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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 325

                Thursday, 2 December 1999

Today's Topics:

                    more on Christmas
                 friends, demons, saints
                Mr Red Rag? Meet Mr. Bull!
      looking for always winter, never Christmas....
                Big year for CD purchases
                Costello defeats Jackson!
                  Holy Satanas, Batman!
                     my day, my week
                  Rumblings & Ramblings
            Another XTC "sighting" (hearing?)
            re: Should I stay or should I go?
                     It's Dunktastic!
                     Good Riddens...
               That thar country thang ...
                       Film advert
           Where too much sport is not enough.


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Men are too bored, they're scrubbing floors.


Message-ID: <>
From: Pete Williams <>
Subject: more on Christmas
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 15:29:39 -0000

No XTC content in this one....

Just in case someone says "and don't forget the true meaning of Christmas"
- meaning it's to celebrate of the birth of Christ:

The 25th December was the birth date of the Phrygian god Attis and later the
birth date of the Persian sun god Mithras, both were established centuries
before the birth of Christ (which just so happened to be a virgin birth like
that of Mithras).

The birth of Christ wasn't fixed as the 25th of December until the year 354
AD, presumably nobody cared when it was before that date.

"Christmas" the name didn't exist until 1123 AD according to written
records, before this it wasn't important enough to get its own snappy name.

The ancient Roman festival of Saturnalia was a 7 day festival which started
on the 17th of December - it's from this that a good deal of the
non-Christian elements of Christmas come (e.g. the use of greenery in the
house, the giving of presents, a time of orgy and excess).

The information sources I've used relate to British history, apologies to
anyone if what I say doesn't match their country's history of Christmas.

More to come as I dig the information out, but one part of Christmas I can't
work out (or its obvious and I've overlooked it) is why are there 12 days to
the Christmas festival (13 if you count Christmas day)

Pete Williams


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 08:42:51 -0800
From: Randy Hiatt <>
Subject: friends, demons, saints

I go away from the hill for a few months and when I return I find the
same bovine shit as before (can I say bovine?)... only the names have

If your all so bored please just resort to making up stuff about the
boys and take your "unique" web persona's off this line.

Thanks Mr Estus for trying to sing some sence into them (I know you've
straightened me out!).

p.s.  Homespun cover (as is AV1) is the coolest quality... had to touch
it twice to believe.  And yes I purchased it because I owe it to them
(sorry,  .....usual names inserted here....).

Randy (I couldn't carry a tune in a bucket) Hiatt


Message-ID: <>
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: Mr Red Rag? Meet Mr. Bull!
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 15:45:03 -0000

Honestly, young people today! I did some vague search for XTC guff on the
Net this morning and found a page called "Bands that begin with an X" or
some such nonsense, and it comprised a vast list of 2 - XTC and (with
stunning insight) X. If I was really anal I'd point out a few others, but
I'm not, so I won't. Tchah!

I also discovered/was reminded that the phrase "senses working overtime"
appears in a Def Leppard song. And people say that Metal has no relevance on
Chalkhills! Pah! It's "Run Riot", by the way, from the "Hysteria" album.
Jolly good it is too. Honest.

In addition, I definitely don't recommend doing a search on "All Along The
Watchtower"....unless of course you really want to get some information
about the Jehovah's Witless Norwegian! I kid you not...

Anyhoover, back to the "meat" and yet also "potatoes" of our seething debate
on the labyrinthine mind of Lucifer himself....

>>I need to
get therapy because I don't agree with what the rest of everyone says here?

No, you need to get therapy because with each post you display more and more
signs of raging insanity.

>>I have a Bachelors in Psychology, I could brag and boast how smart I am.

Psychology? I would never have guessed. Seriously.

>>I want respect for my values as I respect those of you for yours.

Fair enough, but unfortunately your "values" seem to amount to a sprawling
mass of unconnected and largely nonsensical pronouncements which just serve
to add to the impression that you're completely mental. That persecution
complex doesn't help much either....

>>When a debate comes in, I go into
educated mode

Yes, but you don't. This is the problem. You just spout paranoid drivel.

>>I wont post anymore if just one of you says in
your message:
>>"you don't have the right to post here anymore." unusual for the Devil to wave temptation
under our collective nose!

>>Are there ANY Accapellas (Vocal Only without
music) from XTC songs or what?

No. Next!

Sorry everyone, but even at my disruptive worst I can't hold a candle to
this delightful chap.....well, hopefully....

Dom "you don't have the right to post here anymore" Lawson.


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 16:09:11 +0000 (GMT)
From: <>
Subject: looking for always winter, never Christmas....

I'm Gerard from France.
I've been a  fan of Partrige & Co for
years now...
In order to complete my collection,
I'm looking for 'always winter, never Christmas'
and other rare b sides in mp3 format.
Can you help me ? I've got the 'meeting place'
demo b sides to trade, and some more rarities.



Message-ID: <001b01bf3be7$1c73d2a0$>
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: Big year for CD purchases
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 10:30:07 -0000

I started to think about my music purchases for 1999, and realized that I've
bought more music this year than the last 5 years combined.  And, as you can
see, the music I bought is directly related to this list, with a few
exceptions.  Check it out:

AV1 (2 copies)
The Clash - London Calling
Black Sea
The Big Express
Chips from the Chocolate Fireball
*Sting - Brand New Day
Fountains of Wayne - Utopia Parkway
Flaming Lips - The Soft Bulletin
*Branford Marsalis - Requiem
*Sui Generis - Vol 1 - El Legado de Sui Generis

* = to give to self or others in family for Christmas

Thanks to people on this list for recommending Fountains of Wayne - love em.
Just listening to Flaming Lips - too soon to say.

Feliz Navidad Locos

Steven "poorer for spending money of music, but richer for spending money on
music" Paul


Message-ID: <>
From: "rob allen" <>
Subject: Costello defeats Jackson!
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 10:57:05 PST

Personally, I am far more impressed with Elvis Costello's recorded output
than Joe Jackson's. They both like to dabble with multiple musical
genres.... but Elvis has a higher success rate.

HIGHLY recommended to all:  EC's 1982 gem "Imperial Bedroom".

Carson, Ca


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 12:04:25 -0800 (PST)
From: Chris Desmond <>
Subject: Holy Satanas, Batman!

Okay, I know what Harrison (or was it Dom?) suggested -- that is, to
not respond is the only way to get this guy to cut the crap -- but I
find it impossible not to...

Because Satanas D. wrote:

>Christopher Coolidge had positive comments to say, even though he
disagreed with me.

That brings up a good point: Chris, stop kissing this idiot's ass!
You've been listening to too much of your wife's goddamn Air Supply,
and the excess oxygen has obviously gone to your brain! Now, on to the
main subject of this post...

>To me, that is an intelegent arguement.

You wouldn't know an intelligent argument if it bit your ass. And my
saying that has absolutely nothing to do with your spelling. Some of my
best friends are bad spellers.

>For the most part though, I still see nothing but self righteousness
from most of you. People are still arguing with me, about people
arguing with me!

We're just trying to get you to shut up. Really, it's nothing more nor

>My last message was about how self righteous people are and how they
>continue to argue about spelling, grammar and my right to say comments
>about what I want to say.

Again, most of us could give an ardvaark's ass about your spelling and
grammar. If you had anything remotely interesting to say without
bringing up how everyone is out to get you, we might actually care.

>I read all your comments and I take it in and that is pretty much the
>extent of it.  I never once attacked anyone about some general
>comment!  So why attack me?  Its self righteousness, and because I am

No, it's because you're an idiot. And what's this "never attacked
anyone about some general comment"?! You've attacked EVERYONE because
of some specific e-mail you may have received from a small number of
individuals. You expect us to enjoy anything else you have to say?

>Look at what happened to Malcolm aka Charlie?!  He was attacked, he
>sent the perpetrators to John, we even called them out on the board
>as everyone asked him too (that message was erased though by John to
>avoid further problems)...

In other words, as far as the rest of us know, you did NOT call them
out on board, so why even bring that up as evidence of anything?

>...and still he ended up not wanting to come back
>because a vast majority of you spent your time calling him racist

"Vast majority"? You mean that he received e-mails from **hundreds of
different people** calling him racist slurs?? Your nearly nonexistent
level of credibility vanishes in a puff of incredulousness by your
saying that...

>So, what is someone supposed to do? I guess its best for me to leave
>the list as I never will be able to have a serious conversation about
>XTC again on this list and I don't think people will stop arguing no
>matter how many times I ask (I know, its a run-on, how clever I am).

Yes, yes, yes! If this is all we can expect from you in the future,
YES, leave the list!

>I have a Bachelors in Psychology, I could brag and boast how smart I
>am. The fact throughout college I had a 3.5 and better.

All the while accusing your professors of not paying enough attention
to you I'm sure. You could brag and boast all you want, but guess what?
I won't believe you!

[Cue the weepy violins]

>Sure, I have not attended graduate school yet, but I am educated.
>However, I was poor as a child, matter of fact, anyone who knows me
>in southern California knows that I have been on my own since I was
>13.  That story about education was partly true.  I barely made it
>through High School, let alone to college!  Do I want sympathy?

Obviously, yes.

>Hell no, I am much better than that.

Prove it.

>Point is, I type more than 60 words a minute.

Oh, so THAT's your point!! Why didn't you just say so? You would have
spared us all a lot of meaningless drivel...

>MY POINT?  I don't have time to sit her and think about grammar,
>spelling and all that other nonsense. you're confusing me...which one is really your point? And
may I point out that I really think you're missing the point?

>That's all I have to say.  I wont post anymore if just one of you says
>in your message:
>"you don't have the right to post here anymore."
>No explanation will be needed.  I will unsubscribe right away!
>That's all...

Satanas, "You don't have the right to post here anymore."

Did it work? Is he gone? Can we all start acting normally again?

>Oh, as for the XTC content.  Are there ANY Accapellas (Vocal Only
>without music) from XTC songs or what?

Oh, good. I was afraid you wouldn't bring up XTC. After everything else
in this eloquent post, I was wondering, "Pray tell, what might he need
to know about XTC? I would love to be of assistance to such a
thoughtful human being."

Yours truly,

Chris D.
(Who actually believes everyone has a right to post here, but really
wishes they'd leave their personal hangups at home)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 16:59:16 -0600
From: chris vreeland <>
Organization: Vreeland Graphics
Subject: my day, my week

All this breathing in, and never breathing out
				-Ben Folds

Hi Everybody,

What I listened to at work today:
1. Thomas Dolby  Astronauts and Heretics
2. Ben Folds Five  Whatever and Ever Amen
3. The Jam  Sound Effects
4. The Band  Music from Big Pink
5. Soundgarden  Superunknown
6. Santana  Santana
7. David Bowie  Aladdin Sane

These are all good albums that I would recommend to anyone who likes

	I was gone, but now I'm back, and now that I've skimmed the eight
digests that hit my in box while I was gone, all I can say is I picked a
fine time to leave you, Lucille. Deep breath, sigh.
	This I bring up because of the Thanksgiving thread, to kick a dead
Turkey. On Tuesday of last week, I packed everything I thought I'd need
into the back of my big 4-wheel-drive '79 chevy pickup, and headed south
into the mountains of Mexico for a five day caving excursion. Me and 10
other like-minded individuals went as far down a logging road in the
mountains south of Monterrey as we could get, and parked. (push your
car....) Five days, no phones, no e-mail, no radio. I didn't so much as
even think of XTC or chalkhills once.
	On Thursday, the one guy who lives on that side of the pass from
town slaughtered a goat, and his wife cooked us the most wonderful stew
with it. Mexicans there don't celebrate Thanksgiving- they generally were
preoccupied with real-world issues like keeping the osos negros from
attacking the cows, and such.
	I myself have enough Native American blood in my family that I am
unable to escape the irony of celebrating the salvation of the Pilgrims
by the people whom they subsequently set about exterminating, and this
was a subject of lively campfire discussion. 	We were joined by a German
Geologist who had studied the Karst hydrology of the area, and who
(along with the local Ejido members) was hoping we'd go deep enough in
the caves there to encounter the water table. No luck there, though we
explored eight virgin caves, seven of which were blind pits, ranging
from fifty to one hundred and twenty feet deep. The weather was
incredible, the Mountains were beautiful, so were the caves, and all the
background noise associated with living in the twentieth century melted
away, except for two or three airplanes.
	I rather enjoyed the opportunity to discuss German literature,
history, re-unification, and our mutual distaste for the French with a
companionable, well read, multi-lingual (his Spanish was better than
mine, and his English was better than that of many Americans) and
intelligent German national. A highlight of the evenings.
	But alas, work waited for me on Monday morning, and back to
reality I came, after a four hour wait at the border, and a nominally
harassing encounter with US customs.
	In the wake of this trip, I have been left pondering my two great
passions, music and caving, and failing in my attempts to dovetail them
in some way. Cavers are notorious for their bad taste in music, and the
preponderance of musicians abhor the idea of dirt under their nails. I
spent an evening once going through my entire music collection searching
for any songs that were cave-related, or contained cave references
beyond the usual "cave man" type comments, and came up nearly dry,
excepting Steely Dan's "Caves of Altamira" and of course, the Genesis
opus "The Lamb Lies Down on Broadway," which takes place entirely
	(Finally!! XtC content!!) ANYWAY,... It has been with dismay that
I have noted over the last eight years (the time I've been an active
caver) that no xTc songs mention the underground voids caused by the
dissolution of limestone by mildly acidic water. So what, to most of
you. Well, we want our favorite bands to somehow lyrically or musically
parallel our lives, right? At least emotionally, from a personal and
subjective point of view, River of Orchids has at last filled that gap.
One of the finest things about caving is reemerging into daylight from the
underground, and the gradual increase in noise, the change in the odor of
the air, and the slow brightening into the cacophony and splendor that is
the above ground world. No piece of music simulates this experience quite
as well as ROO, from the first drop of water, (not unlike a drop of water
falling from a stalactite into an underground pool, complete with the echo
a large chamber would impart) through the slow build-up of strings, until
the whole song sounds like a bright day in the Mexican jungle, where, by
the way, orchids grow wild. Thanks again, Andy for continuing to bring
your music into my life.

	Lastly, I would still like to compile a list of cave-related
songs, as I had a theme for an article I was going to write for the
regional caving journal, concerning the effects (or lack thereof) of caves
on popular music. Anyone with any clues, e-mail me. Any other cavers on
Chalkhills? Just curious.  I've also wondered idly, what with Great
Britain having a fair amount of Karst, if any of the members of xtC had
ever been underground, and if anyone knew one way or the other, or if it
has even occurred to Andy or Colin. Sorry if this strikes any of you as a
stupid question.

Oh, yeah, Vietnam song: Steve Earle,   Copperhead Road.

I sat for hours one day about ten years ago, and the only anagram I
could come up with for my name was: "Devil's Rancher"

My shed's full of muddy caving gear,
Chris " Damn that goat was goooood!" Vreeland


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 1999 17:05:51 -0600
From: "David Martin" <>
Subject: Rumblings & Ramblings

Yeah, I know it's late; but what the hell.

Seventh Grade says:

Thanksgiving is a time for high toned play,
A time possibly for a future abdominal  x-ray.
Maybe get my missing childhood shots or shop at what once was Motts
but now is a Dollar Store/Rent-a-Center, oh yea!
The Back Street  Boys are hot, hot, hot;
They make my prepubescent body jerk a lot, lot, lot.
What does this have to do with turkey and dressing you say,
I'm not sure but Blue Bell ice cream cows eat methane gas causing
For Thanksgiving our teacher is going camping.
Yes leaving his wife and child for Oklahoma backpacking.
No cranberries, no stuffing ,
no nappy pie of pumpkin;
just lots of pork served in greasy, camp fiery, squeal like a pig
Wait; what is that pimp walkin' sound that I here?
A mummer in the distance, the Cowboys suck, oh dear.
Rolling and rolling like a big express patrolling
the teachers parking lot known as the english settlement  I love so
I see them now, I see them clear.
Through my Brides of  Funkinstein shades appear.
Giant oranges and lemons coming at me so quickly,
I have but one leg made of PVC so don't kick me.
I make it away, I make it safely away.
I jumped into a cat scratched tree
and by now you can probably guess what was floating beneath me;
Of course it was a 14 foot Lone Star  boat with a 1959, 7 and a half
horsepower Evinrude engine on top of  the Black Sea.

May the wish tofu/bone break your way baby cakes,

Mr. Martin


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 1 Dec 1999 22:31:13 -0800 (PST)
From: Ryan Anthony <>
Subject: Another XTC "sighting" (hearing?)

It's my first post to Chalkhills; please be gentle ...

Just in case this hasn't already been noted, XTC has
been heard in what some will consider an odd place: as
a bumper on the Rush Limbaugh radio show.

(Lessee, does that reference require annotation for
readers east of the Pond? He's a
conservative/libertarian radio commentator heard on
more than 600 radio stations stateside. Shortwave and are viable options for non-Yanks.)

In December, Limbaugh's bumper rotation is pretty much
all Mannheim Steamroller, but for most of this past
year, he was using an agreeable collection of tracks
that included "Generals and Majors" and something by
past-its-prime Genesis circa *Invisible Touch* --
"Tonight, Tonight, Tonight," I think.

Limbaugh chooses bumper music by what it sounds like,
not based on the politics of its creators -- he has
used a bitterly anti-growth-industry Pretenders song,
"Ohio (My City Was Gone)," as his theme for more than
a decade -- but even if ideological compatibility were
a factor, XTC might have made the cut. Fanatics of the
left or right (whoops! channeling Tony Banks) won't
understand this, but any two people with a fat streak
of libertarianism in common, no matter what else they
disagree over, can easily make beautiful music

Ryan Anthony
Tucson, Arizona, USA


Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 02:02:41 -0500
From: David Oh <>
Subject: re: Should I stay or should I go?

i'm sending this to you direct, but i've also .cc'd it to chalkhills.

there are a couple of points i need to make, but understand that i'm not
trying to jump all over you, ok? please bear with me...

first of all, methinks you protest too much! the reason you seem to be
getting so much grief is because you go on about it so much. lighten up a
bit and, as i said to you in a private post, ignore the bastards!

stop posting about intelligence (or lack thereof), persecution,
self-righteousness, perpetrators, ignorance, religion, vegetarianism,
turkey (country and/or fowl), racial slurs, etc, etc, unless it is directly
related to xtc - the band and their music.

just post your opinions on, or ask your questions about, xtc. you may get a
response or you may not. if you don't, don't take it personally! if you do,
take the response for what it's worth - whether it be a nugget of gold or a
lump of coal. expect the coal and you won't be disappointed; it will only
make the gold more valuable when it appears.

you _do_ have the right to post here, as does _any_ fan of xtc, but just
don't expect everyone to agree with you, or even be cordial towards you,
and don't expect the full and undivided attention of everyone, either. you
will be one of "the disappointed".
oh, and do _try_ to stay on topic.
my second point is (and this is not a swipe at you by any means), if you
are as educated and intelligent as you say you are (i'll give you the
benefit of the doubt), surely you must know that your spelling and grammar
leaves a lot to be desired.

just remember this: education does _not_ equal intelligence. i know some
people who have degrees up the wazoo, with whole alphabet-soups worth of
initials after their names, and they are some of the most ignorant and
stupid people i've ever met. as the late, and very great, frank zappa said:
information is not knowledge, knowledge is not wisdom.

i'm a high school drop-out and i hated english classes while in school, but
guess what? i've learned to love reading post-drop-out and, most
importantly, learned to spell through my (now) voracious appetite for
reading. does this make me intelligent? no, but it doesn't mean i'm stupid,
either, just as it does not indicate i'm educated. those who are truly
intelligent don't need to brag about it; one of the most intelligent
responses i ever witnessed was a non-response.

however, getting back to spelling; it is not difficult to learn to spell;
if you can read, you can spell, too. it is a matter of pride for me to
speak and spell correctly. it may be unfair, but people do have more
respect for you if you can communicate - in all forms - properly. you may
say, "ah, but you don't capitalize when you should in your posts". the
reason i do this is because email, newsgroups and list such as this are
considered to be an informal means of communication and, therefore, i don't
place much emphasis form or formality - in this context. i've taken a lot
of flack about my posting style here on chalkhills in the past and i have
cleaned it up considerably from when i first started posting here (am i
right, dom?).

another thing to remember: just because one reads a lot, it doesn't mean
they are smart, too. there was a guy at my last place of employment who
read a lot (comic books and cheezy novels - not that there's anything wrong
with them) and he was one of the dumbest fucks i've ever met! truly awe
inspiring stupidity! the funny thing was, he thought _he_ was the smartest
monkey! stupid and ignorant! and probably delusional, too...

information can be a dangerous thing in the hands of simpletons (see the
above zappa quote).

you say you "don't have time to sit her [sic] and think about grammar,
spelling and all that other nonsense". perhaps this is so, but if you just
take a deep breath and think about what you are going to say, instead of
ranting and raging about injustices, then maybe you can put your thoughts
down a little more succinctly rather than rambling and raging aimlessly. i
always re-read my posts several times in order to clarify my thoughts and
to check for spelling and grammatical errors (it doesn't always work, but
it helps).

if this doesn't suit you, you can always go back to my first point, ie;
just ignore the bastards - myself included.
lastly, to answer your question, vis-a-vis a cappella versions of xtc
songs, as far as i know and can remember (and i'm no expert, either),
unless someone else has done one, there are no a cappella songs as done by
xtc. seeing as how you're a studio wiz, that would be an interesting
project for you to consider - and you just might befriend and impress some
of the nay-sayers and poo-poo-ers on this list. just a thought.
btw; this thread on santanas' posts has swung the attention away from me.
thanks, santanas, ol' boy.

 peace & xtc,



Message-ID: <>
From: "rob allen" <>
Subject: It's Dunktastic!
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 01:22:28 PST

>No offence Mark, but what a stupid question. Well stupidly phrased anyway.
>How long is a piece of string? When did you stop beating your wife? Next
>time try asking "who do you prefer?" or something like that.

pompous (adj); having or exhibiting self-importance.

No offence Dunks. Thanks for gracing us with your intellect.

XTC content: I quite enjoy "Blame the Weather.

Carson, Ca


Message-ID: <383634912.944126251387.JavaMail.root@web01.pub01>
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 04:17:31 -0500 (EST)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Good Riddens...

First, as for Davidoh, this is in responce to your message:

I liked all your comments besides the following.  My message continues

>>>>>stop posting about intelligence (or lack thereof), persecution,
self-righteousness, perpetrators, ignorance, religion, vegetarianism,
turkey (country and/or fowl), racial slurs, etc, etc, unless it is directly
related to xtc - the band and their music.<<<<<

Which really is not fair as I am not the one who strayed off topic with
some of these subjects.  I was defensive and I argued back, and maybe I
should have ignored them!  Even though and should not be followed by a
coma! :) I just dont like backspacing, so, that is my point, its not that
I cant spell... Anyway, to make a long story short, I have every right to
go as off topic as everyone else.  Before I posted the turkey thing, there
was like 2 weeks of turkey related posts, so that is not fair that I am
singled out!  Anyway, beyond that, I liked your message.

Thanks to those of you who disagreed with me yet still gave me the right
to stay and be part of the list.  I am leaving though, as I said I would.
Some people here don't believe that people who disagree have any right to
be part of this list, so I guess that is the way that it is.  Good riddens
right?!  I am was one of the only ones who noticed the earth was round



Message-ID: <003e01bf3cb1$7c2460a0$685791d2@p13s574p>
From: "John  Boudreau" <>
Subject: That thar country thang ...
Date: Thu, 2 Dec 1999 19:03:32 +0900

>dan duncan asks:
>are there any other country music enthusiasts on this
>list besides me?

while not a big fan , there is  ONE country artist that i listen to on a
regular basis ( and i am sure there are others deserving my attention but
i just haven't been exposed to them , or sought them out ) and i would
highly recommend that folks check him out and that is JUNIOR BROWN . the guy
can ROCK  and plays a mean , wild hybrid two-in-one axe : one half electric
guitar and the other half steel-guitar . his last ( to my knowledge ) album
, LONG WALK HOME , featured renowned ex-jimi hendrix drummer MITCH MITCHELL
on a track or two ! his deep , soulful voice will send shivers down your
spine and the man can WRITE  ! check him out ... if you dare .

John The Sushiman


Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 02 Dec 1999 12:43:58 +0000
From: Robin Holden <>
Organization: University of London (QMW)
Subject: Film advert


There's an advert on Sky (possibly?) for some film to do with senses (I
know I'm being very inspecific), and Senses Working Overtime is the
soundtrack all the way through the advert!  It's on pretty regularly
too.  I wonder who's the XTC fan at Sky?

"The strongest oaths are straw
To th'fire i'th'blood." -- The Tempest
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From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: Where too much sport is not enough.
Date: Fri, 03 Dec 1999 00:28:36 EST

It's almost midnight, so Good Evnimorning,

I know it's old news, so am I by reports, but seeing Dunks comments on
sport and people's responses I feel I must comment to, perhaps, provide
some insight.

As I am also an Australian, and an ex-Sydneyite, I believe I can state
quite truthfully that in the society I grew up in sport was not a
recreational activity it was a religion. Failure to conform to sporting
ideals was to advertise that you were not part of that society, you were a
misfit, a wuss, a poofter, a mummy's get the drift.

>From what I understand from talking to friends who grew up in other
countries this is fairly universal for school-agers. We all grow up and
move on, but some things still rankle. I may be wrong as to the cause in
Dunk's case, but I can appreciate the sentiment.

I have nothing personal against any person who plays or enjoys sport, but
to some it was just another excuse to subdivide society into "Us an' Dem".

On a lighter note, I must say about Mudshark's sign-off that I distinctly
recall half a dozen girls in my third class (grade) year that were
disciplined for eating Perkin's Paste in class. Perkin's Paste...what a
nostalgic thing for any Aussie schoolkid from the last 40 (?) years.
Perkin's Paste...consistency (when fresh) of partly-dried animal excreta,
consistency (when dry) of dessicated yak mucus, aroma of boiled
mummy-wrappings, taste of...well...Perkin's Paste..sort of undescribable.
These girls were able to describe it, but I do believe they flavoured it
with some sort of fruit achieve palatability ?

Warning ! Warning ! XTC content follows ! Warning ! Warning !  I've been
scanning the XTC listing at CD Now, in expectation of yuletide graftings
to be applied against the gaping holes in my CD collection. I have read
and noted people's comments on the mixdown inferiority of some (most?)  CD
reissues of XTC works, so I was interested in any feedback on the good
ones as CD Now and Chaos Music have Brit, Yank, Aussie and Japanese
pressings available. A couple of notable examples, CD Now have a "Gold"
edition of Skarlarking and an Original Masters edition of O&L, Chaos also
have a "Gold" edition of O&L. These are at a price premium over the
everyday editions. Any good ? Worth the money ?

In the new year I am expecting a new PC at home (Ta Boss !) and I have
some digital recording softwares I want to try out. In short, I shall try
the old record it off the CD and remix it with some compression and EQ
boosting trick. Thanks 86 !

Time for bed,

Andrew Gowans


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