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         Chalkhills Digest, Volume 5, Number 297

                Thursday, 28 October 1999

Today's Topics:

               Cooking Vinyl 'sealed' stuff
                 Snogs in the Key of Life
                  Talking Pet Club Home
                "AV1" and "Homespun" vinyl
                        Re: Hejira
              Bridge school benefit concert
                   homespun vinyl +more
                     Re: Head Squeeze
                     Great Lyricists
                         Re: Mole
                   Evil Grandad Record
                    Re: Van and Shania
               Seeping Into The Mainstream
     Re: Songs In The Key Of Springfield- XTC Style!
         hm, nope, no XTC comment, just gibberish
                      'twas a dreary
                     Fly on the Wall
         Vegan Mayonnaise tastes good on Tofurky
                     Re: Todd's Gear


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Message-ID: <031c01bf203f$f8334000$77b65c90@jay>
From: "Jay G." <>
Subject: Cooking Vinyl 'sealed' stuff
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 00:56:09 -0500

From: "Mark R. Strijbos" <>
<<< What i really don't understand is why Cooking Vinyl doesn't seal their
records (or cd's). As an XTC collector & completist i'm most
interested in "factory sealed" items. Pony Canyon does it (thank God!)
and TVT too so why not, Cooking? >>>

As far as I know, no record company in England puts plastic wrap
over their CDs, it's just the way they release stuff there. I'm not
sure if they're trying to be eco-friendly or something...



Message-ID: <000301bf203f$5f7fc220$>
From: "Martin & Jamie Monkman" <>
Subject: Snogs in the Key of Life
Date: Tue, 26 Oct 1999 22:43:38 -0700

In Chalkhills Digest #5-293 (Subject: "How Does Your Garden Grow?"),
Harrison relates his initial encounter with Homespun:


>While thus engaged I came across the
>little epigraph on the back of the CD cover, in the same place as that
>Wicca Golden Rule "Do what you will but harm none" thingy on AV1:
>   "A bird's bush in your hand is worth it too."
>I was completely flummoxed. What does this *mean*?

<snip, wherein our resident professor tells, nay, *professes*, what it
really means>

But for all that, you've missed a vital clue, Sherlockwood.  There is a
typographical error of note buried in Mr. Partridge's explication of that
smutty little ditty, "Easter Theatre".  (Yes, smutty, what with the carnal
images of breasts [with nipples, even], erect flowers, and mountings by
Norse gods, coupled [sorry, I couldn't resist] with those lusty "Rite of
Spring" bassoons that re-appear on "Greenman".)

Writes Partridge in the fourth paragraph:
"Please don't ask me what the names of the chords are, I just don't know.
This is not unusual for me, not knowing the chords or even keys of snogs."
(Oops, says the author, I've transposed the "o" and the "n" in "songs", I'd
better X it out and re-type it.)

Keys of *snogs*?  Surely this is some sort of Freudian slip, inspired by
the thought of a moist kiss from a rainbow mouth.

This carnal imagery supports Harrison's brilliant piece in Chalkhills 5-121
( "Hope I
Get Old Before I Die".  Re-read it, kids, now that we've had a chance to
_absorb_ Apple Venus 1 for 6 months (1/2 a Season Cycle).

I have only one criticism of Harrison's Apple/Venus classification system
in "Hope...".  While agreeing that "Harvest Festival" is both Apple _and_
Venus, I feel that because "Easter Theatre" uses so many
Venus-as-metaphor-for-Apple devices that it should also be considered as a
dual entry.  Spring and autumn are, of course, the "transitional" seasons,
making this dual taxonomy all the more compelling.

And now I think about it, "Greenman" is the height of summer (in the middle
of the album/calendar), and "The Last Balloon" takes the position of
winter/death, but passing the torch back to the youth who will once again
be singing the "River of Orchids" which is about the re-awakening of the
Earth in a post-industrial Spring.

"History of the Middle Ages" only scratches the surface of the myriad
meanings of Apple Venus 1.  The album works as a song cycle on at least
three levels: the progression from youth to middle (or even perhaps old)
age, the blossoming of a loving relationship, and the cyclical nature of
the seasons (i.e. an 11 song "Season Cycle").

Upon first hearing some of the songs in their demo form some four years
ago, I thought they were pretty damn good, and I had high hopes for the
album.  Then upon first hearing the finished album this spring, I thought
Apple Venus 1 to be absolutely brilliant.  Now, with 6 months of listening
and thinking about the album, reading the comments made on Chalkhills, and
hearing/reading Homespun and Andy's commentary on the two singles, I have
to upgrade my assessment.  AV1 is the most _complete_ album XTC has ever
made, a notch higher still than the justly-praised Skylarking.

Now, if someone can just tell me what a "shell likes" is, I'll be happy.
(Back to the "Easter Theatre" notes on Homespun:
"I'm not really a musician, more of an ideas man who found himself holding
a guitar.  If it sounds right to my shell likes, in it goes!")

Martin "writing something nasty on the wall" Monkman

The Monkman homepage:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 00:59:26 -0700 (PDT)
From: travis schulz <>
Subject: Sugarplastic

Someone compiled a list of XTC soundalike bands in an
issue of the Little Express a few years ago, and at
the top of the list was the band Sugarplastic. Anyone
here into them? I sampled some of their tunes on
cdnow, and yeah, they do have the early XTC sound down
to a degree. Any recommendations on their albums and
songs?  Also, in my haste, I forgot an entry on the
list of XTC songs for the Simpsons characters- Fruit
Nut...Waylon Smithers.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 03:59:05 -0400 (EDT)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Talking Pet Club Home

A few comments.  Damn, I h. a. t. e.  to go on about the same thing that
half of you already have mentioned, but I must say, f. u. c. k. i. n. g.
love homespun (Has Andy ever even said <or spelled> fuck on another album?)
I love the way it sounds, feels and fills the room up with the magical
little bunny from Watership Down.  Not sure where all that came from. On
with other comments.

Tina Weymouth, referred as the "bassist for Talking Heads" is also one of
the masterminds, as well as bassist, behind the wonderful group Tom Tom
Club, which is still together making music.  I just want to make sure
everyone knows because I love their music and some people tend to forget
the members of bands besides the singer.  Also, we must now learn that they
"Talking Heads" Minus Byrne, have put out an album called "The Heads, No
talking, just head" which is a really good album.  There is no talk of an
album with Byrne, but I do see it happening.

I love Pet Shop Boys!  Glad to see we have a fan on the list.  What is
really strange is sometime in the early 90's I got inspired to sell a bunch
of my old music collection (to this day, I still wonder why) and I sold all
my Depeche mode rare stuff, all the other electro-pop new wave stuff I had,
but I kept Pet Shop Boys.  There was just something about them that I

Woodentops are great!  I have all their albums and despite what critics
say, they are all great.  They broke up though.  I read their bio
somewhere, but I forget now.  The 80's was so cool.  I mean, whether you
like the title or not, New Wave was truly the greatest genres of music.  A
category-less category.  I mean, you had people like Pet Shop Boys and PIL
put in the same category with XTC, but they were nothing alike.  All good
music.  Its not like that nowadays.  Just grunge leftovers called

Other groups worth mentioning.

Gang Of Four
Men Without Hats
Adam & The Ants
Midnight Oil
Love & Rockets/Tones
Heaven 17 (that must have got at least one smile:)

The old groups from yesterday.  I remember missing so many tours thinking
they would be around forever...  God I was wrong.  I could never enjoy a
concert at 26 as I did at 16.

"No my sweetheart she's not evil"
Tom Tom Club


Subject: "AV1" and "Homespun" vinyl
Message-Id: <0006800016416121000002L012*@MHS>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:02:36 +0200

Howdy Hillers,

As the vinyl versions of "Apple Venus" and "Homespun" are again a topic
here, I thought I could reiterate my comments from #189.  Both albums are
available CD and LP from POPLIFE in Germany, cost just DM 24.90 (plus 6.90
P&P in Germany/Europe), e-mail at, you can pay by credit
card so that even our USA/CDN/AUS/NZ friends can order.  The owner (?) of
Poplife (Dirk Lohmann) sent me a personal letter in response to my order
saying he's a big fan, as are several others at Poplife.  Anyway, look
again at that price, it's pretty good, especially considering they will
soon be collectors items!

Please mention my name if you order, maybe they'll give me a discount for
my next order or something.

Sorry for my lack of participation in the past few turbulent weeks, but I
am just bogged down here at work at the moment.  Must however mention that,
as usual, Harrison "Ward, don't you think you're being a little hard on the
Beaver?" Sherwood totally cracked me up (speaking of cracks...) with his
very silly post, and, since my original thought of writing a response about
Courtney Love's Hole was already appropriated by Steve (Kate's Bush is
older), I just wanted to also thank Sherison for the oblique Rutles-like
reference in his asterisked postscript.  Beautiful stuff (it's looking

- Jeff

- - -
PS - If I could just mention that this is, in fact, the first time I've
ever been on television...

PPS - Did any of you other German "Kreideberger" read Harrison's post and
find yourselves thinking of Harald "I'm not David Letterman" Schmidt's old
"Schmidteinander" sketch about "Der ganze Baer riecht nach Fisch"?  I sure


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:41:51 -0400
From: Jefferson Ogata <>
Organization: The Antibozo
Subject: Re: Hejira

Gotta chime in on this one -- Hejira is definitely in my top ten as well,
particularly on account of the tracks with Jaco.

Bit o' history about the name: the word Hejira is derived from an Arabic
word meaning "the breaking off of relations" and refers to the flight from
Mecca of the prophet Muhammed. Seems he was preaching monotheism in a
polytheistic city and getting heavy handed hints that it wasn't the right
place for him. Of course, he eventually returned... Islamic dates are cited
as A.H., "after Hejira"; the Hejira officially started at the beginning of
the lunar month of the prophet's departure so it doesn't correspond exactly
with that date.  Anyway, it's a fine word for a traveling, displaced
prophet, or, in the case of the Canadienne in question, prophetess.

Any misinformation in the aforegoing paragraph is caused by faulty brain
cells, and not the result of a deliberate act. Gotta stop with the methyl

No time for it now, but one of these days I'll say something about the
lads.  Ah, here's something: anyone ever wonder whether our Colin listened
to Jaco before getting his fretless?

Jefferson Ogata.  smtp: <>
finger:  ICQ: 19569681  whois:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 12:50:12 -0700
Subject: Bridge school benefit concert

i am fortunate enough to have a ticket for this years bridge school
benefit concert, at the shoreline amphitheater in mountain view, ca,
which neil young puts on every year.
i'm trying to find out exactly who is on the bill, but i keep getting
conflicting information.
the only ones i'm pretty certain of are: neil young (of course), lucinda
williams, pearl jam (yawn. guess i'll check out the concession stands
during that), crosby, stills & nash, and the who (!).
BUT.... i've also heard mention of chalkhills favorites brian wilson
and, none other than sir paul mccartney! i hear wilson isn't exactly in
peak form these days, but i'd be very excited just to see him in the
flesh! and paul mccartney?! i'm all aquiver.
anybody have more info on this show? maybe i'll see you there.

(sorry for lack of xtc content, but it seems that on this list if you
mention b. wilson and/or sir paul, people will let it slide.)

-dan "parenthetical asides aside" duncan


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:42:21 -0700 (PDT)
From: Chris Desmond <>
Subject: zzz.

This list is boring.  I haven't gotten worked up enough about anything
to post in weeks.  Everyone just hates everyone else, including me.
Boring, boring, boring.

I wish Molly would post more.


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 09:11:32 -0700
Subject: homespun vinyl +more

> reading all the talk about Homespun, I was wondering if anyone has
> got the vinyl version, as no one has mentioned it yet.

when i went to purchase my copy of 'homespun' i considered getting the
vinyl lp, but it was $20 as opposed to $14.99 for the cd. i looked at
the cover sideways and saw that it wasn't a gatefold so i said forget
* ------------------------------------
something i've never seen mentioned here:
in the late 80's andy produced (at least part of) an album by a group
called 'perrenial divide'. the only song i remember from it was a weird
track called 'beehead' (andy on backing vocals!). anyone have any
further info on who/what/where perrenial divide is now?
* ------------------------------------
>I was in a sex toy shop a few weeks ago
>(I don't frequent them, really-I was with a group
>of friends) and saw a personal lubricant called
>-of course-XTC.  I didn't spend the 12 bucks for the box.

if you do a search on ebay for 'xtc' several of the items on the list
will be for a line of men's leather fetish underwear called xtc.
* ------------------------------------
here's a line that i've never understood, but it is one of my favorite
xtc lyrics:
(from "humble daisy" on 'nonsvch')

'humble daisy,
cast the milk and coins
of morning's cash about'

what does it mean? something to do with home milk delivery? a
description of the sunrise? or a flower blooming in the morning? i'd
like to hear some thoughts.

and day grows darker now,


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 13:30:35 +0100
Subject: Re: Head Squeeze

In 295 Tyler Hewitt added:

> And she was the bassist for Talking Heads <

<sarcasm on> No!! Really?? </sarcasm>

Given that the quote to which you replied was taken from a lyric by The
Heads (ie. Talking Heads without David Byrne) then you might be surprised
to learn that I already knew that, but it didn't seem worth mentioning in
the context, which was   ....  oh sod it.  Forget it

and Ira Lieman asserted:

> Squeeze is a great act but their best days are behind them. (Although I
saw them, uh, LIVE, about 3 years ago and they were A-MA-ZING.) <

Like you I was severely disappointed with 'Domino', but I saw them on the
'Excess Moderation' tour a couple of years back and they were stunning. Of
course, much of what they played was from the earlier albums, so perhaps
even they realise that their best days are behind them??

Cheers, Steve


Message-ID: <>
From: "Ralph Simpson DeMarco" <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 10:02:42 PDT
Subject: Great Lyricists


I can't keep up with you people. So many posts, such little time. OK,
Homespun is great! I love hearing the demos for the first time in such
perfect digital quality! The strange thing is, I like some of the demos
almost as much as the finished product. First, on Colin's tunes, you get the
original sound of the song writing. They have much more of a Beatles/Kinks
thing going on with the guitar out front. Some of Andy's songs sound too
good to be called demos I think. They sound like self-produced XTC (well,
low budget anyway...) But, this is not a problem for me. Call them whatever
you like, they are wonderful to hear! Now I can listen to AV 1 all over
again as an almost new experience.

My random list of great lyricists:

Bob Dylan
John Lennon (sorry no Sir Paul)
Andy Partridge
Pete Townsend
Tom Waits
D. Fagen/W. Becker
Stevie Wonder
Neil Young
Bob Marley
Frank Zappa
Joni Mitchell

Speaking of Joni Mitchell - I love most of her work, especially "Blue". I
feel it is her best. I also love her "Mingus" album dedicated to the late
jazz musician.

Also: What's this I hear about AV1 and Homespun on Vinyl?? Only UK import?
Is there any way to get my hands on those? Also, I hear that Nonsuch was
also released as a (double?) vinyl package. I need these because part of me
feels like I don't really own XTC unless it's on vinyl. Do I need therapy? I
don't know, but I still love my record player. I find dirt cheap vinyl all
over the place (often free!).

Re: Simpson's covering XTC.
SHOULD have been:
Scissor Man...Marge Simpson
Toys...Lisa Simpson
Dear God...Rev. Lovejoy

Thank you

Ralph "Simpson" DeMarco
(yes it is my real middle name - I'm half English and that was my
Grandfather's first name. Not very common in the States)


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 14:45:14 -0700 (PDT)
From: Molly Fanton <>
Subject: Re: Mole

Travis wrote:
<<12.The Mole From The Ministry...Rev Lovejoy>>

Hmm, I thought that was a Hans Moleman thing.  :P


Check Out My Craig Ferguson Tribute Page:


Message-ID: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 17:31:05 +0100
From: John Peacock <>
Organization: The Nice Organization
Subject: Evil Grandad Record

> Erich Sellheim stated:
> > I had figured it might be a song ABOUT a grandad, when actually it is a
> song SUNG BY a grandad, with a voice sounding as if singing the song was
> the last thing he did <

Steve replied

> Actually it was all of those things. My children have a version somewhere
> sung by a school choir, but the version that you are referring to is almost
> certainly by Clive Dunn (and also features schoolchildren), who is (was??)
> an actor by profession. A truly awful example of a novelty record that for
> some reason sold like hot cakes <sigh>

And (curiously) written by Herbie Flowers, bass player on Lou Reed's
Transformer album (and thus Walk on the Wild Side, a sublime bass part)
amongst many other things.

And Clive Dunn was, of course, in Dad's Army. These days he is as old as
the characters he was playing thirty years ago (which is kind of scary,
since it makes him seem almost immortal).

There isn't enough pointless trivia in the world, is there.



Message-ID: <>
From: "Andrew Gowans" <>
Subject: Whatever
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 11:29:13 EST

Wayne wrote in the last list about the, all too human, inconsistency
towards intolerance and bigotry. I agree that it is a bit confusing, but it
is probably because religion is largely a matter of personal
conviction/choice.  Strip away a few thin layers of epidermus and we are
all the same, except bigoted arseholes are bigoted arseholes all the way

On Homespun, I'm saving my pennies furiously to grab this before it
dissappears. Most comments are positive and Wayne's parrallels with The
Beatles' Anthology have reminded me of what I love about this
collection...listening for the point where the song leaps from being a song
to being a masterpiece.

The various comments regarding birds and bushes reminds me of the visual
pun on "a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush" which is on the cover
of Pink Floyd's "A Nice Pair" set. Check it out for the various visual puns
from the guys and gals at Hipgnosis. The music is good, too.

Time to go.o.o.o.

Andrew Gowans (still a Ratwhacker..not a rat)
<imagine pithy comment here>


Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 22:51:44 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: Re: Van and Shania

> As for Shania, she writes all her songs herself... and her own producer
(her husband; believe it or not he used to produce The Boomtown Rats and
Graham Parker back in the late 70's before he started making loads of money
with Deaf Shepherd.)
>Christopher R. Coolidge

sorry to be nit-picky, here, christopher, but you have two things here
sorta wrong:

1) shiner train apparently _co-writes_ her pap, er, um, (sorry) pop songs
with her husband/producer, robert john "mutt" lange. not that i'm an expert
on her music, but i read it in rolling stone magazine, so you just _know_
it's gotta be true!

2) that's dead lepper, not deaf shepherd! :-)

just thought you might wanna know...

 peace & xtc,



Message-Id: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 10:57:22 +1000
Subject: Seeping Into The Mainstream

For reasons best known to themselves, somebody at work changed the radio to
some execrable commercial station (the kind that insists on referring to
the tenth month as "Rocktober"). Anyway, this station has been having some
kind of Top 1000 countdown over the past week or so, which I assume has
come from listeners' votes - if so, "Generals And Majors" was voted in to
#254, which I thought was interesting, considering the rest of this
station's usual play-list.

I haven't heard any other XTC tracks yet (and most of the songs that polled
better aren't worth mentioning).



Message-Id: <>
Date: Wed, 27 Oct 1999 23:23:10 -0400
From: David Oh <>
Subject: Re: Songs In The Key Of Springfield- XTC Style!

>From: travis schulz <>
>As you're about to tell, I have way too much free time on my hands this
>morning. Here is my official list of XTC songs that have Simpson character
>1. The Mayor Of Simpleton...Homer
>2. All I Dream of Is A Friend...Barney (Burp!) Gumbel
>3. Church Of Women...Diamond Joe Quimby
>4. Chain of Command...Principal Skinner
>5. Dance Band...Disco Stu
>6. Dear Madam Barnum...Krusty The Clown
>7. Strange Tales, Strange Tails/Dying...Grampa Simpson
>8. Looking For Footprints/Officer Blue...Cheif Wiggum
>9. She's So Square...Lisa Simpson
>10.Super Tuff...Nelson
>11.The Stinking Rich Song...Monte Burns
>12.The Mole From The Ministry...Rev Lovejoy
>13.History of Rock n Roll...Ms Crabapple
>14.The Disappointed...Hans Moleman
>15.Difficult Age...Bart
>I couldn't find anything that would match Marge, Maggie, Milhouse and
>probably lots of others. Feel free to add to the list...

this, my friend, is the funniest thing i have _ever_ read on this list!


all i can say is this; if you have way too much free time, please, take the
rest of the year off!

hell, take the rest of your life off!

 peace & xtc,



Message-ID: <>
From: "Megan Heller" <>
Subject: hm, nope, no XTC comment, just gibberish
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 00:02:27 CDT

Tyler Hewitt <> spins a yarn--
>Well, this has nothing to do with XTC, but its pretty
>I was in college during 'Live Aid' back in the '80's,
>and was sitting around in the dorm one day discussing
>that embarassing remake of "Dancing in the Street" by
>David Bowie and Mr. Obnoxious, Mick Jagger.  I
>mentioned that it was ok, but I liked the original
>better, when someone piped in with "yeah, I like the
>original better, too, but that's because I'm a huge
>Van Halen fan". I was trying too hard not to laugh to
>mention that Van Halen's version was yet another
>inferior cover...

that, in turn, reminded me of my ex-boyfriend a few years ago, who was a fan
of the Sundays.  We were in the car one day, and I came across the Rolling
Stones' "Wild Horses".  "Oh my god!" said my soon-to-be-ex-boyfriend, "The
Rolling Stones covered the Sundays?!!"

so, so ashamed... I hate to think of the ignorance in my generation...
(*that* reminds me of my father's story of overhearing two teenage girls in
a record store in the late 70s, an earlier generation to mine-- one didn't
know who the Beatles were, and the other said, "Oh, that was the guy from
Wings' first band."  *That* proves that the drugs in the sixties *did* cause
chromosonal damage, I think).

wow.  I need to sleep.



Message-ID: <>
Date: 27 Oct 99 22:15:59 PDT
From: vee tube <>
Subject: 'twas a dreary

   Once upon a time, in a land so dreary
    I listened to a band whiltst weary

      What's that? I had to query.
    So I ran and asked my mommy, Deary?

        What's that? I asked.

           She said...

      ...Quothe the Rook...

   Rook! Rook! Read from your BOOK!

         As my old fat heart was...

   I saw the ROOK! and started reading

    Quothe the Rook! Read from the BOOK!

    But as the Somnibilist snuck upon me.
 I began to question the firmament beneathy.
 "twat's dis?" I asked with a leary..
       eye, bent upon a fury!

         All I heard was...

    Rook...Rook..look over there!

       It's a F*CKIN ROOK!

       And as I did, upon a look,
    My brain, it did begin to cook!

          Qouthe the Raven


    Yet still, my old fat heart is...


           My thoughts are...

  Seathing...Seething...Seething... Seething...

     And as I sit, on  all hollows eve,
  I hear that G.D. P.O.S. F*cking ROOK!

            A Whoa Is A Me BOP!
     Not this would make any sense to you
      but, the P.O.S. ROOK could've said...

   ...Hey! AssH*le Read my F*CKIN BOOK!

        ...and old fat heart is
... beating...beating...beating...beating...beating...

   but just barely... and as it slows to a pace,
    that will put me in a deadly place...

   I'm really p*ssed that I can hear the ROOK!


           KISS HIM! KISS HIM!

             quothe the rook,

          Hey! I'm a F*ckin. Rook!

            READ MY G.D.BOOK!





Message-ID: <>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:26:53 -0400 (EDT)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Fly on the Wall

Just seeing opinions, but to me, Fly On The Wall, out of every other song,
seems like the only song I would not know was XTC if I hadn't heard it and
known it was.  Not just the added reverb and effects on Collins voice, but
the actual song in its entirety.  It just sounds nothing like anything else
they have done.  It also sounds like 15 years ahead of its time.   Almost
like a complete different group.  What do you all think?


Message-ID: <388250396.941100178775.JavaMail.root@web05.pub01>
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 04:42:58 -0400 (EDT)
From: Satanas Diablo <>
Subject: Vegan Mayonnaise tastes good on Tofurky

First, to clear up the Felt thing, yes, I know Lawrence is the lead singer,
but I forgot at that moment and did not feel like diggin through my old
records to find out his name.  I only own 2 albums and just felt they were
really good (no pun intended).

As for the guy who asked if anyone was vegan, I am.  I have been away from
Pork and most meat for 10 years.  I became a Lacto about 7 years ago.
Cheese has been my biggest hang-up which I have given up about 6 months ago.
I have done it a couple of times but have gone back after 6 months of it.
Problem is not my commitment, its just, without cheese, its really hard
finding a place to pick something up to eat if your out.  I went to
Disneyland and pretty much all they had was Lemonade!  But, for the animals,
the environment and for health reasons, I have given up cheese and all


Message-ID: <>
From: Lawson Dominic <>
Subject: Re: Todd's Gear
Date: Thu, 28 Oct 1999 09:45:40 +0100

I take it all back - musical equipment is very interesting.....and while
we're on the subject.....

Todd - do you have any advice on how to successfully de-link my SSL 4000 "G"

from the plasma metering unit? I've tried several times (following all the
extraordinarily helpful gibberish in the manual) but keep ending up with the

Axual F/G switch flicking off at some inopportune moment (usually just
before the middle eight!)......any ideas?




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