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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 68

                 Monday, 25 January 1999

Today's Topics:

            L.A. Area Chalkhillians Gathering?
                TB live guitarist question
                  Your Dictionary on web
                      snapple penis
                      Dave and Idea
                      radio, radio!!
                  Re: Origin of Blowing
             Apple Venus is All Right Tonight
               A bicycle tour of Athens, GA
                       AV1 US vinyl
           My (second) favourite waste of time
               Sonofagun gonna have big fun
                        Apple Dave
                    RE: Perry Pandrea
                    Apple Venus Dreams
     Re: Just Like A Mad Dog You're Chasing Your Tail
    name for bands and skylarking w/ "mermaid smiles"
       Super Chat Room AV1 Be In - You Are Invited!
             Andy's on Tour (well promo tour)
   Chalkhills presents: "That Obscure Object of Desire"
                   Hear Easter Theatre
                       Re: Lou Reed
                        Re: Django
         Visiting Swindon / Uffington White Horse


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If we listen quietly we can hear them shooting from grave to grave.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:33:15 EST
Subject: L.A. Area Chalkhillians Gathering?

Are there any more than two L.A. area Chalkhillers on the list these days?
With the impending flurry of XTC activity, anyone interested in an L.A. get
together? Email me privately and we'll see what we can organize.

Music related content: This morning I sang "Then She Appeared" from my open
car windows to anyone within earshot, giving special enunciation to the
words "Apple Venus." I'm guessing that all who heard it loved it and
wondered, as the spring re-appeared in their steps, "What is that lovely
sound, like a sick crow singing along to the most delicious, tuneful,
incredible sounds my quality-music-starved ears have ever heard?" A few will
find out eventually, and then they'll discover the treasure trove that is
the entire XTC catalog.  Then they'll tell two friends...

Evangelizing while driving, Will


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 10:14:00 -0500
From: Eric Brittingham <>
Organization: Online Consulting, Inc
Subject: TB live guitarist question

I've been listening to the live portion of the Transistor Blast set, and I
wonder if anyone is obsessed enough with this band, as well as guitars, to
be able to document who plays what, in terms of guitars, on each song.  I'm
interested in who plays lead, who plays rhythm, basically.  This knowledge
would enhance my mental image of these shows a great deal.  I can figure
out some songs, based on the existing liner notes from Andy about the shows
(like Dave's little run in 'Burning'), but I have plenty of gaps.

If anyone has or can get this info, maybe Mr. Relph could include this
somewhere on his web site?  Sort of a liner notes addendum?

My two cents/tuppence on current issues (i.e., page down now):

davidoh:  Most people, once they are familiar with a language's grammar and
vocabulary, read word shapes, rather than individual words or letters,
unless they see something unfamiliar.  Davidoh's symbolic posts interpose
an extra layer (or two) of abstraction between the content and the reader's
mind.  In a forum where the content is supposed to be the important
'thing,' this posting style, if not purposefully selfish, is at best

R.E.M.:  To say this band has sold out recently is pretty ridiculous, from
my point of view.  When the trend this decade was running towards either a
watered-down (Counting Crows) or over-amped (Matchbox 20) variety of the
sort of music R.E.M. used to make in the mid-80's, the band continued to
release albums that sounded less and less like their old stuff.  To follow
up Automatic with Monster--that's a sellout move?  To follow Monster with
Hi-Fi--sellout?  And now Up--sellout?  Selling out to whom?

But I am biased, of course.  I like Stipe's evocative modernist poetry.  I
like how his voice and Buck's guitar often play off each other, especially
in the early albums where Stipe mostly just seemed to throw out random
phrases that matched the tone of the music.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 12:19:38 -0500
From: james isaacs <>
Subject: Your Dictionary on web

I found what may be the first song from AV1 on the web.
At, the dallas observer has a playlist of new songs.  From the
Jan. 19th show, there is Your Dictionary, smack dab in the middle. Here is
the link:
When I went to hear it, the link was down for archiving purposes.  Hopefully
it will be up soon.
Woo Hoo!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:51:50 EST
Subject: snapple penis

chalkies; remember when Apple Venus was chosen as the name for the new
album?  Then someone (mitch?)asked Andy why, he replied something like
-Snapple Penis isn't much better?

  Well here is the track listing for both c.d.s (inspired by Andy's "sex-

   A V

River of Orchids
I'd Like That
Easter Theater
Frivolous Tonight
Knights in Shining Karma
Your Dictionary
Fruit Nut
I Can't Own Her
Harvest Festival
The Last Balloon

    S P

River of Orgasms
I Like Tits
X-rated Theater
Nibble it Tonight
(Behind the) Greendoor
Tight 'n Slimy Dharma
Your Diaphragm
Fruit's Butt
I Can't Bone Her
Her Breast Festival
Lotts'a Ballin'

                                        Sorry if this offends anyone... eddie


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 11:07:17 -0800
From: "Dane Pereslete" <>
Subject: Dave and Idea

This passage from the _Sound & Vision_ Apple Venus review got me

>Then, with their legal troubles finally behind them last year and with
>the founding of their own imprint, Idea (distributed in the U.S. by TVT),
>guitarist Andy Partridge and bassist Colin Moulding were faced with
>the departure of lead guitarist Dave Gregory.

Since he was still with the band at the time of formation how much
stake, if any, does Dave have in Idea?  He must have been includ-
ded in the signing of legal documents.  Will Andy and Colin ensure
that Dave receives any residuals?

Sorry to be in such a "cynical daze", but you must admit, the present
situation has potential for conflict.  Can anybody provide insider info?

 Logging in from beautiful Glendale, CA  USA
 "All the Wisconsin-ites have finally gone"


Message-Id: <>
From: Christopher Westland <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 14:06:50 -0800
Subject: radio, radio!!

Hello all: Not to brag, but here in the Bay Area (San Francisco, etc.) KFOG
just played "I'd Like That" just as I returned from lunch, and they've
featured it today as a new song.  Wow!  Great tune! Whole month
(practically) before release here in the States - thank god there's still
people on radio with good taste.  The DJ even had most of the story correct
regarding their absence for the (gads) last 7 years....

A bit of relief, really.



Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:10:15 -0500
From: "Jason Hauser" <>
Subject: Re: Origin of Blowing

I have to disagree with your educated guess.  I always thought this phrase
started with such and such "blows donkeys".  Soon shortened.

Presently listening to "Bah bah bah bah Battery Brides"  off of TB.

"Animals strike curious poses" - Prince (but why?)


Message-Id: <>
Subject: Apple Venus is All Right Tonight
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 99 17:23:39 -0500
From: Constantine Pappas <>

Howdy again, Chalkophiles (personally I think we should refer to
ourselves as X-statics),

re:  Cover Art

Call me kooky, but I'll bet the AV1 will have both Venus (statue, not
planet...hmm...maybe planet as, statue, I think) and an apple
on it.  I'm going out on a limb here.

re:  mp3's

Very nice to be able to download Papersnow as an mp3, although I am very
concerned about copyright infringement.  Be careful's
just the attorney in me.  Having said that, I'm wondering if someone is
willing to post any demo's mp3's.  I could help with the mp3's very easy.  Email me if you're interested.  I'm only
willing to do stuff that wasn't released commercially.  I will NOT, for
instance, do something like Cherry In Your Tree, which you can and should
go out and buy.  It would be nice, I think, to have a mp3 website similar
to the one they have for Ben Folds Five.  They've got all kinds of
goodies over there.

re:  Band Names

When I was in law school a classmate and I schemed to form a band called
LMNOP, except we planned to spell and pronounce it Ellomennopee.  You're
welcome to it, which brings me to:

My first ever email BAND NAME poll!

Email me your top 10 favorite band names of all time.  They can be
clever, obscure, vulgar, etc...I don't care.  You have until February 1,
at which time I will post the results here on Chalkhills.  Some things to
think about before you submit:

1. You do NOT have to like the band to like their name, thus you can HATE
Phil and LOVE the name Genesis, for example. (bad example, but you get
the picture)

2. I don't think proper nouns should count by themselves.  Sorry, Yazbek.

3. You may NOT include XTC, Star Park, Helium Kidz, Terry and the
Lovemen, The Three Wisemen, The Dukes, etc.... no XTC and no XTC noms de
plume.  I won't count them.

4. Please put the words 'Band Poll' somewhere in the subject/title of
your email.  (example: Hey Shithead, here are my Band Poll submissions
<----perfectly acceptable, albeit rude)

That's all for now, you have until February 1, 1999.

Final Thought: Perhaps Molly could buy David Oh a new keyboard.

I would buy 4 U,

Constantine Pappas


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 17:53:58 EST
Subject: A bicycle tour of Athens, GA


Bryce, your commentary on R.E.M. comes with complete agreement from these
parts.  There is a big difference between XTC & R.E.M., people in the record
industry don't usually pick up on, they seem to think of them in the same vein
for some reason.  I always thought of R.E.M. as having a more folkish tint to
them.  I also feel they are coming into their own right now with the past two
CDs.  Their sound is refreshing, but they will not really suprise anyone the
XTC do.  "Up" & "New Adventures..." sort of live up to the promise they
started out with on "Murmur" & "Reckoning".  If you've ever been to Athens,
GA, you can practically hear the songs of R.E.M. floating around in the air.
Also, some people sell-out; others just sell well.

I hate to be a stickler and I'm sure Dave would know for sure, but I' ve seen
any live pictures of Dave using a Les Paul, however, I do think he used an
Explorer, I forget if it was a Gibson or a Dean or whatever.

Molly, don't worry about who has the best toys or who knows who.

It's funny someone thought David Oh was Andy P., I thought Mr. Oh was Dom
trying to fool us all.  You know trying some split personality thing.  Well I
thought it was cool.



Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:05:33 -0800 (PST)
From: Benjamin Lukoff <>
Subject: AV1 US vinyl
Message-ID: <>

>from cookingvinyl:
>> the good news is that AV1 is a big release and we will do it on vinyl!
>> - UK release date Feb 23rd - more info from
>is that going to also be released in the good ol' US of A?

I don't know if TVT is planning to put AV1 out on vinyl, but MusicMachine
says they will import the British version and will sell it for $18-$20.



Message-ID: <>
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: My (second) favourite waste of time
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 15:16:06 PST

Hi Chalks

Just got this alert from the Ben Folds Five people, and thought it might
be of interest for those who have access to a TV service which carries
the Conan O'Brien show:

>Don't miss FEAR OF POP's first ever live performance,
>featuring Ben Folds, William Shatner and the infamous Eddie
>Walker on drums on LATE NIGHT WITH CONAN O'BRIEN this
>Friday, January 22. They will be performing "In Love", the
>first single from the Fear Of Pop album, Volume I. Make
>sure you tune in!

Sounds like an event not to be missed for fans of William Shatner - and
aren't we all? For those Aussie Chalkers who might be interested in
getting a copy of this - see me after class



Message-ID: <>
From: "Amanda Owens" <>
Subject: Sonofagun gonna have big fun
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:02:55 PST

Wonder if Dave tried that recipe yet....anyhoo.

Mark Strijbos said:

>PS: (switching to GLOAT MODE now, you have been warned!)
>Once, during the very early 80's, I met John Leckie and shook his
>hand. Now am i cool or what? :)

Ummm...or what. ;)

Toddzilla said:

>All this talk of bands XTC is better than got me to thinking.  Why limit
>these comparisons to other bands? Here are some things we can all agree are
>vastly inferior to XTC:
>1) A 73 Ford Pinto with a leaky gastank and a flat tire

Hey, how'd you get a picture of my car?

>2) That dried ketchup that accumulates on the threads of a ketchup bottle
>3) My third girlfriend with that weird smell (you know.)

Might I add a cheapskate boyfriend who makes you pay for everything and
doesn't even buy you anything for Christmas.

Stephanie said:

>And as for Paula Cole and that genuinely dreadful song of hers (which has
>the same effect on me as acrylic nails shredded on 12-foot-long
>blackboards), the less said of any presumed XTC influence on her, the
>better.  Not to wax censoriously, though.  Just because she thinks she's
>influenced by XTC doesn't mean she has, or has managed to learn anything
>from them.  Hey, I'd like to be able to write erudite short stories in the
>manner of Borges, or go totally apeshit like Harrison Sherwood, but there is
>such a thing as genius "sui generis".  Not to mention "non compos mentis".
>8 )

I quite like Paula Cole. The song is 100% irony, the life she would hate
to live. (I on the other hand, would be perfectly content with sitting
at home while hubby paid the bills.)

>As for Amanda's privileged ear, I have to admit I'm green with envy, and
>I'll never eat jambalaya again.  (Nawww...)

Go for it, I hate the stuff myself!

Tis all for now,
Amanda C. Owens
"People will always be tempted to wipe their feet on anything with
welcome written on it."-Andy Partridge
XTC song of the day-One of the Millions
non-XTC song-My House-The Mary Jane Girls


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:35:48 -0500 (EST)
Message-Id: <v03007800b2cd45b97317@[]>
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: Apple Dave

Hi again,

I second Mr. Yazbek in the first two of his three comments. AV is amazing
and worth waiting, well, even 8 years for! And Dave is extremely creative
though he will tell you that he's merely a technician. He told me that his
favorite guitar solo of all time is in the Steely Dan song "Do It
Again". Listen to it and (according to Dave) you'll hear the inspiration for
the solo in "Real By Reel".



Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 19:44:57 -0800 (PST)
From: Tyler Hewitt <>
Subject: RE: Perry Pandrea

I know what you mean. I am an artist too, and love music. I got the
music bug as a child, long before I discovered art. Now, my CD
collection is HUGE (helped along by having worked in a record store),
and I spend way too much money on music.
Of course the music I listen to affects the art I make. Music always
affects mood, and mood affects art, so it sems obvious to me. I can
make a piece of art while listening to a particular record over and
over, and afterwards see how the music influenced the work. All of my
work changes from initial conception to finished piece, and I know
that music helps that change. Sometimes I refuse to play music in the
studio-it competes too much for my attention.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 20:54:07 -0700
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Apple Venus Dreams

Okay, anyone else have a dream about *purchasing" Apple Venus?

I've never so eagerly anticipated a piece of music before, now
my subconscious is playing tricks on me... Every night for the past
week I've had dreams about going to various stores to purchase
Apple Venus.  Then I wake up and realize I don't have it yet....
What a terrible way to start the day.

So last night, after watching Star Trek Voyager, I fall asleep
to once again dream I'm buying Apple Venus -- in Tokyo!  And
this time the disc is enhanced with a holodeck program that puts
me in Andy's shed where he's playing the new CD live for me.

Ugh, I think I'm going to take a break from Chalkhills.......  :)

- Phil Corless (


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 23:17:42 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: Re: Just Like A Mad Dog You're Chasing Your Tail

>Mark Strijbos wrote:
>First of all: enough with all the arguments and disagreements!
>I really think we should all try to remember that this forum is first
>and foremost dedicated to discussions about or relating to XTC and
>not our pet likes or dislikes in politics, religion or (dare i say
>it) spelling.

thanx mark, the above iz what i've been trying 2 say all along!
it'z nice 2 hear sumwun else say it. this forum most certainly should be
_only_ 4 discussion of xtc related topics, not spelling, or lack of spelling
(mostly on my part, i will admit!).

>Isn't it time we started to plan a party instead of a fight? Some
>kind of (online) event, a mega chatroom perhaps or a couple of
>gatherings 'in real life' on the various continents?

i'd luv 2 be involved in an online chat. that iz, if i'm allowed 2 contribute!
sumthing tellz me that i won't be allowed 2, tho...

thanx again mark, & if u do organize a net gathering, i would certainly
like 2
know of it...


btw, i'm still working on converting those slides i took of xtc in 1980.
the trouble iz finding a place that will do them rite, 4 the rite price...


Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 22:24:19 -0600 (CST)
Message-Id: <>
Subject: name for bands and skylarking w/ "mermaid smiles"

Here's a few names for John I's band

Power Dispair
D'Amour Demerrier

As far as getting a copy of "Skylarking" w/ mermaid smiled, it is easy.
it's the only version they sell in the U.K. 10 pounds sterling, if i'm

yours lovingly, Timothy of the Nigels


From: "Wesley Hanks" <>
Subject: Super Chat Room AV1 Be In - You Are Invited!
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 18:36:44 -0800
Message-ID: <000101be45b0$0d214f40$9c1c1d26@wes>

The esteemed Mark Strijbos posit:

"Isn't it time we started to plan a party instead of a fight? Some
kind of (online) event, a mega chatroom perhaps or a couple of
gatherings 'in real life' on the various continents?"

Yes - an underused resource at our disposal is the designated XTC "Club"
room provided by the folks at Yahoo.

It is capable to handle real time chat across all continents. There is a
brief, yet painful one time registration needed. Suggest two listening
parties, since it appears that cooking vinyl will be releasing AV1 prior to
TVT's US release. Any confirmation from Pony Canyon?

Feb 23 - time?: all flippin day, cats

Mar 2 - ditto

Forgetting to remember what I meant to forget,


Message-ID: <>
From: "Molly Fanton" <>
Subject: Andy's on Tour (well promo tour)
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:30:14 PST

    I just read that Andy's coming to the States, but they didn't
mention where.  I know there's no way he would come to Buffalo.  Why
come to a gross city like Buffalo?  It's so unfair that Buffalo would be
missed by a lot of groups.  It always seems like when one of my favorite
groups goes on tour they miss Buffalo.  It's the second largest city in
NY State.  Oh please oh please Andy come to Buffalo.  I know he can't
read this, but I wish he would.  I'm begging.
    Okay, that's enough of my pathetic crap. :)



Message-ID: <>
From: "Duncan Kimball" <>
Subject: Chalkhills presents: "That Obscure Object of Desire"
Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 21:49:28 PST

ACT I - Scene I

[A Trendy Record Shoppe
...well not *that* trendy ... they *were* playing "Rumours" over the PA]

A dashingly handsome and debonair young consumer [Duncan Kimball] enters
the store, saunters up to the counter and, with a cheeky wink and a
flash of his heart-melting smile, asks the beautiful shop assistant
[Julie Christie] about the release of Apple Venus.

Expecting - and receiving - the standard blank-stare response, the
customer slouches over counter and frowns glumly. The assistant goes to
check the computer. While he waits, the customer casts a casual glance
over the rack next to him, which holds a selection of CD boxed sets.

Suddenly, nearby customers are startled by as the customer lets out an
ear-splitting yelp and begins a frantic dance of joy. He has finally
found that which he has sought so long ...

... a copy of TRANSISTOR BLAST!

[Cue 'Halleluya Chorus', cut to scenes of crowds cheering, tickertape
parades, women and men embracing and weeping with a fervour not seen
since V.E. Day ...]

Fade to neon pink ...

* ----------------------------------------------------------------------

Who said they don't write 'em like they used to?

Well - I finally got my sweaty, trembling little mitts on a copy. What
took me so long? Ummm ... poverty, basically, working in concert with
the abject greed of the Australian record industry.

Was it cheap? Noooooooooooooooo. Was it worth it? Need you ask?

Hats, pants and all other appropriate vestmets are off to Andy, Colin,
Dave, Terry and Barry and all those dear old BBC engineers.

At least I know I'm in for at least one more weekend of pure unalloyed
pleasure before The Big Sleep. Now it's off the bottle shop for another
bottle of "Dr Demento's Patented V.S.O.P. Brain-Lotion and Paint
Remover" - and then it's headphones on and chocks away. Tally ho!

Yours time-laggingly


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:12:33 +0100
From: Uwe Bartels <>
Subject: Hear Easter Theatre

Hello everybody!
Not much to say, only this:
Yesterday I've got my new copy of 'MOJO' - my favorite UK music
magazine. On the included CD was - I could not believe -
"Easter Theatre" from AV1.
Unfortunately, the CD is only available for subsribers.
So - if you are one look out for this, if not, look for
someone, who is.
No more details about the song here, I loved it.
Makes waiting a little bit easier!


Uwe Bartels


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 06:18:17 EST
Subject: Re: Lou Reed

>I haven't laughed so much for ages! Lou's voice worse? How could you
>tell? I love the guy's work, but I'd be the first to admit that, like
>Dylan (or more recently Billy Corgan) the "trick" with Lou is accepting
>the fact that he just doesn't have a normal singing voice. Once you get
>past that, you're in.

  I've noticed a steady decline over the years, if that's possible
since he was no Marty Balin to begin with. But as a longtime fan I
can't help comparing "Sunday Morning" from the first Velvets album
with, say, "Street Hassle" from the late 70's with "Hooky Wooky" from
a couple of years ago. On SM Lou's voice is a limited but expressive
baritone that pretty much stays in key, on SH he at least stays
somewhere near the tune at least suggesting he knows where it is but
is erring in the direction of emotional resonance; in HW he doesn't
even bother staying in tune and pretty much speaks his way through the
song.  Over the years I've noticed more of a tendency to abandon any
attempt at even rudimentary tunefulness, like Lou found it
increasingly difficult and finally gave up. That said, I'm still a big
fan of his and he's still one of the most important songwriters in
popular music; his recent non-singing disappoints me, but not enough
to turn me off him, unlike others whose voices I never cared for to
begin with.

>My favourite saying about Grumpy Ol' Lou is one I read from John Cale,
>who mused in Mojo some time ago:
>"How could anyone who can write such beautiful, sensitive songs be the
>complete opposite as a person?"

  For some very entertaining musings on Lou Reed check some of Lester
Bangs' writings on him, compiled in the posthumously released
collection of his writings, Psychotic Reactions And Carburetor
Dung. No mention of XTC, but very entertaining for anybody who loves
horrible noise(something tells me Lou would have approved of XTC's
noisier stuff, like, say, "Train Running Low On Soul Coal" or "Travels
In Nihilon."

  For that matter, I'm an even bigger John Cale fan; I'm amazed his
name never came up as a possible XTC producer, he wouldn't have been a
good match through most of the 80's(he and Andy would probably have
come to blows, considering Cale was such a raging drunk for most of
the decade that he got to a club he was playing at one night and found
his entire band had quit), but since he got sober he might have been a
better match for producing Nonesuch, plus he possibly would have
gotten Dave Mattacks to play drums as well, preserving the best
outside help on the album. I thought Gus Dudgeon did an OK job, but
Cale might have done some intriguing orchestral arrangements which
would have made, say, "Rook" even better. Would have improved Colin's
material as well, "Wardance" and "Bungalow" would have especially
benefited from Cale's training in both classical music and the



Message-Id: <v04003a03b2ce14c853bc@[]>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 06:45:48 -0500
From: John McGann/Original Custom Transcription Service
Subject: Re: Django

>As for Django Reinhardt's missing fingers -- according to the liner notes of
>a 2-CD set of his, when he was 18, his left hand was badly burned and healed
>deformed, but he hadn't really lost any fingers.

I discovered Django (and jazz guitar) from reading interviews with 70's
guitarists like Peter Frampton and Steve Howe...anyone who likes great
guitar playing will be amazed at what a great, funny daredevil of a player
Django was. The fact that he could only solo with 2 fingers just adds to
the thrill.

XTC content: Dave is a big Joe Pass fan.


Custom Transcription Service /Technique Tips Plus... Private Lessons,
D.I.Y. Transcription, Tips for Improvisers, Online Sheet Music and Tab, Eric
Dolphy solo excerpt, Info for Dobro, Lap Steel, Mandolin, Acoustic and
Electric Guitars, Guitar Contests, Recordings and gigs, and more...


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 14:31:24 +0000
From: JP Nicholls <>
Organization: It came off in my hand, Mum!
Subject: Visiting Swindon / Uffington White Horse

Chalkhills / Melissa -

A day trip to Swindon and Uffington from London is easily arranged! A
visit to Uffington is highly recommended - it's a beautiful place.

Costs and times of trains in the UK are extremely erratic. Service is
unreliable - unpredictable delays are the norm. However, when they work
well, travelling by train is smooth and a great way to see the countryside
(if you are lucky and the windows are clean). As you come in to Swindon from
London on the train, you will pass the Uffington White Horse - the
excitement mounts!

Cost of train from London Paddington to Swindon is presently 26.50 UKP
return assuming off-peak travel both ways. Trains are frequent, the
journey SHOULD take about 45 minutes. When you get to the UK phone
0345-484950 for more up-to-date information on train times/prices.

Swindon bus station is 5 minutes from the train station and clearly
signposted. The bus to Uffington is the 47A and leaves from Bay 10. On
Saturdays there are three buses a day, 9.35am, 13.35pm and 15.35pm; the
journey takes about an hour. Buses leave Uffington for Swindon at
10.25am, 14.25pm and 16.25pm. Cost is 1.60 UKP each way. Phone
01793-428428 for more information on bus times/prices.

If you're staying in town I recommend the Goddard Arms Hotel (not
cheap), an old coaching inn with great history and 10 minutes from AP's
house! If you are making a day trip from London trains run early and
late between London and Swindon so you can definitely fit it all in. There's
not really much to see in Swindon - the Railway Museum is the high point,
but the Lode Star isn't there any more.

Get in touch nearer the time and I will recommend some suitable
hostelries in which to celebrate your spiritual journey!

JP Nicholls    /
"Someone take these dreams away"


Message-ID: <0325F31466C9D111A76D00A0C99DD2691BE7DA@MSXCHNY2>
From: "Amari, Richard" <>
Subject: Greetings!
Date: Fri, 22 Jan 1999 10:55:07 -0500

Hi-ya Gang.

This is my first time posting.

I have a question: My Wife and I will be visiting London this May (From New
Jersey) and we're going to make a tour of Wales. I noticed, from our map
that the Uffington Horse (or "Chalk Horse Hill" as it's called on the map)
looks rather close to the M4. As We'll be passing it, I thought it would be
fun to stop by. Can anyone tell me how long/difficult a drive it is from the
M4? Is it worth it? Thanks.

I've been an xtc fan since 1979 (1980?) and I've been reading this list for
almost a year. In fact the  first mail that I received was the first news of
DG's quitting the band. Quite sad.

Love the static that Davidoh has been getting. I couldn't be bothered to
read more than his first posting anyway.

I'm also surprised to see everyone coming down on Molly! Sorry, Moll-but you
do tend to sound a wee bit whinny at times.

Also, thanks to everyone on the list for suggesting bands. It's what I like
best about this list. You all seem to have such good taste in music!

Enough. . . So-long



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