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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-86

          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 86

                Thursday, 11 February 1999

Today's Topics:

           It's my birthday, my b-b-b-birthday
                     Re: Finner Bros
                     Re: Objectivism
                     Easter Theatrics
            I'd Like That - Download from TVT
                       TB From iMVS
                   There I go again...
                    Danny Elfman + XTC
                     Mommyheads Redux
                         Spot on
                 When was Andy John Peel?
        Which AV1 songs should be played on radio?
                       a few things
                 AP and things cartoonish
                  Re: Liquid Paper Snow
                  Season Cycle & AV1...
                    Paper And Oranges
                    NEWS: MP3 previews
                       Re: Yin-Yang
                        Re: Ages?
     Yonic Tonic (or......peacock feather semiotics)
                    Froomarama, Mama!
                Manners (or lack thereof)
                    Yoni Loves Chachi.


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Message-ID: <>
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: It's my birthday, my b-b-b-birthday
Date: Tue, 09 Feb 1999 20:48:54 CST

21, FINALLY! Now I can drink and gamble, which is all I did last night!
(Lost 40 bucks and my dinner, but hey, you only turn 21 once.)

However, the best part of the day occured earlier. Dear darling Dave was
kinda enough to send a vinyl copy of Nonsuch (the only XTC album I
didn't yet have on vinyl) and a Monty Python calendar. And of course
there was the obligatory three-hour phone call, in which he had quite a
bit to say about the Raygun article. Seems he's quite pissed about the
whole thing, because he's the one who's being a gentleman and trying his
damndest not to slag Andy off in the magazines, yet Andy seems to have
no qualms when it comes to talking shit about Dave. He said that Andy
has even told reporters that he and Dave never were really friends at
all, and their relationship in XTC was strictly business. Dave does
sincerely hope that once everything blows over they can at least try to
establish some sort of relationship, but with the way Andy's acting, it
doesn't seem so possible. He gave his opinion that he doesn't think XTC
can last much longer before Colin gets tired of being under Andy's
thumb, and thanks everyone who's stuck up for him.

Small aside to Chris Clee-Why you little...........

Tis all for now,
Amanda C. Owens
"People will always be tempted to wipe their feet on anything with
welcome written on it."-Andy Partridge
XTC song of the day-The Ugly Underneath
non XTC song-Keep a Lid On Things-Crash Test Dummies (video premiered on
MuchMusic yesterday and was FABULOUS!)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 23:02:25 EST
Subject: Re: Finner Bros

>I've thought about this before. Froom is THE hot producer right now,
>and while I'm intrigued at the prospect, I don't really know how
>Froom's murky, noisy, drum-heavy sound would mix with XTC. Could be
>really tasty, or a wreck. Give a listen to the Finn Brothers album to
>hear Froom botch a nice bunch of songs.

  Actually, Froom had nothing to do with the Finn Bros album; the Finn
Bros produced it themselves with some help from Tchad Blake(who's Froom's
right hand man and engineer of choice, so perhaps Froom gets some blame by
association). Presumably it's the sound they wanted. Froom's the kind of
producer who gets together with the performer to get the most out of the
sound they want, so if a Froom production sounds "murky, noisy,
drum-heavy," chances are the artist wanted it that way, as in Richard
Thompson's Mirror Blue album or Tom Waits' Bone Machine. He's also done
some pretty straightforward pop production, as in Crowded House's albums
or Los Lobos' Kiko. As I stated before, I'm mainly not sure XTC can afford
him right now. Otherwise they'd be a great match.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 9 Feb 1999 23:02:32 EST
Subject: Re: Objectivism

>It's called Objectivism.  I think that, in some respects (personal
>freedoms, limited government involvement, individualism), Libertarianism
>can be said to comply with the tenents of Objectivism.

  Not all Libertarians hold truck with Ayn Rand; I for one came from a
liberal background and was more of an anarchist punk rocker in college. My
brand of libertarianism comes more from Abbie Hoffman than Ayn Rand; I
find her point of view rather odious and heartless. My policy is if you
want to do something for your fellow human beings, then do it yourself,
don't wait for government to do it for you or in any way expect them to
help you, because they just want your vote and would probably screw it up
anyway even if their intentions were honorable. You can tell I don't think
much of politicians!(Big exception- Jesse Ventura!)



Date: 10 Feb 99 15:31:14 AED
Subject: Easter Theatrics
Message-ID: <>

Somebody wrote in recently, remarking that she had listened to "Easter
Theatre" in headphones and noticed that the "stage left" lyric emanated
from the right speaker and the "stage right" came out of the left.

There's a simple explanation for that (corroborated by one of my collegues
who's also something of a thespian).  If you were performing on stage,
"stage left" to you would be on *your* left; that is, if another performer
entered at stage left, it would be from the left hand side of the stage as
you are looking out into the audience. Therefore, for the audience, "stage
left" would appear to be on the right-hand side of the stage as you're
looking at it (and vice versa).

Since we are essentially listening to a simulated "performance", it then
seems appropriate to me that the stereo panning of the vocals in Easter
Theatre is entirely correct.

Oh, and I'll probably cop a fair bit of ridicule for this, but I find the
coda to Easter Theatre as it fades with Colin and Andy singing in
counterpoint to be uncannily reminiscent of some vocal arrangements used by
the band Yes.  Anybody else notice this?



Message-ID: <001501be54bf$839f6260$19e145cf@mabrey>
From: "Andisheh Nouraee" <>
Subject: I'd Like That - Download from TVT
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 01:35:12 -0500

A hopefully helpful FYI for those of you considering downloading "I'd Like
That" in CD quality.  The download is about 4.2 megabytes and took
approximately 30 minutes to download with my 33.6 connection.  Liquid Audio
took me about 10 minutes to download.

The CD quality download is VASTLY superior to the streaming version.  While
the streaming version is clear, the CD version has a fatter low-end that
changes the tone of Andy's vocals dramatically.

All in all, rather wonderful.

Thank you to Mr. John Relph for giving us the heads-up and giving me yet
another reason to stay up entirely too late.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 21:31:18 +1100
From: MS <>
Subject: TB From iMVS

Todd Bernhardt Wrote:

> Or, if you want, you can go to like I did and get it for
> about US$34 _s&h included_. (BTW, I'm not affiliated with IMVS, etc.)
> Don't know what the s&h would be to Oz, but it's gotta add up to less
> than $80.

Well I took your advice and it ended up costing me $55.92 AUS and it took
only 8 days to deliver. I got it 2 days ago and am enjoying it very
much. What I have found most interesting about TB is XTC's style or
presentation (I can't think of a better way to put it) seems very different
with Barry Andrews compared to the stuff I've heard after he
left. Obviously there are going to be changes when a keyboard player is
replaced by a guitarist but I found the differences very striking. I've
only listened to it once so they are just early impressions.

I already had Drums & Wireless but I'm really enjoying the BBC session
songs that I didn't have before like Garden of Earthly Delights, Snowman
and The Meeting Place.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 06:17:11 -0500
From: Todd and Jennifer Bernhardt <>
Subject: There I go again...


Nicole said:

> Anyways... Todd Bernhardt as Molly Fanton?
> Oh God! That is like calling him Reagan.
> oh... I forgot, not supposed to mention politics.
> Fine. Its like calling him Clinton.

I did NOT have sexual relations with that ... er, what was the question

Misty asked:

> I also found it sad
> that nobody among the Daily staff wanted this assignment.  I thought that
> XTC was big with the college crowd.  Does this reflect some changed
> perception of XTC since the times when Peter Pumpkinhead was such a hit?

Probably, given the fact that everyone who was in college then should have
graduated by now!



Message-Id: <l03130304b2e730a69798@[]>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:52:21 -0200
From: Paulo X <>
Subject: Danny Elfman + XTC

>Haven't figured a direct link between XTC and Danny Elfman.

If having tracks -- and videos, for that matter -- on the *same*
compilation constitute a direct link, the answer is URGH! A MUSIC WAR.

XTC contributes with a live performance of "Respectable Street" and Elfman
appears with his band Oingo Bongo in "Ain't This The Life".



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 09:15:12 -0500
From: John Irvine <>
Subject: Mommyheads Redux

The following has nothing to do with Apple Venus or even xtc.

At some point in the seven years between xtc albums to talk about, there
was some talk on Chalkhills of the late and lamented Mommyheads.  Some
loved them, some hated them or couldn't find the good records.  I have,
thanks to Keith Hanlon among others, assembled the ultimate 90 minute
tape of the best o' the Mommyheads, sure to make any fan of Andy's
songwriting soil themselves.  Yes, you too can wonder what it's like to
be a brick, discover world is round, or even dance between the

She never had a birthday but she lives in the cake, but all the good
stuff's here: from the Swiss Army Knife demos to the two good songs from
the Geffen record.  Email me, send me a blank tape and I'll dub you a
copy. You will not be the dissapointed.  I'm doing this only because I
can't beleive these guys don't have their own digest-a-day list to sing
their praises.  They broke up a few years ago, but Adam is now fronting
a band called Adam Elk.  Those in SF should try to catch him before he
ends up a smart-pop Danny Gatton.

John haven't-we-had-about-enough-xtc-content-here-recently Irvine


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:38:46 -0600
From: Peter Mullin <>
Subject: Spot on

Dan Wiencek (who might be one of the below-mentioned writers...) wrote
(regarding XTC's upcoming appearance on Space Ghost Coast to Coast)

> I hope the writers rise to the occasion.
> I imagine the interview ...

<<snipped for space, but a brilliant prognostication nonetheless>>

Were you there, Dan?  Are you one of the minions of the Cartoon Planet?  Or
do you watch a lot of television?  Is it possible that Moltar might
interject "All I get is transistor blast" at some point in the proceedings?



Message-ID: <900822C71730D2118D8C00805F65765C38A200@EINSTEIN>
From: Jill Oleson <>
Subject: When was Andy John Peel?
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:48:23 -0600

Oh, You-Who-Know-Everything-XTC:

When did Andy do that John Peel imitation that begins
"Transistor Blast"?  The CD says it was done in 1979.
Anyone know if that date is true?  I can imagine that the
imitation was done more recently and the 1979 date was
listed on the CD as a joke.  Tell me, tell me.



Message-Id: <>
Date: 10 Feb 99 11:21:36 +1100
From: "Adam Davies" <>
Subject: Which AV1 songs should be played on radio?

Jill Oleson posed the question:

> If you could determine which song/s on AV1 would be
> played on the radio, what would you choose?

Going strictly from the demos [I have eight of the 11 songs in demo form],
I'd definitely say 'I'd Like That' is an ideal choice for first single, and
it's got some hooks that *will* pull in a hell of a lot of people.  I don't
see any reason why any programme director would say no to it, simply
because it's so chart-happy.

Triple J, Australia's youth-oriented music radio network that played
Nonsuch to death in the early '90s, is bound to include some AV1 stuff in
their playlist, but knowing the mentality of its audience they're likely to
put 'Your Dictionary' on high rotation because it swears.  If, however,
they include songs for their musical value [now that'd be a turn-up for the
books], my guess is they'll chuck 'River Of Orchids' and 'Greenman' on
carts and wear them thin.  Fortunately JJJ has a few XTC fans in its ranks,
so when/if/when/when they play AV1 tracks, something like 90% of
Australia's population will hear them.  That's what I call penetration.

On top of this, we have some pretty substantial evidence that TVT wants AV1
to sell its arse off, so music stores will stock it and radio will play it.

This album is going to be big.



      The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do
         not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 11:24:10 EST
Subject: a few things

Been amassing a few comments on topics of recent discussion:

1. Los Lobos - awesome, probably one of my top 10 favorite bands as
well. For the uninitiated, there are four must haves in my book: How Will
The Wolf Survive?, By the Light of the Moon, Kiko, and their hard-to-find
and now out- of-print (last time I checked) pseudonymn side project album,
Latin Playboys.  Mitchell Froom, who I find to be a bit repetitive these
days, really shines on Kiko and Latin Playboys, which I think are two of
his (and Tchad Blake's) best works. David Hidalgo's voice is one of the
most truly gorgeous and heartfelt sounds in all of contemporary music. And
yes, they absolutely rock the house in concert.

2. Mitchell Froom - As noted, Kiko and Latin Playboys are evidence of some
great creativity, as is Temple of Low Men from Crowded House.

3. Unchained, Johnny Cash - I don't remember this being mentioned, but darn
it, what a fine album. My favorite of 1996, and probably Johnny's best
complete album ever. Thank you, Rick Rubin.

4. Beastie Boys - Also not mentioned on the list, but mentioning Rick
Rubin's name made me think of them. What a band. Do you own Paul's
Boutique, Check Your Head, and Hello Nasty? If not, why not? The Beatles of
the '90s so far for my money, growth, vision, creativity, boldness, heart
and fun. Sounds like xtc, no?

5. Stunt, Barenaked Ladies - Always thought these guys were a bit corny,
but this album's full of great, fun, catchy stuff. I'm impressed, their
back catalog is on my list of future purchases.

6. Big Audio Dynamite - Anyone else like Mick and his post-Clash buds? I
thought Higher Power was a great little album, and the greatest hits has
lots of fun stuff.

7. I know I'm rambling, stay with me...

8. Mummer - Got this at Christmas, and I can now say it's an indespensable
part of my xtc collection (the cd version with the extra b-sides.) Try
programming this order into your cd player to hear a version of mummer that
could have been: 16, 1, 3, 4, 7, 8, 9, 11, 2, In Loving Memory of a Name
(can't remember the number right now), 15, and ending with Ladybird. I
tried to keep it to numbers so as not to completely give away the order, as
if you darned trainspotters don't know the number of every track on every
cd already!  ;) Anyway, this leaves out the only two tracks I don't love
from the album, Deliver us...elements and human alchemy, as well as the two
instrumentals (which I actually do like, but hey, all four of those could
have been on Rag & Bone II and I'd be happy).

9. Rag & Bone Buffet - Speaking of which! Here's another I was hesitant
about but is another must have. As I have no vinyl xtc anymore, this
contains a number of must haves: extrovert, punch & judy, thanks for
Christmas, angry young men (ridiculously great!), tissue tigers, mermaid
smiled, and the incredible live version of scissor man (I don't own TB yet,
so this may be a repeat?) You can find this in about any used bin, and it's
worth the price just for those tracks, and that's not even half of the

10. AV1 singles - My thoughts on the tracks I've heard: Greeman: great but
too long; Knights in Shining: great length, lyrics too good, intelligent
and meaningful for commercial radio (I could hear dj's now, "Woah, Knights,
woo hoo, shiny knights, hey what are those crazy knights doing washing
their feet, do their boots smell? Har har har har...); Harvest Festival:
too lush and grown up for any format except perhaps a classical station,
which would do well to play it, the crusty bastards! ;) And finally, River
of Orchids: brilliant, but not a commercial single right now. On a positive
note, however, these tracks will receive attention from music fans with
good taste, of which there are many, and truly alternative and public radio
stations will love the album as stations like KCRW are already playing the
heck out of it. That combined with word of mouth and us buying copies for
folks to get the ball rolling, AV1 will be a great success, and will bring
xtc back into the spotlight, hopefully paving the way for much more
mightiness that will then be recognized with growing enthusiasm, thereby
saving the world from crappy music -- it's all part of Space Ghost's plan!
By the way, the minute or two of Space Ghost I've seen was very funny, and
they have a few song/comdey cds you can find used very easily (backyard
bbq, etc.). While I didn't buy them at the time, I remember laughing out
loud with the headphones on at the record store.  I've been meaning to find
time to catch an episode, now I've definitely got a reason to start tuning
in to prepare for Andy and Colin matching wits with the moronic genius of
Space Ghost...

Ahh, feel better. 13 days and counting, waiting patiently in my AV1



Message-Id: <s6c169c2.059@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 08:31:20 -0600
From: "Steve Oleson" <Steve.Oleson@OAG.STATE.TX.US>
Subject: AP and things cartoonish

It's well known that Andy has a fondness for toy soldiers, and some cartoon
shows. I'm sure that they will have a great time with Space Ghost. Cant wait
to see it!

I also remember that Andy also loved the 1960s marionette kids' show
"Fireball XL-5, and have heard that they recorded a version of the show's
theme song. Does anyone know how/if this was released? I would love to hear

The lead characters on the show were: Steve and VENUS. Is there a link here,
in Andy's mind with Apple Venus?

Duh-dee, duh-dee, duh-dee...That's all folks!
Steve Oleson
Austin, TX


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 10:12:14 -0800
From: David Hathaway <>
Subject: Re: Liquid Paper Snow

At 02:33 PM 2/9/99 -0800, you wrote:

>From: John Relph <>
>Subject: Special Announcements
>Hey folks!  Listen up!
>I've got two special announcements:

Wow, bet the Liquid Audio servers got creamed when this news came out,
THANKS John, I have been merrily listening to I'd Like That all of
yesterday and today so far. A lovely tune, any fears of possibly not liking
the new material have been squashed now...

>From: Brian Wysolmierski <>
>Subject: Male singers who sound like Cher

>Ok, Ok, I admit calling Papersnow "the worst piece of crap ever" was a bit
>harsh. Any song by Matchbox 20 is worse. Whats the deal with male singers
>sounding like Cher?? Arrgh!
>I still think that Papersnow is the worst thing that Andy has sung... He's
>so damn whiney. It shakes me donkey up.

Its always odd, I can say that I honestly like just about everything,
although a few songs are less popular with me. Most of my CDs contain the
bonus tracks, thus i have a skewed perspective on the "normal" running
order, it only just occured to me that Washaway was NOT supposed to be on
The Big Express...

ok, on different notes, I FINALLY got a copy of Song Stories and have now
read through it twice, its utterly fascinating peering inwards on XTC. Its
funny, after reading numerous articles, and SS itself, I kinda of
understand why Dave left, from both his perspective and Andys. Doesn't make
me feel much better about it, but, I think I understand now...

And, finally, does ANYONE know when the Canadian release date is?

David Hathaway                 
The Electric Mail Company                  +1 (604) 482-1111


Message-ID: <>
From: "Martin, Alan" <>
Subject: Season Cycle & AV1...
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 15:30:17 -0500

Hello to those lost in the Chalky Hills....

I had to comment about the recent snippets about "Season Cycle".  I LOVE
that song.  Admittedly, at first, it took some getting use to... "The baby
and his um-bel-like-el..." whew!  But it's a brilliant masterpiece of pop.
Very melodic... I love the Chorus backing... "Round and Round and..." with a
very musically cyclic feel.  You can feel the wheel rolling along... "Summer
chased by Autumn, Autumn chased by winter, winter chased by springtime..."
AND it has some of my favorite lyrical moments by Andy.  I have always been
of the mindset that everyone is looking for something better than life
itself when the best things are already here... all around us.  The first
time I heard the Bridge lyric in this song I almost dropped... I couldn't
believe it.  Andy had managed to put my whole feelings and what I have tried
to say a thousand times about organized religion and the beauty of the world
into one fantasic lyrical and musical phrase "Everybody says join our
religion, get to heaven... I say, No thanks...why bless my soul, i'm already
there".  The little hairs stand EVERY time I hear it.  And one of Andy's
finest moments lyrically period, "Autumn is royal, as spring is clown, to
repaint summer, they're closing winter down"... that my friends is succinct
brilliant mental picture painting....wrapped in a warm musical blanket sewn
with care.....

On another note..

I, for one, have been one of the several who chose to hear the demo's for
the new album.  I have listened to them quite extensively and i'm not
worried about them tainting the final product.  In fact, I will enjoy
hearing the subtle, or maybe vast, changes between the demos and final
product.  I have also heard the demos for what I understand will become
AV2... "We're all Light"... "Ship Trapped In The Ice"..."I don't want to be
here".  And friends, you think that AV1 is filled with great songs.... I
promise you... AV2 will be easily as good!  AWESOME STUFF THERE.  One of the
questions I have, for those of you in the know...and you KNOW who you are...
Is the demo track "My Brown Guitar" slated for AV2?  It is a tremendously
good song... I would love to hear it get the proper studio treatment it
Also, I certainly hope that Billboard magazine is wrong about that release
date being pushed back...

Still looking for the March issue of 'Uncut'.....

Alan J. Martin
Electronic Commerce Services


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 22:04:11 +0000
Subject: Paper And Oranges

Dear Chalkers,

C.V. gave us a piece of their/her/his mind...

> It's always hard to place a value on art but very easy to place one
> on musical wallpaper
nail on the head!

And Nicole added:

> Does anyone out there REALLY really REALLY like Prince of Orange?
Me me me!

Why? the music is very upbeat and uplifting but it's the title that
really does it for me. Prince Of Orange is and always has been the
title of the Dutch crown prince. I suspect the song title was
inspired by "our" Prince William the Umpteenth who married the
English Queen Mary and fought in Ireland a long long time ago...
The Orangemen still marching there every year were named after him

BTW: according to Andy, this song has no hidden meaning; it's just
wordplay. Or else he's plotting to kill our heir to the throne !!!

> Is there any way that anyone could influence XTC to maybe put that
> song on their next album...
Mmm.. i don't think they will because it already has been released
before, albeit in a very limited edition (Hello CD Of The Month-1994)

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


Message-Id: <>
From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 22:04:11 +0000
Subject: NEWS: MP3 previews

Dear Chalkers,

>  Andy and Colin have kindly consented to allow the Web audience to
> hear a one-minute extract from each track, one per day, from Friday
> until the album's UK release on Feb. 23.

Those of you who would like to hear an extract a day in the hot
new MP3 format instead of RealAudio should surf to my site at and follow the links.

And just in case you're wondering about the legal aspects :
XTC and Cooking Vinyl have very graciously granted me permission to
publish these "previews".

Mark Strijbos @ The Little Lighthouse


Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 13:28:59 -0800 (PST)
From: relph (John Relph)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: Re: Yin-Yang asked:
>Would any of you linguistically talented ones care to suggest a word which
>is the feminine form of "phallic"?   For such word would certainly describe
>the AV artwork!

I like the suggestion of "sapphic" put forward already, but a
coworker suggested "yonic" (which is actually the linguistic
antonym of "lingamic" from Hindu).

	-- John


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:48:35 +0000
From: Brian <>
Subject: Re: Ages?


>What's the usual age for an XCT fan then? I'm 13 and have yet to find
someone my age to like (let alone have heard of) the band...<

You're a fan? And you can only get as good as "X-C-T"?

However, the 13-years-old is impressive - maybe there's hope for the
youth of this planet, yet...

* Digital & traditional illustration/animation
* Caricaturist-for-hire
* RENDERMAN ~ One-Man Band Ordinaire


From: "Will Kreth" <>
Subject: Yonic Tonic (or......peacock feather semiotics)
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:49:45 -0500
Message-ID: <000d01be553f$45cd36d0$>

Paul Culhane <> queried:

>>Would any of you linguistically talented ones care to suggest a word which
>>is the feminine form of "phallic"?   For such word would certainly describe
>>the AV artwork!

Try "yonic" - from the Hindu word "Yoni" - describing the vaginal regions.




Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 16:18:38 +0000
From: chris vreeland <>
Organization: Vreeland Graphics
Subject: Froomarama, Mama!

(Just the five minute, please)

Mr. Funk has this to say:

>So, lets get a little poll going here: Who thinks Skylarking would have
been better with Ol' Mr. Froom ( or any likewise producer )?

Hey Joe look! I started a thread! What fun. (you want to complain? you
might as well not bother....)

	I wouldn't change a note of the music, personally, even though
Skylarking is the one XTC album that I have yet to commit entirely to
memory. I sure would like to here it remixed by Bob Clearmountain. It's
awfully harsh in the midrange, and not a very full sounding mix overall.
I think what I like so much about the production Nonesuch is how good
the instruments sound, and not neccessarily the arrangements.
	The thing I like about Mitch Froom is his de-empasis of of sibilant
instruments, like symbols, tambourines, shakers, etc. without losing the
tonal qualites of the guitars and vocals.
	Some unusual production ideas have resulted in some really great
albums. A lot of people don't realize that there are NO symbols at all
on Peter Gabriel's third solo album until it's pointed out to them, and
what a great idea that was. Apparently, they were physically removed
from the drumset by Mr. Gabriel during the recording, and the drummers
told to just do without. Mad genious.
	My original question should have read: "Wouldn't Mr. Froom be the
perfect producer for the NEXT Xtc album?"

Remember: If you see an alien, drop below the seat of you plane and
avoid eye conact. If no eyes, avoid ALL contact.

Xtc song of the day: Don't Lose you Temper
Non- xtc song of the day: Richard Thompson- The Way It Shows

Signing off from my chair, directly above the center of the Earth,
Chris Vreeland


Date: 11 Feb 99 09:33:58 AED
Subject: Manners (or lack thereof)
Message-ID: <>

Browsing through 'Hills #85, I was saddened and not a little annoyed that
an individual identifying himself as "Hobbes" (a stupid cartoon dog, if I'm
not mistaken), has chosen these pages to make a dubious crack at my expense,
 and to falsely accuse me of pinching his video tapes.

I suggest you learn some manners, Simon.  There's no place on this list (or
anywhere else) for personal abuse.  Even if I had your videos, I wouldn't
fancy enduring the major drama that returning them to you would entail.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 10 Feb 1999 17:45:42 -0400
From: Harrison Sherwood <>
Organization: Averstar, Inc.
Subject: Yoni Loves Chachi.

> From: "Michael Harvey" <>
> Subject: Paul's Dictionary.....

> In digest #5-84, Paul Culnane wrote:
> Would any of you linguistically talented ones care to suggest a word which
> is the feminine form of "phallic"?   For such word would certainly describe
> the AV artwork!
> Hmmmmm, I would tend to say "Sapphic". Anybody agree?

Well, since Simon Deane flagged me down and revoked my poetic license, I
may no longer qualify to give an opinion, but...noooo! "Sapphic" isn't the
opposite of "phallic"! Roget's gives the rather uninspiring "vulval," but
I'm inclined to hearken toward the Mysterious East and go with "Yonic."
Libations all around, my good man! Let's get stoned!

("Yoni, yoni, yoni, I got love on my Sony
And I'm thingam of lingam up with you")


Hey, John Hammond of TVT Records!

I for one am gratified to know that the brilliant musical impresario who
discovered Billie Holiday, Count Basie, Aretha Franklin, Bob Dylan and
Bruce Springsteen has now set his not inconsiderable weight behind Our
Orchoustic Warriors.

If you can do for them what you did for Stevie Ray Vaughan, we'll all be
eternally grateful. (Oh, wait...Stevie Ray's *dead*.... Come to think of
it, so are *you*.... Posting from beyond the grave...! Yikes...never

Oh, you must be the *boy*! John Junior, purveyor of some the finest blues
going, on Pointblank Records.... Hey, do you remember one time in Matt
Umanov Guitars in the Village along about 1985, you came in and were trying
out this really sweet little National resophonic that Matt had, and you
played a lick on it, and from the other end of the store somebody else
played an answering lick on a crappy little no-name punch-out Japanese
dreadnought that he was trying out because it was the only guitar he could
afford and he was immediately violently shushed by Matt's celebrity-sucking
enforcers because, goddammit, that's *John Hammond* over there trying out a
guitar and you can just *shut up* with your shave lick?

Well that person was me. My long-lost brother!

And that Japanese guitar? Played the part of the "dobro" on "Crocodile" on
CC '98. The coincidences are just about goddamned Dickensian, tell you
what.  Wheels within wheels, man.

Harrison "Lingam? I hardly *know* him!" Sherwood


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