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          Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 5

                 Thursday, 8 October 1998

Today's Topics:

                YEAH I WANT CHEESY POOFS!
               Sundry Replies and Rebuttals
                    Prozac Discussions
                  57 Different Varietys
                  Songs stories and O&L
                 This is Mod, Yeah, Yeah
                        new member
           XTC on Cooking Vinyl already exists.
                        bass music
         Andy Partridge radio interview this week
                   Lipizzan Partridges
                   Last Call for Shirts
         On A Quest For Nonsuch Playing Cards...!
        Re: Ordered Listing for Rag & Bone Buffet
                    Re: self-made art
                       Andy on GLR
                         Mix Tape
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White horses showing their pearly teeth.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 2 Oct 1998 22:34:09 EDT

If there is one thing I cannot picture Dave Gregory doing it's impressions
of Eric Cartman!!!!!!

XTC song of the day-Paper and Iron
non XTC song-Dope Show-Marilyn Manson


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 03 Oct 1998 02:47:47 -0400
From: Michael Stone <nedrise@MNSi.Net>
Organization: Windsor Viagra Testers Club
Subject: Sundry Replies and Rebuttals

My Learned Associates:

A few comments on last issues' postings.

Matt Keely - thanks for a good posting.

Dave Blackburn - really appreciate the Todd Rundgren essay. But putting
him in the same bracket as Beefheart? Come on.  How can you put Mr.
Beef on a level with anybody?  He is the Supreme Ruler of the Galxay
Tribunal. Also Grand-Poubah of the 6th through 9th dimensions.
He is The Host, The Ghost, The Most Holy-O!!!!!

And may I talk about Frank Zappa for a moment.  I do not mean to denegrate
the man what so ever (having been a pretty big fan at one point), but he is
way over rated.  Especially his guitar playing (maybe because his solos were
so pointlessly long!).  He has done some great stuff no doubt, but out of
the 15,000 or so albums he made, how much is really good?  Enough to fill 5
or 6 records, I'd say.

Amanda - ha ha, very good.

Rich/Metal Man - Right on man.  Wake Up is great.  Maybe Colin's best.
That or Garden of Earthly Delights is their best lead off song.

I find it amazing here at Chalkhills at the diversity of songs that we like
and don't like.  One person will say they  absolutely love a certain song,
while another won't like that song but will wax poetic on some
other XTC gem.We don't agree on any particular song, but we all do
love their songs, don't we. And that's the true measure of any band, isn't
it?----------How good are the songs. The measure here goes way, way up

One of my  favourites is Red Brick Dream. Definitely in my top 5 XTC
songs.  An ancient, murky vignette of Swindon, passed down from
generation to generation. I've never seen it mentioned here by any one else.

I haven't bought  "The Book" yet.  But I have it on order from a great
independent bookstore here in Windsor called South Shore Books.
I'd rather wait for 2 weeks and get it from them than run to Mega
Giant Big Huge Rather Large Interplanetary Chain,  'Chapters'.
Less is more.

What is this Dukes side of Oranges and Lemons? Let me guess, side 2,
right?  This must be related to The'Lemon Dukes' I keep reading
about.  Comments please, somebody.

Mitch, your postings are wonderful, but you know, I can tell that you're
quite a lonely fellow.  What you need is a good friend, Mitch.  And
you know, I'd gladly to be that friend to you.  I know we'd get along
fabulously.  We could hang out and do all sorts of cool things together.
We could go to movies and listen to records and talk about chicks, all
the fun stuff.  And the next time you go to England, I'd be glad to
tag along with you.....................................................
What d'ya say???

"One night she went out and shot up the town.
I'll be damned if she didn't bring an airplane down!"
                            -Long Neck Bottles, Captain Beefheart

Michael Stone


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 17:20:20 +0100
Subject: Prozac Discussions

Hi there,

This is the Saturday babysitting shift for me (in work) hence the post has

Well one can't really have a proper conversations with Ultra Sparcs, and
not get a jacket with secured sleeves.

>From: Mitch Friedman <>
>Subject: and furthermore . . .

>I forgot a few little tidbits like the fact that Dave's favorite American
>tv shows are Married With Children, Friends, and South Park. He does a great
>Cartman impression too. The first thing he asked me when I arrived was if I
>wanted any cheesy poofs.

I actually find it sad that I think this piece of information interesting,
I think it must be time for Lustral or Prozac or somthing.

Any chance of getting Dave to do a version of "Kyles mom is a big fat
bitch", so we can get a MP3 of the great man himself ?

Even better a version in a different style (Hawkwind or King Crimson) would
be interesting.

And on dangerous ground

>From: Funk Genie <>
>Subject: Rude Little Articles and Bungalow

>Hey everybody-
>Just a little note of outrage here about the Gregory Chance article that
>Benjamin Gott was so kind to send out to us. The whole article is an
>example of how quick music fans are to pin a band down to one particular
>album and then get angry when they have the audacity to change directions.
>People criticize U2 for Pop saying that it's just not the same as Joshua

Starting with a quote from a 1979 song (name that song)

Not wishing to offend thee, but .......;

I think that Mr Chance was pointing out the unfortunite fact that he didn't
like Nonsuch, to be honest I can't pin down the reason but it's my least
favourite XTC release as well (oops that's torn it).

Yeah there's a few great songs on it, though it took me a long time to like
Wrapped in Grey, it really grew on me (eventually).

It's not the change of style (to me there wasn't really much of a change),
it just seems to lack a certain spark of life that all their other releases
definately have.

Perhaps it's something to do with what was happening in my life when the
album was released, but apart from Madam Barnum, Holly up on Poppy &
Wrapped in Grey, I don't like it <sulk>.

The last crop of demos are a different matter I loved most of them, so I
don't think it's changing style.
It's simply I (just like Mr Chance) didn't like the album, it's a simple
fact theres bands I adore and they have produced albums that I loathe.

Though I don't loathe Nonsuch, it's better than 95% of what's released by
most bands, it in the same catagory as Floyds mishaps, "The Final Cut" &
"Pulse", or Spirits, "Rapture in the Chambers" these albums have some good
points but the artists involved have produced better releases.

Personally I feel I havn't got the right to critisise the songs as
producers and record companys are usually responsible for much of the
butchery of the final product.

As for U2 Pop was one of the first good things that they ever did, way back
when they where on a Belfast independant label, Good Vibrations (yeah I was
there), many of us felt that they where bloody great at writing intros,
which could have you sitting on the edge (no pun intended) of your seat
waiting for something special to happen, but it never did, the actual song
was a real anti-climax (though "I Will Follow" at least had enough energy
to make the song enjoyable enough)

It wasn't until a couple of years later when I heard The Church who could
write complete songs with a sort of etherial quality that you couldn't
really put your finger on, U2 could only really do the intros.

Similar qualitys where found in floyd tracks, but U2 always seemed to offer
a lot only to 'snatch defeat from the jaws of victory', (hmmm on grounds of
good taste I shouldn't offer the analogy of teenage sexual encounters <oops
I just have>).

It's also a pity that Dave (oops sorry The Edge) borrowed off Robert Quine,
Syd Barrett, Dave Gilmour, Brian May and others with his use of echo units,
and being applauded for inventing the technique.

Hehe infact it reminds me of the night AP was on Round Table (BBC Radio 1)
reviewing that weeks selected releases along with Mick Karn (apologies for
any spelling problems) from Japan, and the Icehouse single Hey Little Girl
was played on UK radio for the 1st time.

Mick Karn was a bit pissed and accused Ira Davis of being ripping off
Japan, which resulted in AP defending Icehouse and suggesting that by the
same token David Sylvian must be ripping off Bryan Ferry, (I think I still
have a tape of that somewhere I must dig it out).

>I am so sorry that
>Mr. Chance can't get over the fact that XTC moved on
>from Dukes of Straspohere-perhaps we should start a support group for him
>and ask other narrowminded music fans to join him. As a devoted music fan
>I recognize that just as people change-their music changes also.

Oh dear you know all that about him from the fact that he didn't like one
album (that I assume you do like).

I'm really not flaming but please allow other people the courtesy of having
their own likes and dislikes.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 3 Oct 1998 17:51:24 +0100
Subject: 57 Different Varietys

Just a piece of trivia,

>Just in case you were wondering, Heinz was the bass player in The
>Tornadoes who recorded Joe Meek's "Telstar" in 1961 and he plays a prominent
>and embarrassing part in the Joe Meek documentary that the band loves and that
>Dave showed me.

Heinz Burt had a couple of hits in the UK after leaving The Tornadoes,
including "Just Like Eddie" and "Country Boy", the latter of which I have
in the house somewhere (well I think it was entitled "Country Boy" as my
memory is a bit crap.

The Tornados did the theme to the Gerry Anderson show Stingray.



Message-ID: <>
From: "* Hobbes *" <>
Subject: Songs stories and O&L
Date: Sun, 04 Oct 1998 04:05:23 PDT


Other Aussie fans shouldn't have any problems getting the song stories
book.  My local bookstore got in within nine days of placing my order -
and i live in a *tiny* country town!  Plus it was hell cheap too, which
was a nice bonus!

Anyway, i was recently tossing out all my old music magazines and came
across this little review from the obscure australian magazine "Sonics".
I'll type it up for your perusal - wouldn't we rather read the positive
ones, after all?  It places the album in high regard with some of my
other favourites as well!

BTW if anyone obsessive collectors want this magazine, or the June 1992
issue of Guitar Player which contains an interview with Andy and Dave,
just send me an email.  I don't want anything at all for them so the
first mail i get asking for them is the lucky winner!  It's our own
little Chalkhills Lottery!

To the other aussie looking for The Big Express, both Impact Records in
Canberra and Au-go-go Records in Melbourne had vinyl copies quite
recently, both for $12.  Batman Records around the corner had the Psonic
Psunspot album for $4 as well, except i snaffled that one up.

BTW James, i love "Suzy Hangaround" too!  It jangles almost as well as
"Vanishing Girl".

OK, on with the review.
* ___________________________________________________________ *
Sonics Magazine, August 1989
XTC, Oranges and Lemons, Virgin

Double LPs don't have to be a waste of vinyl.  "Exile on main street",
"Sign o' the times", "London calling", "Songs in the key of life" and
"Something/Anything" are examples of groups and artists at the peak of
their powers, relishing the opportunities to stretch out.

And here's another.  The soundscape behind the tunes is magnificently
rich; basses bubble and coo, horns appear out of nowhere, eastern-tinged
guitars segue into god-knows-what.  There are even rhythmic idea rather
than endless grooves.  To list all the examples would take most of the
day, but on "Cynical Days", for instance, a muted trumpet invokes the
spirit of Miles Davis over a tune that resembles classic-period Ray

That's the trick really.  For all the inventiveness of the backing, the
tunes are uncluttered gems of the pop craft.  "Mayor of Simpleton", "The
Loving" and "Merely a man" all demonstrate that you don't have to hammer
a melody into submission to make it catchy.

As with 1987's "Skylarking", comparisons can be drawn with
psychedelic-era Beatles (By the way, did you know Andy Partridge got
FIVE copies of Mark Lewishon's book on the Beatles Abbey Road years for
Christmas!), but there are just as many references to the Kinks or Beach
Boys if you look for them.

There is also a pervasive Englishness to the mood, a place of lazy sunny
afternoons in verdant fields.  And of Village Green Preservation
Societies, of course.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sun, 4 Oct 1998 12:24:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Veronica Kyle <>
Subject: URGH!!

  I'm not sure when and if this has been mentioned on the list, so
I'll go ahead with it. Last night I rented the video "Urgh! A Music
War". It contains concert footage from dozens of new wave and punk
bands in the early eighties. XTC performs "Respectable Street" and
participates in a jam at the end with Police and the others. Of
course, I never had the opportunity to see XTC live, but after seeing
this video, I have a hard time bleiving people who claim that Andy
suffered from stage fright! He's really animated and looks like he's
having a good time. What was he on at the time? Other acts include
Police, Devo, Gary Newman, Dead Kennedys, Echo & the Buunymen, the
Go-Go's, the Cramps, and a bunch of others, some of which I'd never
heard of. Warning: Klaus Nomi's perfomance is unbearable! It's like
watching a plane crash in slow motion.



Message-ID: <>
From: Johan Ekdahl <>
Subject: Spotting!
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 13:52:34 +0200


Maybe this spotting has aready been mentioned, but anyway...

Some months ago I was having the TV on while doing something else, maybe
because an advertising block was going. Suddeny I hear those famous words
and tones

 Dear God, hope You got the letter and...

Ramming everything in my way i rushed towards the TV and the advertising
block was still running! A norwegian/swedish clothing chain named "Adelsten"
used our beloved trio's music! (trio - I think it was before the sad news of
this spring, and when DG was recorded they were a trio anyway).

Then I forgot all about it.

Some days ago I was curious about the release date of the upcoming box, and
made a search on some internet record-shops. On the swedish i
found this strange disc in the XTC listing...

>Titel: Reklamklassiker vol 2
>Artist/Grupp:   Blandade Artister
>Genre:   Samlingar
>Distributor:   Polygram
>Mediatyp:   CD
>Label:   903
>Releasedatum:   1998-09-28

...and then it all came back to me. This is a compilation of music used in
swedish TV ads.

For all of You not perfectly fluant in the swedish language it's

Title: Advertising Classics vol 2
Artist/Group:   Various artists
Genre:   Compilations
Distributor:   Polygram
Type of media:   CD
Label:   903
Date of release:   1998-09-28

And on this is found (in english only):

Track 10.
Title:   Dear god
Artist/Group:   Xtc

The label "903" IS the label, not the record number (Boxman only lists
labels, not numbers).

I couldn't find it in the discography (on Chalkhills, of course) so now I'm
hoping I will make it to the discography's credit list! Please make me
famous, OK Relph?  (-:

URL for the XTC album listing at boxman:

And for the above mentioned record:




Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 09:06:46 -0400
Message-Id: <>
Subject: This is Mod, Yeah, Yeah

Someone in the last digest asked "Who are The Jam?" The (extremely short)
answer is an English Mod/Punk trio from the late 1970s; think of raw,
youthful energy channeled into a celebration of 1960s British Mod culture
updated with bitter commentary on the state of England in the late 1970s
and early 1980s. Fronted by Paul Weller, who's status as pop icon in Britain
in undisputed, The Jam created songs that could be tough as steel and
yet melodic and thought-provoking. In the studio they were Mods; live they
were more like Punk rockers. Taking a cue from The Who and The Kinks, The
Jam became the Sound of the Street, unmistakably English, yet generally
popular worldwide for their internationalist sentiment. Weller maintained
a strong liking for American soul music both as a Jam member and on his
own in The Style Council in the 1980s.

Speaking of them, I've always wondered what "ENA Sharples" are...this
referencesis in "Here Comes the Weekend" from _This is the Modern World._

Now, regarding _Transistor Blast_, and the 1980 show: is this the well
known Hammersmith Odeon concert that everyone has - just what show is
this, anyway?




Message-ID: <000701bdf078$5245f4a0$765791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: new member
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 00:53:03 +0900

Greetings from Japan ... XTC fanatic since the beginning . Saw them live
once in early 80 at a 300 capacity club on Long Island called MY FATHER's
PLACE . One of the best shows I ever had the privilege to witness and the
crowd was simply raving XTC mad ! I shall never forget the band coming back
on stage for their first of three encores and Andy shouting over the wild
cheers " You people deserve an encore ! " ...

Best wishes to everyone out there from a new member . Feel free to e-mail
me at

Cheers ,



Message-Id: <v04011712b23e9922dc7b@[]>
Date: Mon, 5 Oct 1998 16:53:19 +0100
From: Stephen Varga <>
Subject: XTC on Cooking Vinyl already exists.

I don't know if this is common knowledge (apologies if this is) but when I
popped into HMV last Saturday, I noticed that Testimonial Dinner (UK
Version) has been reissued under the Cooking Vinyl label and dated 1998.
Anyone else aware of this?

Also, the Chips from the Chocolate Fireball CD in HMV was the Geffen
Import, not the local UK Virgin edition. Does this mean that the Virgin
CFTCF CD has been deleted from their back catalogue? If so, does this mean
the Virgin version is now worth more than it did before 'cos of the

What about the first issue pre barcode UK CDs of GO2, D&W and The Big
Express? Any rarity value there?

Stephen Varga


Message-Id: <>
From: steve mcallister <>
Date: Mon,  5 Oct 98 14:23:32 -0500
Subject: bass music


Once, previously, I made this offer.  I know a few of you took me up on  it,
though I've forgotten who.  In school I took it upon myself to do many
transcriptions of bass lines, four of which are from XTC songs.  I just found
the manuscripts and am willing to send, gratis, to anyone who'd like them.
They are for, "Ladybird", "Mayor of Simpleton", "Then She Appeared", and
"Braniac's Daughter."
     Interested parties, please contact me directly.

     For those who like Cotton Mather, look for another upcoming release
from the same folks at Copper Records.  The artist's name is Darin.  Very
good stuff.  While my presence is not on either record, I've been the bassist
for both groups at one time or another (I've mentioned to the CM guys that
their name has cropped up on this list.  They were most pleased).

"Stick your neck out and they'll step on your throat."



Message-ID: <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:19:22 +0100
From: (
Subject: Andy Partridge radio interview this week

Dear All,
         For those Chalks who live in the London area or those who can
tune in via the web I'm warning you that Andy P is doing an interview on
GLR (94.9 FM) sometime this week. I can't be more specific I,m afraid.
All I know is its on the Peter Curran show (4 - 6pm). This evening
(Monday 5th) Curran said...." and here is the wonderful XTC. The
reclusive Andy Partridge will be giving an exclusive interview on this
show sometime before the end of the week Just let him plug in..." which
was followed by the 'Andy plugs into amp' effect from the beginning of
Peter Pumpkinhead. Curran is obviously a fan (as are several of the GLR
presenters) and plays XTC as often as he can on his show. If I get any
more specific news I'll let you know (hopefully you'll get the message
in time...) Cheers, Pete.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Mon, 05 Oct 1998 23:16:04 -0500
From: Benjamin Gott <>
Organization: Loquacious Music
Subject: Lipizzan Partridges


So, I went to see the Royal Lipizzan Stallions this weekend, and I
discovered a curious XTC connection. To wit:

Col. Otto Herrmann, the "Lipizzan Guy," told the audience a story about the
Stallions' first American tour, back in the 1960's. He said that the tour
was incredibly stressful to all involved and that they (the horses and the
trainers) decided not to tour anymore: "No more stadiums!" were his exact
words. He also said that they (the trainers) were disgusted by the contract
they were written into...

...Eighteen years after their last tour, the Herrmann clan (with horses in
tow) decided to tour America *their* way: they wrote their own contracts,
are only showing the horses in small venues, and have to supplement their
income by selling t-shirts.

Sound familiar? Isn't this freaky? Anyone notice that the year 2000 will
mark 18 years since XTC's last tour? I think that the Lipizzans are sending
*someone* a message!

On a completely different note: I've put 10 magical seconds of "My Love
Life," a Morrissey song that I just put on my funklicious CD, "Education in
Reverse," on my website. You need RealAudio to play the sound, but you don't
need RealAudio to get the CD! Aren't I shameless? (I've got more discs on
order from the amazing Tom Moretti.) So, visit the site
(, sign the guestbook, and check out the
"Biography" link -- I look like a cross between Partridge and Yazbek in that

Tubs o' love,

   Benjamin Gott :: Bowdoin College :: Brunswick, Maine 04011
 ICQ 7737594 :: :: (207) 721-5513
    In all your hurry, you've accidentally locked the gate...


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 14:37:18 -0400
From: Todd Bernhardt <>
Subject: Hmmm...


Reading the MTV coverage of our boys in the last issue, and the
mention of "XTC frontman Andy Partridge" made me wonder: If Andy is
the frontman in this duo, does that make Colin the backman? Was he the
middleman before? What about when they were a quartet? Were he and
Terry, as the rhythm section, the middlemen while Dave brought up the

Playing Abbott to your Costello,


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 06 Oct 1998 12:56:56 -0600
From: Phil Corless <>
Subject: Last Call for Shirts

Last call for the latest batch of Chalk Horse t-shirts.
All the information about them is at:

The biggest change this batch is the addition of many new
colors, particularly Leaf Green, which is as close to the English
Settlement color as you're going to get.

I'm not taking any orders past Oct. 30th.................

- Phil Corless


Message-ID: <007401bdf176$75830e40$7d5791d2@johnboud>
From: "John Boudreau" <>
Subject: drummers
Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 07:12:14 +0900

Does anyone out there agree with me that Dave Mattacks is one of the
greatest and most underrated drummers in England ?

jb in japan


Message-Id: <>
Subject: On A Quest For Nonsuch Playing Cards...!
Date: Tue, 6 Oct 1998 23:00:28 -0700
From: drbeat <>

Hi Chalky ones,

I have once again taken up my Quest for the Holy, no,
wait...yes, that's it! Quest For set of The Nonsuch Playing Cards. Now I
know some of you must have these babies boxed up in a storage shed
somewhere (the cards, not "real" babies. That would be...unpleasant.),
perhaps you can help me out?

I am, of course, willing to buy, trade, beg, barter, whatever it takes.

Yours in chalky longing,


Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 09:14:31 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Re: Ordered Listing for Rag & Bone Buffet

Matthew Seery <> wrote:
>I remember some time ago seeing a list of the songs from Rag & Bone Buffet
>in some sort of chronological order showing the year they were
>recorded/released. I thought I saw it on someones web site but can't be sure
>or maybe someone posted it to this mailing list. Can someone either email
>the list or direct me to the relevant web page.

Date   Track  Title
820226    6   Looking for Footprints (recorded in 1978)
790914   19   Pulsing Pulsing
800314    2   Ten Feet Tall
801001   24   The History of Rock 'n' Roll
801008   23   Take This Town
801010   17   Scissor Man (BBC)
801024    4   Too Many Cooks in the Kitchen
801024   13   I Need Protection
810313    5   Respectable Street
810313   15   Strange Tales, Strange Tails
810313   16   Officer Blue
820108   22   Blame the Weather
820108   12   Tissue Tigers (The Arguers)
820226   10   Punch and Judy
820319   18   Cockpit Dance Mixture
820514    7   Over Rusty Water
821105    8   Heaven is Paved With Broken Glass (remix)
831121   11   Thanks For Christmas
831121   21   Countdown to Christmas Party Time
860826    1   Extrovert
861027    3   Mermaid Smiled
870601   14   Another Satellite (BBC)
890401   20   Happy Families
890801    9   The World is Full of Angry Young Men

Notes: "Looking For Footprints" was recorded during sessions for _Go
2_.  The original mix of "Heaven is Paved with Broken Glass" was
released on 26-Feb-82 and thus might be played immediately following
"Punch and Judy", but this remix was originally released on _Beeswax_.
You decide.  The original tracks for "The World is Full of Angry Young
Men" were recorded in November 1982 during sessions for _Mummer_, but
the lyrics were rewritten and much of the song was re-recorded in

Program your CD players now!

	-- John


Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 13:32:06 -0700 (PDT)
Message-Id: <>
From: John Relph <relph>
Subject: Re: self-made art

"Bob Crain" <> wrote of Andy Partridge:
>Yes!  His comics are terrific, and the storyboards and sketches show so
>much talent for drawing that I am a little surprised he never
>contributed to the band's album cover art.  Perhaps he thinks that would
>be too personal and presumptuous, but it is clear that unlike a lot of
>other musicians who grace their album with self-made art (see Sean
>Lennon's new one for some very goofy drawings within) he could do a fine
>cover.  Maybe for someone else's album?

Actually, many of the designs for the cover art were Andy's, but were
done up "professionally" by an art house.  So he did contribute
original sketches and designs, but his designs were executed by
someone else.  For example, the cover to Oranges and Lemons was
originally a sketch by Andy which was redrawn professionally.

	-- John


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 07 Oct 1998 22:12:03 +0100
From: Simon Sleightholm <>
Subject: Andy on GLR


Christina, a girl I met at the Basingstoke Convention last year, called me
tonight to tell me that, as part of the publicity agreement with Sean of
Helter Skelter, Andy Partridge _should_ be appearing on the GLR Peter Curran
radio show on October 14th.  The show runs from 4pm to 6pm and Andy is
expected to appear in the early stages of the show.

Apparently the interview was originally arranged for Wednesday the 7th
(today, as I write) but it never came off.  The remaining work on the new
album(s) is understandably, according to Sean, the highest priority for the
band at the moment and getting Andy to commit to book promo work is tricky.
I believe that Sean is enforcing a little commitment by driving Andy to the
GLR himself spot...

Christina is going to try and tape the show for me(though she'll be at work
and will be relying on some ropey timer mechanism), but if that fails I'm
eager to enter into negotiations for a dub of it.

(Who's still reeling from the first scan of his baby-to-be! :D)

-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-+-  (
An XTC resource - "Saving it all up for you..."


Date: Wed, 7 Oct 1998 22:27:12 -0400
From: Dave Rutherford <>
Subject: A&R?
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Just a quick Q. I'm only a few pages into "Song Stories" (excellent so
far) and have come across a few references to "A&R". Perhaps I've been
reading inattentively, but I paged back and didn't see this acronym
expanded. In curiousity, I searched my old Chalkhills issues and found
the term likewise used, but not explained. Could someone enlighten me?

Cheers & advance thanks,


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From: "BOB O'BANNON" <>
Subject: Mix Tape
Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 10:56:15 -0500

I'm one of those guys who loves to make mix tapes for people in an
effort inject a little excitement into their listening habits. Only
problem is I rarely meet people with a musical taste that interests me
to the point that I'd like to get a mix tape from them. The only place I
meet those people is here on this list, so I am shamelessly wondering if
anyone out there gets enough of a charge out of making mix tapes that
they'd like to send one my way.

Of course, I love power pop in the vein of XTC, Jason Falkner, Matthew
Sweet, and Fountains of Wayne, but also love the folky style of Freedy
Johnston, Ron Sexsmith and Paul Kelly; the wall of guitar onslaught of
Foo Fighters, Sugar and Metallica; the alternative country genre of Son
Volt, Lucinda Williams and Iris DeMent; the noisy exploits of Captain
Beefheart, Tom Waits; and Pixies; and the celtic sounds of Altan and
Tannahill Weavers. In other words, surprise me.

I'd of course be willing to make tapes in exchange.

Please e-mail me privately -



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Date: Thu, 8 Oct 1998 12:13:49 -0500
Subject: Are you receiving me?

Thanks to those who have sent in your responses- I've gotten 15 more
and the total's now at 20.

However, I haven't heard from many people outside the US, or heard
from ANY of the regular posters.  Yes, every one of those people who
have a posting in every digest have failed to send me their votes,
opinions, and suggestions!  Don't make me get nasty and start naming
names, you slackers!  Save yourself the embarassment and write me.  :)

The deadline is October 30th, 1998.



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