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Subject: Chalkhills Digest #5-305

         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 305

                 Sunday, 7 November 1999

Today's Topics:

                 XTC, ectasy, kkttsscchh
                    a vowing Avon lady
                      Happy Families
                  Millions and mullings
                       re:mini Epic
           Unsolicited "Homespun" advertisement
                Chain yanking <WUA-isosp>
              Signposts on the path of LIFE
                     Billy Bragg etc
                      2 more things
   so the tuba player says to the one-legged jockey...
      Question your Microphone. Enter your spaceship
                      Re: Not Famous


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Even I never knew this is what I'd be.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 16:07:56 EST
Subject: XTC, ectasy, kkttsscchh

>>he (Andy) holds forth on the "proper"
pronunciation of XTC: "Kkkkttcchh," if memory serves--no vowels, you
see. I could have sworn it was in the Big Takeover article from this
summer, but I skimmed it and didn't find it.

Andy also pronounces it this way in a "Rock Over London" radio interview
around 1989.



Message-ID: <001901bf279b$ceb2c620$>
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: a vowing Avon lady
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 14:40:41 -0000

Miss May offered on last Halloweens Digest:

>Harrison firmly and humorously disputed my suggestion that the lyric in
>'Respectable Street' is 'A vow lady' and that it is, instead, 'Avon

>Any help here?

As I am a week behind in digests, perhaps this is old news.  The lyrics in
the CD copy of "Black Sea" that I am looking at right now say:

    "Now she speaks about diseases
    and which sex position pleases best her old man
    A vow lady fills the creases
    when she manages to squeese in past the caravans
    that never move from their front gardens."

I think that Avon lady makes more sense than "a vow" lady.  Is Avon widely
sold in England?


Message-ID: <385423427.941838377496.JavaMail.root@web02.pub01>
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 16:46:17 -0500 (EST)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Toys

I love this song!  I just went through old stuff, and I found "King For a
Day" single which has the song "Toys" on it.  I wonder why that never made
O&L?  Anyone know?


Message-ID: <002701bf27a2$d3d378a0$>
From: "Steven Paul" <>
Subject: Happy Families
Date: Fri, 5 Nov 1999 15:30:43 -0000

You may recall from a few weeks back that I asked about "Happy Families" and
whether it was worth buying the soundtrack to "She's Having a Baby".  Well,
by some freak of nature, my copy of Rag and Bone Buffet has been missing for
several months, so I bought a new one.  Just listened to HF again for the
first time.  You know, really listened.  Wow, what a downer.  It's right up
there with that Happy Wedding song -- "Big Day".

Don't get me wrong.  I like the song.  The lyrics are clever:

    Have you got Miss Fortune,
    she's the daughter of rich parents
    all she does is cry.

    * * * *

    Have you got Miss Carriage,
    she's the girl who wants a baby
    that she cannot find.
    Strange, the ones who want to win the race
    are usually the ones who fall behind.

But the tone is more like, be careful what you ask for because you just
might get it.  The lyrics work with the premis of the movie too, young kids
getting married and making a pair out of two singles.  This must have been
at a time when Andy wasn't too keen on the idea of marriage and truly happy

Steven "young master charge who's living well beyond his means" Paul


Message-ID: <>
From: "garret harkawik" <>
Subject: Lyricists
Date: Fri, 05 Nov 1999 17:35:03 EST

In case you were wondering(Which i'm sure you were) here are my favorite

Andy Partridge
Colin Moulding
Mark Sandman
M. Doughty
Tod A.

Least favorite:
Moby(Although he rarely does a song with lyrics, when he does it always
sucks like there is no tomorrow.  I do love all of his other music)
Anyone who is currently on "Total Request Live"
* ---------------------------------------------------------------------- *
Steve Oleson said:
>Chalkhills has definitely invaded my unconsious! I dreamt again of >things
>XTC. Cant remember it clearly...

I once had a dream about XTC.  It was really weird and I can barely remember
it but here is what I can remember:
I was in school and the teacher (One I had never seen before) passed out cd
cases to everyone and told us to break them.  I was shocked when I found
that I got an XTC cd and refused to break it.  The teacher told me that if I
did break it she would give me a secret XTC cd that no one had ever heard
of.  Weird.

Garret Harkawik
"Sleep...SLEEP!"-Tom Servo (Any other fans of MST3K on the list?  Sucks
that it got cancelled)


Message-ID: <001301bf281f$861fee40$a7e47ad1@default>
Subject: Millions and mullings
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 01:23:59 -0500

> Granted, I hate the grammys, and I'll
> harp on the fiasco of Jethro Tull as the first Best Hard Rock award...

Some of you might remember that this factoid was the $1,000,000 question for
the one contestant that made it to that amount on ABC's version of "Who
Wants to Be a Millionaire?" (i.e. Philbin, not Tarrant).  And he didn't know
the answer, poor fellow.  But I couldn't get too frustrated with feelings of
"Ooh, that should've been me, I knew that", since the previous question
involved the real names of four Popes, all four of which said contestant
knew off the top of his head, the scary scary man.

My "Homespun" finally came and I'm quite happy with it.  Most of the
differences are rather subtle, but in a way I like that because it's sort of
like I wandered into an alternate universe.  "Hejira" was worth the wait,
too -- very haunting, with some of Joni Mitchell's best lyrics, which is
saying a lot.  I just read that there's a Joni tribute on the way, featuring
k.d. lang and Elvis Costello, among others.  Apparently the producer had a
hard time getting men to perform on the tribute, because Joni kept vetoing
them --Morrissey was one she vetoed, for instance.  I'd actually be very
interested to hear Moz do Joni.  It'd be different, that's for sure.  Too
bad XTC wasn't recruited for it...they could have done a bang-up job with
"This Flight Tonight" or "The Jungle Line" (maybe with a Travels-in-Nihilon
kind of vibe).  Ah well.  Oh yes, the new David Bowie, "Hours", came in the
same batch of CDs with "Homespun" and "Hejira"...not that good, really (and
no, I didn't deliberately order only CDs that began with the letter H).
Maybe it'll grow on me.  But come on, isn't it time for Bowie to get rid of
Reeves Gabrels already?

Found a promo copy of the new Scritti Politti today -- lots of fun.  A
little heavy on the rap collaborations, but I don't mind.  Nice to hear some
Scritti songs based around guitars again.  Hell, it's nice to hear *any* new
Scritti songs.

-- Francis

"If you get cold when you're swimming in the ocean, it's hard to believe
you're a Nova Scotian."
   -- Sloan


Message-ID: <000a01bf2831$f649bf40$69518cd4@oemcomputer>
From: "Johnny Bean" <>
Subject: re:mini Epic
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 08:35:18 -0000

sorry guys, e-mail address has changed so any replies to my mini epic query,
send to chalkhills or
thanks from a new subscriber and long, long time fan.


Subject: Unsolicited "Homespun" advertisement
Message-Id: <0006800016759884000002L042*@MHS>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 14:06:31 +0100

Hi "Kreideberger",

It's Saturday and I'm here at work anyway, technically I'm suffering but I
am lindering the pain with my brand-new, came-today-in-the-mail copy of
"Homespun".  Yes, I finally have it, and it's GREAT!!!  Go out and buy
this, even if you aren't a completist, *you will love it*.  What a
tremendous idea from Idea records, what a super present for the fans.  The
excellent quality of the demos blows those 38th-dub of a dub things away,
and the demos give you such an interesting feel for the development of the
song, *even if a lot of them are close to the finished product*.

This is a record for fanatics, not for completists.  It is for people who
listen to the details and notice the different piano line or background
vocal, or who enjoy the alternate version of some melody that was floating
around until they finally got down to getting it down onto tape.  Totally
enjoyable, a must-have -- don't miss it, you'll regret it!

And when I'm not listening to "Homespun" (or today's other choices, Jan
Garbarek and Dead Can Dance), I am listening to various demos for AV1 and
AV2, which I am enjoying immensely.  Several always stick out, amongst them
"Playground" (wow, Andy, love that, can't wait to hear the final version),
"Our Train is Coming" and "Am I the Kinda Girl".  Re those last two: Guys,
if you're not going to put this type of stuff on "AV2", why not *finish it
anyway* to sell to some soundtrack people -- I mean, come on, "Our Train"
is the best early Beatles song since "I Must Be in Love" by the Rutles, and
"Am I the Kinda Girl" is so 60s go-go-y, and dirty to boot, it should have
been on the "Austin Powers" soundtrack.  (Or it should be on the next one!
Get that thing recorded!!)  "AV2" is going to be a lot of fun, even if it
is "simple" -- it just shows how varied the things are that our boys can do
-- and now I know I can look forward to "Homegrown", too.

"Am I the Kinda Girl" presents me with a couple of problems, though.
First, I can't understand the line after "tear up that ticket, who needs
that train tonight / tear up the ticket, I'll be your groove (?) , ? ? ? ?"
Can somebody help me here?  Second, I'd love to cover this one with my
group for Kerry's XTC Tribute, but I'm wondering if there might be some
legal aspects of covering a not-yet-copyrighted demo?  Could anybody help
me on this, maybe one of you with direct contact to the group (Mitch?

Well, lest you all think I just listen to music here, I will place my nose
back on that grindstone.  Nobody nose the troubles I see...

Enjoy your weekends, those of you who have one.

- Jeff


Message-Id: <l03130301b4464c72ad89@[]>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 09:12:10 -0500
From: MinerWerks <>
Subject: Baaa!!

Some quotent quotables from digest #5-302:

"garret harkawik" <> querried:

>Right now i'm listening to the demo of "Do The Dwarf". What the heck is
>this?  Some one was talking about songs that don't seem like they were
>written by XTC on another chalkhills. This one has my vote!

I remember reading that this was a warm-up piece often performed during the
"Mummer" sessions. Strangely enough, I've always seen "Do The Dwarf"
collected together with the Drunken Studio Sessions and not the outtakes
from "Mummer."

Then chris vreeland <> spoketh:

>Driving home monday evening, All Things Considered did a piece on The
>Flaming Lips. Nevere paid much attention to them, what with the struggle
>to survive and all, but I was captive at the traffic signal, and have
>forsworn (really) commercial radio, so I listened. Interesting piece.
>They seem creative, and possibly need to say something. Good to see
>those kind of folks getting exposure.
>I like this album. Alot. Then, upon perusing the cover, I find this
>quote, nay parenthetical remark, attatched to the song title "What is
>Light?" !!!(an untested hypothesis suggesting that the chemical in our
>brains by which we are able to experience the sensation of being in love
>is the same chemical that caused the "Big Bang" that was the birth of
>the accelerating universe)!!!
>Art still works.

Anyone interested in the more artistic/avant garde works of The Flaming
Lips should check out this DVD magazine called "Circuit." Volume 1:3
includes some samples of a Flaming Lips work that can be replayed
differently several times. The DVD claims that it "randomly" selects parts
and puts them together. You could also play all the parts at once
(accompanied by a video overlay of all the parts being performed - it was
all done in the same room at different times). I personally feel a bit too
mainstream to really appreciate the work that the band is creating here,
but I'm sure some others here would find it fascinating. On a similar
track, the Lips released a 4-CD album a little while back which contains
the same songs split up into four parts, one part on each disc (am I making
this clear?)... So with synchronized cues, you can start up to four CD
players at the same time to create very unique experiences of each track.
The Circuit DVD has a sample of one of these tracks, as well.
Unfortunately, I can't remember the name of the 4-CD album, but I seriously
doubt you'd have trouble distinguishing it from their other discs! I keep
kicking myself for not picking it up myself and trying it out.

And our last contestant, Harrison Sherwood, pondered the musical question:

>"How is XTC Pronounced?"
>Dammit, somebody help me out here.
>I *know* I've seen a transcription of a recent interview with Partridge
>in which he's actually holding a copy of the Chalkhills FAQ and reading
>from it (rather derisively, sad to say); he holds forth on the "proper"
>pronunciation of XTC: "Kkkkssttttsss," if memory serves--no vowels, you
>see. I could have sworn it was in the Big Takeover article from this
>summer, but I skimmed it and didn't find it.

Okay, dammit! It was the Big Takeover article!

ANDY: Some great questions on it. [sarcastically] "How does one pronounce
the name XTC?" When asked questions like that I always say that it's
pronounced "Ecchtxthsssh!!!"

By the way, this article led me to the conclusion that Andy-speak is not
best translated to the page... I have a feeling whatever he actually said
above was much more entertaining than what the onomatopoeia the transcriber
created. Not to mention I thought there were a few too many parentheticals
(bracket-icals?)... Yeah, I'm one to talk about parentheticals...

>Only one problem with this Freudian-slip theory, cute though it is: In
>order for it to be true, Andy would have had to have actually typed
>those words. I've looked at the thing quite closely, and I am prepared
>to swear that, despite someone's excellent attempt at fakery, the liner
>notes were not typed on a manual typewriter, but were ginned up on a
>computer using the Trixie font, or conceivably a face cut for the
>occasion from scans from a "real" manual typewriter (this is quite easy
>to do with Fontographer). The letterforms are uneven and distressed,
>much as you would expect from a manual typescript on rough paper, but
>they're uneven and distressed in a very *regular* way. Each broken and
>misshapen lowercase "a" is broken and misshapen in exactly the same way.
>Furthermore, song titles are set off using "curly" single quotes--which
>are not available on a manual typewriter. Foot-and-inch marks would have
>been more authentic.
>So if the typescript is faked, that means that the old-style "X'd-over"
>mistakes are also faked--placed there deliberately, no doubt to heighten
>the "homespun" illusion. Again, trivially easy: Paste a few capital X's
>as drawing objects, and line 'em up over the "mistakes." Which leads us
>to the interesting conclusion that "snogs" was actually *planted* there.
>But by whom?
>Should we lay this prank (if that's the word we want) at the feet of
>Andrew Swinton of Cactus Design, credited as the designer? Working from
>a Partridge manuscript? With Partridge's knowledge--surely he and
>Moulding would have vetted the artwork? How suspicious is the name
>"Andrew Swinton," anyway? And perhaps most important: do you have any
>conception how ridiculous I felt last night peering fixedly at the
>Homespun CD booklet through my son's 20X GeoScope from Zany Brainy, and
>going "A-HA!" The things I do to keep you people entertained...

Of course, I would've assumed it was a Freudian slip from one of his
handwritten brainstorms.

But that's just me, and I don't even have a GeoScope.

>Harrison "Unlike 'Rocky Mountain sheep,' which would have been perfect"

Ah, but facilitating this phrase would require a splitting of the syllables
of "mountain" into two very distinct, separate parts. This, in my opinion
would be much less effective than something more pedestrian like, "I can
count ten sheep." Of course, either choice opens up a whole new realm of
symbolism to be explored. Do the sheep relate to Andy's cuckolding, or his
salvation to come in the song's coda?

= Derek "Mike Love Not War" Miner =


Message-ID: <001b01bf2861$f59cdca0$184e97d0@t17fw>
From: "Simon Deane/Gina Chong" <>
Subject: Chain yanking <WUA-isosp>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 22:19:37 +0800

If what Joe Funk said in #5-304 is correct, I think certain people on this
list have a lot of questions to answer. Chalkhills is about XTC, not making
other people look like pathetic idiots. In my view there is no place here
for sarcasm or making fun of others. I'm also not a gearhead, so how am I
supposed to know that discussing "delinking plasma metering units" is just a
load of old tosh, dreamt up in certain quarters by those who derive some
kind of snide pleasure from making other people look like mindless cretins.
Joe, I admire you for being able to laugh about this - however, in my view
this kind of behaviour is not acceptable and something needs to be done
about it . My recommendation (and I shall be writing to John Relph
separately about this) is that those concerned should be banned from the
list for a week. If they are caught "winding people up" again the ban should
be 2 weeks and a third offence should involve expulsion for good ("3 strikes
and you're out"). I shall also be recommending an amendment to Chalkhills
posting etiquette - every post should contain a kind of "health warning" in
the Subject field - if the post has any ironic, satirical or sarcastic
content, it should say so plainly (I suggest the following "code":
<WUA-isosp> [meaning "Wind Up Alert - ironic, satirical or sarcastic
post"]). If nothing else, such a code will ensure subscribers can maintain
their dignity and not appear like a bunch of brainless twats.

On to other related matters, John Gardner just posted:
>For those of us who aren't geerheads, could someone explain to me what
exactly *S.O.T.A .CFM 750 Main Monitors (Powered by Bryston and Crown)*
And, why exactly would one *need* 750 of them?<

You may well ask the second question. As I said in my original post, I've
been trying to buy _one_ on ebay for about 6 months now, but I have been
outbid on at least 10 occasions   - by "Todd Bernhardt" apparently (although
I am still convinced "he" is really Molly Fanton, or vice versa (sorry Molly
and/or Todd if I'm out of line here but the internet is so impersonal)).
Whether he gets some kind of narcissistic pleasure watching himself play
drums or something, I just don't know. In any event, the revelation about
the "plasma meter" apparently being a hoax makes me a little suspicious
about these so called "SOTA  CFM Monitors". (But hang on a minute, if
they're a hoax, who's been selling them on ebay??? This whole thing is
beginning to look like a huge conspiracy.)

Yours paranoiacally,
Simon Deane


Message-ID: <>
From: Wes Hanks <>
Subject: Signposts on the path of LIFE
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 07:30:05 -0800

Right then,

1. Apple Venus 1
2. Homespun
3. Apple Venus 2
4. Homegroan
5. Fuzzy Warbles (+/- 80 tracks)

Life's great!

Wes Hanks



Message-ID: <000b01bf2872$d337de60$1fde868b@GaryHooper>
From: "Gary Hooper" <>
Subject: Billy Bragg etc
Date: Sun, 7 Nov 1999 03:18:41 +1100

Fellow Subscribers,

Re: -- contrary to
the Blur fracas, for example --, (Mario Beaulac - #5-295). I might be
guilty of not reading the Digests - but what fracas?

As far as the recent Billy Bragg thread goes:
True, although his best album, for my money, was actually his least
political overall ("Don't Try This at Home").  (Francis : #300)
i agree. i've been on the fence about mr. bragg's music - some is good,
some is just too political for my tastes - but "don't try this at home" is
a very good album (davidoh- #303).

Personally, I side with Mr. Dom Lawson when he sites "Talking With The
Taxman..." and "Worker's Playtime" as Billy's best albums. For me, "Don't
Try This..." was the beginning of the end. Perhaps settling down &
fatherhood spelt the end of his insight into the lives of the
disenfranchised and marginalised - he went soft. The albums that followed
had the odd good song but overall lacked melody and lyrical bite.

If John Gardner (#304) were correct, I would be honoured to be part of a
list which included as it's contributors  a member of the esteemed "Tubes".
I especially loved the first 3 albums.

And as far as Duncan Kimball's idiotic diatribe against motor sport in #304
goes, the less said the better.....

XTC content ? My CDs are apparently on the way from the US.(Explode
Together, Rag & Bone... Skylarking, Homegrown). Stupid me for thinking that
an Australian 'net' music provider would ship from Australia.....They're
merely the local arm of an international conglomerate - hey folks, on the
net, shop from a purely financial viewpoint - forget about patriotism.

- Gary Hooper
 -   Sydney, Oz.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 12:02:27 -0500
From: Ben Gott/Loquacious Music <>
Organization: Loquacious Music
Subject: "Dying"

Hello, Chalkers:

In case you're wondering, XTC *has* made one of CDNow's "Top Ten" lists
of the millenium: "Best Songs About Death."  The winner, of course, was
"Dying"; here's what the folk at CDNow had to say about it:

"On Skylarking, "Dying" leads into XTC's classic "Dear God," and the
combination raises deep questions. In particular, "Dying" is a dark
acoustic song that demonstrates XTC's struggles with themes of cynicism
and humanity."

Of course, "Dear God" leads into "Dying," but kudos to CDNow for
thinking of our boys.


     Benjamin Gott . Loquacious Music . Brunswick, ME 04011
AOL: Plan4Nigel . Telephone (207) 721-5366 . Mobile (207) 798-1859
  Anything is hard to find / When you will not open your eyes...


Message-Id: <v03007803b44a4067534e@[]>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 15:32:39 -0500
From: Mitch Friedman <>
Subject: 2 more things

Hello again,

Two more things I forgot that Andy had mentioned . . .

1) All four "James and The Giant Peach" demos as well as some previously
missing Colin demos will be on "Fuzzy Warbles".

2) "I'd Like That" is being considered for a future Jim Carrey film called
"Me, Myself and Irene" in which he plays a guy with a split personality.



Message-ID: <>
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: so the tuba player says to the one-legged jockey...
Date: Sat, 06 Nov 1999 14:48:00 CST

took Graduate Record Exam in literature today.  three hours, 230 questions
about literature from 900 to now.  dead brain.  at least it is over.  i need
to sleep, but my head hurts too much...

Rob ( informs--
>The new Beck CD, Midnight Vultures is pretty good, with hints of Mr Andy in
>a lot of the tracks, circa Drums & Wires, GO2.

bugger all, please don't tell me there's a new Beck album out.  I don't need
another thing to buy. (I still don't have the new Magnetic Fields or David
Bowie...)  I don't know about others on the list, but I am quite fond of
Beck, and if he continues the steady trend of improvement that he's had in
his first three albums, this one should be very good (_Mutations_ may have
been my favorite record of last year...)

I never thought I'd feel drunk with too much music in one year-- I'm still
reeling from AV1 and Stars Forever....

Satanas Diablo played employment services--
>Ok, so if certain people did not end up famous, where would they be >now...
>Sting would be a marine biologist

he was actually an English teacher... he gives me hope that one day, after
I'm an english teacher, I'll get famous and live in a castle and have
tantric sex.

>Michael Hutchence would be a rock star (come on, I had to put that in

christ... reminds me of the old joke, "If Marilyn Monroe were alive today,
what would she be doing?"...

Mitch Friedman (the lucky sod) brings news from the home front--
>Yes, he's still putting together "Fuzzy Warbles". Yes, many if not all of
>the demos on "Jules Verne" and "Bull" will be included and even remixed and
>cleaned up! He's thinking the whole deal will be something like 4 cds with
>about 20 tracks on each.

wow, that's something I look forward to.  I live in worry whenever I play my
old XTC demo tapes that they're going to give out (when I originally got the
Bull with the Golden Guts, my machine promptly ate it-- fortunately the
lovely folks at the L.E. were kind enough to send me another one when I sent
them the ruined tape).

Dom shared in his eloquent way--
>Yeah right! Does metal still exist by the way? I only ask because I'm >a
>fucking moron with my head up my anus.

darling, I've missed your delicate brand of sarcastic wit. ;)

by god, I write long posts about nothing.

my head is filled with Alexander Pope, "Everything", and the memory of
drinking a mineral water in a cafe in London two tables away from the
frontman for The Skids.  I shall retire to bed now.

m out.


Message-ID: <390196692.941945535635.JavaMail.root@web02.pub01>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 22:32:15 -0500 (EST)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Question your Microphone. Enter your spaceship

First, I still need help on that CD demo's thing that I mentioned.  Second,
as everyone is on here talking about what instruments they have, I have
heard little about Microphones.  What Mics would you recomend?  I am in
between a AKG C4000B and an Audio Technica 4047.  Anyone have any other
suggestions for the best overall audio?


Message-Id: <l03130300b44aa0e494d7@[]>
Date: Sat, 6 Nov 1999 22:50:20 -0500
From: "Christopher R. Coolidge" <>
Subject: Re: Not Famous

> Satanas Diablo <>
>Subject: Now thats a fun game! Great Idea!
>Ok, so if certain people did not end up famous, where would they be now...
>Danny Elfman would have been a composer if he never was in Boingo :)
>Joe Strummer a political activist

  OK, here's a few scary ones, from my wife's rather limited record
Meat Loaf- actor, circus freak
Russell Hitchcock(Air Supply)-stand-in for Richard Simmons
Graham Russell(Air Supply)-new age type therapist
Billy Joel- serving time in Dannemora Prison, grand theft auto
Carly Simon- President of her family business(Simon&Schuster Publishing)
James Taylor- Independently wealthy junkie and street person living off his
late dad's money(he happens to be my third cousin once removed, I know of
what I speak)
Olivia Newton-John- aerobics instructor
Weird Al Yankovic-architect(hey, he has his B.A. in architecture already)
Lionel Richie- motivational speaker

and a few of my own:
Phish-(all four of them)college professors at Burlington College(local
alternative college mostly catering to non-traditional students). Jon
Fishman-physics, Trey Anastasio-pop culture and fantasy games, Page
McConnell-music, Mike Gordon-film history
J Mascis(Dinosaur Jr)-getting stoned with his buddies Murph and Charlie and
dreaming about forming some weird college-type noise band someday.(I knew J
in college back when he was in a local hardcore band that eventually led to
Dinosaur after a couple of personnel changes)
The Who:Roger Daltrey-bouncer in a London nightclub, Pete Townshend- bank
clerk, John Entwhistle-mortician, Keith Moon- dead of a drug overdose
The Kinks: Ray Davies- music publisher, Dave Davies- serving life in prison
for killing his girlfriend's parents in a drunken rage, Mick Avory-
longshoreman, Pete Quaife- photographer

Christopher R. Coolidge

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"A Great law protects me from the government. The Bill of rights has
10 GREAT laws.  A Good law protects me from you.  Laws against murder,
theft, assault and the like are good laws.  A Poor law attempts to
protect me from myself."  - Unknown


End of Chalkhills Digest #5-305

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