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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 341

                 Friday, 17 December 1999

Today's Topics:

              My one, two, three cents worth
                 Doh! Further to above...
                 Brief XTC Mention In Out
                       Lyrical help
                 autographed XTC goodies
                   laughter and lemons
                       Glue Overall
                      Happy Families
                 It's all just a Blur...
              re: More off-topic crap: drugs
                     Scroll Past Me!
                       Scissor Men
              XTC Content....well sort of :)
                NEW XTC REMIXES BY DJ ARSE
              Re: More off-topic crap: drugs


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Countdown / 8 days / Countdown to Christmas.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 15:35:39 EST
Subject: My one, two, three cents worth

Fellow Chalkgeeks:

I've been away for a while....sure you all missed me.  Though my new verbiage
appears amidst a flurry of Minster Hill hype I assure you I'm not here to
dismantle that wobbly castle of accolades....good not great(damn, I did it

Thanks to everyone that assisted me with advice on a new acoustic know who you are (if you don't just ask yourself). I STILL
have not made the purchase!!!  Each time I reach a new monetary plateau I
take a hard look at a guitar that is priced just above it and opt to wait a
bit longer........time to medicate.

1999 Quick Top 10:
(in no specific order)

XTC/Apple Venus 1
Fountains Of Wayne/Utopia Parkway
Ben Folds Five/Reinhold Messner
Jason Falkner/Can You Still Feel
The Negro Problem/Joys & Concerns
Sunset Valley/Boyscout Superhero
The Hang Ups/Second Story
Guided By Voices/Do The Collapse

Iain.Murray wrote:

I'm tired of trying to express myself on this forum, and having what I
write misconstrued as either personal abuse or humourless
churlishness. I'm tired of being subjected to public on-list reprisals
when what I've written is taken the wrong way. I'm tired of being unable
to project the fact that, more often than not, I'm joking (which I've
found can be difficult when you're relying solely on the written
word). I'm tired of feeling the need to defend myself after every other

Not sure what occurred to cause this reaction, shame on you heartless
bastards!!!...but my immediate response is...I'M TIRED OF READING IT!  If
anyone wants to leave, then leave.  Never much cared for someone that hits
and runs. (oops, attacks like this are what caused ya to leave in the first
place...right?)...hey, why am I asking you a question?'re not even
here anymore!!!  (humOrless)

If you're looking for rare XTC, of any and all sorts, look no further:



Message-ID: <001501bf4679$433cabe0$f61017d4@smj>
From: "Stephen Jackson" <>
Subject: Doh! Further to above...
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 21:21:14 -0000

Further to my rant on drugs can I just make it clear that Tom's statement  :

>How do you feel about the possibility of your children
>using drugs LEGALLY?

should have been inserted before I wrote...

<This wasn't addressed to me, but I'd say I would be far more concerned in
my children using drugs (and, ultimately, it's their choice) *safely.* And
that means education. If my child was taking drugs, I think my last concern
would be the fact that my child was *breaking the law*>

Sorry if people are bored of reading this, but I felt it important to make
that point clear, and in context.

No room to move, no room for doubt.


Message-ID: <001701bf4680$d4e68aa0$e1f8163f@tim63>
From: "Tim Kendrick" <>
Subject: Brief XTC Mention In Out
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:16:10 -0500

The latest issue of OUT magazine (Dec '99) has
a brief XTC referance.  It's in a review of the new
Foo Fighters CD "There is Nothing Left to Lose".
It says in part:

         "...Alterna-pop songs like "Learn to Fly", the
         obvious hit single, and "Aurora" will appeal instantly
         to XTC fans..."

Overall they seem to like this release alot.
I thought the last Foo Fighters CD was okay, but
nothing special.  I guess now I'll have to check out
the new one.


     Tim K.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 18:08:58 EST
Subject: Lyrical help

 Yo, Yo, Yo,
   Does anyone out there know what Andy says in "Living Through Another
Cuba" right after " CuBA, BA, BA, BA, BA, BA, BA,BA!!" but right before
Terrys drum solo?
 I cant even figure out one word.
   Thank you and good night,   Roger


Message-Id: <l03130303b47c7a82d95c@[]>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 17:52:41 -0500
From: John Hammond <>
Subject: autographed XTC goodies

In the spirit of holiday giving, we've donated autographed copies of APPLE
VENUS VOL. 1 and SONG STORIES to Artist Direct for their charity auction.
Both items are autographed by Andy and Colin, and they will be auctioned
off as a set.  Proceeds will go to AmFar (American Foundation for Aids

These should be up on this site in the next few days:

John Hammond
TVT Records

TVT's Downloadable Christmas:


Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 10:59:31 +1100
From: Sebastien Maury 02 9950 3315 <>
Subject: laughter and lemons
Message-id: <E1759IFV2I6SH*/R=A1/R=ABCNET/U=MAURYS6G/@MHS>

Someone made a lovely comment about the possibilities of Joe/Andy
collaborations (was it Jasper? Sorry!) and talked about the interplay
between Joe and Elvis in Australia. Very cute and seems they have a
healthy regard for each other.  It's interesting how, as many of these
"post-punk" - for want of a better brain in order to think of a better
collective title for 3 *vastly* different performers - artists age, their
thoughts and creativity bends itself towards the "classical" genre. Not
classical music per se, but perhaps orchestral. Elvis and the
Brodskys. Joe and his last 3 albums. XTC and AV. Another one of my
childhood favourites, the ex Mr Brinkley, has apparently eschewed "pop"
for "classical".

I find this fascinating because on the one hand, it's nothing if not
reactionary-these performers are not going to be taken seriously as
composers among the majority in the rarefied (and equally reactionary)
world of classical music, yet, divorced from comparisons to current, say
avant garde/"serious" composers, such as Adams, Ades, Birtwhistle, Glass
and a host of others, what these cross-over artists are attempting is
quite revolutionary for their own careers. Expanding their musical
palates, experimenting with new sonorities, instruments, sound textures
and recording techniques all show the hallmarks of artists who wish to
expand the limiting musical horizons of album-3 hit singles-tour-nervous
breakdown-oops rest-album blahhhhh.

JJ's use of the term "symphony" must remain problematic I would have
thought-I wonder if he was co-erced as part of his new deal with Sony
Classical to call it that or whether he really feels strongly about the
symphonic form. It needn't necessarily matter, although the historical and
cultural semiotics of "symphony" are so intense that it's a brave man or
woman who decides to tread that particular path. I personally prefer his
3-4 minute cynical vignettes on life and love which I think he does soooo
well, although I must admit I found Heaven quite amazing (although not
"classical" in any sense that I understand it. They were songs).

On AV, there were moments where I thought a slightly beefier set of
strings, or a real instrument rather than a synthesised one may have given
it more opulence.  Money I suppose is always tight, and perhaps the end
product is exactly what Andy and Colin had in ear. Yet in a way, that
combination of "lo-fi" (ILT recorded at home) vs Abbey Road sumpt gives
the whole a balance that gives listening to it an irresistible advantage
over anything else I've listened to all decade. The songwriting is
spectacularly honed (after 7 years of exile, whose wouldn't be!) and I
fervently hope that AV2 will prove to be a superlative companion piece. In
fact I know it will!

One brief quasi-related note: my CD copies of Prince's Lovesexy and JJ's
Blaze of Glory are all "single song albums" in that there's no "tracks"
although each album has individual songs. Has anyone else had this
experience. It can be quite annoying!

Cheers, Seb.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 20:03:33 -0800
Subject: Millenium
From: "Diamond" <>

>First of all a remark about the recent flurry of "Albums of the 90's"
>and "Composers of the Century" lists... as this decade, century and
>indeed this millenium won't be over for another year don't you all
>feel just a bit premature? Who knows, perhaps you'll enjoy Apple
>Venus Vol. II even better than Volume I - just a thought.

Mark, give it up, man. I did the exact same thing whenever someone called
2000 the end of the millenium. For those who don't know, the millenium
doesn't end untill the end (january 31)of the year 2000, in over a year.
(The reason this is is because there was no year 0, it started with 1, so
the year 1001 is a millenium, as is 1001-2001. Therefore, 2001 is the first
year of the new millenium, coincidently, the year I graduate from
Highschool, which I think is pretty cool! But mark, don't try to bring this
up. I've tried, and I get the same reaction from everyone, they either don't
understand, or they don't care. It's really just another excuse to drink a
lot. (At any rate, the numbers we give the years are all fake anyway. there
really isn't any such thing as "Time", we just all agree to believe there
is. Just like we all agree that a small piece of paper and a few round coins
are worth something.)

Besides, as prince said, we've got to party like it's 1999!

Kevin Diamond, Gaduate of the next century!
"To emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to
create hell."
          -Tom Robbins


From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 02:29:11 +0100
Subject: Glue Overall
Message-Id: <>

Dear Chalkers,

Our friend Megan presented us with a sticky problem:
how to remove price tags and/or glue from XTC treasures
The esteemed Johan Ekdahl, our man in Sweden, answered

> removing glue: my advice would be ordinary kitchen fat.
Otherwise known as... lard! My God, there's just no end to the things
you can do with lard, now is there? There's one that would actually
be illegal in several US states but i digress...

It's a very interesting suggestion, but at best only works for (plastic)
cd's. Here's another technique that speedily removes 90% of all
stickers and glue remnants from almost any surface (like sleeves!),
and with surprising ease.

1. Get a tank of lighter gas.
2. Squirt some liquid gas onto the offending sticker.
3. Wait a few seconds for the moisture to evaporate.
    The glue will now be frozen, losing all elasticity and "stickiness".
4. Carefully peel off the sticker with a fingernail

make sure to test the waters a bit before you peel - if you meet any
resistance, squirt & freeze some more before you proceed.
If this doesn't help, give up. Some stickers simple cannot be
removed without causing serious damage.

WARNING: Some glues actually degrade the ink and / or paper
beneath it. Removing a sticker will reveal such damage if it occured

WARNING 2: liquid gas is cold. VERY COLD. Extreme cold can
cause burns and damage your skin. Do not soak your fingers or

yours in a sticky situation,

Mark "You see my SuperGlue? thought I left it on the sofa" Strijbos

yours in xtc,

Mark Strijbos at The Little Lighthouse


From: "Mark Strijbos" <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 02:29:11 +0100
Subject: Happy Families
Message-Id: <>

Dear Chalkers,

In this festive season our minds almost automatically wander to
those who are near to us; our family and kinfolk...

> > whatever happened to our ever-famous "little miss opinionated"
> > and dave-crazy amanda?
> Hmm, good question. Anyone seen Dave around lately? I wonder...

Perish the thought !
My spies tell me he hasn't left the country and is still kicking about
in Swindon c.a. - thank goodness ;)))

Mark Strijbos


Message-Id: <>
Date: Tue, 14 Dec 1999 21:28:53 -0800
Subject: It's all just a Blur...
From: "Diamond" <>

First, have you ever tried to re-string a bass AND read a Chalkhills at the
same time? It's T-U-F-F tough. Don't try it.

I just purchased my first Blur album, The Great Escape. I had heard that
Blur were good, but I forgot which albums people had said were good, so I
just bought the one that I thought had the best album design, and that one
turned out to be The Great Escape.

I think the Album Design definetly does the album justice. I love the album,
it's great. So, which one should I buy next? I heard Parklife is good.

Kevin "Inquisitive" Diamond
"To emphasize the afterlife is to deny life. To concentrate on heaven is to
create hell."
          -Tom Robbins


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 00:03:10 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: re: More off-topic crap: drugs

i'm sorry about this off-topic post, too, but i had to respond because one
of my previous statements has been taken out of context or, at the very
least, completely misunderstood.

>From: "Johnson, Tom" <>
>Subject: More off-topic crap: drugs
>From: David Oh <>
>drugs: i believe in the decriminalization of all forms cannabis for two

overall, your response to my post was nothing more than a difference of
opinion. i can accept that and, indeed, knew that there would be some
disagreement to my point of view on this subject. however, i do take
exception to the following comment of yours:

>Why should I have to worry about my future children becoming drug users
just because YOU want to be one right now?

i resent your implication in the above quote.

who said anything about me being, or wanting to be, a drug user, right now
or even any time in the future?

did i say i condoned the use of drugs? no, i did not.

did i even say whether i did, or did not, use drugs? or even if i have, or
have not, used drugs in the past?

no, that is not what i said. nor is it what i meant. i did not say cannabis
should be legalized, i said it should be decriminalized. there is a big
difference. nor did i say that all drugs should be legalized or even
decriminalized. i did not say this for my benefit, nor do i believe in this
for my benefit, either.

i think you should re-read my post, then look up the definitions for
legalize and decriminalize, perhaps then you will understand better what i
also this;

>How do you feel about the possibility of your children using drugs LEGALLY?

disregarding the fact that i cannot father a child, but if i _were_ a
father, though, i certainly would sit down and talk to my child(ren) about
many things openly and frankly, including sex, drugs and the law (and maybe
rock 'n' roll, too!). that is because i believe in education, not
legislation. besides that, as everyone knows, whenever someone says that
another can't do something, as a parent would say to their child, that
person is more than likely to do it, either out of spite curiosity or a
little of both.

back to your question, though, how would i feel about them doing drugs

as opposed to illegally?

again, it comes down to education and choice. some people will do drugs
anyway, regardless of whether it's legal, illegal or even decriminalized.
also, regardless of the fact that alcohol and tobacco are legal products,
many people choose _not_ to drink and/or smoke, for whatever reasons they
may have. if marijuana were to be decriminalized, not everyone is going to,
nor should, run out and smoke a joint. that was not my point.

here's my point; decriminalizing cannabis does not make it legal, it
removes the criminal implications of it. many people have received criminal
records and gone to jail for simple possession. this, to me, is wrong. a
person should not go to jail or even have a criminal record for such a
thing and decriminalizing cannabis would prevent this. the courts and
prisons are clogged enough as it is without them being bunged any further.

does someone go to jail for driving fast? for failing to come to a full and
complete stop? no, they don't. they get fined.

if they kill or injure someone else as a result of these actions, then they
go to jail.

>Again, it's another case of "do as I say not as I do."

no, it's not.

>And once they legalize marijuana, what's to stop other drugs from being

by making well thought out and well worded laws, that's what will stop
other drugs from being legalized. again, though, decriminalization is
different from legalization.

>I live in Arizona, and the voters of this state were tricked into voting
for a "medical marijuana" legalization act that turned out to be a VERY bad
deal.  Why is that a problem?  Because a LARGE number of dealers had
plea-bargained in order to get their charges down to simple possesion.
Luckily, the state legislature was smart enough to overturn this very badly
thought out law.

they were tricked? that's debatable. nobody really gets tricked into voting
for anything, do they? they vote for what they believe in. obviously, they
believed it was a good law.

however, you answered you own question there. it wasn't the law that was
bad, it was the wording and interpretation that was bad.
i was going to respond to more of the points you made, but i won't. that's
not why i responded in the first place. we both have the right to our
respective opinions, but please do not twist my words to use them against me.

it's not the difference of opinion that i object to, it's the fact that you
implied that i am a drug user, condone drug use and want it legalized. i'm
not and i don't, but i do think that cannabis should be decriminalized -
not legalized, decriminalized.

i'm not going to respond any further on this topic, regardless of what
anyone says. i've made my stance clear on this and if you still do not
understand, that's your problem, not mine.

in the words of forrest gump, "and that's all i have to say about that".
tonight (99-12-14), sir paul mccartney played the cavern in liverpool. i
wish that i was there, but alas, i'm here in cold toronto. i did see a
brief clip from the show on the evening news and i noticed that my
favourite guitar player, david gilmour, was supporting macca. the concert
will be shown on muchmucus later this week (i think) and i'll be sure to
watch it.

my only question is this: why was macca knighted while george and ringo
were not? what places him above the other two? i don't get it!
xtc content: av2 can't come soon enough for me. i don't have the demos, so
i haven't heard any of it yet, but i'm going a little crazy waiting for it.

c'mon lads, we're all getting antsy for the album. can you just hurry it up
a little bit? please?

that's it, i'm outta here...

 peace & xtc,



Date: 15 Dec 1999 10:36:58 -0800
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Scroll Past Me!

Lately here in Chalkhills there's been much discussion about the decay
of society and moral fabric and such. Some people have even said that
drugs and drug use are a contributor to this decay.
Doesn't every generation claim that things are getting worse? Are
things getting worse? I think these are still the best of times and
the worst of times.
It just strikes me as an adolescent position to place blame on other
people for the decay of a society. And what has blame ever fixed
Ghandi says we should "Be the change we want to see". If this is true
then I guess some people would like to see a society full of
blame-placers perched atop moral pedestals.
Anyhoo, good ol' RUSH put the truth into song. Free will, man. It's
not just a concept. Its the most powerful force existing. And if you
really think things need improving, then improve yourself and watch
how that improvement affects those around you.
Everything has a charge - make yours positive!

Hooray for Peter PumpkinHead!


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 23:38:27 +0100
From: Erich Sellheim <>
Subject: Scissor Men

Hello everyone,

just a short comment: the people who complained about the "Senses Working
Overtime" edit should probably never listen to the one of "Generals And
Majors" on a sampler called "Radioactive" (or something similar), because
that's what I call a really bad edit.  It sounds exactly like either an
insane or a four-year old person did the job, chopped up at the most
unlikely places! But probably that's what you get when you buy an LP with
20 tracks on it...  Unless you choose Elvis Costello's excellent "Get
Happy", that is (whom I saw five times during the nineties, each concert
better than the last).

Best wishes to all of you,



Message-ID: <>
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: XTC Content....well sort of :)
Date: Thu, 16 Dec 1999 12:24:05 EST


Minor XTC connection here.

I have in my possession an instruction manual for a Garrard Auto Turntable
Type AT6 (Laboratory Series). What is it I hear you say ? It is a turntable
(record player to plebs like me) from my Aunt's old Hi-Fi, circa mid 1960's.
The turntable is but a memory, being cactus, although the unit is still in
existence (I have intentions to remove the valve amp and speakers at some
point for my personal use). However, to cut to the point of my waffle, the
manual is available FREE, GRATIS, to whoever mails me first with "grovel
grovel-I Love XTC-grovel grovel" in the subject field of their message.

I shall describe this tome to you all, gentle chalkers, approx 12 pages in
length, glossy black and white printed manual, textured dark-blue cover with
silver embossed cover type face. Condition, say 9 out of 10.

XTC connection ?

>From the final page of the manual...

The Garrard Engineering And Manufacturing Co. Ltd
Swindon      -      Wilshire      -       England

Printed in England by the Borough Press (Swindon) Ltd., Eastcott Hill,

Please be patient with my reply as I will be unavailable until mid next

Hang by your thumbs,

Andrew Gowans


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 21:14:15 -0500
From: Ian C Stewart <>

I do realize that I'm probably going to some form of hell for this, but:

DJ ARSE has done 2 totally gratuitous and largely inflammatory remixes
of songs by the popular singing group XTC. The songs are:

The Somnabulist and
Another Satellite.

You can hear the remixes in streaming Real Audio, or hey! You can even
download MP3s! Who would think that *I* would be offering MP3s at this
point in my life!?!?!?!? But check 'em out and let me know what a
rat-bastid that DJ ARSE is. Or, you know, how much you enjoy the

If you enjoy that sort of thing!!!!!!! I don't want to spoil the ending
but it's definitely one of those chocolate-and-peanut-butter mixes that
goes oh-so-well with ice cream. Maybe it shouldn't have happened. But
it's too late now.
with sincerest apologies from DJ ARSE and all of me here at Bizarre
Ian C Stewart
Bizarre Depiction


Message-Id: <v04003a01b47e249472ed@[]>
Date: Wed, 15 Dec 1999 22:33:05 -0700
From: Michael De Bernardi <>
Subject: Re: More off-topic crap: drugs

I hate to keep this thing going, but...

	Tom Johnson <> wrote:

>And you may be right.  However, studies have shown that the "medicinal"
>properties can be gained from extracting the substance from the plant and
>giving it in a pill form.  Do the "medical marijuana" proponents want you to
>know this?  No, they don't.

Both research and user testimonials support quite the opposite, that the
smoked variety is more effective at controlling pain, nausea, and appetite.
This may be due to one or more of the dozens of active cannabinoids that
are found in marijuana, but not in synthetic THC.  Marinol is better than
nothing, but the smoke is best.

>LSD is not for any of these purposes.  Again, this is yet another example of
>someone who wants to make it "okay" for them, but not *everyone*, to use
>drugs.  "Mind expansion," a common "excuse" for drug use.  If you need drugs
>to "expand" your mind, then you've got other, more serious, problems going
>on that need to be addressed.

Tom, I sympathized with your position up to this point, but your lack of
experience with any drug at all, particularly LSD, disqualifies you from
commenting on the mind-expanding effects of some drugs.  There are drugs,
primarily of the hallucinogen class, that can profoundly affect the
psychological, existential, and spiritual foundations of those who take
them.  Hallucinogens have been used as part of religious rituals for
thousands of years and have had a deep impact on our culture.  There are
certainly many "excuses" offered by drug abusers, but this does not negate
the fact that many people have made deeper connections to themselves and
the universe with the help of external substances.



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