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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 348

               Wednesday, 22 December 1999

Today's Topics:

                  The Beatles knighted?
              Yeah, that goosey bumpy thing
                   fraying at the edges
                     re: goosebumps!?
                Re: the Irony and the XTC
                         AV2 News
                 Re: Symphony in C minus
                    My Christmas List
             Stuff. (kind of general, but...)
                      Mill and I am
                      fav's of 1999
     Six degrees of separation: XTC and Andy Kaufman
               bitch slaps working overtime
Stuff for swap, Fuzzy Warbles question, bonus tracks, and more
                       harming none


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That longing look / More than enough to keep me fed all year.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:20:28 EST
Subject: The Beatles knighted?

<< n fact, all four of them were knighted at the same time. Then John gave
 back his knighthood in the early 70s (I think) to protest about something
 that the UK government did - but more probably because he felt awkward
 being a pot-smoking, long-haired baronet. >>

Actually, The Beatles were not knighted.  They were given the title of MBE or
Members of the British Empire.  It is an honor bestowed upon them for there
contribution to the British economy.  Several MBEs gave their honors back
when The Beatles got theirs.  In 1969, John Lennon gave his title back due to
British support of the USA in the US participation in the Vietnam War.  This
honor should not be confused with knighthood, since it is much lower on the
rungs of honors.  In fact, Sir Paul McCartney is the only Beatle to be
knighted.  George Harrison, MBE was recognized by Billboard as being artist
of the century a few years back and Ringo Starr (Richard Starkey, MBE) made a
Christmas album.

Hope that clears everything up on the Mersey side.



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 09:33:16 EST
Subject: Knighthood

    I'm sure I'm not the only one who is writing this, but I wanted to
correct something that Giovanni wrote.
    The 4 Beatles were not actually knighted.  They received something called
the MBE I believe (Member of the British Empire).  This is apparently a level
or two below knighthood. Perhaps our British Chalkhillers can shed some light
upon this.  John wasn't so keen on being a "member of the British Empire" for
understandable political reasons (After all, Lennon is an Irish name!), and
he returned his.  Only recently was McCartney knighted.
    By the way, the Queen recently said that she would have knighted Ringo
too, but she hated the drum solo on Abbey Road.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:03:55 EST
Subject: Yeah, that goosey bumpy thing

John Boudreau in Chalkhills #5-345 asked:

>Anybody else get goosey bumpy all over when listening to the intro of
>"Then She Appeared?"

    A big resounding YES. As a matter a fact I call that thing you mentioned
an EMOTIONAL NOSE PUNCH. A song so good either lyrically, musically or the
combination of both that it evokes a rush of adrenalin and pushes a tear to
the eyes. Only once before in my life did a song do that to me. Jon Anderson,
Yes lead singer made a solo album named 'Song of Seven'. The title track, an
11 minute epic of a song did the emotional nose punch thing to me. No other
band since then has ever hit me so hard except for XTC. I was so moved by the
question that I would like to start a new list for all to join in on.
Something beside 'turn of the century' lists.

    My Emotional Nose Punch Songlist:

- Senses Working Overtime
- I Remember The Sun
- Little Lighthouse
- Ballet For A Rainy Day
- 1000 Umbrellas
- The Man Who Sailed Around His Soul
- Another Satellite
- Dear God (Being an athiest, this one hits me the hardest)
- Sacrifical Bonfire
- King For A Day
- Chalkhills & Children
- Rook (So strong that when I'm alone writing at a forest preserve and hear a
crow caw out it still zings me)
- That Wave
- Then She Appeared
- Wrapped In Grey
- Books Are Burning
- Easter Theater
- Knights In Shining Karma
- Greenman
- Harvest Festival (Especially the line, "The longing look you gave me. . .")

    Also, for the Chicago folks who saw Andy at Border's earlier this year, I
too was there. I had my portable tape recorder going during his Q&A session.
It turned out great except for the missing minute in between side A and B of
the cassette. Earlier that day he was on WXRT and I recorded that too but I
lived in Rockford at the time (poor me) and the reception was lousey. Dare I
offer a copy to those interested?

Jeff Azara


Message-ID: <000701bf4bcf$65df26e0$>
From: "Martin & Jamie Monkman" <>
Subject: fraying at the edges
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 08:20:02 -0800

Threads everywhere.

The top ten of 1999--which was a pretty good year, with some
bordering-on-the-classic albums.  The best of the bunch, alphabetically by
album title, thereby putting XTC first:

XTC:  Apple Venus 1 (and the spin-off Homespun)
Randy Newman:  Bad Love
Julie Miller:  Broken Things
Beth Orton:  Central Reservation
Buddy Miller:  Cruel Moon
Matthew Sweet:  In Reverse
Richard Thompson:  Mock Tudor
Steve Earle & the Del McCoury Band:  The Mountain
various:  Return of the Grievous Angel (Gram Parsons tribute)

Pretty good albums by Ricky Skaggs, Van Morrison, Bruce Cockburn, Guy Clark,
John Prine, Amy Rigby, Beck, Owsley, Wilco and Kelly Willis also came out
last year.

You can find reviews of these albums (and more) written by yours truly and
one of my good friends at or (which avoids the
annoying popup window).
For all you fans, there's now a lengthy list of links to useful
articles and sites on the web (and a power pop links page is in the works).

The only really disappointing album I heard this year was Kim Richey's
"Glimmer".  Her first two records were really quite good country-pop, not
Nashville slick at all.  "Glimmer" was produced by Hugh Padgham--Richey said
she chose him because she likes "English Settlement".  Instead we get a
latter-day Sting-ish record, all smooth edges and AOR burnish.

And in the "better late than never" category, I bought the following, all of
which I listened to frequently:
Willie Nelson:  Spirit
Terry Callier:  Essential
Bill Frissell:  Nashville

Which brings me to the country music thread:  Merle Haggard, kids, Merle
Haggard!   A brilliant singer, a great writer, and still making decent
records (although it's been about 10 years since a really good one).  And
for you fans, it's Buddy Miller--he's made 3 albums, each one as
splendid as the others.  The newest is "Cruel Moon".

I won't enter the "melt the guns" thread, other than to suggest that you
read a fascinating review of a history of the culture of guns in America.
Seek out the article in the July 3 1999 issue of _The Economist_ titled
"Guns in America:  Arms and the man".
The central thesis of the article is that the American obsession with gun
ownership has its roots in the Civil War, and not the Revolution as the
Constitution might suggest.

And finally, like many other things associated with the end of the current
year, the December 22 full moon is another subject of millennial hype:  it's
not such a big deal. 

Enjoy yourself.


The Monkman homepage:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:09:23 EST
Subject: re: goosebumps!?

the sushiman (yummm, i'm getting hungry here) asks:

<< Anybody else get goosey bumpy all over when listening to the intro of "
Then She Appeared " ?  >>

GOOSEBUMPS? are you kidding me? i get huge volcanic welts of anticipation
and excitement! and the best part is that the song actually lives up to the
intro, it's not like a great trailer for a crappy movie or something...

running away now...


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 13:03:16 EST
Subject: Re: the Irony and the XTC

yarg! she comes out of hiding again! this time lured by the words of simon
who, in reference to an article about irony said...

<< It also touches on the inability
of many of our colonial cousins to "get it" >>

to which i feel compelled to reply...
BOY I'LL SAY! best article i've ever read about california (and i was born
and raised here!) was called "irony deficiency". ouch.
anyway, that's all...

carrie "my cure lies in monty python videos" becker
formerly "carrieroks", now "seecarriego"... here i go... whee.


Message-Id: <v03007803b4859a34b4d0@[]>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:09:23 -0500
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: AV2 News


Yes I've just done the improbable and spoken to Colin. Believe it or not,
XTC has 2 or 3 days of recording left and then they are ready to mix AV2 on
January 11th. It will be done at Rockfield with Nick Davis (like AV1) and
then mastered by Bob Ludwig in NYC in February. Release is still scheduled
for April. Colin says that it sounds very up and fun and very
electric. Chuck Szabo's drums are used on about 7 songs, some of Prairie
Prince's work can be found on about 4 tracks and a guy that Nick knew was
brought in to program some nice little percussive touches to several of the
songs which supposedly really sound excellent.
By the way Chuck Szabo played on Madonna's "Ray of Light" album and has
toured with her. As far as packaging/cover art is concerned, they are
trying to do something to the peacock feather design of AV1 and convert it
to a neon/electric version of the same image. We'll see. The album still
has the same 11 songs as previously mentioned: (though not necessarilly in
this order)

The Wheel and The Maypole
We're All Light
Wounded Horse
Stupidly Happy
I'm the Man Who Murdered Love
Church of Women
You and the Clouds Will Still Be Beautiful  (all by Andy)
Boarded Up
Standing In For Joe
In Another Life (by Colin)

To further clarify sales for AV1 worldwide, it sold about 100,000 in the
USA, 75,000 in Japan, 15, 000 in Italy and about 36,000 in the UK.

At your service,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 16:27:18 +0000
From: Brian <>
Subject: Re: Symphony in C minus


>Except the millenium is actually 1001-2000.  2001 is the beginning of the
next millenium.  Speaking of which, weren't we supposed to be travelling to
Jupiter by then?<

In FICTION, maybe.
But we have travelled to Jupiter.
You didn't specify in what form we've done so.

>Great idea Mr. Clarke,  but we can't even land unmanned craft on Mars!!!<

Yes we can.
Gee, I remember a couple of Viking landers and that wonderful little
Sojourner  that rolled around and gave us a lot to look forward to.

>I know this is due to budget constraints, but as a youngster reading a
miriad of Sci-Fi, including 2001 A Space Oddysey, I thought for sure we
would at least have had a manned landing on Mars by now!   Oops!  I've

Yes, you have... right into my area of interest.
And you don't KNOW any more than the NASA guys what caused the latest
problem. If you DO know, do them (and the rest of us who care about the
space program) a favor and call 'em and tell 'em why.

-Brian Matthews
XTC is ecstacy.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 12:55:08 -0800 (PST)
From: Jon Rosenberger <>
Subject: My Christmas List

To: Messr: S. Claus
North Pole
Rural Route #1

From: The Right Honorable Mole
The Ministry

December 21st, 1999

Dear Santa,

Not looking for much this year, wondered if you could pull off one
small miracle for me.

1.) Across This Antheap with Terry on the drums.

Thanks for your gifts whatever they are and I have put out 2% milk this
year as you were looking a little uncomforable last year in those

Peace on Earth and Goodwill to all mankind. Especially Chalkers.

With love always
The Mole


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:33:17 -0800
Subject: Stuff. (kind of general, but...)
From: "Diamond" <>

>that's enough. let's put this to rest.

I just have to say this, I don't respect anyone who speaks his mind on a
subject, and THEN tells everyone else to quit talking about it... AFTER
they've gotten their comments in. If you really wanted to stop these
discussions, don't post YOUR comment. It just seems extremely hypocritical
to me. Sorry.

And this has nothing to do with the content of these recent drug posts, and
it has nothing to do with DAVe in particular. I see this a lot, and I don't
like it.

Personally, I'm in the middle of the road on these posts. At first, I
completely aggreed with Tom, but many people have brought up good arguments
against him, and pointed out things that I hadn't thought about. All I know
is that I'm never going to do drugs, drink, smoke, whatever, and I'd prefer
it if no one did. But that's obviously not going to happen. What's the
answer? Is it making the drugs illegal? That obviously hasn't worked. Is it
education? I don't think so. I've sat through essemblies on drug education
where the students just goof off in the audiance. It doesn't seem to do
anything, and the school just wastes money that they could've spent on new
books. If you make drugs legal, than there won't be a problem. But there
will be terrible consiquences, not to the masses, but in personal
situations. Maybe it's just something everyone has to learn for themselves.
Maybe it's the parents fault. But I'm not sure. I know that my parents
experimented occasionaly with drugs, but that's not why I don't do them. I'm
not the typical teenager who goes against what his parents say just because
I want to be independent. That doesn't show anything.

Shucks, I don't know. This is too much to put in the hands of a kid who
can't even drive legally yet. I'm going to listen to some accustic XTC. Bye.

"Did you make disease,
and the diamond blue
did you make mankind
after they made you
...and jimmy swaggert too!"

    -Andy Partridge

Kevin Diamond


>...and so it came to be that Tom's ignorant post begat Dom's more
>reasonable reply which begat Megan's enlightened comments:

do we have to resort to name calling? Please. don't do this.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:33:39 -0800
Subject: Mill and I am
From: "Diamond" <>

>>For those who don't know, the millenium
>>doesn't end untill the end (january 31)of the year 2000, in over a year.
>>(The reason this is is because there was no year 0, it started with 1, so
>>the year 1001 is a millenium, as is 1001-2001.
>It works the same for the Century ( and in every other deca-based system! ).
>Except the millenium is actually 1001-2000.  2001 is the beginning of the
>next millenium.  Speaking of which, weren't we supposed to be travelling to
>Jupiter by then?

Sorry, I ment the begining of 2001, or rather, the end of 2000. I didn't
want people to think that I meant 11 days from now. (meaning the first of
january... today is the 21). O.K. I think everyone's really confused now,
lets just stop talking.
"To emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to
create hell."
          -Tom Robbins


Message-ID: <384868377.945821752895.JavaMail.root@web39.pub01>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:15:52 -0500 (EST)
From: "Beth O'Neil" <>
Subject: fav's of 1999

Since these lists seem to be popping up pretty regulary I thought I'd add
mine to the roster.
My beer buddies of the year!
1. XTC-Apple Venus I Back with a wonderfully produced and
written pop dics that I feel is their best all-around disc yet.
2. Minster Hill-Minster Hill Thanks to this list I was turned on to this
mega fab cd and I'm happier pop fan for it. I think they are taking pop
where it needs to go in the new millenium. This seems to flip flop with
Apple V but I think XTC has flipped just a slightly bit more.
3.Flaming Lips-Soft Bulletin Thought there previous music was
average sometimes above and soemtimes peeking at the greatness
they have achieved hear. These top 3 could be number one at
anytime with me.
4.Owsley-Owsley Dont get me wrong, I love this record I was
just expecting more considering the greatness achieved on the
Sematics disc.. but as I said, I love this!
5.Jason Falkner-Can You Still Feel -Jason is Jason and another
quality achievement.
6.Ben Folds Five - Reignold Messner I listened and listened to
this until I had to love it. I think it was around listen
number 7. Now I think it is enjoyable as there others. Yes,
I am not embarrased to say that!
7.The Apples In Stereo-Tone Soul Evolution If this was a full
disc with equivalent songs this may be near number one. Just
8.Matthew Sweet-In Reverse Matthew is back! Another grower
but well worth it.
9. Guster-Lost and Gone Forever. As good as the last record.
10. Sloan- Between the Bridges Not Navy Blues but then again
what is?

Many other wonderful releases, inluding Guided By Voices, Ice Cream Hands,
Flora Pop,Promise Ring,Outrageous Cherry, muse, You Am I, Gomez and so on
Now go and get'm
Love you all
Beth o'luv - -
0 0


Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 18:49:00 -0600
Message-Id: <991221184900.204e84ec@ACS.TAMU.EDU>
Subject: Six degrees of separation: XTC and Andy Kaufman

Hello everyone,

I thought of the Chalkhills gang today when reading Roger Ebert's "On
Movies" website, at  If you'll go
there and click on the link labeled "Andy Kaufman; killer popcorn," you'll
see an interesting reflection on the influence Norman Wexler, our Andy's
girlfriend's father, had on the comedy of that other "Andy," Kaufman.  I
found it interesting, and of course Ebert's reviews are always enjoyable to

Happy Holidays to everyone!  And Jill, if there's a Chalk-by-Chalkwest
festival in Austin in the spring, I am *so* there!



Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 19:30:54 EST
Subject: bitch slaps working overtime

When lain.Murray wrote:

>> I'm tired of trying to express myself on this forum, and having
>> what I write misconstrued as either personal abuse or humourless
>> churlishness.

I followed with:

> Not sure what occurred to cause this reaction, shame on you
> heartless bastards!!!...but my immediate response is...I'M TIRED OF
> READING IT!   If anyone wants to leave, then leave.  Never much
>cared for someone that hits and runs(oops, attacks like this are what
>caused ya to leave in the first place...right?)...hey, why am I asking
>you a question?'re not even here anymore!!! (humOrless)

Which caused Mud Shark to comment:

>Huh? I'm having a bit of trouble with "hits and runs"

What I meant is that it showed a "remarkable level of bravery" on his part
to attack everyone on the list only to say that he would no longer be here
to read any defending comments by us Chalkgeeks.  He bitch slapped us then

Mud Shark also spewed this:

>I must say, it shows a remarkable level of bravery on
>your part to attack someone who is in no position to
>defend themselves. You must be so proud.

Uhhhhh, that's my point exactly.  I jokingly commented on lain.Murray's
flame, since it's fruitless to do so when lain.Murray isn't going to read
my own.  I, on the other hand, am here to fight back if the need should
arise.  So, although I'm quite unsure as to the level of my bravery, I was
not attacking someone that could not defend himself...I was attacking
someone who not only refused to defend himself, but kicked us all in the
teeth just prior to doing so.

I (the not so brave knight of the Hill) was merely attempting to defend the
honor of all the other Hillians........and this is what I get for my
effort!  Well, I think I'll take my once trusty, now rusty sword and depart
this chat list once and for all.  You're all a bunch of sons and daughters
of motherless goats, and not one of you has the sense it takes to rub two
sticks together.  You all suck!  Don't bother to comment, because I won't
be here to read it you ignorant bastards. (I'm obviously joking...but now
do you get the point?)

Why can't we all just get high and worship the devil?



Date: Wed, 22 Dec 1999 03:40:15 +0100 (MET)
From: Martin <>
Subject: Stuff for swap, Fuzzy Warbles question, bonus tracks, and more
Message-ID: <>

I recently found out I have extra copies of Rag & Bone Buffet (still
sealed) and Mummer, and of course I'm happy that I put some extra dough in
Andy's and Colin's pockets (and Virgin's, unfortunately). If anyone's
interested in either one (cheap), please contact me off the list and
we'll work something out.

A Fuzzy Warbles question: is it going to contain formerly unavailable/
hard-to-find B-sides and compilation tracks as well? All I know now that
it is going to contain most (if not all) of the demos so far. If not, is
another R&BB/Beeswax in the making?

And I'll thrown in my stuiver (Dutch equivalent of $0.02) here: since I
never owned any XTC vinyl, the bonus tracks do not disrupt the flow of
the albums as much for me as for the old geezers on this list. But yes,
I've had a hard time getting into Mummer and Black Sea because my ear
immediately detected a break upon first listening, and this persisted.
The Big Express and English Settlement bonus tracks are very slight and
forgettable, and the 15-track Drums And Wires sounds great to me. So in
chess terms it's +1-2=2, not a very good score.

Oh yeah, great records of 1999:
Sonic Youth - SYR 4
Mogwai EP
XTC - everything (I think I got their entire catalogue except Drums And
Wires this year)
Primus - Antipop (finally a good Primus record again)
Built To Spill - Keep It Like A Secret

It pains me to say that I've only converted one person this year: my
friend Chris, on whom I've foisted Apple Venus and Nonsuch. Given the
fact that he's a huge Britpop fan he doesn't really count, and I'll
solemnly promise I'll try harder next year.

Finally happy holidays everyone, especially Dom, Harrison, Mark, Mitch,
John, The Mole, Steph and Sheridan.

Pheew! I've resisted the temptation to join in the drugs debate, even
though I'm from the hash capital of the world (Amsterdam), and put in
some XTC content. Back to lurking,



Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 21 Dec 1999 20:52:58 -0800
Subject: harming none
From: "Diamond" <>

I just stumbled across something while listening to O&L. I happaned to be
packing some CD's away for a trip to Boston I'm taking tomorow to the Museum
of FIne Arts, and I was listening to O&L at the same time. As I packed Apple
Venus, vol. 1, I read the qoute on the back while Garden of Earthly Delights
was playing

I Read:
Do What You Want, But Harm None

I Heard
This is your life, and you do what you want to do
just don't hurt nobody...

These are essentially the exact same qoutes! What does this mean???
Absolutely nothing! I just never realized it before!

Kevin Diamond, Doing what he will, but harming none (except his little
sister when she gets annoying)


>How about a XTC Desert Island Disc?

there's only one way to choose one XTC song for a desert island... which
one's longest?
"To emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to
create hell."
          -Tom Robbins


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