take a

"We need a new broom,
 To sweep it all clean
 We need a beat boom
 We need a new scheme"

Mark from the house on the hill in omahahaha about the Stranglers?  yeah baby....what an old codger i am...


Date: 16 May 00 09:07:40 CDT
From: Mor_Goth <>
Subject: Video killed the Wasp Star, plus weathering
Message-ID: <>


RN van Vliet <> wrote:

>I think it's just because of the jazzy vocal harmonies toward the end and
the use of the word "weather." Sting patented that word. You can't sing it
without sounding like Sting. It's just not possible.<

Funny, I always think of Tom Waits when I hear "weather" in a song.  Anyone
think he sounds like Sting? :)

Anyway, apologies if this has already been addressed recently (I've missed
quite a few postings recently.  Does anyone have any news on if XTC will be
doing a video for ITMWML or any other future singles?  I know they haven't
been entirely pleased with some of their videos of the past, however I don't
think its possible to achieve major comercial success these days without
Its sad, and its not how I would have it if I ruled the cosmos, but there
it is.  Look at good ole Carlos Santana.  He's been making music for years.
He makes video with plenty of beautiful people prancing about and he's got
a best selling album. (Granted, there are plenty of other factors.. a
decent guest singer, a generaly damn good tune etc.)


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 09:28:40 EDT
Subject: The color of music
Message-ID: <>

Hello clan,

I wanted to take a stab at the *color* in music concept too.

The thought that music could be *organic,* like architecture can be, was the
subject of a post a year or so ago by a fellow chalker.  I am picking up
where he left off.

We know music has tension, and release within it.  Most bands hardly know
how tension and release is used, or that it is even employed.  Andy
P. does....

Andy Partridge, we know, compares his music to architecture by his version
of tension and release the same way buildings use them in construction.
These are called Themes.  Passages are open and flowing, the building has
some *relief,* some hidden passageways and then an clearing, if you will,
to a wide open space.  Music and it's construction can take on the same
form as a building's asthetic feeling on our emotions.  These *themes* can
be expressed in a variety of different ways.  (This is part of the way home
to *organic* music.)

Well, IMHO, color achieves this effect the same way.  Color has tension and
release too.  Certain colors have one effect on our emotions which is
vastly different from another color.  For example, the color red could be
*love, * which is the *theme* for the musical expression.  How red is
represented in music is likely to be found in the chord choices the
musician employs.  We know that the major chords are the happy ones and the
minor chords are the sad ones.  Now if the *love* song were a happy song,
the chords would be major.  Now if, and only if, the happy love song makes
you think of the color red, then the effect is true and correct; or, to put
it another way, the tension or the release of the song produces a red image
in your minds eye.  But, if the song were a sad love song, it's just
possible that the shade of red may be different than a bright red rose, for
example; more *magenta*?

Either this is all a bunch of crap, or, we are on to something.  We can
think of a thousand and one explanations for this concept, but it's the one
explanation that we can't think that would probably be the *true*
explanation for organic music in the form of a color.

Organic architecture is the natural essence of the materials placed in such
order of construction, used in such a way that it interacts with all the
principles of its construction and in the engineering of the structure,
with all its natural materials used within, with direct and indirect light,
containing open flowing spaces within, that the structure transcends itself
beyond the normal realm of thought creating a finished product which is
something completely new and exciting - and never used before in

While we can only describe color without any real definite clarity, the
same feelings are evoked when you visit say a Frank Lloyd Wright property,
such as Fallingwater in Pennsylvania, or the R. Solomon Guggenheim Museum
in New York City.  These feelings are represented so well that they can
conjure up thoughts of color.  When I was at the Guggenheim last year,
orange was the color in my head.

Musical expressions can evoke an organic response of color too.

Your thoughts and interest in this subject are exciting and I hope someone
day, that we can explain this phenomona in better terms.

Organically speaking...

John Gardner


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 11:21:03 -0500
From: John Voorhees <>
Subject: Chalkheads Update

The Chalkheads station at is now up to 15 songs, and at least 9
of them are the work of our fellow readers!  We now also have songs by
Agent Square, Lost Sailors, The Madhatter Flowers, Only Mortals, and

Come take a listen at .  If you don't have a
high-speed connection, you can still listen in lo-fi, and download the
MP3's you like.

John Voorhees


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 10:31:01 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Love Tom Lehrer? Remember Klaatu?
Message-ID: <>

I'm more than 40 digests behind (they're clogging up
my in-box!), so please accept my apologies in advance
if this has been mentioned or even talked to death
already hereabouts, but, since many XTC fans are bound
to be fond of Klaatu and Tom Lehrer, I want to let you
know about a pair of tasty re-releases.

Remember Klaatu? No, not the robot (Bender's
great-great-great-grandpappy?) in *The Day the Earth
Stood Still*; I mean Klaatu as in the mid-'70s pop
combo comprised of anonymous Canadian studio musicians
which some folks took to be a second coming of the

My hypothesis is, Klaatu was a super-secret side
project of the Residents.

In Rhode Island at the time, I got a snootful of the
"Beatles = Klaatu" campaign, because it was whipped up
by a Providence-based rock critic, but after the
Klaatumania blew over, I bought the band's first two
albums, *Klaatu* and *Hope*, and enjoyed them
thoroughly. Those first two releases share one CD now
available from Collectors' Choice Music.

(Klaatu released a third and fourth album in the late
'70s which I never heard. Acquiring those discs is at
No. 514 on my "Things to Do Someday" list, between No.
513: read *Naked Lunch*, and No. 515: hire an artist
to create a fake H.L. Mencken postage stamp.)

Mr. Lehrer, who needs no introduction in this group,
has a three-CD compilation coming out on or about my
birthday, May 23, which is a good day for releases,
Chalkhillians would agree. Titled *The Remains of Tom
Lehrer*, it appears not to be exhaustively complete --
it may or may not include the contents of the first
Big Ten Inch Record Lehrer released on his own label
around 1948, with lyrics (especially the reference to
poll taxes in "I Wanna Go Back to Dixie") he later
changed -- but it's a must-have regardless.

Interested? Log on to the Critics' Choice Music
website at (I have no
connection to or interest in this outfit except as a
satisfied customer.)

Ryan Anthony
An independent Internet content provider


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 15:11:04 -0600
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>
Subject: blanketed by secrecy
Message-ID: <>

>>there is a label called
>>"Nonesuch" represented on this playlist by an artist named Bill
>>Frisell,  who seems to have 3-4 numbers on the list.  Anyone know
>>anything about this?

Frisell just did a mostly-instrumental version of Costello's latest album
with Burt Bacharach. I haven't heard it, but I have two other Frisell CDs
which are quite an enjoyable listen. He's kind of a twangy jazz rock
guitarist who emphasizes texture and atmosphere over speed and technical
precision. He's normally found in the jazz bins, but that's a bit
misleading. He's also done an instrumental version of John Hiatt's "Bring
the Family," so given this habit of his, I would love to hear him do an
instrumental version of an XTC album. Now I'll bet this is a challenge that
has never been tackled on this list -- what XTC album would best transfer
into a guitar instrumental? For some reason I want to say "Drums and Wires."

Speaking of lost bands, has anyone heard of Blanket of Secrecy? They
released one album back in the early 80s, which was rather catchy synth-pop
in the vein of early Tears for Fears, but they completely disappeared after
that. I've heard nothing from them since. Another decent lost band is In Tua
Nua, whose album "The Long Acre" (1988?) was a strong collection of Celtic
rock. They too have been AWOL since then.



Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 15:14:55 -0600
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>
Subject: iAgree
Message-ID: <>

>>I agree with John Relph. I own a PowerMac G3 and I feel sorry for you
>>Windows based platform users.

As an iMac and iBook user, I agree with both of you. Apple is the XTC of the
computer world.


	[ Please, no debates over which is better.  -- John ]


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 15:26:26 -0500
From: "Paul Averitt" <>
Subject: Re: The Mighty Heroes
Message-ID: <000501bfbf75$0534f9e0$ec292cd1@louie>

I LOVED The Mighty Heroes. Where did you get this information you referred
to? I'd love to know.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Visit the doublepluspop website at
and the Volares website, found at
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Date: Tue, 16 May 2000 13:45:35 -0700
From: Ed Kedzierski <>
Subject: Comsat Angels
Message-ID: <>

In 6-118, Jeff Smelser mentions the Comsat Angels and says:
>Then they had to change their name to CS Angels in the states and it was a
downhill slide to the cutout bins from there.

Do you know why this was? I know that "Comsat Angels" was also the name of
an early J.G. Ballard short story, and although he never really struck me as
the litigious type, I had vaguely assumed that this might have had something
to do with it. But you said "in the states"... could it be that "comsat",
which seems to me a rather generic shortening of "communications satellite"
is actually trademarked? Bizarre.

Ed K.

(PS: Ballard is one of my all time favourites, and that's one I'll gladly
fight over!)


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