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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 83

                 Monday, 8 February 1999

Today's Topics:

         Treasure trove (OR: Sharing My Delight)
                    Apple Venus Trade
                       Space Ghost
                     XTC & Spaceghost
      Chalk hills are alive with the sound of music
                    Uncut Magazine CD
                     Re: Froom Froom
            New Zealand XTC fan Motorcyclists!
                     Lucky Americans
                          Re: AV
                XTC heard in the heartland
                       XTC on tour?
                       space ghost
                    Ra, Ra for Prairie
                  The Listener interview
                      KCRW, AV1, VH1
                  XTC on Space Ghost (!)
                     TD: I warned ya
                      I MET COLIN !!
                I must be stuck in BFE!!!


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Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 21:36:45 -0500
From: erik schlichting <>
Subject: Treasure trove (OR: Sharing My Delight)


Hmmmm. As I prepare to compose this missive, I wonder at the wisdom of
it. On the one hand, I could be making a complete fool of myself in my
unbridled excitement, on the other, I could just be boasting my good
fortune (or, I could have different fingers...). Please forgive me, I've
been drinking, and listening to some wonderful music. OK, cut to the

I live pretty close to Podunk, but here we wear shoes at church. My
(meager) past posts may have reflected my disdain about having any
access to anything other than mediocre music, among other things. But
Podunk may have its advantages....

Today I walked into the best of the local music stores, and tooled
around the used CDs. Seeing very little interesting, the several milk
crates of old vinyl caught my eye for the first time, on the floor
pushed under the CD racks. I started digging. There was some really
god-awful stuff for a dollar, but I dug up some XTC....

Actually, this post is getting long, so here's the meat:
Original US pressing (one disc) of "English Settlement"
(then, oooooh, the gold...!)
Original UK pressing of "White Music"
Original UK pressing of "Drums & Wires" (with bonus single & lyric
Original USA pressing of "Black Sea" (with original nifty green outer
sleeve, sort of faded)

I'm pretty sure these were all in there the last twenty times I ignored
the vinyl. All are at least very good condition; "D&W" didn't look like
it had ever been played ('til now- I went and bought a NEW stylus for
this event. Do you know how hard it is to find a stylus, let alone a
decent one? I had to get my turntable out of the closet and move every
piece of furniture I own. But that's another story.).

In any case, I've never really been a collector of music for anything
other than my own personal tastes; never gone out of my way to acquire
something for its rarity. But, I IMMEDIATELY paid for them all. I
paid... less than $30, with tax. I was looking for a cop and sweating
the whole time, and I laughed maniacally when I got the change,
inspiring odd looks as I ran, hunched over, to the car.

I'm not gloating (well, maybe a little). Basically, I would have bought
them anyways at that price, but...

How rare are they? I'm NOT, at this time, offering them for sale. Just
want to satisfy my own curiosity. I already know I got a deal, just not
sure how much of one. Plus, the delight of these discoveries (I had
never heard "Chain of Command" or "Limelight" before tonight!) more than
make up for a couple of long shitty weeks of work, weather, and local
XTC ignorance.

If you have a personal reply or comment, please send it to ,as I check that mailbox more often than the one
from which I am writing.

The anticipation for AV1 builds even higher....

"I'm like a rocket from a bottle shot free"



Message-Id: <>
From: "Andrew Green" <>
Subject: Apple Venus Trade
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 19:13:15 PST

Dear Chalkfolk,

I have an advance copy of the brilliant Apple Venus which I would be
more than happy to trade for copies of all the videos from 1982 through
1992 (I know, that's a lot) , or, preferably, copies of the following
demos.  I'm especially interested in the more recent stuff.

Raising A Family In A House Full Of Mice
Where Did the Ordinary People Go?
Holding the Baby
Now We All Dead (Jacob's Ladder)
Spare A Penny
It Didn't Hurt A Bit
Everything'll Be All Right
Don't Let Us Bug Ya
The Stinking Rich Song
I'm The Man Who Murdered Love
The Wheel and the Maypole
The Ship Trapped in the Ice
We're All Light
Wounded Horse
I Don't Want To Be Here
Stupidly Happy
Our New Dark Ages
The New Country Squires
My Paint Heroes
Down a Peg
Boarded Up
I Don't Want to Be Here

Please e-mail me with your best offer, and I'll send the Apple Venus cd
by next-day mail.




Message-Id: <>
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 23:14:31 -0600
Subject: Space Ghost
From: "Bob O'Bannon" <>

Forgive me if this is old news, but this just came across my Music Boulevard
update tonight:

"Old school brit-poppers XTC will be taping an appearance for an upcoming
episode of the Cartoon Network's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast program on
Feb. 19 in Atlanta, which will air this summer.
  "While band members Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding have long sworn
off touring, the Space Ghost gig is part of the U.S. promotional jaunt
in support of their forthcoming TVT release Apple Venus Vol. 1, due Feb
  "The duo, who retired from the stage during the early '80s when
Partridge became the unfortunate victim of panic attacks, have only done
TV and radio performances to make up for the lack of live shows. The
second, more electric volume of the Apple Venus project is expected
before year's end."

As far as I can tell, they got their facts right. That's encouraging. Now
maybe someone can tell me what in the world a Space Ghost is.

And then, even after the thread was obviously dead, Chris felt the need to

>>>Rush Limbaugh? Do we really have to waste precious brain cells on this
sad parody of neo-conservatism? He would be hilarious if he wasn't so
very disturbing. Move on to something worth discussing. <<<

If you really want to move away from discussing Rush, then stop discussing
him. Your failure to take your own advice  suggests that you want a fight
more than you want something "worth discussing."

Bob O'Bannon


Message-ID: <>
From: "Bill Machock" <>
Subject: XTC & Spaceghost
Date: Fri, 05 Feb 1999 21:27:06 PST

Another lurker making his first post. I heard on the radio tonight (Y107
- Los Angeles) that XTC would be upcoming guests on "Spaceghost - Coast
to Coast", a cartoon show on the Cartoon Network. No mention of when,
but the DJ did say other musicians (R.E.M. , Dave Grohl & others) have
been on in the past. How's that for exposure! I have watched the show
along with my kids and it's actually quite funny. It most likely will be
more informative than the recent VH1 Where Are They Now?



Message-ID: <000a01be51a9$5cf474c0$af798bd0@ginsim>
From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
Subject: Steatopygia?
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 16:19:01 +0800

Don't want to nit-pick, Harrison (well, I do really), but it's "steatopyga"
actually. "Steatopygia" is the condition of having steatopyga (a big
sticky-out "arse"), something normally found as a racial characteristic in
the Hottentot and Bushmen peoples of South Africa. Are there a lot of "blue
haired matrons" like that at "Olive Garden"?

I visited Mark Strijbos's website to have a preview of the artwork for
Apple Venus Vol. 1. All I can say is that I am astonished by the genius of
the cover. I understand that this is Partridge's work again. Sorry, but's kind of subtle but then again very unsubtle. But I note that
some of you don't like it for what appear to be the same reasons.

Finally I noted a while back that Amanda Plum's email address is
"daveizgod...". Was she being just a tad disingenuous in her recent
criticisms of the most popular man on this list; does she harbour a secret
hankering for him? Even if not and it really is a reference to good old DG
(or is DG really davidoh ? (and while we're on the subject, I've long
believed that "Molly" is the alter ego of, say, Todd Bernhardt: a vehicle
to express different views from the mainstream) ), aren't you being just a
bit too forthcoming, Amanda? I thought nice girls played a little bit hard
to get before succumbing to the attentions of their favourite man. I mean,
the poor guy is left with no illusions as to your feelings - it won't be
any fun.

All the best
Simon Deane


From: nedrise@MNSi.Net
Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 06 Feb 1998 05:02:19 -0400
Subject: Chalk hills are alive with the sound of music

Dear Chalklodytes

I just read Art Dudley's interview with Andy.  Quite amazing.
The bits regarding Dave are extraordinary.  It's not pretty stuff, but
I appreciate Andy's candor about it.

On the other hand, what he says about Todd Rundgren is delightful.
He's turned a corner there.

Michael Davies writes:

      <I think the worst XTC song is probably either yeah, "War Dance" (wow,
      <that song has stupid lyrics.  Even stupider than "Omnibus".), "Cross
      <Wires" (I know, we can't take these early Colin songs seriously, but
      <what exactly the h$ll is the deal with "Cross Wires"?), or "Living
      <Through Another Cuba" (I'm glad they never did another song remotely
      <like this one).  I hope I've picked ones we can all agree are bad.

I`m with you on War Dance, Michael, though I love Omnibus.  I sent in a
post once expressing a similar sentiment, and sure enough, somebody wrote
in defending the songs I slagged.  I became a Chalkhills addict about 6
months ago, and one thing I`ve learned is that every XTC song has at least
some fans, regardless of what you or I or anybody else thinks.

We`ll disagree all day long about what songs are the great ones, but we`ll
all agree on what band is the great one. Aye aye!

To Dorothy Spirito: will you please shut the hell up about the new songs
until everyone has got AV 1!!!!!  Don`t spoil it for the poor unfortunates
who haven`t heard them yet!

I for one am quite glad I`ve heard the AV demos.  If I hadn`t, I think
these last few weeks would be pretty near unbearable.

Waiting to exhale

Michael Stone
Windsor, Ontario


From: (Gary Thompson)
Subject: Uncut Magazine CD
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 10:51:41 -0000
Message-ID: <000001be51be$ae9fd8e0$>

I'm writing this listening to the first track on the free CD with this
month's Uncut mag - River of Orchids! As someone who hasn't heard any of the
demos for the new album it's a completely new song for me, and I must say
it's been worth the (long, long, long) wait - absolutely brilliant! Can't
wait for the new album - 16 days and counting!!

'We won't be told the past was pure gold
We were there and it wasn't'
Paddy McAloon


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 10:10:37 EST
Subject: Re: Froom Froom

>1.Los Lobos Kiko.(1992) Saw these guys a few years back. It was like
>watching a train leave the station. They slowly built steam until they
>reached cruising speed, and just cooked for the last half of the set.  See
>them Live. Buy this album. IMHO, Mitchell Froom reached his pinnacle with
>this album (and maybe Richard Thompson's Mirror Blue). Would he not be the
>perfect producer for XTC? (to raise a thread from the dead) I haven't seen
>his name on this list, though I know there are a few Crowded House fans who
>subscribe. Anybody agree?

  I brought the subject up a couple of years ago, I recall Froom was
rejected as too expensive. Now, if AV1 is a surprise runaway hit, he
might be a good match for AV2. His wife Suzanne Vega has quoted XTC as
a major influence in the sound of her past three albums, particularly
"Book Of Dreams," from Days Of Open Hand, which sounds like she
couldn't get "Senses Working Overtime" out of her head. Froom's quirky
keyboard arrangements and penchant for grainy antiquitated sounds like
mellotrons and chamberlains and theremins would probably suit Andy
just fine. It might have worked better if XTC had beaten Crowded House
to the punch and gotten Froom to produce Skylarking. He probably would
have brought Mattacks in on drums(not that I have any complaints with
Prairie Prince's drumming), if not Jim Keltner, who's worked on much
of his albums with Richard Thompson. Or Kenny Arronoff, for that
  I know, Todd fans might consider that sacrilegious. It's no secret,
though, that Andy wasn't particularly pleased with Rundgren's
production work on Skylarking.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 15:57:33 +0000
From: B Blanchard <>
Subject: New Zealand XTC fan Motorcyclists!

The postings are really hotting up.  It sounds naff but thanks so
much John for having us get access to the interviews!  What a
coup!  You could practically HEAR AP's sarcasm and inflections
leaping at you!  Geri having two reasons for like her indeed.
Here in London our local BBC station is called GLR Greater London
Radio and they are very XTC friendly. I shall phone them tomorrow
and ask questions. Maybe all of us Londoners could too.  0171-224

The 18 year old cousin hasn't been back to me with reactions to
the tape I sent him.  Probably in shock.  Cooking Vinyl replied
to my email with a phone call and I pick up my LONG PLAYING VINYL
RECORD IN PERSON from their store in West London on about 22nd.
I may buy the cousin a CD copy too.  Bless him.

Well done David Oh for seeing sense and making your words appear
easier to read.  I am sure you have had a lot of interesting
stuff to say but the page down key was used a lot recently. I am
sure our non English as a first language subscriber friends will
also be grateful!
BTW it was nice to meet you in London Jennifer!  Look forward to
meeting Mr Buck next!

Are there any subscribers in New Zealand who happen to be
motorcyclists?  If so would they kindly email me privately as I
have a few questions to ask.  For example, we're coming over
November 1999 for 2 months and want to buy a small, say 250cc
bike each (then sell them before we come home) and meet you when
we travel around your country!  Email me privately   Thanks alot.   BELINDA


From: Huw Davies <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 16:11:11 GMT0BST
Subject: Lucky Americans

Just a few points:

1) I've recently found myself in the odd position of actually envying
the Americans on this list. There has been numerous recent postings
about how people are pressuring local radio stations to play tracks
from AV1 and I've been thinking, well at least you are lucky enough
to have radio stations that may listen to your requests. Due to the
fact that the US has a comparatively large and diverse radio market,
Americans are lucky in the sense that they are more likely to have
radio stations that will play XTC. The situation is a lot worse here
in the UK. I doubt whether XTC will get played on the radio at all in
this country although I may be wrong. Can anyone foresee Radio 1
playing them?

2) The latest issue of Uncut magazine (March 1999) has a review of
AV1 along with an interview with Andy Partridge. Plus there is free
CD included with the issue that has "River of Orchids" on it. I
haven't actually listened to it yet as I am in two minds about doing
so. I think I'd prefer to listen  to the whole album at once when it
comes out.

3) I am shocked that "Season Cycle" was among people's least
favourite XTC songs as I count this as one of my favourites. What's
going on ? All I can say is to ask people to reconsider their views
on this song. There's more to it than meets the ear as I didn't like
it myself at first, but I learnt to appreciate what I feel the song
was trying to say. I think it kind of sums up Andy Partridge's views
on religion and nature.

Huw Davies


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Feb 1999 14:20:36 -0400
From: Brian <>
Subject: Re: AV


>Some time ago, somebody here recommended Blur's Modern Life is Rubbish
album. Well, thank you! My big brother got it for me --SNIP-- Any other
albums you could suggest?<

That's a good one, and I like the album before that one (?) too,  called
'Leisure' (there's an XTC connection for ya!).

Somebody was talking about "URGH! A Music War" a couple of days ago -
does anyone know if this is available on video? I've seen it before
(back in the early '80's on cable), and thought it was all quite

I'm really quite excited about the new album, and I'm glad some of us
have managed to get some advance copies to dangle like carrots in front
of the rest of us, but I'll just wait until it hits the stores - the one
best thing I think we can do for the Lads is to plunk down our
hard-earned $$$$ for the thing... I hope those of us who already have
gotten copies for free will consider this an important point and deign
to have TWO copies... wink-wink-nudge-nudge... ;-)

* Digital & traditional illustration/animation
* Caricaturist-for-hire
* RENDERMAN ~ One-Man Band Ordinaire


Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:56:25 -0600 (CST)
From: Andrea Lynn Rossillon <>
Subject: XTC heard in the heartland
Message-ID: <>

Hey there, folks, I'm down here in Urbana, Illinois (about 2 hrs south of
Chicago), and I read with envy that they were playing tracks from AV on
Chicago radio stations.  Well, I didn't get to hear any new stuff today,
but this weekend 107.1 FM "The Planet" is having a flashback weekend, and
they announced, "...and coming up next, we have some Smiths, some Ramones,
and after that some XTC."

A few songs later, "Dear God" was played over the air, so I called up the
radio station and thanked them for playing XTC. "Yeah, they're pretty
good.  I really like this song," the DJ said to me.  I asked if they were
going to play any cuts from the new album, and though I suspect they
haven't even heard that AV is coming out, I got an encouraging(?) "We'll

So: my mission is to actually email or call them every day, because they
are _the_ venue for new rock'n'roll out here in the cornfields, and
perhaps XTC will catch on here at our lovely university campus.  And maybe
then they'd stop playing that damn Shawn Mullins crap.



Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 14:48:58 -0800 (PST)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: XTC on tour?
Message-ID: <>

I saw this on KMTT 103.7's list of upcoming releases

XTC (March 2)
Apple Venus (Volume One). A new collection of acoustic and orchestral
selections, featuring a 120-piece orchestra. A second volume in the fall
will be in a more traditional rock vein. Looks like a summer tour is in
the works!

A summer tour?  Impossible, I thought.  So I asked them.  Here's their
reply.  Does anybody know what they could possibly be talking about?  I
can't imagine XTC would actually go out on tour again, so is there some
sort of promotional signing tour in the works, or a limited number of
in-store performances, or something like that?  Anybody know?

 ---------- Forwarded message ----------
Date: Fri, 5 Feb 1999 21:15:43 -0800
From: Studio  --  On the Air at The Mountain <>
Subject: Re: XTC summer tour?

Word on the street is that they *will* be touring. Apparently, their
label loves us for what we've done with the new record and have
hinted at something "very special, very soon." No wrod yet on what.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 14:49:54 -0800 (PST)
From: Jeff Langr <>
Subject: space ghost

 From a Music Boulevard ( mailing:

XTC To Appear On Space Ghost

 Old school brit-poppers XTC will be taping an appearance for an
upcoming episode of the Cartoon Network's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast
program on Feb. 19 in Atlanta, which will air this summer.
   While band members Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding have long
sworn off touring, the Space Ghost gig is part of the U.S. promotional
jaunt in support of their forthcoming TVT release Apple Venus Vol. 1,
due Feb 23.
   The duo, who retired from the stage during the early '80s when
Partridge became the unfortunate victim of panic attacks, have only
done TV and radio performances to make up for the lack of live shows.
The second, more electric volume of the Apple Venus project is
expected before year's end.
   Other musicians that have recenlty appeared as Space Ghost's guest
include R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, Dave Grohl, and Blues Traveler's John
--by Joe Silva


From: "Wesley Hanks" <>
Subject: Ra, Ra for Prairie
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 15:09:58 -0800
Message-ID: <000001be5225$d1454d00$651c1d26@wes>

Chalkhole Ruffians,

The Tubes, with Mssrs. Waybill and Prince will be playing at the "Ra"
nightclub, sorry, I don't name these venues, at the truly weird Luxor in
shimmery Las Vegas next week 2/11. Look for me, I'll be the fella with the
pained look on his face.

Harrison, I'm amazed that there are Django fans about.



Message-Id: <>
Date: 07 Feb 99 14:36:50 +1100
From: "Adam Davies" <>
Subject: The Listener interview


Hi all,

I've contributed frighteningly little to this list in the past 18 months,
but now that things are happening I've got a hankerin' to get back into it

First: Many thanks and big girly hugs to Messrs. John Relph for studiously
updating the Chalkhills site regularly for so long.  It's great to come
back from a holiday in the middle of nowhere to find a release date and
solid track listing on the site, along with the endless stream of
interviews and promotional miscellany, thanks mainly to the myriad
contributors.  I love you all and I want to have your babies.

Next: Just read the Listener interview on the Chalkhills website.  I
couldn't help but notice Mr. P's annoyance at so many people getting
personal and bagging the individual band members.  I don't want to preach,
but HEAR HEAR!!  Er, ahem.

Having said that, I've hypocritically worn thin the naughty demo tape I
received from a Chalkhills subscriber / Dead Set Legend roughly two years
ago.  AV1 is coming to me by air mail [the extra AU$15 is worth it] on or
around the release date, but I try not to think about it too much because I
keep wetting myself in anticip...pation.

For those who care: 'Your Dictionary' is alongside 'How Soon Is Now?' and
'Paranoid Android' as one of my favourite songs of all time.  Something to
do with it *precisely* describing my feelings about a relationship I once
had with a girl-turned-psycho-hose-beast; so much so that, apart from the
words 'marriage' and 'four-eyed fool' [I don't wear bins], I could have
written the lyrics myself!

I'm not normally this verbose, but I'm working on a Sunday and bored out of
my tiny little mind.


Adam [also box@nemesis.yada.yada.yada]

      The statements and opinions expressed here are my own and do
         not necessarily represent those of Oracle Corporation.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 6 Feb 1999 23:19:28 EST
Subject: Finally...airplay!


Boy, I was starting to get jealous of all the Chalksters who heard cuts
from AV1 on the radio, but not any more. WHTG, Eatontown, NJ ("Modern Rock
at the Jersey Shore") played GreenMan tonight as I was pulling into my
driveway and I had no choice but to sit in the garage and listen from start
to finish. To echo all of the previous posters it was sublime!

Several weeks back, I had e-mailed WHTG, asking them to consider playing
cuts from AV1, so maybe I had a little something to do with it. Guess I'll
try e-mailing some other local stations. You never know, eh?

It's going to be an excruciating next 3 weeks.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 12:20:16 EST
Subject: KCRW, AV1, VH1

<<Well, thanks to KCRW radio in L.A., I've now heard three finished tracks
off AV1: River of Orchids, Knights in Shining Karma, and Greenman. Add to
that my demo copy of harvest festival, and I've now heard about 1/3 of
AV1. For all of you who have avoided the demos, etc., you are truly in for
a delicious feast.  And to make sure I don't "fill up" too much before the
grand meal on Feb. 23, I too have imposed my own AV1 blackout.>>

Rats!  I can't believe I missed that.  Do you know if they will continue
playing tracks from the album?

VH1 'Where are they now show!' is usually pathetic... or at least the fate
of the artist they profile is usually pathetic.  I'm glad XTC didn't come
off looking like hasbeens like most bands they cover.  But I'm still miffed
that Leif Garrett would get a whole 'Behind the Music' segment and XTC
get's the tail end of the 'hasbeen' show.  That's just not right!!

Lastly (non-XTC content) any drummers out there in the L.A./Hollywood area
who are looking for a me!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 01 Feb 1999 08:25:21 -0500
From: Dave Gershman <>
Subject: XTC on Space Ghost (!)

Chalk-late Chippers,

 This will probably show up in the digest several other times, but as I
haven't seen it in the last one received, I figured I ought to pass it
along anyway. This item showed up in the latest "My Music Boulevard"
Daily News e-mail:

"XTC To Appear On Space Ghost

Old school brit-poppers XTC will be taping an
appearance for an upcoming episode of the Cartoon
Network's Space Ghost: Coast to Coast program on Feb.
19 in Atlanta, which will air this summer.

While band members Andy Partridge and Colin Moulding
have long sworn off touring, the Space Ghost gig is
part of the U.S. promotional jaunt in support of their
forthcoming TVT release Apple Venus Vol. 1, due Feb 23.

The duo, who retired from the stage during the early
'80s when Partridge became the unfortunate victim of
panic attacks, have only done TV and radio
performances to make up for the lack of live shows.
The second, more electric volume of the Apple Venus
project is expected before year's end.

Other musicians that have recenlty appeared as Space
Ghost's guest include R.E.M.'s Michael Stipe, Dave
Grohl, and Blues Traveler's John Popper.

                                    - Joe Silva"

As you can see, they don't list a date for the broadcast, so keep your
eyes peeled (ouch!) and let us all know as soon as you hear anything --
this could be good!

Dave Gershman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 12:44:11 +1100
From: "Joseph J. Ierano" <>
Organization: chiropractic ierano
Subject: TD: I warned ya

Re: Testimonial Dinner
When it came out, I listened to it, loved "the Good Things" , then
promptly offered it up for sale on this digest after hearing the rest.
Sold it, too.
At the time, not many complained about it, so I thought I was the only
one. Many people raved about it.
Same for "Tock". I could not warm up to "tock", other than to sell it,
and pay my heating bill.
As far as Testimonial Dinner is concerned, I HATE most of the versions
on this waste of CD.
It should have been released as a 4 track or something, then it would
have been a gem.

Joe Ierano


From: "Kev" <>
Subject: I MET COLIN !!
Date: Sun, 7 Feb 1999 20:49:10 -0000
Message-ID: <01be52db$4ff19360$062d7b0c@pentium>

    My name is Kevin Lancaster and although i regularly read the chalkhills
mail, i very rarely send to it. Anyway i just felt this was too good to keep
to myself. I live 20 miles south of Swindon in Wiltshire, On Saturday i was
meeting my girlfriend for lunch in Marlborough (13 miles south of Swindon)
when suddenly i couldnt believe my eyes, i said to my girlfriend, "F***in`
hell its Colin Moulding from XTC!!" i pulled up quickly on the side of the
road, grabbed my Transistor Blast tape and a pen and ran down the High
street after him. It was lucky i didnt get run over as i was not looking at
the traffic, i wasnt going to take my eyes of Colin for a second. I caught
him up and ran a bit ahead and then turned around and said "Excuse me, are
you Colin Moulding?" he said "Yes" and i just couldnt believe it, I was
speechless, A situation i had dreamt about many times before and now it was
happening i was in shock. I said i was XTC`s biggest fan and could he sign
my tape, he asked my name and signed in the cassette"To Kevin, Best Wishes,
From XTC, Colin Moulding" I said i was eagerly waiting for Apple Venus and
asked about Vol.2 and he said that they would probably go into the studio
later on this year. I said how great it was to meet him, shook his hand and
walked away. I was in total shock, I could have spoke to him for days, All
the things i wish i had asked, How`s Andy?, Isnt it a shame about Dave
leaving, The list is endless. When i had calmed down about 3 hours later i
really wished i had talked to him for longer, perhaps if i had offered to
buy him and his wife a drink maybe, i dont know. All the things i could have
said and i just went to pieces. Part of me was exstatic but the other part
was angry that i didnt make the most of this probably once in a lifetime
meeting with one of my hero`s. When i got home i couldn`t wait to tell
everyone, COLIN MOULDING TOUCHED THIS PEN!! i was going. Hope this has been
of interest.

Kevin Lancaster


Subject: I must be stuck in BFE!!!
Message-ID: <>
From: Meredith Brechtel <>
Date: Sun, 07 Feb 1999 16:31:48 EST

Howdy Chalkers!  I'm a new convert to the world of chalkhills (but not
XTC - I've been smitten with them for 12 years - boy has it been that
long ALREADY???)  At any rate, I'm terribly jealous of those of you who
have already heard new stuff, on the radio, no less.  I knew about the
upcoming release of AV1, so called our local "hip" radio station for more
info and they said, "What new album?"
Geez!  What's a gal to do?  I don't know how some of you can stand
self-imposed bans until that elusive magic day that seems like forever in
the future.   I despair of hearing any news should the boys decide to
make some sort of promo appearances like they did with O&L (I was
fortunate enough to live in Philly then and got multiple autographs).
Please keep me posted for any news regarding Florida.  I am in
Gainesville but would be willing to travel anywhere in the state (or even
Georgia) to see them again.

BTW - Omnibus is a pretty cool tune - love the beat and even if the
lyrics are kinda corny, I like the overall feel.  Also like Then She
Appeared but don't care much for That Wave, Bungalow and Rook.



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